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Issue 2 • 2017

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editorial How, exactly, is one meant to deal with the times we are now in?

We have written many times previously about forthcoming and profound changes, at one time imminent now upon us. We have spoken about adapting to change, coping with change and even thriving with change. But when the changes we have broadly pointed to start to come down to specifics, like greater Cape Town running out of drinking water, discussion around change becomes something more than merely theoretical or even preparatory – it simply turns to what is to be done. We cannot tell everyone what to do, but we are fairly sure most people who read this will have a pretty good idea. In the first instance, it is important to listen to your inner guidance, a statement which pre-supposes that you are practicising some kind of inner listening, be that in formal mediation, in yoga and other body-based exercises or simply in contemplation. Whatever your methodology, this is the time to fine-tune it. The dramatic and global changes we are already experiencing have only just begun, as far as we can tell. Whether they be in the realms of politics, economics or geo-physical shifts, they



seem to be coming faster and more intensely than ever before – and we understand and are led to believe that the 'waves of change' will increase in frequency, intensity and diversity such that they will affect ever arena of life for each of us. Some greet this message with despair or anxiety; some are already overwhelmed and cannot face more. But these are not adaptive responses and no amount of not wanting them is going to stop these 'waves', which are in any case changes which we as a species and as individuals have helped initiate – and which we have, in some sense, longed for over the ages. Our advice is not to focus on the 'negative' possibilities which such change can bring; possibilities in the short-term of discomfort, loss and fear-inducing restrictions on how we live. Rather we should see what we are all going through in our different ways, but in parallel with one another, as the necessary prelude to a fundamental shift that will bring, ultimately, an end to most of the unacceptable things we witness in the world around us every day. Unsustainable ways of living must end; inhumane treatment of humans and animals must end;

imbalance of all kinds which is structurally imposed must be harmonised and redressed; all people, regardless of any other consideration, must be recognised as worthy of and receive only such treatment which is in accord with our inherent rights as self-aware beings. Just achieving what the previous paragraph outlines seems virtually impossible in this unequal, unjust and largely unhappy world. Yes, globally more people are now obese than ever before and there are more obese people than starving people. But about a billion people still do not have adequate and acceptable access to basics like clean drinking water and enough food. So an excess in one direction does not cancel out an excess in the other – they simply combined to form two points of excess on a continuum. Some argue that more people than ever have access to adequate food, housing, clothing, etc. But around the world, in developing countries and developed, more people under 30 are unemployed or grossly underemployed, and have been so for longer than at any time on record, including last century's great depression. And it's not just the total number, but the percentage of population that is being referred to here. The haves have more and have-nots are growing in number. And it does not count that today's have-nots are better off than, say, Medieval peasants – and that's assuming that Medieval peasants all had a constantly rough time of it. Those living today are alive now, not at some arbitrary time in the past, so the comparisons have to be contemporaneous. It could and should be pointed out that every time in history when inequality has been so grossly skewed as at this time, revolution has followed – indeed, through the Arab regions such revolutions have already begun and in a number of other countries as well. But human revolution is only one dimension of a multi-dimensional collective of shifts both necessary and in process. The planet cannot continue giving up resources

on an endless basis; the atmosphere and seas cannot continue to absorb CO2, methane and numerous other toxins which out societies spew out constantly; the seas cannot produce more fish than they are, and which are rapidly dwindling in variety and number; the land cannot produce more food than intensive farming methods are managing – at least, not without a radical revision in how we grow food; and the warming skies will not continue to benignly drop water from above where and when we need it (based on historical patterns) while we are continuing to mess with the natural systems on which we rely for life. We are, as a species, at a turning point; we are, as individuals, also at such a crucial decision-making time. The question is: how shall we live so that those who follow us can also live, along with all the other living things that make our lives possible? It is almost, now, to the point, where asking that question is becoming academic because the answer is being provided, frequently inconveniently and sometimes grossly uncomfortably. More than anything else, we humans must change from our habitual and historical arrogance of assuming that life has been all about us alone, and see instead with more humble eyes and feel with more humble hearts, that we are part of, not above and beyond. One way, or the other, the lesson will be taught to us all; best then to learn it now, ahead of the imposed necessity and thereby be far better set to deal with what follows. And then, after the drama's done and new way of being has been birthed, follows perhaps the long-awaited, much-prayed-for life of harmony within and between souls, within and between families, communities and societies, and between humans as a collective and all the other living things, seen and unseen. That will indeed be a glorious dawn, but for now we must ride out the rough storm of a dark and turbulent prelude. Be of good cheer, know that ultimately all is well, even when things are going 'badly', and bravely face the necessary shifts that will, in the end, allow us all to be the complete human beings we came here to be.

Silke, Chris and The Team




AN ICE AGE MAY BE COMING When it comes to climate change, a lot of emphasis is put on human activity, and rightfully so, as our ways here need to change. Perhaps in our fervour to discover our own culpability in this shift, however, we missed a few things along the way? What about the natural cycles of climate change Earth experiences, and has experienced? It’s a scientific fact that fluctuations in the solar cycle impact earth’s global temperature, as do other massive bodies flying in and around our solar system. The most recent research to examine this topic comes from the National Astronomy Meeting in Wales, where Valentina Zharkova, a mathematics professor from Northumbria University (UK), presented a model that can predict what solar cycles will look like far more accurately than was previously possible. She states that the model can predict their influence with an accuracy of 97%, and says it is showing that Earth is heading for a “mini ice age” in approximately fifteen years. According to the Royal Astronomical Society (RAS): A new model of the Sun’s solar cycle is producing unprecedentedly accurate predictions of irregularities within the Sun’s 11-year heartbeat. The model draws on dynamo effects in two layers of the Sun, one close to the surface and one deep within its convection zone. Predictions from the model suggest that solar activity will fall by 60 per cent during the 2030s to conditions last seen during the ‘mini ice age’ that began in 1645.

For the full story click here.

NO INK REQUIRED In an effort to curb the adverse environmental impacts of paper production, researchers in a new study have developed a light-printable paper – paper that can be printed with UV light, erased by heating to 120°C, and rewritten more than 80 times. The secret to printing with light lies in the color-changing chemistry of nanoparticles, a thin coating of which can be easily applied to conventional paper to transform it into the light-printable version. The researchers, Wenshou Wang and coauthors at Shandong University in China; the University of California, Riverside; and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, have published a paper on the light-printable rewritable paper in a recent issue of Nano Letters.

For the full story click here.



Chemists at the University of California, Riverside fabricate novel rewritable paper

In 1996, Thordis Elva shared a teenage romance with Tom Stranger, an exchange student from Australia. After a school dance, Tom raped Thordis, after which they parted ways for many years. In this extraordinary talk, Elva and Stranger move through a years-long chronology of shame and silence, and invite us to discuss the omnipresent global issue of sexual violence in a new, honest way.

Aerial photographs of an isolated tribe in the Brazilian rainforest by Ricardo Stuckert show a discreet indigenous community. Click here for more.

Earth's Magnetic Field is Fluctuating, Not Diminishing Albert Einstein considered the origin of the Earth's magnetic field one of the five most important unsolved problems in physics. The weakening of the geomagnetic field, which extends from the planet's core into outer space and was first recorded 180 years ago, has raised concern by some for the welfare of the biosphere. But a new study published in PNAS from Tel Aviv University, Hebrew University of Jerusalem and University of California San Diego researchers finds there is no reason for alarm. They say that the Earth's geomagnetic field has been undulating for thousands of years. Data obtained from the analysis of ancient Judean jar handles provide information on changes in the strength of the geomagnetic field between the 8th and 2nd centuries BCE, indicating a fluctuating field that peaked during the 8th century BCE. 'The field strength of the 8th century BCE corroborates previous observations of our group, first published in 2009, of an unusually strong field in the early Iron Age. We call it the 'Iron Age Spike,' and it is the strongest field recorded in the last 100 000 years,' says Dr Erez Ben-Yosef of TAU's Institute of Archaeology, the study's lead investigator. 'This new finding puts the recent decline in the field's strength into context. Apparently, this is not a unique phenomenon – the field has often weakened and recovered over the last millennia.'

For the full story click here.




Rupert Sheldrake is a fascinating member of the scientific world. His TED talk called 'The Science Delusion' was controversially censored by the TED community after being aired. The uncut version is now available. See above.

THE CASE FOR REINCARNATION 'PEER REVIEWED' SCIENCE Reincarnation is frequently rejected as impossible by LOSING CREDIBILITY AS LARGE those who worship at the altar of rational materialism and AMOUNTS OF RESEARCH SHOWN mainstream science. Yet, for those with an open mind who realize that logic and reason cannot possibly grasp and TO BE FALSE account for all the phenomena existing in the Universe, it is amusing to see how perplexed those with 'scientific minds' become when presented with information that is beyond rational explanation. Reincarnation researchers such as Dr. Ian Stevenson (3000 cases) and Carol Bowman (1000 cases) have compiled an impressive (at the very least) collection of evidence of reincarnation, if not outright proof of reincarnation, by compiling thousands of cases of children who have demonstrated accurate past-life recall. Their accounts are truly incredible.

Click here for a selection of 3 cases of modern-day reincarnation, out of literally thousands that have been recorded, documented and compiled.



Although good science should always be reviewed, using this label as a form of credibility can be dangerous, causing people to dismiss new information and research instantaneously if it doesn’t have it, particularly when that information counters long-held beliefs ingrained into human consciousness via mass marketing, education, and more. Unfortunately, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that we are being lied to about the products and medicines we use on a daily basis. If you’re one who commonly points to the “peer-reviewed” label, then you should know that there are many researchers and insiders who have been creating awareness about the problem with this label for years.

Click here for more.

SACRED SITES EQUINOX ADVENTURE TOUR of SOUTH AFRICA With Michael Tellinger & Dean Liprini (Shaman Extraordinaire) • 19 Sept - 4 Oct 2017 The journey will take participants from the Kruger National Park, to the ‘Lost city of Enki’; Adams Calendar, the Mysterious Stone Circles of Waterval Boven, the Giants Footprint, down to the south east coastline of the famous Garden Route, Cathedral Rock, Robberg Ancient Burial Site, Wilderness Mother Cave and finally Cape Town, the Mother City, and Table Mountain at the south-western tip of Africa.

For more information visit

67 homes for 67 families to be built by active citizens during Mandela Week Habitat for Humanity SA in partnership with the Nelson Mandela Foundation is calling on South Africans to join them in their Nelson Mandela International Build Week from the 17-21 July in Orange Farm, Gauteng. This is in response to Nelson Mandela’s call in 2007 to the next generation to take on the baton of leadership in addressing the world’s social injustices by saying 'It’s in your hands.' Join Habitat for Humanity SA and help make a difference to families like Selina through the provision of decent shelter and in the process commemorate Nelson Mandela International Day 18 July, in a truly special way by taking action and living out his legacy.

For more information contact: Habitat for Humanity SA on 081 840 7968 or email





A Healing Ritual Creating a bridge to the past changing the future You are driving at dawn through the farmlands of the Eastern Cape, or the semi-arid scrub of the Great Karoo and there is a group of people on the road ahead. Some are wearing traditional skins and necklaces, holding a bow or a springbok skull. It is in this unusual image that the activists of the annual Indigenous Liberation Walk believe there is the hope of positive change. Jane Berg reports.


n 2013, almost a decade after Khomani San elder Dawid Kruiper walked from the Kalahari to Cape Town intending to speak to the President on the behalf of indigenous rights, six activists honoured his journey with a walk

of their own to the mother city. This year saw the walk begin at Fort Beaufort on February 18 and trail over 1 000km to end at the Castle of Good Hope on March 1st. The walkers are drawn together by the belief that the Khoisan should be written into the Constitution as the First Nation of South Africa and that the government must uphold its role as signatory to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People (UNDRIP). But, as founding member /Ae /

Uib /Khomkhoeb states, 'the walk is about much more than a nation claiming recognition'. What he terms the 'deep story' goes beyond political protest and even personal pilgrimage, it is the potential for a transcendental ritual.

A shamanic art As a young man /Ae /Uib developed an interest in the metaphysical through working with sculpture. 'To give your art meaning you have to find meaning in yourself and that was CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: /Ae /Uib Khomkhoeb Klintin Whitehead and Freek May burn a bundle of Impepho (Helichrysum Aureonitens) at a prayer ceremony in Pearston, Eastern Cape, South Africa, February 20, 2017. Each morning the walkers would gather together to pray for a safe journey • Neal Hartman walks on the N1 from Laingsberg to Touws River, Western Cape, South Africa, February 25, 2017. The walkers frequently add feathers, flowers and other found items to their clothing as they enjoy identifying as part of the natural world • !Xam Isaacs with flowers in his headdress on the R63, Eastern Cape, South Africa, February 18, 2017. !Xam believes that he is one of the few fortunate enough to have discussed his Khoi family history comprehensively with his father and that doing so gave him a more purposeful life.



FROM LEFT: Berendse and Frisco May walk on the R407 towards Prince Albert from Willowmore, Western Cape, South Africa, February 22, 2017 • A bundle • /Ae /Uib sleeps in the grass by the R63, Eastern Cape, South Africa, February 18, 2017. The group split into small teams of two or three and in order to wa the Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa, March 01, 2017 • /Ae /Uib Khomkhoeb indigenous artist and activist

what drew me back to culture and deeper and deeper into

They believe that the paths their nomadic ancestors

the spiritual world,' said /Ae /Uib who describes his visual

walked were replaced by the national roads, which is why

art as indigenous and shamanic.

they follow these thoroughfares. Though the roads are

The core group of walkers he said 'collected one another' over the course of a decade or more into a

As walker Clinton Strandlooper stated, 'When I'm

called /Khora Gom. Shortly after they completed the first

walking I feel like I'm taking charge, like I'm 'Khoi-lonising'

liberation walk they were to receive a profound mandate.

the land.'

'One of our elders called us to say that she had had a

In the hope that the people they meet will form part of

prophetic dream about us and we should visit her at once,'

this network of altered consciousness, the team educates

said /Ae /Uib.

the communities they pass through on the history and

her primordial energy in the form of quills which fell over

and stereotypes. They visit schools, hospitals, speak at town gatherings

waking up and looking for each other and this meant a

and gift herbal medicines. However, they refuse requests

new awakening among the descendants of the Khoisan.

for more elaborate cures or 'muti', seeing themselves as

This vision formed the foundation for a modern quest. Its

healers not so much of individuals but of earth energies.

Energy healing The team takes a different route to Cape Town each


culture of the Khoisan, working to dispel misconceptions

the nation and struck certain people. Now the quills were

heroes would be the proponents of a new consciousness.


they nevertheless feel a sense of ownership.

small team of cultural activists based in the Garden Route

The dream told of a mother porcupine who shot out


lined with fences and signs proclaiming private property

Always working with a minimal budget they form unique bonds though relying on the goodwill of their hosts. I witnessed how at every turn the activists never wanted for the kindness of strangers who fed and housed them.

year in order to familiarise as many people with their

/Ae /Uib explained how each town they stay in

story as possible, but also to cover the country with an

becomes an 'energetic hub' as every morning at dawn the

interconnected healing network of lines walked.

group holds a morning ritual where 'Kooigoed' (Imphepho)

'In our folklore you always hear about these connecting

is burned and prayers in Nama are sung. In a sense the

ropes and that's what these roads are, lines along which

morning ceremony continues throughout the day because

energy flows,' said /Ae /Uib.

'the walk is the ritual' said /Ae /Uib. 'You don't even have

e of Impepho (Helichrysum Aureonitens) burns in a prayer ceremony at Tweede-Tol camp site in Bains Kloof, Western Cape, South Africa, February 28, 2017 alk short stretches of the road simultaneously, when not walking most find it a good idea to get some rest • Neil Dikwex delivers a speech during a ritual at

to put any special effort into it.' Physical effort certainly plays a part though. Days on the road are long and though the participants each take 25km shifts, the team can cross over 150km a day. 'We have nothing to sacrifice but our own bodies,' said walker !Xam Isaacs. 'But my family know I'm suffering and they are happy for me because they know I am doing it for them. I'm thinking about their future'. And they are working with a time frame which may very well see the next generation joining them.

participants gather to make speeches about the importance of love and communal memory. As they arrive, /Ae /Uib walks to the castle's gate and hits the earth before it three times with his walking stick stating, 'Our culture has been behind closed doors for too long, this gate needs to be opened now.' Baffled staff acquiesce, the gate is opened. To counterbalance what he sees as the castle's negative energy, each year he has also buried a crystal at equidistant points, one for each of the elements.

'We plan to walk for 28 years: that's seven cycles of

Dowsing with a pendulum over a crystal to demonstrate

four,' said Neal Hartman. 'It's going to take a long time to

the desired effect he said with not a little satisfaction:

heal, and we shouldn't even try to rush the process.'

'The walk may seem chaotic but there is actually a very

Ideally they would like the UNDRIP goals to be met

elaborate plan.'

sooner, but for transformation at a deeper level they are

As the projections for the future in the media are

prepared to be patient. What he would like to see is more

frequently dystopian it's a relief to find that the activists do

people on the road each year, and the numbers have been

not pose as prophets of doom. On the contrary /Ae /Uib

slowly growing.

believes that as an awakening to these issues is growing

'We don't mind who participates, because I think that we are essentially standing for all human rights,' said

around the world there might soon be an end to this 'dark age' for indigenous people.

Hartman. 'Imagine a million people on the road, even one

'The new phase has already begun,' said /Ae /Uib. 'We

hundred would be a lot. If we can get to that place, then

are a symptom of it, not the cause. It is much bigger than

our job is done.'

us.' O

Curing the castle It is with a final ritual at the Castle of Good Hope that the journey concludes each year. Outside the castle the

To find out more about the walk like the Facebook page here or tweet about it with the hashtag #Libwalk2017.   All images by Jane Berg



consciousness ODYSSEY 16 • 


'Love is the answer' Some people know Brett Shuttleworth as a rugby player, some as a high-flying model. But he has also spent time homeless on the streets of New York where he finally figured out the universe is an inside-out job and that love is the key – to everything. We spoke to him to find out what the secret is to his success was and what he can share with our readers about love, the tools for living a life filled with purpose and inspiration and how each of us can tap into joy every day.




ass momentum in Love consciousness does't need a majority – it is a ripple which is powerful beyond measure in relation to what

a mind has to say – join me on a Love adventure and feel for yourself what it's like to live from your heart. The power of living this way is tremendous and in my humble opinion the Ultimate success anyone can achieve in life.' This is the invitation that international motivator Brett Shuttleworth says he wants to extend to you. Brett says he is 'creating a ripple effect of Love around the globe'.

Firstly, could you please tell us more about 'Brett Shuttleworth'? Where were you born and what was your childhood like? I was born in Pietermaritzburg and am really a small-town Newcastle boy. I would have to say my childhood was challenging and unsettling – my parents divorced when I was quite young, finances where a struggle and I attended multiple schools during my early days. I was

actually had very little correlation to how happy I was at

nevertheless inspired by my parents who encouraged my

any point in my life. I was desperate to find a path where

bigger-than-life dreams. I always had the sentiment that

I could consistently make my soul smile, and so I took a

I could achieve whatever I set my mind to, that it was

leap into the unknown.

merely a matter of choice. From a young age I was motivated by great men and

I realised the most amazing thing: the choices I was

great accomplishments. I always enjoyed pushing myself

making were not authentic to my soul; my true, authentic

passed my space of comfort as I quickly learnt that it was

self was being masked by my relentless ego identity –

here, in the place of mild and sometimes even severe

and I was not even at fault as up to that point I was

discomfort, where the real growth and learning took

completely unaware that this had been the case.

place. This kind of fierce determination served me well in

By ego, I mean the conditioned mind that is moulded

my youth and through my younger adult years as I set

and shaped from the day we are born. By the time we

the intention of becoming the greatest rugby player the

are six years old we are already 50% of who we are

world had ever seen.

today – by the time we are 12 we are 80% of who we

The hunger for discovery and achievement quickly

are today. We are even given our name, religion and

catapulted me to horizons far beyond my humble

language when we are born. We are given a prescription

Newcastle roots, although today I value the solace and

to what life should be, how we should act if we belong to

simplicity of our family farm more than ever before – and

a gender or a social background or culture and this limits

return there to visit at every opportunity.

our experience of life and who we are in our essence. This is what causes us pain in our daily experience of reality – I

First South African professional sportsman to receive a Visa to play rugby in the USA, first South African male supermodel, Hollywood actor, celebrated businessman, consciousness coach and trainer, adventurer – why decide to become a motivator at the end of the day?


The real breakthrough came when I saw for myself the answer to the following exercise. I invite you to engage in it with me now:

speculate that this was a mirror reflection of my own growing internal dissatisfaction; I eventually came to

When I observed and detached from the relentless voice

the realisation that there was a hard upper limit to the

in my mind, a new possibility started opening up – I

satisfaction attainable from my external successes which

started questioning the assumptions on which my entire

more I was pulled toward helping people. One could


existence was just not working out for me.

Can you stop thinking for 20 seconds? If you can't stop your thoughts from streaming in – or stop yourself from engaging with them – who or what is the thinker of your thoughts?

I found that the higher I aimed and achieved in life, the


just knew there had to be more to life and this kind of

character, career choices, romantic interactions, and

love relationship with my gifts and talents that spurred

relationship to life had been built. This shift drastically

a growth and development toward a clear and powerful

changed my perception of life and the role that I chose


to play in it.

Today I choose to live each day 20% out of my

I wanted to run out onto the streets and scream

comfort zone, allowing for an experience of something

at the top of my voice in pure exhilaration of my

new and fresh each day, and a different expression of my

discovery for everyone that was blindly suffering from the

authentic self. From motivating the teams of Corporate

consequences of being in reaction to this voice, day in

companies to achieve success internally and externally,

and out. Right there and then I wanted to drop the pony

to working with Sports Teams, NGOs, Women's Groups,

show and start living and loving life. I realised that falling

Government and individuals who want to make that

in love is an act of the soul – not my blue eyes, cool shirt,

change, and to a rocking 12 day Smiling Soul Retreat that

career, car, bank balance or ducks in a row. I realised with

I facilitate in India. I'm living my dream.

profound relief that there is no one in the world I needed to be, and that we are all unique and beautiful already. When we become our truth by letting go of this

My commitment through all my work is to provide every opportunity for making this discovery of Love possible.

conditioning, our life starts to sparkle and our uniqueness shines through. The very breath that we are given is a miracle – can you imagine being constantly in love this way, until you feel like you can walk between raindrops?

What are the seven fundamentals which you share and how can anyone benefit from applying them in their lives?

This was the springboard that led me down a very

There is a tipping point which occurs naturally beyond

different career path, with a full-hearted commitment to

linearity and I feel in my heart that shift is ready to

create a ripple effect of Love in other people's lives.

happen for all of us. We are ready to embrace a new way of living and a new way to view our lives and others.

Do you feel that the road you had walked up to that point then was a waste of a lifetime?

thoughts are repeated daily, I started to imagine what it

Not at all. I started to really see how every step in my

would be like to live with the same level of conditioned

journey had led me to that point, how each experience,

thoughts year in and year out. This seemed to me a form

good or bad, were blessings. My natural strengths and

of insanity; instead I wanted freedom to create from the

traits lent themselves well in defining and building the

heart. I went on a quest for the answers that took me

career I have today. When the dots started to join,

to to the heighest peaks and lowest trouphs around the

incredible synchronosities began to play out that ensured

globe – that was the extent of my hunger for fulfillment

my desire for teaching Love became a reality. I chose a

and completion on a level that my external achievements

When I realised that 78% of my (and everyone's)



could never provide. I stood on the shoulders of titans and

intention, masterpiece, gratitude, balance, integrity, humour

am incredibly grateful for all the teachings and experiences

and love.

that this journey led me to.

With the 7 Fundamentals as the cornerstone to everything

On this awesome adventure, it became clearer in my

I teach, I developed a training formulae with the intention

mind that certain principles governed a soul-smiling life. Over

to instill first-hand organic seeing in my clients and Retreat

time, I defined these as the 7 Fundamentals that all great

participants as opposed to merely providing a theoretical

legends have mastered and consistently use in their life. It

manual that had to be studied. What I had discovered could

is these 7 Fundamentals that form the basis of my teachings

not be found in a manual; it had to be uncovered within

and trainings in all arenas today.


During my travels I visited the largest slum in Asia called

In my facilations and retreat, I draw on practical tools

Dharavi, on the outskirts of Mumbai, infamous for its poverty

such as meditation and Hojo (a form of Japanese Martial

and simple living of its people. What I found took my breath

Arts sword-fighting) to tap into core power and to unleash

away. Small children – younger than my daughter – served

potential. A portal of connection opens up to the Universe

as some of my greatest inspirations and teachers. These

during such facilitated excersises which serve as the ideal

children were so happy and content playing in the gutter

playing ground for real, organic shifts to take place.

when kids from well-to-do backgrounds seemed to be on an

With my new-found knowledge and tools at hand, one of

endless chase for the next 'in' toy. It dawned on me that if I

my greatest dreams have now become reality: the Incredible

could not be happy in a one bedroom apartment there was

India Smiling Soul Retreat. Every few months I facilitate and

no chance I would be happy in a two-bedroom apartment. It

host this Retreat over 12 days. Participants are guided on the

is from the backstreets of Dharavi, from the smiles of those

most incredible adventure through the best of India: Delhi,

childers, where I discovered the Fundamental of Gratitude.

Himalayas, Ganges, Goa and Mumbai, and I teach on each

In the same fashion of accidental discoveries, of interviews

of the 7 Fundamentals over the course of the trip. Every

with monks and gurus and leaders, of painstaikingly tying

experience, activity, encounter and site has been designed to

together the dots in my own life, I eventually concluded

facilitate the organic seeing and shift required to really lead

my journey having uncovered all 7 of the Fundamentals:

to the kind of life breakthrough that I encountered myself. O

Today I choose to live each day 20% out of my comfor t zone, allowing for an experience of something new and fresh each day, and a different expression of my authentic self.



If you could give yourself a gift that would last you a lifetime would you possibly choose to discover Love for yourself and allow it's wisdom to guide you? In my opinion it's the ultimate success and achievement in life. In this light I invite and welcome you on my Retreat – our next one kicks off on 7 June. What will 12 such days out of your everyday life do for you? It will expedite and accelerate your ability to be in creation of your life, detached from your thinking and feeling, opening you up to receive the tremendous gifts which lie dormant and untapped within you. If you're reading this article consider the possibility that it is your postcard from the Universe nudging you in the right direction, an answer to your prayers which you have manifested yourself. We have one lifetime – why not live it well – starting with falling in love with yourself?

The quantum shift you will experience: •

From living in pain, victim to the mind's relentless thinking, to finding a peaceful dwelling within you where you are free from reacting to your external world.

Learn to enjoy and celebrate each and every day – like it's supposed to be.

Tap into that infinite source of love, abundance and joy that is availabe to every one of us. The same energy and space that fueled the accomplishments of Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa and Albert Einstein.

And if they can why not you? And if not now when? Come on in – the water's beautiful.

We have a very special offer for Odyssey readers: our new and exciting Online Retreat to India. This Online version of the Retreat offers all the benefits of actually attending our life-changing 12-day Incredible India Retreat, but from the comfort of your coach, for a fraction of the price, and with the ability for you to watch the teachings and complete the homework assignments at your own pace. The Online Retreat Structure takes place over 21 days and kicks off on 6 June. For more information and to book your spot, go to For more information on the Retreat (we have 2 more spots left for June) email or call +27 71 177 0725.

Ramtha's School of Enlightenment, created by Ramtha the Enlightened One, is an academy of the mind that offers retreats and workshops to people of all ages and cultures. The teachings of Ramtha offer a unique perspective to view the mystery of life. They present a framework where questions that have remained unanswered by philosophy, science, and religion find a new meaning. This 9-hr video presentation is taught by Ramtha, it answers many of the questions and mysteries that are continually being asked by sincere people:

• • •

The origin of our Divinity Where we are going The original mandate that determines our destiny

Ramtha established his school in1988 and hosts thousands of students from the USA and over 70 foreign countries. Ramtha is an ascended Master Teacher who learned in his lifetime the unlimited potential of our minds. His powerful message for humanity has already changed countless lives. The Workshop is designed to make room for personal experience and includes a practical application in the form of the 'Consciousness & Energy Breathing Technique'. With his unique and delightful teaching style, Ramtha covers this technique in detail as you learn how to Create Personal Reality. ODYSSEY 22 • 




Water doesn’t come from a tap. Water goes on a long and complicated journey to get to you.

Visit to learn more about where your water comes from. Photo © Hougaard Malan




Oneness radical human transformation One of the most important and critical component of the universe is human consciousness. Only humans (in so far as we know) have the critical ability of self-reflection, which is the awareness of self and free will to co-create our destiny. The fundamental principle guiding the Oneness University are that the internal world of the heart and the mind – which is the quintessence of consciousness – guides and shapes the external material, physical and social world. Every human being, through the exercise of free will can co-create their inner world of thoughts, feelings and emotions thereby control, shape and manifest their external reality. We take a deeper look into the phenomenon of our consciousness state and what each of us can do about optimising it, in terms of this understanding.


very human being has the potential capacity and ability to take control of their lives to fulfil the four goals of human life, being abundance and wealth consciousness, fulfilling desires and wishes, serving our families and communities, and, ultimately, reaching self-realisation, awakening and liberation. The evolutionary process of moving from animal to human and onto 'divine consciousness' allows the full potential of every being to flower through setting the right Intention, conscious effort and aligning to our sacred higher self.


Human suffering is the common denominator across all nations and people – and at all levels of our experience, physical, emotional psychological and spiritual/existential. The root cause of all suffering is the conflict in the heart and the mind; arising from having to make decisions and choices based on free will.

This human quality of free will also has the dualistic seed potential of either causing conflict or promoting human freedom. Inner conflict results in loss of energy; this, in turn, causes disequilibrium and loss of harmony resulting in physical imbalances (dis-ease), emotional and psychological suffering (alienation) and spiritual and existential angst. Troubled souls and minds wreak havoc on society in many forms. Hence the starting point for global peace, harmony and social cohesion is to transform the individual human heart and mind.


The purpose of the Oneness University is to end human suffering – it is a sacred school for spiritual awakening and is a centre for learning inspired by the founders Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan. The uniqueness of this university is that each one of the teachings imparted in the courses can also be experienced personally and verified by the participant. Its ultimate vision is to help the individuals move from a state



of awakening. This is a non-denominational approach, not based on belief or adherence but a path of self-discovery – designed to guide you to discover authentic happiness and to make spirituality meaningful for everyday living. Entering this stream of learning, say those involved, you will awaken to a new joy of living. of mere existence to true living. The mission of the Oneness University is to usher in the 'Golden Age' of mankind by making every individual discover Oneness. The transformation in the human being resulting in a better self, enhanced family relationships, an enlightened society and, ultimately, the Oneness of humanity as a whole, will pave the way for the dawning of a Golden Age upon this earth.

The Golden Orb

It all began with Sri Bhagavan seeing a mystical Golden Orb standing before his eyes then continously chanting a mantra revealed to him by this Golden Orb for 21 years, with a deep intent to end human suffering being impregnated into this Golden Orb. Thus the phenomenon of Deeksha – transference of 'universal divine energy' – saw its birth. This divine descent unleashed a phenomenon of divine grace and inner transformation from the founders to the guides of the Oneness University to all who participated in their Programmes. The Golden Orb of divine grace spontaneously manifested in the year 1989 and this phenomenon of transference later came to be called Oneness Deeksha (Oneness Blessing). The phenomenon of the Golden Orb enabled people to receive the gift of benediction or 'grace' – a state of 'Oneness' – and to fulfil the four goals of human life. The entire infrastructure of the abode of the Golden Orb of Divine Grace, the Golden city, the Oneness University and the Oneness care, have been created to guide and inspire the community of guides and volunteers in Oneness. Subsequently, Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan went on to found the Oneness University as a spiritual movement with the vision to help humanity become free of the illusion of separation and establish it in a state of Oneness. For they believe that the state of Oneness is the panacea for all the ills of the world.

Abode of the golden orb

Envisioned by Sri Amma Bhagavan, the Abode of the Golden Orb was created so it can serve as a generator of a powerful energy field that can propel humanity into a state of Oneness. It is structured as a magnificent three-dimensional projection of the Surya yantra (a sacred geometric form) and is as a vortex of grace. It has been refered to as the mother's womb because it has the power to transform all who enter it. Meditating and praying in this sacred abode is known to shift the neurological circuitry in the brain responsible for repetitive destructive programs that run our lives to neurological circuitry that causes auspiciousness and abundance. For the seekers, the Abode of the Golden Orb acts as a phenomenon that can cause spiritual experiences



Synergistic fusion

The synergistic fusion of this universal spirituality within an African context of uBuntu – 'I am who I am because of you: you are who you are because of me' – of kinship, communal values and sharing, has the power to bring about the Golden Age in Africa. Radical human transformation is a process and a journey of individual and collective efforts to share these teachings, processes, meditations and connecting to one's 'Higher Sacred Self' to shift humanity from mere existence to fully living. The primary focus of the Oneness-Ubuntu Course is to enhance abundance and wealth consciousness; promote health and improve relationships. The African Chapter of the Oneness University and its local trainers offer a number of courses and programme to achieve these goals to fulfil our national goals of social cohesion and nation building. The values of democracy, freedom and non-racialism inspired and transformed the collective consciousness of millions of South African to bring about the end of apartheid. To end poverty, inequality and discrimination, the next phase in this revolution is to lay a foundation of moral, ethical and spiritual values by transforming the individual and collective consciousness of all South Africans. While governments create an enabling environment, the key catalyst for social change is a shift in the collective consciousness of all the people on the African continent.

An inner journey of self-transformation

The first Phenomenon and Gift (P & G) Courses were held in Durban and Johannesburg during May 2017; and over 300 participants received direct live teachings, guided meditations, processes and Deeksha from the guides in India via the internet over two days. The anchoring of the energy of the Phenomenon of the Golden Orb on African soil will contribute to the transformation, self-realisation and shifting of communities out of poverty and despair into hope and freedom, say those behind the course. The next P & G Courses in both venues are scheduled for the 2-3 September, 2017. There are no prerequisites to attend this course. The two-day course focuses on: health, wealth, relationship, fulfilment of desires, inner transformation and spiritual growth. O

For more contact Noddy Jinabhai at 031 577 8991 / 082 774 0836 / • Facebook

ReCode Your Life! ©

ReCode© helps people to heal from chronic conditions. It works at the deep level of the subconscious to change the effects of our childhood blueprint on our physiology. The medical industry is starting to recognize and document the effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) on our health as adults. ACES include things like emotional, physical or sexual abuse, having a depressed or addicted parent, bullying, witnessing sibling or parental abuse, losing a parent and more (see here). ReCode© gives us a way of successfully treating the effects of our ACES on our lives now.

Conditions successfully treated so far: • Depression • Anxiety and stress • Early-stage cancer • Gambling and alcohol addiction • Asthma and other ‘incurable’ diseases • Migraines • Destructive relationship patterns

Contact me, Veronica Haupt, to schedule a call where I explain what I do and how it works: +27 11 083 9391 I am based in Rivonia,

Most chronic conditions respond

Johannesburg, South Africa but

well to this form of healing.

can work over Skype. ODYSSEY 27 • 




Your Best Super Powers

Are you aware that all humans are blessed with (at least) three incredible super powers that give you the ability to live with great peace of mind and tranquility, to create anything your heart desires, and to navigate through life in a guided and protected way? Renowned author and speaker Sonia Choquette explains in this extract from her latest book Your 3 Best Super Powers.


o you know that these three super powers can make you timeless, ageless, limitless, and full of vitality, if properly

cultivated? And that these super powers have the ability to guide you to make the best decisions,



have the best timing, and flow with life in the best

Imagination is the paintbrush that colours the

possible synchronistic way, adding magic and attracting

landscape of our lives. Our imagination determines who

joy along the way?

we choose to be, how we choose to live, and what we

Do you know that your three best super powers can

choose to do. Imagination is the force that defines our

improve your health, ease your stress, eliminate your

life's unfolding. Imagination is the energetic force behind

fears, and add to your abundance, while helping you fulfil

all creativity. We cannot create what we cannot imagine,

a sense of purpose – all at the same time?

yet we always create what we do imagine. It drives

Yes, I know it is hard to believe that all of these suggestions are true, and yet they are. We humans all have access to three super powers that, if developed to their fullest capacity, give us the power to live the most magical and blessed of lives.

human expression and experience on every level: mental, emotional, and physical.


When we exercise our third super power, our intuition, we

Better yet, it is not difficult to develop these super

avail ourselves of the grace of an inner guidance system

powers because they are innate in all of us. As spiritual

that leads us to our hearts' desires and out of harm's way.

beings, we have the power to live extraordinary lives by

Our intuition keeps us true to ourselves and in

cultivating these three inborn qualities. And to do so is relaxing, easy, and readily attainable. So just exactly what are these three super powers, you may wonder? Your three best super powers are: meditation, imagination and intuition. These are the three super powers that, when

integrity with our authentic nature. As divine beings, we all have an inner guidance system designed to lead us to our fullest potential, our most authentic expression of self, and our highest good, while at the same time steering us away from what does not reflect our true nature, fulfil our sense of purpose, or keep us safely on our path.

combined and used consistently, can determine the

Intuition is the inborn compass that keeps us on

greatness and quality of your life's journey and keep you

course when we set sail for our greatest dreams, pointing

safe and secure every step of the way.

out opportunities, while at the same time alerting us to

It is not difficult to develop these super powers because they are innate in all of us.

danger and distraction if we drift from our true purpose. When we develop these three super powers and

As spiritual beings, we all possess the power to live

put them into action in our lives, we become grounded,

extraordinary lives by cultivating these three inborn

inspired, creative, abundant, and energised, flowing with

qualities. And to do so is relaxing, easy, and even fun.

a sense of peaceful purpose, and in harmony with the

How they work

world around us.

When we use our first super power – meditation – we

hearts, drop our defences, wake up our spirits, and create

control our response to our conscious thoughts, which

our dreams.

These three super powers allow us to open our

gives us freedom and peace of mind. We detach from our

They ease our fears, eliminate our worries, give us

'monkey mind' long enough to remember that we are not

the strength to face difficulties with grace, help us to

our intellect or our emotions, but rather spiritual beings

recognise and seize opportunities, and show us the way

on a human journey, endowed with the powers of thought

to success every moment of the

and feeling, but not constrained by them.


Meditation calms our minds, clears our heads, and

These are the three super

relieves stressful thinking and feeling patterns. It gives us

powers that all the successful and

the space to refresh, revive, and rise above the mundane

satisfied people I have guided and

reactions of our ego mind in order to remember our true

coached have possessed.

nature as divine and creative spirits, to remain in charge of our own destinies.

It was their secret to success and I want it to be yours as well. O

By cultivating our imagination, our second super power, we develop the capacity to envision and create enriched lives that are fulfilling and abundant in the ways that matter to us.

Your 3 Best Super Powers is available from HayHouse publishers here.




Keep Calm Relax As a practicing kinesiologist, Helen Hansen is blessed to know balancing exercises that one can use on the spot for instant transformation. During individual sessions with clients she always teaches the relevant techniques so the person can leave empowered with the knowledge and choice for change. Here she takes a look at some self-calming techniques that work.


ave you ever noticed that when you are frantic and freaking out, you tend to forget things ('where are my keys?'), stumble or trip

('who put that there?'), become emotional ('why is this happening to me?') and maybe even say things you later regret? Recently I presented a workshop on stress stabilising techniques. During the setup I had to operate equipment that I was not used to. It sent my mind spinning to the point I couldn't think straight, I was so worried that I wouldn't be ready on time. Fortunately, I recalled the topic of the workshop and started rubbing certain points to release my anxiety, I engaged in a perspective balancing exercise to show my brain that all was fine and breathed deeply for the rest of the setup.

Calming the body Inhale slowly and deeply through the nose for four counts, hold for seven counts and exhale sharply through the mouth for eight counts. Repeat for two minutes or until you feel the body relax. Bonus: When used daily this exercise is said to raise the immune system.

Calming the mind Hold your forehead lightly with one hand and place your other hand at the base of your skull. Breathe deeply and slowly through the nose. Bonus: This exercise harmonises the subconscious with the conscious plus it calms the emotions and the body. You can watch a demo of this technique here.

Calming the emotions Rub the sternum with four fingers on both hands, up and down vigorously. This is just above where the two rib cages meet. Continue for 20 seconds. Bonus: As well as balancing heightened emotions, this exercise equilibrates the mind.

Relaxation creates Energy When you are relaxed your body, mind and emotions can begin the process of detoxing. Following a clearing of toxins comes the opportunity to recharge and rejuvenate your cells, thoughts and feelings. What could you do with more energy? How would your life be different if your emotions stabilised, physical aches diminished, or if you slept soundly every night?



Three top ingredients to induce relaxation 1. Heat From ancient times, heat was used to improve overall health. Hippocrates said, 'Give me a fever and I will cure an ailment'. Raising the body's temperature assists with pain relief, it improves physical health or emotional wellbeing and it de-stresses one on all levels. Increasing the body's temperature by just one degree will improve immunity. 2. Negative Ions Ions are the key to opening and closing cells and without their optimal function, nutrition cannot be absorbed and waste will not be released. A build up of toxins in the body is taxing on the physiology and psychology of the individual. City living, in general, depletes one of negative ions. 3. Light Energy Energy from the sun as well as the human body

To sum up, heat plus negative ions plus light energy make for a winning formula for healing and longevity. The good news is you can find all of these ingredients in the revolutionary BioMat. In addition, the BioMat boasts tens's of thousands of amethyst crystals which are the perfect conduit for far-infrared rays and negative ions. Stress shows it's face at unexpected (and expected) times; the most effective way to deal with it is to be prepared. Lay the foundation of calm and peace whenever you have an opportunity and practice self-healing exercises regularly so when the face of stress does appear you know what to do even if it takes you a while to remember (as with me setting up for my workshop). I did calm down tremendously after doing the stress-release exercises and I was ready in more than enough time before the workshop started. I would not like to consider the outcome if I had not been well equipped. O

Helen Hansen is a professional kinesiologist and

contains invisible light known as far-infrared rays.

BioMat Therapist facilitating sessions in Cape

When we have enough far-infrared rays within us we

Town and Johannesburg. To find out more about

feel calmer, happier and more energised. When we

Helen visit or

are depleted of far-infrared rays then disease, ageing,

email or call

moodiness and tension set in quicker.

her on 072 409 7664.

Heal & Restore yourself with Far Infrared Rays + Negative Ions + Heat on the World Famous BioMat. Relieves aching muscles and joints, spasms, fatigue, insomnia. Improves immunity, balances pH levels, eases mental strain.

Contact Helen Hansen 072 409 7664 / Available in Cape Town and JHB






Learn how to use the ancient science of Numerology in an up to the moment, cutting edge tool called Numerotherapy. This helps you discover who you are, why you are here, and shows you your talents, problem areas and physical issues, that you have come here to work through. With a new sense of purpose and understanding you can become self empowered and begin to heal yourself. Andrea Stauch and Samantha Schachtel offer a first time online course on Numerotherapy. This includes the book Recalculating... the GPS for the Soul and a guided meditation by Andrea to Meet your Higher Self.

For more information visit or email Andrea is a master numerologist, energy worker, author and metaphysician. Samantha is a life coach,author and metaphysician.



integrative medicine

Good Bad Ugly

The The The

Recently the Pan African Congress of Integrative Medicine took place at Spier Estate in the Western Cape. Among several notable speakers, Professor Daniel Weber, a specialist in Chinese Traditional Medicine discussed 'The Science of Uncertainty: A New Medical Paradigm'. The following is an extracted interpretation from that presentation for Odyssey Magazine.






ncertainty is unsettling. It leaves many feeling

of this class has been ascribed to the entrenchment of

literally precariously perched in terms of not

neoliberal capitalism (read here for more on this).

having hard 'facts' on which to base decisions

The doctor-patient relationship is the cornerstone

and courses of action. This may be all the more true for

of facilitating factors. Patients attach considerable

those in the medical field where certainty of action based

importance to the relationship of confidence developed

on established 'facts' is highly prized.

with their attending physician.

But what if it's true that many breakthroughs take

They want their doctor to use simple words and avoid

place in the margins of the known world, on the fringes

making them feel guilty, allowing them to enter into a

of established science and that this happens precisely

real healthcare partnership in which they can actively

because of uncertainty.

participate in decisions concerning them.

John Keats wrote: 'At once it struck me, what quality

They seek stability and predictability (Santé Publique

went to form a man of achievement ...? It is when a man

HS/2015 (S1), p. 13-16) and acceptance as equal

is capable of being in uncertainties, mysteries, doubts,

partners in their health pursuits.

without any irritable reaching after fact and reason.'

Quest for certainty

Hospital said, 'The good physician treats disease; the

however, and it both guides and misguides us. Although

great physician treats the patient who has disease. The

physicians are rationally aware when uncertainty

great physician understands the patient and the context

exists, the culture of medicine evinces a deep-rooted

of that patient's illness.'

Embodied in our teaching, our case-based learning



Sir William Osler, founding professor of John Hopkins

Our quest for certainty is central to human psychology,

unwillingness to acknowledge and embrace it.


The patient not the disease


curricula, and our research is the notion that we must

Medicine has come into to its golden age; it is truly

unify a constellation of signs, symptoms, and test results

effective in prolonging life and alleviating suffering. At the

into a solution.

same time, we witness serious problems in the provision

In their recent essay on medical uncertainty in the

of healthcare. These include, the enormous cost of health

New England Journal of Medicine, Arabella Simpkin and Richard Schwartzstein suggested that healthcare providers start using the word 'hypotheses' rather than 'diagnoses'. Indeed, former New England Journal of Medicine editor Jerome Kassirer, MD, pointed out in a 1989 commentary that all diagnoses are hypotheses. A diagnosis is a hypothesis about the nature of a patient's illness, one that is derived from observations by the use of inference; the clinic is not a lab. When the potential therapy is high in effectiveness and low in risk, healthcare providers can tolerate greater uncertainty than they can if the treatment is high in risk and low in effectiveness. Diagnosis is not to obtain absolute certainty, but to reduce uncertainty enough to make sound therapeutic decisions. The precariat is a social class formed by people suffering from precarity, which is a condition of existence without predictability or security, affecting material or psychological welfare. Specifically, it is the condition of lack of job security, including intermittent employment or underemployment and the resultant precarious existence. The emergence

care, iatrogenic (doctor or treatment-caused) diseases and an isolation of medicine from its historical roots of engagement. It has become isolated from the day-to-day concerns of healing and become an industry. This situation engenders a feeling of paradox, the juxtaposition of a powerful faith in scientific medicine with a widespread discontent at the circumstances in which it is made available.

Science The activity of science may be defined as the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment to predict future outcomes. Physical science is different from biomedical science, in that physical science is also called 'pure' science while biomedical science is considered an applied science.

Biomedical Science The biomedical sciences are a set of applied sciences utilising portions of natural science or formal science, or both, to develop knowledge, interventions, or technology

that are of use in healthcare or public health. It is a field that includes the following disciplines: biochemistry, haematology, immunology, microbiology, histology, cytology, and transfusion services.

Science & Biomedicine Science begins with the acceptance of ignorance and is fuelled by an appetite to be enlightened. Science is neutral, it is valueless until applied and the application is always within social context. Charles E Rosenberg wrote in the Harvard Magazine (Mar-Apr 2008) that scientific medicine has become bureaucratic entity in which there is a widespread discontent at the circumstances in which it is made available. It has lost its objectivity and its appetite. It serves itself, not the patient.

Scientism Scientism is a matter of putting too high a value on natural science in comparison with other branches of learning or culture. In particular, it claims that only inductive methods can yield true knowledge about man and society. This dogmatic endorsement of scientific methodology and the reduction of all knowledge to only that which is measurable make mechanical, all applications of knowledge.

Cognitive dissonance & belief Leon Festinger wrote in his book A Theory of Cognitive Dissonance (1957), that the more one invests in a belief, the more value one will place in this belief and, as a consequence, be more resistant to facts, evidence or reality that contradict this belief. Cognitive dissonance arises when a person cannot deal with contradictions in their work or life situation. Such persons seek certainty to avoid the distress of not knowing. Eric Hoffer wrote in 1951 that people easily become 'true believers' with unfailing certainty in their beliefs. This is true for all of us no matter what our profession.

Critical thinking Critical thinking is that mode of thinking in which the thinker improves the quality of his or her thinking by skillfully taking charge of the structures inherent in thinking and imposing intellectual standards upon them. Critical





self-monitored, and self-corrective thinking. It presupposes

A diagnosis is a hypothesis about the nature of a patient's illness, one that is derived from observations by the use of inference; the clinic is not a lab. When the potential therapy is high in effectiveness and low in risk, healthcare providers can tolerate greater uncertainty than they can if the treatment is high in risk and low in effectiveness. Diagnosis is not to obtain absolute certainty, but to reduce uncertainty enough to make sound therapeutic decisions.

assent to rigorous standards of excellence and mindful command of their use. It entails effective communication and problem solving abilities and a commitment to overcome our native egocentrism and sociocentrism. Critical thinking at its highest level is also creative.



'Truth' Reverend Dr Stephen A Hayner proclaimed: 'I believe in the objective truth... but hold lightly our ability to perceive that truth.' A randomised controlled trial (RCT) is a scientific (often medical) experiment which aims to reduce bias when testing a new treatment – in order to establish with reliability its 'true' affects. RCTs are considered to be the most reliable form

of scientific evidence in the hierarchy of evidence that influences healthcare policy and practice because RCTs reduce spurious causality and bias. But are RCTs the so-called 'gold standard'? Two studies published in The New England Journal

of Medicine found that observational studies and RCTs overall produced similar results. RCTs are expensive, the average in the US is $12 million. Also, conflicts of interests in many of the studies are often not disclosed. Researchers often manipulate and withhold information, publishing only results that favour their project.

Co-morbidities RCTs tend to exclude patients who have multiple

co-morbidities (more than one major condition or disease simultaneously co-existing). The results of RCTs or systematic reviews will never be relevant to all patients and all settings, but they should be designed and reported in a way that allows clinicians to judge to whom the results can reasonably be applied.

Off the Market A number of drugs that have had US FDA approval after completion of phase four RCTs have been taken off the market due to a number of issues, including toxicity. More than 150 drugs have been brought to market as a small company's sole new molecular entities (NMEs), and only a few more than 50 of these drugs remain on the market. Drugs have therefore been approved and later withdrawn due to safety concerns.

RCTs There are RCTs, and then there are RCTs. In other words, not all RCTs are the same. David L Steiner (Can J Pychiatry 2002;47:552-556) notes the differences between RCTs designed to demonstrate the effectiveness of treatment and those that look at the efficacy of an intervention. Efficacy is concerned with the question, 'Can a treatment work under ideal circumstances?' Conversely, effectiveness addresses the question, 'Does it work in the



real world?' 'Evidence-based practice should rely on a very broad, diverse base of evidence,' says Steven J Breckler, science director of the American Psychological Association. 'RCTs would be one source, but there are lots of other sources.' These sources could include Phase II trial data, epidemiological data, qualitative data and reports from the field from clinicians using an intervention.

EBM & uncertainty Acknowledging uncertainty is uncomfortable for many practitioners and consumers of medical care where absolute certainty has always been valued, rewarded, and even expected. In this context, those practitioners or patients who require certainty may view evidence-based medicine (EBM) as a failed framework precisely because a robust evaluation of the evidence finds many questions that are imperfectly or incompletely answered. Rather than a failure, EBM emphasises that when the evidence is incomplete, any final decisions about clinical care should reflect the patient's preferences and goals. These goals depend on the successful translation of evidence to individual patient care. There are many challenges and barriers to an evidence-based practice. Often evidence is incomplete or entirely lacking. This has led investigators to explore alternative methodologies to provide insights into the impact of risk factors and treatments on clinical outcomes. A major challenge of shared decision making in patient-centred care is translation of the evidence into terms that patients can understand so that they can evaluate their care options supported by the evidence against their priorities and predicaments. Multiple patient-specific tools are being developed to assist patients in weighing options and in determining the near and long-term protocols.

Newton or Heisenberg Both Isaac Newton and René Descartes saw the universe as a giant clockwork, which was orderly and predicable. The age of enlightenment saw a fundamental transformation in scientific ideas across mathematics, physics, astronomy, and biology. Conversely, Werner Karl Heisenberg and Erwin Schrodinger asserted there is a fundamental limit to the precision with which things can be known. This uncertainty principle resulted in the establishment of quantum mechanics. The conflict between these two philosophies can be

resolved through what is called the 'Heisenberg cut'.

Efficacy & effectiveness The gap between research and practice is well documented. There is an assumption that effectiveness research naturally and logically follows from successful efficacy research. These two research traditions have evolved different methods and values; consequently, there are inherent differences between the characteristics of a successful efficacy intervention versus those of an effectiveness one. Studies that focus on efficacy do everything possible to maximise the chances of showing an effect. The rationale is that if the treatment cannot be shown to work under the best conditions, there isn't a ghost of a chance that it will be effective in actual practice. On the other hand, effectiveness studies emphasise the applicability of the treatment and therefore try harder to duplicate the situations that clinicians will encounter in their practices.

Hero's medicine There is a belief that curing a serious disease is better than preventing that disease. Medicine is an industry – competitive, exclusive, privileged and institutional. More research grants are meant to signify a better school, rather than the quality of the graduates. Also, medical schools are often parochial and inward looking.

Werner Karl Heisenberg and Erwin Schrodinger asserted there is a fundamental limit to the precision with which things can be known. This uncertainty principle resulted in the establishment of quantum mechanics. The conflict between these two philosophies can be resolved through what is called the 'Heisenberg cut'.



Health expenditure In 2012, South Africa had only 0.7 physicians per 1 000 population, well below the OECD average of 3.2. There were also only 1.1 nurses per 1 000 population in South Africa in 2012, compared with an OECD average of 8.8.

Public health vs private wealth Common sense suggests investment in disease prevention is cheaper and more effective that treating established disease. The focus on prevention as a key source of cost savings in health care also sidesteps the question of whether such measures are generally more promising and efficient than the treatment of existing conditions. A recent Grattan Institute report has pointed out that health expenditure is one of the major drivers of budget deficits world-wide. Growth in health spending above GDP over the past ten years was greater than the growth

above GDP of all other spending combined.

Acute vs chronic disease More than 75% of our health care spending is on people with chronic conditions. Chronic diseases have multiple aetiologies, co-morbidities and likely multiple approaches to treatment. This is unlike acute diseases, which often have a single pathogenic factor and likely a single protocol. Three in four Americans 65 and older live with multiple chronic conditions (MCC), and the prevalence is increasing also in younger people, according to a 2012 article in Lancet.

Chronic disease The vast majority of Americans age 50+ (85%) say they have taken a prescription drug in the past five years, and three-fourths (76%) say they are currently taking at least one prescription drug on a regular basis. Women (79%) are somewhat more likely to say they are taking a prescription drug than men (71%). Americans age 65+ (87%) are even more likely to say they take a prescription drug on a regular basis than those between the ages of 50-64 years (67%). Those who say they are currently taking prescription drugs regularly say they take on average four different prescriptions drugs daily.

Holism The theory holism (as per Jan Smuts) holds that parts of a whole are in intimate interconnection, such that they cannot exist independently of the whole, or cannot be understood without reference to the whole, which is thus regarded as greater than the sum of its parts. Holism is often associated with a philosophy rather than science. But holistic science is an approach to research that emphasises the study of complex systems. This practice is in contrast to a purely analytic tradition sometimes called reductionism. The holism-reductionism dichotomy is often evident in conflicting interpretations of experimental findings and in setting priorities for clinical protocols. But a fuller understanding may be to say that holism/reductionism is like yin/yang.

System biology Systems biology is the study of systems of biological

In Chinese Medicine, the phenotype is viewed as the essence of a system as a whole. Individuals display different phenotypes from an essential pattern based on the initial conditions from which the disease progresses, as well as interactions between the person and a multitude of endogenous and exogenous factors. Disease represents a convergence of the person as a system into an unhealthy attractor pattern. ODYSSEY 40 • 


components, which may be molecules, cells, organisms

medicine (CM) is a traditional approach to stringent

or entire species.

and complex systems biology. When the internal logic

Living systems are dynamic and complex, and their

of CM is clearly appreciated by biomedicine, will its

behaviour may be hard to predict from the properties

increasing integration be successful? CM focuses on

of individual parts. Living systems interact with other

health maintenance, emphasises on enhancing the

systems and both are altered.

body's resistance to diseases and especially shows

The Body as a system The living organism as a system is a set of interacting

great advantages in early intervention, personalised and combination therapies.

or interdependent component parts forming a complex/

Chinese Medicine

intricate whole. Every system is delineated by its spatial

In CM, the phenotype is viewed as the essence of a system

and temporal boundaries, surrounded and influenced by

as a whole. Individuals display different phenotypes from

its environment, described by its structure and purpose

an essential pattern based on the initial conditions from

and expressed in its functioning.

which the disease progresses, as well as interactions

Systems theory & disease Systems approaches to disease are grounded in the idea that disease-perturbed proteins, cell regulation, gene regulatory networks, phenotypic expression all

between the person and a multitude of endogenous and exogenous factors. Disease represents a convergence of the person as a system into an unhealthy attractor pattern.

differ from their normal counterparts. We should pursue

Are we as brave as Alice?

the possibility that these differences may be reflected

If we're to accept the story of Alice and the rabbit as

by multi-parameter measurements and so we can

a metaphor for a new idea, concept, or opportunity, it

initiate individualised medicine. An Omics approach,

should be rather obvious what chasing the rabbit/idea

which includes metabolomics, proteomics, genomics,

down the 'rabbit-hole' represents: following through with

epigenomics will be part of an unfolding in individualised

any new avenue that has been presented, solely for the

medicine in the future.

excitement of discovery and adventure.

Denis Noble in 2006, one of the early protagonists and

Even though Alice isn't sure where 'chasing' this rabbit

promoters of systems biology, described its character and

would lead, she's enthralled enough in its originality to

goals quite literarily. For him, 'Systems biology is about

pursue it without fear.

putting together rather than taking apart, integration rather than reduction...It means changing our philosophy,

The good, the bad & the ugly

in the full sense of the term.'

There is only one medicine, the medicine that works. If it

Henry Johannes Greten (2011) suggests that Chinese

doesn't work, it's not medicine. Diseases evolve, change



and adapt, so must we. Li Dong-Yuan (1180-251CE) author of Pi Wei Lun wrote that 'diseases today are different to diseases in

Thriving in Uncertainty

the past'. He wrote in the time of the Mongol invasion

As we move further into the 21st century, it seems

in which disease was exacerbated with extreme stress

clear that technology will perform the routine tasks

and grief of war, the loss of life, impure water, and

of medicine for which algorithms can be developed.

inadequate food or shelter. He understood how the

Our value as physicians will lie in the gray-scale

environment led to a differing disease phenotype.

space, where we will have to support patients who

Chronic disease today is different from past models of disease. discuss, work together and gain understandings from

space and changing our professional culture to allow for

each other. We may not always agree, but we do


better when we negotiate. Bad medicine is a lack of

We cannot control the world and its vicissitudes as

critical thinking; lazy, sloppy and without commitment.

change is always embarking on our agendas. We can,

Bad medicine is rife, it is common and we should be

however, pause, think and appreciate the workings of

ashamed to not address this. Ugly medicine is when

our world: spiritual, intellectual and creative.

When we turn this gift into power struggles that put


strong and meaningful doctor-patient relationships. It is therefore critical that we focus on thriving in this

political posturing for our own benefit.


are living with uncertainty – work that is essential to

Good medicine is apparent to all, we just need to

we practice for personal gain, when we participate in


the patient last; power when abused is ugly.

I often say to my patients that cancer in not just a disease to be abolished but an opportunity to understand one's life and re-evaluate one's purpose. O

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Wing’s Herbal Synergy the 'Practitioner-only', Integrative, Evidence-Based Medicine Company

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Ancient 'wonder-pla

comes in from t




the cold

It looks like the days of one of the world's most widely used (by culture and number), and perhaps one of its oldest known 'wonder-plants', cannabis, lingering in the shadows of illegality are pretty well over. One Western Cape High Court judge has already ruled that there can be no reasonable ban against its use in private – an assertion of the embedded and Constitutionally-protected rights of SA citizens. But the forthcoming 'Trial of the Plant' before the Constitutional Court looks set to utterly revise the South African landscape when it comes to the use, for medicinal or other purposes, of cannabis. In this, SA may become one of the leading countries of the world. We take a look.




annabis is an ancient plant as far as much of humanity is concerned. It turns out that this plant either occurs naturally in some form or

was imported early on in human habitation in virtually every part of the world. It is hard to know exactly when cannabis use started, since in former times numerous plants and herbs were known to have effects on consciousness and there are few references to these as separate from the indigenous or imported pharmacopoeia of any particular region or continent, with possibly the Americas being the most recent place where this plant has been cultivated. In any case, arguments of origin are essentially

dose may have very different effects on another person.

irrelevant; cannabis has become a global plant – some

This is because, like other hallucinogens and despite its

would say, wrongly, a global 'problem'. It is right that

relatively mildness of psychoactive effects, cannabis can

it should be considered a 'gift to all humanity' in that

alter perceptions enough that people who operate with

this humble, fast-growing, hardy, drought-resistant and

only a fragile grip on their emotions, or on reality itself

highly productive plant has now been demonstrated to be

as they experience it, may feel deeply threatened when

efficacious (in double-blind, placebo controlled studies)

under its influence.

for the treatment of a wide range of conditions and diseases. By one count the number of conditions for which it

into long-term episodes of psychotic or psychologically

would be, or could be without legal control, the treatment

dysfunctional states. But those in this category are almost

of choice ranges somewhere over 50, including some

certain to have arrived at their condition sooner or later

forms of cancer, many forms of auto-immune induced

in life anyway, with or without using cannabis, as they

inflammation and some of the most difficult to treat

appear to be part of a group with sub-clinical (perhaps

neurological and brain ailments.

genetically based) but already apparent tendencies

It is also true that for some people, perhaps as many

towards instability of the psyche and emotions. It is

as 10% of all potential users, the plant cannot be used

these people who may convert to experiencing full-blown

in its 'natural' form which produces many cannabinoids

psychotic disorders having been triggered by any one of a

as active components, despite the fact that it has been

large number of external or internal factors, from a shock

shown that the human body produces cannabinoids and

of some kind, any sort of trauma, or even an unrelated

that we have specific cannabinoid receptor cites on many


cells and cell types. This is because it has the potential to

The above relationship is relevant to 2% or less

destabilise people who are, either for the full duration of

of the population who have used cannabis and then

their lives or for a period of time, in tricky psychological

developed psychological problems which has routinely

and emotional waters.

been cited – and vastly exaggerated, usually by members

Some of these people may have psychotic episodes

of the medical and psychiatric communities, plus some

when using cannabis, especially if they are not accustomed

ill-informed politicians – as a prime reason for the banning

to the effects of the plant, which can vary widely according

of this substance for any use whatsoever.

to the proportions of its most active components, or if the effects are somehow unexpected. Time dilation or distortion, visual perceptual changes

Until recently the American Medical Association (AMA) has led this retrograde thinking, but even this most

actions. It is to these effects which current South African

conservative of bodies has been forced to admit that

legislation speaks, as well as that of the US Federal

cannabis with high CBD (one of the several active

government and that of many other countries.

components in cannabis) content is not only an effective

effect on one person, exactly the same variety and



This is nothing less than a ridiculous argument which has failed repeatedly to stand up to independent scrutiny.

and emotional shifts are all associated with the plant's

While the plant may have a calming and soothing


Anxiety is often the result. This effect, in turn, has been known to trigger a very small percentage of people

treatment for the symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS) but may even be the best treatment on offer.

word. Rather we offer the overview and the longer term prospects for what this remarkable plant can do for humanity.


It is easy to forget that, put simply, we would not have the world we do today if it had not been for the hemp plant. This plant, one variant of which provides the more medicinally potent applications discussed above, has had and sill has many other uses outside of medicine. Hemp as a stringy, very strong and hardwearing organic resources and has likely been with humans from Similarly, there have been or are now in progress

shortly after agricultural production began – quite likely,

studies underway into the positive effects of cannabinoids

it was being used long before that too, when found in

derived from the plant or absorbed with its use for a range

the wild.

of other neurological conditions including Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and early senile dementia.

It is by far one of the hardiest plants around, is fast-growing and provides one of the strongest of natural

In the case of Alzheimer's, a likely metabolic pathway

fibres. That this plant has been used in past eras in the

has been identified and a process observed where by THC

making of seawater-resistant materials has meant that we

– that component of the plant most usually cited as the

had an age of global sail. Literally, all the rigging and even

cause of the 'euphoria' or 'high' felt by most users when

the canvass of the ship sails were once all made from

they smoke or ingest the budding heads of the female

hemp over a period of hundreds of years until the age

plants – actively dissolves protein molecule 'crystal-like'

of sail faded in the face of steam and then the internal

structures which form between neurons in the brains of

combustion engine – barely 100 years ago.

sufferers of this dreadful disease.

It is no accident that in Afrikaans a shirt is called a

Readers should take a moment to digest this piece of

'hemp', since once most shirts (as worn by sailors and

information. Modern Western science is totally at a loss

other not wealthy enough to be able to afford cotton and

with Alzheimer's, a diagnosis of which is so awful that

similar materials) were made of this fibre.

it frequently leads to depression and/or suicide – and

These days, sails and rigging are produced from

is a costly and emotionally draining slow death in which

man-made fibres which may well be even stronger and

the sufferer inexorably loses 'parts' of themselves to the

hardier than hemp, but that does not mean hemp has lost


its value – indeed, the world seems to be rediscovering

One would think that medical practitioners would

this plant.

jump at the chance to at least try this option given that

Given that America's founding fathers such as Thomas

the 'worst' that could happen is that a patient might have

Jefferson and George Washington, among others, grew,

some anxiety (for which there also drugs available) and

sold and used hemp, it is hard to understand why the

the best may be the halting or even partial reversal of this

modern world resists obvious uses for it, including

previously untreatable condition.

hard-wearing clothing.

But no, the prejudices of the past still hold sway with

Hard to understand, that is, until one knows that

many. Regardless, research is ongoing and the results are

it was the Americans who, in the 1950s and early

mounting up.

1960s, drove many governments to sign international

For those interested in the latest state of play with

agreements on the so-called 'narcotics' trade in which

regard to what studies have shown (a few have not

all hemp was banned from cultivation, ostensibly for

shown much of anything but most have shown clearly

'drug-related' trade interdiction purposes, but not in fact

positive results) and in relation to a wide variety of

for that reason.

disorders click here or take a look at the resources at the end of this article.

Even as late as the 1990s, when a US trade delegation arrived on SA shores to sign bilateral agreements with the

We are not going, at every point, to cite the research

newly democratic South African government, part of the

as this is not a journal in the narrow sense of that

deal to obtain funding and aid from the USA was that SA



In the case of Alzheimer's, a likely metabolic pathway has been identified and a process observed where by THC – that component of the plant most usually cited as the cause of the 'euphoria' or 'high' felt by most users when they smoke or ingest the budding heads of the female plants – actively dissolves protein molecule 'crystal-like' structures which form between neurons in the brains of sufferers of this dreadful disease. also sign these 'anti-cannabis' accords.

virtually, ignoring everything except large-scale industrial

trade perspective – is an effective ban on the cultivation

production, despite legislation still on their books against

of non-intoxicating hemp. But why, one may ask. The

it. In the US, some 23 States have either already legalised

reason is that hemp is hyper-competitive with both

it for recreational or medicinal use or are in process

cotton (needing much less water, fertiliser, pest control

of doing so, while others (about 15) have partly done

and labour) and man-made fibres like viscose and nylon,

so or are looking into doing so, even as the Federal

among others. In other words, once again, we are being held hostage to American big corporate agendas. And the cost

But that tide is unlikely to turn at this point, regardless of what Trump and his fellow troglodyte throw-backs wish

plants used for by-products), South Africa would almost

to impose on the rest of that country and the world, if

overnight develop a US$4-billion industry which would put

they had their way. In California and Colorado, where

our severely damaged textile industry back on its feet and

medicinal use is allowed and relatively easily obtained on

eliminate or out compete imports from China, the USA and

prescription, the medicinal application of cannabis grew

other textile exporters.

to a multi-billion dollar business in just a few years. Here in South Africa, the 'Trial of Plant', as we have suggested, is likely to sweep away existing legislation

If you were a corporate executive of a large

outlawing growing, sale and use of any part of the plant

multi-national pharmaceutical company and you saw that

based on the grounds that such a ban is inherently

people were moving away from allopathic medicines with

discriminatory and racist, in its founding, and irrational

their many side-effects towards complementary medicines

with regard to its continued application.

across the world, both developed and developing, and

While driving or operating heavy equipment under its

that this single plant could effectively treat dozens of

influence (if using a varietal inducing psychoactive effects

disease conditions at least as effectively, more so in some

that may impair judgement or motor co-ordination) is

cases, as standard Westernised medicines could, would

always going to be unwise, the known harmful effects on

you not also want to jump onto that bandwagon?

people not vulnerable to this substance are relatively tiny,

Indeed, it is being alleged that our own Department


'doubled-down' on this policy.

(or medicinally active cannabis with the stems of such



government in the form of DEA continues to insist it is illegal – and while Trump's newly installed DEA head has

is high: one estimate is that if allowed to grow hemp

On the medicines front, the arguments are not


have either legalised its use altogether or have done so

Hidden in the small print – but 'vital' from an American

temporary and on the whole insignificant.

of Health is attempting to hold back on public access to

But the medicinal value is being confirmed by a

this plant so that very strict and expensive licensing can

growing list of double-blind, placebo controlled studies,

be put in place allowing only major players into the game

on a weekly if not daily basis. Most people, for example,

and, once again, taking a healing resource away from

don't realise that if they suffer from asthma, they are

ordinary people and putting it into the realms of the haves

likely using a ventilator which has a cannabis extract in it.

so that the have-nots are forced to pay for what should

The same may soon be true for a much wider range

be free or very low-cost.

of conditions. And even if, in some instances, the whole


THC component is extracted, concentrated and used as

plant in its non-synthesised form or the euphoria-causing

Changing attitudes towards hemp and cannabis are,

in the treatment of Parkinson's or Alzheimer's, and the

however, sweeping the globe. A number of countries

patient gets a little 'high' as a consequence, the so-called

Changing attitudes towards hemp and cannabis are, however, sweeping the globe. A number of countries have either legalised its use altogether or have done so virtually, ignoring everything except large-scale industrial production, despite legislation still on their books against it. In the US, some 23 States have either already legalised it for recreational or medicinal use or are in process of doing so, even as the Federal government in the form of DEA continues to insist it is illegal. negative effect is virtually nil compared to the probable

and justifying alternatives regulations, except perhaps

positive effects.

if they treat cannabis in the same way that alcohol and


cigarettes are treated – available under license to adults

How is it, then, that such an innocuous plant has achieved

restrictions like not driving or operating heavy machinery

such notoriety? The answer is simple: propaganda.

under its influence.

and to be used advisedly, with caution and with relevant

In South Africa, when the first law was passed

We await that process in expectation that, after a

against this plant (around 1908) it was cited as being

long journey on the darkness of being demonised – see

necessary because cannabis was alleged to make (black)

the absurd 1940s-era allegations of orgiastic, degrading

farmworkers 'lazy' and (black) mineworkers unwilling

influences unleashed through cannabis use, according to

to go underground. Since then, as the law tightened

Federal Bureau of Narcotics drug czar Harry Anslinger

significantly in the second half of the 20

– cannabis will return to the full light of sensible and



cannabis was alleged, often by those who really ought

appropriate legislation and use.

to know better, to operate as a 'gateway drug'. The

That the American federal authorities find themselves

latter idea, still held dear by some, is now a thoroughly

out of step with many of their State governments and

disproven concept – heavy cannabis users who have

may also end up trailing behind South Africa is almost

become psychologically 'reliant' on it are almost to a

inevitable given that that country continues to view

person also heavy users and addicts of virtually every

cannabis as a 'narcotic' when in fact it is nothing like a

other intoxicant to hand, from cigarettes and alcohol to

narcotic in its effect. This is another example of irrational

sugar, cough medicine, crystal meth (known locally as tik)

legislation around this plant.

and anything else which induces intoxication. Meanwhile,

It is precisely that sort of inaccurate, loose and

local medical 'experts' were until recently still saying it

muddled thinking which has plagued the issue for decades

had no medicine value, thereby aping their American

– and put upwards of 800 000 people into American jails. So the scene is set for South Africa to once again help

counterparts. Neither argument has any validity, the science has subsequently shown.

lead the world, as it has done with regard to resolving racial tensions that once threatened this country with

And so we come, at last, to a full and complete test

a bloodbath, but this time in regard to what may yet

in law over whether this plant and its derivatives truly

become one of the 21st century's greatest medical

have medicinal and other value. It seems virtually certain

assets. O

our Constitutional Court will find against existing laws, given that medical authorities around the world are, albeit grudgingly, now acknowledging that cannabis has a

Resources •

growing list of applications. Also to be tested are the spurious 'social' reasons for its current banned status, notwithstanding the Western Cape High Court ruling cited above. We have little doubt that, should our laws against cannabis use, whatever the application, be knocked down as unconstitutional, as we expect they will be, the government will have a very tough time coming up with

• • • • • • php?resourceID=000884#cancer the-successful-six-double-blind-peer-reviewedstudies-demonstrate-marijuana-is-medicine/



What is CBD and how does it work? Scientific research has shown that cannabidiol (CBD)

primarily from PubMed, online service of the US National

may be therapeutic for many conditions. CBD is

Library of Medicine. To these highly technical reports,

a naturally-occuring cannabis compound that has

have been added articles from O'Shaughnessy's and a

significant medical benefits, but does not make people

few stories from general interest publications.

feel 'high' and can actually counteract the psychoactivity

Most of the PubMed material consists of abstracts

of THC, the compound in the cannabis plant most usually

on preclinical research involving single cannabinoid

associated with feelings of temporal (time) and bodily

molecules, test tubes, petri dishes, animal experiments,

distortions as well as shifts in perceptual experience.

and in some cases human cell-line studies. Although

The fact that CBD-rich cannabis is non-psychoactive

all mammals have cell receptors that respond

or less psychoactive than THC-dominant strains makes

pharmacologically to cannabinoid compounds, data

it an appealing option for patients looking for relief

from animal experiments and other preclinical research

from inflammation, pain, anxiety, psychosis, seizures,

is not always applicable to humans. GW Pharmaceuticals

spasms, and other conditions without disconcerting

has conducted successful trials of Sativex, a whole plant

feelings of lethargy or dysphoria.

CBD-rich cannabis extract, mainly for people suffering

Scientific and clinical research – much of it sponsored

from neuropathic pain. There have been additional

by the US government – underscores CBD's potential as

studies with synthetic CBD and whole plant cannabis

a treatment for a wide range of conditions, including

in Brazil and Israel. Political constraints have blocked

arthritis, diabetes, alcoholism, MS, chronic pain,

clinical-oriented CBD research in the United States.

schizophrenia, PTSD, depression, antibiotic-resistant

CBD is one of at least 113 active cannabinoids

infections, epilepsy, and other neurological disorders.

identified in cannabis. It is a major phytocannabinoid,

CBD has demonstrable neuroprotective and neurogenic

accounting for up to 40% of the plant's extract. CBD

effects, meaning it protects and helps regenerate

does not appear to be have any intoxicating effects such

neurological tissues. This is why it is the focus of so

as those caused by THC in marijuana or cannabis, but

much scientific investigation in particular in relation to

may have effects on anxiety and anti-psychotic effect.

diseases such as early senile dementia, Alzheimer's and

Dravet syndrome (aka myoclonic epilepsy of infancy

Parkinson's, and why it works for multiple sclerosis,

or SMEI) is a rare form of epilepsy that is difficult to

most rheumatic conditions and stubborn conditions like

treat. It is a catastrophic form of intractable epilepsy

fibromyalgia. Its anti-cancer properties are currently

that begins in infancy. Initial seizures are most often

being investigated at several academic research centres

prolonged events and in the second year of life

in the United States and elsewhere.

other seizure types begin to emerge. A number of

CBD-rich strains of medical cannabis are now

high-profile and anecdotal reports have sparked interest

available in most States in the US where such treatments

in treatment of Dravet syndrome with cannabidiol. CBD

are legal and this particular variant is gaining increasing

has received orphan drug status in the United States,

medical kudos and popularity.

for treatment of Dravet syndrome which will allow it to

In compiling a list of conditions that CBD may help, hundreds of peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals have been reviewed. Relevant reports have been culled



be studied. Some




containing CBD are marketed as dietary supplements

and claim efficacy against Dravet syndrome. One such preparation is marketed under the tradename Charlotte's Web Hemp Extract. GW Pharmaceuticals is seeking FDA approval to

market a liquid formulation of pure plant-derived CBD, under the trade name Epidiolex (containing 99%

cannabidiol and less than 0.10% Δ9-THC) as a treatment for Dravet syndrome. Epidiolex has been granted fast-track status and is in late stage trials following positive early results from the drug. A 2014 review stated that cannabidiol has been claimed, anecdotally, to be of benefit in helping people with epilepsy. Information in the review stated that there is no established mechanism of action and the lack of high-quality evidence in this area precluded conclusions being drawn but research is ongoing. A 2016 review states that because of the poor quality of available data, 'no conclusions can be drawn' as yet about the effectiveness of cannabidiol as an epilepsy treatment. However, Odyssey Magazine has previously reported the experience of a Belgian family who, with a two-year-old suffering dozens to hundreds of seizures per day, finally resorted to this form of treatment, reducing the child's convulsive episodes to just a few per day – and that on a single drop of CBD-rich tincture. There is also tentative evidence that CBD had an anti-psychotic effect, but formal research in this area is limited. CBD safety in humans has been studied in multiple

small studies, suggesting that it is well tolerated at doses of up to 1500 mg/day orally or 30 mg intravenous. Research suggests that CBD may exert some of its pharmacological action through its inhibition of fatty acid amide hydrolase (FAAH), which may in turn increase the levels of endocannabinoids, such as anandamide, produced by the body. It has also been speculated that some of the metabolites of CBD have pharmacological effects that contribute to the biological activity of CBD. Cannabidiol is insoluble in water but soluble in organic solvents such as pentane. At room temperature, it is a colorless crystalline solid. In strongly basic media and the presence of air, it is oxidised to a quinone. Under acidic conditions it cyclizes to THC. The synthesis of cannabidiol has been accomplished by several research groups.

Resources • • • O'Shaughnessy's



What is THC? Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the principal psychoactive

of 1  118 treated with placebo. Detailed information

constituent (or cannabinoid) of the cannabis plant. The

regarding side effects was not available from all trials,

pharmaceutical formulation dronabinol, is available by

but nausea, increased weakness, behavioural or mood

prescription in the US and Canada. It can be a clear,

changes, suicidal ideation, hallucinations, dizziness, and

amber or gold coloured glassy solid when cold, which

vasovagal symptoms, fatigue, and feelings of intoxication

becomes viscous and sticky if warmed.

were each described as side effects in at least two trials. secondary

The psychoactive effects of THC are primarily mediated

metabolites of plants, THC in cannabis is assumed to be

by the activation of cannabinoid receptors, which result in

involved in self-defence, perhaps against herbivores.

a decrease in the concentration of the second messenger




THC, along with its double bond isomers and their

molecule cAMP through inhibition of adenylate cyclase.

stereoisomers, is one of only three cannabinoids scheduled

The presence of these specialised cannabinoid

by the UN Convention on Psychotropic Substances (the

receptors in the human brain led researchers to the

other two are dimethylheptylpyran and parahexyl). It

discovery of endo-cannabinoids, such as anandamide and

was listed under Schedule I in 1971, but reclassified to

2-arachidonoyl glyceride (2-AG).

Schedule II in 1991 following a recommendation from

Its status as an illegal drug in most countries can

the WHO. Based on subsequent studies, the WHO has

make research difficult. For instance in the United States

recommended the reclassification to the less-stringent

where the National Institute on Drug Abuse was the only

Schedule III. Cannabis as a plant is scheduled by the

legal source of cannabis for researchers until it recently

Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs (Schedule I and IV).

became legalised in Colorado, Washington state, Oregon,

It is specifically still listed under Schedule I by US federal

Alaska, California, Massachusetts and Washington DC.

law under the Controlled Substances Act signed by the US Congress in 1970.

In April 2014 the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) published a systematic review of the efficacy

Medically it is used to treat anorexia in people with

and safety of medical marijuana and marijuana-derived

HIV/AIDS as well as for nausea and vomiting in people

products in certain neurological disorders. The review

undergoing chemotherapy. It is generally considered safe

identified 34 studies meeting inclusion criteria, of which

and effective for these uses.

eight were rated as Class I quality. The study found

THC is also an active ingredient in nabiximols, a

evidence supporting the effectiveness of the cannabis

specific extract of cannabis that was approved as a

extracts that were tested and THC in treating certain

botanical drug in the United Kingdom in 2010 as a

symptoms of multiple sclerosis, but found insufficient

mouth spray for people with multiple sclerosis to alleviate

evidence to determine the effectiveness of the tested

neuropathic pain, spasticity, overactive bladder, and other

cannabis products in treating several other neurological



A meta-analysis of clinical trials conducted using standardised cannabis extracts or THC conducted by the

Ongoing research suggests, however, that the problem has been lack of research rather than lack of efficacy.

American Academy of Neurology found that of 1  619 people treated with cannabis products (including some treated with smoked cannabis and nabiximols), 6.9% discontinued due to side effects, compared to 2.2%



Resources • • See main story for further resources



PRODUCT SAFETY & EFFICACY So now that cannabis is 'coming in out of the cold' and

in the field, as well as pharmacists, pharmacists,

is already appearing in products available locally, how

oncologists and physicians for more complex cases.

do you know that what you are buying is what the

When using this product it is best to do so with the

label says and that it is going to do what you expect of

medical supervision of someone who is professionally

it? The answer, by and large, is that you don't. Which

experienced in the field, so if your local GP has no idea

is why certifications and endorsements by respected

or your regular practitioner is inexperienced with this

independent entities are important.

sort of substance, as well may be the case, then refer

For the purposes of illustration, we shall take a look

to the producers or use the links in the Resources below.

at one product line that has recently made into the SA

Different people react differently to cannabis, so


if they do not see results within one to two days it is

Elixinol is a whole plant extract made from

recommended that they double the dose – but with

specifically grown hemp plants which contain high

relevant medical advice and oversight. Experience has

levels of CBD (one of the key extracts of cannabis – see

shown that it is best to start new users of this product

box), containing all the cannabinoids, terpenoids and

with smaller doses and let them build up to a larger

essential oils of the plant, and is tested for purity along

dose. If they have never used cannabis in the past, it

every step of the way, say its makers. The hemp used

is considered even better to start them off on a lower

is grown organically, an important factor. It is clean of

dosage than that recommended on the bottle. The

pesticides, heavy metals or solvents because the hemp

best results have been with people who have created a

is organically grown and the oil is extracted only with

health journal and accurately maintained an assessment

CO2 extraction and tested for any heavy metal content.

of their condition at various dosage levels. Elixinol, say is makers, taps into the body's own

Importantly, Elixinol is legal in South Africa. This is one of only a few products promoted by 'The

endo-cannabinoid system that many consider the

Realm of Caring' (check it out on

master controller for many different functions – see

This credibility and endorsement is hard-earned through

accompanying box on endo-cannanbinoids.

the years of research and quality standards adhered to, placing Elixinol as a 'gold standard product' among an ever-increasing number of products that are sometimes


at best cottage industry and at worst hazardous. The

• • • •

Realm of Caring is a non-profit organisation and is a highly useful forum to gather information on the endo-cannabinoid system and how phyto-cannabinoids

can help it. They have excellent information on dosages as well as doctors and staff that can help you to understand how to administer Elixinol effectively. The producers of Elixinol work closely with a medical practitioners in the USA with many years of experience



Editor's note: Elixinol is not a cure. However it helps support your own endo-cannabinoid system which in turn will do what the body needs.

What’s the advantage of water soluble cannabis extracts Water and oil just do not mix, hence oil being difficult for our water-soluble bodies to absorb. The body will typically only absorb up to 8–15% of an oil based product, leaving the other 85% to either be wasted or stored in fatty cells. This can be toxic to the body, but when a water soluble product enters the body, it has the opportunity to absorb up 100% of it (referred to as bioavailability). The body is 65-75% water and the value of being able to absorb more, means having to take less – which is safer for the body, faster absorption for quicker relief, and more cost effective. In this regard, BioCBD , produced by Cannahealth, has set a new standard for the entire industry as it provides water-soluble and 100% bioavailable CBD and hybrid nano-engineering – that is, smaller molecules for faster absorption. When combined with powerful herbs such as curcumin, saffron and boswellia, the result is an all-natural, non-solvent-based product which has been, say its makers, tripled-tested to be toxin-free. Kev, this additional copy to run on from the end of the last para of the last box of the story, as per the hardcopy layout with edits which we discussed. Let me know if you are needing further clarification.

Safe & effective

Cannahealth was born from an idea to create the safest and most efficient cannabinoid products for everyone, as the current model of oil-based products have reduced bioavailability (reports show less than 10%). CBD hemp oil is very useful and has lots of benefits, but oil and water do not mix and oil is not easily absorbed into the body. Cannahealth found a partner in BioCBD+ and this natural synergy between the two companies was evident in our identical views and commitment, which was and is to help as many people as we can.


'Our commitment to delivering the highest quality, all

behind it, and one that is made from the highest quality ingredients, using an all-natural process, because we care about your health. Our proprietary all natural blend of CBD + Curcumin, BioCBD, is the most bioavailable source of CBD on the market utilising whole plant extraction which provides all cannabinoids, terpenes etc, creating an 'entourage' effect within the body. Our products are free of soy, nuts, GMOs, binding solutions and we are the only all natural water soluble CBD made without the use of solvents or glycerides.'


The Cannahealth folks say their 'technology and commitment to safety, is what separates us from other companies'. Their








Hybrid design,

engineering and manufacturing of hybrid water-soluble plant molecules with unprecedented control over product properties to maximise trafficking to sites within our body, dramatically enhancing efficacy while minimising toxicities. Hybrid molecules hold extraordinary potential to become best-in-class dietary supplements and improve health outcomes,' they add. 'Our partners have developed a method to encasing a plant molecule inside an all-natural molecule and build a hybrid molecule. These hybrid molecules are many times more effective in the treatment of health issues. At the same time, Hybrid NanoEgineering makes the water insoluble molecules into water-soluble molecules. Both the molecules have synergistic and potentiating effects on each other. We call it a Safe Double-Edged Sword used for better health.' On top of that, they say, their 'unique BioCBD products have the highest absorption rate in our bodies to reach the desired effect'. BioCBD products are claimed to be 10 times more effective than oil-based products, meaning you only need a relatively small amount of BioCBD compared to the other approaches, making it very cost-effective. There is also less chance of toxicity, say those behind this product, as they 'triple-test everything and provide you the results' (in the form of a Certificate of Analysis) so that you know what you consuming.

natural ingredients means that we will always provide the safest and most bioavailable products,' say the Cannahealth folks. 'It also means that whenever you see the BioCBD+ logo, you know you are looking at the most scientifically advanced product on the market, a product that has over 30 years of research and development

Resources • • • •



product promo

Africa’s widest range of products made from

eco-friendly, sustainable

including stylish, locally made hemp clothing gentle, natural hemp cosmetic products durable, functional hemp accessories luxurious, organic hemp fabric by the metre & wellness-enhancing nutrition, including hemp CBD oil

Visit our New Flagship Store at 15 Bell Crescent, Westlake Business Park



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Ladies Hemp Inset Pocket Top Made in Cape Town from eco-friendly hemp & organic cotton, this breathable and comfortable winter weight sweatshirt is ideal for cooler weather. With a casual fit, longer length and inset pocket details, now you can keep cozy while showing how much you love your planet.

Price: R290

Men’s Hemp Slim Fit Chinos Made in Cape Town from eco-friendly hemp & organic cotton, these durable and long-lasting straight leg chinos take full advantage of the strong hemp fibers. Thoroughly pre-washed for a perfectly broken in feel, these stylish and comfortable pants are perfect for the urban eco-warrior.

Price: R400

Hemp 5-panel Cap A locally-made, eco-friendly 5 panel peak cap made from durable, sustainable hemp fabric blend with adjustable back and PVC patch.

Price: R185

Hemp Fabric Now available by the metre, hemp fabric is long-lasting, breathable and sustainable. From tough 100% hemp canvas to elegant, luxurious hemp silk blend, hemp fabric helps your business tread lightly and adds an eco-conscious element to your space.

Price: Varies

Hemp Shower Gel Made from hemp seed oil and other natural ingredients, this shower gel contains vitamin E and omega 3 & 6. 100% biodegradable and not tested on animals, this product is kind and gentle to your skin and kind and gentle to your planet. Perfect for grey water systems.

Price: R75




all the rage

Men’s boots are set to be a top male fashion accessory this winter, a leading footwear designer has predicted.


arker Footwear’s head shoe designer, Devan Odayan, says men’s boots have long been downplayed as rugged,

rather than fashionable. But internationally, trends show that men are increasingly choosing fashionable boots as an integral part of their formal wardrobe. Odayan recently designed Barker’s new boot range to be launched in February. The handmade range is both stylish and versatile, perfect not only for winter but all year-round. He said the range is available in a variety of styles and colours, perfect for the fashion forward male. Foot health is important throughout the year but especially in winter when keeping feet and ankles warm and dry in comfortable footwear is a priority. The leather or suede Barker boots

About Barker Footwear Barker Footwear was established in 1933, when Ernest Barker from Earls Barton in England brought a small group of skilled craftsmen to Cape Town to set up a shoe factory in the shadow of Table Mountain. This successful venture was further reinforced in 1952 when the company acquired the rights to manufacture shoes under the Crockett & Jones brand. Its products have since become sought-after by the discerning South African man. In 2013 Barker was acquired by Bolton Footwear, one of Southern Africa's foremost footwear companies with a proud tradition of quality shoe making.

For more visit

offer ideal protection, support and warmth in a comfortable fit. Odayan recommends pairing the ankle boot with skinny pants or jeans for a casual feel and with skinny chinos for a formal look.

The Barker Boot range is available at Edgars – recommended retail price R1223.00 pp excl vat.





Iron deficiency may be one of the reasons behind an 'exhaustion epidemic' in which up to four out of five women complain of extreme tiredness, according to reports. And, chronic tiredness has become such a common complaint that doctors in the UK have named the condition TATT – Tired All The Time Syndrome. We take a look.

  low iron &

'exhaustion epidemic' ODYSSEY 59 • 



ccording to the World Health Organisation (WHO),

world, has a significantly

iron deficiency is the top nutritional disorder in

higher absorption rate than

the world. Reports estimate that almost 80% of

conventional iron tablets

the global population doesn't have enough iron in their

and has substantially less

bodies. The WHO says two billion people – over 30% of

side effects. 'During my pregnancy,

the world's population – are perpetually anaemic due to iron deficiency, contributing to extreme fatigue and


poor health. In developing countries 50% of pregnant


women and 40% of pre-school children are estimated to

and found Spatone to be

be anaemic.

the best. It's gentle on

Chronically tired




the body and an effortless way to take iron,' said

Chronic tiredness manifests in poor concentration,

Ascencao, who also suggests the following health tips:

constant exhaustion and difficulty in making decisions.

cells, which is why tiredness is usually the first signs of

• • • •



Manage stress and seek healthy ways to relax such as meditation or spending time in nature.

pregnant, as well as those with a heavier menstruation cycle or Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), athletes and

Get quality sleep – eight hours a night – as sleep is essential to help the body replenish itself.

SA health and wellness expert, Vanessa Ascencao, says

women are most at risk of iron deficiency, especially when

Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day – it's good for body, mind and soul and helps improve sleep.

means they don't work as efficiently,' says celebrity UK practitioner, Dr Hilary Jones.

Increase intake of fruit and vegetables, avoid sugary foods and stay hydrated

a shortfall. Without enough iron, red blood cells can't carry enough oxygen to your organs and tissue, which

Eat a healthy, balanced diet. Nutrition plays a big role in energy levels, mood and stress levels.

'Iron is essential for the oxygen-carrying part of red blood

Increase intake of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B, D and iron; try BetterYou Boost B12 and BetterYou DLux vitamin oral sprays, proven to work better than pills – and take Spatone for iron.

Ascencao says iron absorption from conventional tablets

Spatone is available at leading health stores,

is low and many iron supplements result in unpleasant

pharmacies and Dis-Chem. It is suitable for vegetarians,

side effects, including constipation and nausea. Spatone,

vegans and is safe to use during pregnancy and

a 100% natural mineral water sourced from ancient

breastfeeding. O

springs in Wales and consumed by millions around the

Visit or contact Felicia on 021 421 9144. Find Coyne Healthcare on Facebook here.

SA health and wellness expert,

Vanessa Ascencao, says women are most at risk of iron deficiency, especially when pregnant, as well as those with a heavier menstruation cycle or Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), athletes and vegetarians.



I choose Spatone® Your safe & gentle iron provider 9 out of 10 women do not get sufficient amounts of iron from their diets

Low iron levels can cause fatigue, poor concentration and memory, low mood. SPATONE is an iron-rich spa water from the mountains of Snowdonia, Wales Spatone has been scientifically shown to be a highly absorbable source of iron with absorption of up to 40% when compared to between only 3-10% of other iron products. Since the iron in SPATONE liquid iron can be readily absorbed in the body, you only need to take small quantities to get your entire average absorbed daily requirements of iron. This is why SPATONE liquid iron causes fewer of the common side effects of iron supplements such as constipation, stomach irritation and headaches. Preservative Free. Additive Free Packed into individual sachets, ideal to use on-the-go! Iron supplementation may be beneficial for women of childbearing age, pregnant women, children*, teenagers, athletes, vegetarians and the elderly.

Spatone,™ the effortless way to take iron. Feel the difference The National Diet & Nutrition Survey: adults aged 16-64 years (2003). Carried out in Great Britain on behalf of the Food Standards Agency and the Departments of Health by the Social Survey Division 2 IRI HBA outlets, 52 w/e 27th Oct 2010 3 M. Worwood (University of Wales College of Medicine) et al. ‘iron absorption from a natural mineral water’ in Clinical and Laboratory Haematology, 1996, 18 23-27 4 Webster-Gandy J, Madden A, Holdsworth M Ed’s (2006) Oxford Handbook of Nutrition and Dietetics. Oxford University Press, Oxford. 5 D. McKenna (Royal Victoria Hospital) et al. ‘a randomised trial investigating and iron-rich natural mineral water as a prophylaxis against iron deficiency in pregnancy’ in Clinical and Laboratory Haematology, 2003, 25 99-103 DYSSEY • 61 6 G. Halksworth (Royal Glamorgan Hospital) et al. ‘iron absorption from Spatone for prevention of iron deficiency in pregnancy’ in Clinical and Laboratory Haematology, 2003, 25 227-231 Please note: the above sources refer to Spatone, 100% natural supplement.



reviews ODYSSEY 62 • 


Healthy Medicine: The Philosophy and Principles of Natural Medicine Dr Bernard Brom Kima Global • 978 1 9205 3592 6 There's a worldwide move towards a new kind of medicine, a medicine which improves health, focusing on the underlying dysfunction in the body rather than treating the disease (usually with drugs). In Healthy Medicine medical doctor Bernard Brom explains the principles of this new medicine, based on his experience of more than 30 years researching and using non-drug ways to help his patients. It is the distillation of Dr Brom's experience working with body, mind and spirit to achieve optimal health. This book provides the reader with an excellent overview of how healthy medicine can and should be. It is easy to read, informative and packed with personal anecdotes and case histories to illustrate points. It is a strong clarion call to move the practice of medicine forward to encompass a more integrative approach, in line with world-wide trends. Bernard Brom qualified as a medical doctor in 1965. While specialising in gastroenterology he became dissatisfied with medicine and in 1971 gave up medicine and travelled around the world in a VW kombi for almost six years. He returned to South Africa and started an integrative medical practice. He very soon specialised in the non-drug treatment of ill-health, and after studying Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), herbal medicine and homeopathy, realised that conventional medicine's focus on disease had moved doctors away from lifestyle management and how to support health. Instead of focusing on TCM and alternative therapies, he immersed himself in exploring how a person becomes ill and how to support the person back to previous health. This did not require breaking away from the conventional medical model, but rather shifting the focus away from the disease model and the use of dangerous drugs towards lifestyle medicine and supporting health medicine.

Coming Clean: Diary of a Painkiller Addict Cathryn Kemp Piatkus • 978 0 7499 5807 7 Cathryn Kemp was a successful travel journalist who was struck down by a life-threatening illness, pancreatitis. After four years of operations and mis-diagnoses she left hospital with a repeat prescription for fentanyl, a painkiller 100 times stronger than heroin. Within two years she was taking more than 10 times the NHS maximum, all on prescription. Her family struggled to understand; her boyfriend left her and she hit rock bottom. She discovered she had only six months to live if she didn't give up the drugs. So she sold everything she owned and checked into rehab. In the addiction treatment centre she was told that she was unlikely to recover from 'the highest level of opiate-abuse in the clinic's history'. To everyone's amazement, she proved them wrong. This is an extraordinarily poignant, vivid and honest memoir. Based on the 24 diaries that the author kept during this period, we travel with Cathryn through her hospital agony, descend with her into the hell of addiction and cheer her as she pulls herself out and upwards. It is a love story, a horror story, a survival story, and one that shows only too clearly the very real dangers of the over-prescription of painkillers and tranquillisers. There is also a resource section for sufferers and their loved ones.

Live Better and Longer: The Truth About Healthy Living And Why It's Never Too Late Michel Cymes Quercus • 978 1 7864 8293 8 Good health is an invaluable gift. But how can you maximise your own individual potential? This fantastically accessible and helpful book is based on four basic and essential principles: 1) understanding superfoods – what they are, how they benefit your body and your mind and how to eat them; 2) breaking harmful habits – how to change those bad habits of a lifetime; 3) being fit – the importance of exercise, and how to incorporate it into your daily life; 4) essential tips to stay in shape – from good sleep to cold showers, from gut health to brainfood, everything is covered. No-one escapes their genetic heritage, nor their upbringing. But we are all responsible for what we decide to do about them. And what Michel Cymes promises is that it doesn't take much to go from a life marred by bad patterns of behaviour, to a life enhanced by good ones. In matters of health, in the end you reap what you sow. And what is special about this book is that it stimulates our capacity to think and act differently. This book is the friend who wants to see you succeed, the mate who knows you inside out. Whether you are a gym bunny or starting from scratch, Live Better and Longer gives you the best advice by France's most established doctor.



Centre for the Fleur de Lis SOUL / LIFE READINGS • • • • •

Is your life no longer making sense ? Are you troubled by what is going on either in your immediate world, the planet at large or both ? Have things that used to make sense become confusing ? Are you being overwhelmed by thoughts, feelings, dreams and / or events in your life ? Do you feel uncomfortable in your own skin, in your relationships or in your work ?

To answer these and any other life / soul issues, an opportunity has been provided for direct conversations, including questions and answers with St Germain and other highly evolved beings. Booking essential.

For more info or to book, please speak to Silke on 021 701 1186

• • •

Duration: +- 2½ hours Location: Kirstenhof, Cape Town Cost: R500

Please note that Soul / Life readings are not psychic readings, but direct interactions with advanced souls whose purpose is to facilitate each individuals' self-awakening. Participants are advised that they are required to take full responsibility for the fundamental life changes that often follow readings.

The Centre for the Fleur de Lis is facilitated by Silke & Chris Erasmus under the guidance and auspices of St Germain, hierarch of the current age and foremost teacher of the great global spiritual awakening taking place at this time.



Zero Waste Home Bea Johnson of Zero Waste Home, the guru of the Zero Waste lifestyle, is inspiring people around the world by sharing her journey to successfully living 'waste free'. This is her story. ODYSSEY 65 • 



y name is Bea Johnson, native of France and currently living in Mill Valley, California. Since adopting the Zero Waste lifestyle in 2008, my

life and that of my family have changed for the better. Since then we have produced a mere one jam jar of waste

Tips Here are some tips to lower your waste in the Kitchen and when Dining or Entertaining at home. Before you start: •

grocery totes, a few cloth bags and reusable jars

each year. We not only feel happier, but we also lead more meaningful lives based on experiences instead of stuff.

Arm yourself with a reusable water bottle, a couple and bottles.

Get your 5Rs right: Refuse what you do not need, Reduce what you do need, Reuse what you consume, Recycle what you cannot Refuse, Reduce or Reuse, and Rot (Compost) the rest.

My family's trash for the year 2016. Photo credit Cristovão@Exposed-Image

My blog and my bestselling book, Zero Waste Home (14 languages), have launched a global movement, inspiring thousands of people throughout the world to live simply and take a stance against needless waste. Today, I am a Zero Waste lifestyle expert – or 'guru' for


some people. My vocation is to shatter misconceptions

1. Welcome alternatives to disposables (paper towels,

associated with the Zero Waste lifestyle, to prove that

garbage liners, wax paper, aluminum sheets,

waste-free living can not only be 'stylish', but also lead to

disposable plates, cups, etc....): Swap paper towels

significant health benefits, and time and money savings. I

for reusable rags, swap sandwich baggies for kitchen

have given over 190 speeches in more than 30 countries

towels or stainless containers, drop garbage liners

on six continents, since 2011. Clients include the United

all together (wet waste is mostly compostable

Nations, Google, Adobe, Pixar, Le Cirque du Soleil, the


European Parliament, Carnegie Mellon and more. For a

2. Buy in bulk or at the counter and bring reusable bags

sample of my work, check out my talk at Google, my

(dry goods), jars (wet items such as meat, deli, fish,

TEDx on waste-free living or my TEDx on recycling less.'

cheese, oil, peanut butter) and bottles (liquids: oil,

Stylish trend-setter



Photo credit: Michael Clemens, Sees The Day

soy sauce, shampoo, conditioner). 3. If you cannot find it in bulk, find a supplier (bring

Contrary to fears, Bea is not a 'flower-power bohemian

your jar to the ice cream shop, a pillow case to the

burn-out' but a stylish trend-setter who walks her talk

bakery for your bread, or your bottles to the winery/

about living with as little impact on our natural world as

brewery), or make it (mustard, salad dressing,

possible. Described as the 'priestess of waste-free living'

hot sauce, jams, OJ, hummus, cookies, canned

by the New York Times, and as the 'Messiah of Ecology'


by Paris Match, Johnson teaches us to 'own less, waste

4. Shop the farmer's market: they'll take the egg carton

less and live more' by using the 5R principles: Refuse,

and the berries baskets back for reuse. Your veggies

reduce, reuse, recycle and rot.

will also most likely be free of plastic and stickers.

5. Use bulk liquid castile soap as a dish/hand cleaner,

the yard, or just seasonal fruit.

baking soda as a scrubber with a compostable

6. Reuse empty votive tins (and the wick base) to make

cleaning brush (a wooden one with natural hair).

new votive candles for company with bulk beeswax

Purchase dishwasher detergent in bulk or make your own. 6. Turn your trash can into a big compost keeper. Use your tiny compost keeper as a trash can (on the market, the sizes for these seem to be reversed). 7. Reinvent your leftovers before they go bad. Go through your recipe binder/box and only keep the recipes that can be achieved with zero waste in mind. 8. Invest in a pressure cooker (halves the cooking time).

and lead-free wick. 7. Stop buying CD and DVDs – download music and videos online. 8. Bring a jar of a homemade consumable, or your favourite bulk item wrapped in Furoshiki as a hostess gift. Give the gift of an experience as a birthday present. 9. Educate your friends about your zero waste efforts (so they don't bring waste into your home) 10. You can also bring your own container for leftovers

9. You can also re-use single-side printed paper for

when dining out, use rechargeable batteries for

grocery shopping and errands list, use your lettuce

those remote controls, try living without TV for a

cleaning water to water plants, open your oven after

while. O

baking in the winter (cool your oven, warm your house).

For tips and insights on waste-free lifestyle, connect with Bea on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Her book Zero Waste Home is available through TakeAlot.

Photo credit: Stephanie Rausser

DINING & ENTERTAINING 1. Remember to bring extra jars to the grocery store when shopping for company (including take-out). 2. Make finger foods for larger parties and consider serving tap water with lemon slices instead of fizzy water. 3. Use glassware, ceramic dishes and cloth napkins at all times. 4. Avoid the use of serving platters/dishes: When serving straight onto dinner plates, it simplifies, saves water from extra cleaning, and it allows for a plate presentation. 5. Find creative ways to decorate your table with few napkin folding tricks, discarded leaves/branches from






What else are you buying when you purchase Oryx Desert Salt? It turns out it's a lot more than just salt. As well as being unpolluted and pure, the taste is exceptional, containing essential minerals and trace elements and it's loved by chefs around the world. But that's not all. Let's find out more.


he average consumer often doesn't know

onto recyclable glass bottles and our ceramic grinder

that producing our salt has a social and

heads last up to 10-12 times longer than normal plastic

environmental impact far beyond what they

throw-away grinders.'

might expect and we believe it's important to know what

Oryx has also introduced refill boxes for their entire

that impact is,' says Samantha Skyring, CEO and founder

range as a way of encouraging consumers to refill and

of Oryx Desert Salt. 'We're finding that more and more

reuse grinders rather than just discarding into the landfill

consumers want to know the story about the social and

and buying another.

environmental conditions they are buying into beyond just the product itself.'




SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Oryx believes strongly in giving back to the community, so for every product sold, a percentage is donated to

'We've given a lot of thought to how we can make

the Khomani San and Mier communities who own .Xaus

our packaging more sustainable,' says Sam. 'We have

Lodge in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in the Kalahari

replaced paper stick-on labels with labels printed directly

Desert. For more information click here.

LOCAL & ENVIRONMENTALLY SUSTAINABLE 'We're a local South African company harvesting pristine, natural salt in an environmentally sustainable way within our own country,' says Sam. The 50km2 salt pan is situated in the Kalahari Desert. Here, the rain-water fed underground streams converge and constantly replenish an ancient underground lake of 55million tons from which the salt water is pumped, laid on the pan under the hot Kalahari sun and sun-dried. This is unrefined, unprocessed salt as nature intended – no additives, no bleaching, no preservatives.

SOCIAL EMPOWERMENT Oryx has created supplier relationships with several local enterprises which all share a common empowerment goal for the people working inside these organisations. Ukama Holdings packages all Oryx Desert Salt products. It's also a social enterprise started with the aim of creating micro enterprises who act as their supply chain in the various packaging services they offer. 'Ukama' is a Shona word meaning 'we are related' or 'we are family', a word which encompasses a philosophy of inclusiveness which resonates well with Oryx Desert Salt's own aims. Oryx's pure cotton bags are sewn by a home industry project in Ndabeni village. The founding seamstress, Thaakira Essau, has grown her team to seven women in order to cope with the demands for Oryx Desert Salt bags. Macassar Pottery, which produces the Oryx Salt pots, is a self-sustaining social enterprise founded in 2010, offering a safe space for the community, youths in particular, to discover and follow their dreams. There, locals are upskilled to be entrepreneurs through their unique ceramic ware. The business is co-owned by its employees. Behind every product on a shelf, there's a story of interconnectedness

Available from Pick n Pay, selected Woolworths stores, Deli's and farm stores as well as

to everyone who contributes to the making of the product, as well as the earth itself which provides the initial raw material for us to harvest.

For more info contact

As consumers, we have a right and a responsibility to know what

Samantha via

kind of story we're supporting and buying into – even when we buy something as simple, basic and necessary as a bag of salt.

email here or call +27 74 413 8646 or visit the website Join the conversation on Facebook Twitter @OryxSalt or Instagram @ oryxdesertsalt




Delicious LOW CARB: Healthy, Practical, Affordable and Realistic Sally-Ann Creed



an easy read and the photography is great as well.

Human & Rousseau • 978 0 7981 7234 9

Low Carb is Lekker Two Ine Reynierse

Research shows that for the first time in history there are more obese people than starving people. Delicious Low Carb, by respected dietician Sally-Ann Creed from The Real Meal Revolution, contains healthy, affordable, practical recipes for low-carb living. She explains what such a lifestyle entails and how to minimise grains, carbohydrates and sugar. She also discusses issues like fibre and why women battle with food high in fat. It is evident from the recipes for breakfast, lunchbox ideas for kids, finger foods, soup, baking and even pizzas, mains and sides, sauces, snacks, cake and cookies, puddings and beverages that it is indeed possible to make a homemade meal for your family every night. All the recipes are easy and have only one aim and that is to improve the health of your family and yourself in a major way. There are many practical hints resulting from SallyAnn's in-depth research and years of experience, Yet, this book is still

Cooking with fewer or no carbs need not be boring or bland. Inè Reynierse, author of the bestselling Low Carb is Lekker, has made it her mission to bring back normal dishes to the LCHF menu. Her unique dough recipes mean that you can start enjoying bread, muffins, doughnuts, nachos, pizza, vetkoek and koeksisters again – but now without the carbs. Her simple and gourmet meals, including local favourites and some global classics, will entice and keep the entire family coming back for more – more healthy meals that is. If an easy and budget-friendly low-carb lifestyle is what you are after, this book may very well be your best ally for the journey. Reynierse is a children's author, performer, voice artist, copywriter, idea merchant and newfound foodie who loves packaging ideas in a fresh way. Her projects vary from children's radio stories on a national radio network

Penguin Random House Struik Lifestyle 978 1 4323 0688 5

to corporate ad campaigns and everything in between. Her passion for restored health and wellness spurred the process that led to Low Carb is Lekker.

Jump on The Bant Wagon: Quick And Easy On A Tight Budget Nick Charlie Key Human & Rousseau • 978 0 7981 7185 4

Jump on the Bant Wagon and enjoy delicious low-carb high-fat homemade meals. In this book you will find easy, healthy and budgetfriendly recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner – with special dishes for the colder winter months, when spring is in the air again and for those Saturdays when the cook is off duty. And to top it all off: decadent puddings without the sugar rush. Michael Olivier nicely portrays the gems within this book. 'As everyone seems to be, Nick Charlie Key, is seriously into Banting. In a city (Cape Town) where Banting is the buzz word, Jump on the Bant Wagon, subtitled Quick and Easy on a Tight Budget, apart from its mildly corny title, is an excellent addition to the wealth of low carb high fat eating style books

written in South Africa. This book is divided into the courses of the menu with the addition of Breakfast, Light Meals and Baking and Desserts. Excellent photography by Myburgh du Plessis. Nick Charlie Key is a social network specialist by day and a Banting student in his own kitchen by night. The results of his night shift are published on his website, The Bant Wagon, where he also blogs. Jimmy Moore, one of the speakers at the first international Low Carb High Fat Health Summit held in Cape Town rated his blog the third best upcoming health blog. He was also one of the finalists for the African Blogger Awards. His blog stemmed from desperation: He was overweight and recently diagnosed with metabolic syndrome. He started to 'bant' and lost 22kg in six months. He then started the blog to share his knowledge with fellow Banters.

format, The Banting Solution is now available in a size that fits every pocket. This little guide will provide all the tips and advice you need with which to start, successfully conclude and maintain your Banting lifestyle. The Banting Pocket Guide includes a chapter from Banting's most respected and passionate supporter, Prof Tim Noakes; answers your most pressing questions; busts the myths that have cropped up around Banting; provides helpful meal plans, Banting-friendly food lists and recipes; teaches you how to Bant on a budget, making this lifestyle accessible to everyone; and much, much more. Most importantly, it teaches you how to get rid of those unwanted kilos and keep them off forever. Easy to pop into your handbag or pocket, The Banting Pocket Guide is set to kick-start your new Banting lifestyle.

The Banting Pocket Guide Prof Tim Noakes, Bernadine Douglas & Bridgette Allan

Homegrown Bertus Basson with Russel Wasserfall & Roxy Spears

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Ultimate Braai Master host and chef Bertus Basson shares recipes from his personal and national heritage in his first cookbook, Homegrown.

Due to your requests for more basic recipes and a user-friendly

The book is a celebration of being South African and how embracing his roots has influenced Bertus as a chef, as many of his signature recipes are inspired by his Afrikaans origins. Homegrown also explores how other distinctly South African tastes and flavours have impacted his cooking, influencing his unique take on fine dining for his awardwinning restaurants. The book is filled with stunning photographs and delectable recipes such as Snoek with Apricot Glaze, Beer Braised Pork Belly, Spice Rub for Braaied Brisket, Charred Octopus with Gnocchi and Nasturtium Paste, Tamatie Frikkadels, Koeksister Ice Cream, and Milk Tart Soufflé. These recipes are easy to prepare and are made with fresh, local ingredients. 'It surprises friends to learn that I did not like food as a kid. My mother, Hetta Basson (Ma), had to work hard to get me to eat anything that wasn't sweet or bad for me. I guess that's why my earliest food memories are of sweet things. In fact, this book starts with dessert.'

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yo g a

the wonder of




n this second decade of the 21st century, humans now find themselves almost duty-bound to understand a vital aspect of life: a compulsion to know 'who they are' for real.

We are growing toward a different light – a revolution if you

will; an evolution of self in a way that many are finding themselves 'fearfully excited'. Times are increasingly difficult for animals and humans alike, the Earth itself is stressed and increasingly being crippled by the actions of humankind. Our workload has increased, where remuneration and employment have devolved into a stifling of both our enthusiasm for life and energy to try new things. In the light of which it is not surprising that many people are looking about for some way to recapture meaning in their lives. As a result, yoga, it would seem, is becoming 'the way' for millions, globally.

Union For those who do not know it, yoga may be defined simply as 'union'. However, in the practice itself, yoga has eight specific facets that most yogis will work through, more commonly referred to as the eight limbs; only one of these actually has to do with those twisty poses (asanas) we see all over social media. The remaining seven are specifically targeted at your persona. These are: •

Yama: How you conduct yourself through life, including non-violence, truthfulness, non-stealing, continence and non-covetousness.

Niyama: Your daily self-disciplines and spiritual practices, including cleanliness, contentment, spiritual austerities, studying the self, surrender to God.

Asana: The postures themselves, the habit of discipline and ability to concentrate.

Pranayama: Breath techniques and control. If we can master the breath, we can master the mind.

Pratyahara: Sense withdrawal. This is where we draw our awareness inward, away from the external.

Dharana: Concentration. Holding the focus steady on a single place/object/idea.

Dhyana: Meditation. This practice allows the mind to become completely still.

There are few times in our lives when we connect with what we have come to call 'spirit' or 'soul'. Hunter PravAha reports.

Samadhi: State of ecstasy. This ultimate yogic state involves the liberation from all limitations of body and mind.

Yoga as 'live music' A close friend, Craig Hoggins – who is also a Nomad, describes his yoga practice to be like 'music being played live'. Craig says: 'The same piece can be played several times and be different each time, with subtle changes depending on the player's state of mind each time'. Yoga can be like that: one day you are in the zone, some days



you are far away. The point is that yoga comprises eight different areas of our practice which we can touch on – it is not all about poses (asanas), it is about you, your lifestyle and how you see yourself fitting in to the world around you, and ultimately, how this makes you feel. Personally, I didn't like yoga when we first started the journey – I was an overly eager, hot-blooded amateur middle-weight boxer with the patience and grace of a cornered, injured animal. You see, that's the crux of the matter really – that we all feel, in some small way, cornered by our lives sometimes and it is our yoga practice that returns us to ourselves, to source. With all the responsibilities on our shoulders and the mandatory obligations that society happily places on our plates with, most of the time, terms and conditions that are innately depressingly. The practice of yoga corrects the imbalance that this pressure creates, returning us to the path of balance after the dislocation of ourselves, from ourselves. There are many reasons out there to be concerned about the future. Then again, perspective is the key. By adjusting this slightly, through yogic practices, we experience a whole new idea of existence; who we are to the world and what is truly important in life. Coming full circle, we now understand the global revolution we are witnessing is part and parcel of our own evolution, and how this personal process has much wider, even global ramifications as we fluently, and almost effortlessly, positively influence the people around us, and the people around them, and so on; until the whole world is infected with goodness. Herein lays the reason I began my yoga journey: a desperate need for change in myself. From the first day that I 'flowed' to Lauren Mensikova's instruction, I was both in love with yoga, and Lauren herself; completely immersed and entranced by this movement and the melody that is her voice. That day, although I was not yet fully conscious of the influence yoga and Lauren had on me, changed the rest of my life. I







short-tempered individual, to a peace-driven being, a hunter of my own natural Pravaha (flow), and in so doing, affecting the entire course of each member of my family and friends lives. It may be that yoga was not the sole responsible for the changes that followed but whether through 'coincidence' or not, from that point, everything started to get better. People's very view of me as a person was morphing into something I could be proud of, and something I could build on.



In retrospect, my practice was dedicated to my loved ones; these days, all I think of is my daughter. No matter how hard I try to think of something, anything else, the moment I start flowing, Caitlyn ambles into my mind and I am swept away, once again, by the thought of her and her mother – and how quickly life can go completely awry. I contemplate how this twisted turn of events has become the best route for me to travel, achieving imperfect harmony, it would seem. And helping others through the experiences I have survived. Yoga can be a catalyst, no doubt. More importantly, though, for practitioners it is the very element in our lives that maintains the changes, and that manages the emotional turmoil we collide with in our lives, along with all the beauty and pain in between. The purpose of this article, and possibly hundreds of other yoga-related articles, is to bridge the gap between yoga and the non-practitioner; to encourage everyone to try it often. Authenticity comes from experience, and this is where we should teach/guide/instruct from. While specifics and perspectives may differ, the core values behind these words and yoga itself are practically the same. For me, as a student of the Shaolin arts and a Vinyasa Yoga teacher, my vision is to guide as many souls as possible onto their own path of self-discovery. The youth are going to be the ones changing the world in the coming decades as these growing souls move into positions of power and become the decision-makers; and so we need to encourage them to practice too. As my personal journey, it continues: After a few years under Lauren's tutelage, we partnered our efforts and have since focused on our corporate wellness and Youth Yoga through the brand Flowing Nomads (see ad below). We pride ourselves with the positive change we bring to our students and continue to grow our ourselves and our practice. Peace like a river. Namaste. O

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Strala Yoga: Be Strong, Focused & Ridiculously Happy from the Inside Out Tara Stiles Hayhouse • 789 1 4019 4812 2

In Strala Yoga, Tara Stiles explains the origin and philosophy of this feelings-based style of yoga, which is spreading like wildfire around the world – from New York City to Barcelona to Singapore. Focusing on the power of combining movement with intuition, Tara walks readers through the importance of moving with ease and creating space in their lives. Strala isn't about strict poses; it's about your body and your abilities. By moving how it feels good to move, readers will not only get a great workout but also release stress, free space in their minds, and open themselves up to creativity. Tara lays out simple, step-by-step information on everything from how to use the breath in movement, to how to create ease, to how to set up a home practice. More than 10 routines – each illustrated with clear, instructional photos – offer both easy and more difficult tracks, appealing to beginners and seasoned yogis alike, and aim to help readers dissolve stress, get better sleep, gain energy, or even wind down after a tough day. Tara also offers up both a 7-day jumpstart and a 30-day program to help readers bring yoga – and its varied benefits – easily into their lives. She says: 'My goal is to help you feel connected and gain strength, calm, clarity, and ease from the inside out. Get ready to feel amazing, and enjoy the ride.'

Chair Yoga: Sit, Stretch and Strengthen your way to a Happier, Healthier You Kristin McGee Piatkus • 978 0 3494 1608 3

From celebrity yoga instructor Kristin McGee comes this fun, accessible guide to 100 yoga poses and exercises that can be done in your chair and take just minutes a day. Designed for the majority of those living a sedentary lifestyle (from the card-carrying couch potatoes to the workers who sit all day at their job) this is a comprehensive guide to the most accessible form of yoga. Chair yoga is exactly what it sounds like: exercises you can do sitting down. In Chair Yoga, McGee takes you through yoga poses and exercises that are easy enough for all levels and will help readers stay active, alert, and healthy. Divided into chapters organised by body part (say goodbye to back pain and hello to better posture), each exercise includes step-by-step instructions and easy-to-follow photos. Plus, bonus chapters on 5-, 10-, and 15-minute routines help readers put it all together and find the time to perform these exercises.



Merkavah Merkavah (as it is spelled in Hebrew) Merkabah (ancient Egypt) 'Mer' means 'Light' 'Ka' means 'Body' 'Vah' means 'Spirit Divine Light Vehicle' - allowing a person to ascend into the higher realms. Copper Lights: 10cm in diameter White Lights: 21 cm in diameter Both: R360 excluding shipping Contact:

Miriam Platt Attunement Practitioner Reiki Master Teacher Miriam has completed in-depth Attunement training in the United States and Canada, and has been offering Attunement since 1980. She has been practicing Reiki since 1991 and teaching since 1997. Miriam is deeply committed to the principles of these life-enhancing services and has great respect for both systems, having experienced and witnessed the natural and profound manner in which healing, transformation and inner growth can occur.

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Highly Intuitive Children L A L D ittle

ngels or



'Over my 15 years of research and "hands on" with highly intuitive children I have come to the conclusion that they are so much more advanced than their parents and most of the parents of these beautiful children are threatened by that very thought.' Johan Claassens reports.


e as parents are taught by our parents that parents know all and are the beginning and end of all laws in our homes. Just because

or Little Devils', is very much tongue in cheek.


a mother carried for nine months and the father had an

Where my greatest concern comes in to play is when

explosion of happiness does not mean that parents own

these children are used to increase the sale of prescription

their children, but rather that they should accept the role

medication. I cover the workings of the brain in a very

of being a guardian and realise that the child has been

basic manner for all parents to understand. I feel labels

in a realm of truth and unity and is now entering duality

such as ADD, ADHD, Bi-Polar and many other so called

where life is not easy. By nature children are spiritual as

diagnoses are way off course. The drugs used to 'treat'

they are (relatively) pure and innocent. Parents should

such 'conditions' are doing more harm to these children

try to remember that it is the children who teach us and

than any other method of healing.

that these highly intuitive children are an extension of the

The brain, in short, is the engine that drives these

parents' higher mind. They are here to teach us lessons.

children, not their physical size nor their sporting abilities

I laugh loudly. These children know exactly who is in

and so on. One just has to research the part of the brain

charge. They are so aware of their abilities and will use

that plays a significant role in a highly intuitive child and

these abilities to their benefit, thus causing mom and dad

you will be drawn into a study of the hypothalamus and

instant anxiety and frustration attacks. I have personally

the pineal gland. The hypothalamus is a little walnut-sized

met children that are so connected and intuitive that they

gland that supports our emotions, libido (in adults),

rule the home and siblings with such cuteness because

body temperature, hunger, thirst, sleep and moods.

they can. Hence, the subtitle of this article, 'Little Angels

The pineal gland, also known as the 'God connection',



is situated more or less in the centre of the brain mass. When children are medicated for the various supposed conditions described above, the drugs mainly work to numb these areas of the brain, thus inadvertently suppressing the child's connection to higher consciousness or intuition. My research over the years has proven that the incorrect diagnosis or medication is nothing else other than a 'spiritual lobotomy'. The ill-informed are creating future adults with profound psychological issues, people who will likely end up being emotional and psychological patients suffering from various problems and who become dependent on anti-anxiety pills, anti-depressants, sleeping tablets, alcohol and perhaps other substances as well. This is not the future these children are looking forward to. They have been blessed with this high intuitive set of skills as they are the future of our species. They are the ones who will make this world a better place and work at balancing the scales of life in the way our God wanted all along. The power that is at work here on this earth, the healing that needs doing, the changes we all would like to see, that power is being given to these special children and the adults, through ignorance, are stifling these children and their potential role in rebalancing our relationship to ourselves, one-another and the planet as a whole.

More special children

These children are very prone to animal dreams, nightmares and dreams of a spiritual nature. They are the ones who have the most lucid dreams and can describe the contents of their dreams days after they took place with extreme accuracy down to faces, clothing and any other events.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, is going to stop the increase of these children being born and every year that goes by the intuition of these children will be greater and greater.


race in time to come. They have new information to share

therapists, child psychologists, ministers, priests, parents,

with us because they are far more advanced than you can

and any other person who plays an important role in our

ever imagine.

children's lives going forward.

therapist, every minister and priest get ready for the influx







The time has come for highly intuitive children to be given the chances they deserve.

of highly intuitive children as their time has come to repair

Imagine the potential of a child who can make choices

and reconnect that which we have broken or chosen to

based on what's in line with his/her higher truth by tapping


into his/her innate intuitive abilities.

They are the future, they are the builders of nations

Not a day goes by that I am not asked by a parent,

and countries – they are going to be our saving grace, if

'Is my child ADD'? 'Is my home haunted as my child is

we let them.

speaking to spirits?' 'My child is so lovable, but has no

So my appeal is to stop medicating our future leaders

interest in school, social activities and group activities.'

and rather learn to understand how we can contribute

The list of questions gets longer each day from parents via

towards each beautiful, unique soul by putting aside our

email, phone calls and even whatsapp messages. When I

own beliefs and learn to accept the changes that are upon

deliver talks on this subject I am bombarded by questions


that are an indication of how little the parent/teacher pool As computers, cell phones, iPads and all manner of


I pray that these highly intuitive children will be

They will start having a far greater influence on the human

Every parent, every teacher, every doctor, every


upgrading. How short-sighted is that?


technology evolves, so does the human race at a soul level.

During consultations with these unique little people one

We accept upgrading technology but don't accept human

of the exercises that I do is to put eight different coloured

Dreams These children are very prone to animal dreams, nightmares and dreams of a spiritual nature. They are the ones who have the most lucid dreams and can describe the contents of their dreams days after they took place with extreme accuracy down to faces, clothing and any other events. They will often carry a dream around with them for days before releasing it. This is why I cringe when parents tell me that when their children have had a bath for the evening they put them in front of a TV to relax and unwind before going to bed. I say rather give the child something sweet to drink rather than that – that way, at least the sugar will only kick in once they are asleep. The brain of a highly intuitive child kicks into high gear within milliseconds of a cartoon being shown to them. A bouncing Mickey Mouse is a sure way to send young brain neurons into a tizz. That is why so many parents need to go lie down with the child before they fall asleep. Except that the parent frequently falls asleep first. Try instead some gentle music. The child will show signs of boredom to start with but will eventually get used to it and probably fall asleep quickly. I have had fantastic feedback on this one.

Healing These children want to heal anything that moves or looks like it needs healing. They are the future healers of our world. Let us not forget that these children are highly intuitive and balls on a table and ask that they choose four that appeal

because of that they are very much in sync with the earth's

to them. I must say that over 80% of my little clients chose

energy and vibration. They are highly sensitive to animals

the same colours: blue, yellow, green and purple.

and other children who are experiencing bullying or are in

Now let's examine these colours briefly:

pain. They are the caregivers of siblings and friends and

Blue: calming that shows creativity and intelligence,

will at the slightest sadness become withdrawn, sad and

Yellow: youth, fun, joy, sunshine and other happy

tearful. They suffer broken hearts like the world is ending

feelings, Green: nature and health and said to have healing powers,

and can be easily traumatised by movies or school events that involve total strangers. I like to call it 'piercing the veil' as they are able to

Purple: represents mystery, power and luxury.

download love, energy, healing and compassion from the

I believe that an 80% selection of the same coloured

universe in a manner unlike previous generations, including

balls must represent something underlying in these children

their parents. They are love and love is energy. They

such that one may deduce that highly intuitive children see

operate at a high frequency and are therefore very much in

life in very much the same colours. Or is it just synchronicity

touch with life at a soul level.

at play? Try dressing your child in these colours and take

Whether you read up on Indigo, Crystal or Rainbow

note of any changes in mood, behaviour or in their general

children, the basics remain the same – they are highly

well-being. It will be of interest to the parent to see the


changes that take place. Try these colours when choosing pyjamas or nightie and take note of sleeping patterns and

Listen to their needs

dreams. But don't go for whacky crazy patterned night

These children need to be listened to and not hushed up

clothes, which once again stimulate the brain. Remember,

simply because mum or dad don't understand what they are

these children are powerfully affected by visualisation.

saying or, worse yet, because what they are saying makes



their parents afraid or worried or left feeling inadequate. Read through the following list, ticking off those elements that pertain to your child. Traits of a highly intuitive child: •

Does he/she finish your sentences for you

Decides for themselves who they will play with

Loves gardening and speaks to plants and animals as an equal being with a soul

Has the ability to 'see' things before they happen

'Picks up' on other people's emotions whether adult, child or animal

Prone to stomach weaknesses and suffers regular headaches

Makes it quite clear that the teacher(s) in his/her life is/are wrong for them

Loves to be alone

Not too interested in sporting events

Too much noise confuses them and they withdraw

Feels different from his/her peers

It's hard to keep secrets from them, such as birthday presents, as they quite often guess

Ringing in the ears or prone to ear infections

There are many more traits which I have not covered but this point does remind me of an incident that took place at a shopping centre where I was indulging in my daily caffeine addiction. While sipping on my cappuccino I happen to overhear a mother instructing her daughter to go and play with the other children in the play arena supplied by the shopping centre. The more the mother insisted the more adamant the little girl was that she was not interested. Now, being in the field of children, I found this standoff between

As much as we need the academically gifted children to take science, engineering and medicine to new levels, so we need the highly intuitive child to take society to new levels. One cannot be without the other or we will experience an imbalance in society, even worse than that which we currently have and which so evidently is not working properly.

mother and daughter rather entertaining. I could see the mother getting more and more irate as she was frustrated



by not able to work on her laptop. At this point I looked

little girl still with her mother and smiled and she smiled

up to where two other little girls were playing and it was

back, then went over to the sobbing child. With love and

then that I noticed why this little girl was not interested.

healing she sat down next to the sobbing girl and hugged

The bigger of the two girls playing caught my 'eye' and I

her and kept repeating, 'You will be okay'. Needless to

'saw' what the 'disobedient' girl was seeing. The darkest

say, the mother on her laptop was completely unconscious

aura surrounded the bigger the girl and before I could

to how her daughter loved and healed another. After the

take another sip of my liquid gold the bigger girl picked

event this same little healer came over to my table and

up what looked like an umbrella and proceeded to beat

said, 'I like you'. With a lump in my throat I replied, 'One

the smaller girl with such anger that I sat there quite

day you will be a healer of people and teach love', at

shocked. The mothers of the two girls jumped up and had

which point she gave me a sweet to seal our friendship

to physically restrain the larger girl. Of course, there were

deal. I often frequent the same coffee shop in the hopes

words between the mothers and loads of apologies with

to meet up with my new friend. But alas, that has so far

the larger girl's mother saying, 'I am so sorry, but she has

not yet to be.

never done this before'. I sat there biting my tongue as I

That little girl was intuitive enough to know and see

saw how the whole incident unfolded and there was not a

that trouble and harm was brewing, she too could see the

single reason for the attack. At that point I looked at the

dark aura of another. There are many stories that I can

discussions around colours, dreams and social behaviour. Once I have completed a series of tests I spend time on compiling a report for the parents which covers numerous points and areas of concern or the direction the parents should take on assisting their child going forward.

Conclusion A question I always ask when conducting talks or workshops around the country is the following: 'Why does society care only about the academically gifted child and not the spiritually gifted child.' There are schools and institutions where academically gifted go the socialise with like-minded children and to excel, but, spiritually gifted children who are the real future of our world are left out on their own like lepers due to being different. Maybe some time in my lifetime somebody with the finances will open schools for highly intuitive children before it's too late. These are the children that are connected to the frequencies of love and energy and who will make the biggest difference to our society and will rule our planet with compassion and understanding. They are the ones who will make sure that everybody has something to eat, drink, have homes and, if needed, medication, and they are the ones who will connect parents to their own higher consciousness. I pray that doctors, teachers, child psychologists, play therapists and clergy please consider exploring all avenues before medicating, over-treating and certainly before closing a child's third eye due to religious beliefs. These children are a gift from God, as any other child is, but who are embodying a special gift of their own. As much as we need the academically gifted children to take science, engineering and medicine to new levels, so we need the highly intuitive child to take society to share that will astound you of highly intuitive children,

new levels. One cannot be without the other or we will

but, you as the parent need to lift your vibrations to tune

experience an imbalance in society, even worse than that

into your child's frequency to understand the power of the

which we currently have and which is so evidently not

intuitive child.

working properly. O

When I consult with highly intuitive children it is done with one or both parents in attendance. The first consult I always focus on the child where I conduct questions with

For more info see ad below.

Dr Johan Claassens (Mpsy.D) Metaphysical Psychology & Ph.D Holistic Life Counselling • Family Law Specialist & Family Court Psycho-Legal Practitioner • Divorce Mediator • Spiritual Neuro Counsellor (Highly Intuitive Children) • Spiritual Couples Counsellor. CONTACT: 081 016 4710 • Johan Claasens' book The Highly Intuitive Child: 'Little Angel or Little Devil' will be available soon. He conducts talks at schools, Universities, Teachers training colleges, mothers groups, pre-schools etc for free.

“Highly Intuitive Children are an artist’s blank canvas – As parents are the artists, choose your colours and brush strokes wisely.” ODYSSEY 83 • 


Do You Know What Modality of Life You Are Experiencing?



The stress of modern day living is causing us to completely skirt our joy and why we came here. It's even helping us to die quicker – this doesn't paint a nice picture, does it? Cherie Roe Dirksen takes a look at the two modalities of life and which one you really came here to experience.




did an online Dr Joe Dispenza course and something

This irritating, high-society, titillating carrot can come

really hit a home run with me in one of the lessons.

in many shapes and sizes, usually dressed up as a house

He was speaking about people being in two modes

in a safe, little suburb (white picket fence optional –

of living: Survival Mode or Creation Mode.

scrap that, make it a Vibracrete wall), the two and a half

being regressed by a metaphysical healer. She took the

kids running in the back yard (which brings day-care/

opportunity to ask my 'higher self' the ultimate question,

school/college/university fees and extra mouths to feed

'what is the point of living – what's the meaning to all

and bodies to clothe), a fancy car (because you've got to

this?' to which I answered, 'Creativity, duh.'

keep up with the Jones's et al) and a 9-5 job to pay for

It seemed logical enough and made sense at the time,

the lot and keep you firmly fixed on that loop until you can

but, now – with that simple statement and the course I've

retire at say 65 and get a gold watch and a hand-shake.

completed in tow – it's really starting to ignite the cogs

Whew. That was a mouthful.

and wheels in my mind and they're turning big time.

Survival Mode Living

credence on your well-being in the galvanised modality of contemporary living in the 21st century.

an inherent danger (as in, there is a cheetah around the

Creative Mode Thriving

corner). This sparks our adrenal glands to produce said

Here's where we get to express ourselves through

adrenalin that elevates our heart rate and blood pressure

ingenuity, imagination and vision. Now this can be

(and a whole lot more technical stuff that I'm not going

anything from the usual suspects: art, music, poetry and

to bore you with here) and basically works us up to 'react'

dance to pretty much anything else. You can inject creative

– which (in the case of the cheetah lurking around the

flare into any job – from landscaping, architecture, being

second bush to your left) would be a welcomed response.

a mathematician to street sweeper, toilet cleaner or house

However, in our modern day living, only causes us to build

keeper. Let me share my favourite story of a particularly

up anxiety and – let's face it – heart disease and countless

artistic bathroom attendant at our local petrol station.

other undesirable conditions.

She decorates the basins with beautiful arrays of flowers,

If you're under constant strain, your organs are under

foliage and leaves that she picks fresh every day. She

this constant strain too – you are going to experience

does the most outstanding arrangements. Not only does

dis-ease. Stress is probably the No. 1 killer in the world,

this make you smile when you walk into the facilities

and I have backup for that claim. According to the

(spreading joy) but she gets good tips (energy exchange).

American Psychological Association, acute stress is linked

It's her way of beautifying her surrounds and making the

to these six primary causes of death: heart disease,

experience a good one for others too. We could all take a

cancer, lung ailments, accidents, cirrhosis of the liver

leaf out of her book (literally and figuratively).

approximately 75% of all doctor's office visits. And why? Because we are programmed to chase that proverbial dangling carrot (you know the one – it has

When we are able to express ourselves creatively, we get into the 'zone'. That zone brings us infinite pleasure and joy. This affects our surrounds and the people with whom we interact; it also gives us a sense of purpose.

the colouring of Trump's fake tan and the body shape of

When we suppress our urges to beautify and express,

Kim Kardashian's derriere) – we're trying to survive in a

we start to feel anger and resentment – the world starts

capitalist societal structure that places no credibility on

to hold no meaning for us. Why? In my most humble

creativity. Creatives are usually mad, right? Mad or broke

opinion, it's because creative mode is our natural state.

or both.

It's why we came here. The universe is ever-expanding

'There's a terrible price to pay for stress in your life - it really takes a hit on your heart'. - Leeza Gibbons


family. I just don't think society is putting too much

or flight' concept. We are continuously stressed out

and suicide. Stress-related ailments also account for


Now, don't get me wrong, there's nothing off-beam with wanting your basic needs met and to raise a

Society gears us to run in survival mode – that 'fight which fires up our adrenalin, which alerts the body to


nowadays it's more like an electric 6 foot tall picket fence;

Now this takes me back to around 2011 when I was

'Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous.' - Bill Moyers

and we are a microcosm of the macrocosm. Ergo, we

worry too much about how you're going to get there –

want to expand our creative experience too. Creation

just put your feelers out and wait for a response from the

involves birthing new ideas and innovative ways of being

universe. It will come if you're willing to look for it and

and living, new forms of art and entertainment, it includes

have faith. When the opportunity arises, take action.

physical birthing and raising your children in a creative

I can't tell you how many jobs I went through before

space and it brings about the desire to beautify your

I found what I really wanted to do. I've been doing that

space albeit your office, home, garden, community, etc.

for over 10 years now, I'm self-employed and I'm loving

We seem to have an inherent desire for beautiful things –

it. I never thought in my dizziest daydreams that I would

we're like human magpies, we just can't help ourselves. I

be doing what I'm doing now (which is painting, writing

think this is perfectly wonderful to feel this way.

and music) and making a living from it. I remember being

When your environment is looking glorious and your

told that artists either starve, go mad or both and only

garden is lush and green, it immediately gives you a

make it when they die, writers live on the bread line and

sense of inner peace and calm. When your environment is

musicians. Well, what can you say about musicians –

messy and your garden is dry and dead or full of weeds,

they're bums, aren't they, busking on every street corner?

it dampens your spirits.

Well, this couldn't be further from the truth. Your

If you are in a job you hate but feel trapped (believe

reality is what you make it out to be. If you believe this

me, I've been there, done that), there is always a way

malarkey, then this could very well be your reality. I

to make a change. You can always choose to experience

decided to choose not to believe that my chosen skills

something different, something that showcases more of

would bring me a life of struggle and strife – quite the

your true creative genius – something that will satisfy

opposite, I chose to believe I would thrive. Now, I'm really

your soul more than a daily grind. This doesn't mean you

glad I chose not to buy into that reality (even though it

have to quit your job right away. It's always good to have

did take me about 10 years to change tracks). I truly hope

a game plan. If you don't know what you want to do,

you choose a belief that points you towards living the life

just put it out there. Ask the universe to show you signs

you came here to experience. O

and synchronicities as to which direction you should take to make you happy and to enter creation mode. Make a vision board, speak to people about your dream (you never know who might hold an opportunity for you) and set aside time (it can be just 10 minutes) every morning and evening to visualise where you want to be. Don't

For more from Cherie Roe Dirksen, visit her site and subscribe and receive a free eBook, Creative Expression: How to find your inspiration.

When we are able to express ourselves creatively, we get into the 'zone'. That zone brings us infinite pleasure and joy. This affects our surrounds and the people with whom we interact; it also gives us a sense of purpose.




How many ways can you say hello? Refiloe Moahloli Random House • 978 1 4859 0030 6

Sara's first day of school is full of surprises, but the biggest one of all is that she discovers she doesn't understand what the other children are saying and she wonders how she will make friends. Her teacher encourages her to find out the many ways one can say hello. This delightful story of rhyming verse, accompanied by charming illustrations, is a must for all young South African children. And if parents/grandparents/carers aren't sure how to pronounce 'hello' in all 11 official languages, there is a CD of the text, narrated by the author herself, to guide with authentic pronunciation. Refiloe Moahloli grew up in Mthatha in the Eastern Cape. As aunt to many nieces and nephews who consider her to be 'one of them' due to her modest height, life with them inspires a number of stories floating in her head at any given time. Now a fulltime writer, her life is a far cry from her former career in the world of



information systems and corporate telecoms. Refiloe plays hockey, is a keen Instagrammer known as 'theparanoidartist' and is a fulltime couch coach of South Africa's cricket teams.

The Amazing Talent Show: Mattie's Magical Animal Dreamworld series Lynn Beford Hall Random House • 978 1 4323 0649 6

The Animals' Funny Funfair: Mattie's Magical Animal Dreamworld series Lynn Beford Hall Random House • 978 1 4323 0647 2

This is a series of books about a little girl, Mattie who lives on a farm. She has no brothers or sisters, and was very lonely. Then one night when something magical happens to her. Each book features Mattie in a fun filled adventure story, featuring African animals. The series is suitable for children aged five to eight years. In The Animals Funny Funfair, Wiseman Owl invites Mattie to participate in an exciting

animal funfair. There are stalls of every description, including Rupert Rhino's Hoopla and an apple bobbing pool. As usual, things go wrong, threatening to spoil the fun but Mattie always finds a way to save the day. In The Amazing Talent Show, Wiseman Owl takes Mattie to attend the animals' talent contest. Olivia Ostrich, Ellie Elephant and Polly Pig all perform their acts before disaster strikes. Find out what Harry Hippo does before Dilly Donkey takes to the stage. Will he win the competition? The author of this series, Lynn Bedford Hall, is a well-known food writer, awardwinning author and journalist, based in Cape Town. This former teacher has also written several other books such as Fig Jam and Foxtrot, Best of Cooking in South Africa, Fabulous Food and Hamlet and Pretoria.

Star Wars Annual 2017 Agmont UK Limited • 978 1 4052 8347 2

Explore a galaxy far, far away in the thrilling Star Wars Annual 2017. Visit strange worlds, discover alien creatures, and meet new heroes and villains along the way. You'll travel from the harsh deserts of Jakku to

the frozen forests of Starkiller Base, discover the dark secrets of the sinister Kylo ren, and blast off for adventure in the famous Millennium Falcon once more. Packed with allnew activities, posters, quizzes and trivia from the Star Wars universe, the Star Wars Annual is the perfect gift for fans of all ages.

Landy and the Apple Harvert Veronica Lamond Random House-Struik Nature • 978 1 7758 4540 9

Landy at The Factory: Special Ediction Veronica Lamond

Random House-Struik Nature • 978 1 7758 4541 6

Fender and the Cliff Rescue

Random House-Struik Nature • 978 1 7758 4542 3

The Landybook series engage children in diverse, real life activities through the lovable, animated characters of Landy (1956 Series 1) and Fender (1999 Defender). Veronica set out to create inspirational and practical picture books for young children. 'Wherever

I went, I noticed Land Rovers at work. Capturing this sense of activity and adventure, I began to weave a world around two old working Land Rovers in my neighbourhood. The stories are based on Landy and Fender and their energetic young owners, Jack and Dan.' In Landy and the Apple Harvest Landy helps Jack bring the harvest home and there's lots of fun to be had. Landy at the Factory is an exciting story of Landy's birthday treat – an invitation to visit the real Defender Factory in Solihull. Fender and the Cliff Rescue tells of Dan and Fender helping a friend in danger. Veronica Lamond grew up in Durban, South Africa, and has lived most of her adult life in Cornwall, UK. She is the author and illustrator of the wellloved and highly successful Landy series. There are four books in the series so far, with many more in the pipeline.

Middle School: Dog's Best Friend James Patterson Random House • 978 1 7847 5389 4

It's a dog-eat-dog world, and Rafe Khatchadorian is just trying to live in it. Life in middle school is

finally starting to seem bearable – until Rafe spots his grandmother standing in the free-meal line at the local soup kitchen. To help earn some money for the family, Rafe concocts a brilliant plan – a dog-walking business that soon turns into a huge money-making neighbourhood empire. He'll even have extra cash to buy his own WormHole Deluxe Multi-Platform GameBox. That is, until two terrible twins launch the Great Dog War by sabotaging Rafe's flyers and stealing his customers. Plus, his bratty kid sister Georgia has skipped a grade – so now she's in all of Rafe's classes. Throw a kid a bone. Rafe Khatchadorian is getting the Hollywood treatment in a film version of Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life starring Griffin Gluck, Lauren Graham, Rob Riggle and Thomas Barbusca. Here's the official movie trailer.

Books are the bees which carry the quickening pollen from one to another mind. – James Russell Lowell







Some years ago, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) brought together stakeholders from the wine industry and conservation to create the Biodiversity and Wine Initiative (BWI). The partnership also saw South Africa's voluntary sustainable wine certification scheme – the Integrated Production of Wine (IPW) – incorporate the conservation and management of natural areas amongst its criteria. We take a look.


oday a third of South Africa's wine industry has detailed eco-management plans in place. There are a number of requirements for farms and cellars

to be able to obtain this prestigious accreditation. These efforts are vital to counter the encroachment of vines and crops on precious natural habitats. The hard work that has gone into all levels and aspects of conservation has seen Spier Wine Farm being awarded

WWF Conservation Champion status, one of 36 farms in the

Western Cape. Spier has a wide-ranging number of initiatives demonstrating a profound commitment to a sustainable future that protects the Cape's natural heritage. The award acknowledges the farm for its deep, long-term commitment to conserving the Cape's floral biodiversity and reducing its water and energy usage. Its commitment to reducing and re-using goes well beyond water as it recycles 100% of its organic waste – which is used to make nutrient-rich compost for farming. Only 1% of solid waste is sent to landfill; the farm aims to achieve zero waste to landfill.

History The WWF brought together stakeholders from the wine industry and conservation to create the Biodiversity and Wine Initiative (BWI) in 2005. Over the next decade,



the initiative fostered greater awareness of the Cape's

during a site visit by the WWF team and landowner.

implement biodiversity-friendly farming.

It must include detailed targets to encourage

The partnership also saw South Africa's voluntary sustainable wine certification scheme, the Integrated Production of Wine (IPW), incorporate the conservation and management of natural areas among its criteria.






conservation, improvement of production practices and/or innovations in water or energy efficiencies.

has an extraordinarily rich biodiversity – it is home to

maintained its accreditation since 2012, has achieved

more than 9 500 different plant species. At least 70%

'champion' status. Since the Enthoven family became

of these occur nowhere else, making it all the more

custodians of Spier in 1993, there have been efforts to

important that the sensitive ecosystems in which they're

restore, conserve and rehabilitate the 620ha farm with

found are protected.

a deep commitment to the its heritage, socio-economic






development and environmental biodiversity.

Conservation Champion status to wine farms that have

'We wanted to benchmark our environmental

a deep, long-term commitment to conserving the Cape's

programmes and activities against best practice and

floral biodiversity and reducing its water and energy

WWF offered specialised and generalist environmental


expertise to support our management team,' says Heidi


WWF Champion definitely has awarded us prestige within

The requirements for farms and cellars to be able to

the wine industry. It's also encouraged the business and

obtain this prestigious accreditation include:

our employees to redouble our conservation efforts.'

Newton-King, Spier's director of sustainability. 'Being a

'Spier has a wide-ranging number of initiatives

An independent IPW audit score of 70% or more.

The calculation of a baseline carbon footprint using

demonstrating a profound commitment to a sustainable

an online carbon calculator.

future that protects the Cape's natural heritage,'

A demonstration of exceptional environmental

Joan Isham, the senior extension officer of the WWF

commitment and leadership either by setting aside at

Conservation Champion programme says. 'These go

least 10% of the farm as conservation land (with the

well beyond the rigorous minimum criteria for WWF

landowner's commitment to no future development

Conservation Champion status.'

in these areas) or catalysing effective water and energy management at a regional scale.



Spier, located just outside of Stellenbosch, having


continuous improvement and be monitored annually. •

Despite its diminutive size, the Cape Floral Kingdom



A signed environmental management plan, developed

unique natural heritage and encouraged many farms to

A primary focus has been water conservation and the restoration – through clearing, cleaning and re-planting

– of the 73.8ha Eerste River riparian system that flows

animal life back into the area. The nursery has a further

through the farm, including two of its tributaries, the

36 000 trees and shrubs, over 23 000 bulbs and 1 700

Blaauwklippen and Bonte River. Since 2005, Spier has

succulents ready to be planted. A special River Walk

been clearing, cleaning and re-planting along these rivers.

– designed by renowned landscape architect Patrick

Aliens consume far more water than indigenous plants. By

Watson – allows visitors the opportunity to explore these

removing the former and replacing them with the latter,

replanted areas.

the amount of water the farm requires has been reduced.

To reduce its water footprint, Spier also recycles

Five jobs have been created in Spier's alien clearing

100% of its wastewater, treating it using environmentally

projects. The cleared material is chipped or stacked,

friendly practices so that it can be used for irrigation.

and then removed to the composting site. Much of the

'While all our conservation champions in the business

material is also sold back to the Spier Hotel as firewood

are good water stewards, Spier has taken it to another

and used for mulching to preserve water.

level by also getting involved beyond their farm gate.

Over one million bulbs, 87 000 trees and shrubs and

The farm has demonstrated regional leadership in water

6 000 succulents have been propagated and re-planted

through helping drive the Stellenbosch River Collaborative

across Spier by its 23-person strong nursery team. In

(SRC) which brings private and public sector stakeholders

addition to planting along the riparian network and vlei

together in an effort to improve the water quality of the

land, Spier has also established 'nature strips' consisting

Eerste River catchment,' Isham says.

of indigenous plants and trees grown in the nursery to create diversity surrounding the vineyards and pastures. Combined with existing patches of highly endangered

In 2015, the farm was certified organic: no harmful man-made pesticides or artificial insecticides are used on the estate's food gardens or vineyards.

renosterveld, these protected ecologically sensitive areas

Spier is one of 36 farms in the Western Cape to carry

will ultimately form one continuous conservation corridor

the WWF-SA Conservation Champion label on its wines.

across the Farm. This increases the viability of fauna

The logo features the fynbos-loving Cape sugarbird and

and flora populations by enabling them (or their genes)

the iconic protea – a fitting combination, as the former

to flow from one area to another. The larger and more

plays a vital role in pollinating the latter. It is through

heterozygous a population, the better that species is able

the efforts of those such as the Cape's Conservation

to adapt to environmental stresses over time. This will

Champions that the future of both species – along with

minimise the potential localised extinction of species and

the many others that live in the Cape Floral Kingdom – will

ensure that the maximum biological diversity is conserved

be protected for generations to come. O

at the site. The re-planting has attracted a wealth of bird and




Pets have a right to


sustainable living

optimal nutrition




At the dawn of 2017, most of us are now very aware of how our consumerist behaviour has affected our personal health and that of our planet's natural environment. The bottom line to the growing consciousness is this: When we eat food that has been commercially and industrially produced, it breeds disease in our physical bodies. When we spend our money on products and lifestyles that perpetuate the depletion our Earth's natural resources, our entire existence is placed under threat. We take a look at where humanity is standing in its journey to a sustainable future.


e are now part of a growing community of global citizens who are living in a way that is aligned to a greater quality of life

(through optimum nutrition) and to addressing climate change (through supporting sustainable industries). Let's look at some current facts that support this claim: •

More and more people are choosing free range meat products.

People are aware of the importance of eating organic produce as opposed to industrially farmed GMO-grown produce.

The sugar and grain industries have been exposed for their ties to commercial food corporations that have no interest in the health of the public.

There is a growing understanding of the link between a multitude of diseases and their connection to sugar, refined carbohydrates and toxic food-additive intake.

We understand how 'big industry' operates in the oil, gas and energy sector and how this is destroying our planet.

The fishing industry has depleted our oceans of entire ecosystems and created multi-species extinctions.

Big food corporations have similarly affected forestation and wildlife throughout the planet through aggressive farming of arable land and rainforests to meet the demand of consumers for cheap food. With all of this knowledge, we as a species are

slowly starting to empower ourselves and create a new autonomy that self-governs how we choose to live. We want to thrive – and so does our planet. So why has this movement been exclusively designated to the human experience in our households and communities? Our mammalian way of living with empathy sees us caring for nature and animals. So, surely our own pets should be allowed the same rights to thrive as we do?

Where Are We Still Falling Short In Terms Of The Rights Of Our Animals To Thrive? Pet owners are often misguided by clever marketing and the pet food industry's agents in terms of what constitutes a healthy diet for animals. Pets diets are often linked to health issues that are the mirror-image of health problems that have escalated in our modern world from the overconsumption of processed food in humans. Obesity, heart disease, digestive problems, organ failure,



premature ageing, lethargy in dogs and cats are all illnesses that keep the veterinary industry extremely busy and economically stable. The similarity between how the veterinary industry and the human medical industry both profit are startling: Both industries rely on sickness to maintain their monopoly over the health care of people and animals. Both industries treat illness with medicine that is manufactured by a group of exactly the same pharmaceutical companies. Basically, the common denominator between disease treatment in both industries is that both use symptomatic repression through pharmaceuticals to treat illness. Few vets or doctors operating in the traditional way are currently prescribing a natural diet as a way to disease prevention. Far from it. Yet we as humans are moving further and further away from drugs to treat our maladies and we are choosing to use a natural diet to help us thrive. However, we still take our cats and dogs to veterinary professionals who treat our fur babies with the same drugs that we are

Pets are still legally recognised as property and not as natural persons. They don't have the same newsworthiness as us humans. The prevailing corporate mentality has been this: People will feed their pets whatever we put onto the shelf, as long as it is cheap and as long as it is convenient.

now in some instances too afraid to take. Similarly, what many people don't seem to realise

use of melamine in baby formula and pet food,

is that the pet food industry is operated using the

shed some light onto the immoral practices of 'big

exact same model as the 'junk food industry' that has

food incorporated'. Pretty much in the same way as

made people so sick over the past few decades.

commercial food manufacturers like nestle have been

The pet food industry contributes to climate

brought to task for their inclusion of additives and

change, welfare problems, labour issues and an

chemicals in their products which lead to autoimmune

unsustainable food system in exactly the same way

disease in humans.

as 'big agriculture' and the commercial livestock and dairy industries do.

How Do Our Shortcomings Here Affect Our Planet's Chance Of Survival?



strictly for profit, and to make as much money as possible. Their model has nothing to do with the health-interests of animals nor with the interest of environmental sustainability. Since 2007, there has been a recall of pet food products exceeding 1000

The above propositions are pretty big claims. How

different brands in the US alone. The recalls being due

does your choice to feed kitty a bag of whiskers or

to the huge number of deaths of pets shortly after

your pup a tin of bobtail affect our environment?

consumption of these products. Corner-cutting and a

Well, think about it. All commercial pet food

stark lack of regulation in the pet food industry leads

is made from the byproducts of the commercial

to this type of recall-action happening more than what

livestock industry. And it is combined with 'fillers'

you'd think. And more often than not, these stories

derived from the genetically modified spoils of the

aren't discussed or exposed in the mainstream media.

grain industry.


Most pet food companies run their businesses

Pets are still legally recognised as property

Commercial pet food is packed with chemicals

and not as natural persons. They don't have the

that mirror the likes of what we see in processed

same newsworthiness as us humans. The prevailing

human food. It contains a variety of colourants,

corporate mentality has been this: People will feed

fillers and synthetic substances that make the food

their pets whatever we put onto the shelf, as long as

tastier and extend its shelf-life. The melamine (toxic

it is cheap and as long as it is convenient. Ultimately

food additive) scandal in China that exposed the

the cost of buying cheap pet food will come out – in

the money you fork out to the vet to treat your sick

Vondis strictly refrain from any animal testing.

cat or dog.

As all raw meats can carry harmful bacteria, it is important to cook all meat properly

Which Companies Are Addressing Our Outlines Concerns Sustainably & Ethically?

to kill the bacteria that can cause food poisoning. The optimal temperature to kill all harmful contamination is 72ºC – using a

There are a growing number of individuals who

lower temperature, the meat is thus able to

have empowered themselves with the knowledge

retain crucial minerals and vitamins that are

that exposes the truth about the commercial pet

usually destroyed through the high-temperature

food industry. Similarly to how most of us have now

processing methods used in commercial pet

empowered ourselves with the knowledge that a


daily intake of margerine, white bread or sugar-laden

Vondis do their best to buy only natural

products are a one-way ticket to cancer. Paul &


Cindy Jacobson are two such individuals. Both are as

preservatives or digestives.

passionate about educating consumers on the rights




Vondis ensures that the meat that they use variants of meat that Vondis uses are free range.

is about teaching us that sugar is evil. •

Vondis uses only high-quality pulses like a long grain brown rice, pearl barley, split peas and all

Vondis Holistic Pet Nutrition based in Sea Point,

are GMO-free.

Cape Town. They are so invested on the quality of their product, that they partake in every step


comes from a reputable source. Most of the

for pets to enjoy optimal health as Prof Tim Noakes They are the dynamic owners and operators of


Vondis use only a cold pressed olive oil from

of the process of their pet food preparation. If an

South Africa as a high quality omega rather than

ingredient is not instantly recognisable in its original

rendered trans-fats that the commercial industry

form as it would be found in nature, then Paul and Cindy will not include it into Vondis Pet Food.

is known to use. •

Both Paul and Cindy have enjoyed credible

bones and vegetables rather than getting quick

acknowledgment from certain mainstream doctors and vets who are now beginning to grasp the idea

results from synthetic preserved digestives. •

that health starts in the gut and not via a syringe of chemicals.

Vondis do not use any harmful preservatives – rather they freeze food, naturally and safely.

The latest veterinary studies coming out of

To reduce their carbon footprint and enhance nutritional values, Vondis cook their food using

California, as of June 2014, confirm what Paul and Cindy as well as many nutritionists have been

Vondis cook their own stock from scratch using

the old fashioned method of 'Wonder Bags'. •

The Vondis cooking process is complex and

advocating for many years: That the same nutritional

long. Their wholesome pulses are cooked slowly

science that applies to humans apply to our cats and

for three hours. Their meat is steamed till 72ºC


to kill any possible pathogen or parasite. The

Vondi's Holistic Pet Nutrition follows world-wide

veggies, herbs, omegas are blended entirely

nutritional trends and science that ensures that your beloved pet will receive the optimal and balanced

raw. •

Therefore, you get the goodness of raw plant

diet, but also that the recipe and ingredients follow

nutrition with all of their immune-boosting

international safety standards

enzymes and mineral content and the safety of

In the spirit of working with the global movement

slow-cooked, low-temp heated meat.

toward a more sustainable future for all life on

In 2017, Paul Jacobson will regenerate his profile

Earth, Vondis Holistic Pet Nutrition has outlined

in our local community with his signature radio talk

some non-negotiable rules about how they run their

show on the internet-based 2oceansvibe Radio, as


well as create a more unified relationship between

While the jargon words like 'optimal, balanced,

human and animal health care in a series of

complete, scientific' are embedded in their

upcoming special events. O

brand, Vondis also highlight the importance of 'safety first, quality of ingredients and morality'.

For more information visit




South Africans are being 'systematically poisoned' & mass human rights violations alleged




Following a complaint by several parties and interest groups, the SA Human Rights Commission, a Chapter 9 Constitutional institution similar to the Public Protector, has undertaken to conduct a national consultative process involving all role-players, stakeholders and interested parties in the commercial production of genetically modified foods (GMOs) and the use with them of glyphosate, the herbicide which GMOs are designed to be immune to but which the World Health Organisation (WHO) has described as a 'probabe human carcinogen'. The implications for agro-industry where GMOs play a major role are far-reaching, not just in South African terms, but globally. This is the first case in the world where the extremely wealthy and powerful GM industry is being taken on for alleged human rights abuses which, according to one complainant that has approached the HRC on these issues, go so far as constituting 'possible crimes against humanity'. What follows is the definitive state of play with regards to a situation in which almost literally every single person in South Africa is unknowingly building up toxic levels of glyphosate – along with other possible health and eco-implications that go with the cultivation of GMOs – without the great majority of citizens even being aware of the likely health risks at stake.




re South Africans being systematically poisoned?' you may ask in response to the headline of this article. Simply

Green is in a position to posit an equally alarming answer: 'Yes, they almost certainly are.' Worse than that, the situation which has been allowed to develop, initially by officials in the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF), with

secondary 'support' from watchdog and health oversight officials in the Department of Health (DoH), is all being done with the nod of approval from the government. On the face of it, the relevant officials have, probably through dint of failure to properly oversee the GMO industry in SA, put themselves in the crosshairs of allegations that they bear personal and collective responsibility for letting South Africans eat and be exposed, even in their drinking water, to glyphosate well over a year after the WHO 'blew the whistle' on this extensively used weed killer. The GMO story in South Africa is complex because even the scientists involved in the development and commercial application of this technology in food crop cultivation do not know the full extent of what their products are doing to human health. Of






government officials are and have been saying that there are no negative health effects due to the widespread consumption of GMO products or use of glyphosate (sold commercially as Roundup), the main herbicide used to kill off competing plants in GMO cultivation fields.

But that is the word of vested interests – something a court case involving the DAFF over a decade ago, regarding the release of GMOs into commercial production in South Africa, has already ruled on. Which is to say, the industry was shown through court action to be lying to, or deliberately misleading, the agriculture department's officials about any possible negative eco and health effects on wildlife (and, by extension, humans) of growing GMO crops while using glyphosate. Read here for

more on the historic Constitutional Court case which resulted in a victory for eco watchdog NGO Biowatch after a decade-long battle with the GM industry and the SA government. You can read here more on Biowatch's ongoing concerns about the use of GMOs (and glyphosate) in South Africa food production.

ODYSSEY 100 • 


Not a 'claim' The statements above do not constitute a 'claim'. They represent history and are factual. The upshot is that DAFF officials have already been shown to either not be paying attention or perhaps not caring that they were lied to by an industry which has billions of dollars at stake in having South Africa breaking away from most other African states (along with over three dozen other nations) in allowing GMOs to be grown 'in the wild'.

While some see GMOs as the 'way of the future' for agriculture, others are far less convinced. Industry claims of significant drought resistance in its white maize variants, for example, have been shown by the latest Southern African drought to be vastly exaggerated, if not utterly false – most of the GMO white maize (which constitutes the great majority of white maize grown in SA) planted in the last growing season did not survive the drought any better than other forms of maize. Indeed, most of the crop perished or was severely affected. Industry claims of sustained higher yields have also not panned out as claimed – in fact, after about 12-15 years of cultivation, most GMO crop yields drop significantly. The essence of the issue to be looked into by the HRC centres on the likely or prima facie human rights violations inherent in GMO crops being used as the country's basic staple (white maize), among other essential foods, along with the violations implicit in the use of the 'probable human carcinogen' herbicide glyphosate with those GMOs. The rationale for this argument is that almost every South African is unwittingly being exposed to glyphosate on a daily basis, albeit in trace amounts but which accumulate over time. The vast body of independent evidence put before the Human Rights Commission by concerned parties pointed overwhelmingly towards a conclusion that this genetic technology is inherently unsafe for the environment and for human and animal health.

GMO problems Indeed the core problem with GMOs, as a whole, is that there really is insufficient evidence to be able to say that they may be grown (with accompany chemicals like glyphosate used alongside them) without negative impacts to either the general ecology and specifically to human consumers of such GMO crops, or foods in which GMOs are

EXCLUSIVE included. Against the background of the absence (or ignoring by official) of the possible dangers associated with the widespread cultivation of GMOs and accompanying use of glyphosate, there is a growing body of independently arrived at evidence from non-industry paid researchers and organisation showing that glyphosate, in particular, and GMOs as a whole are posing much more serious ecological and health risks than were previously supposed (see accompany article on pg 85: Judge warns Monsanto for hiding info in 55 cancer lawsuits). Given the above, and the WHO ruling on glyphosate's probable cancer risks, the Inkatha Freedom Party, together with some concerned citizen groups, late last year approached the SAHRC with a large volume of independent (non-industry funded) research showing that glyphosate is a particular problem and may well be affecting everyone who eats it, even in trace amounts on GM (and other) crops. The impacts seem to be very profound, including at the DNA level, causing, in all probability, endocrine disruptions, immune system disruptions and quite possibly non-Hodgkins lymphoma (an aggressive form of cancer), in which glyphosate has been specifically implicated in some (independent) studies, plus quite possibly other cancers or pre-cancerous conditions. The SAHRC has responded by saying that it is to embark on a national consultative programme to hear all parties and to attempt to get to the bottom of what seems to be an outright contradiction between what the GM industry lobbyists and interest groups say versus

what a growing number of independent researchers have to say on the whole issue of GMOs and on glyphosate in particular. In this regard, South Africa is being closely watched globally as a case study where, for the first time, the GM industry is being taken on for failing to come clean on, or admit the relevance of, evidence from independent researchers, showing that GMOs in general may indeed be having some negative health impacts on consumers of GM products and that glyphosate in particular is a serious

health threat. The reason we at Simply Green have emphasised in each case that it is upon non-industry, independent studies that we – and hopefully the SAHRC – must rely in order to have as unbiased assessment of the risks of GMOs and glyphosate is that industry-paid research has

been specifically set up to not show any such effects. It was demonstrated to the HRC Commissioners in the

While some see GMOs as the 'way of the future' for agriculture, others are far less convinced. Industry claims of significant drought resistance in its white maize variants, for example, have been shown by the latest Southern African drought to be vastly exaggerated, if not utterly false – most of the GMO white maize (which constitutes the great majority of white maize grown in SA) planted in the last growing season did not survive the drought any better than other forms of maize. Indeed, most of the crop perished or was severely affected. Industry claims of sustained higher yields have also not panned out as claimed – in fact, after about 12-15 years of cultivation, most GMO crop yields drop significantly.

complaints and supporting data that food safety studies

ODYSSEY 101 • 


on lab rats, for example, are run for just 90 days as an industry standard. When one industry-paid researcher decided to continue feeding his lab rats with GMOs grown

contentions that the eco- and food-safety of GMOs remained unproven, or which showed significant

after two years female lab rat fatalities were

human health threats. The Commissioners were

far beyond expected levels (70% as opposed

also given independent research that showed

to 20%) with many cancers recorded and with

through a growing body of studies what the

male rats in the that study showing a range of

specific and emergent dangers of glyphosate were

highly detrimental developments, including major

to human populations exposed to this herbicide.

SA High Rights Commission's undertaking

That material is now being assessed by the HRC whose Commissioners said they would call in expertise from non-industry and non-government

The SAHRC Commissioners who recently met with

sources to further assess the state of play with regard to knowledge about the dangerous of both

specifically asked the complainants if they would

the widespread use of glyphosate in agro-industry

accept a recommendation from the Commission

(not only in the growing of GMO crops) as well as

that it formally 'closed' the complaint process

fully exploring all the issues, from food safety to

initiated by the IFP letter, in conjunction with those

economic implications, of growing of the national

of other concerned parties, and instead pursue the

food staple and other crops using GMOs. It was pointed out to the HRC that, by its own

The latter, said the Commissioners, was almost

admission to Africa Check, the Department of

certain to be 'quicker', being less likely to be

Health's unit looking into food safety had not

slowed by administrative and legal technicalities

even once checked since '2012/13' for glyphosate

which can been invoked in an adversarial approach

residues in the food that South Africans in their

involving the issuing of subpoenas and other legal

tens of millions eat daily.

documents to concerned parties, including both

The bottom line was, the Commissioners were

the DAFF and the DoH officials, along with major

told, that no one knows how much glyphosate

industry players like Monsanto.

South Africans are being exposed to daily and our

The IFP, together with the other parties,

agricultural and health authorities appear to be

agreed with the SAHRC approach, which, the two

taking industry claims of safety at face value while

Commissioners present assured those present,

no local officials are even looking into the issue,

did not necessarily rule out a parallel adversarial

despite the fact that the IARC said glyphosate was

approach if some parties proved recalcitrant in

a 'probable human carcinogen' more than a year

coming forward with information or which refused


to engaged in the consultative approach.

The situation is made all the more serious by

In the original IFP complaint the HRC was told

recent findings, also provided to the HRC, that

that allowing GMOs to be used to grow SA's base

glyphosate accumulates both up the food chain

staple crop of white maize, along with other key

in higher order organisms like people, and the

foods such as soya, and in combination with the

animals which people eat, and that even in trace

widespread use of glyphosate, meant that South

amounts (measured in nanograms) glyphosate

Africa's agricultural and health authorities were

was showing up as a cause of disease, putting

either knowingly or unknowingly allowing 'gross

the DoH's 'safe' exposure levels far above – by

human rights violations' which might border on

some hundreds of thousands of times – known

'crimes against humanity' since, in effect, every

levels of glyphosate exposure associated with

single South African was exposed at some level to

human disease and particularly cancerous and

glyphosate and to GMO food.

pre-cancerous conditions.


Under assessment

the IFP and other concerned bodies on this matter

consultative process.


of independent research studies supporting the

according to industry standards, he found that

endocrine disruptions and other serious diseases.


The HRC Commissioners were provided a large volume of supporting data, mostly the results

ACB throws down the gauntlet on new GMO maize In a campaign addressed to the Chairperson,

a 2014 academic study found that workers spraying

Executive Council GMO Act, Ms Nompumelelo

glyphosate formulations (such as Monsantos RoundUp

Mkhonza, the African Centre for Biodiversity (ACB)

herbicide) had an increased risk of Non-Hodgkin

has called on the SA government to say 'no' to

Lymphoma, a type of cancer. 'We are deeply troubled by the continuous

Monsanto's 'bogus drought tolerant GMO maize and toxic glyphosate'.

introduction of risky GMOs into our food and farming

In their call to action by all South Africans concerned

systems. Since its introduction into our food system

with the issue of GMOs and the release of yet another

in 1998, it has done nothing to address our nation's

previously unseen novel gene combination in our

hunger problems. Instead, we are left with polluted soil

primary staple crop, white maize, the ACB says:

and water and loss of our superior, local farmer-bred

'We all love mealies and the many other food

varieties of maize.

products that we get from maize seeds. But Monsanto,

'We are also extremely concerned about the political

a multi-national seed and chemical company, is busy

economy of seed control that Monsanto has imposed

colonising Mzansi's food system. Monsanto genetically

on our seed system, which utterly undermines our food

engineers the DNA of different plants, and sells their

sovereignty and breeds a dependency on Monsanto's

products to farmers promising a better harvest. But

industrial systems and technologies.

wherever Monsanto does business communities health

'Local land belonging to smallholder farmers in SA

and the environment are at risk. In order to make

have already been contaminated. More GMOs will only

even more money, they are trying to push through

exacerbate this situation and further erode farmers'

their so-called "drought tolerant maize" seed to be

seed systems. We call on our government to reject

commercially available to our farmers.

Monsanto's application and begin a real dialogue

'Monsanto is using the drought and our rising

with South Africans to transition out of industrial and

food prices as a means of inserting its bogus drought

GM-based agriculture systems and work towards

tolerant technology and maize into the South African

real climate resilient solutions that are ecologically

food systems. We strongly challenge claims of drought

sustainable, socially just and takes care of the nutritional

tolerance as a Trojan horse and yet another risky and

needs of all South Africans.'

novel gene introduced into our staple food. 'We demand a ban on the use of glyphosate which Monsanto sells with this product to our farmers and remind the Executive Council that the WHO International Association for Research into Cancer (IARC) categorised glyphosate as a class 2A carcinogen in May 2015 and

  Schinasi L, Leon ME (Apr 2014). 'Non-Hodgkin lymphoma and occupational exposure to agricultural pesticide chemical groups and active ingredients: a systematic review and meta-analysis.' International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 11 (4): 4449-527


ODYSSEY 103 • 


Political ramifications There are also far-reaching political ramifications to the HRC investigation, aside from the specific request or demand put to the HRC that officials found to have been negligent, or worse, as a result of its investigation, should be charged with dereliction of duty and failure to protect SA citizens' human rights, and thereby removed for all time from occupying any government position at all. Should the HRC confirm what other leading agencies like the IARC are saying about glyphosate (and possibly also about GMOs being 'tested in the wild in one of largest human trials the world has ever seen' through the DAFF's allowing white maize, soy and other basic food crops to be grown using GMOs, as one group of concerned parties put it) South Africa will have moved the issue from a debate largely between and pro- and anti-GM groupings into the mainstream arena of an issue of concern affecting not only South Africans, but also GMO- and glyphosate-exposed populations around

the world. A negative finding towards GMOs as a whole, and glyphosate in specific, with regards to their use being a violation of human rights will inevitably result in a flurry of court actions. It will also elevate these issues within the WHO to the level where that body may be forced

in due course to come to its own determination about whether the use of GMOs for food crops is, in principle, a violation of the human rights of unknowing consumers of these genetically altered foodstuffs, and whether the use of glyphosate in any circumstances related to agriculture is intrinsically a violation of basic human rights. We have, at Simply Green, previously reported on GMOs and their health risks, incurring in the process

the GM lobbyists' ire. We do not have to re-iterate those prior reports here, but we assert that glyphosate and GMOs have been shown to be far from 'harmless' to humans and eco-system as whole, as the GM industry has previously and continues to insist. For those interesting in seeing how the GM industry has used various means to influence decision-making around their products, readers can inform themselves on a parallel set of issues, with profound political undertones of a sinister nature, here. O

ODYSSEY 104 • 


EXCLUSIVE ‘Half of all children will be autistic by 2025,’ warns senior research scientist at MIT What is making a growing number of children in the

to pesticides and autism, a rapidly growing condition in

USA (and South Africa) autistic? Many culprits have

Westernised societies and linked to other drivers such as

been blamed but a growing body of evidence points to

phthalate chemicals, secondary cigarette smoke or smoking

glyphosate toxicity from exposure to Monsanto's Roundup

by pregnant women.

herbicide on our food.

Recently, the US Department of Agriculture released a

For over three decades, Stephanie Seneff, PhD, has

study finding that although there were detectable levels of

researched biology and technology, over the years publishing

pesticide residue in more than half of food tested by the

over 170 scholarly peer-reviewed articles. In recent years

agency, 99% of samples taken were found to be within levels

she has concentrated on the relationship between nutrition

the government deems 'safe', and 40% were found to have

and health, tackling such topics as Alzheimer's, autism, and

no detectable trace of pesticides at all. The USDA added,

cardiovascular diseases, as well as the impact of nutritional

however, that due to 'cost concerns', it did not test for residues

deficiencies and environmental toxins on human health.

of glyphosate.

At a recent conference, in a special panel discussion

Monsanto claims that Roundup is harmless to humans.

about GMOs, she took the audience by surprise when she

Bacteria, fungi, algae, parasites, and plants use a seven-step

declared, 'At today's rate, by 2025, one in two children will

metabolic route known as the shikimate pathway for the

be autistic.' She noted that the side-effects of autism closely

biosynthesis of aromatic amino acids; glyphosate inhibits

mimic those of glyphosate toxicity, and presented data

this pathway, causing the plant to die, which is why it is so

showing a remarkably consistent correlation between the use

effective as a herbicide. Monsanto says humans don't have

of Roundup on crops (and the creation of Roundup-ready

this shikimate pathway, so it's 'perfectly safe'.

GMO crop seeds) with rising rates of autism. Children with

Dr Seneff points out, however, that our gut bacteria do have

autism have biomarkers indicative of excessive glyphosate,

this pathway, and that's crucial because these bacteria supply

including zinc and iron deficiency, low serum sulfate, seizures,

our body with vital amino acids. Roundup thus kills beneficial

and mitochondrial disorder.

gut bacteria necessary for good health and a functional

A fellow panelist reported that after Dr Seneff's presentation,

immune system, allowing pathogens to grow; it also interferes

'All of the 70 or so people in attendance were squirming, likely

with the synthesis of amino acids including methionine, which

because they now had serious misgivings about serving their

leads to shortages in critical neurotransmitters and folate;

kids, or themselves, anything with corn or soy, which are

chelates (removes) important minerals like iron, cobalt and

nearly all genetically modified and thus tainted with Roundup

manganese; and much more besides.

and its (herbicide) glyphosate.'

Even worse, she notes, additional chemicals in Roundup

Dr Seneff noted the widespread use of glyphosate's use,

are untested because they're classified as 'inert', yet according

even with non-GM crops. Because it is used on corn and soy,

to a 2014 study in BioMed Research International, these

all soft drinks and candies sweetened with corn syrup and all

chemicals are capable of amplifying the toxic effects of

chips and cereals that contain soy fillers have small amounts

Roundup 'hundreds of times over'.

of glyphosate in them, as do our beef and poultry since cattle

Glyphosate is present in unusually high quantities in the

and chicken are fed GMO corn or soy. Wheat is often sprayed

breast milk of American mothers, at anywhere from 760 to

with Roundup just prior to being harvested, which means

1 600 times the allowable limits in European drinking water.

that all non-organic bread and wheat products would also

Urine testing shows Americans have 10 times the glyphosate

be sources of glyphosate toxicity. The amount of glyphosate

accumulation as Europeans. Glyphosate has also been found

in each product may not be large, but the cumulative effect

in human placentas and umbilical cords.

(especially with as much processed food as Americans eat)

'In my view, the situation is almost beyond repair,' Dr Seneff

could be devastating. A recent study shows that pregnant

said after her presentation. 'We need to do something drastic.'

women living near farms where pesticides are applied have

Read the full article here.

a 60% increased risk of children having an autism spectrum disorder. Other toxic substances may also be autism-inducing. Studies now show a link between children's exposure

Resources Alliance For Natural Health

ODYSSEY 105 • 


Judge warns Monsanto for hiding info in 55 cancer lawsuits ODYSSEY 106 • 


It has been well established that agro-industry food giant and leading GMO producer Monsanto has been trying to hide the detrimental risks their leading herbicide, Roundup, poses to human health and the environment. Over the years, numerous studies have been published proving that the active ingredient in Roundup, glyphosate, can cause cancer, miscarriages, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's, and more.







evidence in support of the harmful effects of





virtually monopolise the entire North American seed industry without government intervention. Roundup can be found in almost any non-organic food, on golf courses, and in soil, despite the fact that it is a known carcinogen (in lab rats) and has been cited by a World Health Organization health and cancer watchdog body as a 'probable human carcinogen'. However, thanks to a federal court judge in California, Monsanto may finally have to face the music for its alleged wrongdoings and secrecy, shedding light on the truth about Roundup and the company's ties to the US government. On February 27, 2017, Judge Vince Chhabria declared to Monsanto that, despite the company's objections, numerous documents will not be kept sealed and will be turned over to be used against the company. Judge Chhabria is currently overseeing over 55 lawsuits against Monsanto in the US District Court for the Northern District of California. He even threatened Monsanto that if the company continues to pursue extensive efforts to keep important documents out of the hands of the public, he would impose sanctions. The court cases were filed as a result of numerous claims that Monsanto's Roundup caused non-Hodgkin lymphoma, a type of cancer that originates in the lymphatic system and could potentially be – some scientists say is likely to be – caused by Roundup. These specific lawsuits are being handled together as 'multi-district litigation' (MDL) in San Francisco, although there are many more claims from people all over the US who developed the same type of cancer, apparently after being exposed to the herbicide. 'I have a problem with Monsanto, because it is insisting that stuff be filed under seal that should

ODYSSEY 107 • 


not be filed under seal,' Judge Chhabria explained in the hearing. When documents are 'relevant to the litigation, they shouldn't be under seal, even if they are embarrassing to Monsanto (and) even if Monsanto doesn't like what they say.' You can read the full court transcript here. Another questionable subject that was brought up in the hearing is the fact that the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) maintains that glyphosate is 'likely not a carcinogen', in direct contradiction of a finding by the relevant World Health Organization's (WHO) cancer watchdog body. Why, it is being asked

to reclassify glyphosate from a 'possible human

in US eco-friendly circles, would the US government

carcinogen' to a 'probable' cancer-causing agent,

knowingly support a false claim, as it has been

but clearly Rowland ignored this expert's opinion

proven that glyphosate can cause cancer in rats and


is the likely cause of non-Hodgkins lymphoma in


the International Agency for Research on Cancer

not those involved in the trial would even believe

(IARC) classified glyphosate as a probable human

experts who explain the science behind glyphosate

carcinogen in late 2015. Numerous studies have

being 'probably carcinogenic'.

proven the cancer-glyphosate link (examples 1,

Monsanto, all of which threaten the environment,

2, 3), but despite the overwhelming amount of evidence, it is still being debated in US courts. Meanwhile,





which the EPA claims and is empowered to protect.

recently ruled against Monsanto in a case that

However, this case is expected to blow the lid off

aimed to enforce mandatory cancer warnings on

Monsanto's close ties to EPA higher-ups, including

Roundup labels. Judge Kristi Kapetan finalised her

Jess Rowland, head of the EPA's Cancer Assessment

ruling confirming that California will now classify



glyphosate as a chemical 'known to the state to

committee was 'accidentally' leaked to the public at

cause cancer', in accordance with the Safe Drinking

a time that was favourable to Monsanto, given its

Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, otherwise

latest lawsuits.

known as Proposition 65.






According to court filings by plaintiffs' attorneys, discovery documents 'strongly suggests that Mr

Recent history

Rowland's primary goal was to serve the interests

In January 2016, Monsanto filed a lawsuit against

of Monsanto'. Rowland has yet to publicly address

the State of California Environmental Protection

these allegations. He has since left the agency and

Agency's Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) over the agency's notice of




some concern during the hearing as to whether or

apparently colluded with oil companies as well as



cancer-glyphosate relationship is strange, as even

The EPA has, on numerous occasions in the past,



humans? As a result of the EPA's stance, there was

Plaintiffs state that the litigation has revealed

intent to list glyphosate as a Prop 65 chemical. After

documents proving that Rowland was 'straining, and

a long battle, the company finally lost and will be

often breaking, ethics and rules to benefit Monsanto's

forced to put cancer warning labels on their most


popular herbicide, Roundup, in California.




exposed that the company pushed this report to be

This will likely bode well for the anti-glyphosate

published immediately in order to 'pre-empt other

cases in California, but since many of the claims

potential actions or inquiries about the dangers of

were made outside of the state where the same laws

glyphosate,' according to a court filing.

don't apply, it may have less of an impact around the

Further proof lies in the form of a letter from a

rest of the USA – or in South Africa where our local

former EPA scientist to Rowland stating that there

authorities seem, when it suits them, to slavishly

were significant scientific grounds for the EPA

follow US government agency determinations on

EXCLUSIVE According to court filings by plaintiffs' attorneys, discovery documents 'strongly suggests that Mr Rowland's primary goal was to serve the interests of Monsanto'. Rowland has yet to publicly address these allegations. He has since left the agency and retired.

constitute, respectively, the active principles of three major herbicides, three insecticides, and three fungicides. Despite its relatively benign reputation, Roundup was among the most toxic herbicides and insecticides tested. Most importantly, eight formulations out of nine were up to one thousand times more toxic than their active principles. Our results challenge the relevance of the acceptable daily intake for pesticides because this norm is calculated from the toxicity of the active principle alone. Chronic tests on pesticides may not reflect

food safety, labelling and related issues, especially

relevant environmental exposures if only one

when it comes to GMOs and glyphosate.

ingredient of these mixtures is tested alone.'2

Rowland and some of the higher-ups at Monsanto

Dr Stephanie Seneff, a research scientist at the

are to make depositions later in March 2017. A key

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), revealed

hearing is set for October 2017, at which time expert

an even more disturbing truth: Glyphosate is possibly

witness testimonies are expected to be presented

'the most important factor in the development of

to the judge and then trial dates will likely begin in

multiple chronic diseases and conditions that have

early 2018 (source).

become prevalent in Westernised societies.' Another

Just how toxic is Roundup for you?

study suggested that glyphosate can cause celiac disease, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, kidney failure, miscarriages, infertility, birth defects, obesity,

Numerous countries have banned the use of

autism, depression, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and

Monsanto's Roundup, including Russia, Sri Lanka,


and much of Europe. In all there are at least 38

'It is commonly believed that Roundup is among

countries worldwide which have banned the use of

the safest pesticides. Despite its reputation, Roundup

and the importation of Roundup.

was by far the most toxic among the herbicides

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich

and insecticides tested. This inconsistency between

announced that Russia had 'made the decision not

scientific fact and industrial claim may be attributed

to use any GMO in food production'. This is due to

to huge economic interests, which have been found

safety concerns surrounding GMOs and toxicity of

to falsify health risk assessments and delay health

the active ingredient in Roundup, glyphosate (read

policy decisions.' – R Mesnage et al, Biomed Research

more about that here).

International, Volume 2014 (2014) article ID 179691.

However, in reality, there's much more to the

It's not really a surprise that Monsanto refuses

herbicide to be concerned about. A study, published

to admit the health risks associated with GMOs and

in the journal Biomedical Research International,

Roundup, as the company makes billions of dollars

showed that Roundup is 125 times more toxic than

every year from its increasing control of the global

its active ingredient glyphosate studied in isolation.1

seed industry – the company has previously openly

The eye-opening abstract reads as follows:

declared its aim of controlling the world's staple food

'Pesticides are used throughout the world

seed stocks. As a result, it's difficult for consumers

as mixtures called formulations. They contain

to even know when they're eating GMOs or other

adjuvants, which are often kept confidential and

products doused in Roundup because there's a lack

are called 'inerts' by the manufacturing companies,

of transparency. This is as true in South Africa as in

plus a declared active principle, which is usually

the USA, where Monsanto has been shown to enjoy

tested alone. We tested the toxicity of 9 pesticides,

the protection of government watchdog bodies like

comparing active principles and their formulations,

the EPA. O

on three human cell lines. Glyphosate, isoproturon,


fluroxypyr, pirimicarb, imidacloprid, acetamiprid, tebuconazole,




This article published with permission from Insights Publishing / African News Agency. Click here.

ODYSSEY 109 • 




No Longer Whispering to Power: The Story of Thuli Madonsela Thandeka Gqubule Jonathan Ball • 978 1 8684 2831 4

This is a fascinating account of a fascinating woman in a fascinating time. It is the time when ordinary South Africans are once again rising up against their leaders, this time demanding not universal franchise but proper governance. As Public Protector for seven years Madonsela brought into focus both the Nkandla scandal involving President Jacob Zuma's self-serving 'upgrades' to his residence in KwaZulu-Natal and to the State of Capture report, the ramifications of which are still playing themselves out. Soft spoken but with a core of steel, Madonsela has drawn a parallel between her role as Public Protector and that of the traditional Venda spiritual feminine teacher, the Makhadzi, who's role it is to whisper truth to the ruler of the

ODYSSEY 110 • 


day. When the clashes of voices between ruler and Makhadzi grow loud it is because the whispering has failed. Indeed, in this country today, even the shouting appears not to work. For anyone interested in the person behind the headlines and what is really at play in terms of the contention for the soul of this land, this is a must read.

The Wish Bill Griffin Constable • 978 1 4721 2616 0

The author says there are 99 things people wish for most. One supposes there are – probably, a lot more. But that's not the point. This book is the result of a project to see what the most wanted and desired wishes were from people anywhere and from all walks of life. It would be idiotic to list all 99 wishes in this concise and interesting book – you'll have to buy it or at least page through it in the bookshop to see all the (in some cases slightly odd) wishes that people have. The

author has penned brief and pithy responses to each wish expressed, sometimes profound sometimes not. If nothing else, this book gives a deep insight into the nature of our collective nature, warts and all.

Unplug: A Simple Guide To Meditation For Busy Sceptics And Modern Soul Seekers Suze Yalof Schwartz with Debra Goldstein Piatkus • 978 0 3494 1473 7

Moving from decades as a stylist, director and fashion editor at magazines like Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire and Glamour to something a little more meaningful, the author now runs a popular LA-based meditation studio. This book is designed to provide those on the run in modern society – or those who want no religiosity attached – ways to include meditation into their busy lives. If you are not already a meditator

but feel you ought to be – or you know someone like that – this is the book for you.

The Amazing Story of the Man who Cycled from India to Europe for Love Per J Andersson One World • 978 1 7860 7198 8

One assessment of this book was: 'Like Slumdog Millionaire, but for real.' This story begins in a public square in New Delhi. On a chilly December evening a young European woman of 'noble descent' asks a street artist known as PK to paint her portrait. What happens thereafter changes both their lives irrevocably. PK was born in a remote village on the edge of the jungle in Eastern India. He was born an untouchable and lived a life of gruelling hardship. He was forced to sit outside the classroom during lessons, would see school contemporaries wash themselves if they came into contact with him

and if he approached the village temple he had stones thrown at him. According to the village priests his lowly status meant he sullied all he touched or came in contact with. But through courage and love, he overcame his extreme poverty, the caste system prejudices which had banned him to the fringes of society and all the adversity that came with that, and undertook a 12 000km, adventurefilled journey across continents and through cultures to be with the woman he loved. This is a true story and one worth reading.

If I Could Tell You Just One Thing Richard Reed Canongate • 978 1 7821 1922 7

The subtitle of this book explains its main tile: 'Encounters with remarkable people and their most valuable advice.' There are many interesting people covered in just a few pages each, with their pithiest and best advice extracted into large-type quotes. It is tedious

to list all those involved but they range from Annie Lennox through Stephen Fry and Simon Cowell, with stops for Heston Blumenthal, Harry Belafonte, Tony Blair, Bear Grylls, Richard Branson and Judi Dench among dozens of others.

Rocket Man Edited by Jessica Easto B2 Books • 978 1 5728 4214 4

This one is subtitled: 'Elon Musk in his own words', which sums it up for you. Drawn from years of interviews, public statements and media coverage, this little book provides some of Musk's most thought-provoking insights offered in his own words. If you would understand, or at least obtain a glimpse of, the mind of one of the most visionary engineers and entrepreneurs alive today, then this is a must read.

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Conscious Lifestyle Digimag

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PILGRIMAGES: Inside & Out • GOddESSES nEvER AGE MEdIcAL InnOvAtIOn bILL cOntROvERSy • LOvE yOuRSELf hEALthy • whEn MEdIcInE IS A 'fOOd' O DYSSEY 1 • 


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give peace a chance

Issue 3 • 2015

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SA's leading integrated living mag

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something wicca this ODYSSEY 1 way comes

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herbal 1st aid kit karen armstrong






charter of compassion

womanity imhotep

africa's cosmic architect

a look at mohair



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'Every moment allows for a new set of circumstances. Each of these is another test, an opportunity to uncover an original ingenuity and strength within.' – Ronnie Muhl



currently have the privilege of leading an Everest

way to enter the spaces between your thoughts. Just as

expedition in Nepal and it always astounds me

the space between the notes makes the music, without

how I have these long periods of silence here

that emptiness, that silence in between, there is no

in Base Camp. Besides the odd helicopter on a rescue

music, there is no harmony, only a noise. You too are

mission, or the Nepali music and chatter from our Sherpa

silent empty space at your centre, surrounded by your

staff, this incredibly beautiful place is very quiet.

form. To break through that form and discover your very

Wayne Dyer, author of Wisdom of the Ages says, 'It

creative nature at its core, make time to become silent

has been estimated that the average person has sixty

each day and enter that rapturous space between your

thousand separate thoughts each and every day. The

thoughts. It is in this silent empty space where you can

problem is that we have the same thoughts today that

find a sense of total peace in a realm that is ordinarily

we had yesterday, and we’ll repeat them again tomorrow.

unknowable. Here, any illusion of your separateness is

Most of us have minds that race at full speed day and


night. Our thoughts are a hodgepodge of continuous

'If you want to understand the universe, or your

dialogue like a merry-go-round that never stops creating

own personal universe, if you want to know how it all

a mental pattern that leaves no space for silence.

works, then be quiet and face your fears of sitting in

'The pattern reinforces our cultural belief that all

a room alone and going deep within the layers of your

gaps in conversation need to be filled quickly. For many,

own mind. Meditation is not something that is exclusively

silence represents an embarrassment and a social defect.

for spiritual seekers who want to wile away the hours

Silent periods are perceived as awkward moments, and

and days of their lives in deep contemplation, oblivious

good conversationalists know how to get those spaces

to productivity and social responsibility. Meditation is a

occupied with some kind of noise. And so it is with

practise advocated by those who live by their faith in

ourselves as well; we have no training in silence, and we

reason, by number crunches and authors of theorems

see it as unwieldy and confusing. Thus we keep the inner

and believers in Pascal’s Law.'

dialogue going just like the outer. 'Learning to be quiet and meditate involves finding a

As Pythagoras once said: 'Learn to be silent. Let your quiet mind listen and absorb.' O ODYSSEY 113 • 


Paulo's Column

writing fro

the so

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Paulo Coelho shares some profound short stories The Dilemma of the Wise - Chuang Tzu The man walked down the main street in his town. He saw beggars, cripples, and people in a state of misery. Unable to live with so much suffering, he implored to heaven above, 'God, how can you love human beings so much and at the same time do nothing for those who are suffering?' 'I did something for them,' a voice said. 'I made you.'

Administrating the Plants - anonymous A man who was very proud of his garden was desolated to see that it had been infested by a blight of dandelions. Try as he might, he just could not get rid of them. In despair, he called the local Department of Agriculture. 'What should I do?' After a long silence, he received the answer, 'We suggest that you learn to love them.'

Goodbye - Richard Marius During the atrocities that accompanied the Bolshevik revolution, thousands of people were arbitrarily arrested, beaten, stripped and executed with a shot in the back of the head. According to one witness, 'at the most tragic moment in our lives we have an absolute need to not feel alone. So most of the victims asked to say goodbye – and since there was nobody nearby, they embraced and said farewell to their executioners.' This is the same story that starts this page, is this on purpose? I'll leave it, but I want to make sure to call attention to it in case it is a mistake. The title and author are different but he story is the same.

Closer to God - anonymous One of the most disconcerting – and delightful – of the master's teachings was to repeat, 'God is closer to sinners than to saints.' And he explained his words in this way; 'The Lord above has a thread that connects Him to each and every human being. When you do something wrong, this thread is cut and God ties a knot. The more sins, the more knots to the thread and the shorter it grows, so the person draws ever closer to His mercy.' O

©Translated by Michelle Artimez • Travel with Paulo through his blogs, visit

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Odyssey Magazine - Issue 2, 2017  

In this issue we take a look at the ancient 'wonder plant' Cannabis, as well as the good, bad and ugly side of modern medicine. Enjoy!

Odyssey Magazine - Issue 2, 2017  

In this issue we take a look at the ancient 'wonder plant' Cannabis, as well as the good, bad and ugly side of modern medicine. Enjoy!