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Relieves menopausal symptoms

Symptom relief for1 P Irritability & fatigue P Hot flushes P Night sweats P Insomnia

Reference: 1. Lopatka L, et al. Journal of Menopause. 2007;2:16-21. Open observational trial over 4 months in 584 women with mean age of 53.2 years. | Tel 044 874 2927



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Issue 1 • 2017

Volume 41 • No.1

The Universe Has Your Back 40 What if this is Heaven? 44 Dealing with Menopause 48 Why Turmeric? 56 Supercharge Your Life 74 Paulo Coelho 90

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magical awaking

within and without The energetic shifts we are all going through are currently most palpable. Yet, it is also a time in the midst of extreme polarisation to choose that which is harmonious and working. This choice is clearly being made by many Americans at present, in the light of Trump's knee-jerk actions. This was particularly evident by the many women protesting his sexist and divisive rhetoric, with by marches all over the world. So, we are living in a world that is provoking from all of us the ability to be adaptive to rapid and radical change. Security as per norm is rapidly flying out of the window and innate capacities within all of us are being called forth. It is also a time when most are getting the message that divisive language and worldviews no longer work. It is truly time for the individual to rise up and know through their life's experiences that things can and must be better than they presently are. Hence we are moving away from religions per se to a perspective in terms of which each individual brings forth their inherent knowing and wisdom. The process of this movement is from dualism to wholism. And naturally that is not necessarily comfortable for many.



Several articles within this edition highlight the inevitable reality of pain and suffering that so many of us are currently going through - be it physically, emotionally or even mentally. Yet through this window, the realisations are reached that 'Life does indeed Love you' and that 'The Universe does have your Back'. In another article we even ask the tantalising and challenging question, 'What if this is Heaven?' It is important to bring forth the positive awakenings that are discovered deep within, when one listens and is truthful to self; as much as to make mention of the depths that a confused soul sinks to. As philosopher William James said: 'The greatest revolution of our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.' So it is time to dare to play and to explore one's passions. May you enjoy this edition as much as we have enjoyed putting it together for you, our dear readers.

Silke, Chris and The Team

This intriguing film asks a question we should all be asking ourselves: How might your life be better with less? When Joshua Fields Millburn packs for a trip, he uses a single duffle bag. It contains two button-up shirts, a few T-shirts, a stack of underwear, jacket, toiletries bag, laptop, and a blow dryer. He’s already wearing his single pair of jeans and shoes, so those don’t need to be packed. And that’s it – he’s off and away for a ten-month book tour around the country. Millburn, together with his childhood friend Ryan Nicodemus, is one of The Minimalists. The two-man team is on a mission to spread a message that less is more, that letting go of material possessions opens people up to better human relationships and more meaningful lives, not to mention free time and saved money. They have found a receptive audience. Millions of readers flock to their website, updated regularly with thoughtful blog posts and podcasts, seeking advice on how to focus on the things that really matter in life.

Click here for more info.

A message for New Year Peace

What in the World Are We Waking Up About? A Short Documentary




SOUND TO SILENCE RETREAT March 30 - April 2 Ponta Do Ouro, Mozambique

The Sound to Silence Retreat is a weekend aimed at accessing inner transformation through music, workshops, yoga, conscious breathing and chanting, silent walks, theta healing sessions, doodling, Swimming With Dolphins (Weather Permitting) And Delicious Vegetarian (and Vegan) Meals Cooked With Love And Meditation. FOR BOOKINGS CONTACT Shameen Yacoob: Click HERE for more.

DANCE TO HEAL THE EARTH FEST March 22 - March 26 Cape Point, Cape Town

This is the Third annual "Dance To Heal The Earth", brought to us in Cape Town by Grandmother Robin Youngblood. The ceremony will be over five days which includes four days and four nights of fasting. You may choose a shorter period to attend as a Dancer (two or three nights). If you are interested please contact Gerri Stevenson: Call 082 496 8713 or email gstevenson@iafricacom.


March 11 Soul, 388 Albert Road, Salt River, Cape Town A Day workshop, teachings & coaching on the 'Original Knowledge & Holistic Wisdom' to stand in consciousness of our spirit. Wisdom about recovering the Spirit & Soul’s deep yearning to be reconnected to the Primordial Great Mother of all. Teachings about the care of the Soul, regaining the beautiful expression of our Soul, the flowering of the Heart & practical tools to hold greater spiritual integrity, alignment & attunement to the DIVINE MOTHER. Click HERE for more.

Barrels & Beards festival April 22 Bot River

Soon, Bot River winemakers will return to the tribe where Gandalf, Lincoln, Chuck Norris, Castro and their bearded ilk hold sway. And as has become the most memorable fashion, they’ll ignite a party like no other. Now in its 7th year, Barrels & Beards has become an institution to celebrate the new harvest of Bot River wine on its hallowed journey from the ocean-cooled vineyards of this magnificent valley to the wine-lover’s glass. For enquiries and pre-bookings contact Wilmari Geyer: Email or call 084 231 8930.



Centre for the Fleur de Lis SOUL / LIFE READINGS • • • • •

Is your life no longer making sense ? Are you troubled by what is going on either in your immediate world, the planet at large or both ? Have things that used to make sense become confusing ? Are you being overwhelmed by thoughts, feelings, dreams and / or events in your life ? Do you feel uncomfortable in your own skin, in your relationships or in your work ?

To answer these and any other life / soul issues, an opportunity has been provided for direct conversations, including questions and answers with St Germain and other highly evolved beings. Booking essential.

For more info or to book, please speak to Silke on 021 701 1186

• • •

Duration: +- 2½ hours Location: Kirstenhof, Cape Town Cost: R500

Please note that Soul / Life readings are not psychic readings, but direct interactions with advanced souls whose purpose is to facilitate each individuals' self-awakening. Participants are advised that they are required to take full responsibility for the fundamental life changes that often follow readings.

The Centre for the Fleur de Lis is facilitated by Silke & Chris Erasmus under the guidance and auspices of St Germain, hierarch of the current age and foremost teacher of the great global spiritual awakening taking place at this time.





THINGS ARE NOT AS BAD AS YOU MAY THINK Online publication The World in Data's Max Roser recently set about looking at many facets of human life and how they compare nowadays to in the past. You may be surprised by the results. The question 'Is the world getting better or worse, or neither getting better nor worse?' depends on how the world has changed and so we must take a historical perspective. And the question is about the world as a whole and the answer must therefore consider everybody. The answer must consider the history of global living conditions – a history of everyone.

For the full story click here.

13 GREAT THINGS THAT HAPPENED IN 2016 Mary Jo DiLonardo, who writes about everything from health to parenting, recently blogged that 2016 indeed had its fair share of depressing factors. From nasty politics to heartbreaking celebrity deaths, terrorism to health scares, it's tough, she says, to look back on 2016 and find positive news, but good news is there and she has shared her thoughts.

For the full story click here.



37% of underage girls in Tanzania are married, and more than one in five Tanzanian teenagers have given birth. A new law passed recently in Tanzanian parliament aims to change this trend by making it illegal (and punishable by up to 30 years in prison) for a man to marry or impregnate a primary-school or secondary-school age girl.

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake that battered Nepal in 2015 killed nearly 9 000 people and damaged thousands of buildings – including what many consider to be the country’s oldest Hindu temple in Changu Village. Slowly, locals are rebuilding their beloved Changu Narayan temple with help from a British architect through the World Monuments Fund.

For the full story click here.

For the full story click here.

What is Consciousness? Three Stages of Consciousness with Michio Kaku

change one thing – change everything



It's one of those philosophical questions we occasionally ponder: What is nothing? Can nothing be something? If not, then how can something come from nothing? If there's one scientific field on the forefront of such conceptual paradoxes, it's quantum theory. And in quantum theory, nothing actually is something, sort of. According to physicists at University of Konstanz in Germany, the nothingness that exists on the quantum level is not only something, but its fluctuations can be grasped, manipulated, and perhaps even observed.

According to an ancient Chinese legend, a great flood of biblical proportion swept over China 4 000 years ago, and now, it seems, science agrees. Due to scant archaeological evidence, many modern scholars dismiss this legend as mere myth, a fantastical origin story that has been passed down orally through history but which has no basis in fact. But archaeologists are left wanting as a shocking new discovery by geologists shows evidence of a catastrophic flood that poured through the Yellow River valley some 4 000 years ago.

For the full story click here.

For the full story click here.

MODERN ALCHEMY For almost 100 years, scientists have been trying to turn hydrogen, the lightest of all the elements, into a metal, but until now they had no luck. Finally, a breakthrough has surfaced. Scientists at Harvard University have finally succeeded in generating a minuscule amount of the rarest and what is thought to be the most valuable metallic material on the planet. According to Professor Silvera, it is 'very important' that the metallic hydrogen proves stable at room temperature, meaning that if you take the pressure off, it will stay metallic. For the full story click here.




HEAT FOR THE HISTORY BOOKS Proving once more that climate change is a runaway problem, scientists just revealed that the earth is the hottest it’s been in 125 000 years. The last time global temperatures were this high, sea levels completely covered the land on which New Orleans currently sits. According to a new report in Science Magazine, Jeremy Hoffman and colleagues at Oregon State University studied chemical clues in 104 sea floor sediment samples taken from areas around the world. By comparing the samples, they were able to create a picture of what the climate actually looked like 125 000 years ago.

For the full story click here.

CONSCIOUSNESS IS EVERYWHERE Scientists and Buddhists from all over the world are starting to see the similarities between their disciplines, and the research which is emerging as a result is truly exciting. A classic example of a scientist diving into ancient wisdom is Nikola Tesla, whose work was heavily influenced by Vedic philosophy. Without a doubt, various ancient Eastern traditions are closely tied with certain aspects of modern day science. Though it may seem counter-intuitive to some, it seems as though science is actually working to catch up to the teachings of ancient philosophy and mysticism rather than the other way around. Christof Koch, the Chief Scientific Officer at the Allen Institute for Brain Science and a leading American neuroscientist, has illustrated how new theories in neuroscience suggest that consciousness is present in all things. A couple of years ago he took a trip to India to discuss the topic with a group of Buddhist monks and ended up debating with the Dalai Lama for an entire day.

For the full story click here.

A Simple Meditation Technique



ENYA - Echoes in Rain

MAPPING THE DIGITAL HEAVENS After more than four years and about 370 000 exposures of the night sky, the world's largest digital sky survey is now available for all to peruse. This unprecedented mapping project was made possible by the Panoramic Survey Telescope & Rapid Response System in Hawaii. The observatory, located at the summit of Haleakala on Maui, is equipped with a 1.8m telescope that contains a 1.5 billion pixel digital camera, the largest such astronomical camera in the world. For the full story click here.

PORTALS TO OTHER DIMENSIONS Black holes may not end in a crushing singularity as previously thought, but rather open up passageways into whole other universes. It may sound like the premise to a science-fiction movie, but new calculations by quantum physicists now suggest that the stargate idea might actually be the better theory. According to the startling new results, black holes do not culminate in a singularity. Rather, they most likely represent portals to other universes.

For the full story click here.

LOOKING FOR ANOTHER EARTH Is there anybody out there? Astronomers and dreamers have been asking this question since the dawn of humanity – and yet, the mystery remains. In March 2009, NASA launched the Kepler Mission, a discovery program designed to look for possible life-supporting planets. So far, Kepler has discovered 4 706 of these potential planets. NASA has released a few artist impressions of what some of these planets may look like along with explanations.

For the full story click here.

WE HAVE A MINI-MOON After nearly a century in Earth’s orbit, a tiny asteroid has earned NASA’s recognition as Earth’s new 'mini moon'. Measuring roughly 35-100m in diameter, the minuscule rock slowly circles the sun on a similar orbit as Earth and NASA scientists now reveal that it circles Earth as well. The asteroid’s own orbit has a unique pattern, doing a slow back-and-forth twist over multiple decades, and it’s expected to continue flirting with our green planet for at least a few more centuries. For the full story click here.

AN ABUNDANCE OF BLACK HOLES A new deep-space study by NASA shows the vast void beyond our home is dotted not only with countless galaxies and stars, but also a stunning number of supermassive black holes. Using data collected over 80 days of observations by NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory spacecraft, the agency released an image that shows the largest concentration of black holes ever seen. According to scientists, the density as viewed from Earth would be equivalent to about 5 000 objects that would fit into the area of the sky covered by the full moon. For the full story click here.




climate action is an uncomfortably hot topic in





hen we talk about climate change we are referring to the changes in the earth’s weather systems that are occurring due to the build-up of excess heat in the atmosphere.

This is happening because since the advent of the industrial revolution

we’ve powered growth and development through burning fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas and chopping down vast swathes of forest. The carbon molecules that are stored in these substances are released into the atmosphere when they are burnt. This changes the composition of the atmosphere – almost like adding an ever-thickening blanket around the earth. Human activity has already increased the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by almost 40% since the turn of the 20th century and this has caused the earth to warm by about 1°C. In January this year, the World Meteorological Organisation announced that 2016 was the hottest year since record-keeping began in the 1880s, breaking records set in 2015 and 2014. Average global monthly temperatures have now reached 1.1°C above pre-industrial levels. If we continue to burn coal, oil and gas at current rates the atmosphere will probably be at least another 2°C warmer by 2100. To put that into perspective, during the last ice age, average global

WWF South

Africa’s Jaco du Toit is a climate change expert. He explains why we need more 'climate action' to safeguard the future of our planet.

temperatures were only about 5°C colder than they are today, and the planet was a very different place then.

So what’s the big deal about climate change? People often point out that the earth’s climate has changed in the past and then ask what’s different now. The first difference lies in the cause. Through studying natural events that changed the earth’s climate in the past such as changes in the earth’s orbit, volcanoes and solar activity scientists have proven that the warming we are currently seeing is not due to natural causes.1 Basic chemistry also tells us that if we burn fossil fuels and release the carbon into the atmosphere more heat will inevitably be trapped. So the first big deal here is that we are responsible for the changes that are occurring, and that these changes are happening far faster than natural or human systems can adapt. The second big deal lies in the impacts of a warmer earth. More heat in the atmosphere inevitably leads to more extreme weather. This means that droughts, floods and heat waves will get much worse. These extreme weather events, combined with changing climate conditions, also disrupt the very foundations of our society by harming food production systems and threatening ecosystems and biodiversity. In the long run the warming oceans will also melt the polar ice caps to the extent where many of today’s large coastal cities will be uninhabitable. The on-going droughts and rampant wildfires that we have seen in

5 ways

to reduce your carbon footprint 1. Use public transport or commute by bicycle/on foot 2. Fly less 3. Eat local 4. Use less electricity 5. Reduce waste

South Africa over the last few years serve as stark reminders of how vulnerable our own country is as a warming climate creates ever more favourable circumstances for such events.



6 ways to

Is anyone doing anything about this?

influence others

The positive news is that people everywhere have started to address this massive challenge. •

In December 2015, the governments of the world

1. Make sure you are informed 2. Encourage family and friends to join you in taking action 3. Get your employer to sign up for change with the Science Based Targets initiatve 4. Hold your politicians to account for providing low carbon alternatives like renewable energy and public transport 5. Support a climate NGO 6. Sign the online Earth Hour petition calling for a shift to renewable energy (link to be supplied)

concluded the first international agreement on climate change, the Paris Agreement, which contains pledges of action by 190 countries (including South Africa) towards a shared objective of keeping global temperature rise well below 2°C, aiming for 1.5°C, to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. •

In the business sector hundreds of the largest companies internationally are starting to take action with more than 200 companies having committed to set Science Based Targets to reduce their carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions. Through many other initiatives like WWF's Climate Savers and Climate Solvers, companies are working on the solutions that are necessary to change our economies.

And, most importantly, ordinary people around the world are starting to find their voices on this issue and are acting in billions of little ways to secure a climate safe future. In 2015 hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets of New York, Paris and governments. Others are helping change markets

What has Earth Hour got to do with this?

through what they buy or by changing where they

Just as countries around the world came together for

invest their money.

the Paris Agreement in December 2016, people come

many other cities to push for more action by their

OK, so we have an international agreement and lots of action but what’s the next step? Though it is clear that the world is transitioning to a

together observe Earth Hour2. But the action should not stop there. We all need to go beyond the hour to make real change.

low-carbon future, we will need to achieve much faster

In conjunction with this year’s Earth Hour campaign, we

change if we hope to achieve Paris’ ambitious goal of

are calling on all South Africans to hold our government to

limiting the global temperature increase to 1.5°C. Both

account to implement the Paris agreement and to do their

governments and non-state actors will have to act faster

bit to meet our commitments to the Paris agreement. We

to reduce their emissions.

encourage people to also reflect on areas where they can

This will require policy measures to increase renewable

make changes in their own homes or places of work. O

energy and move away from fossil fuels, including through putting a tax on carbon emissions. Businesses and cities have to improve how efficiently they use energy, install renewable energy alternatives, and shift to public transport. Individual people also have to ensure that they reduce their emissions through making low-carbon choices, using energy wisely, changing the way they travel and shop and becoming voices for change in their workplace and communities.



Publisher's Note: Actually, the natural background trend is towards a cooler Earth, meaning that human impacts are greater than most people realise.


Earth Hour on 25 March 2017 is a symbolic switch off from 8.30pm to 9.30pm but we need you to go beyond the hour. Visit earthhour. for more news on climate action.




FINDING YOURSELF AS YOU JOURNEY THROUGH LIFE Life is precious and should be enjoyed to the full. Have you ever looked into the mirror and maybe not liked what you saw? A more 'mature' version of yourself, that left you feeling a bit hollow and wondering where your life had gone. And that feeling that 'I know I should be doing something, but I don't know what'. Andrea Stauch takes a closer look at realising your own potential.




think most of us have been there at some time or another, and so it was for me during that far off time when I was living in the middle of

the Brazilian bush and my life was just falling to pieces around me. In order to know more about this, I have it all documented in my book Recalculating the GPS for the

Soul. However, it was during that difficult time that I befriended my little life-savers, numbers, and the rest is history. I have worked with Numerology for many years and I became aware that every time people had problems with the same number, they always seemed to have similar physical problems too. I investigated and researched this

We are here to hold universal love and light and so help bring spirit down to meet matter as we incarnate time and time again.

phenomenon and thus Numerotherapy was born. So what is Numerotherapy? Numerotherapy is based on the ancient science of Numerology, using all the wisdom that Pythagoras left

ridiculous, to the 'a-ha' moments in later life. I think it's fair to say 'been there, done that, seen it all', which leads me to my next point. Life's lessons.

us, combined with energy healing and a deep knowledge

The basic concept of Numerology is based on the

of metaphysics, showing how the chakras and the human

belief of reincarnation. It is from this point that we can

aura work.

look back and understand that issues from previous

It can pinpoint both your talents and life's lessons and

existences that had been unsuccessfully resolved during

help you to work through them and understand what it is

certain lifetimes, can appear on the physical body as

that you have come here onto the Earth plane to achieve.

problem areas in this current life.

It shows you what talents you bring with you from

Their appearance is nothing more than to try to

previous lifetimes and subsequently the areas that you

draw your attention to certain facts that lie behind the

would be most comfortable in with regard to professional

meanings of the numbers that are to be found on various

choices in life.

points in your 'Life Map'.

It teaches you to know yourself and thus take that

The mind boggles when you think that from this

knowledge and become self-empowered. If you can think

perspective of reincarnation, when a person enters the

it, you can do it.

'afterlife' after passing from a life, there is a different

Once you know what your problem areas are in this

sense of perception and understanding, making it easier

life, you can understand how it is that you often find

to be organised and focused when undergoing a review

yourself in very similar situations time and time again

of that recently lived life.

until suddenly you realise that you have to break the

Here, you may realise that you didn't quite 'nail' it in

cycle and release the underlying issues that have been

certain troublesome areas, and agree to reincarnate once

holding you back. All this is possible to achieve through

again to have another crack at those unresolved issues.


How different it is then, when you arrive back here on

I am the living proof of this.

the physical plane (3rd dimension) and are let loose with

I have always been a globe-trotter. Try 16 different

your conscious decision from that 'interlife' state being

cities/towns/farms where I have lived, spread over four

nothing more than a distant, vague memory deep inside

continents and one set of tropical islands (Seychelles).

you. Not a great plan of action for accomplishing your

Quite a life itinerary, with many passports full of different

lessons in this life.

and exotic stamps acquired along the way, not to mention

It is at this point that Numerotherapy can look for,

a life full of experiences, ranging from the bizarre to the

find and redirect you, in a sense, reset your personal



GPS for your soul and help you finally get to grips with

those issues that have been following you from lifetime to lifetime. You can look those lessons squarely in the face and resolve to work through the issues that caused them in the first place, thus releasing the need for any physical symptoms. This is where the healing begins. Extending our knowledge of energy a bit further afield from our own selves, we understand that our wonderful planet has many invisible lines of energy surrounding it that bind us all together. From the well-known ley lines, where in former times great cathedrals were constructed just because of the energy vortices at those points, to the energy connections that we have with each other, represented by the different types of relationships we experience. Metaphysics shows us there are several different types of cord connections that bind us in different categories of relationships. Soul cords from within the spiritual world, past life experiences, genetic connections to birth parents, relationship cords with parents and also other human beings. I have been fascinated with these interactions for a long time now and have come to realise just how important all this is that is going on in the background of our very busy and noisy lives. We have known for a long time that thought creates form, but not for that very long have we come to realise that it is intention from the higher spiritual spheres, that filters down to the mental body and causes thought, that eventually becomes form in our daily lives.

We have known for a long time that thought creates form, but not for that very long have we come to realise that it is intention from the higher spiritual spheres, that filters down to the mental body and causes Thought, that eventually becomes Form in our daily lives.

It is from here that we need to learn that we create all that is going on around us, and if you don't like what you

help bring spirit down to meet matter as we incarnate

have created, then change it to what you want it to be.

time and time again. This is our principle reason for

You have the power to do this. This is where the healing

being here. Often times we get wildly side-tracked, but

comes from. News flash: there is nobody who is going to

deep down we understand and our intense connection to

magically heal you. You are the healer, and at the right

Universal Energy keeps it all worthwhile.

time in your life when you are ready to embrace this fact, you will find that the healing will begin.

So armed with some new facts and hopefully a new mind-set, you are now better equipped than ever to

Those of us who are currently on the Earth plane at

set about discovering what you contracted to do in this

this very important time in human history and who are

current lifetime. Hopefully you will be able to find yourself,

consciously involved in holistic and spiritual endeavours

as you journey through this current life on our wonderful

are very likely 'Light Workers'.

planet, and don't forget, it is a great privilege to be here.

We come in all shapes and forms, and are to be found

Make your time here count. O

in all countries on all continents and in all different life situations. Usually those who are the oldest and wisest souls take on the more difficult roles in life. It is said that you will only be expected to work through what you are well equipped to cope with. The Universe asks no more than that of us. We are here to hold universal love and light and so



For more information on Andrea's journey through life look no further than her book Recalculating the GPS for the Soul, which she co-authored with her daughter Samantha Schachtel. Visit, and see ad, right.


Learn how to use the ancient science of Numerology in an up to the moment, cutting edge tool called Numerotherapy. This helps you discover who you are, why you are here, and shows you your talents, problem areas and physical issues, that you have come here to work through. With a new sense of purpose and understanding you can become self empowered and begin to heal yourself. Andrea Stauch and Samantha Schachtel offer a first time online course on Numerotherapy. This includes the book Recalculating... the GPS for the Soul and a guided meditation by Andrea to Meet your Higher Self.

For more information visit or email Andrea is a master numerologist, energy worker, author and metaphysician. Samantha is a life coach,author and metaphysician.



Adverse Childhood Experiences what are they and do they still affect us? Anyone who's had a brush with psychology will know that many clues to our lives today lie in the deep and sometimes murky waters of our past. Now, extensive studies are showing that what we experience in childhood affects our entire lives – and that researchers are now able to measure this. Veronica Haupt reports.


t turns out that a childhood filled with support, love

mental disorders, suicide attempts, autoimmune disease,

and connection protects us from all sorts of diseases,

addiction and all sorts of chronic illnesses from asthma

and can have a marked difference on the quality of

to cancer. Cellular biologist, renowned author and one of

our lives as adults. The flip side of this of course, is the

the pioneers in his field, Dr Bruce Lipton, estimates that

detrimental effect that Adverse Childhood Experiences

as much as 95% of disease can be traced back to ACES.

(ACES) have on our health, life expectancy, relationships

and even success.



The question of course is why this happens, and how. The problem, it turns out, is when Adverse Childhood

According to an Adverse Childhood Experiences

Experiences cause stress that is chronic (ongoing for a

study done by Dr Vincent J Felitti (MD, director and

period) and unpredictable (the child never knows when

founder, California Institutes of Preventative Medicine),

the stress-event is going to occur).

and Dr Robert Anda (MD, medical epidemiologist at the

The human body and mind has an enormous capacity

US Centre for Disease Control), adversity in childhood

to handle stress. Our fight or flight response is designed

can be the precursor to deep depression and anxiety

to cope with sudden stressors that appear and then

later in life. ACES also have a marked correlation to pain,

go away – like a bear unexpectedly leaping out of the

There are thousands of case studies of people curing themselves of 'incurable' illnesses; and not only that, they've gone on to live lives of success, happiness and peace.

forest. Adrenaline pumps, blood rushes to our muscles and we either fight or flee. What we are not good at coping with is when the proverbial bear is constantly prowling around the house. We never know where it is or when it is going to pounce. For example, if we had a depressed or addicted parent – one day they are sober and available, the next they're lying on the couch, unable to respond to our needs. Or a hyper-critical parent with anger issues – one minute they are calm, the next they are jumping down our throat for a behaviour we may not even know is 'wrong'. To cope with this, children develop a constant state of hypervigilance. But what this means is a continual 'wash' of cortisol and other stress hormones coursing through our bodies. Even babies exposed to unpredictable stress suffer intensely. Take for example a mother who is not able to respond to her baby's needs because she's suffering from post-natal depression. A needy, neglected baby cannot respond to this 'stressor' by fighting or fleeing, so their stress response becomes 'freeze' – giving up and shutting down – which appears

In the family:

as lethargy and a non-responsive state. The same wash

Being regularly verbally put down or humiliated

of stress hormones runs through their little systems,

Emotional or physical neglect

resetting their stress response at a higher level. Studies

Physical or sexual abuse

have even shown that babies in the womb pick up and

Having a depressed parent (or other mental illness)

respond negatively to parental stress, both mother and

A parent being chronically ill for a significant period


Having a parent who was addicted to alcohol or

We also now know that our bodies never forget, and

other substances

sweeping things under the carpet without dealing with

Witnessing mother/father/sibling being abused

them doesn't make them go away. In fact, the constant

Losing a parent to separation/divorce

flood of stress hormones resets our stress response

Losing a parent to death

to a much higher level for the rest of our lives. Daily

Disliked by a sibling/favouritism by parents

pressures that we should be able to handle with ease

A forced, unwanted separation from family (such as

are magnified – and our bodies over-produce cortisol to cope. We are labelled as 'stress bunnies'; we react to

boarding school) •

the smallest provocation with an inappropriately intense

A strained or cold relationship with either or both parents

response. Other indicators of chronic childhood stress is


a 'cortisol tummy' – a layer of belly fat around our middle

Bullied by a classmate or teacher

that we cannot seem to lose; and, of course, the host of

Personal extended medical trauma

diseases labelled 'stress-related', many of which have no

Violence in community

medical cure.

Growing up noticeably different from peers, for example poverty

So what experiences actually count as ACES?

being added all the time, and each can have a different

In the gamut of experiences we go through as children, it

impact on different individuals – what severely affects

turns out that quite specific ones (always, the ones that

one person may not be so detrimental to another.

give us chronic, unpredictable stress) have measurable,

Surprisingly, being regularly verbally put down by a

detrimental effects on us as adults. These include things

parent has a slightly higher correlation to adult disease


than even sexual abuse – once again disproving the

This is by no means a definitive list; new ACES are



childhood adage of 'sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me'. Here are some frightening statistics that came out of the Felitti-Anda study: 18% of people with an ACE score of 1 had suffered from clinical depression. 30% of those with an ACE score of 3, and nearly 50% with an ACE score of 4 or more had suffered from chronic depression. Taking women alone, this rises to 24% of women with an ACE score of 1 and up to 60% of women with an ACE score of 4 or more. The loss of a parent in childhood triples the chances of depression in adulthood. Being raised by a mother with depression puts you at a higher risk of living with chronic pain as an adult. In addition to mood disorders, all that cortisol racing through a body in a permanent state of hypervigilance cannot help but result in chronic illness as an adult. When we are chronically stressed, the brain creates a state of neuro-inflammation. The result? Impaired growth of neurons in the hippocampus – and impaired emotional wellbeing (decision-making abilities, emotional regulation, thoughts and behavior) as adults. This means a higher propensity for depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, anxiety disorders and poor decision-making – all of which can lead to substance abuse. Worse, as we get older (and women suffer in far greater numbers than men), we develop illnesses like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, obesity, irritable bowel syndrome, migraines, bowel disorders, cancers, heart disease and chronic pain – as well as over 100 autoimmune diseases.

Are we doomed? Fortunately, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The constant flood of stress hormones resets our stress response to a much higher level for the rest of our lives. Daily pressures that we should be able to handle with ease are magnified – and our bodies over-produce cortisol to cope. We are labelled as 'stress bunnies'; we react to the smallest provocation with an inappropriately intense response.

Studies also show that the brain has great plasticity right through our lives. This means that we can 'reset' our

Experiencing (SE), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT),

stress response and stop and even reverse the damage

hypnosis, guided imagery, EEG Neurofeedback, EMDR (Eye

done. There are thousands of case studies of people

Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing), PSTEC,

curing themselves of 'incurable' illnesses; and not only

Psych-K and ReCode.

that, they've gone on to live lives of success, happiness and peace. There are several modalities that are known to

Luckily for us, deep, lasting change and complete healing is possible and ultimately, love does indeed conquer all. O

have helped people to heal from even the most chronic 'incurable' disease. This includes simple steps, once you've identified your ACES, like writing or drawing to heal; mindfulness meditation; the martial arts practices of Tai Chi and Qigong (moving meditation); forgiveness, yoga; and trauma release exercises, through to Bodywork; improving our gut flora; developing deep and connected relationships. Therapy work that has shown good results include traditional talk therapy, Somatic



Veronica Haupt is a qualified EFT practitioner and through her practice has developed an advanced energy psychology methodology called ReCode. What makes her stand out from other practitioners is that she offers a money-back guarantee on her work – she is that confident of results. For more info see ad, right.

ReCode Your Life! ©

ReCode© is a form of energy psychology that helps people to transform by literally recoding their cellular memory. It is a very powerful form of healing. We offer a very different way of working with any conditions. Pre-treatment, you decide the outcomes of your healing or the shifts you wish to see. The focus is on teaching you how to heal yourself, so full involvement in the process, including daily work, will be required during the course of the treatment! If the outcomes are not achieved, you get a full refund. We do also work on a per-session basis.

Conditions successfully treated so far: • Anxiety, depression and stress • Eating disorders • Gambling, drug and alcohol addiction • Asthma and other ‘incurable’ diseases • Anger issues • Relationship patterns • Migraines Most chronic conditions respond well to this form of healing.

Contact us to schedule a call to see if we can work together: +27 11 083 9391 We are based in Rivonia, Johannesburg, South Africa but can work over Skype, anywhere in the world. ODYSSEY 25 • 


Niánn Emerson Chase was blessed to grow up on American Indian Reservations in remote areas of Arizona, thus being able to roam wildlands nearby, experiencing solitude and silence, feeling at home with her own thoughts and emotions within her, as well as the natural environment around her. This is her story.

Dancing to the Rhy ODYSSEY 26 • 


ythm of Refinement ODYSSEY 27 • 




intrinsically sensed the universe was well-ordered,


relationships, meaningful work, intellectual stimulation,

just as I observed the natural systems of my

and spiritual fulfillment. I still experience some of the

bioregion were ordered. At the same time I saw the

emotions that cause 'pain', just less often and to a smaller

disturbances of drought that dried up life, drenching rains

degree, and within the context of a deep-abiding joy,

that caused destructive floods, wildfires that consumed

inner peace, and a sense of assurance.

all in the path of their greedy flames, and the cruelty of

In my years of searching for 'truth' and sense in

predator/prey relationships. My father, who was a lover of

a world that seemed to lack much sense at times, I

nature and a soil and water conservationist by profession,

have encountered persons, writings, mental associations,

educated me on how these seemingly disorderly events

and spiritual experiences that have assisted me in my

were really part of the ordered system of things, and that

quest. I have experienced times of great distress and

fires, floods, and predators were all actually beneficial in

disturbance as well as times of stability and 'smooth

maintaining a healthy environment. He also taught me

going.' In retrospect of my own 'dark nights of the

that it was when human interference with the natural

soul' and wandering the maze of emotions in agitation

order of things created an imbalance in the pattern of

and thoughts of contradiction, I have always come

ecosystems that disarray and disorder occurred.

out renewed, changed for the better, and stronger in

As I moved into my pre-teen and teen years, my

my convictions to my higher ideals. I have found that

understanding of reality became much more complex

often growth and change-for-something-better require a

and troubled. It was more difficult to consistently

passage through disintegration, what Jesus meant when

see a pattern of order in anything when I was often

he stated that we need to 'die to self in order to be reborn

such a mess inwardly. I was terribly uncomfortable


with my roller-coaster emotions and confused, unclear

I have also observed that there are many people

perceptions. However, I got through these challenging

whose lives remain in a state of commotion and chaos,

years without getting lost in sexual promiscuity that does

never finding themselves and their place in the world.

so much damage to the self-esteem of a girl or substance

Why is it that so many souls find their place of peace

abuse that retards emotional and intellectual development

at the end of their lives on this earth, when they are

of a youth. I came out of that period with a deeper sense

passing on to the next plane, rather than when they have

of my place in an orderly and loving universe – thanks to

many years of living still left? I think it is because they

the loving presence of parents, teachers, and other adults

did not allow for the order that is inherent within chaos

who acted as elders and spiritual directors for me during

to eventually come forth; they did not allow for divine

those years. Thus I entered my college years with a more

pattern that is present on all levels of reality to emerge

developed sense of being an integral part of the whole of

within and around them.

creation and having a sense of responsibility to live my life

If individuals stay with the tango of turbulence,

with compassion, integrity, and morality, giving love and

order will eventually result, as is observed by scientists,

receiving love in a responsible manner.

sociologists, psychologists, philosophers, and theologians

My years spent in the university brought more

in their areas of study and observation. Whether in the

emotional expansion, increased social connections, and

sciences of physics, chemistry, biology, and astronomy,

of course much gaining of knowledge on many topics,

or in the exploration of the evolution of societies, or

including the 'ways of the world'. More significant was

the study of the depths of the psyche and spiritual

the quantum leap in my own level of spirituality. Naturally,

experience, it has been discovered that order of some

accompanying all of this personal progression was

kind will emerge from disorder if the process is at some

personal upheaval and turmoil.

level evolutional.

After experiencing almost five decades of post-college

The rule of evolution is to progress into some form of

adulthood, my understanding of reality has had the result

balance and beauty, eventually aligning with the divine

that I am very much 'at home' wherever I may be in the

pattern that permeates all levels of reality – material,

moment, with whoever I am with and with whatever I am

mental and spiritual. Note that I emphasised divine,

doing. As an 'elder' – not only in years but in vocation as a

for the pattern I am referring to comes from a divine

pastor and teacher of spiritual principles – I have evolved

source, which is often referred to as 'God', who is the

and progressed from my periodic phases of emotional

First Source and Centre for all patterns of beauty and

tumult, intellectual confusion, and at times chaotic life

goodness. Scientists who recognise this source behind the

to a dynamic existence of constant challenges, enriching

physics, chemistry, and biology, etc of what they observe

refer to it as 'intelligent design'. Whether in the cosmos, on the earth, in the body of an organism, in the mind of a human, or in socialisation between personalities, the innate design will emerge if the presence of spiritual forces are in some form of influence and control. Th evolution of formlessness to form, disorder to order, incompleteness to completeness, disease to health, disharmony to harmony, incongruence to congruence, war to peace, fear to assurance, hatred to love. On our evolutionary world of imperfection, we see many patterns come forth that are not part of the divine but rather are a part of that which has deviated from the blueprint of the divine and from the living spiritual forces in control, which some understand to be caused by the Lucifer Rebellion that occurred 200 000 years ago.1 Regardless of whether individuals acknowledge the fact of the Lucifer Rebellion or not, it is obvious to anyone who has 'eyes to see' that there indeed are some things that just don't evolve but stay stagnant or devolve. I see the Lucifer Rebellion as a disease, as a deadly virus or cancer that invades a body of living, dynamic, ever-evolving processes and causes chaos and disequilibrium, never evolving into something better and eventually leading to death and non-existence. This 'rebellion' from divine pattern can manifest in the natural world processes as well as within the human

In my years of searching for 'truth' and sense in a world that seemed to lack much sense at times, I have encountered persons, writings, mindal associations, and spiritual experiences that have assisted me in my quest. I have experienced times of great distress and disturbance as well as times of stability and 'smooth going.' In retrospect of my own 'dark nights of the soul' and wandering the maze of emotions in agitation and thoughts of contradiction, I have always come out renewed, changed for the better, and stronger in my convictions to my higher ideals.

psychological makeup and in families, tribes, institutions, societies, nations, and civilisations.

from instability to stability, and so on – encompasses

The only way to escape this type of chaos is to

both the linearity of step-by-step building blocks and

literally leave it by jumping into another type of chaos

hierarchies of a chain of command as well as the

and disequilibrium, one that is part of the evolutionary

circularity of 'suddenlys' and encircling partnerships; it

process that leads to eventual healing and unfoldment

isn't one or the other but both. Thus you see linearity

into a better state of being. The kind of chaos that is

and roundness in all healthy relationships – in natural

positive is a destructive energy that dissolves the past

ecosystems as well as in higher human social systems.

or the lesser and gives us a gift of a new future and

On a personal level, just as a slow-moving, earth-bound

something better. In my own evolutionary process I

caterpillar must become mush within a cocoon it created

have had to make changes that initially caused a sense

in order to emerge as a colourful, airborne butterfly

of agitation and disturbance to my 'comfort zones' in

that flies and flutters from flower to flower promoting

order to outgrow habits that were not of divine origin

pollination and propagation, so too must an individual

– patterns of thinking, feeling, and doing that slowed

allow the cocooned going-within, dark-night-of-the-soul

down or even prevented further healing and growth. That

experience that makes mush of our messy muddles of

human process of going through upset and unraveling

dysfunction and disease in order to be transformed into

and moving into settlement and equilibrium is part of the

a person of balance, equilibrium, and high purpose –

divine pattern also observed in the vast cosmos where

dancing to God's pattern and rhythm of refinement into

something in chaos and disarray evolves into eventual

our true and higher selves. O

order and beauty, and this same pattern manifests on our world in its natural and human-made systems and can also be observed through a microscope. The divine pattern of evolution – coming from incompleteness to completeness, from disorder to order,


For further information on the Lucifer Rebellion, see in The

Urantia Book, Papers 53, 54, and 67 as well as The Cosmic Family Volumes I and II.




challenges couples face in the bedroom And how these are addressed through Tantric lovemaking practice



Tantra is an ancient practice aimed at awakening our divine essence in the way we live, relate, and make love. In this article, Tantra teacher Shakti Malan (PhD) addresses three key challenges that keep couples from having the ecstatic experience of lovemaking that is possible for everyone. She introduces ways of addressing these challenges through simple Tantric practices.




Break the habit of bad sex

It's the end of the day and you're tired. Clothes come off and the two of you get into bed. Naked bodies come together under the sheets and assume familiar positions. Lovemaking happens, the same way that you've been doing it for the last 13 years. Ok, maybe not 13 years. The first year you were more adventurous. But then responsibilities and children took over. Sex has become really kind of boring, so you don't mind that it's over in 10 minutes. Bodies roll apart and your partner drifts off to sleep. But you're lying awake a bit longer, slowly starting to acknowledge the sense of discontent you're feeling. Surely, there must be more to sex than this habitual, mindless activity? Sure, it serves a purpose as it is – but is there more? You remember a friend mentioning Tantric sex, and you start wondering what that's all about. Perhaps it can let your foreheads touch. Now close your eyes

offers a different way in? And indeed you're right. Tantric partner practice takes

and become aware of your breath. Let the breath

your lovemaking out of the ordinary same-old, same-old,

enter freely through your mouth or nose and let it

and turns it into a meditation of presence. Here are some

travel all the way down your body, right down to your

tips for starting to shift your lovemaking through Tantric

belly. Allow the spine to respond to the in-breath by


opening up to take in more of the breath. This can

Talk about what you want. Have a conversation

look like a curve in the spine so that the coccyx turns

with your beloved in which you both explore what

towards the sky, or it can look like slow, undulating

the 'more' is you are wanting to open to in your

curves coming from the pelvic area (the more

lovemaking. Decide on one action step to make that

feminine flow of the spine). Breathing out, totally let

happen – and then do it.

go – the spine curls back in, or gently releases its

Make Tantric date times. Instead of only giving your

spiraling, undulating flows upwards. Continue this

lovemaking the breadcrumbs of the day (the last

way of breathing in a steady, rhythmical way without

minutes before sleep takes over), make a conscious

pauses. Let the out-breath fall out with a sigh and

date with each other. When would we like to come

allow your spine to move.

together to make love? One date a week is a good start. Make a time and date, and mark it in your •



Come together. After about 5-10 minutes of breathing, bring your bodies together. The classic position to


do this is yub yum, where the woman is sitting in

Start from a different position. It's date night.

the man's lap, with her legs wrapped around him.

Rather than falling into bed together in your usual

Both man and woman are holding each other in

way, come to sit opposite each other and assume a

an embrace. If this position is not comfortable,

meditative position. You can sit in chairs or on the

you can find a way to lie together with your limbs

bed. Make sure that you are comfortable, and able to

entangled. Soften into the touch of your partner's

breathe deeply. Bring your hands together in prayer,

body, and continue the rhythm of breathing that

and bow towards each other. If that feels good, you

you practised in the solo meditation. Notice how the


Eliminate mixed messages

Dinner is done, dishes are washed, and you see that familiar look in your man's eyes. His hands are reaching out towards your shoulder. As has happened so often before, your body tightens up against his touch. Arrrgh. You want to scream. You so want the intimacy of bodies simply touching. But you've now discovered, time and time again, that if you open to his touch, he's going to want sex. And you're going to feel like an object, because his need is bigger than his capacity to be present with you right now. Mixed messages. How often do couples give each other these? He seems to be saying he wants to caress you, but you know his agenda is sex. The caress feels connecting, and the sex doesn't. On his side, he's getting desperate. I love this woman and I really want to connect with her, but whenever I reach out to her, she pulls away. What on earth am I doing wrong? movement of the breath through your body touches

I cannot tell how many couples I've talked to who

your partner's body and reverberates through him/

have this dynamic running. And this is just one example

her. Allow the spines to move with the breath. Don't

of a mixed message lovers give each other when it

try to co-ordinate the breath and the movements –

comes to sex. You recognise the dilemma, right? Here's a

let this happen naturally through the attunement of

suggestion for how to change it:

your love – let love find its flow through your bodies.

each to express what you appreciate about each

building up sexual energy in the base and bringing

other. One of you shares, and then the one who was

it up the spine through the curving or undulations

listening, responds by saying how it was to receive

of the spine. Continue for about 10 minutes. Gently

this appreciation. Then the initial speaker has some

separate and come to sit facing each other. Return to

time to reflect back how it was to hear how their

the rhythm of your breath you started with. Go more

appreciation was received. This appreciative sharing

gentle and tender now – let yourself feel the subtle reverberations of the intimacy between you and your

sets the tone for real honesty. •

partner, and what has opened and awakened inside

Share appreciation. Begin by taking 5-10 minutes

You can intensify the breathing and the movement,

An honest conversation. Now share with each other what you want from intimate meeting. Try to put it

of you. Breathe for about 5 minutes, and then take a

in the positive. Here are some examples:

few minutes to lie together in spoon position.

– I want to explore intimate touch without sex.

Share what you discovered. Take some time to share

– I desire to meet you in the heart and in

with each other what you discovered in this practice.

non-sexual contact.

If you continue to do this practice, you'll start to see

– I want wild and passionate sex.

that your lovemaking radically shifts out of habit, and

– I want you to want me sexually.

whole new vistas of intimacy start to open. Which

– I want us to make love for hours before

brings us to the second challenge couples face in the bedroom.

you ejaculate. •

Steps towards your goal. Building intimacy takes time. Wild, passionate sex is not going to happen without



a bond of intimacy between you. Most often, that is

care and desire for each other will do it. The rush of

where Tantric lovemaking starts: with an agreement

happiness that oxytocin creates in your body is not

to go slowly, and first build the intimacy between you

only more lasting than the quick high of dopamine,

before attempting the wild and passionate sex. This

but it also contributes to a sense of deep communion

may mean that your Tantric dates exclude sex for a

which can continue for days and days. Want to walk

while. And it may also mean some solo practice. Your

in clouds of love and bliss? Then build your oxytocin

man is not going to learn how not to ejaculate within


10 minutes without doing some Tantric practice on

3. Breathe out the cortisol. When stress builds up in the

his own. And you're going to have to learn how to

body, we release cortisol which closes up your body,

drop into your womanly body and find the pathways

including your sexual response. Release cortisol

of bliss as they move through you.

through deep breathing together, and relaxing into

Give space. When you make your agreement, don't

each other's arms. O

put a timeline on your goals. If one of you is needing to build intimacy without the expectation that this will lead to sex, the last thing they need is hearing the clock ticking on when they're supposed to move over into sex. Trust the love between you. It will find its own timing.


Understand the neurochemistry of sex

Understanding some basic neurochemistry can go a long way to building your intimacy in the bedroom. Here are some keys: 1. Watch the dopamine junkie. Dopamine is the neuropeptide that activates much of our sexual arousal response. But dopamine can get too excited too quickly, which means the fun is over before it's really begun. Dopamine is the body's cocaine. It creates a quick high, and then dumps you. Ever felt that after an orgasm? Of course the junkie believes it needs another fix. That's how porn addiction starts.

As February is the month of celebrating intimate love, I'm offering you a free video and guided audio of one of the beautiful Tantric partner practices from my series Ten Tantric Partner Practices. I am also offering you the entire series at 50% discount – strictly available only until the end of February. The link for both the free practice and the entire course is here. For the discounted rate, simply enter the word 'valentine'.

Some excitement in lovemaking is fine – but watch it. Pretty soon, you're going to need to get interested in the next neuropeptide you need to know about: oxytocin. 2. More intimacy, more oxytocin. Oxytocin is the neuropeptide that creates a sense of deep bonding and lasting ecstasy in lovemaking. It gets released when we are in love. And it also gets released when we are in deep embrace. Any touch that communicates real heart-to-heart contact builds oxytocin. For instance, deep eye-contact expressing



If you're reading this and don't have a lover – or you're in relationship but would like to also practice on your own – I have good news for you. You can deepen in Tantric partner practice on your own. Have a look at my free video series for women here, and for men click here. My series Sexual Self Loving: The Tantric Ways is also available at a 50% discount here until the end February with coupon code 'valentine'.

Help the Children’s Hospital Trust Give Back Childhood. 021 686 7860 |

@chtrust1 ODYSSEY 35 • 


In this introduction to the book Life Loves You: 7 Spiritual Practices to Heal your Life, Robert Holden talks about his first meeting with co-author Louise Hay and gives us an understanding about the book's inspiration.




he first time I met Louise Hay in person was backstage at an 'I Can Do It' conference in Las Vegas. Reid Tracy, president of Hay House, introduced us. 'Welcome to the Hay House family,' Louise said, as she

gave me a warm hug. Louise was due on stage in 10 minutes to welcome the crowd and introduce me as the first speaker of the day. 'May I do your makeup for you?' she asked me. I don’t wear makeup normally, but her offer was too good to turn down. Louise worked on my face with an array of brushes, powders, creams, and something glossy for my lips. We had great fun. Everyone backstage was highly amused. With her finishing touch, Louise looked me in the eyes and said, 'Life loves you', which is one of her best-loved affirmations. I think of it as her signature affirmation, the heart-thought that represents her life and her work. She loves to tell people, 'Life loves you.' Each time I hear her say these words, I feel it like honey in my bones. Early on, I thought that 'Life loves you' would be a great subject for a Louise Hay book. I mentioned it to Louise. I also spoke to Reid Tracy. 'Tell me when you’re ready to help her write it,' he said. I didn’t think he was serious. Anyway, I was busy with my own writing projects.

A few years passed, and I wrote three new books for Hay House: Be Happy, for which Louise wrote the foreword; Loveability; and Holy Shift. The idea of a book about Life loves you would pop into my mind occasionally, but I didn’t do anything about it. The day after I finished Holy Shift, I’d planned to play golf. However, by lunchtime I’d written a synopsis for Life Loves You, a book co-authored by Louise Hay and myself. I had no choice but to write the synopsis that morning. I didn’t have to think about it. The words just tumbled onto the page. I showed the synopsis to my wife, Hollie. 'Where did this come from?' she asked me. I told her I was as surprised as she was. 'Send it immediately,' she said. I e-mailed Patty Gift, my editor, on October 7. Later that day, Patty wrote that she and Reid Tracy loved my synopsis and that Reid would present it to Louise. Louise’s birthday was October 8. On October 9, I got an e-mail from her, full of happy emoticons: balloons, cake, hearts, and gifts. She wrote, 'I am so excited, Robert. How long have you been planning this, dear one? I am honoured to be part of this special event. 'Life will help us in every way. Happy birthday to me. Much love, Lulu.' Our book, Life Loves You, is the fruit of a dialogue between Louise

The world can be a dark and lonely place when we are estranged from our heart and do not love ourselves. However, one sincere act of self-love can help us experience creation’s gentleness and see the world anew.

and me. I visited Louise in San Diego, California, three times between Thanksgiving and Easter. We spent a total of nine days together. I recorded all our conversations. We also scheduled regular calls on Skype. Over the years, Louise and I have met up at more than 20 'I Can Do It' conferences in Europe, Australia, Canada, and America. I’ve interviewed Louise for the Hay House World Summit, and Louise has attended several of my public talks and workshops. As you will see, I share stories and conversations from some of these meetings as well.

Life Loves You is an inquiry that takes you to the heart of who you are. It explores your relationship with the world. It asks deep questions about the



nature of reality. In recent years, science has learned to see the world in a new way. For instance, we know now that atoms are not separate little things but expressions of universal energy. A universe of separate things never really existed. Everything is part of everything. Each of us is part of a greater Unity. We have a relationship with the stars, with each other, with all of creation. Science recognises that the world is not just a physical place; it is also a state of mind. 'The universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine,' wrote Sir James Jeans, the English physicist. Exploring the consciousness of creation is the new frontier of science. Louise and I believe that the basic building block of creation is not the atom; it is love. This love is not a sentimental thing. It is not just an emotion; it is the creative principle behind the dance of life. It is universal. It is intelligent. It is benevolent. We are all an expression of this love. It is our true nature.

Life Loves You is both an inquiry and a practical exercise. Louise is a spiritual pragmatist, and I am interested in philosophy only if it can be applied to everyday life. Hence we made the subtitle of our book 7 Spiritual Practices to Heal Your Life. There are seven chapters, and each chapter ends with a spiritual practice that helps you turn theory into experience.

'I experience love wherever I go. Loving people fill my life, and I find myself easily expressing love to others.'

In addition to the seven main practices, there are a number of other exercises, too. You might like to do the exercises in the book with a partner or in a study group. Please don’t skip them. Love is not just an idea, after all. In Chapter 1, Looking in the Mirror, we explore the Mirror Principle. This principle recognises that our experience of the world mirrors our relationship with ourselves. We see things not as they are but as we are. Thus the world mirrors the basic truth about us, which is I am loveable. And it also mirrors our basic fear, I am not loveable. The world can be a dark and lonely place when we are estranged from our heart and do not love ourselves. However, one sincere act of self-love can help us experience creation’s gentleness and see the world anew. The spiritual practice for Chapter 1 includes a practice called Letting Life Love You and a meditation, Love’s Prayer. In Chapter 2, Affirming Your Life, Louise and I talk about our school days and how we were first taught to see the world. I share a story about a lecture at college that changed my worldview forever. It was called 'Do you honestly, truly, really believe that a flat tire can give you a headache?' Here we invite you to consider that life is not judging you, criticising you, or condemning you. We suffer from our own psychology. Other people may hurt us too, but life itself is not against us. Why would it be? Life is deeply affirming. We are an expression of creation,

- Louise Hay

and life wants us to be the Unconditioned Self we truly are. The spiritual practice for this chapter is called 10 Dots. Chapter 3, Following Your Joy, is about listening to your inner guidance. 'Life Loves You isn’t about getting your own way; it’s about getting out of your way,' says Louise. Louise talks about her inner 'ding', and I talk about my 'Yes' with a capital 'Y'. Life is always trying to guide us, support us, and inspire us. Sometimes we are too caught up in our own story and lost in



our personal misery to be able to see this. The spiritual practice is to create an affirmation board, to help you follow your joy and live a life you love. Chapter 4, Forgiving the Past, is the midpoint of our inquiry. Here we investigate some of the common blocks to letting life love you – for example, the fall from grace: the perceived loss of innocence and source of our learned unworthiness. We explore the guilt story, a tale told by the superego that once upon a time life loved me and I was loveable, but not anymore. We talk about inner-child work and reclaiming our original innocence. The spiritual practice is called The Forgiveness Scale. It is one of the most powerful forgiveness exercises we know. In Chapter 5, Being Grateful Now, Louise and I look at the principle of basic trust recognised by psychologists as essential in both childhood development and adult life. Basic trust is what we are born with. It’s a knowing – we feel it in our bones – that we are part of creation and are supported by a loving and generous Unity. Basic trust recognises that life doesn’t just happen to you; it happens for you. It sees that you have the best seat in the house for your life. Every experience – good or bad, happy or sad, bitter or sweet – offers you an opportunity to let life love you. The spiritual practice for this chapter, Daily Gratitude, combines gratitude with mirror work. Chapter 6, Learning to Receive, looks at the benevolent-universe theory from Buddhism. Louise shares her experience of painting a portrait of the Buddha called The Blessing Buddha. The painting took Louise five years to complete. Painting it was a profound meditation that helped her to feel more deeply the loving kindness that exists in the design of life. 'Life is always trying to love us, but we need to be open if we are to see it,' says Louise. The spiritual practice for this chapter is A Receiving Journal. The purpose of this journal is to help you recognise more clearly how life is loving you right now. In Chapter 7, Healing the Future, we arrive at the question Is the universe friendly? Albert Einstein is said to have called this the most important question we can ask. Louise and I believe an equally important question is How friendly am I? At the deepest level, our purpose in life is to be a loving mirror to the world. Our goal is not just to let life love us but also to love life back. We are here to love the world. If each of us did this just a little bit more, the world would not be such a fearful place. The spiritual practice for Chapter 7 is called Blessing the World. Louise and I are so happy with our book. We are grateful for the opportunity to write it together. We hope and pray that our work supports you all the more in letting life

“I ask you to consider that the goal of your life is not just to find love; it is to be love. Love is the real work of your life.” - Robert Holden

love you and in being a loving presence in this world. O

Life Loves You: 7 Spiritual Practices to Heal Your Life is published by Hat House and available here.





S A H E S R E V I N U E H T K C A B R U YO Transform Fear to Faith

In her latest book, The Universe Has Your Back, New York Times best-selling author Gabrielle Bernstein teaches readers how to transform their fear into faith in order to live a divinely guided life. Each story and lesson in the book guides readers to release the blocks to what they most long for: happiness, security and clear direction. The following is an extract.


n the spring of 2015, I had a meltdown in a yoga

and a loving family. In fact, I was living a life far beyond

class. Out of the blue, while in the middle of a sun

my wildest dreams. I had spent a decade growing my

salutation, I was taken over by terror and anxiety.

spiritual practice, healing old wounds, and deepening my

I sat down on my mat to take a breath. It was then that I

faith. And I was finally free – or so I thought.

began to feel terrible pain in my neck, and the entire left

In the following week, I managed to pull myself

side of my face and arm went numb. I started to freak

together, but I was still deeply concerned about why this

out. I left the class, called my husband, and scheduled an

had happened. My logical mind couldn’t figure out what

emergency appointment with a doctor.

went wrong, so I turned to my meditation cushion for

Within 24 hours I had undergone multiple MRIs and

inner wisdom and guidance. Coming out of deep silence,

blood tests. Waiting for the results to come back was one

I began to write in my journal. Words fell onto the page:

of the scariest times of my life.

'This is your resistance to love and freedom. The lingering

When the results did come back, I was at a loss.

darkness within you is resisting happiness.'

There was no diagnosis for my physical symptoms, and,

I was taken aback by what I had written. Could all

ultimately, the doctors diagnosed the episode as a panic

of this serious physical pain really be my resistance to

attack. This experience, however, seemed to make no

love? For years I thought that once I worked through my

sense. At this point in my life, I had an amazing and

past wounds, I’d be happy and free. Once I established a

supportive husband, a thriving career, a healthy body,

sense of security, I’d be happy and free. And once I had



deepened my spiritual connection, I’d be happy and free. Through my commitment to my personal growth and my spiritual path, happiness and freedom did set in. My outside world began to reflect my positive internal condition, and life began to flow beautifully. And then, like clockwork, the presence of fear within me did everything it could to resist the love and light I had grown to rely on. I looked closely at this resistance in order to understand and acknowledge its presence. After a lot of exploration, I came to understand that it’s our resistance to love that keeps us in the dark. This resistance is the reason we stay stuck in patterns that keep us from thriving. You may have found that you regularly experience relief with meditation, prayer, positive affirmations, therapy, or any other type of personal growth, only to sabotage that great feeling with a limiting belief, negative comment, or addictive pattern. This experience continues to occur because the moment we lean toward the light, the darkness within us resists it. Even when we make a commitment to love and happiness, we often find it hard to give up the fear we’ve grown to depend on. We give purpose to our pain, believing struggle and strife are necessary to success or lasting joy or a meaningful life, and we feel safe in a state of conflict and control. We carry an unconscious belief that in order to stay alive, we must hold on to our

You may be doing all you can to create freedom, connect to flow and release your fear-based habits, but it’s likely that the moment you feel some sense of relief, you’re blindsided by the shadow of fear that dwells below the surface. You may not have recognized this pattern before, but when you do, you can begin the journey toward freedom. That’s because the primary reason for our unhappiness is startlingly simple: we are resistant to being happy.

protection mechanisms, no matter how great love may feel.

This fear is the root cause of all our problems and feelings

connect to flow and release your fear-based habits, but

of disconnect. To truly say yes to the love of the Universe

it’s likely that the moment you feel some sense of relief,

means you have to look at your resistance and give up a

you’re blindsided by the shadow of fear that dwells below

thought system that you mistakenly identified as safety,

the surface. You may not have recognised this pattern

security, and the foundation of your life.

before, but when you do, you can begin the journey our unhappiness is startlingly simple: we are resistant to

Universal lesson: To be free we must acknowledge our resistance

being happy.

We must recognise that while we have a loving miracle

toward freedom. That’s because the primary reason for

Sigmund Freud picked up on the phenomenon of

mind-set within us that wants to be at peace, we also

resistance when many of his patients were not getting

have a wrong mind that says, 'I don’t want to be free. I

better. One night in a dream, it came to him that one of

don’t want to give up judgment. I don’t want to release

his patients wasn’t improving because the patient did not


want to improve. This dream led him to dedicate much of his practice to analysing that resistance, which became a cornerstone of his treatment.



whatever it takes to keep you stuck in pain and darkness.

You may be doing all you can to create freedom,

The most profound way to practice releasing resistance is to see clearly how we don’t want to let it go. When we accept that we are addicted to fear, we can

Unlike Freud’s patient, you made a commitment to

let ourselves off the hook for anything that occurred in

awaken from fear and get in sync with love the moment

the past and for the detours into fear we will continue to

you choose to read these words. This commitment is

make on our spiritual paths. We can forgive ourselves for

massive. However, the presence of fear within you will do

not doing things perfectly, and we can forgive ourselves

Universe. Each chapter in this book will give you simple prayers, affirmations, and exercises that support you in surrendering your fearful thoughts and energy to the right mind’s grace. It’s important that you don’t overthink each practice. Just do it. You may find one or two practices that really resonate with you, and you may choose to repeat them more often. The perfect pathway will become clear, and you will map out the journey. However, rather than keep you on a specific plan or load you up with tools, I chose to present you with guidance that simply reminds you of what you long for most: freedom from fear so you can return to peace. The more you’re reminded of what you want, the more you’ll embrace your capacity to receive it. The practice of being on a spiritual path isn’t about being the best meditator, or the kindest possible person, or the most enlightened. The practice is about surrendering to love as often as possible. That’s the goal of this book. There are many exercises throughout this book. You may choose to practice them all, or you may fall in love with a few in particular. There’s no right or wrong way to apply them. Just stay open and repeat the exercises that inspire you. If you apply just one lesson, prayer, or meditation from this book on a daily basis, you will experience a deeper connection to the Universe that will result in miraculous change. So keep it simple and know that the more you put in, the more you’ll get out. As they for holding on to old patterns. Honouring this shadow

say in the 12 Step communities, 'It works if you work it.'

side of ourselves is the way to heal our resistance. The

So I ask you today to embrace your resistance,

metaphysical text A Course in Miracles says, 'We must not

forgive yourself for being inconsistent with your practice

seek for the meaning of love but instead seek to remove

(or for not having a practice at all), and surrender to the

all the barriers to love’s presence.'

guidance that is before you. Begin each chapter with

In my case the moment that I accepted my fear was

an open mind, and you will receive what you need. All

the moment my panic subsided. By embracing my fear

that’s required is your willingness to release whatever

and surrendering my desire to be free, an even greater

blocks you from living in

pathway to freedom opened up to me. Today I no longer

harmony with the energy

resist love, and I have faith that the loving energy of the

of love. As you turn

Universe is available to me all the time.




You too can have this freedom. As you embark on

to remain open to new

the healing prayers, practices, and meditations in this

ideas; be patient and

book, what will serve you most is to look at your fear

trust that the Universe

with love and decide that it’s not a thought system you

has your back. O

want anymore. Making this decision will clear the path to happiness. Releasing your old thought system and welcoming in a new one takes practice, but it’s a lot less 'work' than you may think. The practice that will serve your highest good is the practice of surrendering to the love of the

The Universe Has Your Back is available from Hay House, click here for more



what if

this is


Heaven W 

hat if you were suddenly to realise that this

men? Who would create cancer in her own body – cancer

is heaven (or nirvana) – this physical life we

that would nearly kill her? Of course I was a victim of my

are living right now? I know it sounds crazy,

circumstances, or so I thought – until I died.

and I can sense some of you thinking, 'If this is heaven,

Much of my life story is chronicled in my first book,

then why does it feel like hell to me? And I hear you. It

happens to us and that I was a victim, so I was always

Dying to Be Me. Best-selling author and speaker Dr Wayne Dyer was the one who brought my story into the public arena and encouraged me to write that book. Until his death just a few months ago, he continued to encourage his audiences to turn to my work. I know that his involvement in my life’s purpose was divinely orchestrated as part of the unfolding of the greater tapestry. I am truly grateful for and humbled by what has transpired in my life as a result of what this amazing man has done for me. When I wrote that first book, I never expected to write a second one. I have written my memoir, I thought, which narrated my life and especially my experience with cancer, culminating in a near-death experience (NDE).

reacting to my life circumstances instead of creating

And I’ve also written about the wisdom I gained from

them. Who would create a childhood of bullying and

the whole experience. What more is there to write? I

discrimination that would leave her with such horrible low

really thought all the interesting elements in my life were

self-esteem? Who would choose to be born as a woman

already recounted in that book.

sure felt like that to me when I was being bullied as a child, taunted and discriminated against for the colour of my skin and my family origin – things I had no control over. And it certainly felt like hell again when I was going through cancer, being in constant pain and fear for all those years. But play along with me for a bit. What if the reason my life felt like hell all that time was because I didn’t know how powerful I was, or what I was capable of doing? After all, no one ever taught me how life worked, and we aren’t born with an instruction manual. Life truly was a struggle for me, and I lived in immense fear well into adulthood. I believed that life

into a culture that still believes women are inferior to



But one of the most striking insights my NDE gave


Following her near-death experience as shared in the New York Times bestseller Dying to Be Me, Anita Moorjani knows well the truths that exist beyond so-called common knowledge and acceptance. The clarity she has gained has led her to further understand who she was born to be. In this extract from her book What if This is Heaven?, she asserts it is now time for questioning in order to help us reach our fully informed, authentic selves.

me was that this life – the life we are all living now

would start to suppress who I was or compromise much of

on earth – could become a heaven for us if we simply

what I had learned from my sojourn into the other realm

understood how it worked and what we needed to do to

in an effort to win approval. Whenever that happened, I’d

create that heaven as our reality. A major reason why I

start to feel disempowered again. Those amazing feelings

chose to return to this life during my NDE was because I

of being invincible and being the creator of my life would

understood that heaven is a state and not a place, and I

erode, and old thought patterns and behaviours would

wanted to experience, firsthand, the heaven that this life

start to creep in and cloud my vision. Fears of not 'doing

could actually be. I wanted to live out the amazing truth

what’s right' or concerns of disappointing others would

of this reality and transform the life of fear and dread and

resurface when I chose to pander to the critics, dancing

heartache that I had previously experienced.

to their tune instead of listening to my heart. (I’m sure

I wanted to live in heaven here and now.

many others can relate to this as well.) New anxieties took

A Bumpy Reintegration

over, and before long I started to feel lost and abandoned.

When I was in the NDE state, this all seemed so clear, so

creating heaven.

easy. But as I tried to integrate my newly realised insights

At the same time, because of the celebrity that Dying to Be Me brought me, I began receiving an avalanche of letters and e-mails from people who were touched by my testimony. Many of these messages made me cry tears of joy and gratitude, and many people felt I was telling their story. It seemed to them that I had read their hearts, their minds, and their souls. This overwhelming response was so unexpected. I had no idea my story would touch so many people at such

and apply them to my life after my NDE, I kept running into roadblocks, particularly when I tried to connect or interact with other people. My view of what constitutes reality had changed dramatically, and it simply didn’t fit in with what most people considered a 'normal' worldview. In an effort to feel as if I belonged in society once more, I would find myself trying to appease those who were disapproving of me. And if I didn’t catch myself, I

It seemed I was always choosing between fitting in or



a deep level. I was also blessed with numerous speaking invitations, both live public presentations as well as radio and television interviews. And after each engagement, people wanted more. They had many questions and wanted to delve further into my story – and theirs. Many were dealing with illnesses or had loved ones who were suffering or dying, while others were struggling in relationships or had money issues. Through all these life challenges, they wanted to learn more about bringing that piece of heaven I had experienced into their own lives here on earth. Although the public response to my book was overwhelmingly positive, all the focused attention brought me to a new and deeper level of awareness within my own life journey, and it was becoming more and more important to me to spend time alone when I was not in the public arena. Whenever I was alone, I would still my thoughts and take myself back to the state I had experienced during my NDE, the state of being pure consciousness and realising that we are all connected. In that state I could feel what everyone else was feeling as though it were my own emotion, including the sorrow and pain my family felt at the prospect of losing me. But it wasn’t just my family’s pain I was experiencing now. I could feel the pain of the whole world in my heart from reading all the stories that people would share with

would immerse myself in nature. In nature, particularly


near the sea, I could physically feel the incredible

They wanted me to come to their town, their church,

connection we all have with the whole universe, as

their ashram, their home. They wanted to talk to me. I

though everything was harmoniously working together

wanted to help them all, and it hurt me that I couldn’t.

in synchronisation to form this vast tapestry we call life.

No matter how many people I spoke to, how many letters

No matter what my questions were, I always felt that

I answered, it was never enough.

answers came to me whenever I was in nature, whether

There were always more that I couldn’t respond to. I

those answers came through the whispers of the wind,

was feeling both people’s suffering and, at the same time,

the sound of the water, or the rustle of the tree branches

my own pain for not being able to help them all. At times

and leaves. So as I sat there on the sand that day, looking

it was overwhelming.

out toward the sea and the sky, I spoke silently to the

Slowly, my own joy started to ebb, and I knew I



I believe we are born knowing the truth of who we are. But we reject this knowledge as we grow up and try to fit in and conform to society, conditioning ourselves to its norms. We learn to look outside ourselves for guidance, and in doing so, we take on other people’s expectations for us. Then when we can’t live up to all these external expectations, we feel inadequate and flawed.


couldn’t continue this way. My book had been intended to

'I came back from death,' I said. 'Now what? This is

show people how to bring joy into their life, but how could

heartbreaking for me. How am I supposed to be of help to

I possibly bring joy into the world if I was mostly feeling

all these people – and to myself – from the perspective of

everyone else’s pain?

my puny physical being? If I had stayed in the NDE realm,

A New Opportunity to Heal

maybe I could have helped a greater number of people.

Then one day I took myself to my favourite place – the

Tears streamed down my face as I surrendered to the

beach by my home – and I sat on the sand and looked

universe, questioning why I had come back. Why was I

out at the sea that separated the island where I lived in

having to endure this heartache? And why was our world

Hong Kong from the mainland.

filled with so much of that pain?

But all I feel is heartache for every person I can’t help.'

It was a cloudy day, so the sun was hiding. I’d come

Then, out of nowhere, I heard a whisper – not a real

to this place because whenever I was feeling troubled, I

voice, but one that seemed to come from the sound of

the waves in the sea, a sound that resonated in my heart.

Although this was exactly what I had learned in my

'What was the main message you learned from your

NDE, and it was indeed what had healed me, it seemed

near-death experience,' the whisper asked, 'the message

that I had forgotten. I had lost myself in everyone else’s

you wrote about in your first book?'

pain, and now I was dumbstruck by the intensity of what

'To love myself unconditionally,' I answered. 'And to be as much myself as I can be. To shine my light as brightly as I can.' 'And that is all you need to do or be. Nothing more. Just love yourself unconditionally, always, and be who you are.'

had just happened. In that moment, I felt as though I held the answer to every question I had ever asked. What the whispering of the waves had shared with me was so simple, and yet so profound. This experience also clearly revealed how easy it is for us to lose focus on our true purpose and to get caught

'But we live in a world that does not support thinking

up in the web of dramas we weave in order to justify our

or feeling this way. It’s as though this world is much more

existence. I now understood that this is what happens to

a hell than a heaven,' I challenged the invisible voice as

us once we immerse ourselves in the dominant beliefs of

I watched the waves crashing against the rocks at the

our surrounding culture.

far end of the beach. 'People all around me are facing so

Every part of me was tingling, and I felt a shiver down

many challenges every day, and I don’t know how I can

my spine as I sat on the sand replaying the words over

help them by loving myself.'

and over in my mind: Your only work is to love yourself,

'When you love yourself and know your true worth, there is nothing you cannot do or heal. You yourself learned this when you defied all medical knowledge and healed end-stage cancer. 'The cancer healed when you became aware of your worth.' This was absolutely true. Until I got lymphoma, I had

value yourself, and embody this truth of self-worth and self-love so that you can be love in action. That is true service, to yourself and to those who surround you. I looked out toward the sea and closed my eyes, putting my hands together over my heart in gratitude, said 'Thank you. I understand.' Then I got up and started walking back toward home.

lived a life filled with fear, but learning to love myself

I was excited to feel this renewed sense of purpose

saved my life. It sounded so simple, yet why was it so

and direction, as well as a sense of trust that my life

difficult to convey this to others who were struggling? And

would unfold the way it was meant to unfold. I felt

why had it been so easy for me to lose this understanding

rejuvenated and connected with the universe once more,

once I attained it?

and I knew that as long as I stayed true to myself and

'It’s easy to lose that knowledge of our true power

remembered to recharge my batteries by being aware

when we are surrounded by people who don’t believe in

of my infinite connection with the universe, everything

it or have never experienced it – which often may seem

would unfold synchronistically.

like most of the people in this world,' I heard the voice answer, as if it had read my thoughts.

As a result of being able to feel both the pain lodged in so many hearts all around the world along with a

'And if you continue to focus on how everyone else is

strong desire to bring joy back

feeling and what everyone else is wanting, you will get

into everyone’s life, I became

lost in the world of fear once more – and that is certainly

inspired to write the book

not something you want to do again.

What If This Is Heaven? as an attempt to debunk some of the biggest myths we have been buying into – myths that have prevented us from fully living our lives simply because they have been the dominant beliefs in our surrounding culture.

'Remember, your only work is to love yourself, value yourself, and embody this truth of self-worth and self-love so that you can be love in action. That is true service, to yourself and to those who surround you. Realising how loved and valued you are is what healed your cancer. This same knowledge is what will help you to create a life of heaven here on earth. You are serving no one when you get lost in the problems of the world. So the only question you need to ask yourself when you are feeling defeated or lost is, Where am I not loving myself? How can I value myself more?'

What if This is Heaven? is available from Hay House. Click here for more.



feminine health

 Dealing with

Menopause ODYSSEY 48 • 



Among the numerous physiological and psychological effects of menopause, there are some which women have bemoaned over the ages. Currently, women can choose to deal with the symptoms either through Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) or via more indirect and gentler approaches, using long-tried and tested methods. 'S'  is a woman in her early 50s who has been enduring sometimes severe and frequent heat flushes for the last few years as she has transited through menopause. She refuses HRT, both on general principles of not using allopathic medicines where herbal or other more natural options are available, and because HRT has been associated (along with other factors) with an increased risk of breast cancer. The following is her story.


am currently going through the process of menopause, which for me is not necessarily a pleasant journey. I have all the typical symptoms of hot flushes, sweating, sleep

disturbances, nervousness, irritability, dizziness, and joint pain. The most bothersome, by far, are the hot flushes. I have tried several products over the years, but found some tinctures and (natural medicine-based) tablets to be less effective over time. Having done extensive research on the use of HRT, I am adamant to never go near this form of therapy and therefore I consciously choose alternative options. So a little while back I decided to try out Femular, seeing that I have a lot of faith in herbs per se (years ago, also in relation to a feminine health issue induced by allopathic medicines, a herbal remedy literally saved my life) and Femular is backed by specific clinical research. I have used this product for more than three months now and I am happy to report a considerable reduction in all my symptoms. I sleep so much better, and the hot flushes have reduced by about 50%. I do suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, which makes my joint aches continuous but that too is now under much better control.



The aches and pains are not altogether gone, but life has become manageable and far more pleasant. Femular (Ze 450) is a tablet containing the extract of Cimicifuga racemosa (black cohosh) that has been clinically tested and shown to relieve a range of menopausal symptoms. It is said that Femular is generally well tolerated with no known drug interactions, albeit in very rare cases, the use of black cohosh has been associated with liver complaints, though under very specific circumstances. Femular has been shown in studies to have a 50% reduction in menopausal symptom

'Having done extensive research on the use of HRT, I am adamant to never go near this form of therapy and therefore I consciously choose alternative options.'

severity and a 60% reduction in hot flushes/night sweats.

missteps of all time is mistaking women's EBV symptoms

Symptom improvement has been seen after as little as

for perimenopause and menopause. Symptoms such as

one month and significant improvement can occur after

hot flushes, night sweats, heart palpitations, dizziness,

three months, with continual improvement for a further

depression, hair loss, and anxiety were and are frequently

six months.

misinterpreted as hormonal changes, which is what

This product has been recommended worldwide for

launched the Hormone Replacement Therapy movement.

over 10 years and has over 65 million daily doses sold

It's clear that human menopause exists, but it

since 2005. Of course, you should see a licensed medical

is important to be clear about the identification of

doctor or preferably a naturopathic doctor if you are

symptoms. Whether you're enduring menopause or

experiencing menopausal symptoms and wish to be well

experiencing similar symptoms as a result of another

informed and appropriately treated.

cause, the Medical Medium maintains that you could

A bit of history

mitigate your symptoms and decrease your toxins intake by using the following foods and herbs: wild blueberries,

Prior to the 1950s, it seemed that women actually enjoyed

sesame tahini, avocados, black beans, asparagus, apples,

going through menopause because it represented a time

spinach, black grapes, cucumbers, raspberry leaf, nettle

when women experienced more energy and sex drive

leaf, chaste tree berry, and elderberry.

and a slower ageing process. Then, women started to complain about headaches, hot flashes, and other severe symptoms that are now attributed to menopause. Doctors

Lifestyle elements

General lifestyle advice to improve menopause symptoms

were quick to place the blame on a hormonal imbalance,

includes reducing stress levels, getting more exercise,

for which there is some truth, but ignored any other

losing weight and improving nutrition. Specific advice for

potential contributing factors.

managing hot flushes is to avoid stress, caffeine, alcohol,

Around the same time, there was a severe increase

spicy food, tight clothing, heat and cigarette smoke.

in radiation and pesticide exposure (mainly in American

Taking a cold shower when you feel a hot flush coming

women but elsewhere too), both of which could have

on helps a lot as well. Drinking more water can combat

caused many of the reported symptoms. During the

dry skin, improve mood, prevent constipation, help avoid

1950s, there was a huge jump in the use of DDT as

headaches, prevent dehydration (which contributes to hot

it was sprayed on most crops and gardens. And as

flushes), and helps lubricate joints.

women experienced this overload in toxins, they started

Please bear in mind that with natural remedies there

to complain about what is now known as 'menopausal

is no 'quick fix', and generally it can take up to three

symptoms' at a much higher rate than before.

months before the full effect is experienced. I will most

However, it is also important to bear in mind that another potential explanation is the Epstein-Barr virus

certainly continue using this product which has brought me so much relief. O

(EBV), as this can take years (even 40) to build up in

women's bodies to the point of experiencing symptoms. According to the Medical Medium, one of the greatest

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Editor's Note: As indicated in the first-person report above, which is backed by scientific research, it is always necessary to seek out appropriate professional health advice when embarking on a course of treatment, making major lifestyle changes or changing treatments.



We are giving away ONE Virus Doctor* to the value of R1799.00. Simply send an email to with your full contact details to stand a chance of winning. Samsung Virus Doctor is the best way to protect ourselves against airborne diseases, defeating the cause of airborne illnesses effectively. The British Allergy Foundation (BAF) has approved S-Plasma ion’s efficacy in the elimination of allergens. S-Plasma ion technology generates negative (-) ions only, which function to eliminate airborne viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold, allergens as well as neutralise the harmful active oxygen (OH Radical) for cleaner and healthier indoor air quality. OH-radical can also cause aging and skin diseases. According to the study by Hiroshima University, the active oxygen concentration level gets decreased significantly by the S-Plasma ion generating active hydrogen atom (H) which reacts to the active oxygen (OH-radical) to form a water molecule. Another forte of Samsung Virus Doctor is that is has its own intuitive interface so you do not have to learn how to use it by reading manuals. With a slight touch, it immediately starts to work for your healthier atmosphere. *Colour subject to availability



Green tea trends in top 10 superfoods dieticians have placed green tea among the top 10 superfood trends for 2017, just months after South African scientists announced they had developed arguably the world’s most potent and effective green tea extract.



survey of 1 700 US dieticians on food trends in

15-fold greater absorption rate by the body and a greatly

2017 showed that seeds, avocado and nuts are

extended active life compared to standard, dried green tea

still rated the top three superfoods, followed


by fermented foods (like yogurt), ancient grains (such as

The survey also noted that 'mindful' eating – being

quinoa and wild rice), kale, and green tea at 7th spot. The

more conscious of eating habits – would be a trend in 2017,

final three in the top 10 are coconut products, exotic fruits

while it provided the following top nutritional tips:

and salmon.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

Choose high-quality, nutrient-rich foods from all food

Superfoods are extremely nutrient-rich and highly


beneficial for good health. Research shows that green tea, used for centuries for its health benefits, contains potent

Limit consumption of highly processed foods

bio-active compounds which help fight cancer and diabetes,

Instead of focusing on diets, choose foods based on

counter inflammation and promote cardiovascular health. It also supports vitality, detoxification, mental focus, weight management and longevity.

a wholesome ingredient list and a high level of quality proteins and carbs. Health and wellness expert Vanessa Ascencao said

Last year, South African scientists announced that

South Africans should make healthier choices in 2017

after years of research they had developed the world’s

by choosing superfoods, whole foods and food high in

most potent green tea extract known as Origine 8, shown

nutrients, vitamins and minerals. 'Research shows that

to deliver powerful nutrients and anti-oxidants far more

56% of SA women and 29% of men are overweight,

effectively than any other dried green tea extract. One

highlighting the need for healthier diet and lifestyle

Origine 8 capsule delivers the benefits of 20 to 30 cups of

choices,' she added. O

green tea. A clinical study shows that revolutionary SA technology used in the processing and delivery system of Origine 8 results in an extremely dense botanical concentrate with a



Origine 8, a breakthrough in SA healthcare, is available at leading health stores, pharmacies and Dis-Chem. See ad, right, for more.

New ORIGINE 8 ™ unlocks the power & purity of green tea like never before.


Anti-oxidants from all 8

Just 1x a day dose.


15x greater ABSORPTION

24 hour EFFICACY

Clincically proven.

Boosts energy, vitality & wellbeing.

than standard green tea extract.

The revolutionary NEW ORIGINE 8™ complete green tea superfood extract For the first time, a revolutionary, eco-friendly, pure green tea extract of the highest potency provides 15 x greater absorption of all eight green tea catechins in a single capsule.Research shows the incredible health properties of green tea are due to polyphenols, also known as catechins, a potent type of disease-fighting flavonoid and antioxidant which detoxifies cell-damaging free radicals. Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) is the most biologically active polyphenol in green tea which studies have found has cancer chemoprevention properties.Origine 8 contains the most potent antioxidants which are clinically proven to help slow down the ageing process and improve overall health. Produced from live green tea within six hours of harvest through a patented extraction process called Phytofare, and further perfected by a world-first, clinically proven nutraceutical delivery system, Pheroid, the bioavailability and stability of the extract is further boosted. Origine 8 is designed to be more bioactive, have 15 x greater absorption and be more nutrient rich than any other green tea extract. A clinical study found that the catechins from a single dose of Origine 8 stayed in the bloodstream for 24 hours compared to six hours in the case of regular green tea extract. Origine 8 is now the benchmark in potent green tea supplementation for great overall health and vitality.

Now available in South Africa at leading pharmacies , health stores and healthcare practitioners.



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ADHD Nation: The Disorder, The Drugs, The Inside Story Alan Schwarz Little Brown • 978 1 4087 0657 2 Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) will soon be the most frequently diagnosed chronic condition among children, surpassing asthma. Yet research shows that ADHD can't be that prevalent. ADHD, a problem once thought to affect a small percentage of children, has exploded into one of the most misdiagnosed psychiatric conditions. Now doctors and Big Pharma are targeting children and adults worldwide to get the diagnosis and take medications that will, they say, transform their lives. In Kirkus Reviews for the Best Nonfiction Book of the Year it says that this: ground-breaking and definitive account of the widespread mis-diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and how its unchecked growth over half a century has made ADHD one of the most controversial conditions in medicine, with serious effects on children, adults, and society. More than 1 in 7 American children get diagnosed with ADHD – three times what experts have said is appropriate – meaning that millions of kids are misdiagnosed and taking medications for a psychiatric condition they probably do not have. The numbers rise every year. And still, many experts and drug companies deny any cause for concern. In fact, they say that adults and the rest of the world should embrace ADHD and that its medications will transform their lives. In ADHD Nation, Alan Schwarz examines the roots and the rise of this cultural and medical phenomenon: The father of ADHD, Dr Keith Conners, spends 50 years advocating drugs like Ritalin before realising his role in what he now calls 'a national disaster of dangerous proportions'; a troubled young girl and a studious teenage boy get entangled in the growing ADHD machine and take medications that backfire horribly; and big Pharma egregiously over-promotes the disorder and earns billions from the mishandling of children (and now adults). While demonstrating that ADHD is real and can be medicated when appropriate, Schwarz sounds a long-overdue alarm and urges America to address this growing national health crisis. So at its core ADHD Nation is a story of children, doctors and drug companies. It is important to note the ADHD Nation is an edited version of ADHD Nation: Children, Doctors, Big Pharma, and the Making of an American Epidemic, and while the study relates mainly to America, this trend is very evident in South Africa as well. And therefore the necessary caution is needed here too. Alan Schwarz is a Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist best known for his reportage of public health issues for The New York Times. His 130-article series on concussions in sports is roundly credited with revolutionising the treatment of head injuries in professional and youth sports. He followed that with his in-depth research with ADHD Nation. He is also regarded as an expert on the use of mathematics and probability in journalism. For more visit

ANTI-AGeING TISSUE SALTS Margaret Roberts Struik Nature • 978 1 7758 4358 0

Tissue salts are minerals that our bodies need to ensure optimal health. They are found in the Earth's rocks and soil, and in food that is grown organically in mineral rich soil. Considered to be the basic constituents of our bones, blood, organs and muscles, they are easily absorbed by the human body, with no side-effects. In this book, Margaret Roberts draws on decades of experience to advise readers on using the 12 key tissue salts to slow the ageing process, promote vitality and enhance health. Each tissue salt is presented in its own chapter, with tips on treating specific ailments; and advice on increasing the intake of the salts through the diet. An ailment chart is included for quick reference and it is deemed to be an indispensable guide for anyone interested in health, wellness, and using natural remedies to ease the effects of ageing. Margaret Roberts is a household name, having made her mark in the world of health and gardening. She pursues her passion for all things natural that can uplift, heal and inspire, by creating gardens, teaching about the wonders of herbs and developing medicinal and nutritional plants at her herbal centre. She has published many books and articles on how to ensure good health naturally.









Health-conscious eaters are boldly claiming turmeric as a superfood. Well, imagine if there was a magic cure that protected us from some of the worst diseases on the planet. The news that 'Big Pharma' doesn't particularly want us to hear about is that ingredients for that cure are probably already right there on your kitchen shelf: in a packet or bottle labelled turmeric. Karen Muir takes a closer look.




urcuma Longa, or turmeric, infuses the iconic

studies that have compared turmeric with curcumin have

yellow colour and a certain earthy warmth to

suggested turmeric may work even better.

our cooking, like curries, masala spices, babotie

So, no need to buy expensive extracts of curcumin

and golden milk, or a turmeric latte found in the trendiest

where the curcumin has been removed from its natural

coffee houses and juice bars. What is the big deal about

state. It is far more effective to use the synergy of this

such a common spice?

substance within its natural context.

What we call turmeric is the dried and powdered root or rhizome of the plant, which grows under the ground.


It is native to Asia, and most of it is grown in India,

The main phytochemicals that give turmeric its most

which take the prize for the best quality, and the highest


medicinal content.

curcuminoids. Amazingly, over 9 000 medical and clinical

THAT COLOUR The golden colour of turmeric comes from it's curcumin content.






research studies have been conducted on this amazing spice and curcumin in recent years, with most noting significant benefits. There are three primary phytochemicals in the

The higher the curcumin content, the darker the

curcuminoid family that produce the health benefits:

colour of the spice. This is the magical ingredient, of some

diferuloylmethane (or curcumin), demethoxycurcumin,

200, found in turmeric – which has modern scientists

and bisdemethoxycurcumin. In addition to these three

nodding heads with ancient seers. That turmeric is good

biochemicals, turmerone is another of the potent volatile

for you.

oils found in the root.

For centuries turmeric has been used in Asia for

Research has proven these curcuminoids exert

cooking, dyeing and even for wound and skin healing. Now

powerful health-promoting effects via 160 mechanisms

we know that it has some impressive health benefits too.

and pathways in the body such as antioxidant,

It is a potent anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immune

neuroprotective, immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory,

booster; famous for treating colds, flu, arthritis and pain.

epigenetic, and adaptogenic properties. O

It is a brain tonic known to improve concentration, slow down Alzheimer's and treat depression. Turmeric also reduces cholesterol, improves liver function, is a natural antibiotic and is also used for skin problems like acne. Research has proven it to be as effective as the most commonly used anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen

Advice from TAKA-TURMERIC – a South African-based company making a range of turmeric based beverages:

and voltaren. Being delivered by Mother Nature herself, turmeric doesn't come with any harmful side-effects,

'Turmeric is the perfect medicine to be taken as a food,

although it does take a little longer than pharmaceuticals

in fact we herald turmeric as a superfood. However,

to be effective.

only use organic turmeric. Being a root it absorbs a

Inflammation has a part to play in most disease, so

lot of pesticides and heavy metals – which would be

maximum doses of organic turmeric being recommended

taking a few steps backwards health wise.

as a curative supplement (up to 8g per day of natural

'We recently went to India on a quest to find the best

occurring turmeric with meals or in beverages like golden

organic and ethically farmed turmeric, and were

milk/tea or turmeric latte).

pleased to find good sources, but they were so far and

Recent scientific research has proved that if you

few between – only making up a small percentage of

combine turmeric with a natural fat and a small percentage

turmeric production in India, which produces most of

of black pepper then the effectiveness of turmeric is

the turmeric in the world'

increased by a staggering 2000%.

To amplify the benefits of turmeric, we recommend

For those making formulas with turmeric like golden

consuming it on a daily basis and as often as possible

paste for arthritis, Alzheimer's or cancer treatment – or

throughout the day.

just for improving their health, this is very good news.

This is why we have created convenient and delicious

But wouldn't it be easier to take a curcumin

turmeric based beverages for you to enjoy.'

supplement? No, because curcumin is not equivalent to turmeric – it's just one of its ingredients. The few



For more info click here


effect of blood-thinning agents such as warfarin. It may

Turmeric comes from the powdered root, whereas

therefore people using blood-thinning agents should

curcumin has been extracted from the turmeric. (Curcumin

avoid using high doses of turmeric while on aspirin or

is only about 5% of the whole spice)


also potentiate glucose-lowering drugs in diabetics. So

It is advised that taking turmeric in its natural from because nature intended it that way. There are many ingredients in


the turmeric root which are beneficial, and these all work

Taking curcumin is safe in humans and pets taking


4g to 10g per day (the equivalent of 10 capsules). We recommend maximum dosage for those treating illness


like cancer or inflammation of any sort.

Science shows that regular use of turmeric is as effective Voltaren and Ibuprofen). Turmeric takes longer to work


but it has no harmful side-effects, plus has many other

Adding turmeric to your diet is absolutely safe with


most other medications, but the black pepper may

as well-known anti-inflammatory prescription drugs (like

cause heartburn for a few people.. Aspirin can have a


blood-thinning effect and turmeric has also been found to

Turmeric can be used as a regular spice for taste and

cause blood-thinning. So the combination is not advised.

medicinal benefit. It contains an active chemical called

However you would need high concentrations of curcumin

curcumin. However, there is less than 5% in whole

for that effect. So avoid taking high doses of turmeric (over

turmeric and is hardly ever organic, so therefore it is

3g per day) – if you are in this category of users.

poorly absorbed. To get sufficient turmeric for therapeutic purposes, you need the synergy of black pepper extract


to increase absorption. Scientific studies show that black

It comes from the root or rhizome of an herbaceous plant,

pepper extract can increase absorption by 2000%. We

is indigenous to tropical regions of the world, mainly South

add coconut for the natural oil content to further enhance

East Asia and the Indian sub-continent.

its absorption.


No, it doesn't. There is some yellow colouring on the mouth and tongue but this stays for a short while only, in

It is advisable to consult your health care provider

the same way as beetroot or coloured sweets.

with specific conditions. In general, turmeric is well

We have removed many turmeric stains from clothing with

tolerated at high dosages. Turmeric may enhance the

normal detergents.



reviews ODYSSEY 60 • 


Real Meal Revolution Banting 2.0 Jonno Proudfoot and the Real Meal Revolution team

Sugar Free: 8 Weeks to Freedom from Sugar and Carb Addiction Karen Thomson

Burnet Media • 978 1 9282 3044 1

Sunbird Publishers • 978 1 9202 8994 2

Since the launch of the original Real Meal Revolution in November 2013, low-carb high-fat (LCHF) eating – otherwise known as Banting – has taken South Africa by storm. The Real Meal Revolution website has seen more than two million visitors since its launch in 2014 and the company supports thousands of Banters on a monthly basis. Inevitably, a topic that has such farreaching health implications and generates so much interest has brought with it controversy, confusion and copycats. Three years after the revolution hit South Africa, it's time for an overview of what has been learnt from the original Banting revolutionaries. Having collated reams of data and overwhelming quantities of personal feedback from those who've embraced Banting and had their lives changed for the better as a result, the Real Meal Revolution returns to bookstores with a comprehensive, authoritative handbook on the Banting lifestyle, incorporating the latest science on LCHF eating, gut health, gluten sensitivity, fasting and more. The result is the evolution of the revolution: a streamlined, accessible, easy-to-read review of what Banting means and how to approach LCHF eating in the most effective way possible. Jonno Proudfoot is a food expert, entrepreneur and adventurer, and the driving force behind the Real Meal Revolution brand. Real Meal Revolution is an online and face-to-face weight-loss and healthy-eating support company.

Are you a sugar addict? Do you crave sweet treats, bread, pasta and sauce-laden food? Do you experience lethargy and mood swings as a result of blood glucose spikes and dips? Does your weight seesaw unmanageably? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, your health is at risk. Where fat used to be the enemy, scientists now point to the huge amount of sugar we consume as making us unhealthy. Sugar Free is packed with recent scientific research and nutritional advice to help you understand addiction to sugar and carbohydrates, including a chapter by Dr Nicole Avena, research neuroscientist, author and expert in nutrition, diet and addiction. It provides eight weeks of meal plans, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, by nutritionist Emily Macguire, and includes journal exercises to help you break free from the mental, physical and emotional traps of old eating patterns. Sugar Free shows the way to a sustainable sugar-free lifestyle. Its simple and effective eight-week programme to quit sugar will enable you and your family to enjoy dramatically improved health, increased energy levels and weight loss. Author Karen Thomson is living in recovery from addiction to sugar and carbohydrates so understands exactly what you need to know to break the cycle of addiction and find your way to radically improved health.

Available at:

& more listed on:

Miriam Platt Attunement Practitioner Reiki Master Teacher Miriam has completed in-depth Attunement training in the United States and Canada, and has been offering Attunement since 1980. She has been practicing Reiki since 1991 and teaching since 1997. Miriam is deeply committed to the principles of these life-enhancing services and has great respect for both systems, having experienced and witnessed the natural and profound manner in which healing, transformation and inner growth can occur.

Constantia • 021 794 3601 • ODYSSEY 61 • 



We Are

Happy Ear th People We’re Taleszia and Candice and we’re Happy Earth People. We’ve experienced real life lessons on the importance of what we choose to put into our, and into our children’s bodies. And we’ve found that what we eat goes hand in hand with a happy, healthy life.



We have seen children (and many adults for that matter) consume the wrong foods from an early age and we’ve seen it have an impact on their health and development, regularly causing allergies, making it hard for them to concentrate and causing other imbalances. We’ve discovered the value of using good, healthy, whole food as the ideal tool to strengthen and nourish our bodies. You see the truth is this: We simply cannot function at our optimum level without the correct nutrition. We felt compelled to make natural, whole foods more accessible so that more people could experience for themselves what we have discovered. The bright shiny answer at the end of the dark, lethargic tunnel? Step forward the, oh so humble, legume. They are bursting with health, full of fiber; iron; essential vitamins; minerals and plant protein goodness. And that’s why we love them! Having discovered them, and all the goodness that they hold, we headed to the kitchen with the very clear intention of reconnecting to wholeness, and rolled out our very first lentil pasta with a wine bottle! And right on that very day, while we were doing our happy dance, we committed to go to the ends of the earth to create the most delicious, wholesome, meat free, organically grown legume products for you and your family to enjoy a happy, healthy, full-to-the-brim vivacious life. We believe pulses are the nutritious superfood of the future. Legumes also know are the dried pea, bean and lentil family they are a good source of protein and fiber, and are full of iron and antioxidants. They may even be the answer to climate change related food security concerns, as they need very little water to grow and are so nutritionally jam packed! Eating a variety of legumes can help prevent chronic disease, including heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and weight gain as well as improve gut health. Growing and supporting the pulse industry is not only good for you but good for the planet too; they are soil enriching and leave the soil even healthier after harvest.

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CHICKPEA FUSILLI PASTA | PRICE R408 per 6 packets WHEN TO USE: Eating a variety of legumes 3-4 times a week, can help prevent chronic disease, including heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and weight gain as well as improve gut health. HOW TO USE: Add pasta to rapidly boiling salted water. We recommend using a timer from when the pasta is put into the pot; cook for 6 minutes (depending on stove and preference) and voila. Enjoy with your favourite accompaniments. CONTAINS: Ingredients: Just chickpeas; Allergens: legumes; Free of: gluten, grain and nut, sugar, soya, GMO’s and 100% vegan. HOW MUCH: 250g per packet, serves 4. HOW GREEN: We use non-certified organically grown chickpeas. The packaging is entirely biodegradable and we are constantly on the hunt for locally grown legumes. Legumes are water-efficient and help keep the soil fertile and healthy. Growing and supporting the pulse industry is not only good for you but good for the planet too.

LENTIL FUSILLI PASTA | PRICE R408 per 6 packets WHEN TO USE: Eating a variety of legumes 3-4 times a week, can help prevent chronic disease, including heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and weight gain as well as improve gut health. HOW TO USE: Add pasta to rapidly boiling salted water. We recommend using a timer from when the pasta is put into the pot; cook for 8 minutes (depending on stove and preference) and voila. Enjoy with your favourite accompaniments. CONTAINS: Ingredients: Just red lentils; Allergens: legumes; Free of: gluten, grain and nut, sugar, soya, GMO’s and 100% vegan. HOW MUCH: 250g per packet, serves a family of 4. HOW GREEN: We use non-certified organically grown red lentils. The packaging is entirely biodegradable and we use locally sourced red lentils. Legumes are water-efficient and help keep the soil fertile and healthy. Growing and supporting the pulse industry is not only good for you but good for the planet too. MORE INTERESTING INFO: The lentil is one of the oldest and hardiest foods. There is no legume more resistant to arid lands than the lentil. It needs very little water to grow and can survive the coldest of climates. With their impressive nutritional profile it’s no wonder they have been a treasured foodstuff since
 the Egypt of the pharaohs. Archaeologists also discovered traces of lentils buried with the dead in Egyptian pyramids. The humble lentil had by this time already reached mythical status and was praised for its ability to enlighten the mind, even in the afterlife.



y l i da


'My goal for all of us in 2017 is that we can get to the end of the year and our December break feeling as great as we felt when we got back in January. How is that for a plan? Where are you now in that? We need tools and techniques to help us revitalise and rejuvenate as we go along so we don't have to wait for a holiday to restore ourselves,' writes Sue Fuller Good.




ith every passing day, your holiday with all its positive benefits are fading. With every passing day you are getting closer to


Have some quiet and connection time for yourself every day. This doesn't have to be hours and hours of time, but it does need to be some time. Make it a

starting to long for your next holiday. Unless, that is, you

priority in your life. A meeting with yourself. A time

take 'islands of rejuvenation' in your life, every day and

to think and dream and plan and be still.

even every hour. Hourly and daily rejuvenation is the answer. Here is a 6-step plan to help you:


Wherever you are, just take a second to feel your feet on the floor and really focus on how they feel. Where is the weight in them? Are you resting on them symmetrically from left to right? Can you

Eat what grows in the ground and is made by the good creator and skip what is made by man in factories. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and supper like a pauper.


Move your body as much as you can. Get up and move. Walk, stretch and get your heart beating. It doesn't matter what you do, just let it be fun for

relax them more? How are your toes in comparison

you. Walk, run, dance, do yoga, swim, do Pilates,

with one another? How do your toe nails feel in

whatever you can do, do. Exercise is medicine. It

your toes? Can you relax your feet muscles? This

dumps adrenaline, it increases serotonin and it

is a brilliant technique for bringing you into the

enhances all aspects of health. Even if you have

moment and focusing your mind on the physical.

pain, keep moving the best way you can.

Your mind can't focus on two things at once, so if you can capture its attention for a moment on your feet, you will bring some calm and clear focus for a




And the last thing: sleep. We know now from research, that sleep is medicine too. The brain can't function without enough of it and neither can

while. This is astonishingly relaxing. Try it.

the body. The more the better (within reason, but

Life is like a buffet table filled with so many

7-8 hours a night). And the deeper the sleep the

choices of what to do and what to enjoy. Just

better, so pay attention to calming yourself before

like when you are eating from a buffet table, if

you go to sleep. Get your room cool and dark and

you eat a taste of everything you will not really

write down anything that needs remembering or

get an enjoyable meal. There will be too many

sorting the next day before you go to sleep and

different flavours and too many conflicting tastes.

let go of your world while you sleep. Give yourself

The mixture may not be appealing and it's better

the gift of rest. I always say: 'I allow myself to rest

to choose a theme and go with that. Have curry or

and rejuvenate while my world takes care of itself.

roast and veggies, but not both. Have seafood or

I'll pick everything up in the morning, when I have

meat, but not all of it. In the same way, if you try to

had adequate rest.' This affirmation helps me sleep

pack everything into your life, you will have a mess,

deeply and well.

but if you choose wisely what to include and choose

We can't wait till holidays or weekends to take

wisely what to exclude, you will have a much better

care of ourselves. We need to take care every day and

experience. Don't overcrowd and over clutter your

every week. In this Valentine's day month, love yourself

life; be discerning about what to say 'no' to.

enough to make your own wellbeing a priority. O

Holistic Wellness Centre • • • •

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+27 11 463-0229 a Follow us on

Body Brilliance Wellness Centre Your Partner in Individual & Corporate Wellbeing

Our Team of Experts will work together to create ultimate wellness for you; in mind, body and soul. Our treatments are holistic and multidimensional.

We offer the following

Physiotherapy Life Coaching Weight Management & Nutrition Sport and Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Body & Lifestyle Tuning Stress & Relaxation Therapy Mindfulness Coaching Workshops & Motivational Talks ¥ Corporate Wellbeing Programs " Where People Feel Great on the Inside and Outside" ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥

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supplied by

Wing’s Herbal Synergy the 'Practitioner-only', Integrative, Evidence-Based Medicine Company

For over 20 years Wing’s have supplied practitioners with PANAXEA – a revolutionary and unique brand of medicines of the finest quality herbal and nutraceutical ingredients. Practitioner-Only: We never sell our products retail, understanding that serious medicines require professional prescribing and support, with a pharmacopoeia of 369 medicines to prescribe from, a practitioner is a vital part of the process. Integrative Medicine: Investigates the multi-factoral causes of dis-ease. The practitioner and the patient form a team working towards an integrated protocol of treatment. The priority is to support health using the least toxic and most beneficial approach; this does not exclude symptomatic treatment of disease, where appropriate. Evidence-Based Medicine: 'The conscientious, explicit and judicious use of current best evidence in making decisions about the care of individual patients.' (Sackett, 1996). Wing's supply cutting-edge research and information to keep practitioners abreast of all the very latest advancements in the natural medicine industry. Herbal Synergy: Plant constituents may provide a ‘super additive’ biological effect when combined, as opposed to being just the sum of their individual parts. eg 1 + 1 = 5, not 2. Williamson (2001) Ulrich-Merzenich et al. (2007) In working with us you will discover the finest and most efficacious Integrative Medicines, uniquely formulated from the highest quality Chinese, Ayurvedic and Western herbs along with single molecule extracts. 'Medicine of all types must be a rational, experiential and empirical science, which through the contest of ideas and their dialogue provides the best treatment for those that suffer. Treatment of disease requires evidence of efficacy, safety and efficiency.' Dr Daniel Weber (pictured).

Please contact us to find your nearest prescribing practitioner. Call Toll Free: 080-202-88-88 email:



FASHION We take a look at some more eco-fashion breakthroughs and trends.



THE ENTREPRENEUR SHIRT Two years ago, Tom Cridland decided to start a sustainable clothing business on a meager $8 000 government loan. Today, the eponymous label is immensely profitable. In order to support business owners in the developing world, Cridland has launched 'The Entrepreneur's Shirt' that will split 10% of the sales between two non-profits: Young Enterprise (helping young people get jobs in the UK) and Deki (a provider of micro-loans to small business owners in countries including Uganda, Malawi and South Africa).

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BONHAPPI-T Thought up and put together by Durbanites Susan Wright and Felix Schmitz, bonhappi-T is a new, revolutionary South African start-up that launched in 2016. From the price of every bonhappi-T bought, sufficient funds are immediately sent to FoodBank SA or a dog charity, to feed one mouth for one month. The duo spent a year developing the company and have partnered with a few suppliers to make the process of buying the t’s as simple and cheap as possible to ensure that as much proceeds as possible go to the charities.

THE JOINERY Founded and run by sisters Natalie and Kim Ellis, The Joinery is a South African ethical fashion label created to provide an alternative to traditional, often hazardous methods of production. Established in 2012, it began as a dream to impact local communities through sustainable fashion and has since evolved into an enduring commitment to an environmentally and socially conscious approach to design. Their new 'My Office' range, made from locally produced and sustainable fabric, is the embodiment of this attitude.

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USING THE POWER OF THE SUN AND WIND Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology, US have developed a hybrid, energy-generating fabric powered by sunlight and the movement of the wind. The team used a commercial textile machine to weave together solar cells taken from lightweight, polymer fibres with triboelectric nanogenerators (a type of technology that converts mechanical/thermal energy as produced by small-scale physical change into electricity). The new fabric is 320 micrometres thick and woven together with strands of wool.

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IZ Collection According to the World Health Organisation, over 65 million members of the global population required a wheelchair in 2010. Despite this overwhelming statistic the fashion industry has hardly addressed this consumour group in their designs. People who use wheelchairs have little choice when it comes to fashion. They are forced to wear clothes that don’t necessarily fit or look good on them. Canadian designer Izzy Camilleri’s IZ Collection is tackling this issue head on.

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WAIR Bad air is detrimental to human health. According to the World Health Organisation, one in eight of total global deaths are a result of air pollution. To lessen the effect of air pollution, designer Caroline Van Renterghem created a stylish scarf that is meant to filter pollution and monitor the air quality around the wearer. Renterghem designed the Wair Scarf after she contracted a lung infection while cycling through Paris. To protect herself she used an emission mask but found the mask uncomfortable.

TIMBERLAND-THREAD Timberland is partnering with Thread, a Pittsburgh-based manufacturer of sustainable fabrics, to create a collection of footwear and bags crafted from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. The collaboration, set to debut this year, will be the largest to date for Thread, a certified B Corp that seeks to create economic opportunities in developing countries such as Haiti and Honduras, where the bottles are collected.

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HUMAN HAIR AS A RAW MATERIAL? Designer Sanne Visser’s new recycling project repurposes an important resource most of us walk around with daily- the hair on our heads. Her new line, called the New Age of Trichology, utilises the untapped resource of human hair waste, transforming our old locks into durable, flexible rope that can be applied to a variety of uses. As populations around the globe rise, Visser’s hair recycling system could help keep millions of pounds of human hair out of our landfills, and put to use.

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Girlfriend Collective This new company based in Seattle, Washington, recently launched its cornerstone product – basic black leggings that are made from recycled water bottles. Girlfriend Collective (GC) sets itself apart from other leggings manufacturers for a number of reasons. First is its choice of fabric – recycled polyester made from old water bottles. They stay away from lycra, the commonly used stretchy fabric owned by the billionaire Koch brothers, whose climate change-denying beliefs are at odds with GC's founders.

FAIR TRADE: THE FIRST STEP How is your clothing made? This new short film investigates why choosing Fair Trade Certified clothing is an important first step toward changing the garment industry.

Learn more about Patagonia's partnership with Fair Trade here.

BBC EXPOSES CHILD LABOUR Factories in Turkey are employing Syrian refugee children as young as 10 to make clothes for the British high street, an undercover investigation by BBC's Panorama has found. Broadcast in October, 2016, the news program described the 'very picture of Dickensian misery' as reporter Darragh MacIntyre reported refugees earning barely more than a dollar an hour – well below the Turkish minimum wage – stitching, ironing, and folding garments for Marks & Spencer and the online retailer ASOS.

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ECO-FRIENDLY FABRIC: NEWLIFE Newlife by Sinterama is a polyester yarn processed and spun in Italy from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. Processed using mechanical rather than chemical means, it requires 94% less water and 60% less energy, while producing 32% fewer carbon emissions than virgin polyester. Livia Firth, creative director of Eco-Age and co-founder of the Green Carpet Challenge was one of Newlife's early champions when she accompanied her husband, Colin Firth, to the Golden Globes in a Giorgio Armani gown made from the textile.

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supercharge your life to

switching Our devices have us by the short and curlies. If you have a problem with the idea of ending up in a zombie-like society, riveted by what's going on in the cyber world as opposed to what's happening on your doorstep, then Cherie Roe Dirksen strongly suggests you read on. There is a way out of this madness and it doesn't involve binning your smart phone.



oday by

g off


eports show, according to the Hindustan Times (although no official data on the exact number of people who have died taking selfies exists), that

from 2014 up to August 2016, there have been a staggering 54 deaths in India alone while taking selfies. India has the highest recorded rate of death by selfies in the world. The selfie epidemic has taken the world by storm and is threatening to compromise the integrity of many a soul. This attention-seeking activity finds youths (and adults alike) trying to find some kind of self-esteem in the number of 'likes' and comments they can clock up on various social media platforms (such as Instagram and Facebook). According to an article in Psychology Today, the culprit

behind the addiction to our phones and checking texts, 'likes', messages and e-mails is dopamine (the neurochemical at the heart of the pleasure-seeking system of the brain). Dopamine is on a constant loop of seeking out pleasure, information, instant gratification, arousal and anything to get us hooked in a constant stream of desire and reward. With search engines like Google catering to our every whim, we're in deep trouble if we can't get a grip on this new age of technology.

The Problem The internet, as we know, is a double-edged sword. On one hand, you have a plethora of valuable information at your fingertips (boy, do I remember having to plough through encyclopedias in the past for information, how about you?), an instant marketing tool for business/trade as well as a bridge in the gap of worldwide communication. On the other hand, we have a more insidious trap of negative news, addictive games/apps, useless information (as in which Kardashian bared the most flesh on vacation), dangerous/ disgusting/violent sites and troll commentators inciting fiery debates through insult and degradation. I value the internet and the opportunity it brings but I'm very aware of the shady downside. Here are some key elements to look out for in your own life: •

Are you neglecting hobbies/past-times you used to enjoy (such as reading, getting creative or cooking) because your device is guzzling up your time?

Are you neglecting family or friends because you speak to them over your apps so you feel you don't need to 'see' them?

Are you neglecting your immediate family because you are too busy online to have a meal together or go out into the yard for a ball game?

Do you constantly check your phone for messages?

Even worse, do you constantly check your phone while



you are visiting or meeting someone in the flesh? •

Do you feel you don't have enough time in the day to do what you want to do but you have enough time to sit on your device checking your feeds every hour or so?

Do you break out into a sweat if you're phone has been left behind somewhere, or the battery is dead or someone suggests you leave it off for a day? If you've answered yes to any of the above, you are in

the throes of becoming addicted to your device. What can you do about it? The good news is that with awareness and time scheduling, you can avoid becoming another member of team walking dead.

The Solution As with most things in life – handle everything in

Reclaim your life by limiting your time on your devices and, please, encourage others to do so too. We don't want to lose our humanity to these new technologies. As great as they are, they are stripping us of our fundamental attributes.

moderation. If you make a commitment to check your e-mails

be in the loop. There were times, not so long ago, when

Walking in nature: getting fresh air and exercising your body, there truly is nothing like it.

twice a day (in the morning and late afternoon), you'll still •

Gardening: getting in touch with the earth

the internet didn't exist. In fact, communication was done

and growing things which gives you hope for the

via telegram (for really urgent things), snail mail or via the

future. Take on a fun project like growing your own vegetables.

telephone – and people survived. If you're running an online business, set aside 30

objects stuffed full of paper with black ink on every

minutes to an hour a day on promotion (via social


networks). Don't go over your set time limit – be very strict about that.

Reading a book: remember those hard-cased

Just Chilling: put your devices away or on silent

If you want to just socially check your Facebook or

and just relax. Put your feet up and daydream or

Instagram account – also set a time limit. I would suggest

meditate. Get in touch with yourself and who you

no more than 20 minutes a day. Nothing takes up more

are – know thyself. Our devices stop us from being

time than perusing feeds of, let's face it, useless tidings.

in the now. We are continuously getting distracted by

After two hours of scrolling; how many of you actually

them and failing to connect with our inner guidance.

come away with some great tips or glorious epiphanies?

Socialising: make contact with real, fleshy

How many of you really needed to see so-and-so's first

people again. Go for coffee with friends and turn

day at school, or your old school friends homemade

your phone off. Engage in real conversation with

lasagna from last night, or how much kilometres Betty

eye-to-eye contact.

clocked up on her exercise bicycle at gym this morning?

Cooking: make delicious home-cooked meals

We are being trapped in tediousness and we're

prepared with love. Invite people over and share in

addicted to it. It's like a 24-hour soap opera that's got you

laughter, good food and company – the Italians have

in its frivolous clutches.

it right.

Ever felt totally drained after coming off a computer

Reclaim your life by limiting your time on your devices

or device? That's part of the dopamine problem – it

and, please, encourage others to do so too. We don't

continuously wants us to seek out new information, feel

want to lose our humanity to these new technologies.

gratified for a bit and then start all over again (the loop).

As great as they are, they are stripping us of our

This will wear out any living creature – but I'm pretty sure

fundamental attributes.

you're smarter than that. These devices have taken over our lives in a relatively

As Gandhi so eloquently put it, 'be the change you wish to see in the world'. O

short amount of time. We are very capable of reclaiming our bliss by remembering to engage in things that bring us joy every day, like:



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Homeward Bound: The Life of Paul Simon Peter Ames Carlin Constable • 978 1 4721 2585 9

This is a fascinating read of a man whose music has literally, for those of us over 20, been with us all of our lives. With his first hit being in 1957, Simon's influence on the latter half of the 20th century and on into the 21st has been remarkable for its breadth and vision, its humanity and its relevance to the issues of the day. And then, beyond the complex melody lines, intricate vocals, and his various eclectic incorporations and collaborations (remember Ladysight Black Mambazo and Graceland from the '80s?), there remains the abiding beauty of the music itself. Simon has, despite being among the musical greats of the last 60 years, remained something of a recluse, showing



himself only indirectly, often, but intimately in his lyrics, yet rarely seeking or even enjoying the spotlight of attention when not actually playing. Much, therefore, about this intriguing and deeply talented man is not generally known. This work should do much to resolve that issue – and for anyone who has ever loved the music of Paul Simon in any of its iterations, there will be much here to help deepen the appreciation for one of the true greats of our time.

A Woman Looking at Men Looking at Women Siri Husvedt Sceptre • 978 1 473 63891 4

This author is a prize-winning novelist. But in this work she engages with a range of topics clearly close to her heart, though

the book itself is essentially intellectual in its approach. She attempts to draw in the arts and science, philosophical issues such as the mind/body divide and delves deeply into psychology and philosophy. For those for whom feminine or women studies (the subtitle is 'Essays on Art, Sex and the Mind') are important and interesting, this book will find a place on the bookshelf with ease alongside other notable works in this domain.

They're Your Rules – Break Them Douglas Kruger Penguin • 978 1 7760 9064 8

This books offers, it says, '50 ways to smash silos, bust bureaucracy and create a high-performance culture'. Rules are human-made and those that no longer serve us

not only can be broken, but they should be. That is the author's central thesis. He wishes us to disrupt atrophying forces and create instead an exponentially achieving organisational culture. He wants us to disrupt at every opportunity, making our businesses 'ever-changing' from within. He cites Elon Musk and others, including the US's famed Navy Seals. There are many good points made. But this is a book written for an essentially American audience and many of the notions it contains will not necessarily translate well, or even at all, in our very different context. Still, a worthwhile read.

Inferno Dan Brown Corgi • 978 0 5521 7348 3

Robert Langdon has moved from being a character of fiction into

a central spot in the Westernised cultures of the world, following Brown's blow-out success of the Da Vince Code and its follow-ons. This is another in that line, with the lead character awakening, mysteriously, in hospital in Florence – only to quickly find out that the reason he is in hospital is that someone is out to kill him, and he has to find out why, and quickly. The rest, if you are a Dan Brown fan, is to be consumed with delight at the usual fast pace of Brown's prior novels.

A Monstrous Commotion: The Mysteries of Lock Ness Gareth Williams

'monster of the deep' from another era, believed in by many – despite numerous investigations revealing little, or at most, nothing – to live in the dark and coldly murky depths of Scotland's most famous lock? The answer is that no-one is quite sure. With elaborately equipped investigations to date revealing little, except unexplained blips on sonar screens and one or two intriguing but ultimately indeterminate underwater images, it is not surprising that the myth and legend of Nessie lingers on. This book sets out to be a 'wholly original' look at the mystery. If you are a fan of mythological monsters, and Nessie in particular, this one will simply have to find its way onto your bookshelves.

Orion • 978 1 4091 5874 5

So, the questions remains: Is there such a thing as Nessie, the alleged multi-photographed



I offer Insight, Expression and Release through a combination of Astrology, Life-Coaching and the Metamorphic Technique To make an appointment with me in Cape Town, please access or call Heather on 079 391 1907

Merkavah Merkavah (as it is spelled in Hebrew) Merkabah (ancient Egypt) 'Mer' means 'Light' 'Ka' means 'Body' 'Vah' means 'Spirit Divine Light Vehicle' - allowing a person to ascend into the higher realms. Copper Lights: 10cm in diameter White Lights: 21 cm in diameter Both: R360 excluding shipping Contact:







FIRE 2017 truly has finally kicked off for most of us – it has been a bit of a slow start but it seems we are now running instead of crawling and even though we have sustained injuries from 2016, we are beginning to assimilate the lessons and incorporate them into our lives going forward. It hasn't been an easy ride and the year ahead has a lot of unexpected surprises for us that we must simply adapt to and even benefit from. Margarita Celeste takes a look






he most important thing to bear in mind for this

the brute and the maiden – but are also sometimes just

year ahead is that it is being called 'The Year of

too much fire, especially in the sign of Aries – a sign that

Fire' – this is due to many of the planets being

takes what it wants without sometimes considering the

in fire signs for most of the year. All four (yes, there are


four this year) of the Mercury Retrogrades will be these

Cue the Venus in Aries retrograde – March 6 – April

aforementioned signs, as well as the upcoming Venus

6. The shadow period begins as early as 6 February, and

retrograde in Aries in March, the Full Moon Eclipse in

what a valentine's month this is going to be. Hot, steamy,

Leo, in February, the conjunction of Venus and Mars in

yes, but full of the question: Am I giving as much as I

Aries as well as Saturn and Uranus going retrograde in

am taking? Am I considering the needs of the other? Are

Sagittarius and Aries respectively. Shew – that is truly a

they considering mine?' Last year, when Jupiter entered

whole lot of fire.

the sign of Libra – the sign Venus rules and the sign

The energies this year are very high and we will feel

of true, equal, romantic partnership – many of us left

like we are rushing around without much chance to catch

relationships that were unbalanced. We began really

our breath and slow down. And remember guys – we are

seeing how we had compromised ourselves and not

still injured – our wounds are tender from the last year's

taken the care of the person that mattered most – us.

challenges and we are at risk of tearing these open if we

Some of us were the ones who weren't conscious of how

try to go faster than we are capable of. This year has

much inequality we had created and were subsequently

the smell of the desert in it – dry, hot, without water. We

left. Whatever our situation, this Venus retrograde asks

need to hydrate, refresh, and cool down. Tempers are

us to go back there and it is very common that old

high, lusts are high and passion will be off the charts.

relationships begin anew, and the balance that was so

With the conjunction of Venus and Mars starting in

neglected is now aright again – or is it? Jupiter once

February, we can expect to be feeling very amorous,

again goes retrograde in Libra also, incidentally, on

and will stop at nothing to get the object of our desire –

the 6th of February and once again we are facing this

whether it be a job, a person or an object. We need to


stop, check ourselves and ask ourselves if we are being

Where is the balance of me versus them?

selfish in this pursuit, if it's simply from a desire to want,

It is very common for 'Twin Flames' to reunite if they

or if that person, thing, career – is it what is good for us

have done the work and if they can make the changes

in the long run? Venus and Mars together are irresistible,

needed and make the relationship an equal partnership

It is very common for 'Twin Flames' to reunite if they have done the work and if they can make the changes needed and make the relationship an equal partnership in every single way. This is the single most important question we face in our love lives this year.



in every single way. This is the single most important question we face in our love lives this year. The eclipses this year bring with them a more worldwide, dramatic change, with the first one in February in the sign of Leo, affecting the personal birth chart of Donald Trump – and when an eclipse does this, we should keep an extra close eye on the leader, as it will be no small change that occurs, and usually malefic (difficult) in nature. Trump represents the dark and subconsciously held archetypes we as a human race have repressed and now we see these qualities in all their glory – hatred of minority groups, women, Muslims. We have a chance now to face these shadows inside (for what is reality other than our own perception

'In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity' ~ The Art of War fight for what we love. No longer can we stand back and passively accept. We are part of the balance, we are not outside it. Those of us with planets in the late and the early degrees of Aries, late degrees of Sagittarius and Leo – let us tread ever so carefully. Let us slow down, cool down – watch. Let us cultivate patience, strength and the righteous fight – let us not be heedless now, but wise. Let the wisdom of the last year wash over us and wash us pure of dross and refine us to our best. Remember, we are warriors. We have new courage hew hearts, new dreams. It's time to take the inner battle out and reach across and towards those who need us. O

See ad below for info on Margarita's courses.

of it – we are everything and everything is us) and deal with them. How? We hold their hands, whisper to them 'I love you' and bring them into our hearts. We take that anxiety, that hatred, and we say 'I accept you and I don't hate you, come inside and be welcome'. We accept and love ourselves unconditionally. This does not mean we act on our hatred, our fears, and our pain. We love them to health again. The ongoing Jupiter Uranus opposition in Libra & Aries will create that swing of balance between 'us' and 'them' – for not only are we seeking balance in our own relationships, inside ourselves, but also our balance in the world – and we are in for some surprises. Things are going to happen to us, to others, which are completely unexpected. Fire has the quality of burning up that which is no longer useful but must be maintained for it to be a healthy purge. Being the year of the Chinese Fire Rooster, we can expect a lot of drama, burn out, but at the end a purity that comes from taking away all that which doesn't belong in our lives anymore. We will watch the drama play out in the world, seek our truth, seek to spread our truth. We begin to fight now, we begin to take a stand at that which is harmful, that which goes against our innate intuitive knowing that we can't stand by and let the world 'burn, baby, burn' – we are part of it. We have to



Water doesn’t come from a tap. Water goes on a long and complicated journey to get to you.

Visit to learn more about where your water comes from. Photo © Hougaard Malan






nd so, 2017 is finally here. Someone once said

once said, 'You only live once, but if you do it right, once

that the definition of hell is that on our last

is enough.'

day on earth, the person we became will meet

the person we could have become. A scary thought. In

Give up playing small

order to become successful and get closer to the person

If we never try to take great opportunities, or allow our

that we can become, we don't need to add more things,

dreams to become realities, we will never unleash our

but rather we need to let go of them. There are certain

true potential and the world will never benefit from what

things that are universal, which will make us successful

we have achieved. We should voice our ideas, never be

if we give them up, even though each one of us has a

afraid to fail, and definitely not be afraid to succeed. As

different definition of success. We can start today.

Marianne Williamson wrote: 'Your playing small does

Give up the unhealthy lifestyle

around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. It

Firstly we need to take care of our health, which

is not just in some of us; it is in everyone, and as we let

predominantly is looking after our diet and doing some

our light shine, we unconsciously give others permission

physical activity. As Jim Rohn said, 'Take care of your

to do the same. As we are liberated from our fear, our

body. Its the only place you have to live.' Small steps,

presence automatically liberates others.'

Give up the short-term mindset



shrinking so that other people will not feel insecure

If we want to achieve anything in life, it starts here.

but we will thank ourselves one day.


not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about

Give up making excuses Successful people know that they are responsible for

Successful people set long-term goals and they know

their lives, whatever their starting point, weaknesses

these aims are merely short-term habits that need to

and past failures. Realising that we are responsible

be done every day. These habits shouldn't be something

for what happens next in our life is both frightening

we do, but rather something that we embody. Mae West

and exciting. And when we do, that becomes the only

Ronnie Muhl offers some great advice for the year ahead

IVE 2017 way that we can become successful, because excuses

that making small continual improvements every day

limit and prevent us from growing, personally and

will be compounded over time and provide them with

professionally. We need to own our lives, because no

desired results. That is why we should plan for the

one else will.

future, focus on the days that lie ahead, and try to

As Randy Pauch once said, 'It’s not about the cards you’re dealt, but how you play the hand.'

Give up the fixed mindset

improve just slightly every day. We should all adopt the self-talk that says: 'Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.' Have a great start to a new year. O

People with a fixed mindset often think that their intelligence or talents are simply fixed traits and that talent alone creates success without effort. Nothing could be further from the truth. Successful people know this. They invest an immense amount of time on a daily basis developing a growth mindset. They acquire new knowledge, learn new skills, and change their perception so that it can benefit their lives. It is important to remember that who we are today is not who we have to be tomorrow. Robert Greene once said, 'The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.'

Give up believing in the Magic Bullet Overnight success is a myth. Successful people know

'The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.' – Robert Greene ODYSSEY 89 • 


Paulo's Column

Circulating  The  Internet ODYSSEY 90 • 


'The Net, in spite of all its faults, has also been utilised as a gigantic support system for the human race; every day there are emails circulated with interesting stories and stories of anger. There is a problem with plagiarism though; I myself have seen many of my own columns sent around as though they have been written by others, as well as many words that I have never written being sent around with my name as the author. The following is some of the material I received recently.'

Arabic Prayer (Translated by Seme Draibe) God, don’t consent that I am the slave driver who bleeds the sheep, nor am I a sheep in the hands of tormentors. Help me to always tell the truth in the presence of the strong, and to never lie to gain the applause of the weak. My God, if you send me the fortune, don’t take my happiness. If you give me strength, don’t take my sensitivity. If it is in the cards for me to prosper, don’t permit that I lose my modesty, let me save at

The Chinese Bamboo (Covey)

least the dignity to be proud. Help me to appreciate the other side of things, to

After the bamboo seed is planted, you don’t see

not accuse my adversaries and hand them more

anything for approximately five years, other than a

severe punishments than I would give myself.

tiny shoot. All of its growth happens underground;

Don’t let me be reached by the illusion of glory,

a complex root system that extends vertically and

when I have great success, nor when I am in

horizontally in the earth begins to form.

despair, or when I feel defeated. Remind me that

At the end of the fifth year, the Chinese bamboo

the experience of a fall may enable me to have a

grows until it is approximately 25m tall.

different view of the world.

Many things in life, personal and professional, are

Oh God!

like the Chinese bamboo. You work, invest time,

Make me feel that forgiveness demonstrates

energy, do everything possible to nurture your

strength and that vengeance is proof of weakness.

growth and, sometimes, you don’t see anything for

If you take my fortune, leave hope.

weeks, months or even years. But if you have the

If you take my health, comfort me with the grace

patience to keep working, to keep persisting and

of faith.

nurturing, your fifth year will arrive and with it will

And when you infect me with ingratitude and

come changes that you hadn’t even dreamed of.

misunderstanding of those like me, create in my

Remember that one must be very daring to reach

soul a force of forgiveness.

great heights, and at the same time, a lot of depth

Finally Lord, if I forget You, I beg You not to forget

to stay grounded.

me. O

©Translated by Michelle Artimez • Travel with Paulo through his blogs, visit



Odyssey Magazine - Issue 1, 2017  

We have said goodbye to another year, and we welcome 2017 with open - positive - arms. And yes, we believe the universe truly has our backs...

Odyssey Magazine - Issue 1, 2017  

We have said goodbye to another year, and we welcome 2017 with open - positive - arms. And yes, we believe the universe truly has our backs...