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SA's leading integrated living mag

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SA's leading integrated living mag


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masculine divine sa complementary medicines regulations are 'junk' ODYSSEY 1 • 


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Issue 1 • 2015

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Wow! What a wonderful wonder to be speaking to all of you, our loyal readers, again. By now most of you know that last year we experienced an enforced shut-down due to a bank fraud conducted on our business account. Ironically, this took place exactly at the time that we were busy celebrating the 37th year of Odyssey Magazine's existence. However,

synchronistically, we also had just sold our house and were busy moving into a new home. This was, ironically, the very situation that we could use to prove that the fraud was no fault of ours and to identify the fraudsters, which ultimately we did. This outcome was achieved in large measure thanks to Chris, my beloved partner, who exercised a lot of the magical use of 'the art of the honey tongue' and perseverance. It also helped that he had great knowledge on the legal side of life and had been a foreign correspondent for many years, thereby having valuable connections in the media industry. Eventually, all these factors worked in our favour. For all of that I am so immensely grateful. However, we were simultaneously being called back by our dear friend and teacher St Germain to pick up from where we had left off a few years before. This was our personal spiritual work. Chris and I had been part of and facilitated a mystery school in the suburbs for 14 years and then, for various reasons, we were asked (by St Germain & Co) to stop that work. So we sank our full attention into Odyssey Magazine, as well as its sibling Simply Green magazine, for the next seven years. Never had we spoken about this private spiritual work in an open format before, but now is the time to be 100% transparent regarding all that we do going forward, including the re-envisioning of this beautiful magazine. By that I mean, that both Chris and I are intent on having a balanced life producing this 'love-project', as well as being able to teach meditation and render service in whatever way is required. So we have started a new centre called The Centre for the Fleur de Lis and we use this vehicle to teach meditation and to enable St Germain to once again work his magic in private gatherings. All round, it has been a time to let go of the 'old' and to invite in the new, whether we liked it or not. We could resist and panic, or learn to totally surrender and to trust. While that was and still is absolutely true, it was by no means easy. Shedding, transmuting and resting, were key words of the last 11 months; going forward we wish to invoke grace, balance and harmony. Odyssey Magazine is now held in the hands of a 'hardcore' handful of dedicated people. Chris Erasmus will be the publisher and word-smith-in-chief. I, Silke, will be the editor and lady-in-control-of-everything, including advertising mornings only, though. Allan Wise is responsible for all accounting matters as well as social media. And our 'gentle giant' Kevin Rule will reprise his involvement with Odyssey by returning as our designer - he who helps us make all things manifest. Odyssey Magazine will be similar in format as previously, but smaller (based on readers' comments and wishes for a less extensive on-line read) and will be published monthly. We plan to be deeply inspirational and 'with it'. But we also need to provide a vehicle that is courageous enough to highlight wrong doing by vested interests in our areas of interest. We have done this both in our previous issue (which, by the way, has reached around 144 000 people and climbing) wherein we investigated irrational complementary medicines regulations, and again in this issue in which we follow up that report with an exposé of further bureaucratic blundering around our endangered complementary medicines industry. However, our overriding wish would be to magnify the amazing times that we are living in now. That includes all of mother earth's wonderful places as well as all of her amazing citizens. These are is indeed the times of 'miracles and wonder', to quote Paul Simon*.

May this journey going forward be blessed and enjoyable. Silke Erasmus * The line is from Simon's 'The Boy in the Bubble', off Graceland, his album with Ladysmith Black Mambazo.






I am a freelance filmmaker from South Africa and was recently up in Hoedspruit in Limpopo for two weeks to film for a non-profit organisation called Daktari Bush School and Wildlife Orphanage. The less conventional route to raise awareness for Daktari, invite volunteers from around the globe and attract people to donate to Daktari in any way possible through the art form of a short film. The concept of the video was to give the film a 'Wes Anderson' look and feel while at the same time having a uniquely African twist. I directed, shot and edited the film myself and I am quite proud of the final product. I am now currently in the distribution process and am trying to promote the short film in anyway possible. If there is any chance you could point me in the direction of some platforms, whether it be people, blogs, Facebook pages, short film festivals, websites etc, that may be interested in posting or sharing the film it would be greatly appreciated. - Gareth Kaatze I send you positive energy with the new venture. Thanks for sharing past e-issues for free. Congratulations on a fantastic magazine. - Ronel Rocher



You are to this nation as salt

Am very happy for Odyssey's

is to the culinary world, I'm

future. I wish you every

Just a Cape flats spiritual


renegade, yet Odyssey

- Kathy Somma

advertised 'quantum companies'. Your way has

idea of the film was to go a


Well done Silke and Chris.


been opened, go well, our

with the next stage of Life,

magnanimity is with you, all

the Universe and everything

is well.


- Zaid

- Janice Barry Congratulations and I wish you all the best with

celebrations. Hurrah for the

Odyssey – it’s such a great

overcoming of all obstacles.


May the Light ever be

- Justine Hertz-McFarlane

watching your backs. - Ethena

Cant wait. Have missed Oddysey hugely.

In one way I am horrified at

- Nola Davidson

your story but maybe this is what had to happen. A

Congratulations! Glad to see

digital assault and a major

you back.

clearance will see our

- Debby Humphreys

beloved magazine in print once more. I was really

Excellent, excellent news

having withdrawal symptoms.

indeed! Long live the

I love the magazine so I can

Odyssey. Welcome back and

crawl into bed and read

thanks for the good news.

quietly instead of having to

- Awaya Crow

take the computer to bed! Much more friendly and

Well done for coming through

healthy. Well done everyone

all those challenges.

and I am glad I can

- Michaela O'Driscoll

commune with all that loving energy used to produce the

Wonderful news Chris and

best mag in SA once more.

Silke. Well, the fun just never

- Karen

ends. - Liz Eglington

I had no idea this was happening to you guys.

Good news for us all.

well done for surviving and

- Nadine May

coming through and not letting those bastards nail

Wow, dis wonderlike nuus,

you. Huge respect for that.

het die Odyssey tydskrif baie

Will be good to see you back

gemis, baie op gewonde oor

again – abundant blessings,

die terugkeer van Odyssey

love and all good wishes for

tydskrif. Dankie Julle twee.

the future. Hope you are both

- Hannetjie Heyns.

well and happy. - Steffie

This is good news. Lucky

Well done. You are needed.

you’re back on track and I

The battle you fought is an

am looking forward to that.

example to us all of what can

Since I am partly living in

happen when you fight for

South Africa since 1998

what you believe in. You can

I enjoyed always your

certainly count me as one of

magazine and for me,

the 100 000 readers you are

magazines you keep, pile

aiming to achieve.

them up and later on you

- David

sometimes find an article that speaks to you in a

This is amazing news. Doubly

different way than before.

so because I was driving

Good luck, I will read again.

home only yesterday, and

- Jansje de Liefde

was wondering how you guys were doing, thinking I should

Blimey that sounds hectic.

get in touch.

Good to see you back. All

- Chris Naude

the best - Andy Le May

Welcome back and congratulations. All the very

'You’ll learn, as you get older, that rules are made to be broken. Be bold enough to live life on your terms, and never, ever apologise for it. Go against the grain, refuse

Hi and welcome back. Was

best. 'May the road rise to

just thinking the other day

meet you. May the wind be

it has been so long since I

aways at your back (and)

received a digimag, and

may the sun shine warm

wondered why.

upon your face.' - from an

I am really sorry to hear of

Irish Blessing.

the attack on Odyssey and

- Jill, founding editor of

know that good will always

Odyssey Magazine

well-beaten path.

I am also glad to hear of

Congratulations, so glad

the shorter version making

you are coming back. Yours

Laugh in the

a return, as the issues were

was undoubtedly my most

becoming overwhelming to

favourite magazine ever. I so

cope with, and I have spent

missed the hard copy, as I

time catching up on what I

just loved holding it, reading

had not got through.

it and referring back to it and

Ever onward and upward.

was always so proud to have

- Brenda Durrheim

it around. The various articles

triumph over evil in its time.

in the magazine helped, Dear Chris and Silke, what

explained and enlightened

wonderful news. God bless

me greatly on my journey.

you both. If you ever need to

I am terribly sorry to hear

stay a while in the Lydenburg

about all your trouble with

area you are welcome.

the bank – but hopefully

- George Floyd

that’s in the past and you can go forward in leaps and

I am so happy that you are


back on track. I wondered

Wishing you every success

what happened. Hope


everything is sorted now

- Val Hill

- Cornel vd Merwe

to conform, take the road less traveled instead of the

face of adversity, and leap before you look. Dance as though everybody is watching. March to the beat of your own drummer. And stubbornly refuse to fit in.' - Mandy Hale ODYSSEY 9 • 



Can Pope Francis halt climate change with new papal document? Pope Francis recently released an historic document detailing the moral imperative to care for the Earth. Called an encyclical, the papal document is designed to convince the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics and others that climate change is a real and present danger that humanity can help to prevent.

For more click here.

New Zealand Bans Animal Testing for Cosmetic Products After two years of intense lobbying, New Zealand’s members of Parliament unanimously voted on Tuesday to ban animal trials for cosmetics products in the country – the first in the Australiasian region to do so. 'We are thrilled that New Zealand’s politicians have taken this important step to vote out cosmetics cruelty,' says Claire Mansfield, global director for Humane Society International’s 'Be Cruelty-Free' campaign to eradicate animal cosmetics testing. 'This is a moment to be celebrated for animal welfare and compassionate consumers, and yet another achievement for the #BeCrueltyFree campaign.' Although animal testing of finished cosmetics and cosmetic ingredients will be illegal throughout New Zealand, the current ban doesn’t apply to 'dual use' ingredients, being substances that may be co-regulated under chemical laws or other regulations. Nor does it impose restrictions on the import and sale of cosmetics animal-tested abroad. Tackling these shortfalls is Be Cruelty-Free’s next goal, says the program’s leaders, who note that similar bans are being considered in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Taiwan, and the United States.

For more click here.



Bio-Pyramid: Reversing Desertification Desertification, the degradation of land into desert, is spreading at an alarming rate across our world. In a bid to reverse one of today’s greatest environmental problems, a US-based design team proposed an ambitious solution: the Bio-Pyramid. The non-conventional skyscraper design builds on the footprint of Egypt’s existing ancient pyramids and encloses them inside a pyramidal greenhouse-like bio-sphere that functions as a 'living machine'.

For more click here.

lost 'City of the Monkey God' discovered An expedition to Honduras has emerged from the jungle with dramatic news of the discovery of a mysterious culture’s lost city, never before explored. The team was led to the remote, uninhabited region by long-standing rumours that it was the site of a storied 'White City', also referred to in legend as the 'City of the Monkey God'. Archaeologists surveyed and mapped extensive plazas, earthworks, mounds, and an earthen pyramid belonging to a culture that thrived a thousand years ago, and then vanished. The team, which returned from the site recently, also discovered a remarkable cache of stone sculptures that had lain untouched since the city was abandoned. For more click here.



In an age when all things are disposable and only some are recyclable, it's a breath of fresh air when a new product comes to market that combines both sustainable materials and recycled parts. In collaboration with designer Sean Miles of DesignWorks, O2 Recycle has created the UK's first cell phone made entirely from glass clippings, collected from southwest London's Twickenham Stadium, and reclaimed cell phone parts.

With 2014 in the books, it's officially taken the title of hottest year on record. That ranking comes courtesy of data recently released by the Japan Meteorological Agency, the first of four major global temperature record keepers to release their data for last year. The upward march of the world’s average temperature since 1891 is a trademark of human-influenced global warming with 2014 being the latest stop on the climb. All 10 of the hottest years have come since 1998. For more click here.

Hottest Year on RecorD

For more click here.

A timelapse of Earth in 4K resolution, as imaged by the geostationary Elektro-L weather satellite




THE PLASTIC AGE We all talk about the Stone Age, the Iron Age and the Bronze Age, but what era are we living in right now? People are starting to refer to us as the – far less romantic – Plastic Age. We make 288 million tons of plastic a year, and unlike paper, metal, glass or wood, it does not oxidise or biodegrade, instead it ends up in our oceans, making the ratio of plastic to plankton 100:1. The way to make use of The Great Pacific Garbage Patch? Bionic yarn. Co-designed by Pharrell Williams, G-Star’s RAW for the Oceans collection is the world’s first denim line created from plastic that has been fished out of the big blue and recycled. Find out how we can pick 700 000 tonnes of plastic up off the sea floor in The Plastic Age documentary, made possible by G-Star.

Click the image below to watch the full documentary.

Declaration of Creative Spirit I proclaim my Spiritual Authority To unleash the Creative Power That uplifts the world, Offering the highest possible good For my life and for the benefit and liberation of all beings.

Spirit Library is a wonderful newsletter that keeps you fully informed of all things astrological, numerological, and energetic. World authorities contribute on a weekly basis. Never again can you say that you did not know.



5 Reasons Why Greenpop Plants Trees in Zambia Greenpop is a tree-planting and urban-greening organisation with its roots firmly established in Cape Town’s soil, but every year during June and July, their Zambia Festival of Action in Livingstone brings people together from around the globe to plant thousands of trees, learn, connect, give back, grow and get active. But, why go all the way to Zambia? The answer to that question is multifaceted and it reaches way back to the very beginnings of Greenpop and its mission to (re) connect people with our planet and each other.

1. Manure Greenpop’s connection to Zambia started with a large pile of chicken poo. Co-founders Lauren O’Donnell and Misha Teasedale had barely begun Greenpop’s urban-greening initiative in Cape Town, when they received a phone call in 2010. The man on the line had an uncle in Zambia, Arthur Sonnenberg, who was sitting on 15 000 bagged, good-quality trees and no-one to sell them to. Arthur’s spectacular tree nursery, filled with indigenous and useful medicinal trees, began when he started piling the compost that his chicken farm, Zambezi Nkuku, was producing underneath a tree. The tree then dropped its seeds into that fertile compost and before he knew it, he had more seedlings than he knew what to do with. That’s what inspired him to start a tree nursery, and that tree nursery is what brought Lauren and Misha to Zambia to explore the possibilities of running a community project there.

2. Deforestation What Lauren and Misha learned on arriving in Zambia, is that it has one of the highest deforestation rates in the world. At the time it was in the global top 10, and while the situation has somewhat improved since, Zambia’s deforestation rate remains alarmingly high. Through their research, they discovered a myriad of contributing factors including slash-and-burn farming and unsustainable tree felling to make charcoal, the only source of revenue for many unemployed Zambians, and the primary energy source for most.

3. Climate change Lauren and Misha’s research led them to have many conversations with farmers, charcoal-makers and local residents in the Livingstone area. They discovered that, while many still go to great lengths in the West to disprove or discredit the reality of climate change, there is no doubt

in the mind of Zambians as to whether or not it’s real. Zambia’s majority rural population relies heavily on the rains, the sun and the soil to survive and that intense connection and dependence on nature means that they’re very much in tune with it. No-one is more receptive to introducing green solutions than people who can feel how urgent it is to do so.

4. Eco-enterprises Greenpop’s annual Festivals of Action have nothing to do with 'saving' Zambia. They don’t pretend to be able to magically solve any part of the complex system that has led to Zambia’s current environmental state. It’s about slowly starting a culture of replanting trees and starting eco-enterprises. We aim to inform, to empower and to create awareness around sustainable alternatives. Their method is to teach people through doing. If someone plants a Moringa tree and watches it grow, uses the powder, sells the powder and sees that money can be made from it, then they might decide to stop making charcoal for money and pursue this more sustainable source of income instead. Over time, Greenpop has trained unemployed individuals to grow their own trees so that the following year we can buy from them. Some 80% of the trees they’ll buy this year will be from small-scale growers, and 20% will be from our longstanding compost provider, Arthur. There is such an abundance of inspiring individuals and a wealth of expertise in Zambia. They have collaborated with a subsistence farmers’ co-operative called The Sons of Thunder to plant trees on their land, create a food forest and begin practicing conservation farming by planting a special type of nitrate fixing tree in between maize fields to avoid slash and burn rotation.

5. Victoria Falls While in many ways Greenpop’s connection to Livingstone has been the fruit of happenstance, celebrating our planet so close to the mighty Victoria Falls has a profoundly symbolic value. It’s the pumping heart of southern Africa. The sheer volume of water that pours over the falls travels all the way to the Indian Ocean, sustaining life across the continent. In that sense, thier Zambia Festival of Action is also about bringing like-minded people together from all over the world, to a very important place in the world. They come together to share knowledge, inspiration and a shovel in the hopes that what they learn from each other can then have an impact on the rest of the world when they all disperse like the waters of the great Zambezi.




1-4 October Cloof Wine Estate, Darling 'Play hard, tread lightly' is the annual theme – try getting to this music event with multiple stages by foot, cycling, the train, carpooling or by bus. Visit

TUTANKHAMUN: HIS TOMB AND HIS TREASURES 2 June - 27 Sep 2015 Grandwest, Cape Town


23-26 July – The Dome, Jhb 30 Oct - 1 Nov – Durban Exhibition Centre

The TUTANKHAMUN exhibition breaks new ground in the presentation of cultural history and ancient Egypt. On the one hand is the incomparable breadth of presentation featuring more than 1 000 perfect replicas produced under scientific supervision – making Tutankhamun more complete than any previous exhibition of originals. On the other hand, there is the sumptuous arrangement of the treasures. Entering the tomb chamber, feeling like a discoverer with the unbelievable splendour right before your eyes, close enough to touch – it’s an adventure for all the senses that no visitor will forget. For more info visit


South Africa's premier food, wine and lifestyle show features a star-studded line-up of the world's most inspiring chefs. Visit for more.



THE SHORE BREAK Directed by Ryley Grunenwald The struggle of extremes plays out in Pondoland’s Wild Coast: an exquisite backdrop for a high-stakes saga, which casts a new light, and accompanying shadows, across the uneven landscape of our troubled country. An Australian mining company’s efforts to win over the local communities of Amadiba pits local tour-guide, Nonhle, against her opportunistic, conniving cousin in a vicious battle for the hearts and minds of their rural neighbours. Through this nuanced drama Grunenwald deftly interweaves a parallel story of political intrigue – a plot to oust the Pondo Royal family. A lilting score by local artist Ntombethongo and evocative sand animation interspersed counterpoint the drama. As self-interest clashes with morals and ideals, simple scenarios betray a deeper subtext of subterranean problems, hidden like the contested titanium, biding their time to explode. Click     to watch the trailer.

2015 Humanity's Team Spiritual Leadership Award Sunrise Ranch, Loveland, Colorado & via live stream Humanity’s Team, a global initiative to promote a worldwide culture of Oneness with the Divine and each other, will bestow its Spiritual Leadership Award to internationally renowned Rev Dr Michael Bernard Beckwith and Rickie Byars Beckwith. Michael, a highly-regarded spiritual leader of cultural, racial and spiritual diversity, is Founder and Spiritual Director of the Agape International Spiritual Center in Culver City, Ca. Rickie serves as the Music and Arts Director of the center where she directs the 200-member choir. She is also a revered singer-songwriter whose transcendent music opens the heart, touches the soul and uplifts the spirit. Together, their powerful partnership and collaborative talents manifest worldwide messages of peace, love, service and racial diversity in the form of worship, song, authorship and activism. Individually, Rickie has produced numerous albums with messages of peace and spiritual connection, and has also authored Let My Soul Surrender, a book of poetic prose, memoir and storytelling styles presented in a colorful mosaic of imagery. Michael has served the cause of peace and spiritual awakening in many capacities. In February 2012 he addressed the United Nations General Assembly as part of its annual World Interfaith Harmony Week. As co-founder and president of the Association for Global New Thought, Michael had the distinguished honour of presenting to Nelson Mandela the Gandhi King Award. Michael is also an international co-chair of the Gandhi King Season for Nonviolence, which was launched at the United Nations in 1998, and is active in 900 international cities and 67 countries. His three most recent published books, Life Visioning, Spiritual Liberation and TranscenDance Expanded, are recipients of the prestigious Nautilus Award. Click here for more of Humanity's Team's awards and ceremonies.

Famous South African Psychic releases new Web-series Production house #EIGHT has partnered with Marietta Theunissen for an eight-part web series called Awakening with Marietta Theunissen on YouTube which started 1 June 2015. This new web-based show will be an insightful glance into the private lives of various South Africans who speak to psychic Marietta Theunissen about numerous spiritual topics. Themes that will be shown range from crossing overs, to future prospects, angelic connections as well as murders and loss. You can view Episode 1 at this link here.

11th ANNUAL LNE Spa Conference 2015 26 & 27 July 2015 The Maslow Hotel, Jhb Hosting an average of 250 delegates, the Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Spa Conference is without doubt the largest gathering of spa and wellness professionals in South Africa, focusing on building capacity, raising benchmarks and adding value to the industry, in addition to the infinite networking opportunity. Visit for details.



Jour Preparation for a



rney The ancient tradition of pilgrimage is one that becomes more relevant every day in our busy modern world. Through making a pilgrimage to a sacred place we can reconnect with the ancient wisdom and find our own personal 'Holy Grail' of inner truth and spirituality. Wherever we live or however physically mobile we are, In this extract from the book Walking with White Eagle in Sacred Places: A Spiritual Pilgrimage, White Eagle tells us that we can all be pilgrims on an inner or outer level, following the guidance of the ancient light within our planet to gain a rich and beautiful spiritual heritage and connection with the world.




ing Arthur, the legends tell, dwelt in the West

of the Round Table, in these stories handed down to

Country of Britain and gathered around him a

us by the ancients you may see enshrined, as we do,

number of knights. They were a brotherhood of

a wonderful and mystical truth . These same truths are

chivalry and loyalty and courage. The story is told how,

embodied in your great literature and in noble art, for

on their return from their long journeying, during which

through the writer, the artist and the musician, the rays

they had been tested for their purity and gentleness,

shine. They shine through scientist and through doctor,

strength, wisdom and love, these knights gathered at

through all gifted souls who give forth true wisdom,

the Round Table, about which many a tale has gathered.

knowledge, beauty, and well-being. The sacred mysteries

At the centre of the Round Table was the symbol of the

– which in truth and fullness dwell deep within your own

Holy Grail, offered to each knight on the return from his

self – are revealed by the relics of legends, still telling of

long quest. At this table of King Arthur a chair was left

the great and holy human beings who brought sacred

vacant, we are told, waiting for the coming of the pure

and living truth.

and stainless one, the true initiate who alone can occupy that chair. This story is considered to be, we were going to say,

and called for no priesthood, but dwelt in the heart.

many hundreds of years old – but it is truly as old as

The secrets of the spirit cannot be conveyed by word of

the world itself and is not confined to any period of a

mouth. It is not possible to express in the written word

few centuries. It is certainly a symbolic story, but only

those secret and inner mysteries of the past. Only when

in part, you may discover. Of course the outer mind will

you meditate will you go to the higher planes, where you

say 'a myth!' ... 'a fairy tale!' – but even fairy tales have

will probably see great and lovely things.

a foundation in truth.



Unless you have keen spiritual insight these symbols

Such stories of a long past are interesting and

will mean little. No one can teach you. You have to learn

entertaining, but have they any relation to our own

how to interpret the symbols yourselves; in other words

particular need, here and now? True, we can read many

you will have to learn the language of the spirit. You will

books about happenings in bygone days, and learn

have to learn this truth.

interesting things about Egypt, Greece or maybe Atlantis.

Truth lies within every soul. With each of you,

It is not enough that you are told one or two details

your vision varies according to your evolution. You are

about a previous life or lives, interesting as they may be.

under the wise guidance and direction of your Master.*

You still want to learn how to interpret these happenings.

We see the mysteries as a symmetrical and beautiful

Tales of Arthur seem today mere myths, and yet what

coloured-glass window , and we see the sunlight shining

we want to impress upon you is that behind these stories

through them, producing gems of colour. One ray may

is a great spiritual and universal truth. You will find that

glint through, picking up a purple hue, while another may

such stories all have a simple and yet profound spiritual

shine through the golden glass, and others through the


blue, the green, and the red. All the seven colours of your

If you study the myths of King Arthur and the knights


The wisdom brought to humanity so many years ago was never meant for the lips, rested on no authority

limited spectrum are there, and so the light of the ages

shines through to humanity.

charged with sound waves, with vibrations of certain

*A Master is an extremely wise and illumined soul

harmonies, inspired by a master musician and speaking

who, after many earth incarnations, has mastered all the

to humanity of that wonderful mystery in tones of music.

lessons of physical life and continues to work closely with

At such centres there is power concentrated, power

the earth vibrations to bring illumination and upliftment

which radiates and permeates into human life and human

on the path of brotherhood and unconditional love.

understanding. Buried still in those regions is ancient light

An ancient heritage Let us turn to the mystery school said to have been be

and power that can only be released spiritually. The spirit of those great ones who first came to this ancient land still lingers.

established by King Arthur and his knights. Arthur, the

Be true to this ancient light. Be true to your great

grand mythical character of whom you read, was not

heritage. Humanity has to stand in reverence and in

of your own little time, not of your age, but was one of

obedience to that divine light, that divine urge. We must

the kings of the ancient, ancient land. The story, on the

learn to apply that light before anything else in life, before

outer plane, is that King Arthur was placed as a babe in

everything that is done, individually or nationally or

the care of Merlin. If you know anything about the sage

internationally. Then will the light and power imprisoned

who is called Merlin, you will know that centuries ago he

within the very stones of the earth be released . Rise,

prophesied the future of humanity on this mystic isle to

put on your armour of light and work for the coming

the secret brotherhood. He also said that within people

of the new day – not to satisfy any personal ambition

dwelt a divine power which would arise and open their

or desire but for the coming of light and happiness and

eyes. The brotherhood established by King Arthur was of

brotherhood to the land. Obey the urge towards service

high degree. The preliminary work was done; circles or

in every detail of your life.

sanctified places of power were established.

When you understand your great heritage, you arise

For ages afterwards the earth elementals, the nature

in the spirit of Christ – that is, in goodwill, justice, truth

and air spirits and even the angels themselves have

and brotherhood. Be true to the light within your hearts,

watched over these holy places, so that even those who

to the light that is shining and has shone in the hearts

are insensitive to spiritual things find themselves drawn

and lives of all those noble brothers, saints and teachers

there. The wise ones watch from afar the radiation of the

and servers of the past. Rise in spirit and fight the battle

power of each place, now affecting the lives of millions

of spirit over darkness and despair, over the destruction

of younger brothers drawn thither, either physically or

of the lower mind and the ugliness which now prevails on

in thought, because of their reading and study. They

the physical plane! Make your stand for truth, for beauty,

think they go because the place is of historic interest or

for love and for the great brotherhood of all life.

natural beauty, but we say that within each person who

What do our words mean to you? Are they just words

visits there is a quality that is attracted by and responds

and nothing more, or do they convey to you a fire of

to the influence and the power of these magical places.

inspiration to go forth and seek and find, that you may be

I believe this very air, this atmosphere, this ether, is

initiated into the greater mysteries? It is time for you all to



'Learn, my dear ones, that the calm, faithful heart, which rings true through every experience of life – in adversity and disappointment – this is the heart which is gaining admission into the mysteries of the Holy Grail. We would make absolutely clear the fact that you will not realise your goal through mental pursuit, through your mind, through your brain, but only in the innermost sanctuary of your spirit, of your heart. This means that by your life and aspirations and prayer, consciously or otherwise, you are seeking the Holy Grail.' understand the work that is now proceeding, the bringing

the consciousness of the universal purpose of life. Ever

into manifestation from the very soil of your land the true

remember there are countless Holy Grails, and each one

light of spiritual brotherhood: brotherhood in very truth,

will eventually find their own. The key is there, and only

not in word only but in life – in service, in kindness and

there; through all the myths and the legends of the past,

co-operation, in patience, tolerance and love.

of all countries, is to be found this same truth. We reach

Your Personal Quest Remember how King Arthur directed his knights to go in



that centre which always has been, always will be, world without end ... the centre of truth wherein we shall find the records of all that has ever been, and all that is.

search of the Holy Grail.* The knights of the Holy Grail

Learn, my dear ones, that the calm, faithful heart,

go forth to gain experience and to search. The quest

which rings true through every experience of life – in

of humanity throughout the experiences of earth life is

adversity and disappointment – this is the heart which

symbolised in that ancient quest. People search in many

is gaining admission into the mysteries of the Holy Grail.

places for the inner secrets of life, the inner secrets of

We would make absolutely clear the fact that you will

nature and for the heavenly mysteries, and in their hasty

not realise your goal through mental pursuit, through

search they overlook the one place where the jewel lies.

your mind, through your brain, but only in the innermost

*Generally, a sacred dish or cup that is central to Arthurian legend and associated with the cup Jesus drank from at the Last Supper. Cathars linked it very strongly to the 'Holy Spirit' or 'Holy Ghost'. Interpret that quest mystically. The soul goes forth in quest of the Holy Grail, of the light divine, which he or she knows exists somewhere. Do you know the meaning of the Grail? The Holy Grail is not in distant lands, nor in the heavenly spheres of life. The soul has to proceed onwards and not be lured away. It has to keep on keeping on in its search for the Holy Grail ... and always finds that it lies deep within the cave of the soul, the heart centre. It is in the simple heart of humanity. That which led the candidate to the Holy Grail was first to open the light or love or kindliness within the heart to his or her fellow soul. Then and then only the light from above found entrance into the secret chamber, and guided them in their quest. Your own story of King Arthur portrays the mystery, the story of the sacred heart, the inner mystery described as the quest for the Holy Grail. You have reached the point where you are awakened, or are awakening, to

sanctuary of your spirit, of your heart. This means that by your life and aspirations and prayer, consciously or otherwise, you are seeking the Holy Grail. You must prepare yourselves for this, must pray and seek. Follow the light as it breaks in your own heart; obey the voice of your inner spirit and do those things which you know are right. Follow this voice through your life and in every detail of the work that has been placed before you. The paths of humility, love, service, worship of the Creator, tolerance, faith, kindness-all these are paths which lead the soul towards the Holy Grail. As the soul searches truly for this prize, it learns the way to the place wherein the Grail Cup rests. Remember: within is the true light which will lead you. You and every soul must find the heart, must enter the temple of the Rose Star* and alone and silently find the Holy Grail. As you are raised in the consciousness of the temple, the light may illuminate you and shine through you, opening your vision to the glorious truth, pure spirit, which is sometimes symbolised by the flashing jewel. You

will see this jewel right in the centre of the blazing Star, and from that centre the flashing rays go forth. Hold this picture, this meditation. It will assist in the expansion of your aura, aid your spiritual development. The rays will reach up and out and down, and you yourself will merge into that flashing jewel, the diamond life. When a soul discovers this innermost treasure it is all aglow with power, with life, with supreme happiness and peace. *Symbolically, the Rose is the symbol of the heart and

also of the creative inner peace wherein the Star, which here represents spirit, is born. The Temple of the Rose Star is a temple of brotherhood but also somewhere wherein this miracle of creation may be regarded as happening. For more info see ad below right, for further reading click on the images below. O

ABOUT WHITE EAGLE The White Eagle Lodge was set up as a United Kingdom charity in 1936 where White Eagle gave teachings until 1976 through the mediumship of Grace Cooke. The brother/sisterhood for whom he speaks continue to inspire the present Lodge leaders and all those in positions of responsibility, especially the worldwide leader of the work, who is the Lodge 'mother'. White Eagle's teaching is universal, timeless and unconditionally loving. It is respectful of the path of each individual. In a consistent, comprehensive philosophy, White Eagle opens the mind to the spiritual laws which govern all life, and which we can learn to work with. Through the literature, retreats, workshops, services, correspondence courses, taking part in the healing work, and meditation, people can learn about the teaching, its spiritual foundation and find help to live in harmony with the spirit and harmoniously in daily life. Seeking to live in harmony with spiritual law is the foundation of the White Eagle Lodge and is contained in its principles. For info see ad below.

White Eagle Lodge wisdom for life A modern day Mystery School, based on the Ancient Wisdom Open Sunday meetings at 10am in Cape Town: 2nd Sunday: Erin Hall, Erin Road Rondebosch Also at Fisherhaven, BFN, Gauteng, KZN

Contact Patty at 021 976 6282 INTERNATIONAL









In late September last year, just over six months before he passed away from cancer on the very day that the Supreme Court granted him the right to die with dignity, renowned advocate Robin Stransham-Ford sent Odyssey Magazine the following article. It was written in response to an Editorial which had been run in Business Day newspaper on September 19, 2014, in which the wisdom of the Medical Innovation Bill, introduced by widely respected IFP Parliamentarian Dr Mario Ambrosini, was questioned. Business Day never published the article. This is the original article in full. ODYSSEY 23 • 



n an editorial on 19 September 2014,

If South Africa had 30 times its present

Business Day warned against dealing

resources, it could properly assess the 3 000

emotionally with the Medical Innovation

backlogged applications within 10 years. What

Bill (MIB) which seeks to allow practitioners to

Without innovation, the status quo fails

Doubt was expressed on the need for the Bill.

patients. Even with its massive National

Cancer certainly evokes powerful emotions,

Health Service, England proves this point.

not just from those of us who are dying from

Overwhelming public support for the Saatchi

it. 101 000 South Africans are diagnosed with

Bill is in part because the total number of

Cancer each year. 60 000 of them die. One can

patients with rare Cancers exceeds the number

neither disparage nor discount the emotion,

of new cases of top four Cancers in the UK

pain and suffering of their families.

every year. There are few new treatments and

But, the heroic parliamentary performances

For rare diseases there are few if any

the MIB, attest to selfless courage, high-minded

randomised trials. We have exhausted the

ideals and the fact that he did not wallow in

standard treatments of an already exhausted

emotionalism. This is not an emotional Bill.

paradigm. The three ugly sisters of radiotherapy,

It was birthed by the dialogue of two

chemotherapy and surgery are out-dated,

dying men. In February 2014, Mario and I

unaffordable, or short of the 'innovative'

made a solemn pact to use what was left of

therapies required for a comprehensive cancer

our lives to save others, where we could not

patient treatment strategy - as that is all we

save ourselves. Our quest struck a chord with

have - and no cure.

South Africans. Echoing the public response in

Yet we ignore the evident clinical pedigree of

England to Lord Saatchi's Bill, 92% of those

financial orphans of evidence-based medicine,

canvassed support the MIB.

such as open-source dendritic cell-based

Around the world, the field of Cancer

therapy, PI3K pathway based cannabinoid

treatment is moving too fast for regulators.

therapy, TCM, Vitamin C, sodium bicarbonate,

South Africa's Medicines Act, which allows

ketogenic diet, Gerson regime, and others.

practitioners to apply for exemption to prescribe

Some 300 innovative treatments have been

as yet unregistered treatments, is 50 years

vilified, banned and made illegal, yet show

old. It harks to an era in which everything

signs of success. Laetrile is a good example.

specifically permitted.



a dearth of clinical trials.

of the dying Dr Mario Ambrosini, the initiator of

was prohibited, except what that which was


about the new ones? Time is against us.

innovate when treating diseases like Cancer.






retaining scientific integrity. The electronic age

Exemptions, valid for six months only, must

enables instantly shared open-sourced and

be approved and renewed in writing. In most

transparent data collection, in which innovative

cases, there is insufficient time. Already the

interventions can be registered. This kind of

Medicines Control Council is battling a backlog

repository has been undertaken by Oxford

of some 3 000 pending applications. And the

University in respect of Saatchi. It could be

Council is soon to be superseded by the South

done at any South African university.

African Health Products Regulatory Agency,

Based on the apartheid paradigm, the

which is dominated by commercial interest and

Medicines Act of 1965 calculatedly excludes the

intent on hegemony.

majority of South African patients and healers.

Compare this to the European Medicines

It has spawned a cascading cacophony of

Agency, which began evaluating 79 applications

contested regulations, each with its own

in 2013 and 95 in 2012. All EU Regulators have

stultifying effect on innovation, reinforcing the

210 days to make a marketing authorisation

unequal distribution of power and marginalising

recommendation on a new drug. Dread

traditional healing and traditional medicines.

indications such as Cancer, Ebola and HIV are

The Supreme Court of Appeal has affirmed

fast-tracked. There is 25 - 40% rejection rate.

that traditional healers and conventional

physicians rank equally at law. Yet the current

Colorado recreational cannabis sales were about

legal framework discriminates against traditional

R1bn and medical cannabis sales closer to R2bn. First

pharmacopeia. Moreover, the latest raft of regulations

year sales are expected at over R10bn yielding tax of

restrain the rights of our friends in the BRICS countries,


depriving us of the massive ancient pharmacopoeias of

In South Africa, legalisation would generate

China, India and Brazil. This violates bilateral treaties

regional economic upliftment, as neighbouring states

and constitutional prohibitions against discrimination.

follow suit. Crime would drop. Trafficking would

In practice, there is no integration or innovation adopting




healers have been left out of the debate entirely, in obeisance to a system that Linus Pauling described as not being science at all, but 'based on science'.

cease. Rural prosperity, employment and tax revenue would increase. But if the nettle is not grasped, these benefits will go by default to other countries. Industrially, cannabis is a wonder product, native to South Africa. A multiplicity of fabrications abound,

Jonathan Yan explains the Western technique

from bricks to blouses. Right now it is considered

of producing synthetic or inorganic compounds to

superior to graphene as a micro-thin conductor for

treat illness. Trial-and-error screenings and clinical

supercomputers. Graphene won the Nobel Prize a

experiments eliminate compounds based on their

year ago.

efficacy and side-effects. Yet they fail to eliminate

With 14 million people contracting cancer each

unpredictable long-term side-effects, and often

year, the foreign revenue prospects for a producer

eliminate safe and effective compounds because

country like South Africa are enormous. Furthermore

results were not sufficiently spectacular. The problem,

the cost is blessedly miniscule compared to the cost of

says Yan, is 'the absence of a fundamental theory for

chemotherapy. It is simply a bonanza in the offing. Its

relating the ideas in the head of a chemist to natural

legalisation should certainly be based on evidence and


not emotion. Parliament is rightly alert to the mood of

Dr Ambrosini used cannabis oil because of its

the nation.

extraordinary efficacy in lung cancer. The American

The scandalous cost to health of evergreening

Association for Cancer Research published recent

aged patented products was graphically demonstrated

research from Harvard University showing 60%

in the recent Supreme Court case in India of Novartis,

reduction in tumour size using cannabinoids in rodents.

where the court came down for health over wealth.

This is remarkable by any measure.

The generic cancer drug is $177 - $266, whereas the

The MIB affirms our constitutional right to that last bastion of individual sovereignty: our bodies. Logically

patented product is $2 666. South Africa has a barely nascent generic industry, for want of innovation.

this must include the manner of our death. Healing

Viable rural-based models for a national cannabis

has its origin in the Paracelsian patient/physician

grower plan can readily be drawn from the Zimbabwe

paradigm, which in Europe has been affirmed through

tobacco auction floors and the Dutch flower markets.

the courts as inviolable.

Dollar denominated international markets would create

If the worldwide trend towards legalization of

employment via strong grading and application skills

cannabis is not adopted in South Africa, its prohibition

as well as secondary industries, scientific capacity and

will be constitutionally challenged in litigation next


year. It cannot rationally be argued that it is justifiable

Legalised, a cannabis industry could largely

in an open and democratic society to prohibit cannabis,

be regulated like the wine industry. Minimal State

which does a great deal of good, when alcohol and

involvement is called for and this would incept largely

tobacco are legal fuel to the flames of crime and

at the level of tax collection where regulation and

disease all over the world.

enforcement actually make money. The 99% of drug

Legalisation of cannabis diminishes crime, as

enforcement budget presently applied to cannabis

proven in Uruguay. In Mexico legalisation in certain

prosecution could be redeployed to combat dangerous

American states has reduced the price from $250/kg


to $25/kg.

South Africa cannot afford a National Health

Criminalisation simply drives up prices.

System while ignoring innovation. Without innovation

From legalisation in January 2014 to May 2014,

there cannot be integration of conventional Western



and traditional medicine. Without this, there can be no National Health System even at the primary care level. What we have now continues to serve only the same narrow interests as the apartheid-based 1965 Act. Even in England, whose NHS is considered the world's third largest institution after the Chinese Army and Indian Railways, innovative steps have been found to be necessary. In Mali, there are 14 000 Chinese clinicians deployed to develop community health systems incorporating TCM. Lord Saatchi's Bill, supported by over 18 000 doctors and patients, creates a central open-sourced data repository which is accessible to doctors and patients alike. The MIB takes the same path. In this system a novel hypotheses for new studies incorporating traditional healing practices will herald a paradigm shift towards integration that might even improve Randomized Controlled Trials and provide a balance between evidence-based medicine and responsible innovation. Sir Austin Bradford Hill, a godfather of clinical trials, said in 1966, 'Any belief that the random controlled trial is the only way would mean that not only had the pendulum swung too far but Robin Stransham-Ford & Dr Mario Ambrosini at a pro-cannabis rally

With 14 million people contracting cancer each year, the foreign revenue prospects (of cannabis) for a producer country like South Africa are enormous. Furthermore, the cost is blessedly miniscule compared to the cost of chemotherapy. It is simply a bonanza in the offing. Its legalisation should certainly be based on evidence and not emotion. Parliament is rightly alert to the mood of the nation.

that it had come right off its hook'. Supporting Saatchi's Bill, Lord Chief Justice Woolf MR said, 'Doctors are frightened to try something not yet fully tested even when their patients give consent and even when... they face certain death if standard procedure is all that is on offer. It can take 15 years and £1bn to approve one drug. The patient as the person most affected must decide'. Another supporter of Saatchi's Bill is Professor Michael Rawlins, President of the Royal Society of Medicine and head of the National Institute for Clinical Excellence. The MIB proposes a recalibration of the entrenched culture of defensive medicine by permitting safe and responsible innovation in a simple way. This should, of course, incorporate other great healing traditions of the world without creating new bureaucratic burdens on an already incapacitated health infrastructure.

Business Day's 19 September editorial was unjust. There was ample opportunity to challenge Dr Ambrosini before his death. The Bill was tabled on 18 February 2014 and over 1 900 submissions were received, predominantly supportive. Why present your readers now with a deductive argument, wherein the truth of a premise equals the truth of the conclusion, on a matter as important as this? It is intellectually unfair to presume upon the cognitive capacity of readers in this fashion. Your opening premise is common sense; that emotion is a bad reason to make law. But this proceeds to an untenable, and frankly insulting, false premise that Parliament is legislating to foster an emotional legacy. That is far from the truth. In the words of Voltaire, 'Don't let the best be the enemy of the good'. Back the Bill. O



supplied by

Wing’s Herbal Synergy the 'Practitioner-only', Integrative, Evidence-Based Medicine Company

For over 21 years Wing’s have supplied practitioners with PANAXEA – a revolutionary and unique brand of medicines of the finest quality herbal and nutraceutical ingredients. Practitioner-Only: We never sell our products retail, understanding that serious medicines require professional prescribing and support, with a pharmacopoeia of 369 medicines to prescribe from, a practitioner is a vital part of the process. Integrative Medicine: Investigates the multi-factoral causes of dis-ease. The practitioner and the patient form a team working towards an integrated protocol of treatment. The priority is to support health using the least toxic and most beneficial approach; this does not exclude symptomatic treatment of disease, where appropriate. Evidence-Based Medicine: 'The conscientious, explicit and judicious use of current best evidence in making decisions about the care of individual patients.' (Sackett, 1996). Wing's supply cutting-edge research and information to keep practitioners abreast of all the very latest advancements in the natural medicine industry. Herbal Synergy: Plant constituents may provide a ‘super additive’ biological effect when combined, as opposed to being just the sum of their individual parts. eg 1 + 1 = 5, not 2. Williamson (2001) Ulrich-Merzenich et al. (2007) In working with us you will discover the finest and most efficacious Integrative Medicines, uniquely formulated from the highest quality Chinese, Ayurvedic and Western herbs along with single molecule extracts. 'Medicine of all types must be a rational, experiential and empirical science, which through the contest of ideas and their dialogue provides the best treatment for those that suffer. Treatment of disease requires evidence of efficacy, safety and efficiency.' Dr Daniel Weber.

For your nearest prescribing practitioner contact us by email: ODYSSEY 27




health regulations



When is a medicine not a medicine? Apparently, the answer to that question is: when the tax man (irrationally) decides that it's a food. The ruling that medicines imported into SA are to be categorised as 'foods' allows the SA Revenue Service to charge an additional 20% import duty. Perhaps, in making this determination – which on the face of it seems to contradict the constitutional rights of every South African – the thinking in SARS may well be less about how rational or irrational their decision-making is than about extracting the maximum revenue possible from complementary health products importers. We take a look at this bureaucratic tangle.

a twisted tale of tax & medicine T

here are plenty of problems with how the governance of South Africa is going, ranging from corruption scandals in very high places

and numerous service delivery failures in low-income settlements to Eskom's inability to keep the lights on. So, it's not that surprising that potentially crippling mismanagement of the local R9bn complementary medicines (CAMS) industry by both health and tax authorities has almost completely escaped the notice of the 'popular press'. The contradictory and obviously irrational 'medicine is food because we say it is' tax rulings (which are fraught with over 200 errors of fact and omission in at least one case) are endangering otherwise healthy and thriving businesses. Some of these businesses supply life-sustaining products to hundreds of thousand of consumers each year. But, with apparently irregularly gazetted regulations being imposed on some local CAMS role-players, the inalienable civil right of each South African to access the medicine of their choice is now being openly infringed by not one but by two government departments on two different fronts. In our previous edition (click here to read more)

we revealed the full extent of the health authority's irregular attempt to regulate the local CAMS industry. In short, we found that the DoH has used the wrong law

vs Health ODYSSEY 29 • 


to generate legally incompetent regulations that have been

World Customs Organisation, which in specific importers'

irregularly and improperly promulgated. Regardless, the

cases has adjudged their properly assessed products to be

DoH is acting as if all is in order – which a legal challenge,

medicines not foods.

now in process, might well be required to overturn. But sticky as all that is, it is only one dimension of a multi-dimensional problem.

A number of primary importers are affected, though the number is relatively small. However, the implications of the irrational, inconsistent and overly-expensive operating

On the one hand, there is the Department of Health,

environment now being enforced, though on sometimes

operating under what seem to be baleful influences, passing

contradictory rationales, by the DoH and SARS spells

regulations that have all the appearance of being an overt

looming disaster for most of these businesses.

and direct attempt at killing off the local CAMS industry in favour of international Big Pharma.

Bad as it is, all this is not even the whole story. For one thing, both the DoH and SARS are relying on the same

On the other, there is SARS, ignoring its sibling

supposed 'experts' to provide them with what turn out be

government department, the DoH, which is literally labelling

completely contradictory positions on the same imported

everything and anything that can have any kind of

CAMS products.

health-related impact on your body as 'medicine', obviously

This fact alone should bring wrinkles to any thinking

also including every type and stripe of CAMS medication

person's forehead, along with the obvious question: What,

available, including local and foreign traditional healing

actually is going on?

systems with their millennia of accumulated knowledge.

SA is, consequent to the double-attack, facing a massive

The DoH's approach is disastrous enough that the local

loss in the local market of some of the world's best CAMS

CAMS industry is in direct danger of effective extinction, with

treatments for intractable diseases like the rheumatoid

once-available across-the-counter CAMS being forced off the

conditions, lupus, Crohns, other auto-immune conditions

shelves, often either not to be replaced at all or if replaced

and a wide range of life-limiting, chronic and even terminal

then by 'equivalent' products owned by entities that sit in

illnesses. Toren Wing, owner of Wing's Herbal, which imports

the control of major international (and until not long ago purely) allopathic medicines producers.

practitioner-prescribed Chinese, Ayurvedic and Western

On top of all that, and despite numerous contrary

herbals, and also distributes locally-made Traditional African

inputs, including from the World Customs Organization's

Medicines, says of the situation: 'Ultimately it is the patient

Secretariat whose Harmonized System dictates how

who suffers from these irrational bureaucratic decisions

imported and exported products are categorised, SARS

– the increased cost of 20% duty plus a 14% VAT levy

insists that certain CAMS medicines – which the DoH, the

raises prices above the reach of many. Medicine carries (or

SA authorities overseeing food regulations and the affected

should carry) no duty worldwide as it is an internationally

CAMS importers themselves agree are indeed medicines

recognised human right to have access to safe, effective

– are in fact not medicines at all, but foods. The latter

medicines of one's choosing.' Although other importers and distributors have been

category carries a premium on import, so more money to the SARS coffers. But what about the affected importers and their

'As a Practitioner-Only integrative medicine supplier our

the advice of the local industry to develop a somewhat

business has suffered greatly at the hands of South Africa's

more rational regulatory system and accompanying

most respected office,' explains Wing.

inter-departmental agreement that makes the local

'Despite 15 years of medicament import and a prior

playing field not only fair, in terms of regulations and tax

official determination to the contrary, in 2009 SARS

categorisation, but also navigable to importers and local

determined all our products to be "foodstuffs" carrying an

businesses attempting to service the growing demand for

ongoing 20% duty.'

Apparently this is a 'bridge too far' for our health and tax watchdogs.


Wing's have supplied over 100 million doses of Practitioner-prescribed medicine over a 21 year period without a single report of harm, says Wing. Their 400

For its part, SARS seems entirely unaware, despite

different formulae covering various traditional systems can

several communications to them from affected parties on

be scripted in thousands of possible combinations by a

this matter, or perhaps uncaring of the fact that not only are

health care professional to suit the presenting condition.

they contradicting findings of the SA DoH, but also of the



beleaguered industry? And why can't our officials take



similarly affected, Wings Herbal has been especially hard

But SARS refuses to relent and clings to its 'food'

determination based on the advice of one pharmaceutical 'expert' from an entirely different paradigm of medicine (Western allopathic) and with no significant knowledge or experience of Chinese, Ayurvedic or Western Traditional Herbal Medicine. This flawed opinion is based on the expert's own idea of what determines medicine and not the correct criteria prescribed by the World Customs Harmonized System to which SARS subscribes and is bound.

'In our case the expert relies entirely on the definition of Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) and yet specifically contradicts the original text defining that term. Please also note that EBM rates expert opinion as the lowest ranking form of "evidence". 'That opinion also contradicts our Medicines Control Council (MCC), the Department of Health's Food directorate, the World Customs Secretariat, Australian Customs, Chinese Customs, Her Majesty's UK Customs, The World Health Organization's Beijing Declaration and the fourty doctors in South Africa who have signed affidavits saying they have used the medicines to great effect. Ironically, the "expert" (used by SARS to come to its clearly irrational decision) is also in the employ of the MCC and head of medical ethics at a prestigous SA university,' Wing points out. 'Medicines have existed since man first walked the earth, they have been given to us by nature, or the creator/God. To now say that only chemical, pharmaceutical, synthetic, laboratory-engineered substances, designed for profit by a guy in a white coat which have only existed for the past 60 years, are medicines, as SARS is doing, would appear somewhat irrational,' adds Wing. This CAMS importer and distributor says the current systems has cost his company tens of millions in excess excise duties, lost sales and consequent inability to roll-out the supply of its products, as well a seriously harming the health and well-being of its products' many users. As a result, Wings Herbal says it has instructed lawyers to take its case as far as necessary to reverse this irrational ruling and is seeking, says Toren Wing, 'those similarly affected' who might join his company in class action suit to this end. Watch this space folks – things are about to get interesting, and we will endeavour to keep you not only up to speed with developments but also as well informed as possible about the inner machinations of each twist in this unfolding saga. O

South Africa is facing a massive loss in the local market of some of the world's best CAMS treatments for intractable diseases like the rheumatoid conditions, lupus, Crohns, other auto-immune conditions and a wide range of life-limiting, chronic and even terminal illnesses. ODYSSEY 31 • 





In the entire history of the universe there has never been an opportunity for ascension like this. Since the Cosmic Moment in 2012 the energy pouring into the planet has expanded and risen in frequency and we must hold steady in order to take it in and embrace it. To help us the Archangels are holding us within their incredible light. Diana Cooper looks at living in a conscious moment ahead of her visit to South Africa.




was having a cup of tea in the kitchen with a friend when

Pleiades through them, we radiate our magnificence and

Tim Whild, who was then my gardener, came in. My

true glory. We become a unified column of light reaching

friend got up to leave and said, 'Do you realise that when

right up to Source and down into Earth. We are truly bridges

Tim came in all your twelve chakras lit up.' My immediate thought was that Tim was ready for his mission as an

between Heaven and Earth.

Ascension Teacher. I told him and we sat down to discuss

Crystalline Bodies

it. Archangel Metatron then said that we were to write The Archangel Guide to Ascension together and he would give us 55 steps in sequence to enable people to ascend at an accelerated pace. Seventh dimensional frequency is interleaved through the book, so that the reader maintains at least a fifth dimensional frequency when they read it. In addition, for the first time since the Golden Era of Atlantis we are able to connect with the 9th dimension and some energies are now touching us at this elevated frequency. For example the Christ light is held in a 9th dimensional globe within Sirius. Until now it has been filtered down to a lower frequency before it reached us but now the energy of unconditional love is literally blasting hearts open. It is also merging with other energies and raising their vibration to accelerate our spiritual light.

Third dimensional bodies are carbon-based and hold a

The Christed Mahatma

limited amount of light. Crystalline based bodies can hold more light and as we must all be fifth dimensional by 2032 so we must build crystalline bodies. The crystalline light body is the blueprint of the humans we will become in the new Golden Age. It will come into place for everyone who is fifth dimensional or at the upper levels of the fourth dimension, and those whose soul wishes them to participate in the New Age. Physically we are changing shape. We will develop the longer heads that they had in Atlantis and Egypt to hold the expanded brain and the energy of the causal chakra. We will become taller and thinner and more androgynous. As we move into these elevated energies, when we work in the etheric we will operate at the seventh dimensional frequency. We will be able to experience perfect health. The crystalline light body will be activated and completely

The new high frequency Christed Mahatma is still the most

managed by our 12 fifth dimensional chakras. Then we will

powerful energy we can call on to assist our ascension

have access to all the light we need to keep ourselves in

process and I love the feeling of it pouring through my

prime health and condition. To have full access to the powers available in our new

chakras and forming a pool of golden white light in the earth below.

energy centres we will have to undergo the ascension

During the Golden Era of Atlantis many mighty beings

process first. In other words, the cells of our bodies must

including the unicorns, the Buddha, the Goddesses and

hold at least 80% of our possible light quotient. The instant

great Masters contributed part of their energy to a huge

the amount of light held in our cells reaches this level we

high-frequency pool of light, known as the Mahatma energy.

have ascended.

It was so powerful that it was misused at the fall of Atlantis

Light contains the love, knowledge and wisdom of the

and was withdrawn. At the Harmonic Convergence in

universe. Therefore in order to build our crystalline light

1987 a trickle was allowed back for our use with the third

body we must be able to take in more light. This can be

dimensional chakras. At the Cosmic Moment in 2012 the

done in the following ways.

flood gates were opened. High frequency Christ Light was

Eat light, fresh, organic foods.

added to the Mahatma energy and it became the Christed

Drink pure water.

Mahatma. The golden white light is stepped down through

Bless everything that enters your body.

your monad so that it is perfect for your vibration. You can

Exercise regularly and lightly.

use it to activate your twelve chakras and re-link them to

Do what brings you joy.

their original cosmic connections. You can also use it to

Keep your home physically and energetically cleansed, light and happy.

build your Crystalline Light Body in preparation for the new Golden Age. By drawing it into your cells you light them up and raise their frequency so that they can maintain the level of light needed for the glorious future.

Unified column of light


Breathe deeply, take time to meditate and connect with your higher self.

Archangel Metatron Archangel Metatron, the golden orange archangel in charge

When we open our twelve chakras and then bring

of the Stellar Gateway chakra, is leading the ascension

mighty energies like the Christed Mahatma, Angel Mary's

process on Earth and in the entire universe. Because Earth

aquamarine light or the beautiful blue healing light of the

declined into the third dimension we have to raise our light


Since 2012 Archangel Metatron has been pouring gold light into the old ley line structures and starting to build a crystalline web of light around the planet at a seventh dimensional frequency. more quickly than other stars and planets who already

humans. In fact we cannot ascend or become enlightened

vibrate at a fourth or fifth dimensional frequency, so there is

until we have an understanding of the nature and animal

great focus on us. There are two reasons we have reduced

kingdoms and love and respect them.

to such a low frequency state. First, Earth agreed to be the subject of a free will experiment, so all beings incarnating


here are considered to be very brave. Secondly, Earth is the

Animals are looked after by Archangel Fhelyai who has

solar plexus of the universe. As such we take in the fear of

arrived now from another universe to help animals ascend

the entire cosmos and pass it through the energy system of

and to transform the consciousness of humans so that we

this planet. Humans are taking in and transmuting a great

see animals differently. Every animal comes to Earth to learn

deal of 'stuff' that is not our own. This courage on the part

and to teach. Each species has its own soul mission and

of those incarnating here has caused many mighty beings

many of them do service work.

to watch out for us and there is a huge amount of goodwill and desire to encourage us.

Some like rhinoceros and elephants work with Archangel Sandalphon to bring elevated energies down into Earth.

This is why so many extraordinary energies have been

Elephants were not part of Atlantis but when the

brought in to help us and why many archangels are coming

first experiment was set up in that continent there were

here from other universes to assist. There are also many

concurrent ones taking place in Africa and Asia. Elephants in

very wise old souls and many new high frequency souls with

the form that we now know them incarnated at that time in

expanded perspectives incarnating now on Earth to help us

fifth dimensional bodies in both Africa and Asia. They come


from Lakumay, the ascended aspect of Sirius and carry a

Archangel Metatron's Light bath

fifth dimensional blueprint for family life within a perfect matriarchal society. These patient, gentle and very wise animals incarnated

Archangel Metatron offers us his Light Bath. This saturates

to learn about family life and structure and to demonstrate

us in his light that contains all the ascension keys and

it to humans.

codes that we need. He also gives us a Four Body System

They soon learnt that the loving, caring, devoted

Ascension Boost if we ask for it. This will run a light current

qualities of the divine feminine are necessary when bringing

through your body that will instigate an ascension process

up offspring and so mothers were revered and became

within you. The cells of your body will be filled with between

central to family life. They were strong, patient and

80-85% light and this will powerfully transform your life. I

dominant. Bulls were protectors but kept away from the

have found this to be extraordinary and Archangel Metatron

nucleus of the family.

has agreed to do this for everyone in meditation during my seminars in South Africa.

Archangel Metatron's 12 sub temples

Elephants also learnt that joyous innocent fun kept their frequency high and maintained the cohesion of the group. Mothers and children love to play in mud and to squirt each other with water. Water was especially important as they recognised that it contains cosmic qualities and when kept

At the Cosmic Moment in 2012 twelve sub-temples were

at a fifth dimensional frequency helps to dissolve any lower

put into place around Archangel Metatron's central temple.

frequencies that might affect them.

When you visit them you are bathed in the new higher

Elephants are very connected to Earth. They root into the

light of the twelve rays and it is a beautiful and awesome

Earth Star chakra of the planet and Archangel Sandalphon,

experience that lights you up to new levels.

the black and white angel in charge of the Earth Star helps

Nature Nature and animals are ascending more quickly than

them to link their energy to the ley lines. For centuries they have lit up the third dimensional lines as they walk their journeys. In addition the geometric structure within their



energy fields helps energetically to mend broken ley lines. Since 2012 Archangel Metatron has been pouring gold light into the old ley line structures and starting to build

the great souls that they truly are, here to experience with their right brain and heart, unlike most humans who use their left brain and mind.

a crystalline web of light around the planet at a seventh

Archangel Purlimiek the Angel of Nature is a wonderful

dimensional frequency. To help with this the elephants

blue green colour and when you connect with him he

are tuning into Lakumay, the ascended aspect of Sirius,

transports you into a new and enlightened perspective.

and are facilitating the transfer of information directly into

He and his angels work tirelessly to help the entire nature

the new lines. They are helping to build the new spiritual

kingdom to rise in frequency. They try to impress humans

communication system for the New Golden Age.

to behave differently towards the extraordinary and highly

Like elephants, rhinos are fifth dimensional beings from

evolved world that they oversee.

Lakumay, the ascended aspect of Sirius. It is the fortitude

I love the fact that every tree carries a particular quality

with which they have borne the cruelty of humans that has

that it freely offers to us. I have a large and gracious beech

finally allowed them to ascend fully into the fifth dimension.

tree in my garden. It is an added bonus to know that when

These extraordinary animals, the second largest on Earth,

I sit against its trunk, it is pouring energy into my heart to

are carrying in their energy fields the information, knowledge

enable me to forgive the past.

and wisdom of the Golden Age of Mu, the civilisation that

Several fir and pine trees also grow in my garden and

preceded Lemuria. Rhinos, as big heavy animals, are very

they offer healing, rejuvenation and regeneration. They lift

strongly grounded into Earth itself. They link energetically

your spirits and purify you. If you are ready they will raise

into the Earth and connect with the healing blue-aquamarine

your consciousness to the fifth dimension and hold it there.

flame of Mother Mary and Archangel Michael, which is held

Trees are great sentient beings and it will make a vast

here. With the assistance of Archangels Sandalphon and

difference to them when we all appreciate them and call in

Roquiel they spread this light, wisdom and healing wherever

the higher cosmic energies to flow through them. Trees are

they walk.

affected by the new high frequency energies just as we are.

Rabbits, who are wise creatures from Orion, work with

The difference is that they pass these energies on through

Archangel Gabriel to spread purity, clarity, light and joy

the tree network so that they affect everyone, including the

wherever they go. They also help humans to harmonise with

elementals without whom there would be no natural world.

the Song of the Earth. Every sentient being emits musical

I am so delighted to be coming to South Africa again.

notes. Mountains seamed with clear crystals sound pure clear

It is a magnificent country and, as the solar plexus of the

notes. Clean oceans and rivers play beautiful harmonies.

planet, is performing a valiant role in transmuting fear for the

Every tree, rock and animal adds to melody of the whole.

whole world. There are many great souls here who are acting

And a peaceful planet sounds like a glorious orchestra moving

as beacons of light. Archangel Metatron will be working

through space. However at present Earth as a whole is out of

personally with each individual who attends my seminars

tune and sounds a discordant note.

and will activate and energise your chakra systems so that

Rabbits tune into the real signature tune of Earth being sung by Lady Gaia, the ninth dimensional Throne who

you become a magnificent Walking Master ready to play your ascended role in the universe. O

ensouls our planet. This small but special creature relays this Song of the Earth through its auric field as it tries to bring

Diana Cooper is the author of 22 books and 5 children's

the people, other animals, earth, elementals, grass, flowers,

books who teaches seminars worldwide. Her vision is to

trees, rivers and seas into harmonic alignment.

light the way to enable children,

Because rabbits are tuned to the Song of the Earth, they

adults and the planet to ascend

can hear when a human or a predator is approaching for their


vibrations affect the music. This ability protects them for it

info about her trip to SA see ad

warns them of danger. At the same time the rabbits valiantly

alongside, or visit the facebook

try to raise the lower frequencies around humans and

page here.




predators to a higher level. Through them we can connect to



Archangel Gabriel, start to harmonise our planet Earth and

We have FOUR copies of Diana's

tune into the Music of the Spheres.

book The Archangel Guide to

The great animal portal of Yellowstone started to open in

Ascension to give away. Email us

2012 and is radiating out yellow light, the colour of Archangel

your full contact details here with

Fhelyai to touch the consciousness of animals and humans.

'DIANA COOPER' as the subject

By 2032 it will be fully open and we will all see animals for

to stand a chance of winning.

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DNA DOESN'T LIE DNA samples taken from JZ Knight before and during a period

while she was channeling Ramtha have produced a startling scientific result – the DNA from JZ Knight and the DNA from Ramtha are dramatically different. We take a look at the results that were recently confirmed by three separate labs in different locations.




amples of cheek swabs were taken from JZ Knight and sent to independent laboratories in California, Florida, and Missouri specializing in DNA testing.

All three of those DNA samples resulted in exact matches for Knight with gene markers of R1B Y DNA with QM242

with a DNA sequence of TACTGATCG indicating a person of French European descent. Two days later two cheek swab DNA samples were taken from Knight as she channeled Ramtha. The results indicated dramatically different DNA from Knight – a R1B Y DNA with CM217 with a sequence of ACCAGCTGC indicating

a person with American Indian and Viking descent. The mathematical probability that three separate lab samples sent to three different laboratories would get the exact same DNA sequencing two separate times is astronomical,

haplogroup R1b1a2, to which more than 50% of all men

proving that the methods were scientifically sound and

in Western Europe belong, indicating that they share a

the results are truly astonishing. 'There is no doubt in my mind that the DNA from JZ Knight in her everyday life and from Ms. Knight when

common ancestor.' Both JZ Knight and Ramtha express the R1B gene group of the Tut/Akhenaten lineage. In 1996 and 1997, a team of 18 researchers studied

she was channeling Ramtha demonstrate an incredibly

JZ, Ramtha, and the School students. Eight standardized

rare scientific phenomenon,' said Dr. Matthew Martinez,

physiological, psychological, and behavioral tests were

JZ Knight's personal physician, who collected the cheek

administered repeatedly on JZ and six longtime students.

swabs and sent the samples at the same time to three

The scientific conference, entitled In Search of Self: The

different laboratories. 'There is no debate – the DNA

Role of Consciousness in the Construction of Reality

samples indicate completely different people.'

held in Yelm, Washington, examined the results of the

DNA doesn't lie – testing is now widely used to test

research. 'JZ Knight is not a fraud,' said team leader Dr

for inherited diseases and to determine ancestry and

Stanley Krippner, psychologist and leading parapsychology

biological relationships. The biochemical tests can find


changes in chromosomes, proteins, and genes. Sampling

Following the conference, Dr Stanley Krippner and

DNA through cheek swab collection has become common

Dr Ian Wickramasekera published a paper in 1998

in recent years. Many companies offer DNA sampling


services for tracing family lineage and learning about one's genetic propensities. Because of federal HIPAA regulations, the laboratories

The Ramtha Phenomenon: Psychological, Phenomenological, and Geomagnetic Data in the Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research, volume 92. More information can be found here. O

were not allowed to release the DNA sample results to the public. However, a summary of the side-by-side

About Ramtha's School of Enlightenment

comparisons of DNA samples taken from JZ Knight before

JZ Knight is the founder of Ramtha's School of

channeling, and while channeling, Ramtha can be found

Enlightenment, the president of JZK, Inc, and the

here. Results.pdf DNA has been reported many times in the international media over the past few years. A widely reported story from scientists in Switzerland found that almost 70 percent of British men and up to half of all men in Western Europe are related to the Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun. A Reuters story noted, 'Scientists at Zurich-based DNA genealogy centre iGENEA reconstructed the DNA profile of the boy Pharaoh .... The results showed that King Tut belonged to a genetic profile known as

chairman of JZ Knight Humanities Foundation. She is the sole channeler for Ramtha. Ramtha's School of Enlightenment (RSE) was established in 1988 by Ramtha the Enlightened One as an academy of the mind that offers retreats and workshops to participants from all over the world and from all walks of life. Using ancient wisdom and the latest discoveries in neuroscience and quantum physics, RSE teaches students how to access the extraordinary abilities of the brain to 'Become a Remarkable Life.' For more information, please visit



Start Your Own Love Story

In this extract from the book Loving Yourself to Great Health, Louise Hay shares some key points to her philosophy on life, happiness and health that have remained timeless.




t 88 years of age, I can say that health and happiness are the most important tenets of my life. Many of you who have read my books know that I

did not have an easy childhood, nor any of the advantages of money or education for much of my life. Then I discovered the one thing that changed the course of my health and my life: the belief that every thought we think is creating our future. This one little idea shifted the direction of my life. I found that if I could create peace, health, and harmony in my mind, I could create the same in my body and in my world.

As I look back and think about why I feel so good at age 88, I truly believe it's because of the way I live. My thoughts from morning until I go to sleep at night are mostly a stream of positive affirmations.

This book is not about the latest trend or fad. It's about how to craft a life that will nourish and support you. It's about

later, their audience covers the globe.

all the ways you can love yourself more. It's about ancient

In this book, I am introducing two people who have

healing wisdom that will work with your busy schedule. And

transformed my life: Ahlea Khadro and Heather Dane. I

it's about learning that you matter. Somewhere in all the

would like them to transform yours as well, if you are willing.

stress, noise, and to-do lists, there is still space for you. My

In this book, the three of us will share the things I do to

fellow authors and I are going to show you how to find that

feel my best while working, traveling, writing, and having an

space so you can feel good now and long into your future.

active social life. Some of the secrets we share will be new

This book is a love story. It's about loving yourself as a way to create health, happiness, and longevity. Yes, you

to you, while others may remind you of what you would like to reaffirm.

will learn tips, menus, recipes, affirmations, and exercises

As I look back and think about why I feel so good at age

that have worked to keep me healthy, vibrant, and strong

88, I truly believe it's because of the way I live. My thoughts

throughout my life. But more than that, your heart will be

from morning until I go to sleep at night are mostly a stream

opened to new ways to love and support yourself on this

of positive affirmations. I firmly believe that Life loves me

incredible journey.

and everything I need comes to me at the right time. I also

Over the years, I have taught ways to eliminate the

believe that I am a big, strong, healthy girl. Then I leave it

negative thoughts in your mind and to replace them with

to Life to bring my thoughts into manifestation so that this

positive affirmations. To practice forgiveness and to dissolve

comes true for me.

resentment. To learn to really love who you are. To do mirror

When you expand your thinking and beliefs, your love

work. Those of you who have followed these lessons have

flows freely. When you contract, you shut yourself off. Can

seen your lives turn around for the better. Now it is time for

you remember the last time when you were in love? Your

the next step.

heart went ahh! It was such a wonderful feeling. It is the

I have had so many of you say to me, 'You look so young

same with loving yourself, except that you will never leave

and vibrant'. Or, 'I want to be healthy like you when I get

once you have that love. It's with you for the rest of your

older.' In this book, I will be sharing exactly what I do. For

life, so you want to make it the best relationship that you

me, this is the next step in changing your thoughts. It's

can have.

changing your way of life to one that focuses on nourishing and treating your body with love. I have always loved learning new things, and I believe

It has been such a pleasure to work with Ahlea and Heather on this book, and I know you will enjoy it as much as I have. O

that every hand that touches me is a healing hand. In this way, I have found many wonderful people doing extremely

Reprinted with the kind permission of Hay House

good work, and I often like to share what I've learned from

Publishing. To order the book please click here.

them with the rest of the world. For example, years ago

For more info visit

I met Esther and Jerry Hicks (who present the teachings

of the non-physical entity Abraham). They were doing

We have TWO copies of Loving Yourself to

phenomenally good work, but their very loyal audience was

Death to give away. Email us here with the

relatively small. I wanted to get as many people as possible

subject as 'Loving Yourself to Death' to stand a

to know them – it took me two years, but now, a decade

chance of winning.




GODDESSES EMBODY THE DIVINE In this extract from the book Goddesses Never Age, Christiane Northrup looks at the secret prescription for radiance, vitality, and well-being.




n Riding Giants, a documentary about big-wave

must be subdued and transcended.

surfers, surfer Laird John Hamilton explains that his

Unfortunately, many people have mixed-up ideas

soul comes to him when he's at one with these waves,

about divinity and God. God isn't confined to a book or a

actively engaged with every muscle in his body. When

church or mosque or synagogue. Divinity is the creative,

they're not running, when he is not out there in the water,

loving, vital flow of life force that we're all part of and

he's depressed. Another surf legend, Greg Noll, describes

connected to. Our Spirits serve as a direct phone line

surfing as a lifelong love affair with an extraordinary

to this loving force that actually is us. Our bodies are

woman called the ocean. He notes wryly that if someone

exquisite containers meant to embody, not deny, our

spends a lifetime in a monastery praying all day, we don't


call him or her a 'prayer bum', but if a person has a deep,

If you were brought up in a religion that taught you

sacred relationship with the ocean, which is embodied

that God is vengeful and punishing – and that if you don't

in the practice of surfing, we apply the label 'surf bum'.

please God, you'll be damned with eternal punishment –

What both surfers describe are just two of thousands of

you might find it challenging to not feel ashamed of your

examples of how thoroughly we've separated spirituality

body and its functioning.

from the pleasure of living in a physical body – as though

After all, the roots of Judeo-Christian religions link the

experiencing the ecstasy of being in our bodies is not

downfall of humanity with a woman, Eve, who was seduced

sacred or useful, but removing ourselves from them in

by the serpent and tempted Adam with food and sexuality,

hours of meditation is. Many of us have internalised the

causing him to eat the fruit too and ensuring that we were

message that our bodies are some kind of burden that

banished from paradise. Thenceforth, all women brought



forth their children in pain and suffering as penance for Eve's sin. Talk about adverse programming. But it is from this myth at the heart of our belief system – a system that for many of us goes unexamined – that we've come to think that to be spiritual and 'good', we have to deny our bodies and sacrifice ourselves. Dr Mario Martinez calls this the 'atonement archetype', and believe me, our society is awash in it. We've all heard the saying 'The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.' This statement alone is a setup for suffering and the denial of the very exalted emotions and experiences that make life worth living. We don't have

Goddesses Never Age: Secrets from Dr Northrup

to separate out the desires and needs of the flesh from our spirituality. They're an expression of the creative life force. Our bodies require regular touch and pleasure to truly flourish. When you hear the word pleasure, do you instantly think of sex? Many do – and this is so limiting. Our culture has focused the enormous range of delights available to humans into the narrow range of sex and slapped a big label on it: sin. Yes, sex is highly pleasurable. But there's an infinite range of pleasure available to us when we're in a human body that is consciously connected with divinity and our goddess nature. In the movie City of Angels, this pleasure of the senses is beautifully depicted in a scene

Our bodies require regular touch and pleasure to truly flourish. When you hear the word pleasure, do you instantly think of sex? Many do – and this is so limiting.

featuring an angel (played by Nicolas Cage). When the angel becomes mortal and is finally able to experience

express itself. When you answer that call, everyone

the exquisite taste and juiciness of a pear, he recognises

benefits, because whatever you do personally to bring

a simple yet divine pleasure of the earth. Watch it and

Spirit into matter and bring joy into your life changes the

see what I mean.

whole universe. The word matter comes from the root

As long as we have a body, we're meant to enjoy

word mater, meaning 'mother'. When we refer to Mother

it with every one of our senses. As you uncover your

Earth, it's more than a metaphor. Our physical bodies are

pleasure and transform your spirit-denying beliefs, you'll

made from the same elements as the earth herself. Our

find that sustainable pleasure is a conscious discipline, not

bones are made from minerals. Our blood and amniotic

an invitation to addiction and sloth. When you experience

fluids are very much like seawater. Matter is the densest

pleasure, God comes through you. As you become aware

thing in creation. When we bring Spirit into dense matter

of your divine nature, you'll find that joy comes to you in

through the discipline of connecting and reconnecting

ways that are unique to you. One person may express her

again and again with Spirit-drenched joy and pleasure, we

spirituality through the pleasure of dancing, while another

bring heaven down to earth.

may express it through a love of riding and working with horses. When I was growing up, no one in my family played

You're a divine being who is designed to live agelessly.

the harp, and I'd never seen one, but I was desperate to

Honoring the 'vessel' that is your body, and savoring

play this instrument and eventually I did. That gold harp

every moment of life that you can – that's the whole point

is sitting right in front of me now. Although I haven't

of being here. Your very conception and your presence

played it for years, it symbolises a very strong connection

here in this particular time and space was not a mistake.

with my own spirit.

It is a miracle that was orchestrated before you were born

When you have a calling that strong, it's coming from your soul. You're hearing the cry of your spirit yearning to



We help lighten and lift the heavy vibrations of shame, anger, and resentment – not just for us, but for everyone.

by your spirit, the part of you that is eternal. We are the leading edge of creation, and we are God

dancing in flesh. We are not lowly, sin-ridden creatures

12-hour journey, without eating or drinking, arriving at

who require redemption for the original sin of being born

the Anthonys' compound a day apart from each other.

human. We and God are one. If you reclaim your goddess

Each herd stayed for two days to mourn and pay their

nature and express it as joy and passion for living, you

respects to the man who had saved them before slowly

experience what it is to be a divine creation – and you

making their way back into the bush. How is it that two

experience it now, without having to wait to make your

separate herds of wild elephants knew that the heart of

transition into the non-physical world. And when you

a great man who had loved them had suddenly stopped?

experience divine creation here on earth, you flourish.


Whether we're discussing the behaviour of the cells within our bodies or herds of elephants that somehow know a friend has died, both are examples of a profound truth: the hermetic philosophy of the harmony between

We've forgotten that everything is connected to everything

man and nature contained in the phrase 'As above, so

else. This is scientific fact. In our bodies, braided collagen

below.' We're now at a crossroads in our understanding

strands make up our connective tissue, or fascia, which

of our place in the universe. We are finally coming to see

weaves through our organs and tissues and connects

that we are designed not to dominate nature and each

our muscles to our bones and skin, serving as a

other but to live in co-operation. We have to cultivate a

cytoskeleton. Electricity is conducted along the fascia by

relationship with something far greater than our egos.

water molecules that sit atop the collagen molecules and

Until we do, we can't flourish.

act as liquid crystals, receiving and sending out energy (including energy that is bound up with information).

A relationship with the Divine allows you to trust in and align with Divine Order. We all come to realise

This is why massaging your feet, for example, actually

that change is constant and we can either go with the

rejuvenates and relaxes your whole body. Acupuncture

flow or spend our lives fighting it until we tire ourselves

meridians lie along the fascia like a highway for subtle

out. Aligning with Divine Order has nothing to do with

energies and the messages they contain.

passively waiting for something to happen to you. Instead,

In tribal cultures, the wisdom of our connection with

it's about surrendering your will to Divine Will, knowing

everything is taken for granted. That ancient wisdom

that the divine part of yourself knows your heart's desire

is now being documented scientifically because we can

better than your conscious mind, conditioned by cultural

finally measure it rather than simply intuit it. For example,

expectations, ever could. Your authentic, true self doesn't

research by Thomas Zwaka, MD, PhD, of the Black Family

lie to you, mislead you, or take you away from your power

Stem Cell Institute at the Icahn School of Medicine at

source. It's a relief to turn your life over to Divine Will,

Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, found that p53, a

or God. Remember, God is not some external force you're

tumor-suppressing protein, prevents cancer cells from

disconnected from, but the life force itself, which lives in

replacing healthy cells. When p53 mutates, cancer grows.

you – not on some cloud somewhere.

He says his study suggests that our evolution required

Once you've aligned with Divine Order and Divine

co-operation, so we're actually wired not for cheating,

Will, you're free of the need to micromanage your life.

manipulating each other, or fierce competition but for

You stop striving after perfection. The addiction to control

working in concert. And in her blog post 'Cancer Is a

and people pleasing ends. Instead, you make your life an

Selfish Gene', researcher Lynne McTaggart notes that

offering to the Divine and ask God to use you. Then you

this protein or gene acts like a 'keeper of the peace,

follow the signs as they appear and act accordingly. O

much like the queen bee in a hive.' Darwin seems to have overlooked the co-operation aspect of nature that

Reprinted with the kind permission of Hay House

underlies the competitiveness obvious on the surface.

Publishing. To order the book please click here.

Another example of how connected we all are, and

For more info visit

are meant to be, is the story of the 'elephant whisperer', the late Lawrence Anthony. He was a conservationist who saved the lives of countless elephants – many of them rogues that had left their herds and were destined to be destroyed by humans. After Anthony's death, two

We have TWO copies of Goddesses Never Age to give away. Email with

separate herds of wild South African elephants that he

the subject as 'Goddesses Never

had saved slowly made their way through Zululand, a

Age' to stand a chance of winning.

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Centre for the Fleur de Lis In January 2015 the Centre for the Fleur de Lis was quietly launched in the suburbs of Cape Town. This is a Centre that works directly under the auspices of St Germain. Regular meditation classes are held within closed circles. If you are interested to find out more please do not hesitate to speak to Silke Erasmus. Dependent on demand, new classes will be created for those interested in being studious of both life and of the self. See contact details below for more info.

SOUL / LIFE READINGS Is your life no longer making sense? Are you troubled by what is going on either in your immediate world, the planet at large or both? Have things that used to make sense become confusing? Are you being overwhelmed by thoughts, feelings, dreams and/or events in your life? Do you feel uncomfortable in your own skin, in your relationships or in your work? To answer these and any other life/soul issues, an opportunity has been provided for direct conversations, including questions and answers with St Germain and other highly evolved souls. Booking essential. For more info or to book, please speak to Silke on 021 701 1186. Duration: +/- 2 ½ hours Location: Kirstenhof, Cape Town Cost: R500 Please note that Soul/Life readings are not psychic readings, but direct interactions with advanced souls whose purpose is to facilitate each individuals' self-awakening. Participants are advised that they are required to take full responsibility for the fundamental life changes that often follow readings.





his is a substantial book, and one that may well become one of those key texts which have a value and relevance far beyond

the time in which is has been written. Odyssey Magazine's second editor, Rose de la Hunt, has carefully crafted a book of deep insight and wisdom, reflecting the many twists and turns of her full, varied and compellingly interesting life journey. She describes the book as 'a memoir – and much more – of an impassioned life-time, deeply lived'. In it she explores love-awakenings, experiences, encounters, explorations and discoveries, along with magical moments, memories and musings. The thread which weaves its way into and out of sight throughout the more than 770 pages, and which connects all, is that of of the title, 'Love-Fire', a name which Rose says in the book she prefers to the many more obvious names for the 'the Divine'. For Rose, God, or Source, or 'the Divine' or whatever other name you may use for the all-encompassing power behind everything, are merely the human names for a transcendent consciousness whose primary characteristic is that

Love-Fire a living odyssey into the mysteries of Love

Rose de la Hunt

A Temenos Publication • 978 0620 60268 6

of love and which moves and lives much as the fire of life does – a dancing, apparently ephemeral energy which, while difficult to capture, explain, define or contain, is nonetheless everywhere, all the time. As in her life – prior to her Odyssey experience of 17 years, during her time at the magazine's helm, and since she handed it over in 2001 after suffering a cerebral accident – Rose is relentlessly honest about everything, even her most intimate and personal experiences. With deft ease, a simplicity of style and the clarity of a carefully polished magnifying glass, which she has metaphorically employed to examine her own life experiences, Rose has left virtually nothing significant unsaid or unexamined. And she has explored into fine detail the many aspects of Love and Love-Fire, as she has experienced them in her life. This book will work whether or not you already





know Rose, Odyssey Magazine, her work at Temenos in Mcgregor, her time running the Wellstead in Wynberg or her crucial role in establishing and running Lifeline in the years before those later undertakings. Indeed, this book could work as well as a primer for anyone starting out on the spiritual path of life, or for those far advanced along that path, since it has been written so carefully and with such mindfulness that, really, no-one, adept or beginner, should be left behind along the way. The book's depth and approach serve both as an inspiring story about overcoming odds, finding out what the true nature of 'God' is, and discovering one's passion and following that, as well as a sort of general guide on how one might, as Rose has done, navigate life from a strictly conventional understanding and upbringing into the uniquely personalised realms of high-level spiritual awareness. This is therefore not merely an excellent book, for all the reasons given, but may well come to be one of those landmark publications which, this reviewer suspects, will be guiding and inspiring seekers of truth for generations to come. It is by far one of the best 'spiritual memoirs' to have emerged onto not only the South African but the global publishing scene in a long time. South Africa has produced a wealth of highly evolved souls, allowing us to emerge from the darkness of race-based oppression without a full-scale civil war. Rose, whose quiet lifetime work towards a universal understanding of the 'the Divine', both within her own experience and that of others, may be counted among these great souls and this book will stand as her memorial long after all of us who may read it have moved on from this realm of existence. To order the book, please see ad, right, for more info. We have ONE copy of Love-Fire to give away. Simply send an email to with 'Love-Fire' as the subject header to stand a chance of winning.

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a living odyssey into the mysteries of Love The new book by Rose de la Hunt, previous editor of Odyssey Magazine. Love-awakenings, experiences, encounters, explorations, discoveries, musings, revelations. 'Extraordinary and profound.' Includes mini-gallery of author's paintings. In selected shops / outlets.

Enquiries: Allan 079 183 8430




the silent ODYSSEY 50 • 


Magnesium deficiency may be responsible for more disease than the lack of any other and may be linked to diabetes, heart disease, migraines, asthma, poor mental performance, depression, psychosis, fatigue, irritability, muscle injury and spasms. Research shows that magnesium is possibly the most important nutrient, associated with thousands of chemical reactions. It helps make calcium soluble to enter bone and enables cells to repair themselves. Nutritional consultant Vanessa Ascencao takes a look at how a global magnesium deficiency is fuelling widespread disease.


he World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates

(found in most oral supplements). Supplementing orally

that 75% of Western countries may be magnesium

may also lead to intestinal complaints.

deficient, leading to far reaching impacts on

Transdermal Magnesium Oil, sourced from the ancient

health and well-being (click here for more). Deficiency in

Zechstein seabed below Europe – widely regarded as

SA is believed to follow this global trend, adds Ascencao,

the most potent magnesium chloride – is undergoing a

who says transdermal (applied to the skin) magnesium

trial in Harrow, UK. Various other studies have proven

supplementation may be a solution.

the effectiveness of transdermal application. In one 12

In one report, the WHO notes the average daily magnesium intake in SA is almost 40% below the RDA

week trial, 89% of subjects improved their magnesium levels by almost 60%.

(see pg21 of this document for more). In Finland, the

Magnesium Oil is among the purest,

government instituted a campaign in 2009 to increase

naturally filtered and most soluble sources

magnesium intake, resulting in a drop in death rates

available, allowing the mineral to

from heart-related conditions from number one in the

reach body tissue through the skin,

world to 10 . The Magnesium Factor, a book written by

effectively and quickly. In this way,

two prominent US doctors, noted that magnesium may

essential magnesium enters the

prevent, treat and reverse high blood pressure, heart

cells immediately, replacing lost

disease, diabetes and other chronic conditions.

magnesium and in a scientifically


Millions of South Africans suffer daily from magnesium deficiency without even knowing it. Research is increasingly showing that magnesium deficiency may be responsible for more disease than the lack of any other nutrient. Deficiency is largely due to poor diet and soil being

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proven manner to boost levels. O Magnesium Oil is available in SA at Dis-Chem. Contact Craig Doonan on 083 463 1827 or click here for more.

farmed to the point of magnesium depletion. Deficiency

We have TWO hampers from

also increases with age. I advise transdermal (applied to

Magnesium hampers to give

skin) as opposed to oral supplementation, particularly in

away. Simply send an email

the form of the highly potent magnesium chloride, as the

here with 'Magnesium Oil' as the subject header to

gut absorbs only about four percent of magnesium oxide

stand a chance of winning.

t epidemic ODYSSEY 51 • 


a forgotten ODYSSEY 52 • 



As we celebrate Africa month and honour a continent that has nurtured us, we embrace the rich diversity, culture and heritage that we share as a people of Africa. It is our responsibility to know our continent and understand her people. Our calling is to strive to maintain a liberated, united and prosperous Africa. In my quest to achieve these objectives I have had the privilege of learning about a people, a land and a forgotten story of our very own continent. Eco-preneur Catherine Constantinides shares her thoughts on the Saharawi people, a people who have lived in a refugee camp for 40 years.


veryday life happens, we go about our daily routine, and then as if from nowhere a story finds you, you don't see it, you don't expect it, but it's there and it reshapes your perspective. A paradigm shift

takes place and your view point is changed forever. Six months ago I had no idea that a nation known as the Saharawi, and a country called the Western Sahara even existed, no less than on our own continent, Africa. I had no idea that there were human atrocities happening in North West Africa that in South Africa we know nothing of, it is not spoken of, and knowledge of this is very difficult to acquire. The Western Sahara; commonly referred to as the last frontier of Africa, has been under the illegal occupation of Morocco, in accordance to international law. In 1963 the Western Sahara was added to the United Nations list of non-self governing territories and it was only in 1975 that the Western Sahara saw the departure of their coloniser Spain. The Spanish left and Madrid ceded control of the territory to Morocco and Mauritania.




Both countries claiming sovereignty over the territory

These are a people that have been denied their home,

the liberation movement; that the UN considers as the

their independence and their human rights! I know all of

legitimate representation of the Saharawi people. This

this now, because I had the opportunity to visit, learn and

conflict marked the beginning of a refugee crisis that

engage with these forgotten people. I was invited by the

has become an ongoing and forgotten conflict.


Saharawi Women Organization to join them at a refugee

can never, ever be free until those across our continent

camp just outside Tindouf in Algeria, in a camp called

have their basic human rights, self determination and an

Smara. There was much debate and discussion before

opportunity to live freely!

my decision was made to embark on this journey. A

Four decades have passed since the Saharawi refugee

journey, that would take me to a far corner of the African

crisis began; today these people are still living in exile,

continent and would see me live with refugees, in refugee

while their families are back home, in the occupied

conditions. For seven days I committed to living with the

territory, those that stayed behind are subjected to

exiled Saharawi, an urban being in the desert, with no

inhumane conditions. 40 years on, how do a people keep

running water, no electricity, no arable land, no food, no

hope alive? This is a subject that is tabled and included

basics; I would get to come home after my time in the

on the agenda of the UN Security Council each year, this is

camp, but the families there would not go home, and

as a result of the groundwork done by the African Union;

they would not have something different tomorrow, they

yet generations later children are being born in a refugee

live day to day. They survive only on the basket of dried

camp, with no idea as to the world outside of the camps.

goods that is air-dropped every month by the World Food

In 1975 the Saharawi were forced to flee their

Programme (WFP). These people do not get to go home:

land and found refuge in south-west Algeria, with the



but hostile torrential rains.

this triggered an armed conflict with the Polisario Front,

this is the only home that they now know...

expectation that one day they would return to their home.

When this story found me, I was faced by many

Traditionally a nomadic people, they have been forced to

questions, where was this, what were the logistics

settle in an arid desert environment with no opportunity

involved, what were the security challenges, what were

to be self-sufficient or productive. A camp set up in the

the health risks, the ultimate question, 'Could people on

midst of the desert, exposed to extreme heat that reaches

our continent be living without the right of self governance,

55°C, harsh sandstorms, constant drought and infrequent

and self determination?' I was challenged to step from the

I stand in solidarity with a people who have fought for 40 years to be independent and have the right to self determination and decolonisation. I now ask the question, 'Are the Saharawi a forgotten people of the world, or is it just easier to turn a blind eye to an illegal occupation?'

Catherine Constantinides

known into the unknown, so as to see, hear and know

camps the darkness was intriguing. It was as if a thick

what truth lay behind this story. I was compelled to seek

blanket concealed the story I would uncover in the days

information and to create an awareness of the human

ahead. My eyes began to adjust I could see these little

rights issue of the #SaharawiPeople.

tents peering through, dwellings scattered across a

I stand in solidarity with a people who have fought

vastness of nothing, this was the desert. No markings or

for 40 years to be independent and have the right to self

indication as to where we were, or where we were going.

determination and decolonisation. I now ask the question,

Some of the tents and small structures had a gentle

'Are the Saharawi a forgotten people of the world, or is

shine which I was told was the only light source which

it just easier to turn a blind eye to an illegal occupation?'

was emitted from a solar powered battery, candle light

The total population of the Saharawi is approximately

or a rechargeable lamp. The shadow of light carried an

one million people. The Western Sahara is a land rich in

ambiance of hope and comfort. Bumedian, my new friend

mineral resources, oil, gold, the world's largest deposits

and expert desert driver, explained to me, 'It is easier

of phosphates and a rich fishing coastline to name but a

to drive at night as your bearings lie in the stars and

few of the natural resources, these resources should be

constellations.' I was mesmerised by the light of the moon

the right of the Saharawi people, this should be what they

and the soft glow that fell across the camp that allowed

could have built their economy on, and yet they can-not

me a glimpse of what I would see when day arrived.

go home and they live a meagre existence in a refugee camp.

The warm embrace of Shabba and Miriam, two sisters from the family that I stayed with, was overwhelming and

It was 23h30, I had been travelling for 18 hours; the

emotional. Language was a huge barrier, as no English

last flight had been by military plane into an army base

is spoken by the majority of Saharawi people, who all

two hours away from the refugee camps. No business

speak a dialect of Arabic, and a small group also speak

class, no luggage conveyor, a cold, war like structure. A

French. We made our way into the family tent, where we

seasoned traveller, this was somewhat different; used to

were asked to leave our shoes outside. Mutha, an English

gliding through snow white clouds and blue skies. The

student and the protocol officer, stayed with me.

military aircraft ploughed through the sky, with much

As day broke, the tender sound of the Muazzin was

noise and movement, there was a feeling of displacement

heard across the camp, and the women of the family

in the air, my journey was happening. On arrival at the

I stayed with started their first prayers for the day.



Breakfast was a humble helping of dry bread, jam and

human spirit within these people. These people are proof

milk coffee, there is no running water, long life milk is all

that even under such harsh conditions, despite a lack

that is available, and it is considered a luxury for those

of human rights and a call for action for them to return

that do have it. I quickly learnt that water is very scarce

home, I could feel that #HopeLivesHere.

and used for washing before prayers and refreshing

We need to stand against the existence of such;

rinses at the hottest times of the day. The basic routine

we need to demand the right of self determination, self

of bathing in the morning, washing your teeth and other

governance and human rights for all people. It saddens

'daily rituals' were somewhat of a luxury. This family had

my very fibre that people must wait for a monthly food

no toiletry bag filled with the items we take for granted,

basket composed of nine dry commodities; that never

toothpaste and toothbrushes were not available.

change, there is no variation, it always remains the same,

I stepped out of the family tent, and was struck by

and it is all that there is.

the bright light and the vast naked desert. As far as my

There is a will power, a strength of mind and a

eye could see, in every direction, tiny dwellings and tents

community built by the determination and strength of

covered the landscape. I paused to get my bearings, as

women who play the most crucial role in pushing this

reality and shock started to become reality. Slowly the

movement forward! The human spirit lives, it lives in

gentle laughter of children filled the crisp morning air

these camps, in those tents and in the heart of all who

and started to permeate the harsh reality that I could see

pass through that place. O

around me. These children do not know anything other than this camp; they are playful, happy and content. The desert sand is their playground; nothing grows here, not a shrub, not a blade of grass and not a tree to be found, there is no vegetation of any kind. I quickly realised that there is no oasis in this desert. A 'lilo' like plastic is placed alongside each tent, which is filled with rationed water for each family; the water truck comes every few weeks. My family were insistent that I use as much water as I needed, but I humbly acknowledged that I would get to go home and I would leave these beautiful people here in the Sahara, still with no running water or electricity. As I lay my head on the floor that night, I closed my eyes and I knew that tomorrow would never be the same, I would never be the same; I was a different person... I thought that poverty was what we had to fight, but this surpassed poverty, here there was nothing. I knew that I could not mistake the soft light, the amazing heavens, the smiles the children shared, their willingness to share love with me, did not mean that all was well. These are people that, 40 years on, still have a packed bag in their tent, so that when they are called, they will be ready to go home. I ask that people support my call; support their call, to bring about international action, in order to bring about the change that the Saharawi people have been waiting for; they must be given their rights as a people. A refugee camp is a place of loneliness and




nothingness, yet one could easily be mistaken that the

Catherine Constantinides; Lead SA Executive, Director

bright and colourful material worn by the women of the

of Miss Earth South Africa, International Climate Activist

Western Sahara is what brings light and colour to this

and Humanitarian. Constantinides is an Archbishop Tutu

bare landscape. However, you would be sorely mistaken

African Oxford Fellow and serves as a Social Cohesion

as the light in the camp comes from the power of the

Advocate for the Department of Arts and Culture.




INHABITOTS Top 6 green kids design stories of 2014 From a tiny wrist phone for kids that resembles something from a James Bond movie to a revolutionary 3D printed prosthetic hand, in 2014, many ingenious and innovative green designs for the next generation came to fruition. Cast your vote below for the design story that impressed you the most — from army toys that get a mindful makeover to action packed bookshelves that double as climbing structures, this is sure to be a tight race. Click here for more.

MIT scientist links autism to Monsanto’s Roundup This skateboard is made of tree bark Eco-conscious skateboarders will flip for this plant-based skateboard that’s made from a panel of tree bark. The work of Monsieur Plant, a.k.a. Christophe Guinet, an artist firmly grounded in the natural world, this sweet ride is a one-off that was designed as a display – but we think the concept is cooler than a kickflip. Guinet, who spent time in the city and country while growing up in France, became enamored of plants and flowers when he was a teen, and this passion has resulted in beautiful and whimsical works that offer a meditation on the natural world and its relation to fashion and design. So while you or your kids are unlikely to get your hands (or feet) on this natural skateboard, you can still appreciate its rugged beauty and future potential. Take a few minutes to witness some of Guinet’s other nature-inspired works and installations including sneakers made out of and growing flowers. Click here for more.



Although there are numerous genetic and environmental factors that are believed to contribute to the development of autism, Seneff believes the use of Roundup is a crucial link (especially considering how many children with autism have biomarkers indicating excessive glyphosate in their bodies), and other concerned environmental and parent groups are agreeing with her. Glyphosate has been found in dramatically high levels in breast milk in the United States (up to 1 000 times higher than what is allowed in drinking water in Europe), people in 18 different countries have been found to have glyphosate in their blood, and urine testing has also shown that glyphosate levels are 10 times higher in the US than in Europe. Read the full story here.

BENEFITS OF MAKING a homemade and effective natural cough syrup Winter is not known as “cough and cold season” for no reason. It’s one time of the year when a cold can rip through your community and attack nearly everyone you know. Since we often spend more time indoors, in enclosed spaces with recycled air, you’re a lot more likely to get sick during this season. You can do a lot of things to help prevent colds, but once you feel that familiar tickle at the back of your throat, reach for this natural cough syrup to soothe your symptoms and help get you back to normal in a hurry. This cough syrup contains no alcohol, chemicals, or preservatives, so it’s a kid-friendly solution for a sore throat or cough. (Due to the honey, it’s not suitable for babies under 1 year of age.) Natural antimicrobial properties in honey, onion, and garlic help fight infections in the body. They also work as preservatives to help keep this homemade cough syrup stable in the fridge for up to a week. For the recipe click here.

IRIS GRACE'S PAINTINGS Although autism has delayed Iris Grace’s speech development, her knack for painting has allowed the five year-old to express herself freely. With incredible attention to detail and a natural understanding of colour, her sophisticated colour abstractions look as if they were created by a professional artist. Iris’ paintings can be bought as originals or prints, with all proceeds supporting her ongoing therapies.

Recycled rubber tires used in playgrounds may be linked to cancer Around 10-20 years ago, a new staple began appearing in playgrounds and playing fields around the country: scrapped and ground up used tires. Originally touted as a great use for old tires, which would otherwise either be exported or burned up –thereby creating toxic fumes, crumb rubber was believed to be a green solution and a beneficial way to use an abundant form of waste. In what could be the biggest downside to upcycling, this same crumb rubber is currently being examined for its potential toxicity to people, pets, and the environment as a result of its decomposition process. What’s currently lacking are formal studies showing a link between crumb rubber playgrounds and playing fields and health risks including cancer; so numerous sports coaches, educators, and legislators are asking that greater attention be paid and more data be gathered regarding this material. Click here for the full story.





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Why Can't I Meditate Nigel Wellings Piatkus • 978 0 3494 0575 9

Virtually everyone now knows that mindfulness meditation helps us lead better, healthier, happier lives. There are now any number of studies showing that literally any kind of meditation practice you can think of, from TM to something more traditional or what you may be inspired by in the moment, all help us lower blood pressure, improve thinking and mood and generally enhance our lives. And yet some people find they simply 'can't meditate' no matter what they try. This book is for them, with some great tips and insights to help deal with all the 'little issues' that get in the way of a regular meditative practice. Even if you already meditate regularly, you may well find this gem of a book will help you do so that much better. And if you haven't ever been able to properly meditate, this book may prove to be the key the unlocks the mysteriously wonderful 'inner realms' to your exploration.

Jamie Oliver's Food Tube Presents The Family Cookbook Kerryann Dunlop Penguin • 978 0 7181 7919 9

Kerryann Dunlop who, for those who don't watch TV foodies shows, was one of Jamie Oliver's original 15 apprentices. She has gone on to use that experience to become a full-time foodie herself and has now produced this great little cookbook which boasts '50 no-nonsense recipes every household needs'. Her love of cooking is self-evident, the pictures of the meals great and the layout clean and easy to follow. One small complaint is the faint and rather small font, so this one will have you peering through the steam to follow some of the recipes, but it's a small price to pay for some really good dishes for all those mums (and dads) who can't bear dreaming up yet another meal.

More Time To Think Nancy Kline Casell, Octopus Publishing 978 1 8440 3796 4

By the author of the best-seller Time To Think, this book is subtitled 'The Power of Independent Thinking'. The premise is that business – and much of the rest of life – have



changed almost unrecognisably in some cases since the turn of the millennium. Consequently, argues the author, we need to adopt different models of thinking to deal with these changed conditions. Rather than 'running with the pack', as once may have been sufficient, Kline argues that independent thinking is now a prerequisite for both businesses and individuals making sense of changed and still rapidly changing realities. In this second in her series, Kline takes us into the heart of the 'thinking environment' as a tool to foster both listening (a crucial skill in these days) and independent thinking in one another. There are stories that illustrate the more rarefied ideas, thought-boundary stretching questions and things that you may do which ought to help implement the ideas in this book. Doing such things, says the author will help us find, create and engage with leadership we trust, meetings we love, relationships we cherish and community we know can work for everyone involved in them. The book is based in the fabulous rise of 'coaching' both in the business and personal context, which enjoyed such a stellar leap in popularity and application in the previous decade. While there may be less 'fat' around to pay for the coaching, being the best

or in general health terms. Beyond these basics, we all know that water is intrinsically fascinating to almost everyone, that we almost all do better when near water, especially natural running water, and that water literally gives life to our lives, whether you be farmer, gardener or nature-lover. You may not yet have developed a full appreciation for water and what it can do for us, but this book will set that straight. And if you are already a water-lover and fundi on the subject of this special fluid, then this book will work even better for you and will provide a fount of inspiration around the importance of good water in your life. boss, partner, employee, or whatever, by both listening properly and employing independent thinking, are clearly valuable skills and well worth learning, no matter where you may be on the corporate ladder or in the home. We have ONE copy of More Time to Think to give away. Simply email us here with 'More Time to Think as the subject header to stand a chance of winning.

Journey of the Stickman Dieter Daehnke Vast Ocean Self-Publisher 978 0 6205 4619 5

This self-published book takes the unusual form of musing and life-time experiences woven into the fabric of two diaries recording a summer and a winter sojourn along the famed Santiago de Compostela in Spain. The author reflects on both the ups and downs of walking the Camino to Santiago, as well as the general history of the region and the effects and interactions of Christianity and Islam on the people and places one encounters along the trail. Though on the one hand this is something of an extended travelogue on foot, it also embraces some of the author's thoughts and deliberations on what he has developed towards a deeper

understanding of what it fully means to be human. Well worth the read.

Blue Mindfulness Wallace J Nichols Little, Brown • 978 1 40870487 5

There's no getting away from the importance of water and its pervasive influence on our lives. Indeed, as science now knows with certainty – as does every farmer ever – there's no life without water. From afar, our planet appears as a blue marble in the darkness of space, while each one of us is more than three-quarters made up of water. Without it we die quickly, but with it, especially when our approach to water and its uses is appropriate, we thrive. Only oxygen is more immediately important for our lives. But life without adequate, clean water is also not only very difficult, it is hardly living at all. This book is all about those inherent aspects of water that make us happier, healthier human beings. This book incorporates leading-edge developments in the sciences, including neuroscience, evolutionary biology and medical research, that tell us in ever louder terms the underlying importance of water, whether that be in improved thinking because of its influence on our physiology and brain processes,

Tissue Salts for Children Margaret Roberts Struik • 978 1 7758 4113 5

Written by the doyenne of herbs in South Africa, this lovely little book delves into the importance and role of the 12 key tissue salts that our bodies need. These remarkable salts are all naturally-occurring and are found in abundance in organicallygrown foods. But so many people are these days exposed to foods in very short supply of key salts, especially children. This follow-up to Tissue Salts for Healthy Living is focused on enhancing the development and well-being of children, from infancy through the teen years. Each tissue salt is presented independently, with tips on how to deal with ailments consequent to their shortage in growing bodies, advice on how best to absorb them as part of our diet, with an ailment chart for quick reference. This is one of those books every parent and grandparent ought to have to hand. It will likely surprise the reader just how many 'kiddie conditions' can be dealt with by simply ensuring the proper balance of these salts in the diet or supplementation of our children. Excellent read.








Paulo's Column

Paulo Coelho

About Changing


A holy man gathered his friends. 'I am old,' he said.

three tales

through all these years. What do you talk about with God?'


me strength to change humanity. Slowly, I realized this was impossible, so I

the different faces of God.

'And wise,' answered one of his friends. 'We have always seen you pray  'In the beginning I had the enthusiasm of youth. I used to ask God to give began to ask God for strength to change who was around me.  'Now I am already old and my prayer is very simple. I ask God what I should have asked for all along.'  'What do you ask for?' insisted his friend.  'I ask for strength so that I can change myself.'

Nothing stays behind A novice was in the kitchen washing lettuce for lunch, when an old monk, known for his extreme austerity and to whom the novice pledged obedience, approached him. 'Can you tell me what the monastery’s superior has said in the sermon today?' 'I can’t remember. But I liked it very much.' 'You, of all people, with such great desire to serve God, are unable of paying attention to the words of those who know the path better? That is why today’s generations are corrupted. They no longer respect what the elders have to teach.' 'Watch what I am doing. I am washing lettuce leaves. Water cleans-off its impurities. It does not stick to them: it ends up being eliminated through the sink’s pipe. Just as the purifying words, which are capable of washing my soul, but do not always stay in my memory.' 'I will not keep remembering everything I am told just to prove I am cultured and superior to the others. All what makes me lighter, as music and the words of God, ends up being kept in a secret retreat in my heart. There it stays forever, coming to surface only when I need help, joy or solace.'

The window and the mirror A very wealthy young man went to a Rabbi to consult him about what to do in life. The latter led him over to the window and asked: 'What do you see through the glass?' 'I see men coming and going, and a blind man begging in the street.' Then the Rabbi showed him a great mirror and again asked the man: 'Look into this mirror and now tell me what you see.' 'I see myself.' 'And now you no longer see others. See how the window and the mirror are both made of the same material, glass; but because there is a thin layer of silver on the glass, you see nothing but your own figure. You must compare yourself to these two types of glass. When poor, you saw others and had compassion for them. Covered in silver – wealthy – all you see is yourself. You shall only be worth something when you have the courage to tear off the silver coating over your eyes, so that you can see and love others once again. O

©Translated by James Mulholland • Travel with Paulo through his blogs, visit



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Support with yo-yo dieting associated with emotional challenges, and guidance with diet and lifestyle changes for weight-loss success in Plumstead, Cape Town. Individual coaching and Weigh-Less groups. Go to

Energy Healing, Reiki & Chakra Balancing, Space Clearing, Soul Massage, Distance Healing, Past Life Regression, Courses & Workshops, Tarot Readings And so much more... Diana Smith 082 309 9798

Reconnective Healing Goes Beyond, Yet Includes, Mental, Emotional

Association (Usui, Karuna, Lightarian Reiki Master),

and Physical Healing, it gives Healing that includes

Natural Healers Association, Sound Healers

the Evolution of Your very Being.

Association. Tel 082 349 9329 for appointment.

R180.00 per session with Lee

Pretoria East

041 372 1000 or 078 845 7562

Alice A Bailey Books on esoteric philosophy Contact: Lucis Press SA 086 242 0770

Pilgrimage - NOVEMBER To beautiful Kangra Valley, India, to Dharamsala home of Dalai Lama, Tenzin Palmo and 7 days with Great Master Tai Situpa. November. Contact Erika on; 021 786 5261. Mobile 084 604 9931.

Lightworker Certified NLP Practitioner & Negative Emotional Therapy Practitioner, Holistic Wellness Coach, Business & Individual Mentoring, Personal Growth Workshops, Co-Dependency & Abuse, Self-Esteem Development, Public Speaking. Pretoria Area. Elsabé +27 82 498 2111

Past Life Regression Find/solve source of problems: Relationship, Self-esteem, Grief, Any issues. Mini soul reading; Powerful Releasing Technique; New potential, Positive energy. International experience. Dale (Dee) 083 5010934 •

Durban Full Moon Meditation Group For current details: 086 242 0770

I offer Shamanic Healing, Past Life Regression, Soul Retrieval, Spiritual Healing, NLP Master, Aura Cleanse, Crystal Healing, Home and Business Cleansings, Poltergeists, Possessions, Exorcisms, Cord cutting. Janine (MorningStar) 082 652 6816

Brand new UPS’es

1400w 24v Mecer UPS; 2 x 100ah batteries; Price: R7500.00 incl, while stocks last. Contact: Jaco Reinecke (021) 913 8167


Double Page Spread - DPS





Placed upfront in main body

Trim: 420 (w) x 275mm (h) ; 370 x 225 mm

Inside Front Cover - IFC



210 x 275 mm

Full Page - FP



210 x 275 mm 87 x 250 mm

Half Page - HP vertical



Half Page - HP horizontal



180 x 125 mm

Third Page - 1/3 P vertical



60 x 250 mm

Third Page - 1/3 P Horizontal



180 x 82 mm

Quarter Page - 1/4 P vertical



87 x 125 mm

Quarter Page - 1/4 P horizontal



180 x 60 mm

Banner - Horizontal



180 x 40 mm




Text intensive product / service promotion

Double Page Spread - DPS ADV



Trim: 420 (w) x 275mm (h) ; 370 x 225 mm

Full Page - FP ADV



210 x 275 mm

Half Page - HP ADV vertical



87 x 250 mm

Half Page - HP ADV horizontal



180 x 125 mm





Block ads placed at the back of mag

87 x 60 mm

Quarter Vertical



87 x 125 mm

Quarter Horizontal



180 x 60 mm 60 x 250 mm

Third Vertical



Third Horizontal



180 x 82 mm

Half Vertical



87 x 250 mm

Half Horizontal



180 x 125 mm



EVENT related - Front of mag


At the back of the mag


At the back of the mag


At the back of the mag w/hyperlink


Always at the back of the mag


60 words - LOGO / IMAGE FREE



50 words - LOGO / IMAGE FREE




20 WORDS incl website NO IMAGE

INSERTS (per page)







Akin to the 'loose-leaf' inserts from the print editionR1150.00

R342.00 R228.00 R114.00 R114.00







Biz Card





Full Page - Repro Rate



Half Page or Smaller - Repro Rate




No repro charges apply for adverts created by us for placement in Odyssey, however when placed elsewhere these rates apply for creating the advert.

Full Page Trim

210 x 275 mm

Type Area

180 x 250 mm

Bleed Area

1 mm

Material Required - ADVERTS

PDF, fonts embedded, 150 dpi

Material required - ARTICLES

Microsoft word

Material required - IMAGES

High-res 300 dpi - Min 10 cm x 15 cm

Material Submission

Websend / FTP / Dropbox / email files less than 10MB




Odyssey Magazine - Issue 1, 2015  

Odyssey Magazine comes back to you, our many readers, with insights, amazing stories of human experience and all the support for body, mind...

Odyssey Magazine - Issue 1, 2015  

Odyssey Magazine comes back to you, our many readers, with insights, amazing stories of human experience and all the support for body, mind...