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NEWS Vitto

The biggest reason for their success has been down to the fact that on this plan you won't feel hungry!

The New Year seems a long way away now and the first A plan that leaves feeling glimpses of Spring are hopefully deprived or hungry is destined not too far away! to fail, we know, we've tried them and failed... The first sessions of Vitto, our Vitto will allow you to eat weight loss group, have gone decent food, not feel hungry really well and if you haven't and see great fat loss results. joined the members only Facebook Group, or attended the sessions, please come along.

Welcome to the Team

Beauty Award Finalists! We are delighted to have been short-listed for: English Hair & Beauty Awards Best Spa in the South East British Hair & Beauty Awards Best Day Spa of the Year Elise & Grace Beauty Therapist of the Year Emily Ponte Brow Specialist of the Year

The sessions are free and An amazing achievement to designed to educate you to be nominated and reflects the make informed decisions about hardwork and dedication of all your food and health. It is not We would like to welcome to the team to get us this far! solely focussed on weight loss, the team - Jordan & Stephanie but also improving a number of in Spa and Sebastian in the aspects of your health, that may, Cafe Bar. in turn help you lose unwanted body fat. We wish Sophie from the Ben has been creating his new Front of House team every menu over the past month A few weeks in now and we success in her new career in and it will be going live on are seeing some impressive the Police force and Grace the 1st April - we are looking results coming through; from the bar is going travelling - forward to see what he has have a wonderful time! been planning. This menu will Jackie & Gary have been also incorporate Vitto friendly following the programme since options to bring our low carb the New Year and have lost eating within the club. 13kg & 10kg respectively!

New Menu

Odyssey Mail is created to inspire and help educate you to learn more about your health, food and well-being. It is not meant as a substitute for medical advice or medical treatment. Odyssey Knebworth Ltd and its employees disclaim any and all liability of any kind with respect to any act or omission wholly or in part in reliance on anything contained in this magazine.

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Is High Blood Pressure an Inflammation Issue?


ypertension is a major health problem in the West, with around one in six Americans suffering from it

Hypertension is a major health problem in the West, with around one in six Americans suffering from it. Despite its prevalence, not enough is known about its causes. So an interesting piece of pure research - that is, research that's not trying to push a drug therapy - adds to the debate, and may give clues to some sufferers. Researchers from Harvard Medical School suggest that hypertension may, in part at least, be an inflammatory disorder. It's an idea that's been floating around for a while, but nobody before had tested the hypothesis. So they analysed data collected from the 20,252 participants from the Women's Health Study,

and studied the blood samples before and after hypertension was diagnosed. In total, 5,365 women went on to develop hypertension. The marker they were looking for in blood samples was the C-reactive protein. The protein is a symptom of inflammation linked to an increased risk of heart attack and stroke, and a significant percentage of the hypertension group had high levels of C-reactive protein in their blood. Tantalisingly, they don't give any suggestions as to the cause of the inflammation in the first place, but cause never has been medicine's strong suit. (Source: Journal of the American Medical Association, 2003; 290: 2945-51). Taken from WDDTY, Feb 2018


esearch has shown that training with a partner increases motivation and likelihood of achieving your exercise goals. Most importantly, having an exercise partner can also make your sessions more fun! For this edition only we have increased our referral offer to a fantastic £50 allowing you to enjoy everything from Personal Training sessions, Odyssey merchandise, guest passes – perhaps treat yourself or a friend at our fantastic Elemis Spa. To refer someone to the club and claim your £50, simply speak with or email our membership team or visit the membership section of our website today. What will you spend the money on? membership.knebworth@ 01438 313320, option 2





Staff Profile: Sarah T

his month's staff profile is Sarah Nunn. Nominated by Linda in the last edition, Sarah has been part of Odyssey & previously Sportz Academy with Ian & Steve for 20 years!

How long have you worked at Odyssey? I have worked here since September 2006. What is your main role? I'm a Duty Manager, so oversee the club operation to ensure a positive member experience every visit. What hobbies do you have? …. .I like running and have recently started playing netball again which I love. I also like to read when I get a bit of time to myself, I am currently working my way through the Harry Potter books again to familiarise myself with all the characters before my eldest son starts reading them and I am loving them! What's your favourite music? I am currently listening to Rag n Bone man’s album. I have loved Michael Jackson since I was a child and also love U2. My children keep hijacking my music system to play AC/DC and Guns n Roses! At which store would you like to max-out your credit card? John Lewis as they have such a variety of things I could buy, shoes, clothes, running gear, gadgets……! What 3 things are on your bucket list? Visit Rome, drive a Porsche 911, see the Northern Lights What’s your pet hate? People with no manners Where would you like to travel to? Thailand, Singapore and Italy What’s your favourite motto in life? Dance like no one is watching, sing like nobody is listening! Who would you like to nominate next? Ross Brown

CACI is the WINNER on ITV’s This Morning! CACI International featured on ITV’s This Morning with Amanda Holden and Phillip Schofield. The CACI ‘Bum Lift’ treatment was tested as part of This Morning’s ‘Cheat to the Beach’ body feature against numerous other brands and achieved the highest possible score with 15/15 and was crowned the winner! The CACI treatment uses the ECM (Electro Cellulite Massager) to EXCLUSIVE OFFER help lift, tone and strengthen the Take advantage of this amazing offer, exclusively muscles in the buttocks area, for our club members. Enjoy a complimentary improving the contours CACI Bum Lift when you book in for an of the buttocks and visible ELEMIS Freestyle 60minute Deep Tissue results can be seen after Massage between April and May. Please quote just one treatment. this offer at time of booking. T’s & C’s Apply ECM can improve the appearance of cellulite and breaking down fatty deposits. It will stimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage, which will help to flush toxins away giving the skin a smoother, tighter and brighter dimple free complexion.

Luxury Father’s Day Gift

Purchase one of our Odyssey Spa branded gift boxes this father’s day for £65 Includes: £50 Spa Voucher Spongelle Body Buffer ELEMIS Men’s Travel Collection One Week’s Health Club Membership

Is Vegetable Oil Consumption Causing Heart Disease?


e have explored the topic of vegetable oils previously in Odyssey Mail, but growing evidence that our Omega 3: Omega 6 (n-3:n-6) ratio is crucial to our cardiovascular health has brought us to highlight this again. The graph below demonstrates the relationship between vegetable oil consumption (high in Omega 6), saturated fat and heart disease deaths. As you can see, there is no relationship

C.A. Knobbe, M. Stojanoska Medical Hypotheses 109 (2017) 184–198

between saturated fat and heart disease, but a strong relationship with vegetable oil consumption. You will note the graphs diverge after the year 2000 due to improved health care saving more lives - not preventing the disease. So what's going on here? We are told that we need Omega 6 in our diets because our bodies can't create it, but it appears to be killing us? If we go back in time, our ancestors ate a diet based on an Omega 3: Omega 6

ratio of 1:11 Very little of their diet came from seed sources (vegetable oils aren't from vegetables at all, but mostly seeds). With the growth of food industrialisation, consumption of n-6 fats increased at the expense of n-3 fats. This change was due to both the advent of the modern vegetable oil industry and the increased use of cereal grains as feed for domestic livestock (which in turn altered the fatty acid profile of meat that humans consumed).

Vegetable oil consumption rose dramatically from the beginning and end of the 20th century, and this had an entirely predictable effect on the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fats. Between 1935 and 1939, the ratio of n-6 to n-3 fatty acids was reported to be 8.4:1. From 1935 to 1985, this ratio increased to 10.3:1 (a 23% increase). Other calculations put the ratio as high as 12.4:1 in 1985. Today, estimates of the ratio range from an average of 10:1 to 20:1, with a ratio as high as 25:1 in some individuals. Omega 6 oils are necessary in the diet but have an inflammatory effect on the cardiovascular system. Since it is now known that inflammation is involved in

nearly all major diseases1, pecan, hazelnut including obesity and metabolic • Seeds especially pumpkin, syndrome, it’s hard to chia, hemp overstate the negative effects of too much omega-6 fat. Supplements It is always best to get your Sources of Omega 32 omega 3’s from foods, however, The following are good if you choose to top up on EPA sources of EPA and DHA. You and DHA from supplements can choose from fresh, canned you need to follow a few or frozen fish. golden rules: • Mackerel • Opt for a fish oil or an • Salmon (line caught if omega 3 supplement possible) not a fish liver oil (Phil • Anchovies Richards fish oils are • Pilchards excellent) • Whitebait • If pregnant or ​ • Sprats breastfeeding avoid • Herring (Kippers) supplements that contain • Trout vitamin A (as retinol) • Sardines altogether • Aim for an intake of EPA What if I don’t like fish? & DHA of 500mg each day, or as advised by your practitioner or doctor. Plant based sources of

omega 3 (AHA) • •

Oils especially flax, walnuts, krill and algal oils Nuts especially walnut,

1. 2.

Slowing The Ageing Process


ging is still a poorly understood process. We know a couple of things about it, but we are far from having the whole picture. Genetics, lifestyle and a slew of metabolic processes play a role in this, and they all interact in ways we do not yet understand. What we know for sure though, is that a couple of key factors are major influences in this complicated phenomenon. They are: inflammation, stress, and blood sugar imbalances. Let see how they play out and what you can do to keep them in check in order to have a better aging process.

1. Inflammation Inflammation is a systemic phenomenon, meaning it affects the whole body. Silent subclinical inflammation in particular, is a kind of inflammation that can cause damage in the long run. There can be a variety of causes, from poor sleep to smoking, to food intolerances or toxicity in the body. But the “sub-clinical” part means it hasn’t reached levels where it’ll cause problems right now. What is a concern though, is that it can do major ravages in the body if left unchecked for a long period of time. It has been associated with every major degenerative diseases known today.

2. Stress When we are stressed, we release the stress hormone, called cortisol. It has a major impact on a lot of other hormonal cascades, such as insulin regulation, sex hormones production and thyroid health. It is also a major player in other very important functions such as microbiome regulation, cognition, memory, digestion and absorption and immune function, to name a few. It can virtually affect every other system in the body. Feel bloated when stressed out? Or maybe you have trouble making decisions or remembering what you did just minutes ago? Can’t go to sleep at night? Maybe you can’t see someone coughing 20 feet away without catching it, too. All of those are related to stress. It can be the cause or at least a causal agent in a virtually every health issues we have.

3. Blood Sugar Imbalances When you eat carbs your blood sugar will turn into a roller coaster and your insulin will be all over the place. This has several important implications for your health. First your energy levels will crash down, causing you to run to the nearest coffee machine. You will also notice you crave sugary foods a lot more. Then, if you have too much carbohydrates at dinner, it will negatively impact your sleep, which in turn will negatively impact your insulin sensitivity and thus create a vicious cycle. This is one of the main cause of the issues associated with aging.

4. Insulin Resistance -The Sliding Slope Brutal spikes in insulin level have their consequences, too. The more insulin you

produce over time, the more your cells will become resistant to it. Have you ever have to deal with a disturbing background noise? You react to it in the beginning, but after a while, you become accustomed to it and you stop noticing it. Producing high volume of insulin is just like that. Insulin is a signal, just like a noise. If it’s presented too often, for too long, your cells will grow desensitized, and your body will need to produce more of it for the same amount of carbohydrates.


Insulin resistance is the first step to fat gain, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases. It will negatively affect your health markers such as triglycerides, cholesterol (HDL to LDL ratio) and, more importantly, HbA1C.

This is a self-evident one, so the two major points, besides the already mentioned management of carbohydrates in your diet., is the eating of healthy fats and consuming antioxidants.

HbA1C, otherwise known as glycated hemoglobin, can best be described as caramelized red blood cells. And I mean this quite literally. Glycation is the interaction of carbohydrates with protein that ends up producing molecules that “gum up” your body structures such as capillaries, nerves and eyes. They are thought to be the major cause of the damage related to diabetes, as they get caught in the small vessels in the extremities, eyes and kidneys. Insulin is the hormone of aging. Producing more to function normally is NOT good news.

Solutions You Can Implement Some of those solutions should be selfevident if you read this blog. Others might need more work but are still big building blocks of a healthy lifestyle that will make you age more gracefully.

Exercise will mobilize the anti-inflammatory systems of the body, which is, bar none, the greatest factor to improve insulin sensitivity, and a great way to relax for all the stress you have? It’s also worth mentioning that lifting weights will have a positive impact on your health and hormonal status, contrary to cardio.


Yes, fats! Even the saturated ones, which have been rehabilitated after decades of being needlessly vilified. Fats play a key role in hormonal production, and are an integral part of your cell membrane. They compose about 40% of the weight of your brain and are essential to nerve function. So go ahead and include fatty fish, avocados, nuts and seeds, olives and a variety of healthy oils in your diet. You’ll be healthier for it and find aging less aggravating. .


Just like eating and moving, sleeping is one of the big rocks of life and aging well. It’s literally invaluable to your health. It resets your hormones, makes you more insulin sensitive and is the repair time for your body. Coach Charles R. Poliquin

VITTO GROUP WEIGHT LOSS Vitto brings together the very latest fat loss information and results into a brand new group format. This is a FREE group for members and you will see outstanding health benefits as well as fat loss results by following our simple, but effective food choice programme. Vitto will educate you to make the right food choices for long term results and our group will support you through the transition. We look forward to welcomg you to Vitto.

Wednesdays 19:00 Join our Facebook Group Odyssey Vitto

Fr M ee em to be rs

What is Reformer Pilates? R

by Luciana Awdziej

eformer is the most popular and versatile piece of equipment invented by Joseph Pilates. It may look like another fitness fad, but it has endured since the early 1900s, when Pilates first built it for bedridden patients to exercise, despite their illnesses. The reformer intensifies the benefits provided by a Mat Pilates program, including better spine health, flexibility, core control and body awareness.

What is a Reformer?

It is a bed-like frame with a flat platform on it, called the carriage, which rolls back and forth on wheels within the frame. The carriage is attached to one end of the reformer by a set of springs. The springs provide choices of differing levels of resistance as the carriage is pushed or pulled along the frame. Body weight and resistance of the springs are what make the carriage more or less difficult to move. Reformers

parts are adjustable for differing body sizes and different levels of skill.

Mat x Reformer

In mat work, your body provides both resistance and assistance for Pilates exercises, affected only by gravity and your body weight. A Reformer extends the exercise options much further, offering both extra challenge and support along with resistance.


The reformer offers all the benefits of Pilates including overall strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance. These things, in turn, lead to daily life improvements like better posture, graceful and efficient movement, and for many, relief from pain associated with physical imbalances. Exercising with the reformer is possible for anyone, at any level of fitness, as it offers a safe environment to facilitate movement for those who have limitations, as well as it can increase the challenge for trained ones.

Papaya Enzyme Peel FOUR Ways Papaya Enzyme Peel is one of ELEMIS’ most loved products. As a weekly treatment facial mask, it’s brilliant for exfoliating and purifying tired, lacklustre skin. However, there’s more ways than one to use this ultra-effective but gentle exfoliating cream.


2 3


Double Masking You’ve heard of double cleansing but what about double masking? ELEMIS Papaya Enzyme Peel is the perfect mask to use before applying a treatment mask due to its gentle enzymatic action, which removes dead skin cells and allows actives to better reach the skin. Follow up with Dynamic Resurfacing Gel Mask for a resurfacing home facial, Pro-Collagen Marine Mask for a smoothing, firming treatment, or deeply clarifying Herbal Lavender Repair Mask for blemished and congested skin. Banish chicken skin Keratosis pilaris – otherwise known as ‘chicken skin’ - is a common condition that tends to plague the backs of upper arms. Not a great look when you’re wearing your sleeveless summer dresses and tops. However, apply Papaya Enzyme Peel to the offending areas, and the formulation’s enzymes will set to exfoliating without the need for abrasive scrubbing, improving the general appearance of the skin. Give elbows and knees some TLC Elbows and knees tend to get neglected and with thicker skin in these areas, they are prone to dryness. Apply Papaya Enzyme Peel and allow the natural fruit enzymes of exfoliating Papaya and soothing Pineapple to smooth the skin, while nourishing Milk Protein, anti-oxidant rich Vitamin E and Marine Algae moisturise, repair and protect. A moisturising leave-on mask for flights You might get a few funny looks when you first apply this on your flight. As it dries though, Papaya Enzyme Peel becomes invisible, and you’ll have the last laugh with baby soft skin on landing. You can keep it on during the whole flight to protect your skin from dry cabin air then cleanse it away with Smart Cleanse Micellar Water just before arrival. Voilà, fresh as a daisy.

What Lies Beneath Spa Day A resurfacing champion designed to deliver powerful exfoliation and renewal. New beginnings, people What’s Included ELEMIS Exotic Body Scrub ELEMIS Booster Facial Full use of our wet facilities Robe, Towel & Slippers Lunch Tea & Coffee & Glass of Prosecco £80

SHEER BRILLIANCE A brilliant treatment combination to get you ready for Spring! Included in this offer: ELEMIS Power Facial ELEMIS Back Massage £50 NEW Treatment Launch Create a lasting expression With the demand for gorgeously groomed brows growing, Mii has created a perfectly tailored service – Brow by Mii, defined by you. This bespoke eyebrow treatment will frame your features to their best advantage; highlighting your natural beauty and personality too. Here’s what to expect from a Brow by Mii treatment:

Bespoke from the beginning: Each treatment begins with an in-depth consultation with your Brow by Mii stylist, who will assess your face shape and natural brow, then discuss the look you wish to achieve. They’ll measure your brows too, so they can create a result that beautifully balance your features and reflect your style. Your stylist will even create a preview for you, to give you complete confidence in the results. Tip top tinting: Your perfect shade of tint will be mixed and applied with precision for beautifully defined results

Wonder Wax: High, natural or extended, your perfect arch is revealed with Brow by Mii wax that has been specifically designed for use on the brow area. With healing zinc oxide and calming chamomile and lavender, it is kind to skin too. Finish with precision: Our hand-finished The brow stylist will use the newly designed hand-finished Definitive Slanted Tweezers to pluck any remaining hairs, even the smaller, finer ones. And will trim where necessary to control any thick unruly hairs.

Tailored finishing touches: Rather than leave the salon or spa feeling exposed, the brow stylist will then offer to disguise any tell-tale signs of redness, using Mii’s existing Minerals Irresistible Face Base, which also works to calm the area. Using the new Statement Brow Kit brows can be filled in using a selection of stencil shapes and the fabulous new powders (available in three shades), perfect for an evening out. Alternatively, the new Precision Brow Detailer is a soft, blendable brow pencil (available in three matching shades) that can be used to create individual hair strokes, ideal for everyday brows. The

new Conceal & Contour Duos (available in Perfectly Peach and Perfectly Cream) offer the client an opportunity to conceal redness or hair re-growth in-between appointments, while the other end works as a highlighter around the eyes. The new Finishing Brow Gel leaves brows with a satin, not flaky, finish. Take-away advice: The brow stylist will talk through the aftercare advice – what to do and what to avoid 24 hours after treatment.

Brow by Mii Service, from £26 (for maintenance) and from £36 (for initial styling). Four to six treatments are recommended, but ask in the spa for further advice.

01438 313320


Area Now Open


ur new freeweights area is now open and the feedback has been fantastic! We have partnered with Watson Gym Equipment for this installation and the quality of the dumbbells and frames are exceptional. But why should you use freeweights as part of your programme? 1. Free Weights Are More Efficient The fact that weight training hasn’t evolved much in thousands of years, just goes to show you how perfect this type of workout is. In fact, a study performed by the University of Saskatchewan’s College of Kinesiology found that free weights triggered more activity in targeted muscle groups. Depending on the muscle groups, some free weight exercises triggered as much as 43% more activity. Part of this is because machines restrict the body to a singular motion, whereas free weights allow a broader range of motions. Largely this is due to free weights activation of supporting muscles. When you use a machine you are sitting down and the only parts of your body that are getting a workout are the ones that the machine targets. Free weights, however, are not just fixed to that singular plane, your body has to actively work to keep the weights (and your body) from falling out of the path of the motion. This triggers a variety of muscles across your body, such as your core and other stabilizers.

2. Weight Loss Benefits of Free Weights The benefits of free weights training seem to just build off one another. By activating more muscle groups with each free weights exercise, you are thereby burning my calories, which leads to more weight loss. Not to mention, you are building more muscles throughout your body and muscles are a key component to burning calories. Some free weight exercises are compound movements, meaning they trigger a wide range of primary muscle groups, even beyond the stabilizing ones. For example, the squat, a common free weight exercise, triggers your hamstrings, thighs, hips, quadriceps and more, with several other muscle groups getting a secondary workout. Again, more muscle groups means more muscle activity and more calories burned. 3. The Convenience of Free Weights Arguably, free weights are one of the biggest reasons why home gyms have remained so popular. They take up very little space and can be used to workout any number of muscle groups. To achieve the same thing with machines would take a lot more space than your average person’s home gym is going to allow. You do not even need a home gym to use free weights at home. All you need is a few square feet of unrestricted space and a pair of dumbbells and you can do just about any free weight exercise out there. Conclusions When it comes to weight training, nothing has the historical pedigree quite like the free weights. It is not hard to imagine the ancient Grecian weightlifters training with primitive barbells and other weights. The reason that these resistance trainers have not evolved much over the years is because they are nearly perfect, when it comes to triggering muscle activity, burning calories and overall just being a convenient method to training and reaching wellness goals.


its toll on a number of different aspects of your health, some examples are:

What Is Stress?



Stress is the body’s reaction to harmful situations -- whether they’re real or perceived. When you feel threatened, a chemical reaction occurs in your Mental health problems, such as depression, body that allows you to act in a way anxiety, and personality disorders to prevent injury. This reaction is known as “fight-or-flight,” or the stress Cardiovascular disease, including heart disease, response. During stress response, your high blood pressure, abnormal heart rhythms, heart rate increases, breathing heart attacks, and stroke quickens, muscles tighten, and blood pressure rises. Obesity and other eating You’ve gotten ready THE STRESSBUSTER disorders to act. It is how you Designed to reduce stress and Menstrual problems protect yourself. relax mind and body, this holistic Stress can be physical, emotional, nutritional, chemical, physiological or hormonal.

treatment begins with a body exfoliation to rejuvenate the skin before a deeply relaxing back massage with carefully selected essential oils release tight muscles. Tension points are massaged around the eyes and ears, followed by an acupressure head massage. £65

Your body will respond identically to all these stressors, because it cannot distinguish the differences between them - stress is stress no matter what the source is.

If you want to have a lean, healthy body then you must control stress. If you don’t control stress, stress will control you - which usually means becoming sick, tired and obese. In today’s time-pressured life, we are experiencing more and more low grade, consistent stress that can take


Sexual dysfunction, such as impotence and premature ejaculation in men and loss of sexual desire in both men and women

Skin and hair problems, such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema, and permanent hair

Gastrointestinal problems, such as GERD, gastritis, ulcerative colitis, and irritable colon Being proactive with your stress management is an absolutely crucial element to maintaining good health and quality of life. Massages play a key role in reducing tension in muscles and triggering the body’s relaxation response, which in turn slows heart rate and lowers blood pressure . See our Stressbuster treatment above.

The Mind & Body Spa Day - ÂŁ65 A spa day like no other! Enjoy a day of relaxation, meditation and Yoga at The Odyssey Health Club & Spa. Included in your day will be a relaxing ELEMIS back massage, Hatha Yoga, Meditation Class, welcome drink and fresh fruit, buffet lunch, tea & Coffee, full use of our club and wet facilities, robe, towel and slippers to use during your visit. A day designed to reduce stress, improve sleep and increase vitality! Available on 13th May 2018

01438 313320

Lifting Technique Class Saturdays 2pm, from 7th April Weeks 1- 4 Deadlift Weeks 5 – 8 Squat Weeks 9 – 12 Overhead Press These sessions will teach you how to perform the deadlift, a foundational strength exercise correctly. We will develop your technique using video analysis, helping to correct any flexibility or weak areas that may be holding you back. You’ll learn to lift, safely, ensuring you gain the best adaptation possible in your training programme. We’ll work on your form and utilise different training techniques such as isometric training and resistance bands to take your training to the next level.





LIMITED EDITION Pro-Collagen Marine Cream


In support of Women for Women International BENEFITS: Firms, Smoothes, Hydrates ELEMIS is proud to support Women for Women International with the 2018 LIMITED EDITION Pro-Collagen Marine Cream 100ml Supersize; our No. 1 bestselling anti-ageing moisturiser.

Recharge and refresh with this invigorating Spa Day perfect for those in need of an invigorating boost. Kick-start your day by using our spa facilities before your treatments begin. Included in this offer: ELEMIS Deep Tissue Back Massage ELEMIS BIOTEC Eye Do ELEMIS Rose Restore Hand Treatment Robe, Towel & Slippers 17 studio classes to choose from Lunch Tea & Coffee Glass of Prosecco £99

An Afternoon Tea with

DATE: Thursday 14th June TIME: 12pm to 3pm The Odyssey Spa welcomes you to join Mii’s Makeup Artist, Nicola Scruton on the 14th June for an exclusive makeup demonstration and traditional afternoon tea. Get this years trends for the perfect summer look and holiday make-up tips. Discover how to recreate these looks and at the end of the event, you will also receive a luxury Mii treat to take away with you.

TICKETS: £25 Includes a Unique Mii Goody Bag Please book at main reception or call 01438 313320 Limited Spaces

Create a look as unique as you

Odyssey Mail Spring 18  

An information packed edition with articles on Omega 3, Slowing the Ageing Process and our new Vitto Weight Loss Groups.

Odyssey Mail Spring 18  

An information packed edition with articles on Omega 3, Slowing the Ageing Process and our new Vitto Weight Loss Groups.