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Data Set Workshop Rationale The project is football themed with a specific focus of Lionel Messi. In other to show his unparalleled brilliance. I plan to use sound statistical data to display his achievements and records. While it is a broad topic. I have decided to narrow all my results into two (2) data sheets one which will focus on his multiple record-breaking year 2012 and an other that will focus on his overall achievements. Aim The intention of the project is to show clearly how Lionel Messi is actually the best player in the world and possibly the best in history. I will research all his stats such as goals, dribbles, completed pass, minutes played, awards Won and won. Research Process Data will be obtained primarily from competent online sources such as his country and club websites, interviews, sport magazine articles and more. It should be an enlightening project, as it will expand my capabilities even as I try my hand at new thing, which I haven’t done before. Development Process. Having decided on what specific data I had chosen to represent. I did a lot of online research as to the various style and methods; I could use to represent the data. Design of data elements and then compiled with (Adobe Acrobat in PDF for submission). I chose a minimalist style, putting as much content as I can on just two data sheets while aiming not to make it too compact

Data set workshop  
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