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With your support, the Gay Cultural Studies initiative can continue to gain momentum and move closer to its goal.

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Old Dominion University College of Arts & Letters 9000 Batten Arts & Letters Building Norfolk, VA 23529

“Once you have a state-funded university that legitimizes the gay and lesbian community through educational programs, then it trickles down to social issues, and economic issues. It supports the community as a whole. If you’re studying it, it’s relevant.” —Shannon Bowman



To raise public awareness of issues germane to the diverse and vibrant LGBTQ community in Hampton Roads, the ODU Gay Cultural Studies program focuses on the contributions, concerns and challenges associated with LGBTQ culture, promotes academic research, and engages the local Hampton Roads LGBTQ community through ongoing dialogue and community involvement.


• To foster a climate of understanding, respect and full acceptance of the LGBTQ community.

• To offer guidance and support to the LGBTQ community through programs and services.

• To build lasting and mutually enabling partnerships between the University and the Hampton Roads LGBT community.

Why this is important

Hampton Roads has an extensive, diverse LGBTQ community that is largely under-represented and underserved. Old Dominion University contributes to awareness and support of the community through dedicated research and instruction in the field of LGBTQ studies.

“The time has come to make the ODU campus part of the national intellectual dialogue about sexual orientation and culture.” —Jessica Weaver

The Gay Cultural Studies Endowment is raising funds to support a postdoctoral faculty position that would be dedicated to research and instruction in the field of LGBTQ studies. In cooperation with ODU’s Office of Development, the Gay Cultural Studies Endowment is working toward its fundraising goals through private donations, community outreach and partnership events.

Already in motion

The foundation of this vibrant and engaging program is already under way with academic courses such as: • Introduction to Queer Studies Instructor: Cathleen Rhodes

• Queer Bodies Instructor: Heidi Schlipphacke • Queer Geographies Instructor: Tom Chapman

Collaborations reach across the campus and into the community as well, enlisting board members from Norfolk State, Christopher Newport University and Tidewater Community College.

The Gay Cultural Studies program has also put together public events with other community partners to promote awareness and education about LGBTQ issues. Previous speakers and topics have included: • Filmmakers John Waters and Dustin Lance Black

• Researcher John Sloop, lecturing on gender bias in professional sports

• Former Army Lt. Dan Choi, discussing his legal challenges to his discharge under “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” • Visual Artist and Civil Rights Activist, Clarissa Sligh, on the politics of identity and social change

How You Can Help

• Become a Donor • Sponsor an Event • Join the Advisory Board • Host a House Party • Spread the Word! • Join the LGBT ODU Alumni Club!

For information about the program and upcoming events, please check us out at the ODU Gay Cultural Studies website: or call the ODU Institute of Humanities at 757-683-3821.

“I really believe that it’s time for a change in places like Virginia, and this is exactly the kind of change I would like to see.” —JoAnna Marie Raucci

Gay Cultural Studies Program brochure  
Gay Cultural Studies Program brochure  

Old Dominion University Gay Cultural Studies Program