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New Student Record Old Dominion University

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Division of Student Services

OLD D O M I N I O N U N I V E R S I T Y Dear Monarchs, Welcome to Old Dominion University! My name is Lauren Marsh, and I am your Student Representative to the Board of I Visitors for the 2002-2003 academic year. In your time here at Old Dominion, you have an exceptional opportunity to I get involved and make a difference in our young and growing University while obtaining a first-rate education. We are fortunate to have an outstanding group of people leading Old Dominion University. Our faculty and staff and j administrators are all willing to go the extra mile to assist in meeting your individual needs. Additionally, be certain to I utilize the many services offered though our institution, such as the Career Management Center, Advising Services, the I library, computer labs, and Writing Tutorial Services. Old Dominion University boasts nationally recognized programs in a number of academic and athletic arenas. In addition, I we continue to advance through technological innovations, such as the Magnetic Levitation Train running through campus and our TELETECHNET Distance Learning Program. We are the most diverse university in the state of Virginia on the basis of age, gender, race, and ethnicity, and we serve students from 149 countries around the world. An exciting year lies ahead and you can be a part of making it happen. Becoming a part of the Old Dominion University community is the best way to enhance your college experience. There are nearly 200 student organizations here on campus ranging from special interest groups to department specific clubs and honor societies, as well as Greek organizations. Attend the organization fair September 12, 2002, known as Mainstreet, to find out which organizations best suit you.


Your four years at Old Dominion University will include many of the best times of your life. Here is an opportunity to I make new friends and discover who you are. Go to your classes, attend athletic events, and take advantage of every I moment to have fun. Wear blue and silver with pride, as we are truly building a great tradition. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at Have a wonderful year. Respectfully,

Lauren Marsh

Student Representative to the Board of Visitors



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S tu d en t of

S tu d en ts

The purpose of Old D om inion U n iversity's Division of Stu dent S e rvice s is to enhance the q uality of student life by creating an e n v iro n m e n t w h ich fo s te rs a c a d e m ic , p h y s ic a l, e m o t io n a l and s o c ia l developm ent. The D ivision offers program s and support services designed to challenge students to achieve th e ir full potential.

Offices and Locations O ffic e s w ith in th e D iv is io n o f S tu d e n t S e rv ic e s in clu d e the O ffice o f the V ice President for S tu d e n t S e rvice s/ Dean of S tu d e n ts , S t u d e n t A c t iv it ie s an d Leadership, M ulticultural Student Services, Residence Life, S tu de n t Health Services, C o u n se lin g and A d v is in g S e rv ic e s , the W o m e n 's C e n te r, and A c a d e m ic S k ills D evelopm ent. O ur central office is located in 2008 Webb U niversity Center. Most of the offices within the division are located in W ebb Center; h o w e ve r, th e re are a few lo cate d ju s t across the street.

W e b b U niversity C enter


STUDENT HEALTH SERVICES 1007 S ou th W ebb Center/ 6 8 3 - 3 1 3 2 http://w Old Dom inion U niversity's Student Health Services provides high quality health care in a cost effective m anner that prom otes and m aintains optim um health for the student by offering prim ary care for illness and injuries, as well as treatm en t and evaluation of chronic diseases. The prim ary goal of all interactions is to assist the students in rem aining well or achieving wellness by creating knowledgeable, inform ed consum ers.

Old D om inion U n iv e rsity S tu d e n ts

Did You KnowS tu d en t Health S erv ice s is available to you throughout the y e a r if you pay the health fee? We offer: D iagnosis and T reatm en t of Illness and Injury Annual GYN Exam s/Pap Sm ears Physicals Fam ily Planning/Contraceptives Testing for STD 's and HIV A llergy shots Im m unizations & T B Testing C h olesterol/D iabetes Screening O n-site Lab Service Health Education

STUDENT HEALTH SERVICES Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Wednesday (Academic Year Only) Please Call For An Appointment


RESIDENCE LIFE Suite P-1 Powhatan Apartments/ 683-3843 http ://web.odu/residencelife

T h e O ffic e o f R e s id e n c e L ife p ro v id e s s t u d e n t s liv in g on c a m p u s w ith th e o p p o rtu n ity to refine th e ir in terp erso n al skills and to establish a cooperative living and learning com m unity. Sharing a living a re a w ith h u n d re d s o f o th e r s tu d e n ts creates a unique sense of excitem ent and energy; it also carries certain responsibilities and behavioral expectations. Specialized living options address stu den ts' n e e d s an d in t e r e s t s . T h e F ir s t Y e a r Experience (FYE) Program focuses on the d istin ct needs of first y e a r students with p r o g r a m s , w o r k s h o p s , a n d in - h o u s e support services. Also, living and learning co m m un ities enhance student experiences by providing faculty involvem en t and connections with students o f sim ila r interests.

COUNSELING SERVICES 1526 W ebb C e nte r/ 6 8 3 - 4 4 0 1 I n d iv id u a l, c o u p le a n d g ro u p c o u n s e lin g is a v a ila b le to h e lp s t u d e n t s w ith p e rs o n a l, a c a d e m ic an d c a r e e r c o n c e rn s . T h e re a s o n s w h y p e o p le s e e k c o u n s e lin g a re a s v a rie d a s p e o p le th e m s e lv e s . I n d iv id u a ls c o m in g to C o u n s e lin g S e r v ic e s fo r c o u n s e lin g a re u s u a lly s e e k in g m o re e ffe c tiv e a n d re w a rd in g liv e s b y c o n fro n tin g p e rs o n a l p ro b le m s , c a r e e r q u e s tio n s , s k ill d e v e lo p m e n t is s u e s o r v a lu e q u e s tio n s . C o u n s e lin g is n o t o n ly fo r p e o p le w ith " p r o b le m s ." M a n y p e o p le , in c lu d in g h ig h ly s u c c e s s fu l o n e s , fin d s ig n ific a n t b e n e fits in c o u n s e lin g . T h e s e b e n e fits in c re a s e s e lf- a w a re n e s s , m a x im iz e p o te n tia l an d m a k e th e c o lle g e e x p e rie n c e m o re p ro d u c tiv e an d m e a n in g fu l. C o u n s e lin g S e r v ic e s a ls o p ro v id e s a w id e v a r ie t y o f p ro g ra m s a n d w o rk s h o p s to aid s t u d e n t s in t h e ir p e r s o n a l a n d p r o f e s s io n a l d e v e lo p m e n t . S o m e t o p ic s in c lu d e C o m m u n ic a t io n S k ills , A s s e r t iv e n e s s , T im e M a n a g e m e n t, C a r e e r P la n n in g , A c a d e m ic S u c c e s s G ro u p s , S t r e s s M a n a g e m e n t, M e n 's P ro g ra m s an d W o m e n 's P ro g ra m s .



The O ffice of S tu d e n t A ctiv itie s and Leadership se rve s to fa cilita te stu d e n ts' co -cu rricu la r education and se eks to fo ste r stu d en t in v o lv e m e n t in stu d e n t o rg a n iza tio n s and events. The office brin gs to g eth er faculty, sta ff and stu d en ts in a v a rie ty o f p rog ram s, a ctiv itie s and even ts w hich broaden the u n ive rsity exp erien ce and co m plete th e ed ucatio nal m ission o f the u n iversity.

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPM ENT The Old D om inion U n iv e rsity Leadership D evelop m en t Program p rovides a v a rie ty o f p rog ram s, se rvice s, and exp erien ces th a t a ssist stu d en ts in th e exp loration and re fin e m e n t o f t h e ir le a d e rs h ip a b ilitie s and th e ir p re p a ra tio n to b e co m e a c tiv e p a rtic ip a n ts in th e co m m u n ity.

STUD ENT ORGANIZATIONS The benefits and rew ards o f jo in in g one or m ore stu d e n t o rg a n iza tio n s on cam p u s v a ry depending on you! S o m e o f the best reasons fo r getting involved are m aking new friends, exp loring care ers and gaining th a t M onarch pride!

COMMUTERS The Office of Stu dent A ctivities and Leadership extends quality se rvice to th o u san d s o f stu d e n ts a n n u a lly and responds to the needs o f the co m m u te r's lifestyle by providing Ride Sh are Program s, M onarch B attery B ooster, O ff-C am p u s Housing List, L a n d lo rd / T e n a n t M ed iatio n S e rv ic e s and th e Good M orning C o m m u te rs Series.


G R E E K LIFE T h e G r e e k C o m m u n it y a t O ld D o m in io n U n iv e rs ity is co m p o se d o f m a n y n a tio n a l/ in tern atio n al fra te rn itie s and so ro ritie s. The G re e k co m m u n ity offers a w ide range o f social and cu ltu ra lly enriching exp e rie n ce s w hile also em p h asizin g sch o larsh ip , lead ersh ip , se rvice and personal develo p m ent.

VO LU N TEER OPPORTUNITIES W e striv e to provide aven u es fo r stu d en ts, fa cu lty and sta ff to ad d re ss the needs in th e H am p to n R o ad s c o m m u n ity th ro u g h e x tra c u rric u la r a c tiv itie s th a t en rich th e e d u c a t io n a l e x p e r ie n c e . V o lu n t e e r o p p o rtu n ities th ro u g h o u t the y e a r include m o n th ly A m erican Red C ro ss Blood D rives, annual A m erican C a n ce r S o cie ty R elay for Life and v a rio u s o th e r projects. R eg ister as a v o lu n te e r at w w w .o d u .e d u /ca re .

SPECIAL EVENTS PROGRAM MING/PLANNING The Office of S tu de nt A ctivitie s and Leadership p r o v id e s fu n d in g to re c o g n iz e d s t u d e n t o r g a n iz a t io n s fo r w e e k e n d p ro g ra m m in g through "W eekend Boredom B u sters" funding. O u r o ffic e a ls o s p o n s o rs film s , c o n c e rts , d a n c e s , le c t u r e s a n d o t h e r e v e n t s in c o o p e r a t io n w ith th e S t u d e n t A c t iv it ie s Council.


MULTICULTURAL STUDENT SERVICES 2109 Webb Center / 683-4406 The Office of M ulticultural Stu dent Se rvice s w as established in 1980 (as M inority Stu dent Services) as an integral part of the D ivision of Stu dent S e rvice s at Old Dom inion U niversity. We are com m itted to enhancing the opp ortu nities for educational grow th, retention and successful m atriculation of students of diverse backgrounds. The office also has the respo nsib ility of heightening the se n sitivity of the u n iversity com m un ity to the needs, interests and culture of our students. Programs & Services Offered: • Asian A m erican Heritage Month • C ultural C onnections • G LBT H istory & Cultural Month • Kaleidoscope o f C u ltu res Festival • Latino Heritage Month • M ulticultural Book Club • M ulticultural Planning C om m ittees • Main S tre et • Native Am erican Heritage Month • Scholarship s, Fellow ships and G rants • Stu dent O utreach Program

THE HUGO A. OWENS AFRICAN-AMERICAN CULTURAL CENTER 1417 W. 49th Stree t 1 6 83 -5 49 0 h ttp://w The Hugo A. Ow ens A frican-A m erican C ultural Center, a unit within M ulticultural Student Services, was established in 1991 to assist academ ic and non-academ ic units in enhancing services to students of African descent. The Cultural C en ter se rv e s as a re so u rce fo r the u n iv e rs ity and su rro u n d in g com m un ities by offering a va st selection of books, literature, reference m aterials, and program s that highlight the intellectual and so cia l h e te ro g e n e ity w ith in th e A fric a n and A fric a n A m erican cu ltu re. It assu m es broad re sp o n sib ility fo r the cre a tio n o f a su p p o rtiv e e n v iro n m e n t th a t p ro m o te s the stu d en ts' full participation in academ ic and e x tra -cu rricu la r activities at Old D om inion U niversity. C om m itted to academ ic and social w ell-being of students, the Cultural C en ter seeks to foste r appreciation in B lack culture as a m ajor force in a p lu r a lis t ic s o c ie ty and m a in ta in o n -g o in g c o o p e ra tiv e relation sh ip s with students, faculty, staff, alum ni, and the com m unity.


Programs and Services Offered: • Academ ic: Im agine That • Faculty & student m entors • Black H istory Month • B lack Male S u m m it • B lack S tu dent Leadership C onference • ONE • S iste r Circle • Sisterhood Sym posium • Tutorial Connection • UMOJA Conference

THE WOMEN'S CENTER 1000 Webb Center/ 683-4109 http:/www. om enscenter Se rvin g the Old D om inion C o m m u n ity since 1976, the W om en 's C e n te r offers p rog ram s and se rvice s to a d d ress the special ch allen g es and o p p o rtu n itie s w om en stu d e n ts e n co u n te r related to th e ir personal and acad em ic su ccess. A lso, as we recog nize the critical role th a t both w om en and m en play in creating a w orld th a t is free o f g en d er bias, o u r g oals include prom oting h ealth y re la tio n sh ip s and a safe and eq u itab le en viro n m e n t th a t is free o f b arrie rs to all persons. C e n te r se rvice s se e k to em p o w er all stu d en ts to ach ie ve th e ir personal, acad em ic and professional potential.

W .I.L.D .

Women’s Institute for Leadership Development * 7 modules to develop women’s leadership skills Institute Offered Fall & Spring Semester


Program for Information on Enrollment * Support for adult women considering attending Old Dominion University

S .A .F .E .

Sexual Assault Free Environment Program * Education, advocacy and crisis intervention for sexual assault and related issues

S e x u a l A s s a u lt A w a re n e s s W eek — Oct. 28-Nov. 1 * Programs on prevention, healthy relationships and more

W om en’s H is to ry M onth — March * Programs to acknowledge and celebrate women’s contributions, accomplishments and diversity

G en eral Program s * Women’s issues, personal/professional development, college success, diversity issues, self-esteem, assertive skills

R eferrals

* To campus and community services


* Lending library of over 1000 titles

A lt A rt

IVeicpfrte/ 9


PROGRAMS AND SERVICES FOR STUDENTS CAREER AD VANTAG E PROGRAM "G uaran tees all undergraduate students a credit-bearing internship, co-op or practicum opportunity within the ir m ajors." PART-TIME EMPLOYMENT LISTINGS On and Off Cam pus listings Federal work-study positions JOB FAIRS Fall and Spring Fairs with over 100 organizations represented eRECRUITING O nline resum e posting and referral system PRO FESSIO N AL SEM IN ARS Resum e w riting, Job Search Strategies, Interview Techniques

Connect With Us Today! 10

ADVISING SERVICES 1504 Webb Center/ 683-3699 The Office of Advising Services provides academ ic advising, m ajo r/career counseling and academ ic support to assist students in m aking a successful transition into the U n iversity and into the ir intended m ajor. The staff assists students in developing and evaluating th e ir academ ic and career plans, provides services to enhance stu d en ts7 academ ic success, advises students in the selection of courses appropriate to th e ir educational and career goals, m onitors th e ir academ ic progress, and acts as a source of inform ation for students. The staff also offers presentations and w orkshops on a varie ty of career and academ ic issues.

Advising S e r v ic e s S taff If you have been assigned to Advising Services during you r freshm an y e a r for advising, m ake sure you com e in for you r required appointm ents to insure that your advisor block will be rem oved for registration. You are required to com e in for: 1. Initial Interview by Oct. 4, 2002 2. LASSI & CPCS inventories by Oct. 14, 2002 3. LASSI follow -up by Oct. 25, 2002 4. Pre-Registration Advising by Nov. 18, 2002 (You must com plete all appointm ents before you can pre-register.)

Having trouble choosing a major? T h e n s ig n up fo r E L S 121 ( C a r e e r P la n n in g ). T h is is a o n e c re d it c la s s d e s ig n e d to h e lp y o u s e le c t a c a re e r t h a t is c o m p a t ib le w it h y o u r in t e r e s t , s k ills a n d v a lu e s .

Preview of C om in g A ttra c tio n s The "A cad em ic Success Fair." Find out about tutoring and other resources that can help you to becom e a successful student (Fall 2002). The Big Blue "M ajor" Experience. You will have an opportunity to check out all the m ajors and m inors at the U n iversity (Spring 2003). 11

WRITING CENTER 1501 West 49th St. / 683-4112 The W riting C e n te r teach es co u rses in basic w riting and offers w riting p ractice w orkshops. Through cooperation w ith the English D epartm ent, tu to rin g in w riting is also av a ila b le in BAL 3 1 1 ( 6 8 3 -4 0 1 3 ) . Writing


Placement Test


Freshm en ta ke the WSPT at Preview and are placed in Freshm an C o m po sitio n (English H O C ) o r B asic W riting (G N S T 050) according to th e ir w riting ab ilities. In Basic Writing, GNST 050, stu d en ts w ill h ave e xte n siv e practice in w riting and editing with em p h asis on word usage, g ram m ar, and w riting m echanics. 3 n on -d eg ree credits. W orkshops In Writing Practice, GNST 060, stu d en ts learn stra te g ie s fo r handling a v a rie ty o f w riting ta sk s through practice in w riting and editing. 1 n o n -d eg ree credit. In Written Forms/Spelling, GNSt 061, stu d en ts are assiste d 4n developing tech n iq u e s fo r recognition and production o f w ritten form s. 1 n on -d eg ree credit. Exit Exam of Writing Proficiency A s a re q u ire m e n t fo r gradu ation from Old D om inion U n iversity, all stu d en ts m u st take and pass the Exit Exam o f W riting Pro ficiency (EE). S tu d e n ts are elig ib le to take the EE afte r th e y have com pleted 58 se m e ste r hours and have passed the W SPT and English 110C. S tu d e n ts are stro n g ly encouraged to ta ke the EE in th e ir ju n io r year. S tu d e n ts w ho do not pass the EE on th e ir first atte m p t should m ake an ap p o in tm en t to review th e ir e xam s w ith a W riting C e n te r co u n se lo r (6 8 3 -4 1 1 2 ).



STUDENT SENATE 1050 Webb Center/ 683-3438 http://w The S tu d e n t S e n a te se rv e s as y o u r stu d en t g o v e rn m e n t here at Old D om inion. W e are y o u r v o ice to th e a d m in is tra tio n , p assin g on y o u r c o n c e rn s and p ro p o sin g so lu tio n s to ca m p u s problem s. W e also se rve as a guide to o th er stu d e n t o rg a n iz a tio n s , e s ta b lis h in g m in im u m guidelines for cam pus activity, as well as allocating o rg an izatio n al budgets. The S e n ate is also v e ry a ctive in putting on sp ecial even ts th ro u g h o u t the y e a r fo r the en tire cam p u s to enjoy.

T h e S tu d e n t S e n a te is c o m p o se d o f 39 stu d e n t se n ato rs and 3 exe cu tiv e officers. We en co urag e you to m ake y o u r vo ice heard and ap p ly to hold one o f th e se seats. W ith y o u r help, the Senate will continue to provide valu able services, activities, and resources fo r the stu den t body, m aking Old D om inion a b etter place fo r e v e ry o n e .


STUDENT ACTIVITIES COUNCIL 2129 Webb Center/ 683-4818 http://w w w ain.htm l

The S tu d e n t A ctiv itie s C oun cil (S A C ) is an entirely student-run organization with the g o a l o f p ro v id in g p ro g ra m m in g fo r th e stu d e n ts o f Old D om inion U n iversity. W ith p rog ram s ranging from can dle m aking to c o n c e rts to H o m e c o m in g , s tu d e n ts w ill n eve r be bored! S o m e past even ts include concerts such as All Skool, Fi/e/and Outkast in c o n c e rt as w e ll a s c o u n tle s s n o v e lty p ro g ra m s , su ch a s fa n ta s y p h o to s and b u m p er cars. W e ekly free m o vies are also included in S A C 's program m ing for the year. Film s, S p e cia l Even ts, C o n ce rts, and H om ecom ing are som e o f the co m m itte es th a t m ake up the S tu d e n t A ctiv itie s Council. C o m m itte e m em b ers help in planning and o r g a n iz in g e v e n t s in t h e ir a re a . N ew m em b ersh ip is a lw ays w elcom e! A s a past d ire cto r o f S A C said, "W E M AKE JO Y !"









WODU College Radio 2102 Webb Center Request Line: 683-4405 Office: 683-3441 h ttp : / / w w w .w o d u r a d io .c o m


W O DU is th e Old D om inion U n iv e rsity stu den trun, n o n -co m m e rcia l, low p ow er AM radio station. The purp ose o f W O DU is to p rovide and se rve as an ed u catio n al and recreation al forum fo r the Old D o m in io n U n iv e rs ity c a m p u s and s u rro u n d in g H a m p to n Roads c o m m u n it y th ro u g h p ro g ram m in g , a ctiv itie s, co m m u n ity se rvice , and sp ecial even ts. W O D U is one o f th e few freefo rm a t rad io sta tio n s in H am pton Roads. T his m ean s o u r radio station p rog ram m in g co ve rs a w ide range o f ta ste s and top ics. A t W O DU we w elcom e d iv e rsity and v a rie ty , w hich is w hy there is s o m e th in g fo r e v e ry o n e w ho lis te n s to o u r s ta tio n . W e p ro v id e th o ro u g h and h a n d s-o n p r o f e s s io n a l t r a in in g in t h e f ie ld o f r a d io b road castin g fo r each o f o u r m em b ers. W O DU is a place fo r b ro a d ca st hop efuls and a n yo n e who e n jo ys m usic.

. :w&R

'tooidoeifÉtatuntarvtoMM &MtfM wt. Student Newspaper 2101 Webb Center Office: 683-4773 The Mace&Crown w as founded in 1930, ju s t a fte r (then) Old D om inion C o lleg e se parated from the College o f W illiam and Mary. Then, the publication w as c a lle d High Hat. In 1 9 6 1 , O ld D o m in io n U n iv e rs ity 's stu d e n t n e w sp a p e r b ecam e know n as th e Mace&Crown. B e c a u se th e lion is O ld D o m in io n 's m asco t and a lion is a m o narch , the M ace and Crow n re p re se n t sy m b o ls o f royalty. In 2001, th e p ap er reached a n o th e r im p o rta n t la n d m a rk in its history. It launched a W eb site, w w w .m a c e a n d c ro w n .c o m . In sp rin g 2 0 0 2 , th e Mace&Crown b ecam e tw o se p a ra te en tities: the Mace&Crown, th e s tu d e n t o rg a n iz a tio n w h ich p u b lis h e s th e p r in t e d it io n , and M a c e A n d C ro w n .c o m , a n o th e r s tu d e n t o rg an izatio n w hich p repare s the o nline versio n of the paper. In a recent co m p e tition o rgan ize d by S tu d e n t L e a d e r, th e M a ce A n d C ro w n w eb s ite ranked second in the nation.


Laureate Student Yearbook 2115 Webb Center Office: 683-6019 The Laureate p ro vid es o u r stu d e n ts w ith a place to look back at the last y e a r through pictures a n d w o rd s . T h e im a g e s an d s t o r ie s in o u r y e a r b o o k a re a ll s u p p lie d b y O ld D o m in io n U n iv e rs ity 's b e st so u rc e s - th e stu d e n ts. The L a u re a te 's d o o r s a re o p e n to a n y o n e a n d e v e ry o n e w ishing to help us b e tte r d o cu m en t the a c tiv itie s , e v e n ts , c e le b ra tio n s , and e ven th e tra g e d ie s th a t go on th ro u g h o u t o u r y e a rs here at Old D om inion.

MARTIN AGONCILLO Virginia Beach, VA Indian River H.S. People, Film Communications DAN ALLEN Virginia Beach, VA Atlantic Shores FÎ.S. Computers, Weightlifting Computer Science TOMERIA ALLEN Petersburg, VA Appomattox Regional Gov’s Languages, Tennis Business GEORGE ANDERSON Warrenton, VA Fauquier H.S,. Football, Motorcycling Business SUZANNE ANDERSON Portsmouth, VA DECA, Volleyball ALLYN ARANDELA Chesapeake, VA People, Cheerleading KARI ARMSTRONG Charlottesville, VA Volleyball, Water Skiing JOE ARNEY Norfolk, VA FBLA, Fishing


Churchland H.S. Communications Hickory H.S. Speech Pathology Albemarle H.S. Science Maury H.S. Computer Science

JANET ASERCION Virginia Beach, VA Baseball, Photography JODI ASERKOFF Fairfax, VA Soccer, Field Hockey BLAKE ASKEW Newport News, VA Computers, Soccer JOBERT ATIENZA Virginia Beach, VA

Ocean Lakes H.S. Nursing W.T. Woodson H.S. Education Peninsula Catholic H.S. Business Kempsville H.S.

ROBERT BAHAM Norfolk, VA Baseball, Basketball BRENDA BAILEY Richmond, VA Music, Forensics JANEE BATCHELOR Hampton, VA Cheerleading, Choir JOHN BEAN Winchester, VA Football, Weightlifting

Maury H.S. Accounting Meadowbrook H.S. Business Bethel H.S. Mathematics James Wood H.S. Criminal Justice

DANIEL BEASLEY Virginia Beach, VA Music, Video Games YOLANDIE BECKER Norfolk, VA People, Math JUSTIN BEGAREK Chesapeake, VA Band, Computers HEIDI BEYER Falls Church, VA Skiing, Softball

Ocean Lakes H.S. History Granby H.S. Pre-Med Deep Creek H.S. Pre-Med James Madison H.S. Pre-Med

TELLY BISTIS Arlington, VA Weightlifting, Guitar RAMON BLAND Newport News, VA Basketball, Football LINDSEY BOMBA Smithfield, VA Volleyball, Weightlifting SHAUNA BORTE Norfolk, VA Bowling, DECA

Bishop O’Connell H.S. Communications Denbigh H.S. Engineering Poquoson H.S. Business Granby H.S. Computer Science 17

ARAVIA BOULDIN Scottsburg, VA ROTC, Travel KELLEY BOWE Virginia Beach, VA Languages, Music CHARLES BOWMAN Fredericksburg, VA Music, Science JOHN BROOKS Hampton, VA Basketball, Football

Halifax County H.S. Psychology Bayside H.S. Liberal Arts Stafford H.S. Engineering Bethel H.S. Business

ZEKIA BROWN Powhatan H.S. Powhatan, VA Pre-Med Basketball, Piano DARTAGNAN CABANA Wichita Falls, TX Virginia Allred Stacey H.S. Linguistics Lacrosse, Martial Arts RASHEEDA CAIN Greensville County H,S. Emporia, VA Business People, FBLA ALYSSA CANNAVO Warren Hills Reg. H.S. Washington, NJ Education Softball, Field Hockey MICHELE CARNEIRO C.D. Hylton H.S. Manassas, VA History Dancing, Orchestra CHRISTINE CARROLL Thomas A. Edison H.S. Alexandria, VA Education Photography, Soccer MATTHEW CARTER Bethel H.S. Hampton, VA Science People, Cars BILL CASSANI Hickory H.S. Chesapeake, VA Communications Film, Guitar JENNIFER CAULDWELL Woodrow Wilson H.S. Portsmouth, VA Communications Cheerleading, Dancing MELISSA CERASANI Mercy H.S. Cromwell, CT Business Boxing, Swimming KONGJOO CHA Tallwood H.S. Viriginia Beach, VA Science Environment, Guitar PHILIP CHAMBERS Mathews H.S. Mathews, VA Business Computers, Student Gov’t. SHANA CHARITY Surry, VA Surry County H.S* Choir, Honor Society Pre-Med JOHNITA CHRISTMAS Bear, DE Hodgson Vo-Tech H.$. Animals, Track Nursing MATHIAN CHUQUILLANGUI Woodbridge, VA Bishop O’ Connell Catholic Skiing, Soccer Chemistry JONATHAN CLARK Hampton, VA Kecoughtan H.S. Camping, Computers Computer Science LATOYA CLARK Richmond, VA Richmond Community H.S. Drama, Math Pre-Med ROBERT COBBINS Herdon, VA Oakton H.S. Computers, Politics Engineering DELLA COLEMAN Nathalie, VA Halifax County H.S. Crafts, Basketball Engineering MATTHEW COLEMAN Springfield, VA Lake Braddock H.S. Baseball, Weightlifting Engineering 18

USA COLONNA Freeport, NY Lacrosse, Music MARK CONLON Newport News, VA Baseball, Basketball CASEY CONWELL Jarratt, VA Piano, Dancing JESSICA CORREA Fairview, NJ People, Photography

Freeport H.S. Education Warwick H.S. Engineering Greensville County H.S. Physical Therapy Cliffside Park H.S. Communications

MITCHELL COSTIC Leesburg, VA Video Games, Music JARROD CRAIG Rocky Mount, VA Video Games, Basketball RUSSELL CRAVENS Chesapeake, VA Surfing, Golf KRISTIN CRAWFORD Yorktown, VA Softball, Swimming

Stofie Bridge H.S. Criminal Justice Franklin County H.S. Computer Science Deep Creek H.1L Pre-Med Tabb H,S. Undecided

KATHLEEN CURTIS Milton, FL Boxing, Swimming ROWELL CUSTODIO Virginia Beach, VA Student Gov’t., Volleyball BRIAN CVIUKAS Highlands Ranch, CO Soccer, Water Skiing JAMES DAIS Alexandria, VA Basketball, Football

Pace H.S. Sports Medicine Kempsville H.S. Science Highlands Ranch Spprts Med., Mgmt. Hayfield H.S. Engineering

KATERINA DAMALAS Kempsville H.S. Virginia Beach, VA Business Animals, Environment JEFFREY DANIELS Clover Hill H.S. Midlothian, VA Engineering Travel, Hiking RYAN DAVIS Menchville H.S. Newport News, VA Business Business, Computers TAMEKA DAVIS Woodrow Wilson Sr. H.S. Washington, DC Psychology FBLA, Lacrosse JEFFREY DAWSON Great Bridge H.S. Chesapeake, VA Communications Ballet, Skiing ELDEN DEEL Indian River H& Chesapeake, VA Journalism Baseball, Football MAC DE HAVEN Sherando H.S. Stephens City, VA Marine Biology Camping, Swimming CHRISTOPHER DE LOOSE West Springfield H.S. Springfield, VA Business Camping, Computers LESLIE DE SIMONE Flanders, NJ Rim, Field Hockey CHRISTINE DILLARD Staten Island, NY Volleyball, Yearbook TIFANI DOUGHERTY Manassas, VA People, Horses NATASHA DURHAM Drewry, NC Basketball, Music

Mount Olive H.S. Education Curtis H.S. Psychology Osbourn H.S. Education Northern Vance H.S. Business 19

CHARLES DYER Norfolk, VA Norview H.S. Animals, Camping Science JAMALLA EDDINS Prospect, VA Prince Edward County H.S. JANELLE ENGLE Mount Joy, PA Lancaster Mennonite H.S. Reid Hockey, People Psychology EMITERIO ENRIQUEZ Vriginia Beach, VA Landstown H.S. DECA, FBLA Business KYLE EPPS Richmond, VA Business, Automotives SHO-DAN EPPS Petersburg, VA Computers, Soccer MICHAEL EVANS Alexandria, VA Bowling, Music STEPHANIE EVANS Norfolk, VA Honor Society, Music

Henrico H.S. Engineering Dinwiddie County H.S. Engineering DeMatha Catholic H.S. Fine Arts Lake Taylor H.S. Nursing

ANEESHA FANIEL Cumberland, VA Cumberland H.S. Photography, Travel Marketing, Business TALESHIA FIELDS Richmond, VA Huguenot H.S. People, Volunteerism Nursing GLENNETT FLEMING Norfolk, VA 1 Booker T. Washington H.S. Drama, Politics^ ' • Political Science SZE FONG Virginia Beach, VA Salem H.S. Soccer, Tennis Business EMILIA FONTANEZ Herndon, VA People, Softball DANNETTA FORD Chesapeake, VA Student Gov’t., Business JUSTIN FOX Virginia Beach, VA Baseball, Video Games NATALIE FRAGOLA Pittsburgh, PA Science, Design

Herndon H.S. Education Indian River H.S. Pre-Law Tallwood H.S. Undecided Hampton H.S. Fine Arts, Biology

RICHARD FREED Virginia Beach, VA Catholic H.S. Video Games, Volleyball Computer Science MATTHEW FREEZE Exmore, VA Northampton H.S. Basketball, Business Business JASON FUGH Norfolk, VA Providence Baptist H.S. Art, Basketball Graphic Design ADAM FURLONG Coatesville, PA Coatesville H.S. Swimming, Honor Society Psychology JESSICA GALBAN Virginia Beach, VA Travel, Reading ADRIENNE GAUDREAU South Riding, VA Travel, Languages JILLIAN GELLETLY Medford, NJ Guitar, Sports/Fitness TIMOTHY GIOCONDA Annandale, VA Scuba Diving, Hiking 20

Princess Anne H.S. Undecided Broad Run H.S. Liberal Arts Shawnee H.S. Nursing W.T. Woodson H.S. Pre-Med

ANDREW GOFF Marshall, VA People, Electronics CHRIS GOOD Fairfax, VA Football, Skiing JOSH GREEN Chesapeake, VA Surfing, Video Games SHAWN GRIFFIN Hampton, VA Shopping, Fashion SCOTT GUPTILL Coral Springs, FL Golf, Skiing MANDI GUSLER Norfolk, VA Horses, Orchestra SANYA GUZMAN Chesapeake, VA Politics, Music THOMAS HALL Fredericksburg, VA Soccer, Golf

Fauquier H.S. Engineering Chantilly H.S. Business, Marketing Hickory H.S. Engineering Kecoughtan H.S. Fashion Solon H.S. Business, Political Sci. Norview H.S. Sociology Great Bridge H.S. Pre-Law Massaponax H.S. Engineering

AMY HANNIGAN Chesapeake, VA HickoryH.S. Cheerleading, People Pre-Law TYMESHA HARGIS Bloxom, VA ArcadiaH.S. Track, FBLA Accounting DANIELLE HARGRAVE Petersburg, VA Appomatox Reg. Gov. H.S. Creative Writing, Music Psychology TIMOTHY HARRELL Midlothian, VA MidlothianH.S. Volleyball, Guitar Business MEGAN HARRIS Virginia Beach, VA Choir, Swimming THOMAS HARRIS Hampton, VA Basketball, Video Games LIESL HASS Cazenovia, NY Languages, Travel MICHELLE HEMEON Vienna, VA Basketball, Music

Kempsville H.S. Pre-Med Hampton H.S. Engineering Cazenovia H.S. Business G.C. Marshall H.S. Education

CHRIS HICKS Chesterfield, VA Manchester H.S. Soccer, Camping Engineering PRISCILLA HICKS-WHITAKER Richmond, VA Thomas Jefferson H.S. Dancing, Honor Society Business PATRICK HINES Hampton, VA Hampton H.S. AMANDA HINSCH Pearl River, NJ Pearl River H.S. Choir, Dancing Education MONICA HINTON Richmond, VA Hermitage H.S. Swimming, Track Adminstration of Justice LAURIN HODGE Upper Marlboro, MD Elizabeth Seton H.S. Student Gov’t., Travel Medical Technology SAMANTHA HOFFMAN Arlington, VA Washington Lite H.S. Volunteerism, Music Sociology JUSTIN HOGGARD Chesapeake, VA Indian River H.S. Creative Writing, Languages Psychology 21

WESLEY HOLDER Midlothian, VA Computers, Movies JIMMY HOLLAND Virginia Beach, VA People, Golf JERMICA HOWARD Lynchburg, VA Debating, Track STEPHEN HUNLEY Norfolk, VA Baseball, Basketball MATTHEW HUNZIKER Richmond, VA Video Games, Hockey BRYANN IGNACIO Virginia Beach, VA Art, Music EDWIN ISAAC Danielson, CT Basketball, Volleyball EDWARD JAMES Hampton, VA Jazz, Piano

James River H,S. Inti. Business Cox H«5. Engineering E.C. Glass H,$. Political Science Catholic H.S. Engineering, Pre-Law Monacan H.S. Engineering Tallwood H.S. Fine Arts Killingly H.S. Business Bethel H3Pre-Med

DAVID JENISON Akron, OH Woodridge H.S. Fishing, Hunting Engineering CHRISTOPHER JENKINS Dutton, VA Mathews HJ|~ Basketball, Golf Accounting ALEXANDER JOHNSON Richmond, VA Varina H.S. Basketball, Weightlifting Pre-Med CHELSEA JOHNSON Richmond, VA Commonwealth Christian Sch. Animals, Cheerleading Pre-Med JOANNA JOHNSON Thaxton, VA Basketball, Track JOHN JOHNSON Yorktown, VA Baseball, Basketball JONATHON JOHNSON Newport News, VA Basketball, Video Games BRANDIE JONES Stafford, VA Animals, Basketball

Liberty H.S. Physical Therapy York H.S. Engineering Woodside H.S. Engineering North Stafford H.S. Science

NAITIA JONES Richmond, VA Cheerleading, Dancing STEPHEN JORDAN Herndon, VA Music, Computers JENNELL JOYNER Washington, DC Computers, Student Gov’t. BRIAN JULICH Sanford, NC Surfing, Cars

Monacan H.S. Psychology Oakton H.S. Computer Science Eastern South H.S. Computer Science Lee Sr. H.S. Pre-Med

DARRICK JURDEN Newport News, VA Business, Computers ROYKAMHI Rockville, MD Boxing, Martial Arts KIMBERLY KEEN Pilesgrove, NJ Running, Travel KATRINA KELLER Franklin, VA Drill Team, Music 22

Woodside H.S. Business Walter Johnson H.S. Engineering Woodstown H.S. Management Windsor H.Ì. Pre-Med

JAMES KENDALL Springfield, VA Paul VI H.S. Fishing, Music Pre-Med KATHARINE KENNEDY Norfolk, VA Maury H.S. Poetry, Travel Philopsophy, Science SCOTT KENNEDY Annandale, VA Annandale H.S. Art, Hiking Computer Science JASON KERNS Gloucester, VA Gloucester H.S. Baseball, Weightlifting Architecture CHRISTEL KEY Jarratt, VA Greensville County H.S. Photography, Volleyball Pre-Med RICHARD KLEINE Cherry Hill, NJ Cherry Hill West H.S. Baseball, Soccer Business CAROLINE KNIGHT Suffolk, VA Lakeland H.S. Business, Dancing Computer Science HOLLY KOELKEBECK Dale City, VA Car-Field H.S. Lacrosse, Scuba Diving Science MONICA KONATE Reston, VA South Lakes H.S. Tennis, Debating Pre-Law ANNA KOPKO Springfield, VA Lake Braddock Secondary Sch. Art, Yoga Pre-Physical Therapy FRANKLYN KOROMA Fairfax, VA Fairfax H.S. Soccer, Track Engineering RICHARD KORTZE Virginia Beach, VA Tallwood H.S. Band, Music Science NICHOLAS LAMANNA Winchester, VÀ James Wood H.S. Video Games, Student Gov’t. Sports Management SAMANTHA LAMBERT Hapton, VA Bethel H.S. Photography, Psychology Psychology RON LANG Virginia Beach, VA Princess Anne H.S. Football, Automotive Engineering ANGELA LAWTON Chesapeake, VA Oscar Smith H.S. Basketball, Music Business DAVID LAYNE Richmond, VA Basketball, Environment KENLAYRE Virginia Beach, VA Politics, Racquetball MORGAN LE BLANC LaCrosse, VA Soccer, Softball JANETTE LINE Camp Hill, PA Tennis, Volleyball

Mills E. Gordon H.S. Engineering Ocean Lakes H.S. Economics Park View H.S. Liberal Arts Cumberland Valley H.S. Accounting

CHRISTINE LOFTIS Virginia Beach, VA Cheerleading, Dancing CHRIS LOOSE Fairfax, VA Military, Mountain Biking SCOTT LUU Alexandria, VA Tennis, Cam SHANAE LYTTLE Chesapeake, VA Forensics, Photography

Kellam H.S. Dental Hygeine W.T. Woodson H.S. Engineering Mt. Vernon H.S. Engineering Indian River H.S. Biochemistry

AUSTIN MACKENZIE Forest, VA Rugby, Basketball ALAINA MACLEOD Woodstock, VA Travel, Hiking DANIEL MAGUIRE Arlington, VA Basketball, Languages MAEVE MAHONEY Norfolk, VA Art, Crafts

Brookville H.S. Engineering Central H.S. Marketing Wakefield H.S. lib. Arts, Int’l. Studies MauryH.S. Undecided

CHRISTIAN MALDONADO Chesapeake, VA Basketball, Forensics MICHAEL MANTELL Mathews, VA Soccer, Football STEVEN MARI Norfolk, VA Surfing, Swimming JONAH MARTINEZ Columbia, MD Surfing, Travel STEPHEN MAY Virginia Beach, VA Politics, Drummer TIMOTHY MC CANN Virginia Beach, VA ROTC, Military MELISSA MC CARTY Chesapeake, VA FBLA, Travel LAURA MC CASKILL Hampton, VA Animals, Environment

HickoryH.S. Forensics MathewsH.S. Engineering Lake Taylor Hi®. Engineering Howard H.S. Psychology Ocean Lakes H.S. Political Science Salem H.S. Engineering Hickory H.S. Pre-Law Kecoughtan H.S. Oceanography

PORTIA MC CLURKIN Rocky Mtn., VA Franklin County H.S. Music, Choir Pre-Law CHRISTOPHER MC COY Fairfax, VA W.T. Woodson H.S. Guitar, Student Gov’t. History REBECCA MC CRICKARD Virginia Beach, VA Frank W. Cox H.S. Music, Languages Foreign Language, History JENNIFER MC DONALD Reston, VA South Lakes H.S. Music, Creative Writing Undecided SHANNON MC GEE Woodbridge, VA Potomac H.5. Dancing, Forensics Psychology JOHN MC KEE Portsmouth, VA Churchland H.S. Business, Guitar Business ROBERT MC LEAN Suffolk, VA Nansemond River H.S. Basketball, Soccer Pre-Med MELODY MC MAHAN Chesapeake, VA Indian River H.S. Cheerleading, Volunteerism Physical Therapy MAIKO MEDINA Virginia Beach, VA Landstown H.S. Student Gov’t., Film Political Science ALANNA MEEKINS Richmond, VA Varina H.S. Band, Track Sports Medicine SHAWN MELTON Chesapeake, VA Great Bridge H.S. Basketball, Computers Computer Science ERICK MERCADO-GRAGEDA Woodbridge, VA Woodbridge Sr. Hi$. Soccer, Volleyball Engineering 24

ALANA MILLER Virginia Beach, VA Languages, Student Gov’t. HEATHER MILLER Libby, MT Drama, Horses NATHANIEL MILLER Virginia Beach, VA Golf, Tennis JUSTIN MILLS Phillipsburg, NJ Soccer, Track

Kellam H.S. Int’l Studies Libby H.S. Fine Arts Princess Anne H.S. Engineering Phillipsburg H.S. Psychology

MARTINA MINES Chester, VA Thomas Dale H.S. Dancing, Track Nursing ELAINE-JANE MITCHELL Norfolk, VA Maury H.S. ROTC, Science Pre-Med SABRINA MOGENSEN Newport News, VA Woodside H.S. Music, People Science MADELINE MOLINA Virginia Beach, VA Roosevelt Roads H.S. Choir, Drama Pre-Law DAVID MOLNAR Mechanicsville, VA Atlee H.S: Engineering Musk:, Jazz KATIE MOORE Dale City, VA Bishop O’Connell H.S. Nursing People SA FONYA MOORE Virginia Beach, VA Tallwood H.S. Volunteerism, Colorguard Nursing MICHAEL MORRIS Chesapeake, VA Great Bridge H.S. Orchestra, Soccer Engineering CANDICE MORSE Arrington, VA Business, Computers LAUREN MORTON Barnegat, NJ Lacrosse, Swimming JOHN MULL Roanoke, VA Baseball, Golf DOUG MURPHY Williamsburg, VA Video Games, Guitar KATHERINE NOEL Hamburg, NY Orchestra, Choir ALEX O’GRADY Kilmarnock, VA Water Skiing, Mechanics JONATHAN OLIVAS Virginia Beach, VA Basketball, Video Games REBECCA ORTIZ Hampton, VA Dancing, Running JAMES OWENS Virginia Beach, VA Drama, Soccer PHIL PADLAN Monterey, CA Basketball, Computers ROBERT PARENTE Fairfax, VA Travel, Drama DEXTER PARHAM Chester, VA Baseball, Basketball

Nelson County H.S. Business Southern Reg. H.S. Education Cave Spring H.S. Engineering Broton H.S. Engineering Hamburg H.S. Nursing Lancaster H.S. Engineering Kellam H.S. Pre-Med Kecoughton H.S. Education Tallwood H.S. Science C.E. Ellison H.S. Engineering Robinson H.S. History Thomas Dale H.S. Marketing 25

SANDEEP PATEL Norfolk, VA Math, Creative Writing BRANDON PHILLIPS Burke, VA Basketball, Soccer DANIELLE PHILLIPS Chesapeake, VA Running, Math FAITH PHILSON Hyattsville, MD Dancing, Swimming

Lake Taylor fciSEngineering Word of Life Academy Business Hickory Science Eleanor Roosevelt H.S. Health Sciences

JAMES PIERCE Finleyville, PA Ringgold H.S. ROTC, Volunteerism Liberal Arts ANN POINDEXTER Virginia Beach, VA Kempsville FLS. FBLA, Tennis Dental Hygiene HEATHER POMERENE Leesburg, VA Loudoun County H.S. Lacrosse, Soccer Sports Medicine TAMMY-KATHERINE PRENTICE Irvine, CA Woodbridge H.S. Drama, Photography Fine Arts ANISHA RAINEY Midlothian, VA Midlothian H.S. Music, People Dental Hygiene JOHN RANDOLPH Alexandria, VA West Potomac H.S. Baseball, Skiing Engineering MATTHEW REICHERT West Windsor, NJ W. Windsor Plainsboro North Lacrosse, Basketball Business ANNA RENTOULIS Norfolk, VA Norview Photography, Bicycling Education VIRGINIA REXROAD Winchester, VA Sherando H.S, Cheerleading, Soccer Sports Medicine ASHLEY RICKS Chesapeake, VA Wilson H.S. Cheerleading, Honor Society Business KAITLIN RIDDLE Virginia Beach, VA Princess Anne H.S* Drama, Travel Communications TRAVIS RIGGS Winchester, VA Handley H.S. Computers, Music Computer Science ARLYNN RIMANDO Norfolk, VA Choir, ROTC MALLORI ROBINSON Hampton, VA Dancing, Yearbook STEPHANIE ROBINSON Louisa, VA Basketball, Dancing CHRISTOPHER RODIL Virginia Beach, VA Computers, Video Games DANIEL ROGERS Hampton, VA Music, Video Games TRAVIS ROGERS Big Stone Gap, VA Choir, Animals JIM RUSSELL Yarmouth, ME Camping, Skiing JASON RUSSO Virginia Beach, VA Animals, Art 26

Lake Taylor H.S. Nursing Hampton H.S. Health Science Louisa County HÂťS. Accounting Salem H.S. Engineering Hampton H.S. Criminal Justice Powell Valley H'3. Fine Arts Yarmouth H.S. Engineering Bayside h ||. Engineering

GUY SAINT-POL-MAYDIEU Rockville, MD Thomas Wootton H.S. Engineering Military, ROTC BENJAMIN SANDERS West Point H.S. West Point, VA Engineering Animals, Football COURTNEY SELL Ocean Lakes H.S. Virginia Beach, VA Criminal Justice Cheerleading, Dancing JUSTIN SHANK Floyd E. Kellam H.S, Virginia Beach, VA Engineering Baseball, Golf CHAD SICHAK Johnstown, PA Football, Wrestling TONI SMALL Suffolk, VA FBLA, Yearbook ALEX SMITH Midlothian, VA Camping, Water Skiing BYRON SMITH Richmond, VA Scuba Diving, Soccer COLIN SMITH Virginia Beach, VA Hiking, Science KRISTEN SMITH Virginia Beach, VA Newspaper, Volunteerism LANA SMITH Chesterfield, VA Computers, Music TRACI SMITH Hampton, VA Animals, Reading

Richland H.S. Sports Medicine Lakeland H.S. Pre-Med Midlothian H jS. Engineering Highland Springs H S. Computer Science Ocean Lakes H.S. Engineering First Colonial H.S. Journalism Petersburg H.S. Ocean Sciences Bethel H.S. Undecided

GABRIELLE SMITHERS Varina H.S. Richmond, VA Volunteerism, Color Guard Biology CHRISTINE SOERGAARD Virginia Beach, VA Cape Henry Collegiate Sch. Soccer, Languages Psychology KENNY SOLLIDAY Ocean Lakes H.S. Virginia Beach, VA Business Baseball, Football WILLIAM SOLOMON Hickory H.S. Chesapeake, VA Science Animals, Camping ASHLEY STANWICK St. Mary’s H.S. Annapolis, MD Education Lacrosse, Running GREGORY STATON Bishop O’Connell H.S. Woodbridge, VA Baseball, Soccer Business ERIC STAUFFER Norview H S. Norfolk, VA Volleyball, Beach Physics JOSEPH STEWART Catholic H.S. Virginia Beach, VA Computer Science Video Games, Computers WHITNEY STOKES Virginia Beach, VA DECA, Hockey ALEXANDRA TAYLOR Carrollton, VA Cheerleading, People CHRISTIE TAYLOR Charleston, SC ROTC, Soccer KEBEBUSH TELAHUN Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Swimming, Volleyball

Kempsville HJS, Marketing Smithfield H.S. Psychology Fort Porchesier H S. Engineering Lancaster Merronite Information Systems 27

COURTNEY THOMAS Richmond, VA Gymnastics, Cheerleading BRUCE TINGLE Williamsburg, VA Skiing, Soccer TINIA TOMPKINS King & Queen, VA Cheerleading, Track TRAVIS TUCKER Woodbridge, VA Basketball, Video Games COURTNEY TURNER Emporia, VA Video Games, Basketball TRACEY TURNER Chesapeake, VA Languages, People WILLIAM USSHER Fairfax, VA Basketball, Soccer VALENCIA VALLERY Norfolk, VA Swimming, Dancing JESSICA VANCE Alexandria, VA Languages, Tennis CHRISTOPHER VELEZ Chase City, VA Track, Football ERIN VINCENT Fredericksburg, VA Music, Softball LAKEESHA WALDEN Portsmouth, VA Computers, Honor Society

Monacan H.S. Psychology Jamestown H.S. Engineering Central H.S. Mathematics Woodbridge Sr. H.S. Engineering Greenville County H.S. Sports Medicine Indian River H.S. Marketing Word of Life Academy Marketing Norview H.S. Psychology J.E.B. Stuart H.S. Liberal Arts Bluestone Sr. H.S. Psychology Stafford Sr. H.S. Pre-Med I.C. Norcom H.S. Computer Science

MATTHEW WALENTINY Virginia Beach, VA CatholicH.S. Volleyball, Hockey Pre-Med FRANK WALTERS Suffolk, VA Nansemond Suffolk Academy Baseball, Music Engineering CHRISTINA WARD Chesapeake, VA HickoryH.S. People, Shopping Pre-Law JOHN WARREN Great Falls, VA LangleyH.S. Bowling, Fishing Engineering MICHELLE WARREN Hampton, VA People, Basketball BERNARD WATSON Chesapeake, VA Basketball, Football STEPHANIE WATSON Alexandria, VA People, Travel JOANNA WEST Burke, VA Soccer, Animals

Bethel H.S. Pre-Med Indian River H,S. Engineering T.C. Williams H.S. Sports Medicine W.T. Woodson H.S. Marketing

MAQUONA WHITAKER Fort Lee, VA Business, FBLA CAMESHA WHITE Chatham, VA Basketball, Poetry HANNAH WICHMAN Cincinnati, OH Creative Writing, Church RAY WIGGINS Virginia Beach, VA Business, People

Prince George H.S. Accounting Chatham H.S. Pre-Med Meade County H.S. Education Bayside H.S. Business

KRISTIN WILKERSON Virginia Beach, VA Ocean Lakes Photography, Yearbook Physical Therapy CHRISSY WILLIAMS McLean, VA McLean H.S. Crew, Travel Nursing HAROLD WILLIAMS Paterson, NJ Passaic County Tech. H.S. Management Business, Music JOSHUA WILLIAMS Charlottesville, VA Albemarle H.S. Business Baseball, Jazz BARRY WILSON Marshfield, MA Guitar, Girls JESSICA WILTON Sterling, VA Music, Photography NATASHA WISE Montross, VA Basketball, Softball CHELSEA WOLFE Virginia Beach, VA Dancing, Travel

Marshfield H.S. Communications Potomac Falls H.S. Education Washington & Lee H.S. Business Kellam H.S. Education

LORIN WOOD Virginia Beach, VA Ocean Lakes H.S. Engineering Basketball, Track TRACY WOODWARD Susquehannock H.S. New Freedom, PA Business Animals, Softball ADAM WRIGHT Dayton, VA Turner Ashby H.S. Engineering Wrestling, Pole Vault KATY WYATT Gaithersburg, MD St. Andrew’s Episcopal School Lacrosse, Photography Nursing STEPHANIE YOURISH Newport News, VA Peninsula Catholic H.S. Interior Design Art, Soccer ERROL YUKSEK Cox H.S. Virginia Beach, VA Engineering Computers, Surfing ANDREW ZEHNDER Patrick County H.S. Stuart, VA Physical Therapy Soccer, Football



Escondido, CA Sports Medicine

TIFFANY GLENN Animals, Crafts

Woodbridge, VA Dentistry

NICHOLE BEAUBIEN Norfolk, VA Art, Photography Business Advertising


DAVID BELBER Virginia Beach, VA Honor Society, Anime Pre-Med

CHELSEY HALL Cheerleading, Softball

Virginia Beach, VA Pre-Med

Stafford, VA Engineering

AMANDA HILBORN Cheerleading, Piano

Glen Allen, VA Communications


Fairfax, VA Business

CHRYSTAL ROBERTS Chesapeake, VA Volunteerism, Music Pre-Med LOUIE SAWI Music, Cultures

RACHEL SEATON Virginia Beach, VA Cheerleading, Dancing Fine Arts LOWELL SINGH Tennis, Weightlifting

FALYNN BENTLEY Photography, Poetry

Virginia Beach, VA Nursing


VENITA BURKE Drill Team, Music

Newport News, VA Business

COREY JONES Baseball, Computers

Portsmouth, VA Computer Science

MICHAEL SMITH Computers, Dancing

Arlington, VA

Virginia Beach, VA Sociology

BRANDI SMITH Poetry, Swimming

Virginia Beach, VA Business Jacksonville, NC Pre-Law Newport News, VA Engineering


Hampton, VA Fine Arts

JOSHUA KOSTYK Weightlifting, Football

Newport News, VA Accounting


Capron, VA Psychology

CRYSTAL CROTTY Photography, Computers

Heathsville, VA Comp. Sci.


Newport News, VA Science

JAMES STREET Languages, Wrestling

Leesburg, VA Liberal Arts

CRYSTAL DE FIELD Dancing, Languages

Farmington, NM Pre-Med


Charleston, SC Nursing

LAUREN TAYLOR Computers, Music

Emporia, VA Computer Science


Norfolk, VA Pre-Med

RYAN DUPUIS Basketball, Golf

Winchester, MA Business

PATRICIA FISHER Creative Writing, Lacrosse5 C. GARGANTOS Music, Tennis

Buffalo, NY Comm. Chesapeake, VA Architecture


Fairfax, VA Chesapeake, VA Comm.

AMANDA VAUGHAN Music, Religion

Chesapeake, VA Nursing

JUSTIN WINGFIELD Virginia Beach, VA Bowling, Music Business

Richmond, VA Sports Med.

ORLANDO WYNN Music, Yearbook

Rawlings, VA Communications

NICHOLAS PIETROW 5KI Norfolk, VA Basketball, Music Architecture

STEPHANIE ZINK Reading, Swimming

Chesapeake, VA Health Science



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2002 New Student Record  
2002 New Student Record