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P ride\ 'pridXn: A company o f lions. PrideVpridXn: A feeling o f gratification from an association with something that is good and laudable. Vigorous and spirited. PrideVpridXn: A gathering o f the Old Dominion University fam ily.

The Power of

PRIDE Students were D efining Pride, (O pening...2), throughout the school year by com ­ ing out to campus events. Feel the Power, (Student Life...4), o f Leni Battaglia, as he races to the finish line in the Tea Cup relay at W acky Olympics. For Gresham Hall residents A llyson M arshall and Jeremy Thongtavee there is Pow er in Numbers, (People...54). Together, students bring pride and success to the campus community.

Classes can be frustrating and tedious as Information

Systems Senior Zak Elliot demonstrates. His intense concentration is one example o f a student Turning on the Power, (Academ ics...34). Like a Gathering o f Prides, (Organization s...ll4 ) provided an outlet for stu­ dents to express their creativity. Director o f Student Activities and Leadership, Dr. Walter K im brough, has been instrumen­ tal in getting more students involved with organizations.

Soccer forward M elanie M cG overn finesses the ball with Pride Power, (Sports...l72), and strength. These qualities have helped propel the W om en's Soccer Team into their most successful season since it's inception. The Power o f One, <Com m unity/Ads...l92) A Pow erful Ending, (€iosing...222)

The Power o f -----



PRIDE 1999 Old Dominion University Ham pton Boulevard N orfolk, VA 2 3 5 2 9 Enrollm ent: 1 8 ,5 6 3 7 5 7 -6 8 3 -3 0 0 0 h ttp:/!w eb, odu. edu Volume 12

Members o f the Student Senate, Shawnte Branch,

Susan Rew, Will Giandoni, Student Body President Sharifa Charlery and Andrew Lee, frantically w ork to fill and tie balloons for Pride Day. Over 40 offices requested a bundle o f 10 balloons to show their school spirit.

From top to bottom , left to right: Tiffany Wrushen, M onarch M adness, Akhira Mims, Pride Day, Joanne Furr, M onarch Pep Band, Patrick Benner, Relaxing in the Sim on W ebb Lawn, Jennifer Conley and Dillon Witherspoon, Freshman Convocation.

What is pride? Pride is within, the feeling we get when we

A symbol o f the crown,

gather together and realize on the head o f our mascot, that we are one.

Pride is the lion, represents the true

holding our heads high as we meaning and definition o f look at all the positiv e

Monarch Pride. Like a pride

changes taking place at Old o f Dominion University.



cam pus

We community is working to be

have a sense o f pride as we the University o f the 21st prepare ourselves for the Century. As we continue on struggles and rewards that lie our journey we will hold our ahead, knowing w e’ve given heads high, defining pride, our all with a power surged by: Terri Klaes an d Tommy Smigiel Tameca Miles flashes a smile as she does a disco dance at the Black Student Alliance 70's Flashback Party. The party was held in the Whitehurst Cafete­ ria and WODU provided the dance music as infectious disco fever swept through 80 partici­ pants.

The Monarch Dance Team shows their school support at Pride Day. There was also a spirit com petition, music, free food and the appearance o f various sports teams. This was all in preparation for the excitement to come the next evening for Monarch Madness.




From top to bottom , left to right: Teresina N ow ak and Brian Bishop, Health and

Fitness Fair Erin Kurgan, Informa足

tion Systems Major, Nakia Harris,

MainStreet Nate Zeisler, Monarch

Madness Tonya Spencer and Taworia D avis, Wyclef




Eating Jell-O is not a fine art as demonstrated by Amanda Hammock. This was the first time this event was offered during a W acky Olym pics. The contest was sponsored by Dining Service w ho donated the Jell-O.

Free pizza w ill bring just about anyone to an event. During Pride Day, the Student Senate and Dining Services teamed up to provide free pizza for students such as

Steven Cerio.

Roy Nguyen and Jason Helmstetter take advantage o f the "Virtual Racing" cosponsored by M otoCross and the Student Activities Council. Events were offered all throughout the school year giving students an alternative to academics. Activity hour gave the perfect opportunity for organizations on campus to recruit students. Zabin Acharbi, passes out




inform ation and promotes the Islam faith, while w orking to get students involved with the Islam organization.

Pride\'prid\n: A company o f lions, Pride\'prid\n: A feeling o f gratification from an association with something that is good and laudable. Vigorous and spirited, PrideVpridXn: A gathering o f the Old Dominion Universityfam ily.

F ed the

There is power in numbers, and pride in the strength acquired



Walking around the campus one could surely feel the power, as students turned out for events from the W yclef Jean concert, to Pride Day. Students came from all walks o f life and every day they faced different obstacles. In addition, they learned to experience life together... using, T h e Pow er o f Pride. b y : T erri K la es

From top to bottom, left to right:: Michelle Stollings, Chi Omega Charlene LaMountain, Beachfest,

Keta Banks, with friends in front o f W ebb Center, Don Dimaiwat, relaxing III the commuter lounge, Kenneth Harrell, takes a break after classes.



Student Sara Weniger dangles confidently from a cord after tackling the "w all" at the Health and Fitness Fair. Participants found the 'w all" to be very challenging and very dem anding o f their strength and endurance.

Did You Know? U nited S ta tes P oet L au reate R ob ert P in sk y brought an overflow o f p e o p le to th e C h an d ler R ecital Hall, ca u sin g p e o p le to sit in a isles a n d on th e sta g e.

Kevin Tremper struggles to reach for one o f the bean point sacks as a friend competes by pulling back by a bungie cord. The Jeep Wrangler "Bungee Challenge" gave students the opportunity to stretch and test their strength. Although the concert was temporarily delayed, students still came out in large numbers. O f the bounty of fans that poured into the Field House for W yclef Jean, Hasset Hailu and Kiyah Tucker managed to cling to him for a brief, but memorable moment.


concerts, October was a memo­ rable month for events on campus, from the Wyclef Jean concert to the Literary Festival. On October 4, Wyclef Jean came to Foreman Field with Inner Circle. Due to heavy rain, the con­ cert was delayed by two hours. According to Hfeil Dennis, entertainment editor o f The M ace and Crown , “Inner Circle just got me going, and everyone else. Hope­ fully they’ll be coming back.” Fortunately, the weather didn’t put a damper on the festivi­ ties, and students still managed to have a won­ derful time. The

Tw enty-first Annual Literary Festival turned out to be one o f the best ever. The speakers ranged from T on y Grooms to the thirtyninth United States Poet Laureate, Robert Pinsky, as well as an in-depth p a n el d is c u s s io n between three genres. Due to overwhelming crowds, some o f the readings even had to turn p eop le away. According to Jam ii C la ib o r n e , “ The Literary Festival was a truly remarkable event, and I am already looking forward to next year,” proving that our school has plenty to offer its students and staff.



"Despite the delay from the rain, Inner Circle and W yclef put on a great show ." - Burgandi Collins

and Fitness Fair "It is great that activities such as concerts and the Literary Festival are offered to help me get involved on cam pus.u - Ebonie Riley

draw crowds.

by: Jennifer Markatine

Panel discussions were just one part o f the annual Literary Festival. The 1st panel included Jack Myers, a master of poetry, Jacqueline Woodson and organizer Tim Seibles focusing on the topic of "Saying What You Mean: The Art o f H onesty."

"The Health and Fitness Fair had a lot o f fu n, yet physical activities " - Vikas Behl


sunshine and vacations

"I went to Freeport, Bahamas fo r 1 week. It wasn't what I had ex­ pected. It was dirty, crowded and a lot o f people were trying to sell things. But at least the water was clean and clear." - Gary Bell

make the summer "I went to Latin Clubs, and saw the comedian “Carrot-top." I also spent $500 in one day at a spa in Caesar's Palace. I got a facial, a mudbath, and an entire body massage. I got my money's w orth.0 -Janna Dandridge

break a blast. "The seven-m ile beach (Grand Caymen Island) Was the most beautiful beach I've been to. I snorkeled and the marine life was unbelievable. You should have seen the turtles guppies, and the sting-rays." -Brian Hull


It is 3:30 PM on a Friday afternoon in early May. For the last week you have crammed eveiy possible bit o f aca­ demic information from the semester into your brain. Now that the final examination is over all you want to do is kick back and relax. What better way than taking a summer vaca­ tion? “Going to Los An­ geles, this past summer was awesome! It was exciting to see how the stars live,” said Fresh­ man, A bby Cham­ pagne. Fun also seemed to be a popular theme o f summer vacations as

Las Vegas, Caribbean Cruises, and Disney W orld were popular b o o k in g lo c a tio n s . Junior, Kelly Talley said, “My husband and I went to Walt Disney World and had a blast. It was a great stress release after taking all o f my finals.” Before the summer schedule o f fun became routine, the new school year was around the comer. Summer break gave students freedom and time to do things prohibited during the school year. by: Nora Champagne

Believe it or not, this is the backyard o f the Am boise Castle where Laurie Bloom vacationed this past slimmer. This stop in the Loire Valley Region of France, was just one of many places Laurie had the opportunity to visit while in France.

After a long week of studying abroad with a group o f students from ODU, in M exico, Mande McLane took a weekend off to relax in the sun. The cool refreshing waters are from a pool in the resort city o f Puerto Vallarta.

Did You Know? The Top 5 Vacation Spots fo r Students:

1. CancĂşn, Mexico 2. Daytona Beach 3. Bahamas 4. Paris 5. New York ________________

Courtesy o f C.I. Travel

Friends in high places can always be a good thing especially for Woube Gebre if its a Los Angeles Laker. W hile W oube visited California in August, he got to meet pro basketball player Sean Rooks, visit the San Diego Z oo and go to Disneyland. Not everyone meets fam ous people and goes to foriegn countries for their summer vacation. Yolanda Whittaker spent part o f her summer relaxing and catching some rays in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.


Being a Greek is not only about making lasting friendships, but giving back to the community as well. Holly Gilmore with Alpha Zeta Delta supports the Red Cross by donating blood at the blood drive in the North Mall o f W ebb Center. The bond between Greeks does not dissolve after graduation. Chris

Uiterwyk, Dave Hitchner, Mark Finley, and Daniel Barrett participate in a golf tournament with alumni from their Alpha Tau Omega Chapter.

Did You Know? T here are 2 3 a ctive fra tern ities a n d sorities on ca m p u s w hich are g o v e r n e d b y th e , National Panhellenic, Panhellenic a n d F ra tern ity C ouncils.

Jamie Shuckleford o f Zeta Tau Alpha supports fellow Greeks in fraterni足 ties such as Pi Kappa Phi, through making posters and banners with them. Zeta Tau Alpha and Pi Beta Phi were hosting a social that evening.




Members o f Kappa Alpha Psi take a moment to proudly display their Greek symbols and letters while at MainStreet. A special "Greek Street" was set up to encourage freshmen to get involved with Greek life.

For many V students, “goB ing Greek” is a major deci­ sion in their college careers. Any sorority or fraternity member will contend that what they are apart o f is a lifelong commitment. With over twentyfive different chapters colonized on campus, it is often a difficult task for students to choose between them. Factors such as scholarship, leadership, and philan­ thropy influence poten­ tial members. Fraternities and So­ rorities are unique as individuals. As a group they are able to accom­ plish campus and com­

munal events. Working together as a team cre­ ates lasting bonds and everlasting friendships. Brotherhood and sisterhood is the extra plus that sets Greek letter organizations aside from others. Campus Greeks describe it as a shoulder to cry on, a constant sou rce o f encourage-ment, a home away from home, and often a needed reality check. Kristen Tuttle remarked, “ Through Alpha Phi, I met the women who have become my best friends; they in turn introduced me to the man who became my fiancee. by: Erynn Millard

It's more than "I recommend rushing a sorority to anyone because you get a chance to meet all o f the sororities and fin d which one is right fo r you." - Erica Rath

ju st going

"Going Greek is the best way to make everlasting friendships." - Elanyna Cauley

Greek, it’s an

"The Panhellenic Council helps build Greek unity." - Lisa Lockwood

adventure GREEK LIFE - 1 1

O fficial winners o f the Spirit Stick can make anybody want to rest. Student Ambassadors

Showing Pride

Kevin McCaskill, Brandy Jemigan, Xavier Calderon Tracey Ferrell and Sara Puhala all cheered their


hearts out to take the new pride souvenir.

"Pride Day definitely was a success. Pride Day needs to be a major tradition that should be continued." - John Barker

The sun was bright that day. The smell o f pizza filled the air.

f| mm fig

Students came from all around, To see the celebtation that was there.

through the "Pride Day is a great idea. It gives students an outlet to show more pride and their true school spirit." - Gayle Hermoso

, .r

colors o f blue "Pride Day gives everyone a chance to show their spirit and M onarch Pride. It was a honor to be part o f this spirited day." -Susan Rew

The music started going, and the students began to cheer. Everyone knowing, the reason they were there. To Maryc Cherry, a senior, it was clear to see the reason for it. “It gives us a chance to be silly, in the name o f school spirit.” Debbie Logue, a junior stated with a pleasure, “School spirit ties all, everyone together.” The students echoed out, and began to sing. Each student had the heart o f a lion and the soul o f a king. The students there were on a spirited ride. The reason clear, they had Monarch Pride. by: Philip Ruggaber

s «


M i

Students came out in all shapes and sizes to show their pride. To rephrase that; students came out in interesting shapes and sizes! Marye Cherry, helps Cheryl Claudio adjust the SAC balloon costume for the spirit competition. Pride Day decorations adorned several offices on campus. Matthew Adam conveys his university pride to fellow student Megan Rapisardi within the Student Activities and Leadership O ffices. The artwork was drawn by Graduate Hethur Dwyer.

Did You Know? T echnically this w a s th e fir s t Pride D a y , though th ere w a s a spirit d a y celebra tion la st year.

Pride is everywhere, and the Multi Cultural Student Services office where

Mika-Tache' Gentry volunteers is no exception. Mika hung decorations for the "Best Decorated Office Contest." Over 40 offices participated in the contest.


welcome week activities get "Freshman Convocation was very inspiring and 1 had the opportunity to meet new people and make new frien d s." - Lisa Rader

students psyched "When I saw the g olf game it interested me more and I then wanted to see more^LjL - Eric Prescott

and involved. "The Convocation really didn't inspire me. It made me feel tired." -Cecilia Ritchie


The Fall not only signals the end o f sum m er but th e beginning o f a new academic year. With all beginnings, Welcome Week provides an avenue for new students to learn and experience the aspects o f college life. The first o f many activities is the tra­ ditional Convocation ceremony. Tradition was shared among new stu d en ts w ith the readings o f the Monarch Creed and University oath. The guest speaker astonished the audience and ConrtneyMadiias proudly said “Charles Perez was exhilerating.” Mainstreet gave

students the opportunity to m eet stu d e n t o rg a n iz a tio n s and participate in a miniture golf course. “It allows Freshman to have a com fortable environ­ ment when getting to know people,” expressed Alexis Coleman. Lastly, Beachfest brought a close to the week’s activities. Free food and a live band presented a relaxed a tm o sp h e re a lon g W h iteh u rst B each . Students enjoyed the sunshine while the rigors o f college life awaited them n ext week. '* <

b y : K e ith W alentow ski

Don Domingo and Erin McGowan from Catholic Campus Ministry present organizational photos, pens, and candy to the student body. Various university religious groups provided flyers to attract believers of different faith.




The annual Main Street celebration provided students with the opportu足 nity to becom e active members in campus organizations. Taquila Boddie w orked W ODU's table w hich displayed an array of music.

Did You Know? M a in S treet h a s b e e n an annual e v e n t sp o n so re d b y th e S tu d en t A ctivities a n d L ea d ersh ip O ffice sin ce its inception in 1 9 8 0 .

Convocation, the formal start o f college life, is one o f the only times a w hole class comes together. Freshman Nicole Hanna, Elizabeth Cooke and Jarrett Yehlen are in line to process into the Cafeteria to officially take their honor pledge.

Virgil Lipumano and Irma Sison intently read inform ation about the Research Center and Lee's Center. Many volunteer organizations and companies supplied pamphlets and recruited students for community services during Beachfest.


W ith over 350 people in attendance, festivities for the Big Brother, Big Sister Picnic took place behind the H ugo Owens Multi Cultural Center. Tonya Tucker and Tena Daye watch steppers perform in the parking lot behind the center. Free food, such as hot dogs and hamburgers were available to everyone attending the picnic. Erica

Jones, Shawnte Branch and Courtney Taylor relax and eat while listening to music mixed up by D.J. Doughboy and the WODU crew.

Did You Know? T he Big Brother, Big S ister progra m h a d th e m o st p articipants in th e h istory o f th e e v e n t , this year.

Pride, strength and endurance was exhibited all over the faces of the Alpha Phi Alpha brothers,

Alex Ernest, Greg Hutchings, Mark Jackson and Ockidde Harris, as they step their signature step of "Ice, Ice, Baby."


W hile sm iling at the crow d, four members from Zeta Phi Beta, Misti

Goodson, Volanda Riley, Lashonda Gardner, and Dominique Ennis,

African American

proudly represent their sorority at the picnic by stepping to the sound of "Ghetto Superstar'.

W ith the smoke from the grill, the beautiful weather, friendly fel­ lowship and the excite­ ment in the air for the upcoming step show, the Big Brother, Big Sister Welcome Back Picnic was a success. As participants waited in line and leisurely enjoyed the food pro­ vided, WODU supplied the music which set the backdrop for the festivities. J u n ior T ek eem a Foster stated, “It was a refreshing experience. I was pleased to see our people gather to­ gether as one, with no violence nor negativ­

ity.” The entertainment started o f with a step show conducted by women from various National Panhellenic Sororities. Before the fraternities put on their show, Ebony Impact G ospel Choir, sang three songs. “It was nice that they had a Big Brother/Big Sister Picnic. I really en­ joyed the choir and loved how they sang,” said freshman UTieole Hanna* Winding down the day, the men had time to perform their steps, with the Kappas giving out roses when they had finished. by: Sonny Glenn

"First-time African American students can come together in a positive way." - Alex Ernest

students fin d "The difference between last years cookout and this year is they had a chance to meet their "siblings" beforehand." -Kanesha Hall

unity at annual "This gives a great opportunity fo r African Americans to come together fo r one common goal. I also enjoyed the entertainm ent provided by the Ebony Impact Gospel Choir and the Greek organizations." - Darkeesha Bailey


Life away from "I like residential living because you get to meet a lot o f people living in the dorm ." - Jack Crowder

home brings more "Living on campus has been a unique and positive learning experience." -Nedra Moore

responsibility 81 "Residential Life has provided me with the freedom that was absent at home with my parents." -Tim Robillard

This is just one out o f many times Jennifer Trujillo and Charissa Hawkins had to trudge dow n to the bottom floor o f Gresham Hall to utilize some appliances. "M icrow aves upstairs w ould definitely be more convenient/' a disgruntled Jennifer stated.

What is it like living in the residence halls? What happens if I don’t get along with my roommate? These ques­ tions and more usually go through the minds o f new campus resi­ dents. When one decides to live on-campus he or she are no longer in their parents’ comfort zone. Freshman Dawn M oore stated, “It is an environment o f matu­ rity.” She felt that living in Whitehurst meant that one had to be mature because there are juniors and seniors living in the same build­ ing. Residential life m eant no m ore

sm oth erin g by parents and o f course, m o r e freedom. You are on your own, living with new people and sharing a bathroom with people you had probably never met. “ She doesn’t bother me, so I don’t b o th e r h e r ,” sa id fresh m a n A is h a F a ro o q u e o f her roommate. Overall the positives w ill ou tw eig h the negatives. Living on campus could either be a pleasant or trying experience, depending on what you make o f it. b y: S h erita E d w a rd s

freedom 1 8 - RESIDENTIAL LIFE

Michelle Sharp and Mildred Sikebert take a break between classes to play a game o f tic tac toe. Student w ho live in the residential halls had to find ways to keep them足 selves entertained before their cable and phone lines were installed. "Is this the right way to my room ?," asked freshman Domenica Crognale as her parents follow behind w ith arm loads o f her belongings. M onarch M ovein was an exciting time for freshmen, leaving their parents' for the first time.

Did You Know? O ver 2 ,5 0 0 stu d e n ts live on ca m p u s in resid en ce halls a n d o v er 5 ,0 0 0 live near th e ca m p u s in p riva te a p a rtm en ts a n d sp ecia l h ou sin g.

There are many ways to relax in the residence halls.

Chrissy Book, Shannon Harty, Brian Baker, Brooke Thomas, and Tiffany Sample cheer on their favorite football team in Whitehurst Pit.


Fresh from the nail salon,

Dawn Moore, Aisha Farooque, and Sherita Edwards display their new Nike shoes. Students are forever struggling to be one step ahead of the trends, and not to be left behind.

Did You Know? T h e Short s le e v e shirt w orn o v e r a long s le e v e sh irt is com ing ba ck into s t y le .

Students Miguel Poblete, Faweeha Prachoanronarong, and Julius Dacumos sport such brands as Structure, DKNY, and Polo. These suave styles are just an example o f some o f what could be seen around a trendy campus.. Sometimes fashion trends from other countries make their w ay to America. Meredith Mitchell shows o ff her outfit using a little "international flavor," with the shirt com ing from Italy, and the pants and shoes from France.




Back in the day when we were all in first grade, the coolest people had Barbie Dolls or G.I. Joe Men* Now those objects have been re­ placed by piercings, tatoos, and other acts o f insanity or in politi­ cally correct terms, an expression o f individu­ ality. Why do people do these things to their bodies? Lisa Davis mentioned, “People want to be different because different people are noticed and remem­ bered.” K ris Cox added, “What happens when every­ body wants to be different? Doesn’t that




same?” T attoos and body piercing are not the only latest trends. Bell Bottom s, psychedelic colors and new sneak­ ers are being added to the wardrobe o f many students. Remember that these are just trends and in time they will probably disappear. But it is relevant to add that trends such as tattoos are permanent so if your thinking about decorat­ ing your body, make sure your doing it to please yourself instead o f following the rest o f the crowd, by: Gerrit Groot Bluemink

' o some it may look a little incomfortable to have an ¡aning on a tongue, nose, * ¡yebrow a n d /or upper ear, >ut it is the hottest trend, text to tattoos. Friends Watt Dowell and Paul VicReynolds show off their style of jewelry while :aking a break outside.

to tongue


"Fashion trends are getting out o f hand." - Tony Fatvehinnii

students express "It's a great way to express individuality, hut sometimes it goes too far." - Travis Becker

the latest trends "Tattoos should be legal in N orfolk because that's where I got fhind and t didn't know that it was illeg a l" - Tracy Deans

TRENDS - 2 1

To be on the safe side it is always a good idea to lock your car up behind you, at least this is the advice given by the campus police. First year com ­ muter, Ray Hogge not only locks his doors but activates his alarm to protect his valuables. The last thing a person needs after a day o f hard classes is to find their car missing. Before going to class, Kevin Smith puts his auto theft device "The Club" on his steering wheel to protect his car from a thief.

Did You Know? L a st y e a r it w a s estim a ted that th e sh u ttle b u s s y s te m w a s ridden o v e r 8 0 ,0 0 0 tim es b y m em b ers o f th e ca m p u s com m u n ity .

There are plenty o f benefits at the "G ood M orning Commuters" program. Torrie Johnson and Chloe Carrington take advantage o f the free drinks and hot dogs given out at a commuter lunch designed to get commuters involved.



Commuters are practically just residents on wheels. Jamie Godsey uses his cell phone from the privacy of his Sports Utility Vehicle. Phones and TVs are just the latest technology being put into cars. If Jamie only had a refrigerator he w ould be set.

With 18,500 students on campus, It is no surprise that a large percentage are commuters. These students have traffic and the dreaded task o f park­ ing to contend with, leaving little time for campus involvement. In order to help remedy this problem, students are greeted each Tuesday between 7:30 and 9:00 AM with free coffee and dough­ nuts. They can also use a special “Commuter Card” to get discounts at special events or com­ muter lunches. Some commuters are also as­ signed a commuter as­ sistant who calls to in-

form them about these events and other meet­ ings. Though commut­ ing can be difficult at tim e s, so p h o m o re Teresa Denton said “It’s so nice to be able to go home after class and completely get away from all o f my pres­ sures at school.” Instead o f driving home to study, some com m uter stu den ts choose to study in W ebb’ s North M all which is dubbed the “Commuter Lounge.” It is directly located across from Java One Coffee house which offers that late night coffee to keep commuters awake on a tough drive home. by Jordan Morris

Traffic jam s and "Coming from the Midtown Tunnel, traffic can he had. Once, I had to wait in the tunnel fo r 40 minutes when it should have only taken 10 m inutes." - Carol Ackiss

gas bills make "Commuting is easier and cheaper. I like living o ff campus." - Angela Gonzalez

commuter life "I like commuting. I live only 10 minutes away, which is a pretty easy ride. However, sometimes the parking can be really bad." - Jessica Stafford

stressful COMMUTER LIFE - 2 3

Fans pour out

"Madness is not a good enough word to describe it!" - Glen Stinson

to kick o ff

"This was one o f the bigger turnouts I've seen since I've been here." - Jessica Williams

season with "It is exciting. The fans get a preview, and you can feel the spirit in the air." - Stacey Himes

Many fans came out to Monarch Madness not only to play with the giant blow up games, but to meet the basketball stars and get autographs. Player Heath Burris was honored to give his signature to this young fan for her collec­ tion.

At 9:30 a line o f over 600 people formed outside o f the Field House, ready to enter the madness enclosed within. The Field House had been trans­ formed into a gym o f giant blowup games, and basketball shoot­ ing contests. Grappling bungee lines seized run­ ners in their tracks, the slam dunk contest dis­ played new talents, and b a s k e tb a ll p la y ers greeted their fans. Background noise was provided by the Mon­ arch Pep Band and a D.J. from 94.9 The Point. Paul Jimenez commented, “I think Monarch Madness is a time to have fun and

m eet new people. As the tim er g o t closer to mid­ night, fans took thenseats. It was evident that the eve o f basket­ ball season would soon be upon them, coming together in spirit and as a pride. Suddenly, the lights dimmed and a fog grew in the Field House. The stroke o f twelve brought the teams out and fans celebrated basketball. By evening’s end, the cheering crowd and spirited players rose above the haze and gave life to M on arch Madness. by: Keith Walentowski

madness 2 4 - MONARCH MADNESS

W om en's Basketball Head Coach, Wendy Larry, gives a young fan a few pointers and an auto足 graph. Fans o f all ages came out to help kick of the new season and support the men and wom en in the quest o f a CAA championship.

Big Blue takes a moment to share time with his fellow fans during Monarch Madness. Sometimes pum ping the crow d up with spirit and doing stunts can be tiring for this prideful creature. The opportunity to sit is always a welcom e rest.

Did You Know? T h e fir s t 1 0 0 f a n s that ca m e through th e d oor received a f r e e M onarch M a d n e ss t-shirt.

"C ouch Freethrows" was one o f the various games available for students and locals to participate at Monarch Madness. Pete Morton attempted to take three shots from the plaid couch w hich was part of the living-room set prize.



Joining a branch o f the national defense takes years o f practice and acquiring new skills. Sgt. James Nolan o f the U.S. Matine Corps diligently practices the drill of presenting the Colors o f the United States.

Did You Know? T h e N a vy R .O .T .C . program h a s 1 8 7 en rolled stu d e n ts , w h ile th e A rm y R .O .T .C . has 112.

The Military is a large part o f the Hampton Roads community, as w ell as the campus community. Cadet Matthew Sacra and Cadet Shelton Gregory prepare for another day of training, as they write dow n their goals for the day. Students o f the Navy R.O.T.C. program must practice gun drills weekly to establish the proper skills necessary to be in the U.S. Navy. Students Jeff Quiazon and Kevin Culver wait for the next order to be given by their drill leader.


“Left right, left right, left right, left” is a marching chant which keeps our military in proper step. In keeping step, our R.O.T.C. ca­ dets and graduates maintain a military pres­ ence on campus. From physical training and parading to the presen­ tation o f the Colors, the ROTC supports campus and national Pride. “Today’s ROTC pro­ gram challenges itself academically and we rise to those challenges,” ex­ presses Cadet Greg Rousson. Through sat­ ellite cam ­ p u ses and T eletech n et participation,

our nation’s military per­ sonnel receive college courses. Current tech­ nology provides them with the access to col­ lege courses, while sta­ tioned abroad and at sea. In addition, the Military Transition Pro­ gram was established to provide another re­ source for those com­ ing back to school to seek a degree Hampton Roads has a commanding military presence and our pro­ grams continue to sup­ ply elite cadets. The leadership from this will strengthen our campus, community, and coun­ try. by:

Taking a break from their studies and duties, U.S. Arm y R.O.T.C. students

Trelel Hook, Clement Danish, Mark Nordwall, and Cambrey Massey

displaying the "It has been interesting as a student here, because the basic campus courses expose one to points o f view that one wouldn't come accross in the M ilitary - Bill Gamer U.S. M arine Corps

stars and stripes "It is different. Iam 6 years older than my average classmates. Students have different ideas." - Terry Bader U.S. Navy

with honor.

Keith Walentowski "The U.S. Navy has offered me the opportunity to complete my education and receive a commission as a naval officer." - Janet Penny

enjoy their lunches. Military students can be seen on campus displaying their uniforms with pride.


poppingJell-O "It was a very interesting event. Also I am very surprised I won the Limbo Contest, being that I'm 6'1 tall."" - Clarence Bey

What does Bill Cosby and the Sixth Annual Wacky Olympics have in comm on? That’s right, Jell-O! The first ever Jell-O eating con­ test was one o f the many activities offered this year in the annual event. Developed by the staff o f Auxiliary Services six years ago, the contest was cre­ ated to get students involved with the Uni­ versity. C rissy Jam bard one o f the coordina­ tors for the last four years said, “It always makes me feel good inside to see students have fun.” The high­ light o f the event is

e a t i n g ,and limbo, "Wacky Olympics was an exciting experience. I am looking forw ard to playing the games next y ear" - Claudia Massenburg

are ju st wacky!

"Wacky Olympics has events that make you do crazy and wacky things.' - Brandon Jackson


that it is free and no­ body goes away a loser. Wacky Olympics con­ sist o f a half dozen or so events from the “ scooter challenge” to the “tea cup race” . This yea r al so b r o u g h t “Lim bo” with music provided by a giant Coca Cola truck that dis­ pensed free drinks to participants. In be­ tween events, pizza donated by Dining Ser­ vices was also given out free. At the end o f the event, students walked away with armfuls o f prizes, full stomachs and smiles on their faces. b y: Tommy Smigiel

Cha, C ha, Cha, everybody lim bo! Limbo was one of the most challenging activities. Maria Zuniga and Tommy Smigiel hold the lim bo pole as Preston Noe tries to see how 'low he can g o'. M ost people were eliminated after the pole dropped to waste level.


If looks could win the balloon popping relay, Marcus Diehl would be the champion! Marcus was one of the many students to enjoy the activities provided at the 6th Annual Wacky Olympics.

Students glare enticingly as James Ficher and Eubie Bryant partake in eating their pile o f Jell-O pro足 vided by Dining Services. This, and many other events at Wacky Olym足 pics, brought about great enthusiasm towards the coming year. Friends always work together. Sotonya Mooton and Claudia Massenburg team up for a three-legged relay race. Each team had to run around a series of cones without falling over. The first one across file finish line would win a variety of prizes.



Campus fa ith "Being a Pentacostal has provided a strong founda­ tion fo r me. I believe that all o f my successes are due to my faith in God. Because o f him, I know there are many more (successes) to come." - Mayre Cherry

provides unity

"I believe in God, but I don't exactly belong to a religious denom ination." - Catherine Hollars

fo r a variety o f "In being a deist, I believe in a supreme being who created all life and everything existence." - Ming-Tyh Maa


Music, prayer, and fellowship are major components to all reli­ gions. Jennifer Essing,

Matthew Tierney, Eric Smith and Father John Peck, from Catholic Campus Ministry practice a psalm before a Sunday Mass.

It is becoming appar­ ent that religion is spreading among col­ lege students. “Spiri­ tuality is becoming more apparent on campus. People are beginning to show some type o f faith in one deity or an­ other,” stated Alton Jamison o f the Bbony Impact Gospel Choir. 49th Street alone is home to religious orga­ nizations such as the Baptist Student Center, the Catholic Campus Ministry, the Islamic Center, and the Canter­ bury Center. What peaks students’ interest into these diverse faiths? Lonnie «Jones an­ swered, “Students are drawn to religious sects

by the innate human neces­ sity to believe in a higher power then themseleves.” Diana W asson commented, “People believe in what they believe in because they need to fill a void in their life.” Whatever the religious affiliation a student may be it was relevant that the support for reli­ gious faith was accepted by everyone. In fact, for the first time a “Celebration o f Faith” was coordinated. It brought all religious groups on campus to­ gether to rejoice in believing. by: Hud Williams

Traveling to other coun­ tries as missionaries was a popular option for many students of a religious faith. Emmanuel Canoy took advantage of this opportunity by going on a missionary trip with the Baptist Student Union.

After an extensive prayer, Khelid Abdul-Matejela, Abdul Sihibe and Sami Mohammed, take time to discuss teachings from the Muslim Faith. Muslim Students come together daily to pray and to discuss Muslim Faith awareness on campus.

Did You Know? The 1 9 5 1 -5 2 , William and M ary C ollege Yearbook, tirThe Pow W o w â&#x20AC;?, sh o w s an esta blish ed Inter-Varsity Christian Fellow ship that m et e v e r yd a y f o r bible stu d y. Laura smith ot the Episcopal Canterbury Center helps to prepare food for AIDS victims. This was just one of many religious groups that got involved with community service or helped raise money for charity.


Milind Chokshi and Seemit Sheth prepare for India Fest 1998, by filling up balloons for decora足 tions. This annual event, celebrating unity in diversity, includes dancing and many other cultural events.

Did You Know? T h e international life p opu lation co m es fr o m o v er 1 0 0 cou n tries. S o m e cou n tries in clud e: J a p a n , Portugal, A u stralia a n d Ita ly.

Being far away from Brazil doesn't stop Tatiana Soares and Larissa Barbosa from enjoying the good things in life, such as icecream. The Inter足 national students try to make the most out of their experiences in America. International students such as Isabel Garate, from Spain, have enjoyed the opportunity to experience the American Culture. She added, "ODU has opened my mind to different cul足 tures.速


“Good afternoon and welcome to the United States o f America. ” For the nearly one thousand students here who origi­ nate from outside the United States, these words usher in a new experience both socially and academically. Though the uni­ versity offers these stu­ dents International Hall, to live together and support each other in this new experience, the differences did not al­ ways leave good im­ pressions. International Students Sylvia Charala m b i d o u and Yiaima E v o t okr iton

were not happy with the living conditions. They added, “We do not like the small rooms or shar­ ing a bathroom.” How­ ever, international stu­ dents gradually make the adjustment into both life in college and in the United States. International Stu­ dents also give Ameri­ can students the oppor­ tunity to experience other cultures. Fresh­ man John ISrout com­ mented, “I enjoy meet­ ing various international students in my classes. They give an international “flavor” to dis­ eussions.” by: Mike Arendall and Jamie Burns

Being so far away from their home in Japan, international students support each other through everything. Miho

Ishikawa, Yoshie Hoshijima, Makiko Kinoshita and Rika Mikuni gather

makes camp "ODU is a home away from home. "> ; - Larissa Barbosa Brazil

interesting and "Professors at ODU are more w illing to go out o f their way to help a student." - Selma Hadzisejdic Croatia

culturally aware "ODU's international program gives Americans the chance to meet the w orld." - Goncalo Brou Portugal

on Kaufman Mall to review for a test.


Laptop computers and other technologies offer a convenient way for students to work on school projects. These students found a spot in Webb Center to work on a group project for their class.


With the Library expan­ sion came new shelves to hold the over 2, million items the library contains. Marc Cook turns the handle to move one of the new sliding shelving units, to locate a book for an upcoming assignment.


j. # Hf

p m

So textbooks do serve another purpose than making college students broke and for studying? Susan Thompson takes a break from studying and uses her textbook as a pillow, while relaxing in the sunshine. Part of the academic experience while in college is practicing your studies as a member of a student organization related to your major. English Education


Major Phillip Ruggaber works on a article assign­ ment for The Laureate Yearbook to help expand his journalism and creative writing skills.


PrideVpridXn: A company o f lions. PrideVpridXn: A feeling o f gratification from an association with something that is good and laudable. Vigorous and spirited.

Knowledge is

It was Francis Bacon who declared that â&#x20AC;&#x153;knowledge is

power. â&#x20AC;? As we look at the World which surrounds us today, we

PrideVpridXn: A gathering o f the Old Dominion Universityfam ily.

see that he was right. Without a formal education, little can now be accomplished. Yet with the wisdom our professors pass down to us in classes, we become armed with the pride that we need to succeed. We take pride in the sacrifices




dedication to our studies, knowing that when we graduate, it will all come together. From science to


w riting

courses, the power to prevail is in our minds. b y : Terri K la es From top to bottom, left to right: Commuter Lounge Break, Rodney Reed, Learning Community,

President James V. Koch, Ann Cronce, English Class, Danielle Maxey and Mrs. Natalie Hutchinson, Teletechnet Class.



Tell us what you really think

Many faculty members have other prestigious positions in addition to their jobs here at Old Dominion. Overseas in China is Dr. Dwight Allen, Eminent Professor of Educational Reform and International Technical Advisor for the tJnited Nations Development Programme. Sometimes faculty like to express their personalities through interesting collec­ tions. English teacher Sandra Swift collects and makes puppets as a hobby. "It is my art form. More congenial then writing poetry. I like working with the drama and personalities of the different puppets."

M r. H a n n a (planatarium director) has helped out lawyers with his astronomy knowledge? ’pyip v uof uns dip f o donid pun uopisod dip uo doiapn 9(ii6 01 djqn snm nuunH ’j]/\[ :arux


Uk Learning about different societies

lets» anthropologists learn more about their ow n culture and themselves.

1 30 3 IR 3 O € W hen I ea t som ething I have grow n in m y garden, it m akes the experien ce m ore w orthw hile.

b 0I 3 & 3 «2■ i I am probably the rhpst avid Pittsburg S teelersfa n in the w hole English D e p a tm e n t/

1 teach from a

\ p ersp ective that tries to change the w a y students^view college. J

II Ik Revealing, u n iq u e , distinct Who would have guessed that there is so much about our professors and staff that no one knows? They travel the globe to search for additions to their collections and to make contributions to humanity. Claire G e ig e r o f the Alumni Relations Office is known for her enormous collection o f clowns. These clowns are known to be mischievous when the lights go out, but they usually clean up their messes before the next morning. “My dream is to actually become a clown as soon as my career here is over,” she commented. Earl D . Honeycutt o f the marketing department collects anything having to do with Coke. For the past ten years, he has traveled around the world and picked up everything from

foreign Coke cans to Coke signs. “Nothing tastes like the real thing,” Bari chuckled. Other professors travel around the world with somewhat different purposes. D r. Dwight Allen o f the education department works with the United Nations, teaching much needed vocational skills to children. Susan Kent, o f the sociology department, visits the Kalahari Desert to study hunters and gatherers and their social organizations. She visits Africa to study the archeology o f prehistoric hunters and gatherers. This is the side o f our professors and staff that is rarely seen or appreciated. These idiosyncrasies are what sets our university apart from the constellation o f colleges. by: Gerrit Groot Bluemink Clowns, Fred and Fred Jr., keep an eye on things in the office when Claire Geiger Akiss is not looking. These are only two of many clowns Claire has displayed in her office located in Alumni Relations.

facu lty


Our University Professors have so many talents and characteristics that make them unique and special to the University Community. University Professor of English and Applied Linguis­ tics Dr. John Broderick is known throughout the University community as a leader to his peers and students . Here he is hard at work as usual. Keep up the good work, Dr. Broderick!

Earning an Now in addition to the Eminent Scholar designation that recognizes faculty for outstanding research, Old Dominion has a new title this year to recogn ize outstanding teachin g: University Professor. Proposed by President dames V. Koch, the first members to hold the title were announced [August]. It was news well received throughout the academic community. “I, o f course, am delighted that we now have in place a significant way to honor outstanding teaching at Old Dominion University,” said William A . Drewrv, chair o f the Faculty Senate. “I hope that this is just a beginning and that it will evolve into a permanent rank classification to truly support those who have the special gift

€ Ìtsatus

o f being a great teacher. President Koch is to be congratulated for coming up with the idea for Old Dominion University and for making it a reality.” Last year, the Faculty Senate appointed an ad hoc committee o f tenured faculty to develop guidelines and procedures for the University Professor designation, a title which is to be held for four years and carries a 82,500 annual stipend in discretionary fu nds to su p p ort p ro fe s s io n a l development. “Next year we will find another five to eight faculty for this designation, and eventually we will have 25 to 30 faculty members who hold this title throughout the year,” President Kocli noted. Courtesy of “The Courier ”



Tell us oj what you g really § think


I jW tth so m any Wxqjiment teachers, I fe e l lucky to have b een selected¿ms a University Profe^kof.

U niversity P rofessors h a ve the nicknqm e the “G uns o f the H arley D avid son ”f o r su ch a quick ride to the top o f the su cc e ss ladder?

¿w m noh op pyqcn ‘uo


: osjd^

Our professors travel far and wide to enrich others with their knowledge and instruction. University Professor Dr. Chris Drake went as far as a village on the Niger River in Malawi.. Dr. Drake is a participant for the National Endowment for the Humanities. Our University Professors represent each of the distinct colleges and many of the separate departments on campus. Dr. Karen Polonko is a University Professor from the Sociology Department. She spreads her wealth of knowledge by instructing Feminist Scholarship, Sociol­ ogy of Children, Human Sexuality, and Families.

W ords cannot ex p ress the honor o f receiving su ch a title. *

This is the highest nonor I’ve ever received. Teaching is m y p a ssion .

A s a teacher, I aimnot im agine a m ore p restigious title.




Wo b h

All participants will agreethat the /Teletechnet program is a unique experience. Once the initial adjustment is made, these classes become just as normal as other classes offered by the University. Here is Mandy Rawcliffe participating in a Teletechnet class. Teletechnet classes are offered in all of the major disciplines. No matter what the subject, you are ensured a unique classroom setting. Kate Chechak shows us that i f s really not that strange once you get used to it.

r^ ^ $ /UL£E The satellite uplink antenna w a s on the BAL building before m oving to its n ew hom e.

86 JioquidOdQ iffun dn 6m p]vng uopnonpg dig iio passai gsrp diq a m :a sjp g




Tell us what you really think

£ € m W Aetechnet is a % lvooderful program that offers great opporutunities. „

i J' is not

jBelelechnet en a bles h u n d red s o f stu a en ts to take the sa m e course at the sa m e tim W j

v e ty effective fo r m ath and scien ce cou rses dueUpm tea ch er ^ inaccessibility.

* W ell, I had m y ts atfir st, but I h ave en joyed the opportunity to learn in this extenaem - j cla ss environm ent.

Do not a d ju st the television Computers and technology are taking the 20th Century by storm and are allowing things that never before seemed possible to become a reality. Distance learning is a new advancement that uses televisions and microphones in a classroom setting to provide off campus students with a means to achieve a degree from our university. This is done by broadcasting to more than 50 colleges, military installations, corporations, and hospitals across Virginia and the nation. Classes are offered in 17 bachelor’s degree programs and eight master’s programs. Though the distance learning program had been set up out o f the Education Building, there is now a new building beside the library for IM É !fci«t3TÜ u r'n* O V

the Teletechnet program. The building was expected to be ready for use in the spring. The Teletechnet program has many advantages according to both students and professors. M ancly Rawcliffe, a Teletechnet student said, “I think that Teletechnet is a great opportunity for those who cannot get to ODU to take our courses.” “Students praise the system,” said Patrick Powell, Teletechnet’s executive director. Their grades are as high or higher than the on campus students’ .” The over 600 scholars that have graduated from the Teletechnet program prove this success. by: Jennifer Markatine As the Teletechnet program breeches the twenty-first century, many of the initial concerns have been settled. Although the technological advances were indeed advantageous, some felt that the Teletechnet classes would not be as fulfilling. Here, instructor Claire Newbold shows us that even through sattelite instruction, Teletechnet classes can not only be fulfilling, but they can be fun and personable as w^H. -


Members of the new honor society, Phi Eta Sigma, began planning activities for their first year. Treasurer, Christopher Warman and Vice President Hud Williams, brainstorm possible fundraisers and activities for the new members. "It is an honor to be part of the new honor society," added Williams.

If the shoe Jibs, wear it The Honors College is designed to help challenge students and cater to their individual strengths and needs. The program is offered exclusively to select incoming freshmen, transfer students, and current sophomores. Student with a minimum GPA o f 3.25 may petition a professor to allow “honors” credit in upper level courses. The U niversity also offers departmental honors where students may be awarded a “Bachelor’s Degree with Honors” in a specific discipline. Juniors and seniors with a certain GPA also have the opportunity to enter the Undergraduate Research Program. Here, students perform research under the guidance o f a faculty member, and have their final works are published in the Undergraduate Research Journal.

Student in the Honors College receive a lot o f individual attention, as professors are more able to work oneon-one in a smaller classroom settings. “I enjoy the smaller classes. It’s not as overwhelming as in the lecture halls, and it is easier to have class discussion,” said Caroline Simmons. Dedicated students will find the Honors College to be a challenging, yet rewarding experience.Honors College student, Nashea Whitaker adds, “If I had to sum up the Honors College, I would say it has definitely enhanced the quality o f instruction as well as the quantity! I’ve received a broader outlook on life in general and I am more apt to accept other viewpoints.” by: Terree Klaes

a O Tell us you a> what really o think U 4 2 - HONORS COLLEGE

Noelle Gabriel

• •

A m KBKk



TheJdonors C ollege m m a w indow o f opportunity. Their support services are in despen sw le.J

The H onors C ollege h as m ore than 4 0 0 stu d en ts enrolled in the program , "sjuapnjs payom a iQp frym yov si injoi pwoj.6 a m :arux

This year marked the establsihment of Phi Eta Sigma, a new honor society for Honors College students. Erin Johnson was one of the first Officers of the prestigous group. She commented, "I'm very excited to be the first historian of ODU's new honor society."


An advantage to being in the Honors College is registering early for classes. This allows some freshmen and sopho­ mores get the opportunity to register at the sartie time as many graduating seniors. Jennifer Patterson and Jay Wilkie take advantage during Spring registration.


■, * u.

SHHIH Therfionors C ollege f i e y ^ you w ork out an y kinks and tea ch es to jo c u s on school w orkf.

i like the advantage W f early regi­ stration. It’s at the sa m e tim e a s the sen iors ’. v

The cla sses are \ sm aller and m ore fo c u se d . There is also a lot c f a ssocia ted p restige.



m P © i/c r

O qj



A s we all know, it's not easy being a graduate student. Here, Florin Dobrian looks rather pensive while discussing a glitch on his latest computer program. Certainly with all of that studying he's done, he'll know exactly what to do!

Graduate students don't only attend classes, they often instruct them, as well. Many of the chemistry labs in the Alfriend Chemistry buiding are led by such students. Grad student Mike Calendrine assists undergrad Samara Lazemick with an experiment.

O f the 1 8 ,0 0 0 enrolled stu d en ts, over 5 ,0 0 0 o f them are graduate stu d en ts , ' 0 0 9 fiq sjoiu ds 6mpodq ‘u opvjn dod dip Jo ftpiolbui dip dn dypDiu sp id p n is d pm pvjQ :dn j£


Tell us what you really think

Being a grad, stu d en t is m ore difficult than tria d expected. Being an under ;a graduate here ^ \ prepared m e though.

nice being a

A s a grad student,

| yjprad stu d en t

la m striving hard to m ake things*, better

b eca u se yo u are m ore in volvec^ M L the studentsrtoid fa cu lty.

I fo r k in g in the CMC has given m e tne opportunity to interact with p loyers a n a j stu d en ts.

Life is M N so sad During the day on campus we find them, Within the organizations, the centers and things, Working with the students as advisor and friend, Providing the help that they so often bring.

The answer lies in the reason they’re there, Doing what others could but wouldn’t, Showing concern o f someone who cares, Showing what it means to be a grad student.

This is who they are, this is what they provide, Who are these people? Where are they Doing work and studies, side by side. from? Giving their all to the jobs they do. What brings them to work for the Doing the best they can, through and school? through. Why do they do what needs to be done, continued on next page... Forever proving to be an effective tool? Our graduate students strive for excel­ lence in, and out, of class. Many of them offer their assistance through various programs provided across the Old Dominion campus. Graduate student Jill Coley stays active on campus while lending a helping hand at the Writing Tutorial Services. Sean Shively pays very close attention as Jill explains a detailed assignment.


How do they do it? Being a graduate students requires a lot of discipline and dedication. Grad student, Benjamin Julian has to stay on top of things. Here he is in a deep state of concentration has he writes' a lab book for his inorganic chemistry class.

So tell us grad student, is it that rough? To work with all your classes and do all your stuff? “I find,” said «Josh A lle n working on his MFA, “They work around your school. They’re open that way.”

“Basically,” said L au ra S ie g a l o f the Career Management Center, as a rule, “It gives you an opportunity to be more active in school.”

So let’s here it for the grads, and the work that they have done! Let’s hear it for the benefits they give, What, O grad student, what have you Shaping the organizations, centers, and found, programs- barring none, Working on your job as the sun goes Working with them and being attentive. down? “Actually,” Stuart «Jones o f Student Let’s give praise to those grad students Activities did tell, on campus, who work, “It gives me academic development and And show them our thanks as they do professional as well.” their tasks. They continually provide the necessary Speak to us grad student, what is the perks, plus? Always doing for the school all that is To work right here, to work on campus? asked. by: Philip Ruggaber

tim e m a n a g em g h tf



G raduate stu d en ts p a y the sa m e am ount o f m on ey in tuition f e e s a s do underclassm an.

â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;9JOUI z i l $ h od djD^s f o pio pun auoui jp $ h od spuaprys ayonpouh apo^s-uj :aspDj

Graduate students do so much more than attend classes* Many of them also hold full or part-time jobs. Grad student Karen Kowalski juggled her time between going to classes and going to work...and she still managed to keep a steady hand in the bacteriology lab. As everyone knows, being a graduate student is a very demanding and time comsuming task- Graduate student John Hoatsom remarks, "Sometimes it is difficult to work a full-time job and to work on my master's at the same time. I try to keep a n equal balance between the two."

Graduate life has op en ed m any doors fo r m y fu tu re. â&#x201E;˘

The university er^ ro n m en t offers an opportunity fo r m e to develovkand grow a s a p ^ ^ b n f

W orking is hard \ vh en stu dyin g numerical m ethods in soliton theory.



One aspect of the Learning Conimimity is the variety of speakers featured every week. Having different speakers allows students to receive a true "community" education. Dr. Ingrid Whitaker speaks about sociology topics to a Learning Community. Learning Communities gave students a chance to work with peer facilitators. Using their past experiences and knowl­ edge of the subject, peer facilitators gave a unique perspective. Kellie Praydis helps Alexis Coleman with a Political Science question.

There are m ore Learning Com m unities in the spring than in the fa ll. ’Guilds dig in satftimiwjuoQ Guyurndq ou diD duaip ‘yanf u j ‘dspDj



Tell us what you really think

Renee Owens


git h as b een usefu l b eca u se it allow ed m e to esta blish a close relntionshim w ith m y p rofessors and cla ssm a tes.

ft has taught m e to b e a b le to overcom e mcun ob sta cles that I know will com e m y w ay *9

In m y learning ffym km unity, I m et 'iora o f n ew p eop le and becam e Qoqd frien d s w ith m any o f them . *

T h ey are a great

w ay to fo rm stu d y grbups. A lso m ost o f th e p eop le th a tL know closely m ere in m y cotn m w m y.

Help e d u ca te students Just what exactly is a Learning Community? A Learning Community is an organized group o f students and tutors who gather weekly to help each other with any kind o f questions or problems they may have concerning their majors. This program has been in existance for two years now, yet students are still not taking advantage o f this valuable resource. Are you having problems on tests or homework? Maybe a Learning Community is the thing for you. T risia «Johnson, who was very active in her learning community, said, “My learning community has not only helped me understand things better, it has given

me a chance to make new friends;” Other students, such as B ra d «Jenkins, had suggestions for improving the program . “ M aybe if learn ing communities met more than one day a week, I would benefit more from the program.” A majority o f students in the Learning C om m unities Program appreciate what it has to offer because the sense o f community helps add to the educational experience. If you are looking to increase your grade point average or make the most o f your college career, talk to an advisor about Learning Communities. by: Gerrit Groot Bluemink Professor Steve Olariv and Jordan Rhody assist Ian Welpe with a question concerning an algorithm he wrote for his Computer Science Lab. Learning communities offered the opportunity for students to work one-on-one with the teacher.



In the new library, compact shelving allows there to be more space utilized. With all of this extra space, there is an increased assortment of books for students and faculty members to choose from. Angela Ziegler cranks the handle to get a better look at her selection.

bricks, b © € > a n d new looks It is impossible not to notice the wonderful changes that the library has endured. “The main purpose o f the renovation was to add more space, making room for more material,” said M oral Fry, Administrative Services Librarian. One o f the new services the library offers is a digital services center. This helps faculty expand the uses o f technology in their curriculum. New compact shelves make it easier for students and faculty to obtain material. The library has also expanded its capabilities for computer technology and added more study rooms.In these rooms, students can gain access to the Internet through the use o f the computers

there. Special services for the disabled are also available to help aid in obtaining material which may be otherwise difficult to acquire. The library has special equipment which aids these students. Other changes include more public work stations, a new computer lab, and an increase in information technology. The special collections department has also reopened and expanded. Fry added, “We were pleased with the students, faculty, and staff during the renovation o f the library and we hope everyone will enjoy the new services the library offers.” by: Anitra Carter


O fell us

oj what you

d §


really think

it’sgo. great p la ce to gSfTuvay fro m the hectic n oises o f ev eryd a y life.

K eeping up w ith the tim es, the n ew library created a n ew position titled the Internet S y stem s Librarian.


m o o t i n g u u d j Q ft q

pdfllfsvcn u op isod aridu d m :arux

The University's "new " library is equipped with some of the most advanced technology available. The new computer stations are top of the line. Student Misty Wines takes advantage of this technology while researching for a paper. Don't you just love searching for nickels and dimes when you need to make a copy? Those days of scrounging around in your bookbag for change are over! Leah McCarraher uses a copy card at one of the libraries new printing stations. These cards make it so much more convenient for students to make copies.

The library’s n ew fa cilities give stu d en ts a p lace to really focu sson school. I

The n ew facilities fm jp le on e to do the things n eed ed fo r cla ss in a minimal am ount o f u p k ef

The n ew com puter labs and the other n ew fa cilities arem very convenient.


c c



Students who study abroad do much more than study. They experience the life and culture of die people in the places they travel to. Here, Diisha Hicks broadens her horizons in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Donkeys provide a form of transportation and leisure. Studying abroad is a rewarding and educational experience, not to mention a fun one as well. Students Jason Renard, Matt Stakes, and Ben Smith ride through the canals in Tortuguermo, Costa Rica. The Costa Rica trip is offered over the summer for geography credit and is directed by Dr. Jason Friedberg.

The fa rth est distance an y stu den t has traveled w a s Japan?

ÂĄm o u rn s -fiprys oj buo6 svy jud pn js hun isB y p v f ay; bid dsoy; rn\Djysny ipion 6uo\y : btuÂŁ



Tell us what you really think

M yfa vo rite a sp ect 6 f stu d y abroad w a s the fu ll im m ersion in another culture. $

W hen I w en t to R om e \ fh ^ p a s t sum m er I fo u n d that there w a sn ’t m u c h e f a language b a r d k r j

l stu d ied abroad in wlekico, spending a f e w w e ek s sigh t­ seein g and buying so v e n ie r s.*

kLimng in different fmLtural environ­ m en ts is the only w a y to growijk i intellectually ajltf em otionally.

Studying/ar and wide Need a vacation? Want a chance to experience new cultures? Then check out the Study Abroad Program. The Study Abroad Program helped approximately 150 students live and study in different cultures and countries. Among the foreign countries were England, France, Mexico, China, the Phillipines, and Costa Rica. The Study Abroad office assisted students with planning their tripes, helped them acquire financial aid, and kept in contact with these students while they were away. Many participants interests were

sparked when the Study Abroad office held two information fairs to promote the various programs. Study Abroad Programs were offered in incriments o f two weeks, five weeks, one semester, and one full year. These programs are not only offered to foreign language and international studies majors, but also to students majoring in biology, geography, business, and education. Program D ir e c to r , S te p h e n J o h n s o n , comments, “Every major has an international perspective. You can study almost anything abroad.” by: Diisha Hicks The Study Abroad Program sends students all over the world to study in different cultures and languages. Not only do these participants learn informa­ tion that is relevant to their majors, but they gain experiences that will last them a lifetime. Study Abroad participant, Reihnard Flores, studied overseas in Montpellier, France. "It was a growing experience. I had fun. I was independent and on my ow n", he remarks. The Study Abroad program is open to all students in the University, regardless of the discipline.



The Student Activities Council sponsors many events throughout the year. Students gather in Webb center to talk to a visiting psychic. Mrs. Gail Foxworthy, a mother of a student, came and provided her services to the students for free.

As midterms approached, many studefits, such as Reggie Bassett, looked for a way to unwind and grind. Throughout the school year, various student organiza足 tions sponsored Webb Jams which provided entertain足 ment.

Students not only contrib足 ute to our University, but they contribute to the community, as well. Student Mike Kirk gives a smile while participating in the Student Ambassa足 dor Blood Drive.

The student body is made of many different faces, personalities and backgrounds. In a different point of view, Vickie Kranse


shows her face through a caricature. The artist was provided by the Student Activities Council for free, during activity hour.

Pride\ 'pridXn: A company o f lions. PrideVpridXn: A feeling o f gratification from an association with something that is good and laudable Vigorous and spirited


PrideVpridXn: A gathering o f the Old Dominion Universityfam ily.

in N um bers As a pride o f 18,500 students, we are diverse in our beliefs, backgrounds, and personalities. Yet, we come here with the same goals in mind. We strive to better ourselves, to make everlasting bonds, and to realize our pride in school and self. M any faces com p lete the m osaic





We are a large


b od y


intelligence, motivation and dreams. We are one, with power in numbers. b y : T erree K la es

Amy Rohr, Health and Fitness Fair,

Chandra Smith, White足 hurst Hall,

Kaweh Yhayour, Interna足 tional Student,

Sean Huggins, Theta Chi, Colleen Joyce and Candice Krausa, Friends.


Matthew Richard Adam 99' B.S. - C ounseling UHSCA, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship.


o o o o o

n u

Todd Allen 98' B.S. - Finance John Bryan Am aud 98' B.S. - M echanical Engineering T ech n ology Kenneth Edward Am esen 99' B.S. - Finance Finance Club, Economics Club, Intramural Soccer, Basketball, ODU Theatre Assistant. Pete Arsenault 99' B.S. -P sy ch ology Christopher Isaac Askew 99' B.S. - C om pu ter Engineering Theta Tau Engineering Fraternity, NSBE Member. Marvin W . Atkins 99' B.A. - H istory, Secondary Education Darkeesha Bailey 99' B.S. - A ccou n tin g and M anagem ent Army ROTC, Student Ambassadors, ODU Mascot, Circle K, Academic Honors Association, Phi Kappa Phi, Beta Gamma Sigma, Golden Key. A m y Michelle Baker 99' B.S. -C om m unications Alpha Xi Delta, Panhellenic President, Order of Omega, Greek Woman of the Year, Dean's List.

o o o o o

o o o o o o o o

it o o o o o o o o it

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o it

Jonathan Edward Bankhead 98' B.A. -English Literature

o o o o o o o o o o

William Isom Banks 99' B.S. -M echanical Engineering

o o o

it it

o Bethany Bass 99' B.S. -H um an S erv ices/ C ounseling Dean's List.

56- 1998-1999


o o

o o o

Reginald F. Bassette II 99' B.A. - M usic Education Men's Basketball, Student Athlete Mentpr, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Big Brother Kelly Cristen Behrens B.S. - P sy ch ology Roberto Benavides 99' Patrick Brian Benner 99' B.S. - H um an Services C ounseling and P sy ch ology Pi Kappa Phi, Resident Assistant, Student Activities Council (General Programing Chair), Honor Council (Historian). Constance Marie Bernard 98' B.S.- S ociology Foster Billingsley 99' B.A.- C om m unication Theatre Arts Ensemble (President), ODU Theatre Department, Outstanding Senior in Theatre & Faculty Award (1997) Mary Kay Bolduc 99' B.S. - P sy ch ology Swim Team Dave Bolton 98' M .A . - Business College Republicans (Vice President), Student Senate, Model U.N., Circle K, Honors Christopher J. Bozeth 99' B.S. -Environm ental Health Tracey Jo Brewer 99' B.S. - P sy ch ology Softball Club (President), Study Abroad (1999), Phi Kappa Phi, Golden Key Honor Society Traci Brickhouse 98' B.S. - P sych ology Goncalo Lamas Brou 99' B.S. - IDS, M usic T ech n ology

A D A M -B R O U


Christine Marie Brown 98' B.S. - IDS E lem en ta ry/M id d le School E ducation

o 44

o o o


Meghan Brown 99' B.S. - IDS Early C h ild h ood Intramurial Softball Sharon C. Burchette 98' M .S.C.A.S. - Early C h ild h ood Mike Byers 99' B.S. - RLS M anagem ent Men's Basketball Vera Lee Cameron 99' B.S. - IDS Early C h ild h ood Student Ambassador, Alpha Phi Omega (Officer), Honors College, Dominion Scholar, Dean's List

o o o o o o o o


o o o o o o o o o o 44

o 4Âť


o Thomas Cannone 99' B.S. - Finance Student Activities Council, Intramural Soccer, Softball, Volleyball, Basketball Maria Carmona 98' B.S. - Electrical Engineering Society of Women Engineers (President), Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Reginald Webster Carter 99' B.S. - Political Science Kappa Alpha Psi, Pre Law Association Lynette C. Cartier 99' B.S. -P sych ./C rim in a l Justice Dean's List (Every Semester), Golden Key Honor Society Carolyn B. Cheek 99' B.S. - H um an Services Couns. Marye Cherry 99' B.S. -Crim inal Justice Student Ambassadors, Student Activities Council, W O D U 1570, Pi Sigma Alpha Mary Kathryn Clark 98' B.A. - English Literature

5 8 - 1998-1999 GRADUATES


o o it it it it it 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44

JJ Durmon Coates 98' o B.S. - Political Science, o ü o JJ o o o o I ° 0 o

Silvia Del-Carmen Cordova Garay 99' B.S. - P sy ch ology Mundo Hispano (Sec.) Melissa Coughlin 99' B .A .-S p a n ish Spanish Club

JJ Emalee Crapo 99' o B .A .-E n g lish JJ Honor Council, Student Counduct , > Committee, Golden Key National 0 Honor Society 44

44 Anthony Crenshaw 99' JJ B.S. - M anagem ent <» Student Senate, BSA, Whitehurst <4 Student Association, Caucus for JJ Students of African Descent, 1 > Student Activities Council, 44 Resident Asst., Honors College, ° CBRA Honors Program, <> Outstanding Student Leader, 4 4 Salute to the Black Man. 44

o Elizabeth Michelle Crook 99' ° B.S. - P sy ch ology Psi Chi, APS

JJ 44

JJ Barbara J. Cuffee 99' 4 4 B.S. - Professional ° C om m unication 44 44

° James Stanely Custis Jr. 99' 0 B.S. - Industrial T ech n ology 4 4 Intramural Sports, Pep Band, JJ Circle K, NAACP, ROTC 44

° Sri Hari Dammalapati 98' 0 M.S. - C om puter Science 44

JJ Bianca Shantae Davis 99' 44 B.S. - A ccou n tin g 44 44 44

Tara Patricia Davis 98' <> B .S .-N u rsin g o ° 0 <»

AnnMarie DeMaio 99' B.S. - H um an S erv ices/ C ounseling Delta Sigma Lambda



Renee Di Pilato 99' B.A. - H istory Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society Tonya LaDawn Diggs 98' B.S. - Speech Language P athology & A u d io lo g y National Speech, Language and Hearing Assoc., Student Virginia Education Assoc. Catherine Elizabeth Elder 99' B.S. - Environm ental Health Chem istry M inor Honor Council (Vice Chair), Environmental Health Club, W ho's Who, Monarch Integrity Award Tammy Linette Ellis 99' B.S. - C om m unications Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. (President), Circle K (Past President), Communications Club JuWandar D. Epps 98' B.S. - Political Science Alex Ernest 99' B.S. -B iology Minor - Chemistry, Pre-Med, Alpha Phi Alpha Steve I. Escobar 98' B.S. - M echanical Engineering T ech n ology Filipino American Student Association Richard A . Farrell 99' B.A. - C om m ercial Recreation Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity Nikkia Foxworth 99' B.A. - Interdisciplinary Studies NAACP Michael Joseph Frizzell 99' B.A.- E conom ics Sigma Nu Fraternity (Lt. Commander), Intramuaral Softball and Volleyball, Dean's List Demian Futterman 99' B.S. - C ounseling BrianLuis Enrique Garcia 99' B.A. - Crim inal Justice Delta Lambda Phi (President), Golden Key National Honor Society

6 0 - 1998-1999 GRADUATES

<> Deborah Gardener 99' ° B.A. - E conom ics , ( International Admissions Employee, Goldem Key, Beta i > Gamma Sigma Business Honor <> Society o ü E. Claire Geiger Ackiss 99' 0 B.S. - P sy ch ology 1 i Senior Assistant Director of <> Alumni Relations, Staff member ° since 1976, Member of HACE. o o 0 n 1 o

Michelle Goffigon 99' B.A. - English Education Student Virginia Education Association

|| o <> ■ o

Misti Deniene Goodson 99' M .A . - Professional W riting Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc (Vice President), NPHC


John R. Gosney 99' o B.S. - International Business t! and Finance 44 International Student Association, J[ International Hall (President) o David Grant 99' *> B.S. - C om puter Science 44 Minor in Business Administration o


Diana Graves 99' <> B.S. - Crim inal Justice 0 44 Kanesha Hall 99' ¡J B.S. - IDS- Early C h ild h ood 1 | Midrise RHSA, Powhatan Student Association (Pres.), Young o Democrats (V.P.), Laureate ° Yearbook, Student Senate, J| NAACP, BSA, Interhall Residence i, Coimcil, Sister Circle, Dean's List, o O Richard David Hall 99' ° B.S. - O ccupational Technical JJ Studies, TECA, Drafting Award o n JoShirlon Hargrove 99' o B.S. - C om m unications ° Mace and Crown (Writer), JÎ Powhatan Student Association o Sigrid Heidelberger 99' o B.S. - C om puter Science | Honor Roll o J[ Tameka Hicks 99' o B.S. - IDS -Early C h ild h ood <> Campus Crusade for Christ 44 (President), Student Virginia J[ Education Association, Integrity 11 Award


Michael Hogan 99' B.S. -Exercise Science Gerald Russell Hooton 99' B.S. - Political Science Student Senate, Rugby Mia Hughes 98' B.S. -A ccou n tin g and Information Systems Association of Information Technology Professionals (Sec.), Managerial Auditing and Accounting Club (V.P.) Christina Jambard 99' B.S. - C om m unications Intranural Softball and Volleyball. J. Martin F. Joensen 99' B.S. - International Business International Hall Club Michael Imani Johnson 99' B.A. - A ccou n tin g Managerial Auditing & Accounting Club, Circle K, International Michelle Johnson 99' B.S. - G e o lo g y Adrina Michelle Kay 99' B.S. - Biochem istry Webb Center Council, Commuter Student Union (President), "Driving Force" (Writer), American Chemical Society, Philip Morris Scholarship, Virginia Beach Regional Scholarship, Dean's List, Outstanding Young Women of America Award (1997) Tarnish G. Kelly 99' B.S. - Sports M edicine NAACP, BSA. Jamie Kieman 99' B.S. - Therapuetic Recreation RLS Club, Rec. Sports, Dean's List Deryck Kraft 99' B.S. - C ivil E n gin eerin g/ Environmental Engineering Minor Matthew Krause 99' B.S. - Business M anagem ent Swim Team (CAA), Rowing Team, Society of Human Resource Management

6 2 - 1998-1999 GRADUATES

Karen Ann Demmerle Krull 99' B.S. - H um an Service C ounseling Glen Allen Lane Jr 99' B.S. - P sych ology Michele Levy 98' B.S. ^Psychology Stacye Litton 99' B.S. -C ounseling, Minor -Special Education W illie Lombos 98' B.S. - M echanical Engineering T ech n ology FASA, NSBE, ASME Bradley D. MacPherson 99' B.S. -Sports M anagem ent Tennis, Student Services Said Maqsodi 99' B.S. -Crim inal Justice Dean's List Rosa Maria Marrufo 98' B.S. - Education John Jeffrey Martin 99' B.S. -M anagem ent Sulaiman A . Marzouq 99' B.S. - M echanical Engineering Q 8A Kieste Chana Mayfield 99' B.S. -IDS -Professional C om m unication Communication Club Kevin T. McCaskill 99' B.S. -C ou n selin g /S p ecia l Education Student Ambassador, Golden Key National Honor Society, Peer Advisor and Mentor


Khaleada R. M cGill 99' B.S. - O ccupational Technical Studies, Fashion Emphasis BSA, NAACP, National Dean's List, Dean's List Devon McGurk 99' B.S. - Training Specialist Rugby Rebecca Leane Callom Mclain 99' B .S .-H isto ry Denise M cNelly 99' B.A. - English, Creative W riting Delta Sigma Lambda, Sigma Tau Delta, Speech Chorus, Forensics Team, Dominion Poets, Mace and Crown, Dean's List, Int'l English Honor Society, Golden Key Arlene Meyer 99' B.S. - International Business Business Mentor, Golden Key, Beta Gamma Sigma, Dean's List. Andri Michael 99' B.S. - H um an Resource M anagem ent Dean's List, American Exchange Scholarship Meredith Mitchell 99' B.S. - B iology Heidi M . Morris 99' B.A. - English Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Honors College Shelia Thomas Morris 99' B.S. - P sych ology, Minor in Community Health Association o f Psychology Students, Prehealth Club, Student Government, U.S. Navy Veteran, Rock Church Member Louie Ona 99' B.A. -C om m unications Mariano Orozco 98' B.S. - M arketing Pi Sigma Epsilon, Mu Kappa Tau, Honors Program Christopher DeLa Pena Palor 99' B.S. - Electrical Engineering T ech n ology Filipino American Student Association

6 4 - 1998-1999 GRADUATES

o o o o o o o

u o o

o o o o o o o

o o o o o

II o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o 44 4»

4» 4» 44 4» 4» 4» 44 44 4»

O 44

4» 4»

O n 4»

a a 4» 4» 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44


James Lewis Parker 99' B.S. - Sports M anagem ent Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity (President), National PanHellenic Council (Treasurer), Finance Club (Treasurer), Black Male Summit Linden A . Parris 99' B.S. - B iology Melina Marie Pearson 98' B.S. - C om puter Engineering Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (Vice Chair), Eta Kappa Nu (Treasurer) Tiffany Diane Pegram 99' B.S. - N uclear M edicine T ech n ology Black Student Alliance, NAACP, Circle K Order Diane Marie Perry 98' B.S. - M edical Laboratory T ech n ology Dean's List Phillip W illiam Perry 99' B.S. - M arketing Propeller Club Anthony M . Phan 99' B.S. - Electrical Engineering T ech n ology Celeste Phill 99' Kellie E. Praydis 98' B.S. - Political Science Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science Honor Society (President), Peer Mentor for Freshman Learning Comm., Peer Advisor, Cum Laude with honors Richard Presas 99' B.S. - G eograph y Pamela Jill Quartararo 99' B.S. - Exercise Science Monarch Dance Team Sergio Ribeiro 99' B.A. - Spanish Spanish Club, Golden Key, Dean's List



Frances Robertson 99' B.S. - Speech P athology and A u d io lo g y Consuelo Robinson 99' B.S. - N ursing and P sy ch ology Kenyotta Scott Rucker 99' B.S. - Inform ation Systems Circle K International (Editor), AITP, NAACP, Philip Ruggaber 99' B.A. -English E ducation Chad Saunders 98' B.S. - C ivil Engineering Chi Epsilon, American Society of Civil Engineers Cammie R. Seliboysky 98' B.A. - C om m unications Pi Beta Phi Sorority, Karate Club, Golden Key, Lambda Pi Eta Quiona C. Stephens 99' B.S. -Exercise Science Exercise Science Club (President), Big Brother/Big Sister Mentor, Sister Circle, Exercise Science Mentor Larry Wayne Stokes Jr. 99' B.S. - G eograph y, Urban Emphasis Gamma Theta Upsilon Int'l Geographical Society, Geography Club, Commuter Involvement Program. John H. Stover, III 99' B.S. - H um an Services C ounseling Honor Council (Chairman), Lambda Chi Alpha Lelani Tamondong 99' B.S. - Exercise Science Monarch Dance Team (Captain), Exercise Science Club, Filipino American Student Association, Circle K Order, NCA Top Gun Winner.

6 6 - 1998-1999 GRADUATES

Frances Marie Taylor 98' B.S. - Inform ation Systems AITP, Circle K Order Duong Tu 99' B.A. -English, Linguistic Paige Tucker 99' B.A. - International Studies, Minor in Business Administration, Golden Key, Phi Kappa Phi, Delta Sigma Lambda Sanhty Virath 99' B.A. - Graphic D esign Robyn W ebb 99' B.A. - C om m unication and Dance Dance Association (President), Communication Club (Secretary), Dean's List W illiam Thomas Wentzien II 98' B.S. - C ivil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineering, Chi Epsilon National Civil Engineering Honor Society, National Dean's List Jennifer Paige Whelan 98' B.S. - IDS-Early C h ild h ood Golden Key Latoshia W ilson 99' B.S. - H um an Service Couns. Human Services Counseling Assoc. Andrea Lynn W oods 99' B.F.A. - Studio A rt-D raw ing Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship Tiffany Wright 99' B.A. -International Business Minor - Latin American Studies, WODU, Pi Sigma Epsilon, Student Ambassadors (Pres.), Resident Assistant


Taufeeg Albakri Karlygash Asrepova Para Athalye James Atwar

Ilhom Babajanov Milind Chokshi Charles Croely Keisha Dotson

Jennifer Furman Veronica Gerken Mohammed Hanif Michael Karns

Kunteera Kuakpetoon Pamela Leland Chris Lota Anna Makhorkina

Armen Matosyan John Meadows Pichaya Narmkerd Teresina Nowak


Patrick O'Shea Roger Pickerel Almika Poe Ernest Rodriquez

Am y Rohr Rikke Schneider Ozgun Selmanpakogly April Shadders

Eric Tedford Am y Wade Janice Williams Will W oodham


NAME B r ahmadatt K oodallur "Brahma {The God)" CLASSIFICATION Graduate Student COMMUTER/RESIDENT Resident BIRTH PLACE/DATE Calicut, India January 4, 1973 MAJOR Mechanical Engineering ASPIRATIONS Own a Manufacturing Company WORD TO DESCRIBE SELF Wacky HOBBIES Music, Reading, Dreaming, Traveling, Tennis

TALENTS Singing, Writing FAVORITE FOOD Chinese FAVORITE COLOR Black FAVORITE SPORTS TEAM The Monarchs FAVORITE ACTOR/ACTRESS Michael Douglas Kate Winslet BESTFRIEND My pet spider (Spooky) FAVORITE SINGER Neil Diamond QUOTE "There are no excuses for a job undone. Hapiness is a state of m i n d .I


o o n |j

Michelle Adams, Jnr. Stacey Abbott, Fr.

44 14

Steve Abellar,


o 44

S n r.

o o

Robert Admirand, Fr.

(^ » 4) 4

Bradley Albus, Jnr.

¡¡ » 4» 4

Ryan Alejo,


44 44

Charmiane Alexander, Fr.

<> 4» 4»

Latasha Allen, Fr.

11 44 4»

Ronald Allen, Fr.

JJ 41

Shamar Alleyne,



Jean-Marie Andrew,


Mike Arendall, Fr.

Peter Atta, Jnr. Albert Ayres Jr., Fr.

44 44 4» 4» 4» ** 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 i* 44

Alexis Baker, Fr. Julie Baker, Fr.

Kenneth Balbuena, Fr. Albert Balingit,


¡¡ 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44

J| 44

Carita Banks, Jnr. Jessie Banda, Fr.

\¡ 44 44 44 44


Neleh Barcarse, jn r . Amber Barksdale, Fr. La Neisha Barner, Fr. Kimberly Barnes, Fr.

Marty Barnes, Fr. Matthew Barnes, Fr. Nicole Barowy, Fr. Craig Bartlow, Fr.





MAJOR Computer Programming ASPIRATIONS To






INTEREST Computers and Music




Field Hockey

July 9, 1978


am from Trinidad and





QUOTE "However we conceptualize





wrong once."



Nicholas Bartolotta, Fr. Jocelyn Borwick,


Rhett Basham, jn r . Leni Battaglia,


Evwell Batten,


Johanne Baxter, Fr. Tori Baxter, Fr. Candace Beamer, Jnr.



Lonnie Myer 多Tones Jr.



The Kama Sutra




"I can write Haikus."







South Briga, July 24, 1977













Tying cherry stems into





for. my

Round Midnight


LONNIE knots with my tongue.











Seafood Puella

want chocolate.I

Cooking, Crafts




7 2 - u n derg rad u ate stu d en ts


merely and we

a all

o o o o o n o o n o o o o o o o o o o o o o o n o o o o o o o o o n o o o li o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Travis Becker, Sph. Garry Bell, Fr. Nicole Bellinghausen, Jnr. Kristin Bentinogle,


Michael Berard, Fr. Ann Bernard,


Clarence Bey, Fr. Dalia Biascan, Fr.

Victoria Bielonwu,


Briana Billups, Fr. Charlene Bing, Jnr. Elisabeth Biondi, Fr.

Julia Blackwell, Fr. Michael Boisson, Nicole Bolden,



Lisa Bolen, Fr.

Ayaa Bowie, Jnr. Sara Bowles, Jnr. Kur* Boyenoh,


George Branch,



Emily Bristow, Fr. Bonita Brown, Fr. Deshawn Brown, Fr. Michael Brown, Jnr.

Todd Brown, Jnr. Eubie Bryant,


Jason Bryant,


Travis Bryant, Jnr.

Mark Buenaventura,

S n r.

Amanda Burbage, Fr. Tamika Burks, Jnr. Jamie Bums, Fr.

Carson Burwell,

S nr.

Charles Buym, Jnr. Jane Cabales, Fr. Xavier Calderon,

Ryan Callan,



Clelia Canova, Fr. Steve Capito, F r. Nicole Carleo,



Crystal Carper, Fr. Adrian Carr,


Anitra Carter, Jnr. Deniese Carter,

Rosa Carter,



Adam Cartwright, Jnr. Crystal Cary, Fr. Lawrence Chambers, Fr.



MAJOR IDS-Early Childhood Education ASPIRATIONS To become the best teacher and to make learning exciting for all children. WORD TO DESCRIBE SELF Ambitious HOBBIES Shopping, reading, visiting museums SCHOOL INVOLVEMENT Black Student Alliance WORK Urban League Tutor INTEREST African American Literature and Art Work INTERESTING FACT I volunteer daily at two local elementry schools. TALENTS All my talents involve helping others FAVORITE MOVIE Song of Music

FAVORITE BOOK This to Shall Pass FAVORITE LOCAL RESTAURANT No Frill Grill FAVORITE ACTOR/ACTRESS Samuel L. Jackson FAVORITE SONG End of the Road FAVORITE SINGER Janet Jackson FAVORITE FOOD Soul Food FAVORITE COLOR Red BESTFRIEND Jenica Harrison PETS (NAME) Milky FAVORITE SPORT Volleyball AWARDS Americorp Member of the Month QUOTE "Few knew me, but all judged me, with time comes maturity and one day they will learn."


Janel Chambliss, Sph. Nora Champagne, Jnr. Sharifa Charlery,


Will Cherry, Jnr.

Tamika Chandler,


Peter Ciba, Fr. Keith Clemente,

S nr.

Natalie Clousser,


Foreign cultures and languages INTERESTING FACT Hosted 10 foreign exchange students. FAVORITE MOVIE Wizard of OZ FAVORITE BOOK Dragon Quest FAVORITE LOCAL RESTAURANT 1, 1981 Schooners SEMESTERS AT ODU FAVORITE ACTOR/ACTRESS 1 Jim Carrey MAJOR FAVORITE SONG International Studies Paradise City ASPIRATIONS Travel to every country in FAVORITE SINGER Guns-N-Roses the world. FAVORITE FOOD WORD TO DESCRIBE SELF Macaroni and Cheese Independent FAVORITE COLOR HOBBIES Midnight Blue Soccer, dancing, roller足 BESTFRIEND blading Berij i SCHOOL INVOLVEMENT PETS Soccer INTEREST

NAME Jean Marie Andrew "Jeanie" CLASSIFICATION Freshman COMMUTER/RESIDENT Resident BIRTH PLACE/DATE Groton Naval Base, January



JEAN Maj or Shubi FAVORITE SPORTS TEAM Manchester United TALENTS Athletics QUOTE "When you wish upon a star. your dreams come true, keep dreaming, it will happen \\

Julie Clubb,

S nr.

Shaun Cobbs,


Adrienne Cole, Jnr. Crystal Cole, Fr.

Alexis Coleman, Coy Coley,



Burgandi Collins, Jnr. Antonio Conyers,

S nr.

Joseph Cook, Jnr. Caryn Cordero, Fr. Matt Cranor, Fr. Hollis Crute, Jnr.

Theresa Crooks, Fr. Ryan Curran, Fr. Janna Dandridge,


Matthew Daniels, Fr.

Ken Danson, Fr. Ryan Davidson, Carl Davis,



Cortney Davis,




Nathaniel Davis, Sph.

o o 44


Katie Day,

44 44 44 44

S n r.

Rommel Dayanghirang, Sph. 0 44


Sph. 44 44 44

Brandon De Graaf, F r. Noah Debres, Ruth Delazo,

<> 44 44


S n r.

44 44



44 44

Angelica Delboy,


<> 44 44

Emily Dell, Jnr.

|| 44

Suzanne Beneay, Jnr.


Brock Dennis, Fr.

44 44 44 44 44

Pedro Diaz, F r.


44 44 44 44

Derrick Diemont,

S n r.

Kimon Dom-Martin, Jnr.

0 44 44

|[ 44 44

Matt Doner,


S n r.

44 44

Kristen Dom ,


F r.

44 44 44

Vicker Drakeford, F r.


Myekka Dudley,

F r.

44 44 44 44 44

Wantonia Easter, Fr.


Jason Eastman,



44 44



M a Rhonda Echols, Fr. Sherita Edwards, Fr. Edward Eiting, Fr. Ronnie Elder, Fr.

Andrew Ellard, Fr. David Elliot, Sph. Michael Elliot,Fr. Andrea Ellrich,Fr.

MISTY NAME Misty Arnice Casseus CLASSIFICATION Junior COMMUTER/RESIDENT Resident BIRTH PLACE/DATE South Carolina, September

.13, 1977



Color Purple








Angela Bassett

Become a Nursing Clinical



Sweetest Thing




Lauryn Hill



Career Management Center











Student Alliance, NAACP,


Circle K




"I volunteer my time at


Dwelling Place."

"ODU is like a close knit



Meet Joe Black





Beau Ellrich, Sph. Quiana Erb, Jnr. Jennifer Ermita,


Joy Ermita, Jnr.

Jeffrey Eure, F r.. Osman Farah, Fr. Aisha Farooque, Fr. Tracy Faulk, Fr.



Richard Andrew Reish "Drew"

Engineering Club INTEREST


Racing my car,



soccer, w a ve r u n n e r , waterskiing



BIRTH PLACE/DATE Westchester, PA 20, 1980


Community Service during Thanksgiving feeding people.




Colorado which was, "One




experiences of my life." FAVORITE MOVIE

Mechanical Technology




There's Something About Mary


DREW Dave Matthews FAVORITE FOOD Italian

Work with Automobiles WORK


Detailer at Roberts Auto Mall










5.0 Magazine


FAVORITE COLOR Blue Laura Tiver 2 Dogs: Duke and Corky FAVORITE SPORTS TEAM Philadelphia Phantoms


Dluwatoyin F채wehinmi, Jnr. John Ferreira, Jnr. James Finche,


Jesica Fisher, Fr.

Brandon Flakes, Fr. Alesha Flint,


Bonnie Flippin,


Ralph Flores, Fr.

Scharlene Floyd, Jnr. William Folston, Fr. Evans Fomunyoh, Ernest Ford,



Kimberly Fountain, Jnr. Ryan Foxworthy,


David Gardner, Fr. Kawisha Gardber, Fr.

Daniel Garman, Fr. Brooke Garrett, Fr. Tiffani Garris, Jnr. Chris Geary, Fr.


Katie Gilbert, Fr. Michael Gillian, Fr. Erin Gilmore, Fr. Lonnie Glenn,


Caroline Gonzalez, Jnr. Senitria Goodman,


Michael Goodwyn,


Danita Grant, Fr.

Gia Grante, Jnr. John Griffin, Fr. John Griffith,


Bruce Grimes, Fr.

Stephanie Grindstaff, Fr. Gerrit Groot Bluemink, Fr. Jessica Haggard, Corey Hamlin,



Natalie Hamm, Fr. Amanda Hammock, Nicole Hanna,



Briana Hardaway, Fr.


Janice Harlow, Fr. Michelle Harper, F r Angela Harris, Jnr. Nakia Harris, Jnr.

Ockidde Harris,


Houda Hechadi, Jnr. Meredith Hemenway, Jnr Chauncey Henderson, F r





Jade Garden




Leo Dicaprio






Kiss of Life (Sade')





Movie-goer, listening to


music, dancing

Japanese (Sushi pA




Navy Blue



and Helen

Student Union




Cat: Klin

Natsuko Kojima

My boyfriend




Chicago Bulls


"I came over from Japan



when 15."

My boyfriend





My Best Friend's Wedding

Piano and keyboard player





March 3, 1975

Dog: Dobi



Mike Hendricks, Fr. Jennifer Henley,

F r.

Anne Herbert, jn r . Gayle Hermoso,

F r.

Jeffrey Herring,


Christal Hershley, Cleo Hicks,

F r.

F r.

Diisha Hicks, Jnr.


and studying.

Pedro Joseph Diaz





having good conversations


and playing sports.




"I do community services




at Eastern Rehabilitation



December 18,




Air Force One




North Star Conspiracy




Red Lobster

Physical Therapist



Harrison Ford




I Believe I Can Fly





Baby Face



Hanging out with


Macaroni and Cheese


PEDRO FAVORITE COLOR Blue BESTFRIEND Stephanie White FAVORITE SPORTS TEAM L.A. Lakers AWARDS All American Scholar. TALENTS Debate well, A player.

William Hill, Sph. Megan Hilliard, F r. Shavonne Hines,

F r.

Selma Hodziseidic,

Ray H ogge,


F r.

Catherine Hollars,


Johnathan Holloway,


Tiffany Holt, Fr.

Travis Hopkins,

F r.

Alfred Howard,

F r.

Jacqueline H owe, Loni Howell,

F r.


Robert Howell,

S n r.

La Toya Hubbard, Adam Hughes, Carla Hughes,


F r.

F r.

Jessica Hughes,


Suzanne Humphrey,


Rachel Hunter, F r. Saleh Husain, Jnr.



Gregory Hutchings,


Sylena Hutchinson, Fr. Thuy Huynh, Kevin Hyde,

S nr.


A.J. Hylton, Fr. C J. Hylton,


Brandon Jackson, Fr. David Jackson,


Tyrice Jackson, Jnr. Alton Jamison, Jnr. Thomas Janule,

S nr.

Holly Jarratt, S nr. Calvin Jasper,


Joie Jennings, Fr. Latricia Jennings,


Roxanne Jemigan, Fr. Erin Jewell,


Courtney Johnson, Fr. Ivy Johnson, Fr.



Leila Jackson, Fr.

Jamila Johnson,


Jeremy Johnson, F r. Kim Johnson,


Reshad Johnson,

Dion Jones,


S n r.

Donald Jones,


Kimberly Jones,


Leslie Jones, F r.

28, 1978







The Firm

Interdisciplinary Studies




To teach for the D.O.D.









LUCY NAME Lucy Monica Nevins "Shealy" CLASSIFICATION Senior COMMUTER/RESIDENT Resident BIRTH PLACE/DATE S t . Ann, Jamaica,





Puff Daddy




Puffy Shrimp




My Mom

Student Ambassador,








"I watch the Nursery and


teach Sunday School at my

Dallas Cowboys

Church.I August



Phillip Jones, Fr. Dennine Jordan, Fr. Matt Jung, Fr. Margie Kabigting, Jnr.

Malebogo Kedisang,


Dyshene Kellam, Jnr. Robert Kendall, Jnr. Chris Kennedy, Jnr.



1 MAJOR Biochemistry ASPIRATIONS Become a Research Scientist WORD TO DESCRIBE SELF Sincere HOBBIES Running, softball, trumpet playing, listening to Spanish Music, dancing and Salsa, playing billards. SCHOOL INVOLVEMENT Mundo Hispano

INTEREST Jackie Chan Movies, Latin American History INTERESTING FACT "I went to Iowa State University fo r an internship sponsored by the National Science Foundation.1 FAVORITE MOVIE La Bamba FAVORITE BOOK House of Spirits FAVORITE LOCAL RESTAURANT Azteca Lisa Moreno FAVORITE ACTOR/ACTRESS PETS Jennifer Lopez D o g : Sparky FAVORITE SONG FAVORITE SPORTS TEAM Si Una Yez Dallas Cowboys FAVORITE SINGER TALENTS Selena Playing Jazz FAVORITE FOOD QUOTE Arroz con Polio "The three best medicines FAVORITE COLOR in life are patience, Brown time and hun\or." BESTFRIEND



Corey Kenner, Jnr. Raman Kidane, Fr. Aaron Kiser, Fr. Terri Klaes,

S nr.

Rachel Klein, Fr. Ernie Knight, Fr. Drew Knuts, Jnr. Gàttinà Kruse, Fr.

Charlene La Mountain,


Christopher Labissiere, Fr. James Lamprecht, William Landen,



Stephanie Langley, Melissa Lanier,



Jeremy Lawhorn, Fr. Michael Leatherman,


An Lee, Fr. Andrew Lee, Fr. Christina Lee, Jnr. Michelle Lee, Fr.



n o n o

Ginny Lewis, Fr. Jonathan Lichtenstein, Fr.


u o Lisa Lockwood,


Joe Lopienski, Fr.


u ii ||

o ii ii

Debbie Logue, Jnr.


o Kori Lowery, Fr. La Tisha Mackey, Jnr.

J| n


11 ii

n Nelly Mahanjane, Fr.

<> ii ii

Clara Maingi, Jnr.


Brenda Major,




n Keonna Maker,


n n ii

n Omar Malik, Fr.


Jerome Manning II, Fr.

n JJ

n n ii

n Andrae Marable, Fr.


n ii

Jennifer Markatine, Fr.

11 ii ii

Amanda Martin, Fr.

Sabria Mason, Fr.

ii ii

n n

11 ii ii

William Massenburg, Fr.

*1 ii

Richard Massey, Fr.


n Kumika Matsapayashi, Fr.



9 0 - u n d erg rad u ate stu d en ts


Takia Matthews, Jnr. Nickolas Maxwell, Fr. Heather Mauldin, Sph. Timothy Mays, Fr.

Jonathan McBride, Fr. Jeremy MCall, Fr. Regan McCauley, Fr. Damon McDaniel, Jnr.


Winona Rider

Dental Hygiene




To finish school and work


in Boston




Shopping and tanning




Alpha Phi Sorority

D o g : Fred








"Old Dominion is a really

frysbee, running, laying

fun school* I especially

in the sun and swimming.

like it when the weather



is nice. It inspires me

Ashly M . Gayda

"I am from Connecticut so

to be active."








Ferris Bueller's Day Of f .





Julyl, 1980








Jewell McDonald, Fr. Matthew McHugh, Fr. Matt McKee, Jnr. Maisha McKinney, Fr.

Randi McNeill, Fr. Erin McSherry, Fr. Deschaun McWhorter, Snr. David Mehrtens, Fr.



Edwin Lamont Stringfield

Beverage Chair










"I am very active in my









church, of





December 6, :,19 1 9



Clerk, Youth Advisor for


Choir and a Trustee."



Civil Engineering





Hunter Green

Fisherman's Wharf


engineering firm.


Atlanta Falcons


Nobody's Supposed To Be






Mari ah, Carey
















Am y Melton, Fr. Sarah Melton,


Carter Melvin,


Bobby Mercer,


Vashiiha Meredith, Fr. Cecilia Meza, Fr. Akhir채 Mims, Fr. Tina Mitchell,


Asha Mobley, Fr. Hector Montes, Allen Moore,



Dawn Moore, Fr.

Hillary Moore,


Nedra Moore, Fr. Mary Morris,


Getrude Mudisi, Fr.

Pravash Mukherjee II, Snr. Jared Muslof,


Yared Mussie, Fr. Dudley Myeicka, Fr.



Lianne Nelson.


Heather Nesbit,


David Neumann Jr., Jnr Nick Nestor,


Shushawna Newbill, Fr Chris Newlin, Fr. Brian Newton,


Kim Nguyen, Fr.

Jason Norman,


Kellette O'Connor,


Ebert Obando, Fr. Joey Octaviano,


Uyi Ogunbunni,


Uzoma Olumba, Fr. Oscar Operio,


Maggie Overbey, Fr.

Jacquelyn Owens, F r Nicole Pagan, Jnr. Matthew Page, Jnr Ashish Pant, Fr.


Pomnisa Parham, Sph. Lateisha Parker, Fr. Timothy Parsons, Fr. T. Peeples,

S nr.

Matt Perran, Jnr. Christopher Perricone, Fr. Patrick Phalen, Fr. Lakeisha Phelps, Jnr.

Richmond, VA






7, 1979

sm a l l






graduating class.





To go to Graduate School


for Physical Therapy

Dirty Dancing





school 50

people is


things with friends





Elizabeth Renee Perry

Pi Beta Phi Sorority






Participating in sorority

John Buyalos










Dean's List





A big




a nd

There were

studying, basically doing



events. PETS (NAME) in


2 Basset Hounds



Corey Phillips, Jnr. Shana Phillips, Fr. Leslie Pierce, Jnr. Marcia Pope, Jnr.

Paul Pope,


Reshida Powell, Jnr. Jennifer Powers, Jnr. Eugene Preston, Fr.


1 MAJOR Communications ASPIRATIONS Travel WORD TO DESCRIBE SELF Organized HOBBIES Collecting Frogs TALENTS Plays the Piano PLACE OF WORK Social Science Research Center-Administer Tele­

phone Surveys SCHOOL INVOLVEMENT Student Senate INTERESTING FACT "I live in Pungoteague, VA — if you don't know, don't ask. I like to put smiles on people's faces." FAVORITE MOVIE Dead Poets Society FAVORITE LOCAL RESTAURANT Wendy's FAVORITE ACTOR/ACTRESS Robin Williams FAVORITE SONG Angel FAVORITE SINGER Dixie Chicks FAVORITE FOOD Spaghettio's FAVORITE COLOR Green BESTFRIEND


HEATHER Suzy Rew PETS Baby QUOTE "Yes Virginia, there IS and Eastern Shore I."

o o o o


Rebecca Price,


o o o o o

James Puckett, Fr.


Ghizlame Rahali, jn r .

Lamont Pugh,


n o

o o

n o

Anthony Ranallo, Fr.

o o o o o o

D o o o o o o o o

Tranisce Randolf,


Megan Rapisardi,


Rashard Rassaw,


Andre Reaves, Jnr.


n o o o


Karsha Reeves, Kelly Reilly,







Jonathon Ressler, Jnr.

o o o o

Suzy Rew, Fr.

o o o o o

Cherie Richardson,


Rachel Richmond,

o o it

o o

Consuelo Ricks,




o o o o

Ebonie Riley, Fr.

o o it

Valanda Riley,


o it it

Janice Rillon, Fr.

o it


Mike Rithamel, Fr.

o o


Andre Robinson, Sph. Ardawn Rodgers, Fr. Nelson Rodriquez, Fr. Matthew Roenker, Fr.

Layla Rosario, Fr. Gregg Rubio,


Redonna Rudy, Jnr. George Sable, Fr.

Lawrence Salacup, Jnr. Stephanie Salazar, Fr. Adriana Santiago, Fr. James Satchell, Jnr.

Audrey Scott, Jnr. Travelle Seabrook, Jnr. Zaki Shabuzzi,


Matengu Shamukuni, Jnr.

Jerome Shepherd, Fr. Melissa Silver, Fr. Caroline Simmons, Fr. Nakeylla Simons, Fr.


Nefertiti Simpson, Fr. Ponlev Sisowath, Jnr. Tommy Smigiel, Jnr. A m y Smith, Jnr.

Karl Smith, Fr. Damon Smuzynski, Fr. Nate So, Jnr. Robin Sotosa, Fr.


First Colony



MAJOR Biology




To own a continent WORD TO DESCRIBE SELF Colorful

CHRIS NAME Christopher




June 8, 1980


HOBBIES Swimming

Cheese Sticks




"Ha,Ha,Ha, yeah right!" SCHOOL INVOLVEMENT Student Senate, Younglife INTEREST "I love God and cheese! !" INTERESTING FACT "I wear sandals a lot." FAVORITE MOVIE Where




James PETS (NAME) Ashbey and Kat FAVORITE SPORTS TEAM 49ers QUOTE "It is not the net result of




Through It.

matters, but the day to


day pleasures and hobbies


that make one's life worth living."



Tim Southerland, Sph. Rebekah Spear,


James Spence, Jnr. Shaun Squyres, Fr.

Lillie Stanfield,


Trisha Stant, Fr. Brian Stark, Fr. Summer Stephans,




Laura Elizabeth Tiver



in Country.




There's Something About





Mt. Holly, New Jersey April


17, 1980



Shania Twain

1 â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;








An accountant (CPA)




Softball, volleyball



2 cats




"I played

Traveled Senior





for to

Nationals Ranked

in 33rd

LAURA club softball teams from other









otherwise m e t .1 for




had a lot of fun and met


fast-pitch softball club. We



ODU, have

Brad Stice, Fr. Glen Stinson,


Nathan Stocks, Fr. J.R. Stratton,


Christopher Stuckey, Fr. Abigail Subasic, Fr. Punya Supapucdee, Fr. Mark Sutton, Fr.

Catherine Talento, Jnr. Maximo Tan, Fr. Joshua Taylor, Fr. Thomas Taylor,


Tremelle Taylor, Jnr. Trina Taylor, Fr. Anthony Tedesco, Jnr. Cameron Teed, Fr.

Kerri Theodorakis, Jnr. Ashwin Thomas, Jnr. Donald Thomas,


Tameka Thomas, Jnr.



Timothy Thurston, Sph. Meredith Tillson, Faye Tinsley,



n o o o o o o jj

o Shanelle Tomlin, Fr. o o

o Spencer 1"racys, Jnr.


o Theresa Trent, Fr. Jennifer Trujillo,


Tonya Tucker,

o o o



o J[ o o |J

Nyeisha Tull, Fr.

o Consuela Turpin, Fr. Brian Tytell, Fr. Angel Valentino-Fulani, Fr.

0 o o o o o || o

II Joseph Valler, Fr. Michelle Vance,


o o o o 째



Katherine Van Den Heuvel, Fr. ||

n Sean Vaughn,


Teonette Velasco, Jnr.


o o o o i>

i| o

Raymond Villena, Fr.


Chris Vion,


o Sph.

Keith Walentowski, Jnr.

o o o



Aquellah Walker, Fr. Christina Walker, Matt Walker,



Dana Wallace,


Sebastien Walter, Jnr. Felishia Ward, Fr. Valerie Warner, Fr. Randi Webb, Fr.

9, 1980

impact on the surrounding


communities." FAVORITE MOVIE

1 MAJOR Political Science

Saving Private Ryan FAVORITE BOOK


On Walden Pond-

Naval Officer,. States Senator






Tom Cruise and Jennifer


Love Hewitt

Weightlifting, boarding,






Daniel Earle Mitchell, Jr. "Dan"



Student Association INTEREST

Freshman COMMUTER/RESIDENT Resident' BIRTH PLACE/DATE Virginia Beach








"Fixing and Restoring my 68' Mustang and flying."




"I like being involved in

"If you're going to do

activities which have an

it, do it right!"




Sara Weniger,


Caryn West, Fr. W endy West, Fr. Charles White, Fr.

Danita White, Fr. Kenya Wiggins,


Heidi Wildermuth, Fr. Andrea Williams, Fr.

Antwan Williams, Jnr. Hud Williams,


Jeremy Williams, Fr. Leah Williams, Fr.



Exercising, Shopping, Hanging with friends INTEREST "I really like horses" INTERESTING FACT Went to Paris for two weeks FAVORITE MOVIE Dangerous Beauty FAVORITE BOOK VC Andrews Books FAVORITE LOCAL RESTAURANT Olive Garden FAVORITE ACTOR/ACTRESS Al Pichino FAVORITE COLOR White QUOTE


SARAH "There |s nothing beyond the reach of a person with determination.I

Peter Wills, Fr. Ayaima Wilson,


Demetria Wilson, Fr. Amanda Wili, Fr.

Dante Winfree, Jnr. Katherine Winn, Fr. Monique Winn, Fr. Nytasha Witcher, Fr.

Dillon Witherspoon, Fr. George Womick,


Brandon W oods,


Deon Wright, Jnr.

Joanne Yin-Ju Chen, Fr. Arlana Young, Fr. Larry Yu, Fr. Cathy Yurgel,

John Zackery,


Vladislav Zhidkov, Maria Zinni,





Dwight Allen Education Curriculum and Instruction, Em inent Professor

Martin Alston Public Safety

Nelson Amis H ou sin g

Patricia Baines Student Health Center, O ffice M anager

Linda Baker M ilitary Sciences, Executive Secretary

Nancy Topping Bazin English D epartm ent, Em inent Scholar and Professor

Sandra Beehler Library, A cquisitions and Preservation Librarian

Jene Bell A lu m n i Relations, A ssistant

Cub Berrian Student A ctivities and Leadership, Coordinator fo r Student O rganizations

John Bissett Facil Planning and Const. Coordinator A ssistant


o o o o o o o o

u o

Debra Bell Library, Library A ssistant

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

o o D ir â&#x2013; o o o o o o o o o o

Przemyslaw Bogacui


M ath and Statistics, A ssociate Professor


Michael Boyle A rm y R O T C , Professor

John P. Broderick


o o

4Âť o


Institutional A dvancem ent, V ice 44 President 44 44 Chariety Brown 44 Adm issions, Enrollm ent Services 44 A ssistant 44 44 Diane Brown Student Health Center, M edical 44 44 A ssistant 44 Beverly Browne 44 44 Student Health Center, 44 Clinical Supervisor 44 Makiba Bryant 44 Library, O ffice Service A ssistant 44 44 Dana Burnett 44 Student Services, V ice President 44 and D ean o f Students 44 44 Anoria Cannady 44 O ffice o f Finance, A ssitant A dm in. Services M anager




LaVerne Carr C areer M a n a gem en t C en ter, P rogram Su pp ort Tech.

Janya Carswell R egistrar Office, O ffice Service Specialist

Dianne Chatman R esidence Life, Fiscal Technician

Sheri Colberg E S P E R , A ssistant Professor

Desmond Cook Physics, Professor

Charlie Cooke M ath and Statistics, Professor

Lauren Corbett Library, Serials Services Library

Lois Coston R egistrar Office, O ffice Service Specialist






Tom Hanks, Shirley McLain






want to learn m o r e .

Unchained Melody




Michael Crawford



Swimming and Reading





working with





My Husband

"I have three wonderful



daughters and one precious


Martha Hofler






MARTHA Faculty

Steel Magnolias




The Road Less Traveled

May 14, ??






Skip, Dog:







Steve Daniel U n iversity R elations,E ditor o f The C ourier and O ld D om in ion U n iversity M agazin e

Laura Dedson Interlibrary Loan O ffice, Library A ssista n t

Chandra De Silva H istory, Professor

Julie Dodd W om en 's C enetr, D irector

J. Mark Dorrepaal M ath and Statistics, A ssocia te P rofessor

Jaqueline Downs C en ter f o r Global Business, A sst. Program M anager

Chris Drake G eography, Professor

Barbara Dunlow S tudent A ctiv ities and Leadership, Program Support Technician



Ronald E. Johnson



Reading Science Fiction


and Mystery Books.




Enjoy life and people.

Portland, Oregon,



14,. 1939



and New)



Atmospheric Associate


Professor D i rector




and of








Miller's (1939)


successful teacher at ODU.

Neil Diamond







Outgoing, Passionate, etc.







Oceanography. To


Star Wars Trilogy

Ocean, Associate


PETS Tuxedo



Dutches and

Princess FAVORITE SPORTS TEAM Lady Monarchs QUOTE "Good





A . James English


Environm ental Health, D irector and A ssociate Professor


Muj de Erten-Unal


Civil & Environm ental


Engineering, A ssociate Professor

o <>

D isability Services, Learning




Anita Clair Fellman

i» ° 0

Sheryn Faucette

W om en's Studies, D irector

Maria FomellaOehninger

<» D irector o f M odel United 1* Nations Program |[ Linda Freeman ii M onarch C opy Center, M anager ° Gerald Gaidmore |1 Library, Special Collections o Cynthia Ghaemmaghami <> A cadem ic Skills, D irector, ** D evelopm ental M ath 0 Deborah Giles (I Facilities Planning and *> Construction, Facilities 1* Coordinator 0 Anita Golemo


Student Health Center,


Registered N urse


Academ ic Affairs, P rovost and V ice President

Jo Ann Gora o ||

Tonia Graves


Library, O ffice Services A ssist.

n *1 0


Julie Grillo Student A ctivities and Leadership, Sepcial Events Coordinator

o Derek Harrell || Registrar O ffice, Enrollm ent (( Services Specialist o Marla Harvey ° Registrar O ffice, Program || Support Tech o John Haubert IV <> A rm y R O T C , A sst. Professor || Charles Hillen 4> Library, Library A ssistant o Angela Hinton ** Student Health Center, Office 0

0 1>

Services A ssistant

John Hoatson Library, Interlibrary Loan O ffice


Services A ssistant


Marc Huckless


Public Safety, Police O fficer



Natalie Hutchinson


M ath and Statistics, Lecturer


Susan Irwin Library, O ffice Services Supervisor

Stephen Johnson Study Abroad, D irector

Jazzez Jones W ebb M edia Services, A ssistant M anager

Walter Kimbrough Student A ctivities and Leadership, D irector

John Kroll M ath and Statistics, A ssociate


n o o o o o o o o

o o o o o o

o n

o o Sebastian Kuhn o o Physics, A ssociate Professor o Frederick Lubich o Foreign Languages, Professor o o W illiam Luttrell o M edical Laboratory Sciences o and Environm ental Health, o o A ssistan t Professor o Debra Major o Psychology, A ssociate Professor o o Eileen Mason o Environm ental Health, A sst. o Professor o Nancy Turner Minguez o o Foreign Languages, Lecturer o o Leslie Minschke o Student Health Center, o M edical Records Coordinator o o Theresa Mitchell o Student A ctivities and o Leadership, A ssistant D irector o o Sujata Moorti o Professor

W om en's Studies, A ssistant


Sue Nagle Student Health Center, M edical Technologist Laboratory Supervisor

Dayanand Naik M ath and Statistics, A ssociate Professor

Joyce N eff English, A ssociate Professor

Richard Newmark A ccou n tin g, A ssistant Professor

Nancy Olthoff


4Âť 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44

Disability Services


Earl O'Neal H ousekeeping

Natalie Parker English, A d ju n ct Instructor

Linda Perdue M onarch C opy Center, Storekeeper

Carol Pickett C enter f o r Global Business, A ssistant D irector

Bernida Plummer H ou sin g Services, Utilities Service Senior W orker

Gloria Hegg Putnam W om en's Studies and Counseling, Program Tech and A d ju n ct Instructor

Dale Russell Education Leadership and Counseling, A ssistant Professor

Rhett Russell A rm y R O T C , A sst. Professor






Julia Roberts








Because You are Love




Whitney Houston




Chicken Fried Rice



Like to travel, meeting

Hunter Green

new people.



Utah Jazz ;


" 1 lived in Germany for 3


Kenisha Monique Roberson


"Success is when you get





Pretty Woman


Staff, Graduate Student




Hampton, Virginia December

Opened U p , Iyamla Vanvanc

30, 1975


Day*, My


want, is


but you

like what you get." Soul



Scott Sechrist N uclear M ed icin e Technology, A ssociate Professor and Program D irector


4» 44



Edison Simmons

44 44 44 A ssistant 44 Theodore Smith 44 Business Adm inistration, 44 A ssociate Professor, M arketing 44 44 Andrea Stephen 44 Institutional A dvancem ent, 44 O ffice Services Specialist 44 Judy St. George 44 S tu d e n t H e a lth C e n te r, F a c u lt y 44 A d m i n i s t r a t o r , ‘'N u r s e P r a c t i t i o n e r 44 44 Ruby Strange 44 A d m iss io n s O ffic e Service 44 Specialist [ 44 Raymond Strangways 44 Economics, Professor 44 Ed Summers 44 44 Library, Electronic R esources 44 Cataloger 44 Loraine Tate 44 Center f o r Global Business, 44 A ssistant O ffice M anager 44 44 Marjorie Tautkus 44 Teacher Education Services, 44 Program Support Tech 44 Chuck Thomas 44 U niversity Relations, 44 U niversity Photographer 44 44 Ollie Tolliver 44 Federal T R IO Upward Bound, 44 D irector 44 Library, O ffice Services

NAME Scott Harrison "Scott" CLASSIFICATION Staff DEPARTMENT Division of Student Services. BIRTH PLACE/DATE Columbus, Ohio, Nice Try! YEARS AT ODU 11

MAJOR Ph.D. in Urban Services Higher Education Administration Program ASPIRATIONS Get rich and retire early! WORD TO DESCRIBE SELF Fun! HOBBIES


Dissertation...until I get a life. INTEREST Computers, computers, computers. ..and reading, and rock climbing, and Ben & Jerry's ice cream. INTERESTING FACT I write poetry. Maybe not interesting, but not well known. FAVORITE MOVIE Night of the Living Dead Æ FAVORITE BOOK Lord of the Rings FAVORITE LOCAL RESTAURANT Kelly's Tavern FAVORITE FOOD QUOTE Cheese steak sub "Learn Latin, FAVORITE COLOR to love i t ." Forest Green

6C0TT .you'll live

Norma Turner Student Health Center, M A

Wallace Turner Academ ic Skills, Office Service Specialist

Pamela Waitkus Student Health Services, Health Educator, Senior

Jody W olford Tucker W om en's Center, A ssistant D irector, S.A.F.E. Coordinator

Elizabeth Wallace M ath and Statistics, Instructor

Carolyn Ward Adm issions, Enrollm ent Services A ssistant

David Watts Institutional A dvancem ent, Special Events Coordinator

Kathryn Wheeler Student Health Center, N u rsin g Practitioner

Cynthia Williams Career M anagem ent Center, A dm inistrative Coordinator

Debbie W oodell W om en's Center, A dm inistrative A ssistant

Rob Wootton InterV arsity Christian Fellowship, Campus M inister


Jackie Ziegele Beth Nolte

Mary Ransom

Site D irector



Tables are set up through足 out the school year to inform students of the services organizations provide on campus. Marla Zinni, Angela Toner and Cheryl Gavin show interested students what Psi Chi has to offer.

Greek organizations play an integral part in the campus community. Zeta Tau Alpha members Danielle Roshov and Suda Somvang discuss one of many upcoming philanthropic activities that their sorority offers.

Director of Student Activities and Leadership, Dr. Walter Kimbrough, tries to increase campus involvement by recruiting Carlette M endoza and Dwayne Urquhart to one o f the 200 plus student organizations on campus.


PrideVpridXn: A company o f lions. PrideVpridXn: A feeling o f gratification from an association with something that is good and laudable. Vigorous and spirited. PrideVpridXn: A gathering o f the Old Dominion Universityfam ily.

B eyond academ ics on campus is a varied array o f student



gathering o f prides, so to speak. No matter if the interest be political, religious, Greek, or media, there is something for anyone who has the time and commitment to get involved. T h in k




organizations as only social endeavors, but also as rewarding contri-butions to

sch ool



betterment o f the future. b y : T erri K la es

Linda Pham and Khai Vu, Vietnamese Student Association, Sharifa Charlery, Student Body President, Jennifer Riddle, Mace and Crown, Jeremy Zsoldos and John Stover, Lambda Chi Alpha, and Joe Mathos, Alpha Phi Omega.



I t ’ S; There is so much time, energy, and attention to detail involved in the production of the Laureate Yearbook. With such an awesome amount of work to be done, it takes a large, dedicated staff to ensure the yearbook's success. Here, are two of our dedicated members, Christina Walker and Megan Hilliard, hard at work as they pour over pictures and negatives.

lu r id e When thinking o f words to describe the Laureate Yearbook staff, many come to mind... but the most accurate are “dedication” and “determination” . The frequent late nights in the Laureate Yearbook office were filled with headaches, tired bodies, and mass consump­ tion o f pizza and caffeinated beverages. Now, you may ask, what could possibly make a person do this? It’s the idea o f making a product that can capture the faces and spirit that make up our University. Generations from now, we can look back and see that this year will not be forgotten. It is with that idea in mind that the Laureate staff puts so much time, work, and love into the creation o f this book. We had a large, diverse staff this year, all dedicated to the success o f the yearbook. But, there were times when the future looked bleak. It was during these trying times that the staff and editors pulled together as a team, and showed the true meaning o f “dedication” and “determination” . That’s what made this yearbook possible. We take pride in our product. That’s what we’re all about. by: Terree Klaes and Suzy Rew

The Yearbook sta ff brings back tradition and pride to the University's annual by getting m ore students

The Laureate Yearbook Front Row: Diisha Hicks, Amanda Martin, Christina Walker, Jessica Turner, Margie Kabigting, Terri Klaes, Tommy Smigiel. Second Row: Megan Hilliard, Angel ValentinoFulani, Teresina Nowak, Michelle Lougran, Jordan Morris, Sherita Edwards, Dawn Morre, Kehli Fearing. Third Row: Nora Champagne, Xavier Calderon, Jennifer Markatine, Gerrit Groot Bluemink, Sonny Glen, Aisha Farouque. Fourth Row: Philip Ruggaber, Stacey Abbott, Keith Walentowski, Mike Arendall, Donald Thomas.



Obviously, the writers and photographers are an essential part of the Laureate staff... but there is; another group that is highly deserving of recognition: the Editorial Board. Without them, the yearbook would not happen. Editors Tommy

Smigiel, Terree Klaes, Keith Walentowski, and Amanda Martin peice together what will one day be a yearbook.

“I joined the staff because I vOant to be a tagout designer for a magazine or newspaper one day. I xOant any experience I can get." - Jennifer Sitka


Zeta Tau Alpha (ZTA) Front Row: Jenny Donchantz, Erika Murdock. Second Row: Candi Brammer, Holly Ramey, Cynthia Dunn, Cindy Shier, Jamie Shackleford, Pam Leland, Krista Harrell, Michelle Estrada!Arny Elkins, Danielle Roshov. Third Row: Tanya Nurtnold, Dianna Guess, Wendy Gebhart, Amy Donchantz, Charming Green, Liz Byrne, Suda Somvang, Carrie Wiftig, Heidi Yochum, Erica Rath, Elanyna Cauley, Rebecca Zuch.

Pride o n the !

O fficers: PresidentKrista Harrel; 1 st Vice President-Suda Som­ vang; Danielle Rosnov2nd Vice President; Treasurer-RebeccaZuch; Secretary-Kelly Cobb, A c c o m p lis h m e n ts : Think Pink B reast C ancer A w areness, P residen t’s Cup, Adopted 42nd Street, Fixed Dinners for AIDS pa tien ts, S tu dent Health Fair. G oa ls: Bring Greek unity. Reach out to the community. M embers: 40

“ ZTA has given me a foundation o f strength and truth, so that I may be a nobler vOoman in the \Vorld. ” - Pam Leland


Throughout pur lives, we learn to appreciate, through experience, the many interesting aspects of our cultural heritage and its unique qualities. In the Vietnamese culture, there are many interesting events surrounding the TET Vietnamese New Year's celebration. Here, member DayN gyuen performs the "Lion Dance", which is a symnbol of good luck.

“Vdhat \0e try to do is maintain our traditional culture, and to learn something nevO from other organizations.f 4 Khanh Tran

M o r e P rid e o n the : O ffic e r s : Michael



President-GuiHerrnoMaifori; Treasurer-Marion Long; Scribe-Seth Cohen; A ccom plish m ents: IFC “Being a brother o f Alpha Tau Omega has not only been a lot o f fun, but a great leadership experience.” -Mark Finley

Best Recruitm ent; IFC Best Community Service; IFC Brother of the Year. Goals: To win theirNational True Merit Award. M em bers: 42

Alpha Tau Omega (ATQ) Front Row: Daniel Barrett, Dave Hitchner, Guillermo Marfori, Lorenzo Sanders, Doug Trabilcy, Heath Schulman. Second Row: Jeff Patterson, Tim Garrett, Marcus Burke, Marian Long, Nathan Graham, Anthony Bapple.

1 1 8 - v ie t n . s t u d e n t a s s o c ./a l p h a t a u o m e g a

Ke The unity, shared ideas, And

bonding diversity o f the V SA are


Culture is a dominating element o f our lives. How we keep our cultures alive re­ mains to be determined by our own ambitions. The Vietnamese Student Association keeps their heritage alive by the many activi­ ties and events they sponsor throughout the school year. From their annual fashion show to the TET New Year’s Celebration, the members o f the Vietnamese Student Associa­ tion strive for unity among the numerous students who share their common ancestry. With over twenty active members, the Viet­ namese Student Association emphasizes cul­ tural awareness within the community. VSA also works with other intercultural organiza­ tions, such as the Asian Pacific American Student Union (APASU), and the Chinese Student Association (CSA). The unity, shared ideas, and diversity o f the VSA are exhibited through pride in the Vietnamese culture, by-.Amanda Martin and Suzy Rew

After the annual Vietnam­ ese Student Association fashion Show, members Nay Lam, Linda Pham, and Carolyn Ngo pose tp exhibit their "A o Dai", which is a traditional Vietnamese woman's dress. The annual Fashion Show is one of the many events the Vietnamese Student Association sponsors every year in an effort to spread and keep their culture alive.

exhibited through pride in their Vietnamese Student Association


Front Row: Chien Yee, Viet-Anh Vu, Ken Tibias, Cue Loi, Khanh Tran, Chi Nguy, Nu Nguy, Linda Pham, Phy Anh Vu, Thuy Huynh, Trang Nguyen, Anthony Phan. Second Row: Duy Nguyen, Nguyen Tran, Hung Tran, Long Mai, Sang Cao, Quang Trinh, Hung Nguyen, Phi Tran


Going above and beyond the call of duty, Alpha Xi Delta participated in an October "Trick-oc-Treat" canned food drive as a part of national "Make-ADifference Day". The group collected over 500 non-perishable food items, as well as donated clothing and toys. All items collected were donated to the Youth Crisis Network located in downtown Norfolk.

strhfJ 1

.............. Difference Alpha X i Delta is known throughout the campus community as one o f our most prominent and active sororities. First recog­ nized at ODU in 1964, AXiD is not only one o f our most highly respected sororities, but it was also the very first introduced to the University. AXiD, rich in tradition, adds to its legacy by participating in community out­ reach programs, while providing its members with leadership and sisterhood. Needless to say, the AXiD ladies take pride in their na­ tional motto, “ Helping Women Realize Their Potential.” “Being a part o f Alpha X i Delta has helped me to better involve myself on and o ff cam­ pus” , adds M elissa Craig. Along with oncampus events, AXiD participated in the national “Make-A-Differenee Day” food drive. Obviously, Alpha Xi Delta is more than lead­ ership and community... they’re about striving to make a difference. by: Suzy Rew

Our organizations are m ore than leadership and community ••• They are striving to mahe

Alpha Xi Delta (AHA) Front Row: Nessa Manalang, Christy Brumley, Alexis Becker, Jennifer McFadden, Jordan Morris, Melissa Beauchamp, Rac Melvin, Andrea Luise. Second Row: Lisa Lockwood, Eryn Sutliff, Lindsey Babashaniân, Stefanie Hall, Kendra Latham, Melissa Craig, Kristy Archer, Gretchen Gehweiler, Brooke Saunders, Stephanie Pagano, Brandy Lewis, Karen Obermeyer. Third Row: Jennifer Gorman, Gray Young, Hollister Shuck, Devon Tice, Kim Williams, Amy Baker, LizTiglao, Tanya Rushing, Teresa Denton, April McArthur, Jessica Gonzalez


a d ifferen ce.

Looks like the Alpha Xi Delta ladies and "BetXi Bear" were caught bustin' am ove! Not quitepictured here is one of their Fall Formal Rush events, a tradition in the Greek community. In this event, the sisters are performing their skit "Xi Diversity", which aimed to show the many and varied aspects of the Alpha Xi Delta members' lives.

WgÈÈÈÈÈÈÈÈÈÈÈMÈÈÈ^ ........ m-:r’ ... J


“Xde focu s on sisterhood. \\?e are actively involved \Vith

many philanthropies and community service events.” ~ Holli Shuck

M o r e P r i d e o n the O fficers:


Stefan Dunhem; VicePresident-M ichael Carolus; Sec.-Melinda Guynn; Treas.-Brett Silverman A c c o m p lis h m e n ts : Fall and Spring socials; American Chemical Society Front Row: Sterling Thomas, Brett Silverman, Stefan Dunhem, Mike Carolus, Gabe Byrd, Habib Zavar, Laquipha Johnson. Second Row: Erin Gilmore, Earl Patterson, Gilbert Bailey, Lisa Lockwood, Angela Vogel, Lisa Paddleford, Brad Whitehead. Third Row: Dr. John Cooper (Advisor), Brandon Simons, Steve Larson, Sarah Holden, Mindy Guynn

EVMS tour; NASA tour G oals: Shadow Day Program M embers: 39

“"My participation in the ACS has given me knoxVledge and experience to enrich my life’s goal.” -Lisa Paddleford


Feeling the power of the music, Ana Vito-Cruz executes a strong move during one of the many dance rehearsals held by the Dance Association. Strength and endurance are qualities needed to become a successful dancer...regardless of the genre being performed. The Dance Association includes styles such as modem, ballet, and jazz.

ia M

iP iM


‘The Dance Association has been a xOonderful part o f my life. FOe been able to unite xOith my felloxO dancers. ” -VOonne Pritchett

More .

; o n the Side O fficers: President-Renee Edwards;Vice PresidentChila Nicholson Goals: To promote unity and alliance between Greek organizations and

%This group has allovOed me to grovt as a person and enhance my leadership skills - EOxOell Batten

the surrounding Univer­ sity community. M em bers: 25-30

1 2 2 - o d u d a n c e a s s o c ./n a t . p a n h e l l e ic

National Panhellenic Council Front Row: Gayle Hicks (Sigma Gamma Rho), Misti Goodson (Zeta Phi Beta), Chila Nicholson (Alpha Kappa Alpha), Ockidde Harris (Alpha Phi Alpha), Tammy Ellis (Zeta Phi Beta), Reginald Webster Carter (Kappa Alpha Psi), Valanda Riley (Zeta Phi Beta). Second Row: Carl Couser (Kappa Alpha Psi), Damon Sparks (Kappa Alpha Psi), Gregory Hutchings (Alpha Phi Alpha), Renee Edwards (Alpha Kappa Alpha), Evwell Batten Jr. (Omega Psi Phi), James Parker (Alpha Phi Alpha), Reginald Bassette II (Kappa Alpha Psi).


G ro o v e

The Dance Association is an organization that is dedicated

The epitome o f style, poise, and grace, the Dance Association is an organization that is dedicated to artful expression through dance. Always striving for improvement, the Dance Association offers its members Master Class workshops which feature guest speak­ ers and performers. During these work­ shops, dancers receive valuable tips on per­ formance as well as feedback from profes­ sionals. The organization’s most momentous occasion was their Student Choreography Program in which the students wrote, di­ rected, and performed in the presentation. “The Dance Association has helped me bond and relate to other dancers. More importantly, it has helped me improve and grow as a dancer,” adds Robyn Webb* With all o f their previous accomplishments and expecta­ tions for future success, the Dance Association truly is an organization that is moving forward by leaps and bounds. by: Terree Klaes

With a body full of pride, style, and grace, Nikki W illiford stands strong for a moment during a performance. The majority of these perfor­ mances held by the Pance Department are held in either the Wilson G. Chandler Recital Hall inside the Deihn Fine and Performing Arts Building, or in the University Theater.

to artful expression through ODU Dance Association


Front Row: Nikki Williford, Nikkia Burks, Whitney Twiford, Natalie Baron, Tamika Burks, Elle Pak, Rachel Richmond. Second Row: Cristen Robinson, Ana Vito-Cruz, Christine Scott, Natasha Jordan, Jason Conrad, Robyn Webb, Heather Beasley, Yvonne Pritchett, Jennifer Sauls.



U nite........ u........ ...........TJtversity r W ll

Leadership is key to the success of any organization. Members of the Filipino Ameri­ can Student Associa­ tion (FASA), Oscar Operio and Steve Escobar, demonstrate their excellence in leadership while serving as delegates for the Filipino Intercolle­ giate Networking Dialogue (FIND)c

It has been one spectacular year for the Filipino American Student Association (FASA). The peak event for FASA occurred in early De­ cember when Philippine Ambassador Raul Ch. Rabe’ joined fellow students, community leaders, and University officials in the opening o f the new Filipino-American Student Cultural Center. The first o f its kind on the East Coast, the center will serve as a resource library and cul­ tural education headquarters for Filipino-Ameri­ can students on campus and throughout the community. The Filipino American Student Association provides a unifying atmosphere and a means for students o f this ethnicity to gather, as one, explore a common heritage, and share their experiences. With over seven-hundred Filipino students on campus, FASA has grown immensely over the years. They have matured into one of our most widely acclaimed and praised organiza­ tions. by: Mike Arendall

D iversity is the common thread that unites us so that we may bond and ¿row as

Filipino American Student Association (FASA) Front Row: Feuben Dio, Rownea Erguiza, Doreen Betiong, Loulella Cabales, Richie Am ado, Justine Monte, Mark Beunaventura, Goose Ventura, Willie Lombos. Second Row: Chris Palor, Michele Fajardo, Tina Ballesteros, Lenny Laureta, Melissa Querimit, Neleh Barcarse, Jane Cabales, Katrina Pen, Diisha Hicks, Gaida Celiz. Third Row: Steve Escobar, Maridel Mirador, Lee Orciga, Joseph Mahayag, Beejay Elefante, Michael Chain, Ritchelle Agcaoili, Bryce Rickett, Gerry Reyes, Miguel Poblete, Mark Gecolea.

124- fasa


Looks like Lovella

Cabales, Steve Escobar, Goose Ventura, and Chris Palor got a bit tied up while participating in the "Human Knot". This bizarre event7s purpose was to serve, as an ice­ breaker to show the members of the Filipino American Student Association the impor­ tance of teamwork in any it big or small!

"Being part o f FASA has made me realize the importance o f the Filipino culture and heritage.” - SteOe Escobar


Pride o n the {

O fficers:


Charmione Alexander; Vice President-Andrew Lee ;Secretary-Brianna B illups;

T reasurer-

Alexis Coleman. Accom plishm ents: Student forum with Rogers Student Association Front Row: Andrew Lee, Charmione Alexander, Clarence Bey. Second Row: Amanda Martin, Erin Hart, Chiama Morton, Alexis Coleman.

Student Senate. Goals: To make steps towards

im proving

residence life.

"USA vOas established to form a sense of community among the residents of Rogers Hall” -Tracis Anderson



In addition to performing tasks related to their groups, organizations miist also recruit new members. During the Fall Semester Main Street Organizational Fair, Institute of Electronics Engineers(IEEE) President, Richard Grabe, gives an interested student, Amanda Martin, tons of information and insight about this organization.

“IEEE has enabled me to make contacts With knowledgeable professors♦ Their assistance has furthered the development o f nty skills ” - Donald Oliver


Prid :o n the

“BSA has given me a comfortable place to Voice my concerns as a minority at ODD. It alloxVs me to accentuate nty leadership abilities through unity among students” Adrienne Cole



O ffic e r s : PresidentTaworia Davis;SecretaryAdrienne Cole; TreasurerFreddie Bolling; HistorianTreva Greer A c co mp lis h m e n ts : Tutoring at the YMCA; M arch of Dimes WalkAmerica; Cosponsor­ ed the “Male Black Summit”. Goals: To work with other organizations in hopes of sharing ideas and keeping black students aware of what is going on around them.

Black Student Alliance Front Row: Keshia Smith, Freddie Bolling, Treva Greer. Second Row: Tonya Spencer, Tracy Ferrell, Taworia Davis, Adrienne Cole.


-Power IEEE encourages all engineering students to take part in this

Our Engineering Department is always chang­ ing and expanding. The University is proud of the amount o f interest students have expressed by actively participating in organizations such as the Institute o f Electrical and Electronic Engi­ neers. This organization gives students the opportu­ nity to become a part o f the world’s largest professional organization. The local chapter offers an “Engineering Students Only” study room in Kaufman Hall, IEEE student branch computers, and access to senior engineering students.

The fields of électronics and engineering are disciplines that require intricacy and multi­ faceted perspectives. It takes much more than a steady hand to be a master in these fields. It takes knowledge and patience as well.Engineering student, Mark Saunders, demonstrates just how delicate and intricate electrical working can really be.

Along with these numerous advantages, IEEE members are equally enthusiastic about taking part in extra-curricular activities with the organi­ zation which include hearing speakers from local businesses and government facilities. The mem­ bers from IEEE encourage all engineering stu­ dents to take part in this educational and re­ warding organization. by: Megan Rapisardi

educational and rewarding organization. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Front Row: Darren Com bs, Melinda Pearson, Donald Oliver. Richard Grube, Dr. Jack Stoughton (Advisor).

Second Row:

IE E E -127

T h e j..............v....... Competitive forensic categories range from "Extemporaneous Speaking" to "Poetry" and "Prose". The humorous interpretation category has what's called the "After Dinner Theatre" event, in which partici­ pants perform comedy acts that they have composed. Here, forensicator Dalana Sturm shows her stuff while competing in the dramatic events.

rower of .

.............. O ne voice The Old Dominion University Forensics and Debate Team is a nationally recognized group that competes with such prestigious establish­ ments as George Mason University and Ohio State University. But, no matter how stiff the competition, this team always comes out shining! The Forensics and Debate Team is an excel­ lent example o f the commitment and teamwork found at the University. Uniting such diverse talents is quite an awesome task. Forensic events require introspective creativity and expres­ sion through vocal inflection, whereas debate events demand analytical perspectives and infal­ lible argumentation. This team possesses the dedication and talent that will continue to earn them awards, trophies, and a yearly trip to compete in the National Forensics/Debate Championships. The Forensics and Debate Team shows us just how strong united voices can be. by: Suzy Rew


matter how s t iff the competition, the Forensics and Debate Team always comes ont

Forensics and Debate Team Front Row: Yolanda Gordon, Tara Bailey, Jennifer Watson, Dalana Sturm, Noelle Gabriel. Second Row: Alecia Jones, Eric Sughrue, Angel Valentino-Fulani, Sandra Jo Washington (Coach), Mistie Betzing, Denise McNelly. Not Pictured: Fred Warren (Asst. Coach), Chris Clayton, Jennifer Sherwood.

1 2 8 - f o r e n s ic s t e a m a n d d e b a t e t e a m


Team members Jennifer Sherwood and Noelle Gabriel triumphantly prepare to leave Manches­ ter, New Hampshire and return to Norfolk. While participating in the Jack Lynch Invitational Tourney at St. Anselm's College, the Forensics and Debate Team won 12 individual awards and the 3rd Place Team Sweepstakes trophy, which Noelle proudly displays.

“Forensics allovOs me to oOertly display the dramatic person I covertly hide.” - Denise FfcNelly


Pride o n the i

O fficers: President-Tim Donovan; Vice PresidentChris Carroll; SecretaiyEric Malzs; TreasurerMatt Jenkins Accom plishm ents: Volunteered for the Special Lambda Chi Alpha (AXA) Front Row: Matt Jenkins, Tim Donovan, Shannon Temes, Will Giandoni, Jon Seguin, Eric Malls , Zack Wyatt. Second Row: Dave Bess, Adam Lutsky, Jamie Deegan, Chris Carrol, Shalen Cain, Jayme Michnya, Thomas Michaels, Allen Valencia. Third Row: Chris Bartnick, Troy Land, Roz Mario, Jay Patel, Drew Teaves, Daniel Sullivan, Matt Halton, Dave Shope.




Foundation, and the WHRO project. M em bers: 37

“lambda Chi Alpha has increased my confidence to be the best at xOhat I xOant to do.” - Will Giandoni



Wonder what Emalee Crapo and John Stover are up to! Whatever it is, you can be sure it isn't trouble. Actually, they're talking to student Kevin Hyde about the Honor Pledge. The Honor Council is constantly informing students about the Honor Code, the Honor Pledge, what they mean, and why these creeds are an integral part of our University.

“Honor and integrity haVe less lo do \Vithacts of heroism and Valor, and more to do xVith ho\Vyou act xVhen no one is xOatching.” - Ron Talento

M o r e Pride o n the Officers:


Amisha Jefferson; Vice President of MembershipKathleen Cailteux; Vice President


R itual-

Chrishawn Floyd “Music heals the soul Talent and expression develop character. Sigma Alpha Iota does both.” ~AmishaJefferson


A ccom plish m en ts: Donated to Paraguay P roject




community for Gateways. M em bers: 5


Sigma Alpha Iota (ZAI) Front Row: Dr. Jo Ann Sims (Patroness) Second Row: Juvon LeGare, 1 Amisha Jefferson, Rosemarie Liu, Grace Ablane, Chrishawn Michelle Floyd.

Judge |§

The Honor Council


| makes sure I


that the Honor

I P led ge is adhered to, and that I


J u ry

Do you recall nervously signing your appli­ cation for admission to Old Dominion? Well, when you did, you signed the Honor Pledge. In doing so, you promised to refrain from academic dishonesty, to report any suspected violators o f the pledge, and to show up to an Honor Council hearing, if summoned: You signed the University’s most important creed. The Honor Pledge is so important, in fact, that there is an entire organization dedicated to preserving its integrity. That group is the Honor Council. The Honor Council makes sure that the pledge is adhered to, and that each student is aware o f what it means. They also keep students informed o f the repercussions Honor Pledge violations may hold. Their mission is to be o f service to the Students, faculty, and staff o f this fine institution. The University appreciates their service and dedication. by: Suzy Rew

Want to learn more about thè Honor Council? Attend some of the events featured in Honor Week! Here, Honor Council members Peter Cardillo and Rhonda Spring Houpt participate in Honor Week. This event is the Honor Council's "M ock Trial", where they show students what really goes on in a student hearing. Would you want to cross these two?

each student is aware o f what it Honor Council


Front Row: Rhonda Spring Houpt, Chevonda Callender, Amanda Stedman, Ron Talento, Katie Griffin, Amy Lynn Bierowski. Second Row: Sara Weniger, Peter

Cardillo, Kendra Langlois, Patrick Benner, John Stover, Emalee Crapo, Beth Elder.



Power r .................. No, it7s not a Crest advertisement...it7s the Chi Omega ladies. There are so many different aspects involved in "Going Greek77. These include th? social aspects to the community and service aspects. Here, Erin Roberts and Kim Walker are enjoying the social aspect of their organization at a Fall semester graduation party.

•.......... -S isteih ood What are the qualities that make an organiza­ tion great? Dedication? Unity? Scholarship? Well, if these qualities are present in great orga­ nizations, then Chi Omega is the epitomy o f excellence. Chartered here in 1964, it is the largest national women’s sorority. Our Chi Omega chapter, consisting o f approximately thirty-five members, is one o f the campus’ most active sororities. The group has an active partnership with Larchmont Elementary School with their “Read Aloud” program in which the group offers their tutoring and mentoring services to school chil­ dren. They also provide additional community services by volunteering at the Children’s Festi­ val at Towne Point Park. “Chi Omega holds high morals and standards. We are not just a social group. We focus on scholarship, community service, campus activi­ ties, and friendship,” adds Kim Walker. Chi Omega truly is an example for all organizations. by: Suzy Rew

Dedication. Unity. Spirit. Scholarship. W hat are the

I j

defining characteristics that lead an


organization I to Chi Omega (XQ) Front Row: Melinda Woodall, Kristin Davis, Melinda Dixon, Ericka Bjorken> Shelley Woods, Jaclyn Smith, Christina Mills.. Second Row: Samantha Heare, Shannon Snyder, Heather Money, Alexis Grindstaff, Allison Bullock, Jen Grosz, Meredith Casey, Cary Chappell, Melissa Shepherd. Third Row: Stephanie L. Fisher, Monica Hodson, Jennifer Caswell, Claire Fredericks, Monica Cuevas, Lori Newman, Vicki Firth, Michelle Vance, Rachel7Dency, Michelle Stollings.




Our organizations are so mpch more than mere social endeavors. Chi Omega serves as a perfect example for this fact. Chi Omega provides the Tidewater community with many service and outreach projects. Rachel' Dency and Jackie Smith participate by volunteer­ ing their time at a Satur­ day carnival at Larchmont Elementary School in Norfolk.

“Being a sister has allowed me the opportunity to giOe back to the campus and community.” -Michelle Vance


Pride o n the !

O fficers: Tena



V ice

President-Yavar Moghimi; SecretaryRazi Ali; TreasurerMelissa Lanier Accom plishm ents: Various activities to Inter-Hall Residence Council (IRC) Front Row: Caroline Gonzalez, Yavar Moghimi, Lisa Post. Second Row: Courtney DeRamos, Kiyah Tyler, Alesha Flint, Tena Daye, Charmione .Alexander. Third Row: Louis DePasquale, Millicent Lee, Daniel Elliot, Andrew Lee, Lois Reid (Advisor).

prom ote fellow sh ip among residents. M em bers: 12

“IRC is one o f the best organizations on campus because of their dedication to students in the residence halls.” -AndrexO Lee



Many organizations promote togetherness by hosting retreats in which members can bond and develop goals for the upcoming semesters. Although fun, these retreats can be incredibly draining. John Pratt helps fellow Baptist Student Union members James Walpole and Pat Ryan relax by playing a little music while On their Fall Retreat.

“IV is great. It’s xOhere I g et spiritual uplift each \0eek. XVe alt take God and His vOord seriously, but not o ur selves. Thou shall surely die if though com est not to InterVarsity” -

Pat Ryan

M o r e P rid e o n the O ffic e r s :


Tameka Garret; 1st VicePresident: Shawnte Branch; 2nd Vice-President:Angie Brady; Sec: LaCrecia Pierce Accomplishments: District “T h e m em bers o f

Conference, Boys and Girls

C ircle K a re alt a b ig

Club, Operation Smile, the

family. \Ve enjoy having a grea t time together, xOhile providing serv ice to our cam pus and com munity.” -TraVis Bryant


Dwelling Place. Goals: To provide com­ munity service Members: 30

Circle K Front Row: Kenyotta Rucker, Tiffany Ford, Delonte Russell, LaCrecia Pierce, Tameka Garrett, Shawnte Branch, Angela Brady, Tracy Ferrell, Monique Smith. Second Row: JuCoby Hendrick, Jamiaka James, Lanae Briggs, Trina Trent, Nakia Harris, Travelle Seabrook, Crystal Potee. Back Row: Keta Banks, Todd Marville, Kimon Jefferson, Travis Bryant, James Custis, Jr.


Celebrating-........... .............. Intervarsity Christian Fellowship tabes fraternity to new heights hy

nG o sp e l

Looking to experience and share the gos­ pel? Look no further than the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. This organization not only enjoys religious bonding, but takes fra­ ternity to new heights by discussing contro­ versial topics with a Christian twist. During their October concert featuring the music group “Pop’s Body Shop” , the group took additional time to discuss absolute truth, relativism, and Christian tolerance in light o f the gospel. The organization also travelled to the statewide Fall Conference concerning sexuality and gender issues. IVCF strives to confront today’s issues. Active member Bonnie Carter adds, “Intervarsity Christian Fellowship is always an uplifting experience.” So, if you’re look­ ing for brotherhood and religious insight into contemporary issues, check out the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. by: Suzy Rew

Where there's smoke, there's definitely fire...and Chris Garcia lets the whole Intervarsity Christian Fellowship crew know it, too. In search of the perfect Halloween costume, Chris decided to get a little imaginitive. Combining pyrotechnics, an obscene amount of cardboard, and a whole lot of courage, he sure came up with one hot ensemble. Trick or treat!

discussing controversial topics with a Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

Christian twist.

Front Row: Tim Southerland, M.C. and Small Group Leader, Zach Hardison, Redonna Rudy (Large Group Coordinator), Heidi Morris (Inreach Coordinator), Sarah Pratt (Outreach Coordinator), Andrea W oods (Leadership Coordinator). Second Row: James Walpole, Esther Morrisett, Melissa Lehman, Kristen Rennie, Aaron Najera, Sean Murphy, Wendy Childress, Doris Thompson. Third Row: Abby Champagne, Cathy Hugo, Bonnie Clarke, Amanda Bunsavage, Christopher Cuthriell. Fourth Row: Timothy Lemer, Kevin Tremper, Chris Garcia, Benjamin Doyle, Michael Alemrith, Katie Adler.



B eing


Imagine being placed in die w oods with only a compass and a map to find your way out. Think you could do it? The AROTC trains participants acquire the skills needed for tasks just like that during their Land Navigation training. Major Rhett Russell helps Cadet M onice Robelly descend from the Foreman Field Wall in preparation for the rigorous training that lies ahead.


Ü Pa Jn A

Can Be

The Army Reserve Officers Training Corps (AROTC) is a national program that is cus­ tom made to allow students to earn under­ graduate degrees while training to serve our nation. Upon graduation, ROTC graduates becom e commissioned officers in the United States Army. Students enrolled in the pro­ gram must work diligently to complete rigor­ ous physical training while keeping up with their academics as well. The Army ROTC program offers partici­ pants the opportunity to gain the education, team-building skills, and leadership qualities that will lead them to success whether they contintue to serve after the madatory com ­ mission time, or go on to pursue careers outside o f the military. However difficult the journey, the benefits o f completing the Army Reserve Officers Training Corps program are unsurpassed. by: Suzy Rew

The AROTC offers participants the opportunity to gain the education and leadership qualities that will

Army ROTC Front Row: Gerald Bautad, Clement Danish, Darkeesha Bailey, Charlene LaMountain, Major Rhett Russell, Cambrey Massey, Anthony Williams, Mark Nordwall. Second Row: Charles Whipple, Nathan Schmidt, Said Maqsodi, Jim Halstead, Matthew Phillips, Todd Hook.

lead them to success.

136 -ARMY


Yes, this hurts! Although Cadet John O'Sullivan makes the bob-wire obstacle look easy, being a few inches away from the piercing wire would make even the smallest soldier sweat. O'Sullivan is doing what they call the "low crawl", while holding on to his equipment. Other obstacles might include monkey bars, long jumps over walls and ditches, and wall climbing.

“Strength, endurance, and determination. If you haven’t already learned them, ROTC \Oill teach you ” ~ Gerald Bautad

M o r e P rid e o n t h e

Pi Beta Phi (IIBO) Front Row: Brooke Rogers Sara Schirartzlow, Penny Kokoris, Puja Puri, Adelia Kerekes, Crystal Holland, Jill Zahratka, Erynn Millard, Alexis Morrison. Second Row: Brooke Briggs, Nicole Pagan, Natalie Clousser, Tiffany Sines, Lauren Bowen, Allison Sloggin, Robynn Stokes, Lisa Paddleford, Jennifer Jaramillo. Third Row: Stephanie Black, Teressa Dent, Marina Dearborn, Jennifer Larson, Katie Bolt, Jana Acker; Dara Cattani, Candace Anderson. Fourth Row: Elizabeth Perry, Dana Pierce, Kendra Kleppe, Emily Ruiter, Sarah Jones, Jennifer Winslow, Heather St. Onge. Back Row: Misti Redden, Breauna Brescia, Karen Winslow.

O fficers: Pres: Allison Scoggins; VP Moral: Natalie Clousser; VP Social: Brooke Briggs; VP M ental: Lisa Paddleford; Sec: Penny Kokoris; Tres: Sara Schwartzlow. Accom plishm ents: AIDS w alk, WHRO teleth on , A lcoh ol Awareness programs G o a l s : Strengthen sisterh ood , R ainse grades for Change Document M em bers: 45

“PiPhi has really m ade my college exp erien ce a great one . It has taught m e go o d leadership skills and my sisters are the best around.” -B rooke B riggs



"I will not eat green eggs and ham. I will not eat them, Sam I am!" Golden Key members dedicate a great deal of time and effort to tutoring and mentoring students around the Norfolk and Hampton Roads commu­ nity, Felicia Fields reads to a young school child to show her that reading is not only essential, but it is also entertaining at the same time.

“Being a part o f Golden Key enables me to utilize my leadership, scholarship, and community service skills.” ~Kendra l^anglois

M o r e P rid e o n t h e <

“The chapter members have proven over and over again through their accomplishments, that it takes determination and dedication, not large members, to do a good job.” i Carol Pickett


O fficers: Pres: Tammy Ellis; VP: Misti Goodson; Parliamentarian: Lashonda Gardner; Sec: Dominique Ennis. A ccom plish m en ts: Raised money for Bone Marrow donors and Boys and Girls Club, Sickle Cell Walk. Goals: S ch ola rsh ip , Service, Finer W oman­ hood, and Sisterly Love M em bers: 5


Zeta Phi Beta (ZOB) Front Row: Tammy Ellis, Dominique Ennis. Back Row: LaShonda Gardner, Misti Goodson, Valanda Riley.


fclfefou öl Golden Key National Honor Society worked diligently to spread tkeir

If you can recall the familiar children’s fairytale about Good King Midas, you’ll re­ member that everything the king touched turned to gold. Hence the phrase, the “ Golden Touch” . One organization that worked diligently to spread their “ Golden Touch” throughout the community is the Golden Key National Honor Society. The group spent much o f its time helping the younger generations o f the Hampton Roads area through various activi­ ties. Golden Key National Honor Society put up a Christmas Angel Tree and also partici­ pated in a local tutoring/mentoring program for area schools. Who knows? Maybe in a few years, those same children helped by the Golden Key National Honor Society will contintue to spread the “ Golden Touch” throughout the community.

One of the several service projects that Golden Key participated in was their Christmas Angel Tree. On the tree were the names of needy children in the area. People chose names from the tree and purchased or donated toys and clothes to be given to these children. Lindsay Cerezo adorns this year's tree with festive ornaments and the names of these very special children.

b y : N o ra Champagne

“Golden Touch” throughout the Golden Key National Honor Society


Front Row: Beth Maeyer, Felicia Fields, Kendra Langlois, Brian Luis Garcia. Back Row: Julie Grillo, Jennifer Farrell, Lindsay Cerezo, Heather Foxwell.


Do you have what it takes? The Dance Team does! It takes dedication, talent, and of course, a lot of practice. The Dance Team not only performs for the Athletic Depart­ ment, but also offers its service and entertainment at various University events. Missy Wade poses at the end of a routine performed at the Student Senate University Pride Day.

Moving fo m Own Beat

Enthusiasm, Talent, Energy, and Spirit. These are only a few o f the characteristics possessed by the dedicated ladies that make up the Monarch Dance Team. These gifted women combine their awesome talent and unprecedented spirit to provide entertainment at athletic and University events. The nine women o f the Monarch Dance Team literally work their tails o ff throughout the school year. The group performs for various campus occassions, such as Univer­ sity Pride Day and the Tennessee Carbashing. These are in addition to each o f the home Monarch basketball games. These ladies are a busy bunch! No matter what the occassion is, the Monarch Dance Team’s dedication, energy, and perserverance show our campus and community what it truly means to have Mon­ arch Pride. b y : Am anda M artin

Enthusiasm. Talent. Energy. Spirit. These are only a few words that describe the Monarch

Monarch Dance Team Left to Right: Kim Fountain, Tierra Young, Lelani Tamondong, Dawn Adams, Amiya Keene, Kristin Stowe, Teonette Velasco, Maria DaCruz, Adela Mitchell.

Dance Team.



The Monarch Dance Team waits patiently before performing at the Tennes­ see Carbashing, which was sponsored by Student Senate and Student Activities Council. The treacherous practices the team endures all year long prepare them for moments like these when they must get up and perform. The ladies did a great job of riling the crowd before the Big game.

“I joined the team to improve my techniques and dancing abilities. One da] I hope to oxOn my oxOn dance studio.” ~Da\\>nAdams

M o r e P rid e o n th e

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia (OMA) Left to Right: Martin Mikles, Chuck Anderson, Robert Hallingshead, Nathan Zeisler, John Sexton, Joe DeBeasso, Danny Lee, Jason Gillette, Jim Reid, William Bartolotta, Dennis Zeisler

O fficers: Pres: Nate Z eisler; VP: Joe DeBeasso; Sec: Jim R eid; T res: J a son Gillette Accom plishm ents: Helped out with Diehn Recital Series. G oals: To develop and actively promote the highest standards of performance, educa­ tion, creativity, and research of music in America. M em bers: 15

“PriA Sinfonia has been a great opportunity for me to explore music outside o f class through the brotherhood o f the chapter.” -Nate Zeisler



vill count to ten and you vill be in a deep sleep/' chants the hypnotist. While "hypno­ tized", students were made to do hilarious things like dance in their chairs. The hypnotist was just one of the many entertainment acts that SAC provided to keep students stress free. Other specialists included a palm reader and a tarot card interpreter.

“SAC is a great \Vay to get involved on campus and meet many interesting people.” - Beth Maeyer


o n the


O fficers: Pres: Samantha Morrell; VP: Dee Cox; Recording Sec: Kim Stroud; Treasurer:

Mary Ann

Hubbell. A ccom p lish m en ts: “Beta Alpha Psi is a great opportunity for accounting majors to prepare for a career in accounting.” -Samantha Morrell


Superior Fraternity status, Foodbank service project. GoaIs;Toprovidemteraction

Beta Alpha Psi (BAY)

between students, faculty,

Front Row: Denise Moe, Linda French, Christy Smith, Quan Chi, Elskt Parker. Second Row: Neely Duncan, Candy Barr, Melissa Barrett, Karen

and professionals.

BAtes, Cici Carter, Heidi Li, Peggy-Jo Sallade, Chris Anderson, Joseph Suhuski. Third Row: Melissa Viado, Lauren Neary, Lih-Chyun Chen, Vienna So, Stephanie St. Clair, Mary Price, Jamie Sanford, Samantha Morrell. Back Row: Robert France, Lance Poulter, David Taylor, Carla Blake, Sara Lemstrom, Terry Lampe, Dennis Mannion.

Members: 28


Lights, ■

SAC realizes the magnitude of campus involvement and strives to promote active




If there was an awesome event on campus this year, you can pretty much bet that the Student Activities Council had something to do with it. This organization, known com ­ monly as SAC, organizes, promotes, and hosts all sorts o f outstanding activities for students throughout the semester. Included on their impressive list o f regular events is their notorious film series held in the Mills Godwin Life Science Building, which draws quite a crowd. SAC also hosted an array o f specialty events this year including the Laugh-Off Comedy Show, the Mahogany ‘99 Black Arts Festival, and Sofapalooza. SAC realizes the magnitude o f campus involvement, and makes it their purpose to promote active participation by providing the campus with quality activities. No doubt about it, the Student Activities Council does an excellent jo b keeping this campus busy. by: Suzy Rew

It is not very often that a Generation-X icon shows up on campus. In February, MTV came to promote their popular Spring Break Show. Students were encouraged to apply for such shows as "The Grind" and the ever popular "Real World". Beth Maeyer and Beth Lehtonen manned the tables and helped the good people at MTV during their stay.

campus particpation by holding quality Student Activities Council


Front Row: Jennifer Powers, Samata Kodolikar, Puja Püri, Joë Callahan, Agelique Nguyen, Colleen Joyce, Julie Grillo. Second Row: Natalie Robeson, Carol Ann Gardler, Michelle Vance, Marye Cherry, Dalia Biascan, Devon Tice. Third Row: Ryan Robertson, Preston Noe, Brian Hull, Samir Patel, Candice Krausa. Back Row: Stuart Jones, Pravash Mukherjee, Andre Robinson, Keith Clemente, Pat McCurty, Patrick Benner.


A T o u c h :...... ........ Preference is the reason

Wendy Hall, Kristen Kelly, Raquel Wright, and Lili Valentine are all gussied up. What is preference? It's the official last night of Formal Rush. The ceremony is very elegant and exciting, since this is where most bids are extended into rushees. Delta Zeta's ceremony usually takes place at their alumni, Ms. Jordan's, house.

............... •"••••Class If you needed two words to describe the tremendous impact a group o f women could have on a single campus, those words would be Delta Zeta. The women o f the Delta Zeta Sorority keep record high standards o f aca­ demics, leadership, morals, and service. Cel­ ebrating their thirty-fourth active year on campus, the sisters continue to succeed in all endeavors. The wonderful ladies o f Delta Zeta made an incredible contribution to the University and to the Hampton Roads community through various events this year. The group co-sponsored events with the Women’s Cen­ ter, participated in the Cerebral Palsy Walk, and actively took part in the Adopt-A-Highway Program. These ladies strive to make a difference. Not only do these women touch the lives o f their sisters, but they touch the lives o f everyone they meet. by: Amanda Martin

The women of Delta Zeta Sorority keep record high standards of academics, leadership,

Delta Zeta (AZ) Front Row: Michelle Nowak, Melissa Potter, Jennifer Butler, Meredith Hemenway, Sarah Conners. Second Row: Rosemarie Morales, Maryanne Allejos, Cynthia Horn, Gwen Hughes, Kristen Kelly. Third Row: April Wyatt, Scarlet Parker, Shannon Walsh, Rebecca Larsen. Back Row: Michelle Gulrud, Heather Dodd, Kristin Luther, Heather Jewett.

morals, and service.

1 4 4 - DELTA ZETA

No, the orange vests are not Delta Zeta's new look. Actually, the sorority adopted four exit ramps off of 1-64 where they conduct a semesterly clean-up session. It took 15 girls nearly two hours to clean up all of the trash and garbage that had piled up in the bushes, grass, and ditches. For safety reasons, the ladies aren't permitted to cross the interstate during the task.

¡BM M ÉÉM ili

1 “A s a DZ, I hale learned to honor the sacred meaning behind a sisterhood. I believe in all that it stands f o r ” - Meredith HemenxOay



Pi Kappa Phi (IlKO) Left to Right:

Dan Benington, James Boyd, Pedro Santiago, Jason Bierenbaum, Pat McCurdy, Joe Dowd, Jeremy Sturm, David Zimbro, Erik Bastelar, Brent Gill.


o n the

O ffic e r s : A rch on: Jason Bierenbaum; V .A rch on: Keith Clemente; Tres: David Zimbro; Sec: Jonathan Reed; H ist: David M orath; W arden: C hristian M eruvia; Chap: Jeremy Quinter. Accom plishm ents: Philanthropy- Push American Goals: To continue the stron g tra d ition o f brotherhood for 35th active year on campus. M em bers: 31

“Pi Kappa Phi, the only fraternity on campus. LiOe it, loOe it, learn it” ~Joe DoxOd



"The Lady Monarch have triumphed once again!" screams Chris Vion to the listeners o f WODU. Along with Matthew McGaw, Chris hosts " The Zone: Post Game Show" after the Monarch basketball games. WODU has radio shows for all listeners, whether you like sports, Salsa music, heavy metal, alternative, dance, br just sitting around and shooting the breeze!

‘WODUhas given me an insight into the recording industry and helped me to get many contacts for the future -Pat Cooney

M o r e P rid e o n the ! O fficers: Pres: Matthew B loedorn ;



W eirich; T rès:

C hris

Companion. A ccom p lish m en ts: Dominion 5 Convention “I am fairly sure that vOe haVe reached our goat o f having fun!” - MatthexC Bloedorn

G oals: Increase aware­ ness around campus of Role Playing and Table Top Science Fiction and Fantasy Club

games that are hades in

Front Row:

Ryan Weirich, Richard Williams, Johann Strosahl, Mik

both Fantasy and Science

Harpis, Mike Berard, Luke Katafiasz. Back Row: Michael Blackstone

Fiction realms.

Charles Lee, Matthew Bloedorn, Josh Taylor, Ron Johnson, Fred Spiker

M em bers: 15 1 4 6 - W O D U /SΠN CE FICTION AND FANTASY CLUB

S h ock in g .......... ..... Airwaves WODU plays the largest variety of music in Hampton Roads with music

Are you sick and tired o f bland commercial radio? Then perhaps you should tune into ODU’s very own radio station, WODU AM 1570. WODU plays the largest variety o f music in Hampton Roads with music styles ranging from hip-hop and R&B to metal, techno, and alterna­ tive. The station also offers student produced shows that cater to every preference, mainstream or eccentric. Best o f all, the station operates twenty-four hours a day. Not only does the station entertain the cam­ pus over the airwaves, but they also work at community and University events. WODU was a source o f great entertainment at the Student Senate’s Monarch Mania before the men’s bas­ ketball game at the Scope. WODU strives to entertain. So, if you are bored with industry radio and yearn for fun-filled entertainment, set your dial to AM 1570 and cruise with the wild and zany crew at WODU. by: Ashleigh M. Etheridge

"Which program should go on at eight o'clock?" asks WODU station manager, Burgandi Collins to DJ Doughboy. There is so much more involved in radio produc­ tion than broadcasting. Staff members must bid for time slots, work office hours, attend staff meetings, and of course, decide the music selec­ tions which will be played during the shows.

styles ranging from hiphop and W ODU

RSB, to

Fröht Row: Jason Bryant, Dan Palmer, Bobby Mercer, Corey Kenner, Ërnesfo Acosta, John Banks. Second Row: Jason Ausmus, Laurie Brown, Burgandi Collins, Nicole Baudassi, Andre Lee Chin, Paul McReynolds. Third Row: Davion Hussen, DJ Ray, DJ Doughboy, Paul Bennett, Lou Mullin, Raa'yah King, Danny Valentini.

metal. WODU


During the Fall semester, the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc participated in the Big Brother /Big Sister picnic. The group, along with other Greek organizations On campus, participated by perform足 ing their step routine for the attendees. These ladies put oh an excellent ^ performance for all to enjoy. The sisters showed us all how to put your best foot forward.

Reaching Out.... ... Difference

Celebrating twenty-four years o f excellence, the Kappa Gamma chapter o f Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. maintains a strong pres足 ence on campus by sponsoring workshops and programs that are designed to uplift, enlighten, and entertain. The sisters partici足 pate in tutoring and mentoring programs at the Hunton YMCA, the Southside Boys and Girls Club, and pay monthly visits to the William T. Hall Senior Residence Center. The group stresses awareness by presenting discussions on topics such as health, politics, education, econom ic empowerment, and multicultural issues. The chapter has also received honors in足 cluding the 1997-98 chapter o f the year award and a nomination for organization o f the year. An example to all organizations, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorotiy, Inc. dedicates itself to service o f all mankind. by: Chila Nicholson

An example to all organizations, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. dedicates itself to service of

Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA) Left to Right: Lovlee Jones, Hadyn Gardner, Tamara Carter, Chila Nicholson^ Brandy


Jemigan, Renee Edwards, Katrice Purdie, Ta-Tanisha Wallace, Cassandra Howie.

mankind. 1 4 8 - ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA

Alpha Kappa Alpha ladies Rene Edwards and Chila Nicholson participate in one of the sororities most successful programs, "Ivy AKAdemy". This pro­ gram was a mentoring and tutoring program that targeted elementary and middle school children. AKA takes great pride in their service /outreach programs and stresses the importance of academics to area youth.

“AKA is dedicated to sisterhood, community service, and uptiftment o f the human race ” -Sharifa Chariery

M o r e P rid e o n the S id e

PanHellenic Council Front Row: Jennifer Butler, Rebecca Larsen, Sunny McGann, Gina Thrasher, Jordan Morris, Suda Somvang, Eritia Murdocte. Back Row: Hethur Dwyer (advisor), Kerri Bailey, Wendy feebhajt, Robynn Stokes, Lauren Bowen, Shelley Woods.

O fficers: Pres: Gina Garcia Thrasher; VP: Sunny M cGann; VP Rush: Suda Somvang; VPP.R.: Jordan Morris; Sec: Wendy Gebhart; Tres: Becca Larsen; Jr. Pan: Robynn Stokes; Pari./By-Laws: Shelley Woods. Accom plishm ents: Formal Rush, Hunger Banquet, Relay for Life, Change Document G oals: Greek Unity, Scholastics, Leader­ ship, Community Ser­ vice M em bers: 21

“PanHellenic Council helps unite greeks on campus, alloxVs for leadershiop opportunities, community service, friendship and programsjg -Gina Thrasher



"Just checking up on all my stuff/' confirmed Thomas Chalmers, the Entertainment Editor for the Mace and Crown. Thorrvas, along with two of the graphic designers, Michele Montgomery and Stephanie Hale, are working on current deadline editing. Since the paper comes out each Tuesday, the staff works a lot of overtime in order to get it out in time.

‘Tlace and CrovOn should be giOen more freedom as to vOhat vOe can report. If it's the truth, then it’s the truth* -Aidaima TIiddaugh

M o r e P rid e o n the i O fficers:

Pres: Carrie

H ubbell; VP: Matthew Adam; Sec: Stacye Litton; Tres: Velvin Finch. A ccom p lish m en ts: Internship Fair, Com ­ ‘\\>e are trying to better both the community and the couseting program by introducing different aspects o f the field into our organization” -TlatthexO Adam

munity Service G oals: To enhance the counseling profession at ODU and to give students an idea about counseling fields. M em bers: 31

Human Services Counseling Association Front Row: Juana Rodriguez, Velvin Fitch, Lynette Duchene, Carrie Coleman, Kim Ellis, Tamara Wilson, Dominique Lawson. Second Row: Carrie Hubbell, Christine Bilerke, Courtney Taylor, Rebecca Price, Latoya Dumas. Back Row: Tonia Copeland, Stacye Litton, Matthew Adam, Genie Russ.


The Mace and Crown strives to bring news, information, and entertainment to the

Madgie McCrae is her name and advertising is her game. Madgie has been on the Mace and Crown staff for almost two years, so she can face the upcoming deadline without even breaking into a sweat Madgie is always relaxed and laid back when in her own space...though she always has her coffee at her side

Will this article run? Can I get this shot? What angle do I shoot this picture from ? Will I meet my deadline? These are ques­ tions that newspaper staff members must confront on a daily basis. These are the everyday stresses you will find at the Mace and Crown, the University’s student produced to keeP her §om§ through the rough times. periodical. This dedicated group creates a weekly publication, so the staff o f the M&C is constantly facing deadlines, which presents an enormous amount o f pressure. Even when faced with binding situations, the crew at the Mace and Crown pulls through and comes out shining every time. Why do they put themselves through such stress? It’s simple. Because they all share a common goal: To bring news, information, and entertainment to the students, faculty, and staff o f ODU. Besides, if they didn’t do it, who would? by: Holly Jarratt

students, faculty, and staff of Mace and Crown ODU.

Front Row: Mark Wilcox Jr., Thomas Chalmers, Will Bassett. Second Row: Christopher Cuthriell, Dan Drummond, Robert Koch, Neil Dennis. Back Row:

Mark Hamlin, Eileen Carey, Dr. Joyce Hoffman.



During the Student Senate Retreat held over Winter Break in Sandbridge, VA, Senators Heather Wiest,

Akhira Mims, Hud Williams, and Vice President Anthony Crenshaw focus intensely during a competitive game of "ODU Jeopardy". Senators competed to answer Monarch Trivia because it is the goal of Senate to be as knowl­ edgeable as possible about the university they represent.

H onor f

,ea ers


n ity

This year, the Student Senate has come full circle. This group o f dedicated individu­ als works together to serve the campus com ­ munity in all areas o f student life. Events such as the Tennessee and UConn/W&M Carbashings, the Senate Coffee Hour, the Budget Town Hall Meeting, and the Honor Society Fair allowed Senators and students many opportunities to interact. Senate pur­ sued a rigorous schedule o f projects in an effort to make student life both more enjoy­ able and more productive. “I enjoy the op­ portunity to make a difference while serving the Student Body,” comments University/ Human Relations Chair, Senator S u zy R ew . With the addition o f a large group o f fresh­ men, prospects for the future o f the Student Senate are looking good. Under the leader­ ship and guidance o f veteran members such as Student Body President Sharifa Charlery, and Vice Presidents Megan Rapisardi and Anthony Crenshaw, the Student Senate is well prepared for the chal­ lenges in the new millenium. b y: M ike Arendall

Student Senators are dedicated individuals who worh together to serve the campus community in all areas of student

Student Senate Front Row: Robert Admirand, Adrienne Cole, Demetria Yarbrough, Sharifa Charlery, Chris Lizette, Andre Robinson, Megan Rapisardi: Second Row: Andrew Lee, Treva Greer, Anthony Crenshaw, Natalie Robeson, Ryan Foxworthy, Hud Williams, Suzy Rew, Mike Arendall. Fourth Row: Keith Wailentowski, Shawnte Branch, Jacqueline Johnson, Akhira Mims, Andrew Ellard, Tommy Smigiel, Ta-Tanisha Wallace, Keta Banks, James Hoeft. Back Row: Dan Mitchell.



"I now call this meeting to order." Student Body President Sharifa A. Charlery chairs the weekly meetings of the Senate General Assembly. During these sessions, Senators propose, debate, and vote on legislation that is brought to the floor. The four standing committees also present their weekly reports to inform the General Assembly of progress.

“Senate is an excellent vOay for students to get involved on campus and to haVe an influence in campus affairs - "Mike Arendalt


Pride o n

O fficers:

the :


Heather Foxwell; Vice President: Diana Rider. Accom plishm ents: Read Across America youth program, Book D rive, Student Virginia Education Association Front Row: Wendy Riley, Starr Inge, Sarah Hitchings, Tameka Hicks, Kimberely Mitchell, Michelle Jeter, Diana Rider. Second Row: Mrp. NJallory, Tara Taylor, Dana Wolf, Radley Ramirez, Shannon Fowler, Tanisha Taliaferro, Patti Shawn, Jennifer Furman, Lisa Reed, Heather Foxwell. Back Row: Chris Thonts, Laura Hidings, Christina Merritt, Sasha Eaves, Beth Tiess, Susan Heye, Troy Flippen.

S ch ola stic

Bookfair, Information tables in Webb Center,

“I haïe my foot in the doort" - Jennifer Furman

presen tin g keynote speak ers,

S pring



Members of the Catholic Campus Ministry can be found all oyer campus, or in the Catholic Campus Ministry house located on 49th St. They are also present at large University events. CCM intern, Don Domingo, and member Erin M cGowan set up their information table at the Fall semester Mainstreet. "Come on over and see what it's all about!", Erin boasts.

“Xtfhat a challenge to be able to bring the Gospel to ODV campus ancl to the students vOho are at an age in xOhich they are searching for meaning and deOelopinga philosophy o f life. “ HVr. John Peck

M o r e P rid e o n the i

“Being a part of Alpha Phi has truly enriched my life. I haOegained leadership skills anda sisterhood that xOilllast me a lifetime.” - Kristy Turpak

O fficers: Pres: Tanya Phillips; VP Chapter Op: Michelle Bowerman;VP Mktg: Gracie Carter; VP Recruitment: Kristy Turpak; VP Prgm. Development: Tricia Hamilton; Tres: Kim Melody. A ccom plishm ents: Pack lunches for AIDS patients, Cardiac Arrest fundraiser G oals: To continue to rush quality women, strive for academic success, and strive to make a better name for all Greeks. M em bers: 25

Alpha Phi (AO) Front Row: Mary Anderson, Michelle Bowerman, Nicole Kokrowski, Gracie Carter, Kristy Turpak, Snowden Brown, Tanya Phillips, Bren Hansen. Back Row: Ashly Gayda, Jill Ciplione, Kelly, Theresa Piladino, Laura Medlin, Andrea Ratzlaff, Stefani O'Connor.


Spreading-.............. ............... tM -W o r d Catholic Campus Ministry brings the gospel to life by forming a faith

The Catholic Campus Ministry is a reli­ gious organization that is dedicated to pro­ moting a sense o f spiritual belonging and to serving God and the community. This group enjoys fellowship by gathering to pray at weekly masses, enjoying a weekly supper and discussion, and by participating in the “En­ counter With Christ” diocesan program for college students. They actively serve the community by participating in the AIDS Walk, N.E.S.T. (Norfolk Emergency Shelter Teams), and by encouraging other volunteer activities in the area. The group also par­ ticipates in the numerous fellowship activities ranging from bowling and movies, to flag football and trips to Busch Gardens. Catholic Campus Ministry brings the gospel to life by forming a faith community on cam­ pus and by reaching out to those in need. The organization not only provides a service to the area, but it instills in its members a bonding through the Christian faith. by: Suzy Rew

If you could spend one afternoon with friends and do something that would greatly benefit the community, what would it be? For Matthew Tierney and Stephan Manzel the answer is simple. During their spare time, these gentlemen choose to make sandwiches for the homeless over at the CCM house. Sound like something you'd do? Then go on over...surely they can use the help!

community on campus and by reaching Catholic Campus Ministries

out those in need.

Front Row: Stephan Pabalan, Jennifer Eissing, M ily Kannarkat, Ken Balbuena, Erin Farmer, Palathingal F ran k . Second Row: Justin Thomas, Sarah Gilder, Chaz Escudero, Robin Sargent, Trish Denning, Nolwenn Le Guen, Theresa Dougherty, M ary Buyalos, Erin McGowan. Third Row: Brian Smith, Luke Katafiasz, Phil Sheridan, M atthew Tierney, Eric Newcott, David Bolton, Pat Cooney, Fred Johnson, Gonzalo Carrasco. Fourth Row: Ted Gallo, Richard Ramos, Joey Rejuney, Peter Varanavage.


S h o o tin g , "Margie, did you get all of those posters made for Saturday?" asks founding President of S.T.A.R. Monarchs, Keisha Phelps during a weekly staff meeting. The members of S.T.A.R. Monarchs work throughout the entire year to promote active school involvement and to organize, advertise, and host the University's largest organization sponsored dance-a-thon.

ror ?h S ta r s

S.T.A.R. (Students Taking Active Responsi­ bility) Monarchs is an organization that was formed this spring, though you may already know them. Their feature event is the occa­ sion formerly known as Superdance, their annual muscular dystrophy fundraiser. The organization has renamed, broadened its goals, and widened its focus. Besides host­ ing Superdance, the members o f S.T.A.R. Monarchs have dedicated their time and talents to improving the University and the surrounding community through various vol­ unteer projects. Richard Winston quotes, “You give but little when you give your possessions, it is when you give o f yourself that you truly give.” That is exactly what this group in­ tends to do. S.T.A.R. Monarchs has chal­ lenged the rest o f the Student Body in the f upcoming year to also becom e active through social and organizational involvement. This group is expected to be the shining star o f the campus next year. by: Richard Winston, Edwin Stringfield, Carmellita Saulog, and M argie Kabigting

S.T.A.R. Monarchs have dedicated their time and talents to improving the University and the surrounding

S.T.A.R. Monarchs Front R ow : Back R ow :

1 5 6 - S.T.A.R. MONARCHS

Carmelita Saulog, Margie Kabigting, Keisha Phelps, Rosa Carter. Stuart Jones, Edwin Strinfeld, Andre Robinson, Travis Bryant.

CO1X1111IXHI t"V<

There are only a few traditions on this campus. The most popular of these traditions is the Webb Jam. S.T.A.R. Monarchs held their own Webb Jam as a fundraiser to help their budding organiza­ tion. Founding member Margie Kabigting and other members of S.T.A.R. sell refreshments, candy, and drinks to participants taking breaks between dancing.

“S.TJK.R. is a good vtay for freshman to get involved. It’s a great xOay to break loose for a cause/’ ~ Richard Mtinston

M o r e Pride o n t h e Side O fficers:

Pres: Mil-

licent Lee; VP: Yavar Moghimi; Sec: Latoyia Gill; Publ: Dennine Jordan. A c c o m p lis h m e n ts : Smoker’s Forum, Boo Bash, Club Jazzee. Whitehurst Student Association (WSA) Front Row: Alex Ernest, Shed Stewart, Hud Williams. Dennine Jordan, Millicent Lee, Yavar Moghimi.

Back Row:

Tiillicent Lee. I

G oals: To act as an •.


a a V O C a te



lo r

tr ie

residents our Hall. M em bers: 560

realty just stand back an do anything she asks.” Slamar Sloghimi



The Big Brother/Big Sister picnic held in September was a bonding experience for all of those who attended. The men of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. show the African American community how step is really done. Through their graceful and powerful moves, these men prove the unity that is found in their fraternity.

“First o f all, servant o f all \tfe shall transcend all.” - Greg Hutchings


Pride o n


O fficers: Pres: Lisa Post; VP: Daniel Elliot; Sec: Nicole Jenkins; Tres: Chevonda Callender;Hist: Yasin Crowther; PR: Quansilla Goins “PSA is an organization that takes pride in ensuring the residents success.” - Kfyah Tyler

A cco m p lish m en ts: Planned programs for residents G oa ls: To ensure the success of the residents of P n w h f lta n A n a r t T r ^ n t c

rownaian Apartments M em bers: 748


Powhatan Student Association (PSA) FrontRow: Quansilla Goins, Lisa Post. Back Row: Nicole Jenkins, Danie Elliot, Yasin Crowther, Chevonda Callender.

They Shall f r a r ' ’ '' Alpha Phi Alpha promotes such attributes as intellectual development,


Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. is not only one o f the University’s most active fraterni­ ties, but the group has achieved additional noteriety by promoting such personal at­ tributes as intellectual development, scholar­ ship, manly deeds, and love for all mankind. The brothers o f Alpha Phi Alpha dedicate themselves to active campus involvement through serviec and projects. Alpha Phi Alpha participated in the Big Brother/Big Sister Step Show and held a very successful canned food drive. In addition to service, the group hosted a forum addressing male and female relationships, the Miss Black and Gold pageant, and was a co-sponsor o f the Black Male Summit. The men o f Alpha Phi Alpha also have remarkable academic standards as they were honored with having the Highest GPA o f Greeks on campus. This fraternity prevails in all aspects o f organizational excellence, and we are sure that they will continue to do so for years to come. b y: Suzy Rew

This slithery reptile and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. brother Ockidde Harris were destined to be together. These two met at the Big Brother/ Big Sister Picnic. Is this what is meant by fraternal bonding? ForOckidde's sake, I hope not.

scholarship, manly deeds, and love for Alpha Phi Alpha (AOA)


Front Row: Alex Ernest, Ockidde Harris. Back Row: Greg Hutchings, Jam es Parker.

mankind. ALPHA PHI ALPHA - 1 5 9

A Laurie Lambert and Sharon Careccia spend a few minutes at Mainstreet to stop and talk with Mandy Thomas of the Feminist Majority. This year's Mainstreet was a wonderful way for DSL to let the campus know about their sorority and their accomplishments. Having been on campus for so many years, it is hard for DSL not to be recognized.

Ret Tradition

Returning to school is never an easy task, especially when you haven’t been in a class­ room setting for quite some time. Delta Sigma Lambda is a sorority that strives to make the transition for returning women easier by maintaining the support system and active fellowship that these women need. This organization has been an incredible asset to the University’s community since 1956. Not only do the ladies o f DSL lend support to each other, but they give back to the community as well. This past fall, the orga­ nisation sponsored a “Pet Therapy” for the residents o f the Georgian Manor Nursing Home and their animal companions. Delta Sigma Lambda also worked the infamous Big Blue Room for the men’s basketball games. Obviously, Delta Sigma Lambda is not only a foundation on which returning women build themselves, but it is also an organization that is dedicated to playing an active role in University life. b y : Am anda M artin

Delta Sigma Lambda maintains the support system and active fellowship that returning

Delta Sigma Lambda (ÀEA) Front Row: Pam Doyle, Sally Sledge, Linda Nelson, Scharlene Floyd, Denise M cNelly. Back Row: Centrella. Stachs, M indy Peach, Denise Key, Patricia


Davenport, Debbie Phipps, Kelly M iller, Julie Dodd, Rowena Heck.

need. 1 6 0 - DELTA SIGMA LAMBDA

Members of Delta Sigma Lambda actively participate in many activities on and around campus to further bonding and their sisterhood. Here, the women of Delta Sigma Lambda and their families take a moment to relax and have a drink after working the Big Blue Room during an exciting men's basketball game.

“The xVomen haïe made returning to schoot much easier on me by providing friendship and encouragement. ” -Debbie Phipps


Pride o n


O fficers: Pres: Adam Silvey; VP: Erika Vest; Sec: Norm Grefe; Tres: Vicki Alfano. A ccom p lish m en ts: Candlelight Vigil for Matthew Shepherd, Co-sponsored Breaking the Ice. Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Student Alliance Left to Right: Chuck MacWilliams, Adam Silvey, Will McVicker, Louis DePasquale, Ryan Uy, Erika Vest, Vicki Alfano.

G o a ls : To offer a support network to fellow

stu den ts


diverse backgrounds. M em bers: 20

“G1J3SA has xVorked to help me realize that a persons being is much more than merely their sexual orientation -Adam SilVey


This past October, the members of MBA Association celebrated the German Festival Ocktoberfest. Members learned about the German festival to broaden their horizons and expand their knowledge of other cultures. Vikram Randeri takes time out from the festival to play a German game involving a hammer, nails, and a log.

“Working \Oith MBAA o f ODV has been absolutty xOonderful! The people in this association are amazingly resourceful ancl talented mTionna Heed


Pride o n

the !

O fficers: President: Louis DePasquale; Vice Pres­ ident: Stacie Pel-singer A ccom plishm ents: Plan­ ned and provided


grams for the residents of “GSA is an organization in xOhich the residents get a chance to Ooice their opinions on matters that are important to them,” ~bTark Freeman 1 6 2 - MBAA/GSA

Gresham throughout the school year G oa ls: To ensure the academ ic

s u cce ss

residents. M em bers: 350


Gresham Student Association (GSA) Left to Right: Shawana Hairston, Chris Wilder, Louis

DePasquale, Jamila Johnson, Stacie Pelsinger

B u s in e s s .............. ...............-P leasu re Masters of Business

The Master’s o f Business Administration Association is an organization that provides members with the opportunity for social interaction, leadership, development, and so much more.

IAdministration provides

Students, faculty, and alumni

are afforded personal attributes that will ensure their success long after they’ve earned

Hie MBAA enjoys expanding their horizons to include different cultures. Mike Arrojo, Mayra Halms, and Mr. Halms take a breather from their Ocktoberfest celebration. The festivities included eating, dancing, singing, and playing German games.

their degrees. MBAA members are given opportunities for professional development and networking,



I opportunity

which are important when preparing for a career in the field o f business.

also chances to enhance business knowledge through academic and business related dis­ cussions and programs.

for social interaction,

There are

With membership in

MBAA, a position o f leadership can be easily attained, thus this organization is not only helpful, but vital. by: Terree Klaes

leadership, development,

§mm WMU tmm

and so much Masters of Business Administration Association


M e m b e rs: M erughan G alstyan, M ayra H alm s, Bei H uang, D uangdaw n Khemaluk, Pichaya Narmkerd, Marina Plaksina, Tionna Reed, Bruce Rubin (MBA Director), Igor Storchak, Steffan W eihrauch-Up



U n ity -........... .......... 0

r' T P ML

e d ic a tio n

If you had to name an organization that is dedicated to promoting unity and together­ ness while strengthening race relations on this campus, that groups would have to be the NAACP (National Association for the Adcancement o f Colored People). Our local chapter o f this national organization is one o f the most dynamic and distinguished orga­ nizations on campus. The NAACP does much more than promote unity. They have serviced the community by initiating a tutoring/mentoring program for the local YMCA and for the Tucker Alternative School, and by assisting the Circle K Order with the “Adopt A Spot” program. The NAACP has also been a great source o f awareness for the campus. They held a “Black Politics 101” lecture, an affirmative action forum with the College Republicans, and participated in the “Jump for the Cure.” The group also hosted the Harlem Renais­ sance Night to provide the campus with a night o f jazz, poetry, and art. The NAACP has truly benefited the lives o f student by providing social, educational, and cultural events to the campus and surrounding com­ munity. by: Suzy Rew

NAACP is dedicated to promoting unity and togethernes


"499,500../' Alexis Coleman is jumping for a wonderful cause. The dedicated members of NAACP spent an entire windy February Saturday afternoon jump roping and raising money for a cure for AIDS. NAACP also offered free food and drinks to all of those who participated. This is just one of the many activities that the group partici­ pated in this year.

while strengthening race relations on

Nat'l Assoc, for the Advancement of Colored People Front Row: Keta Banks, Adrienne Cole, Nakia Harris, Cassandra Howie. Second Row: Awanata Bridgelatt, Tameka Garrett, Cathy Parker, Boyenon Kun. Third Row: Monica Smith, Briana Hardaway, Craig Kenner, Travelle Seabrook, Shawnte Branch. Fourth Row: Jacqueline Johnson, Jaimiaka James. Back Row: LaNae’ Briggs, James Custis Jr.,

Kimon Jefferson, Hud Williams, Delonte Russell, Shenequa Mitchell.

1 6 4 - NAACP


"I can give you all of the information you need on our organization," says NAACP President Nakia Harris. NAACP members spent a sunny afternoon spreading the w ord at Mainstreet about the many benefits of joining the group. NAACP furthers the awareness of the struggles of all people and they serve the community to raise a consciousness amoung the group.

“NAACP helps keeps me focused on not only myself and the university. It helps me to see the struggles o f all human kind.” rJacqueline Johnson

M o r e P rid e o n the

Asian Pacific American Student Union Front Row: Keith Chow, Kim Ngyuen, Shane Sawsienmongkol, MingTyhMaa. Back Row: Melissa Querimit, Yixue Tian, Long Mai, Ray Umali, Jimmy Ngyuen.

O fficers: Pres: Keith Chow; VP: Ming-iyh Maa; Sec: John Mai Tres: Duy Ngyuen A ccom p lish m en ts: ODU SLANT monthly new sletter, sent 5 representatives to Asian Student Union Conference G o a ls : To raise awareness of issues surrounding APA com­ munity of ODU M em bers: 27

“I believe APASU is necessary by being representative o f the university’s Asian and Pacific American student body.” i Keith ChoxO NAACP/APASU


Training the troops is always important and the Student Ambassadors do it in style. Every year, they attend a fall retreat to prepare the Ambassadors for the upcoming year. Kevin McCaskill and TaTanisha Wallace perform a trust exercise with each other. Some of the activities included canoeing, a lip sync contest, and a scavenger hunt.

“I’m so proud to be a member o f this organization. Joining Ambassadors xOas one o f the best decisions I eOer made.” -Tiffany VJright


Pride o n t h e O fficers:

Pres: Betsy

Hinath; VP:Darcy Coyne; Sec: Cammie Seliboysky. A cco m p lish m en ts: Honored those who met the criteria for entrance “Inductions are held each Fall for those communication majors xOho meet the grade requirements. ” - Thomas Socha

into the Fraternity. G o a ls :



academic excellence in the Lambda Pi Eta (AIIH)

Dept, of Communication and Theatre Arts. M em bers: 99

Front Row: Darry Coyne, Betsy Hinath, Laura Beth Turner, Katrir a Stevens. Second Row: Bridgit Wekluk, Cammie Seliboysky, Jennih r Tackett, Adrianne Sears. Back Row: Robyn Webb, Kristi Dozier, Kare \ Hall, Dr. Tom Socha.


L e a d in g tb Student

-P rid e

Representing this University is a multi­ faceted task that involves conveying honor,


prestige, respect, and most importantly, pride.

The elite people that has been given

this awesome task are the Student Ambassa­



These fifty Ambassadors not only rep­

resent the University, but provide the campus


What is a workshop without some entertain­ ment first? School representative to the state, Tommy Smigiel, intro­ duced an icebreaker called "Trainwreck" at the 1999 SAA/SF District III Conference at Virginia Commonwealth Univer­ sity. This conference was designed to bring the Virginia school members together to prepare for the National Convention.

community, the Alumni Office and the Presi­ dent with a meritorious service, as well. The duties o f an Ambassadors range from


hosting and hostessing at the President’s Lecture Series and Commencement, to work­


ing campus events such as the Big Blue Room and the University Open House.


combination o f University pride, engaging


personalities, and intelligence is what groups the Student Ambassadors with the most


prominent people on campus. by: Suzy Rew

importantly, pride at many campus events.

Student Ambassadors Front Row: Angie Delboy, Katie Adler, Lucy Nevins, Marye Cherry. Second Row: Jennifer Cooke, Keta Banks, Sharifa Charlery, Cathy Yurgel, Tracy Ferrell, Brandy Jemigan. Third Row: Robert Kendall, John Griffith, Mark Buenaventura, Mark Gecolea, Xavier Calderon, Vincent Reed, Tommy Smigiel. Fourth Row:

Jene Bell, Darkeesha Bailey, Demetria Yarbrough, Tiffany Wright, Melissa Williard, Sara Puhala, Marla Zinni. Back Row: Ta-Tamsha Wallace, Jennifer Puente, Irene Taliaferro, Nhelly Barretto, Tisha Quarles, Evonne Fontanilla, Lakeisha Phelps, Nicole Perron.



Put a If someone were to walk into this Mundo Hispano meeting, it would be quite a sight. No, this isn't utter chaos, it's the Mundo Hispano members learning how to dance the "Salsa." There are many events and activities that cultural organizations such as Mundo Hispano can hold in order to share their culture and keep their heritage alive.


1 3 (t\



.....Tn It

Are you searching to expand your cultural awareness? Do you wish to learn more about Hispanic society? If so, check out one o f the University’s most up and coming orga­ nizations, Mundo Hispano. The members o f Mundo Hispano dedicate themselves to in­ creasing campus awareness o f mulitculturalism and to preserving and shar­ ing the Hispanic way o f life. This organization focuses primarily on awareness, and promotes this focus by set­ ting up information tables in Webb Univer­ sity Center to educate students and passerbys. Mundo Hispano al$o works closely with other culturalistic organizations on campus as they often share the same goals. With such a diverse University, it is groups like Mundo Hispano that unite our campus while preserving the qualities that make us unique. by: Suzy Rew

It is grotrps like Mundo Hispano that unite our campus wkile preserving the qualities that make

Mundo Hispano Front Row: Ali Abdelwahed, Javier Albarrocin, Bakkii Cooper, Hector Montes. Second Row: Antwan Williams, Nydia Mediavilla, Beatrice Curiel, Shannon

Lord, Milo Fuller, Vanessa Tejada, Juan Colon, Rogelio Richards, Luis Camareno. Back Row: Ju'Coby Hendrick, Maritza Burgos, Mildred Ayala, Vivian Escobar, Silvia Cordova, Carmen Cordova, Nanette Gonzalez, Milivoy Villarroel.


us unique.

Many organizations on campus sponsor regulär events for which they are known. Mundo Hispano hosts one of its most memorable events, the . "Battle of the DJ's". This event is a favorite among the University community and is widely attended. Mundo Hispano members have a blast and enjoy the music while jamming to the tunes of their favorite DJ's.

“IVs been a xOhole \0oriel o f difference to me. A s far as M,H, personalty, vOe are like a famity instead o f a business run organization” 1Hector Montes


Model United Nations Front Row: Mrs. Fornella, Samantha Fitzgerald. Second Row: Sarah Melton, Geroge Rombaugh. Third Row: Chandra Morrison, Angie Delboy, Supad Dhosc. Fourth Row: Assaitou Diallo, Jamie Alford, Christian Hawsler, Blago Tasher.

Pride o n

O fficers: Pres: Jamie Alford; Adm. A sst: Angie Delboy; S e c / Tres: C hristian Hausler; Asst S e c / Tres: Assaitou Diallo; Sec. Gen HS: Sarah Melton; Under Sec. Gen HS: George Rombach; Sec Gen. Coll: Samantha Fitzgerald. A ccom p lish m en ts: MUN 1998 Collegiate Conference. G oals: To host more conferences. M em bers: 60

“Xtforld affairs, diplomacy, and teamxOork are all infolded in Model U.N.” ~Angie Delboy



Big smiles all around the table as the Union takes a break from their latest adventure. The crew's spring mission took them to the Big Apple, where they helped local churches for an entire week. The students' major project was fixing the senior citizens'homes, but they also talked with church members. The NYC Asian Cuisine was their dinner reward.

“BSD has been my foundation to stand on as I Work to keep my faith in Jesus Christandbe a relevant Witness to others in the 90’s, and my supportas I striOe to complete my academic goats.” -Jason HeeOes


Pride o n the O fficers: Huddle Coach: Jody L. Williams A ccom plishm ents: Meet weekly to gather and pray with


C hristian

athletes. “FCA is fellowship for athletes and all they influence. That’s everyone. \\>e encourage students to seek Jesus. It makes all the difference in my life.” - Katie Adler

G oals: Fellowship for all Christian athletes and those whose lives they touch. M em bers: 15


Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Front Row: Melissa Lehman, Marina Digiacomo, Esther Morrisett. Second Row: Casie Fisher, Jody L. Williams, Anthony Forelli, Katie Adler, Matthew Ipock.

Ou Whether you are a Baptist looking for a way to get involved with people o f the same denomination, or you are just looking for an organization to enhance your beliefs and show your dedication to the Christian faith, U îliO îl

the Baptist Student Union has a lot to offer. They offer weekly luncheons and activities

Evangelization is an integral part of any religious organization. This is what keeps campus religious associations alive and running. Jason Reeves, an active member of Baptist Student Union, speaks to a fellow Chris­ tian student w ho is interested in learning more about how she can get involved on campus,

such as “Family Groups,” where students meet weekly to share experiences and prayer. Throughout the year, BSU offered other activities such as a line dancing social and a Rockathon where students raised money for summer missinos by rocking in rocking chairs for twelve hours.

There was also a

missionary trip to Atlanta over Spring Break.

your beliefs and

These activities combined with the Christian fellowship make the Baptist Student Union one o f the University’s best organizations. by: Terree Klaes

meet many people of the Christian Baptist Student Union (BSU) Front Row: Rob Sanford, Naomi Robitaille, Erin Stratford, Heather Nesbit, Janice Dionisio, Pete Morton. Second Row: Matthew Ipock, Darrel Girardier, Larry Woods, Keri Beth Rogers, Shirley Crosby, Dale Emerson. Third Row: James Puckett III, Michael Araojo, Liz Webster, Scott Dysart, Emmanuel Canoy, Josh Thomas, Mironda Divers, Ashley Gunter. Back Row: Jessica Wilburn, Jason Reeves, Nathan Painter, Amanda Stedmond.



The Women's Field Hockey Team proudly displays the NCAA Championship Trophy at Philadelphia's Franklin Field. The ladies claimed an unprecedented 8th N CAA title by defeating Princeton 3-2.

Entering hgr second Season skipper Theresa Brooks prepares to tack, while practicing in the Elizabeth River. The term tack is used by sailors to describe the zigzag motion of moving through the water with the wind.

Sophomore Wrestler Chad Filson finished the season with an impressive 8-2 record. Competing in the 149 weight category, Chad sets up and concentrates on a move to defeat his American University opponent. Names to First Team All CAA in 1998, Luciana Araujo continued to dominate the court as the number one singles player


for the team. Luciana played number one doubles as well, pairing up with her sister Raquel



i¡ wmmmmmmmmmmmm

i ';v--|; . -í-'-i’ - A i/ .I M I II


PrideVpridXn: A company o f lions, PrideVpridXn: A feeling o f gratification from an association with something that is good and laudable. Vigorous and spirited.

P ride

A year of dominance...a year of power...a year of pride! These words sum up the award winning athletic season.

PrideVpridXn: A gathering o f the Old Dominion Universityfam ily.

T h e season

marked two N C A A Titles from the Sailing Team and W o m e n ’s Field Hockey Team. W o m e n ’s Soccer won its’ first ever C A A Title. Over a dozen ofour players won First Team All C A A honors. With a nationally ranked golf player, basketball team, coed sailing team, and two swimmers qualifying for the N C A A , the sports year was one to be proud of. The athletes that make up the sports program endeavor for success. It is theirpride power thatkeeps the spirit and winning I traditions alive on campus.


b y: Tommy Smigiel From top to bottom, left to right: Mary Kay Bolduc, Swimming Team, Guard Bettina Love, Women's Basketball, Rodrigo Laender, Men's Tennis, Center Reggie Bassette, Men's Basketball and Paul Jimenez, Wrestling.

K eim W álentowski



the sports stories for 1998-1999. Breaking Records With a young team, W o m e n â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Henley, recorded the greatest

Midfielder Melissa Lehman takes the ball down the field as a University of Richmond player follows behind. Melissa was one of 13 new experience freshman to join the team and help them win the CAA title.

Soccer completed its best season

season ever fora Lady Monarch as

ever under fourth year head coach

she netted 14 goals-and added

Joe Pereira. The team set 16 team

eight assists for a school record 36

and individual records on the way

points. She tied the school record

to its best ever record of 11-7-0.

for goals in a season and set the

The 6-2 mark in the C A A led to aj jjecord for assists on her way to number one seeding in the

earning All Freshman Mid-

tournament for the first time in Atlantic region, third team Allhistory. Remarkably, the featwas

Region and All-CAA first team

accomplished by asquad featuring

honors. Joining her on the C A A

eightfreshman startersthroughout

first team was junior Jessalyn

most of the season.

Martin, who was also selected to

One of those freshmen, Jen

first team Mid-Atlantic.

Articles, photographs and information in captions were provided by the Athletic Public Relations Office courtesy o f Tina Price, unless otherwise identified.

1 7 4 - WOMENâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; S SOCCER


g g j» fB 8

In his fourth season, Coach Joe Pereira, was instrumental in leading the ladies to their best record in school history and helped him earn the CAA Coach of the Year honor. Dedicated to making the team the best Pereira directs the ladies in a warm-up before a game.

fil l l i

mm HP lir œ S ■fs

Defender Amanda Pietila and Midfielder Anna Gruzalski set up to defend their goal in a comer kick. The defensive team was a major component in contributing to the success of the team. Anna brought additional offensive power to the team after losing four of its leading scorers to graduation.

wmmmmmmmmmm/MW MMMwmmmmmmm.

■ ■



Being champions doesn't mean getting out of practices. The Sailing Team practices day in and day out through heat, cold and some of the toughest water conditions, to keep their national ranking and champion title.

A Winning Tradition The sailing team continued its’ of Jen Pait, Lora Saunders and winning tradition by bringing

Heather Pescatello.

home the program’s tenth and

The ICYRA Coed Dinghy

eleventh national titles in 1998.

National Championship was a

Leaving the othereleven teams in

close race as the B-Division Boat

their wake, the sailing team took

ofMark Zagol, Heather Pescatello

command of the ICYRA Team

aridJustin Castagne placed higher

Race Championships from the

then Kings Point to bring home

very first race. With three boats

the title.

competing ineveryrace,the teams

With the coed team ranked third

finished firstand second in every

in the nation for the 1999 season,

raceinroutetoaperfect 11-0finish.

the sailingteam hoped tocontinue

The winning team was skippered

their winning tradition and bring


home the 12th or even 13th




Cromwell, Mark Zagol and crews



national title.

The coed sailing team entered the spring season with a lot of confidence after win­ ning two national championships. The coed team was ranked third nationally, when the season started and hoped to add more national titles to the eleven owned by the university.

Sinking Putts After years ofmediocrity on the greens, the GolfTearn fieldedcontenders tobringnational recognitin. For the first time in his career* senior golfer Troy Thorne was ranked 49th in the country by Golfstat. He earned the ranking after a fall season in whicfjhf recorded a 71.8 stroke average through 12 rounds and finished inthe top-10 infouroffiveevents. Sophomore Gary Harper was also ranked sixth in the country in par-three scoring with a 2.88 stroke average. In addition the whole team ranked third best in the nation in par-three scoring. The team also finished firstplace finish in the ODU/Seascape Fall Tournament breaking school and tournament records. Not every university can say they have a nationally ranked golfer. Troy Thom e putts to finish up his round, tieing Elon for third in the Southern Spring Kick Off Tourna足 ment.

The many hours of practice on the waters of the Elizabeth River, have finally paid off. Senior Mark Zagol led the team to victory in the B-division of the ICYRA Coed Din足 ghy National Championship. Mark re足 ceived All-American honors in 1998

g o lf

- 177

Posting Big W in s In a rebuilding year, the M e n ’s with the Freshman Midfielder Soccer Team succeeded like no

Carlos Mendes earning Rookie of

other team since 1995. The men

the Yedr honors after firing four

gathered eightwins, including a4- goals and adding six assist on the 1 defeat over William and Maryj season. Jimmy Tanner and Mark The defeat was William and

Woods were also named to the

Mary’s worst of the 1998 season. Second Team All-CAA. The men also garnered a slew of

After having much success on

postseason awards, includingC A A

the field this season the team will

Rookie of thè Year.

definitely be ready to dominate

Thè team began the season

next year. With the loss of only

with three straightshutouts tolead four players, next year looks even the nation in average goals agaihst better,with ateam thatcould bring defense.

The year culminated

Using teamwork arid skills, the defense was able to shutout their opponents in the first three games of the season. Along with Michael McCatty, Senior Mark W oods led the defense to their many successes. Mark W oods was one of two players named to the Second Team All-CAA.

1 7 8 -M EN ’S SOCCER

home the C A A crown.

Dedication and motivation to succeed are the two items that compel the Lacrosse Team to n e t o heights and athletic excel­ lence year after year. Hailing from Boyertown, Pennsylvania, Senior starter Sue W olfgang has been a dedicated starter for the team, for the last four yeays. A great leader and inspiration for new players, Sue will truly be missed in the upcoming sea­ sons.

Freshman Carlos Mendes brought his tal­ ent from high school, making an immedi­ ate impact on the soccer program. Logging four goals and six assist for the season, the midfielder was awarded CAA Rookie of the Year.

Juniors Andy Devlin and Chuck Connelly provided experience to a young squad. 1998 MV.P. Devlin and Goalkeeper Connelly were instrumen­ tal in the defense used to defeat CAA Defending Champion William and Mary. ‘

Team Players Although lastseason did not meet the high expectations thatmost expected, the Lacrosse team still kept the N G A field Cup in mind when entering the 1999 season. All eyes will be focusing on the field,asthe Lady Monarchs will give their all with fierce determination. Competing in a conference with four of the nation’sbest teams, the team knows itwill be an uphill battle. “Our main emphasis this season ison team playing. Perhaps thisstrategy will lead isto vistory in the N C A Field Cup,” added Head Coach Sue Stahl, With a pride of top-notch athletes and an internationally recognized coach, greatthingscan be expected for the future of the team. by: Suzy Rew


M ad Skills Depth has brought our team into the National Invitation Tournament. The bench help clear the path to near defeat ofnationally ranked North Carolina; a loss of only two points. However, we bounced back to squash ranked South Carolina. N A B C All-District Cal Bowdler led our team in scoring and the C A A with rebounds and blocked shots. Not far behind is Mark Poag, who surpassed the long-range record by totaling more than 320 career 3-pointers. The men closed their home season by thundering past William and Mary. Although we missed the N C A A Tournament, our Pride of men proved that we are national contenders and will continue to power up at the national basketball level. by; Keith Walentowski Senior Mark Poag helped the Monarchs compile 24 wins for the season, which ranked second for most school wins in the history of the program. Mark was named to the Second Team All-CAA Tourna­ ment Team and holds the title for most threepointers in the history of the CAA.

Joining the team from Mali, Hamchetou "Tanty" Maiga helped the team continue their winning tradition. Scoring 13 point and adding 11 rebounds "Tanty" contrib­ uted to the tough win over East Carolina in the CAA Championship Game.


Senior Forward Aubrey Eblin, also known as the "Mad Bomber," was famous for nailing threepointers in times of need. Eblin owns nearly every three-point record in the Lady Monarch history including most in a game (9), a season (97), and a career (193 and counting), Senior Cal Bowdler finished the season ranked first in the CAA in rebounding and blocked shots and 11th nationally for blocked shots. Adding to these titles, Bowdler was selected to the CAA's first team, All-Tournament squad and was chosen to the first team All-District Squad by the NABC.

The Key to Success I

“Commitment to common

Field House as several games

goals and an increased work ethic

found themselves in standing-

will be the key,” quoted Coach

room only crowds. Our nationally

Wendy Larry. The team swept

ranked #5 Lady’s hosted the

the C A A Conference, and added

NQjlA East Region Tournament,

an awesome defeat of nationally

and once again battled our foes in

ranked Connecticut.

Seniors Tennessee. The “key” earned us

Aubrey Eblin surpassed 1000 ran 83 game winning streakand our


To list all of her accomplishments in her basketball coaching career, one would need this whole sheet of paper. In her 12th season, Wendy Larry has truly served as an inspiration and integral part of the Women's Basketball program. Adding to her already half-a-dozen Coach of the Year Awards, Wendy became the winningest coach on the all time list,passing Marianne Stanley, with her 270th career victory.

career points, and Natalie Diaz


earned C A A Tournament M V P

championship crown.


honors. Adding to our success are



C A A Co-Players of the Year

commitments from the university

Lucienne Berthieu and C A A

and fans arewhat powers our Lady

defensive leader Mery Andrade.


The fans continued to pack the




by: Keith Walentowski


î Mary Kay Bolduc continued her domi­ nance in die CAA during the 1998-99 sea­ son. Bolduc qualified for NCAA B-Cut in the 500 and 1000 freestyle. Her successful I

Continuing a tradition of excellence in the baseball program three players received CAA awards in 1998. Shawn Pearson was selected to first team AllCAA. Second baseman Tony Gsell was selected to the second team AllCAA. Outfielder Tim Hummel was selected as CAA Rookie of the Year and named as a Freshman All-American by both Collegiate Baseball Magazine and Baseball America.

Field o f Power Baseball means Spring Sports and the Monarchs are stealing, fielding, and batting their way into university history. A season opening victorycame by defeatingnationallyranked South Carolina. AllC A A infielderTony Gsell began the hitting barrage while Sophomore R H P Robert Dye became the winning pitcher.


strengthened as they swept the defending Big East Champs, RutgefsT Eric Fomar provided bone-crushing hits and 1998|CAA Rookie of the Year Tim Hummel went 2 for 4. The season began with a 9-2 record. Through 11 games, Jared Musolf posted a .412 bating average and led the team in hits. The pitching staff has powered the ball by throwing two shutouts, and posts a 2.66 team ERA. With nearly 20 strikeouts, David Bailey has provided a stellar defense. The Monarchs also led their opponents in fielding with a team average of .967. Their pride isaformidable baseball organization roaring with powerful hitters and striking pitchers. by: Keith Walentowski


Pride in the Waters Mary Kay Bolduc finished her career as a three-time CAA Swimmer of the Ye^r. In the CAA Championship she blitzed the field in the 500 freestyle, swimming a time of 4:55.31- With that win, Mary remained perfect in CAA freestyle races for the sea­ son.

Pride streaks through the water Swimmer Mike Coley cruised the Field House, as our swimming waters with a time of 57.20, in the and divingteams record victorious 100 breaststroke. SeniorMary Kay laps and rips, 1997 C A A Rookie Bolduc set two C A A records with Diver oftheYear, Kevin Harrison, N C A A “B ” qualifying times, led the way for the men’s diving during her finalswim meet. Their team by posting victories in both illustfious the one meter (481.75 points) and



shinning moments in the 200

the three meter (491.20 points^ (1:50.38), 500 (4:53.31), and 1000 dives. Not far behind in success free. The men’s and women’s was Jane DePalo, who finished swimming and diving teams second in the women’s C A A 200 strengthen their competitive butterfly.

Pride simplicity pride’s, and will ice the waters

produced a winning finish in the with future chilling victories. m e n ’s 800 freestyle relay.

by: Keith Walentowski A possible contender for the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia, Junior Jimmy Sullivan continued to dominate the 1000 and 1650 freestyle. In his career, Jimmy has broken the school record in tire 1000 freestyle, qualified for the B-Cutinthe 1650, finishing second in the NCAA Championship. Along with Kevin Harrison, second year diver Damion Patton returned to lead the diving team with his experience and diving skills, to another successful season. Damion has registered high scores in the one meter and three meter diving competitions.


Coaching the game she loves Beth Anders has made the 1998 field hockey season a memo­ rable one for herself and for the team. In her 17th season, Anders was named CAA Coach of the Year, NCAA Coach of the Year and recorded the most wins for a Field Hockey Coach in the NCAA. The Lady Monarchs celebrated another victory after defeating defending NCAA champion and rival North Carolina for the third time of the season with a 7-2 romping. Revenge was pretty since the ladies lost to North Carolina in the 1997 national championship game.

Where the Crown Fits In her third season, Virginia Beach standout Kim Miller, continued to be a threat to all oppo­ nents. Kim scored the winning point in the National Championship game earning her NCAA All-Tournament. She also earned 1st Team Astro Turf/NFHCA AllAmerica, First Team AllCAA and AH South Region.

The field hockey team etched

defending N C A A champion and

its name into the N C A A record

rivalNorth Carolina threerimes in

books on November 22, when the

a single season. The Monarchs

team picked up an unprecedented

have won more national crowns


than any other field hockey team




Philadelphia’sFranklin Fieldwith a 3-2 victory over PrincetonH The titlewas the conclusion to

in the hi|tory of the sport. In Philadelphia, they blanked Virginia, 3-0, in the semifinals

another exciting chapter infthe



DiGiacomo, JulieMiracle and Kim

goals from


ladies captured the C A A title, Miller and advanced to the compiled an overall record of 23-

championship game. T w o goals

2, held the Number One Spot in

inthe finalgame, by Miller, sealed

the national polls for most of the

the win, allowing them to bring


back the national champiphship




scholarship gapie, and defeated




We did it! The Field Hockey Team celebrates another CAA Champion足 ship win and a birth into the NCAA tournament. Hie Field Hockey Team has qualified for all 18 NCAA tournaments since 1981.

CAA Defensive Player of the Year M imi Smith was a tremendous contribution to the Lady Monarchs successful season. Along with Kim Miller, Mimi won a slue of national awards, continuing a tradition of excellence.


Lslcetball Front Row: Mike Rountree, Travis Brown, D'Juan Neal, Lavar Hemphill, Michael Williamis, Mike Byers, Heath Burris, Freddie Bryant, Pierre Greene, Trainer Scott Johnson. Back Row: Assitant Coach James Johnson, Assistant Coach Mark Cline, Manager Robert Mills, Mark Poag, Skipper Youngblood, Cal Bowdler, Clifton Jones, Andre McCullum, Manager Bryan Ballard, Head Coach Jeff Capel.

Front Row: Manager Sara Jackson, Manager Quiana Warren, Amanda Levens, Natalie Diaz, Mery Andrade, Aubrey Eblin, Sharron Francis, Manager Kathryn Permetta, Manager Amber Throckmorton. Back Row: Assistant Coach Allision Greene, Head Coach Wendy Larry, Jessica Williams, Nicole Bellinghausen, Bettina Love, Tiffany Thompson, Tshijuka "Mamissa" Mwenentanda, Emmora Keenan, Lucienne Berthiew, Hamchetou "Tanty" Maiga, Mandy Olley, Assistant Coach Stacy Himes, Head Manager Felecia Allen, Athletic Trainer Jen Hvozdovic.


M en’s Soccer Front Row: Head Coach Alan Dawson, Assistant Coach Mark Waite, John Wierzbowski, Tony Ranallo, Daniel Ridenhour, KrisKuehn, Assistant Coach Nathan Olansen, AssistantCoachJustinTerranova. Second Row: Andy Devlin, Jimmy Tanner, Patrick Halter, Robert Johnson, Chuck Connelly, Chris Newlin, Mike Phillips, Dwayne Urquhart, Ed Stockunas. Back Row: Phil Coates, Michael McCatty, Carlos Mendes, Mabricio Wilson, Adam Colbome, Thomas Carter, Ryan Diem, Ubirahara Pessoa, Spiros Blackburn, Jason Smith.

W om en’s Soccer Front Row: Michelle Krabill, Beth Miller, Trisha Stant, Amanda Pietila, Emily Becker, Becky Stone. Second Row: Sharon McLellan, Melissa Lehman, Nicky Koclanes, Lauren Rafal, Jessalyn Martin, Theresa Carrubba, Jennifer Henley, Kristin Due. Third Row: Brenna Santoro, Kim Maurer, Kristin Murray, Johannah Thompson, Meghan Cathcart, Andrea Rowe. Back Row: Maureen McGovern, Jean Andrew, Melanie McGovern, Anna Gruzalski.



Swimming and Diving 1998-1999 Roster: Matthew Borders, Greg Cardillo, Michael Coley, Steve Corson, Jacob Gibbs, Mark Guisto, David Green, Kevin Harrison, Jeffrey Hofmann, Joe Kierfer, Eric Mitchell, Damion Patton, Chris Reeser, Rick Reeser, John Sax, Jeffrey Scott, Clay Simmons, Kristian Sledge-Larsen, James Sullivan, Eston Woodard. Mary Kay Boiduc, Stephanie Chorba, Catherine Coley, Kelly Cruley, Andria Cucchirara, Jane DePAlo, Dianna DiToro, Patricia Foltz, Denise Gee, Kathleen Goulait, Jennifer Lutz, Anne Mittlestaedt, Lorraine Roach, K. Brooke Schubert, Jamye Stickney, Lisa Turlington, Brianna Wolfe, Head Coach Carol Withus.

Sailing 1998-1999 Roster: Matt Allen, Sally Barkow, Elisabeth, Biondi, Theresa Brooks, Adam Bums, Alison Calderbank, Brock Callen, Shelley Caplan, Justin Castagne, Katie Chechak, Jeanenne Cochran, Ryan Dunn, Neil Ford, Bradley Funk, Alexis Grattan, Augi Hernandez, Melissa Hidalgo, Daniel Lawrence, Kelly Mowry, Giles Oland, Heather Pescatello, Emily Ruiter, Adam Sammis, Katherine Sanpere, Lora Saimders, Melissa Schulz, Christine Thomas, Ryan Thorvaldsen, Mark Zagol, Head Caoch Mitch Brindley.


Front Row: Jamie Conrad, Troy Thome. Second Row: Head Coach Dr. Murray Rudisill, Steve Sokol, Gary Harper. Back Row: Chris Boos, Michael H ospodor, Jason Lane, Jon Ressler, Finlay Young.

Field H ockey Front Row: Brianne Baylor, Dawn Olmstead, Laura Steadman, Kim Miller, Lisette Fortanier, Becky Loy, Julie Miracle. Second Row: Jamie Hill, Tiffany Semple, Marina DiGiacomo, Kelly Driscoll, Ashleigh Miller, Katie M oyer, Mimi Smith, MaryBeth Freeman, Staci Smith. Back Row: Assistant Coach Sue Myers, Assistant Coach Robin Smith, Terieille Williams, Crystal Carper, Becky Bearor, Casie Fisher, Anne-Margot Roskott, Adrienne Yoder, Head Coach Beth Anders.


1999 Roster: Jenna Bajus, Katie Heaney, Stephanie Smoot, Sue W olfgang, Am y W ade, Kailynne Ross, Brooke Thomas, Jennifer Shaw, Pam Seebald, Sarah M indick, Dana W isiewski, Carla Ritchie, Jennifer Heister, Katie Adler, Shannon Harty, Marie Stanton, Laura Foerster, Cecilia Randazzo, Kendra Finger, Sara Koontz, Kimberly Calkin, Laurie Koller, Head Coach Sue Stahl, Assistant Coach Heather Walden.

Wrestling Front Row: Roger Stewart-Frederick, Daniel Heflin, Alex Ernest, JoelJimenez, Chad Filson, Paul Jimertez. Second Row: Head Coach Gray Simons, Leevi MacDonald, Josh Fannon, Andrew Simons, Regan McCauley, Lawrence Chambers, Jacob Cairns, Nicholas Capolarello, Trainer Sam Hamilton. Back Row: Coach Carlos Eason, Brad Krepps, Chris Harrington, Alex Plasencia, Joshua Snyder, Jeffrey Rosak, Brad Fitzpatrick, George Sable.


Front Row: Head Coach Ellen Carpenter, Caryn Cordero, Kim Steele, Mesha O'Donnell, Adrian Unger, Mara Davis, Yumi Iwasaki, Sara Giulietti, Lindsay Calabrese. Back Row: H ollie Robinson, Leslie Taber, Rachel Kuhr, Jamie Schneider, Jenn Blackburn, Chris Farrell, Leslie Taber, N icole Walsh.

Cheerleaders Front Row: Arusi M ooring, Gonzalo W o, Deanna Rockhill, Anthony Bapple, Naomi Shedlock, Joseph Figo, Melissa Havash, Derek Alverson, John Zackery, Christie Lannan, Jamie Bednarek, Robin Conley, Scott Lowery, Christy Brumley, Noah Debres, Gracie Dempsie.


In May the 4400 Campus Club closed its doors for construction o f the New Convocation Center to be com pleted in 2,001. D on't w orry though, a new location under a different name w ill bring the same dance club atmosphere to Waterside Mall.

With a campus sur­ rounded by water on both the east and west sides, it w ould be expected that creatures from the water w ould com e ashore. W addling on the W hite­ hurst pier a duck looks for a sunny place to sleep.


Naro Expanded Cinema has been a trademark com pany for Ghent and Colley Avenue since the late 1960's. Colley Avenue in Ghent provides restaurants, eateries, m ovie stores and gift shops for students. In February, the American Cancer Society kicked off their Relay For Life Campaign, by hosting Channel 13 News Anchor

192 -


Terry Zahn in Webb Center. Mr. Zahn spoke in front of a crow d of students telling them what Relay for Life has meant to him.

Pride\ â&#x20AC;&#x2122;pridXn: A company o f lions. PrideVpridXn: A feeling o f gratification from an association with something that is good and laudable. Vigorous and spirited,

The Pow er Our University is blessed with competitive academics, prestigious athletics, and dedicated organizations. Yet,

PrideVpridXn: A gathering o f the Old Dominion University fam ily.

these aspects o f our University would mean nothing without the continued support o f the community. T hey have played an integral part in the success o f all our endeavors. Through thick and thin, it has been their contributions and pride have kept us going.

that The

com m unity has acted as a foundation upon which the U niversity



allowed to flourish. It is this alliance that makes us strong and unites us in the power of one. by: Terri Klaes and Suzy Rew From Top to Bottom, Left to right: Ashwin Thomas, Hampto'n Boulevard, Rhinos, N orfolk Z oologi­ cal Park, Batterson's II, Colley Avenge, K elly's Tavern, Ghent, Chris Luongo, Hampton Boulevard.


¡1 i n


e x

e //. Abbott, Stacey 70, 116, 220 Abdelwahed, Ali 168 Abdul-Matejela, Khelid 31 Abellar, Steve 70 Ablane, Grace 130 Acharbi, Zabin 4 Acker, Jana 137 Ackiss, Carol 23 Acosta, Ernesto 147 Adam, Matthew 13, 56, 150 Adams, Dawn 140, 14| Adams, Michelle 70 Adler, Katie 135, 167, 170, 190 Admirand, Robert 70, 152 Agcaoili, Ritchelie 124 Albakri, Taufeeg 68 Albarrocin, Javier 168 Albus, Bradley 70 Alejo, Ryan 70 Alemrith, Michael 135 Alexander, Charmiane 70 Alexander, Charmione 125, 133 Alexander, Karla 75 Alfano, Vicki 161 Alford, Jamie 169 Ali, Razi 49,133 Allejos,Maryanne 144

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Allen, Dwight 36, 37, 106 Allen, Felecia 186 Allen, Josh 46 Allen, Latasha 49, 70 Allen, Matt 188 Allen, Ronald 70 Allen, Todd 56 Alleyne, Shamar 70 Alston, Martin 106 Alverson, Derek 191 Amacio, Richie 124 Amis, Nelson 106 Anders, Beth 184, 189 Anderson, Candace 137 Anderson, Chris 142 Anderson, Chuck 141 Anderson, Mary 154 Anderson, Travis 125 Andrade, Mery 186: : Andrew, Jean 70,76, 187 Anh, Phy Vu 119 Araojo, Michael 171 Araujo, Luciana 172 Araujo, Raquel 172 Archer, Kristy 120 Archibald, David 53 Arendall, Mike 70, 116, 152, 153, 213, 220 Amaud, John 56 Amesen, Kenneth 56 Arrojo, Mike 163 ArsenaiÉt Pete 56

Askew, Christopher 56 Asrepova, Karlygash 68 Athalye, Para 68 Atkins, Marvin 56 Atta, Peter 70 Atwar, James 68 Ausmus, Jason 147 Ayala, Mildred 168 Ayres, Albert 70

t L &

Babajanov, Ilhom 68 Babashanian, Lindsey 120 Bader, Terry 27 Bailey, Darkeesha 17, 56, 136, 167 Bailey, Gilbert 121 Bailey, Kerri 149 Bailey, Tara 128 Baines, Patricia 106 Bajus, Jenna 190 Baker, Alexis 70 Baker, Amy 56, 120 Baker, Brian 19 Baker, Julie 70 Baker, Linda 106 Baker, Sharoyn 220 Balbuena, Ken 70,155 Balingit, Albert 70 Ballard, Bryan 186 Ballesteros, Tina 124 Banda, Jessie 70 Bankhead, Jonathan 56 Banks, Carita 70 Banks, John 147 Banks, Keta 5, 134, 152, 164,

167, 213 Banks, William 56 Bapple, Anthony 118, 191 Barber, Revonda 2 Barbosa, Larissa 32, 33 Barcarse, Neleh 71, 124, 224 Barker, John 12 Barkow, Sally 188 Barksdale, Amber 71 Barnes, Kimberly 71 Barnes, Marty 71 Barnes, Matthew ■' . 71 Barnes, Sherrie 52 Baron, Natalie 123 Barowy, Nicole 71 Barr, Candy 142 Barrett, Daniel 10, 118 Barrett, Melissa 142 Barretto, Nhelly * 167 Bartlow, Craig 71 Bartnick, Chris 129 Bartolotta, Nicholas 72 Bartolotta, William 141 Basham, Rhett 72 Bass, Bethany 56 Bassett, Will 151, 220 Bassette, Reginald 54, 57, 122,173 Bastelar, Erik 145 Bates, Karen 142 Battaglia, Leni 72, 199 Batten, Evwell 72, 122 Baudassi, Nicole 147

Bautad, Gerald 136, 137 Baxter, Johanne 72 Baxter, Tori 72 Baylor, Brianne 189 Beale, Stephanie 209 Beamer, Candace 72 Bearor, Becky 189 Beasley, Heather 123 Beauchamp, Melissa 120 Becker, Alexis 120 Becker, Emily 187 Becker, Travis 21, 73 Bednarek, Jamie 191 Beehler, Sandra 106 Behl, Vikas 7 Behrens, Kelly 57 BeH, Debra 106 Bell, Garry 8,73 Bell, Jene -106, 167 Bellinghausen, Nicole 73, 186 Benavides, 4 Roberto 57 Beneay, Suzanne 78 Benington, Dan 145 Benner, Patrick 1, 57, 131,143 Bennett, Paul 147 Bentinogle, Kristin 73 Berard, Michael 73,146 Bernard, Ann 73 Bernard, Constance 57 Berrian, Cub 106 Berthiew, Lucienne 186 Bess, Dave 129 Betiong, Doreen 124

Betzing, Mistie 128 Bey, Clarence 28, 73, 125 Biascan, Dalia 73, 143 Bielonwu, Victoria 73 Bierenbaum, Jason 145 Bilerke, Christine 150 Billingsley, Foster 37 Billups, Briana 73,125 Bing, Charlene 73 Biondi, Elisabeth 73,188 Bishop, Brian 3 Bissett, John 106 Bjorken, Ericka 132 Black, Stephanie 137 Blackburn, Jenn 191 Blackburn, Spiros 187 Blackstone, Michael 146 Blackwell, Julia 73 Blake, Carla 142 Bloedom, Matthew 146 Bloom, Laurie 8 Boddie, Taquila 15 Bogacui, Przemyslaw 106 Boisson, Michael 73 Bolden, Nicole 73 Bolduc, Mary Kay 57,173,182, 183,188 Bolen, Lisa 73 Bolling, Freddie 126 Bolt, Katie 137 Bolton, Dave 57, 155 Book, Chrissy 19

Boos, Chris 189 Borders, Matthew 188 Borwick, Jocelyn 72 Bousman, Debbie 220 Bowdler, Cal 181, 186 Bowen, Lauren 137, 149 Bowerman, Michelle 154 Bowie, Ayaa 73 Bowles, Sara 73 Boyd, James 145 Boyenoh, Kun 73 Boyle, Michael 106 Bozeth, Christopher 57 Bradshaw 51 Brady, Angela 134 Brammer, Candi 117 Branch, George 73 Branch, Shawnte 1, 16, 134, 152, 164, 213 Brescia, Breauna 137 Brewer, Tracey

57 Brickhouse, Traci 57 Bridgelatt, Awanata 164 Briggs, Brooke 137 Briggs, LaNae' 134,164 Brill, Adam 213 Brindley, Mitch 188 Bristow, Emily 74 Broderick, John 38 Broderick, John P. 106 Brooks, Theresa 172, 188 Brou, Goncalo 33, 57

Brout, John 33 Brown, Bonita 74 Brown, Chariety 106 Brown, Christine 58 Brown, Deshawn 74 Brown, Diane 106 Brown, Laurie 147 Brown, Meghan 58 Brown, Michael 74 Brown, Snowden 154 Brown, Stephanie 209 Brown, Todd 74 Brown, Travis 186 Browne, Beverly 106 Brumley, Christy 120, 191 Bruun, Ashlie 224 Bryan, Dianne 209 Bryant, Eubie 29, 74 Bryant, Freddie 186 Bryant, Jason 74, 147 Bryant, Makiba 106 Bryant, Travis 74, 134, 156 Buenaventura, Mark 74,124, 167, Bullock, Allison 132 Bunsavage, Amanda 135 Bunton, Glenn 51 Burbage, Amanda 74 Burchette, Sharon 58 Burgos, Maritza 168

Burke, Marcus 118 Burks, Nikkia 123 Burks, Tamika 74, 123 Burnett, Dana 106,220 Bums, Adam 188 Bums, Jamie 74, 220 Burris, Heath 24, 186 Burwell, Carson 74 Butler, Jennifer 144, 149 Buyalos, Mary 155 Buym, Charles 74 Byers, Mike 58, 186 Byrd, Gabe 121 Byrne, Liz 117


Cabales, Jane 74, 124 Cabales, Loulella 124,125 Cailteux, Kathleen 130 Cain, Shalen 129 Cairns, Jacob 190 Calabrese, Lindsay 191 Calderbank, Alison 188 Calderon, Xavier 12, 74, 116, 167, 220 Calendrine, Mike ’ 44 Calkin, Kimberly 190 Callahan, Joe 143 Callan, Ryan 74 Callen, Brock 188 Callender, Chevonda

131, 158 Camareno, Luis

|68 Cameron, Vera 58 Cannady, Anoria 106 Cannone, Thomas 58 Canova, Clelia 74 Canoy, Emmanuel 31, W l Cao, Sang 119 Capei, Jeff 186 Capito, Steve 74 Caplan, Shelley 188 Capolarello, Nicholas 190 Cardillo, Greg 188 Cardillo, Peter 131 Careccia, Sharon 160 Carey, Eileen 151, 220 Carey, Kimberly 44 Carleo, Nicole 74 Carmona, Maria 58 Carqlus, Michael 121 Carpenter, Ellen 191 Carper, Crystal 75, 189 Carr, Adrian 75 Carr, LaVerne 107, 209 Carrasco, Gonzalo 155 Carrington, Chloe

22 Carrol, Chris 129 Carrubba, Theresa 187 Carswell, Janya 107 Carter, Anitra 75 Carter, Cici 142 Carter, Deniese 75

o o o o o o s o o o o o o o n o o o o o o o o o o o o o o n II o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

‘TV e n ev er had a problem finding a place to park, you just haVe to knoxV xVhen and xVhere to took .”

1 N ic k

L eon

“Parking seem s to b e better this fe a r than previous y ears.” - E rie Roane


o <1 o o o o o o o o o <1

“This is the best sem ester I ’Ve seen xVhen it com es to parking.” - R ya n T o m p a n is

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Carter, Gracie 154 Carter, Reginald 58 Carter, Rosa 75,156, 213 Carter, Tamara 148 Carter, Thomas 187 Cartier, Lynette 58 Cartwright, Adam 75 Cary, Crystal 75 Casey, Meredith 132 Cash, Tom 39 Casseus, Misty 79 Castagne, Justin 188 Caswell, Jennifer 132 Cathcart, Meghan 187 Cattani, Dara 137 Cauley, Elanyna 11, 117 Celiz, Gaida 124 Cerezo, Lindsay 139 Cerio, Steven 4 Chalmers, Thomas 150, 151 Chambers, Lawrence 75,190 Chambliss, Janel 76 Champagne, Abby 8, 135 Champagne, Nora 76, 116, 220 Chan, Michael 124 Chandler, Tamika 76 Chappell, Cary 132 Chara-Lambidon, Sylvia 33 Charlery, Sharifa 1, 76, 115, 149, 152,153, 167,

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Clemente, Keith 76, 143 Cline, Mark 186 Clousser, Natalie 76,137 Clubb, Julie 77 Coates, Durmon 59 Coates, Phil 187 Cobb, Kelly 117 Cobbs, Shaun 77 Cochran, Jeanenne 188 Cohen, Seth 118 Colberg, Sheri 107 Colbome, Adam 187 Còle, Adrienne 77, 126, 152, 164, 213 Cole, Crystal 77 Coleman, Alexis

14, 48, 77, 125, 164 Coleman, Carrie 150 Coley, Catherine 188 Coley, Coy 77 Coley, Jill 45 Coley, Michael 188 Collins, Burgandi 7, 77, 147 Colon, Juan 168 Combs, Darren 127 Comfort, Juanita 37 Companion, Chris 146 Conley, Jennifer H Conley, Robin 191 Connelly, Chuck 179,187 Conners, Sarah 144 Conrad, Jamie 189 Conrad, Jason 123 Conyers, Antonio 77 Cook, Desmond 107 Cook, Joseph 77 Cook, Marc 34 Cooke, Charlie 107 Cooke, Elizabeth 15 Cooke, Jennifer 167 Cooney, Pat 146, 155 Cooper, Bakkii 168 Cooper, John 121 Copeland, Tonia 150 Corbett, Lauren 107 Cordero, Caryn 77, 191 Cordova, Carmen

59,168,168 Corson, Steve 188 Coston, Lois 107 Coughlin, Melissa 53, 59 Couser, Carl 122 Cox, Gary 199 Cox, Kris 21 Coyne, Darcy 166 Coyne, Darry 166 Craig, Melissa

120 Cranor, Matt 77 Crapo, Emalee 59, 130, 131 Crenshaw, Anthony 59, 152, 153, 213 Croely, Charles

68 Crognale, Domenica 19 Cromwell, Ward 176 Cronce, Ann 35 Crook, Elizabeth 59 Crooks, Theresa 77 Crosby, Shirley 171 Crowder, Jack 18 Crowther, Yasin 158 Cruley, Kelly 188 Crute, Hollis 77 Cucchirara, Andria 188 Cuevas, Monica 132 Cuffee, Barbara 59 Culver, Kevin 26 Curiel, Beatrice 168 Curran, Ryan 77 Custis, James 59, 134,164 Cuthriell, Chris 135,151

B DaCruz, Maria 140 Dacumos, Julius

20 Dandridge, Janna 8, 77 Daniel, Steve 108 Daniels, Matthew, 77 Danish, Clement 27, 136 Danson, Ken 77 Davenport, Patricia 160 Davidson, Ryan 77 Davis, Bianca 59 Davis, Carl 77 Davis, Cortney 77 Davis, Kristin

132^ Davis, Lisa 21 Davis, Mara 191 Davis, Nathaniel 78 Davis, Tara 59 Davis, Taworia 3, 126 Dawson, Alan 187 Dawson, Elaine 209 Day, Katie 78 Dayanghirang, Rommel 78 Daye, Tena % 16, 78, 133 De Graaf, Brandon 78 De Silva, Chandra 108 Deans, Tracy 21 Dearborn, Marina 137 DeBeasso, Joe 141 Debres, Noah 78 Debres, Noah 191 Dedson, Laura 108

Deegan, Jamie 129 Delazo, Ruth 78 Delboy, Angie 78, 167, 169, 209, 220 Dell, Emily 78 DeMaio, AnnMarie 59 Dempsie, Gracie 191 Dency, Rachel' 132, 133 Denning, Trish 155 Dennis, Brock 78 Dennis, Neil 7, 151 Dent, Teressa 137 Denton, Teresa 23, 120 DePalo, Jane 188 DePasquale,Louis 133, 161, 162 DeRamos, Courtney 133 Devlin, Andy 179, 187 Dhosc, Supad 169 Di Pilato, Renee 60 Diallo, Assaitou 169 Diaz, Natalie 186 Diaz, Pedro 78, 84 Diehl, Marcus 29 Diem, Ryan 187 Diemont, Derrick 78 Diggs, Tonya 60 DiGiacomo, Marina 170,184, 189 Dimaiwat, Don 5 Dio, Feuben 124 Dionisio, Janice 171 DiToro, Dianna 188 Divers, Mironda 171 Dixon, Melinda 132 Dobrian, Florin

44 Dodd, Heather 144 Dodd, Julie 108, 160 Doke, Chris 203 Dom-Martin, Kimon 78 Domingo, Don 14 Donchantz, Amy 117 Donchantz, Jenny 117 Doner, Matt 78 Donovan, Tim 129 Dom, Kristen 78 Dorrepaal, Mark 108 Dotson, Keisha 45, 68 Dougherty, Theresa 155 Dowd, Joe 145 Dowell, Matt 21 Downs, Jaqueline 108 Doyle, Benjamin 135 Doyle, Pam 160 Dozier, Kristi 166 Drake, Chris 39, 108 Drakeford, Vicker 78 Drewry, William 38 Driscoll, Kelly 189 Drummond, Dan 151 Duchene, Lynette 150 Dudley, Myekka 78 Due, Kristin 187 Dumas, Latoya 150 Duncan, Neely 142 Dunhem, Stefan 121 Dunlow, Barbara 37J 108

Dunn, Cynthia 117 Dunn, Ryan 188 Dwyer, Hethur 13, 149 Dysart, Scott 171 •fr

E Eason, Carlos 190 Easter, Wantonia 78 Eastman, Jason 78 Eaves, Sasha 153 Eblin, Aubrey 181, 186 Echols, Rhonda 79 Edwards, Renee 122, 148,149 Edwards, Sherita 20, 79, 116 Eissing, Jennifer 155 Eiting, Edward 79 Elder, Beth 60,131 Elder, Ronnie 79 Elefante, Beejay 124 Elisabeth 188 Elkins, Amy 117 Ellard, Andrew 79, 152 Elliot, Daniel 133, 158 Elliot, David 79 Elliot, Michael 79 Ellis, Kim 150 Ellis, Tammy 60, 122, 138 Ellrich, Andrea 79 Ellrich, Beau 80 Emerson, Dale 171 English, James l09 Ennis, Dominique 17,138 Epps, JuWandar 60

Erb, Quiana 80 Erguiza, Rownea #24 Ermita, Jennifer 80 Ermita, Joy 80 Ernest, Alex 16, 17, 60, 157, 159,190 Erten-Unal, Mujde 109 Escobar, Steve 60, 124, 125 Escobar, Vivian 168 Escudero, Chaz 155 Essing, Jennifer 30 Estrada, Michelle 117 Eure, Jeffrey 80 Evot-Okriton, Yianna 33

F Fajardo, Michele 124 Fannon,Josh 190 Farah, Osman 80 Farmer, Erin 155 Farooque, Aisha 18, 20, 80,116 Farrell, Chris 191 Farrell, Jennifer 139 Farrell, Richard 60 Faucett'e, $heryn 109 Faulk, Tracy 80 Fawehinmi, Dluwatoyin 81 Fawehinmi, Tony 21 Fearing, Kehli 116, 201, 220 Fellman, Anita 109 Ferhut, Sarah 49, 104 Ferreira, John 81 Ferrell, Tracy 12,

134,126, 167 Ficher, James 29 Fields, Felicia 138, 139 Figo, Joseph 191 Filson, Chad 172, 190 Finch, Velvin 150 Finche, James 81 Finger, Kendra 190 Finley, Maggie 199 Finley, Mark 10, 118 Firth, Vicki 132 Fisher, Casie 170, 189 Fisher, Jesica 81 Fitch, Velvin 150 Fitzgerald, Samantha 169 Fisher, Stephanie 132 Fitzpatrick, Brad 190 Flakes, Brandon 81 Flint, Alesha 2, 81,133 Flippen, Troy 153 Flippin, Bonnie 81 Flock, Ladd 209 Flores, Ralph 81 Flores, Reihnard 53 Floyd, Chrishawn 130 Floyd, Scharlene 81, 160 Foerster, Laura 190 Folston, William 81 Foltz, Patricia 188 Fomunyoh, Evans 81 Fontanilla, Evonne 167 Ford, Ernest 81 Ford, Neil 188

alloxOed in certain i» !

parts o f the resident halls.”


-'Michael H endricks


o K

o o <>

“A s long as they don't bother m e it's



all g o o d .” -H fcen Patel

“T h ere should b e P <I

;; o

o ■

designated room s fo r sm okers, that W a y e^eryones

Aappy.” - M ike Natale



Forelli, Anthony 170 FomellaOehninger, Maria 109 Fortanier, Lisette 189 Foster, Clint 209 Foster, Tekeema 17 Fountain, Kim 81,140 Fowler, Shannon 153 Foxwell, Heather 139,153 Foxworth, Nikkia 60 Foxworthy, Gail 54 Foxworthy, Ryan 81, 152, 213 France, Robert 142 Francis, Sharron 186 Frank, Palathingal IBB Fredericks, Claire 132 Freeman, Linda 109 Freeman, Mark 162 Freeman, MaryBeth 189 French, Linda 142 Friedberg, Jason 52 Frizzell, Michael 60 Fry, Moral 50 Fuller, Milo 168 Funk, Bradley 188 Furman, Jennifer 68, 153 Furr, Joanne 1 Futterman, Demian 60

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Ghaemmaghami, Cynthia 109 Giandoni, Will 1, 129 Gibbs, Jacob 188 Gilbert, Katie 82 Gilder, Sarah 155 Giles, Deborah 109 Gill, Latoyia 157 Gill, Brent 145 Gillette, Jason 141 Gillian, Michael 82 Gilmore, Erin 82, 121 Gilmore, Holly

10 Girardier, Darrel 171 Giulietti, Sara 191 Glenn, Lonnie 82,116,220 Godsey, Jamie 23 Goffigon, Michelle 61 Goins, Quansilla 158 Golemo, Anita 109 Gonzalez, Angela 23 Gonzalez, Caroline 82, 133 Gonzalez, Jessica

120 Gonzalez,. Nanette 168 Goodman, Senitria 82 Goodson, Misti 17, 61, 122, 138 Goodwyn, Michael 82 Gora, Jo Ann 109 Gordon, Yolanda 128 Gorman, Jennifer

120 Gosneyjohn 61 Goulait; Kathleen 188 Graham, Nathan

118 Grant, Danita 82 Grant, David 61 Grante, Gia 82 Grattan, Alexis 188 Graves, Diana 61 Graves, Tonia 109 Green, Charming 117 Green, David 188 Greene, Allision 186 Greene, Pierre 186 Greer, Treva 126, 152 Grefe, Norm 161 Gregory, Shelton 26 Griffin, John 82 Griffin, Katie 131 Griffith, John 82, 167 Grillo, Julie 109, 139, 143 Grimes, Bruce 82 Grindstaff, Alexis 132 Grindstaff, Stephanie 82 Groot, Gerrit Bluemink 82, 116, 220 Grosz, Jen 132 Gmbe, Richard 126, 127 Gruzalski, Anna 175, 187 Gsell, Tony 182 Guess, Dianna 117 Guisto, Mark 188 Gulmd, Michelle 144 Gunter, Ashley 171 Guthrie, Kevin 50 Guynn, Melinda


H Hadzisejdic, Selma 33 Hagan, Arlisa 209 Haggard, Jessica 82 Hailu, Hasset 6 Hairston, Shawana 162 Hale, Stephanie 150 Hall, Kanesha 17, 61 Hall, Karen 166 Hall, Kimberly 46 Hall, Richard 61 Hall, Stefanie 120 Hall, Wendy 144 Hallingshead, Robert 141 Halms, Mayra 163 Halstead, Jim 136 Halter, Patrick 187 Halton, Matt 129 Hamilton, am f90 Hamilton, Steve 205 Hamilton, Tricia 154 Hamlin, Corey 82 Hamlin, Mark 151 Hamm, Natalie 82 Hammock, Amanda 4, 82 Hanif, Mohammed 68 Hanna, Nicole 15, 17, 82 S Hansen, Bren 154 Hardaway, Briana 82, 164 Hardison, Zach 135 Hargrove,

JoShirlon 61 Harlow, Janice 83 Harms, Mike 146 Harper, Gary 177, 189 Harper, Michelle 83 Harrel, Krista 117 Harrell, Derek 109 Harrell, Kenneth 5 Harrell, Krista 117 Harrington, Chris 190 Harris, Angela 83 Harris, Nakia 3, 83, 134, 164, 165 Harris, Ockidde 16, 83, 122, 159 Harrison, Kevin 188 Harrison, Scott 112, 220

Hart, Erin 125 Harty, Shannon 19, 190 Harvey, Marla 109 Hatcher, Kimberly 209 Haubert, John 109 Havash, Melissa 191 Hawkins, Charissa 18 Hawsler, Christian 169 Heaney, Katie 190 Heare, Samantha 132 Hechadi, Houda 83 Heck, Rowena 160 Heflin, Daniel 190 Heidelberger, Sigrid 61 Heister, Jennifer 190

Helmstetter, Jason 4 Hemenway, Meredith 83, 144, 145 Hemphill, Lavar 186 Henderson, Chauncey 83 Hendrick, Ju'Coby 134,168 Hendricks, Michael 197 Hendricks, Mike 84 Henley, Jen 174 Henley, Jennifer 84, 187 Herbert, Anne 84 Hermoso, Gayle 12, 84 Hernandez, Augi 188 Herring, Jeffrey 84 Hershley, Christal 84 Hetland, Sue 41 Heye, Susan 153 Hicks, Cleo 84 Hicks, Diisha 52, 84, 116, 124,

220 Hicks, Gayle 122 Hicks, Tameka 61, 153 Hidalgo, Melissa 188 Hill, Jamie 189 Hill, William 85 Hillen, Charley 109 Hilliard, Megan 85, 116, 203, 221 Himes, Stacy 24, 186 Hinath, Betsy 166 Hines, Shavonne 85 Hinton, Angela 109 Hitchings, Sarah 153 Hitchner, Dave

10,118 Hoatson, John 47; 109 Hodson, Monica 132 Hodziseidic, Selma 85 Hoeft, James 152,

201 Hoffman, Joyce 151 Holler, Martha 107 Hofmann, Jeffrey 188 Hogan, Michael 62 Hogge, Ray 22, 85 Holden, Sarah

121 Holland, Crystal 137 Hollars, Catherine 30, 85 Holley, Jade 47 Holloway, Johnathan 85 Holt, Tiffany 85 Honeycutt, Earl 37 Hook, Trelel 27 Hook, Todd 136 Hooton, Gerald 62 Hopkins, Travis 85 Horn, Cynthia 144 Hoshijima, Yoshie 33 Hospodor, Michael 189 Houp, Spring 131 Howard, Alfred 85 Howe, Jacqueline 85 Howell, Loni 85 Howell, Robert 85 Howie, Cassandra 148, 164

Huang, Bei 163 Hubbell, Carrie 150 Huckless, Marc 109 Huggins, Sean 55 Hughes, Adam 85 Hughes, Carla 85 Hughes, Gwen 144 Hughes, Jessica 85 Hughes, Mia 62 Hugo, Cathy 135 Hulings, Laura 153 Hull, Brian 8, 143 Hummel, Tim 182 Humphrey, Suzanne 85 Hunter, Rachel 85 Husain, Saleh 85 Hussen, Davion 147 Hutchings, Gregory 16, 86, 122,158, 159, 223 Hutchinson, Natalie 35, 110 Hutchinson, Sylena 86 Huynh, Thuy 86, 119 Hvozdovic, Jen 186 Hyde, Kevin 86, 130 Hylton, AJ. 86 Hylton, C.J. 86 Hysom, David 45

-v l Inge, Starr 153 Ipock, Matthew 170, 171 Irwin, Susan 110 Ishikawa, Miho 33

Iwasaki, Yumi ;;|f91


Jackson, Brandon 28, 86 Jackson, David

86 Jackson, Leila 86 Jackson, Mark 16 Jackson, Sara 186 Jackson, Tyrice

86 Jambard, Christina 28,62 James, Jamiaka 134,164 Jamison, Alton 30, 86 Janule, Thomas

86 Jaramillo, Jennifer 137 Jarratt, Holly 86 Jarrett,Jim 220 Jasper, Calvin 86 Jefferson, Amisha 130 Jefferson, Kimon 134, 164 Jenkins, Matt 129 Jenkins, Nicole 158 Jennings, Joie 86 Jennings, Latricia 86 Jemigan, Brandy 12, 148, 167 Jemigan, Roxanne 86 Jeter, Michelle 153 Jewell, Erin 43, 86 Jewett, Heather 144 Jimenez, Joel 190 Jimenez, Paul 24, 173,190 Joensen, Martin 62 Johnson, Courtney 86

o o o o o o o o

o n o o <1 o o o o «>, o o u o o o o o o o

*!D epends on the day. It is atl in the m ood" - Gary C o s


o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

o o o o o o o

“D efinitely b o sers! They a re m uch se s ie r than b rie fs .” -M aggie Finley

“I p re fe r b o sers. I don't like to constrict my little L eni. ” - L en i Battaglia

INDEX - 1 9 9

Johnson, Erin 43 Johnson, Fred 155 Johnson, Ivy 86 Johnson, Jacqueline 152, 164,165, 213 Johnson, James 186 Johnson, Jamila 87, 162 Johnson, Jeremy 87 Johnson, Kim 87, 213 Johnson, Laquipha 121 Johnson, Michael 62 Johnson, Michelle 62 Johnson, Reshad 87 Johnson, Robert 187 Johnson, Ron 108, 146 Johnson, Scott 186 Johnson, Stephen

Julian, Benjamin 46 Jung, Matt 88

ic Kabigting, Margie 88, 116, 156, 220 Kannarkat, Mily 155 Kams, Michael 68 Karpeev, Dmitry 47 Katafiasz, Luke 146, 155 Kay, Adrina 62 Kedisang, Malebogo 88 Keenan, Emmora 186 Keene, Amiya 140 Kellam, Dyshene



Kelly, Kristen 144 Kelly, Tarnish 62 Kendall, Robert 88, 167, 213,223 Kennedy, Chris

Johnson, Torrie


22 Jones, Alecia 128 Jones, Clifton 186 Jones, Dion 87 Jones, Donald 87 Jones, Erica 16 Jones, Jazzez 110 Jones, Kimberly 87 Jones, Leslie 87 Jones, Lonnie 30, 72 Jones, Lovlee 148 Jones, Phillip 88 Jones, Sarah 137 Jones, Stuart 46, 143, 156 Jordan, Dennine 88, 157 Jordan, Natasha 123 Joyce, Colleen 55, 143

2 0 0 - INDEX

Kenner, Corey 89,147 Kenner, Craig 164 Kent, Susan 36, 37 Kerekes, Adelia 137 Kersey, Katherine 39 Key, Denise 160 Khan, Naved 41 Khemaluk, Duangdawn 163 Kidane, Raman 89 Kieffer,Joe 188 Kieman, Jamie 62 Kim, Hyo-Jin 51 Kimbrough, Walter 110, 114, 220

King, Raa'yah 147 Kinoshita, Makiko 33 Kirk, Mike 54 Kiser, Aaron 89 Klaes, Terree 89, 116,117, 221 Klein, Rachel 89 Kleppe, Kendra 137 Knight, Ernie 89 Knuts, Drew 89 Koch, James 35, 38 Koch, Robert 151 Koclanes, Nicky 187 Kodolikar, Samata 143 Kojima, Natsuko 83 Kokoris, Penny 137 Kokrowski, Nicole 154 Koller, Laurie 190 Koodallur, Brahmadatt 69 Koontz, Sara 190 Koster, Michael 118, 203 Kowalski, Karen 47 Krabill, Michelle 187 Kraft, Deryck 62 Kranse, Vickie 54 Krausa, Candice 55, 143 Krause, Matthew 62 Krepps, Brad 190 Kroll, John 110 Krull, Karen 63 Kruse, Cattina 89 Kuakpetoon, Kunteera 68 Kuehn, Kris 187 Kuhn, Sebastian

110 Kuhr, Rachel 191 Kun, Boyenon 164

Kurgan, Erin 3

t o La Bamer, Neisha 71 La Mackey Tisha 90 Labissiere, Christopher 89 Laender, Rodrigo 173 Lam, Nay 119, Lambert, Laurie 160 LaMountain, Charlene 5, 89, 136 Lampe, Terry 142 Lamprecht, James 89 Land, Troy 129 Landen, William 89 Lane, Glen 63 Lane, Jason 189 Langley, Stephanie 89 Langlois, Kendra 131, 138, 139 Lanier, Melissa 89, 133 Lannan, Christie 191 Larry, Wendy 25, 181, 186 Larsen, Rebecca 144, 149 Larson, Jennifer 137 Larson, Steve 121 Latham, Kendra

120 Laureta, Lenny 124 Lawhom, Jeremy 89 Lawrence, Daniel 188 Lawson, Dominique 150 Lazemick, Samara 44 Le, Nolwenn

Guen 155 Leatherman, Michael 89 Lee, An 89 Lee, Andre Chin 147 Lee, Andrew 1, 89, 125, 133, 152, 213 Lee, Charles 146 Lee, Christina 89 Lee, Danny 141 Lee, Michelle 89 Lee, Millicent 133, 157 LeGare, Juvon 130 Lehman, Melissa 135, 170, 174, 187 Lehtonen, Beth 143 Leland, Pam 68, 117 Lemstrom, Sara 142 Leon, Nick 195 Lemer, Timothy 135 Levens, Amanda 186 Levy, Michele 63 Lewis, Brandy

120 Lewis, Ginny 90 Lewis, Ryan 209 Li, Heidi 142 Lichtenstein, Jonathan 90 Lipumano, Virgil 15 Litton, Stacye 63, 150 Liu, Rosemarie 130 Lizette, Chris 99, 152, 213, 220, 222 Lockwood, Lisa 11, 90, 120, 121 Logue, Debbie 12, 90 Loi, Cue 119 Lombos, Willie 63, 124 Long, Marian 118 Lopienski, Joe 90

Lord, Shannon 168 Lota, Chris 68 Lougran, Michelle 116 Love, Bettina 173, 186 Lowery, Kori 90 Lowery, Scott 191 Loy, Becky 189 Lubich, Frederick

110 Luise, Andrea

120 Luongo, Chris 193 Luther, Kristin 144 Lutsky, Adam 129 Luttrell, William

110 Lutz, Jennifer 188 Lynn, Amy Bierowski 131

M Maa, Ming-Tyh 30, 16ÂŁ MacDonald, Leevi 190 MacPherson, Bradley 63 MacWilliams, Chuck 161 Maeyer, Beth 139, 142, 143 Mahanjane, Nelly 90 Mahayag, Joseph 124 Mai, John 165 Mai, Long 119, 16p Maiga, Maiga, Tanty 180,186 Maingj, Clara 90 Majpr, Brenda 90 Major, Debra 110 Maker, Keonna 90



McKee, Tim 38

Aidanna 150

Anna 68

Maurer, Kim 187


M iguel 20

Maxey, Danielle

M aisha 92


Mclain, Rebecca

I Malik, Omar 90 I Malls, Eric 129




Nickolas 91

McLane, Mande

M iles, Tameca 2

Manning, Jerom e

M ayfield, Kieste


Millard, Erynn




M cLellan, Sharon


M ays, Timothy


Miller, Ashleigh



M cNeill, Randi


Manzel, Stephan

McArthur, April


Miller, Beth 187


McNelly, Denise

Miller, Kelly 160

M aqsodi, Said


64, 128,129, 160

Miller, Kim

63, 136

Jonathan 91

M cReynolds,

184, 189

Marable, Andrae

M cCall, Jerem y

Paul 21, 147

M ills, Christina



McSherry, Erin



McCarraher, Leah


Mills, Robert 186

Guillermo 118


McVicker, Will

M ims, Akhira

Mario, Roz 129

McCaskill, Kevin


1, 93, 152, 213


12, 63, 166



McCatty, Michael



90, 116, 221

178, 187

92, 209

M inschke, Leslie

Marrufo, Rosa 63

McCauley, Regan

M eadows, John


Martin, Am anda

91, 190


M iracle, Julie

90, 116, 117, 125,

M cCrae, Madgie

M ediavilla,



Nydia 168

Mirador, M aridel

Martin, Jessalyn

M cCullum,

M edlin, Laura


174, 187

Andre 186


M itchell, Dan

M indick, Sarah

Martin, John 63

McCurty, Pat

M ehrtens, David

103,152, 213

Martin, Sue 209



M itchell, Eric 188

Marville, Todd

M cDaniel,

Melody, Kim 154



Damon 91

M elton, A m y 93

Kimberely 153

M elton, Sarah 93,


“I f xOe don’t rem o te Clinton, it \0ill dam age the integrity and morality o f our country.” - Kehti F earing

“O ne day xOe a re go in g to m iss having


M cDonald, Jewell

Sulaiman 63



M eredith 20, 64

a president xOho \0ears sunglasses,

Mason, Eileen

M cElligott, Rob

M ejyjn, Carter 93



plays the sax, and


Melyin, Rac 120

Shenequa 164

Mason, Sabría 90


Mendeg, Carlos

M itchell, Theresa


Jennifer 120


110, 220

Claudia 28, 29

M cGann, Sunny


M itchell, Tina 93 M itchell, Adela

i Massenburg,


Carlette 114

McGaw, Matthew

Mercer, Bobby



93, 147


M cGill, Khaleada 64


Anne 188

Massey, Richard

Vashima 93

Mobley, Asha



M erritt, Christina

M oe, Denise 142T M oghim i, Yavar

William 90 I Massey, Cambrey 2 7 ,1 36



M ikuni, Rika 33

Mannion, Dennis

I 126, 221

Topic: Bill Clinton

M ikles, M artin >i§41

M analang, Nessa

I 155

Y o u r s e lf ! ^


M aureen 187


Courtney 14


Meyer, Arlene 64

133, 157

Mathos, Joe 115

M elanie 187

.Meza, C ecilia 93

M ohammed,

M atosyan, Armen

M cGowan, Erin

M ichael, Andri

Sami 31 Money, Heather


14, 155



M cGurk, Devon

M ichaels,


Kumika 90


Thomas 129

M onte, Justine

M atthews, Takia 91

M cHugh, Mat


thew 92

Michnyq, Jaym e 129

M ontes, Hector

Mauldin, Heather

McKee, M att 92

M iddaugh,

93, 168, 169

eats b ig macs.** - Chris P erricone

“I beließe that the president is guilty. It is up to the Senate to decide his fa te.” rJim H oeft

INDEX - 2 0 1

Montgomery, Michele 150 Moore, Allen 93 Moore, Dawn 18, 20, 93 Moore, Hillary 93 Moore, Nedra 18, 93 Mooring, Arusi 191 Moorti, Sujata

Mussie, Yared 93 Mwenentanda, Tshijuka 186 Myeicka, Dudley 93 Myers, Sue 189


Nagle, Sue 110 Naik, Dayanand



Mooton, Sotonya 29 Morales, Rosemarie 144 Morre, Dawn 116 Morrell, Samantha 142 Morris, Heidi 64, 135 Morris, Jordan 116, 120, 149 Morris, Mary 93 Morris, Shelia 64 Morrisett, Esther 135, 170 Morrison, Alexis 137 Morrison, Chandra 169 Morton, Chiama 125 Morton, Pete 25, 171 Mourao, Manuela 37 Mowry, Kelly 188 Moyer, Katie 189 Mudisi, Getrude 93 Mukherjee, Pravash 93,143 Mullin, Lou 147 Murdock, Erika 117 Murdocte, Eritia 149 Murphy, Sean 135 Murray, Kristin 187 Muslof, Jared 93

Najera, Aaron 135 Narmkerd, Pichaya 68, 163 Natale, Mike 197 Ndivo, Albert 43 Neal, D'Juan 186 Neary, Lauren 142 Neff, Joyce 110 Nelson, Lianne 94 Nelson, Linda 160 Nesbit, Heather 94, 171 Nestor, Nick 94 Neumann, David 94 Nevins, Lucy 87, 167 Newbill, Shushawna 94 Newbold, Claire 41 Newcott, Eric 155 Newlin, Chris 94, 187 Newman, Lori 132 Newmark, Richard 110 Newton, Brian 94 Ngo, Carolyn 119 Nguy, Chi 119 Nguy, Nhu 40 Nguy, Nu 119 Nguyen, Agelique 143 Nguyen, Duy 118,119,165

2 0 2 - INDEX

Nguyen, Hung 119 Nguyen, Hungh 205 Nguyen, Kim 94 Nguyen, Roy 4 Nguyen, Trang 119 Ngyuen, Jimmy 165 Ngyuen, Kim 165 Nicholson, Chila 122, 148, 149 Noe, Preston 28, 143 Nolan, James 26 Nolte, Beth 113 Nordwall, Mark 27,136 Norman, Jason 94 Nowak, Michelle 144 Nowak, Teresina 3, 68, 116 Nunnold, Tanya 117

Obando, Ebert 94 Obermeyer, Karen 120 O'Connell, Fran 209 O'Connor, Kellette 94 O'Connor, Stefani 154 Octaviano, Joey 94 O'Donnell, Mesha 191 Ogunbunni, Uyi 94 Oland, Giles 188 Olansen, Nathan 187 Olariv, Steve 49 Oliver, Donald 126, 127 Olley, Mandy 186 Olmstead, Dawn

189 Olthoff, Nancy

110 Olumba, Uzoma 94 Ona, Louie 64 O'Neal, Earl 111 O'Neill, Shannon 209 Operio, Oscar 94, 124 Orciga, Lee 124 Orozco, Mariano 64 O'Shea, Patrick 69 O'Sullivan, John 137 Overbey, Maggie 94 Owens, Jacquelyn 94 Owens, Renee 48

p Pabalan, Stephan 155 Paddleford, Lisa 121, 137 Pagan, Nicole k 94, 137 Pagano, Stephanie 120 Page, Matthew 94 Painter, Nathan 171 Pait,Jen 176 Pak, Elle 114, 123 Palmer, Dan 147 Palor, Chris 64, 124,125 Pant, Ashish 94 Parham, Pomnisa 95 Parker, Cathy 164 Parker, James 65, 122 Parker, Lateisha 95 Parker, Natalie


Parker, Scarlet 144 Parker, Elske 142 Parris, Linden 65 Parsons, Timothy 95 Patel, Hixen 197 Patel, Jay 129 Patel, Samir 143 Patterson, Earl

121 Patterson, Jeff 118 Patterson, Jennifer 43 Patton, Damion 183,188 Peach, Mindy 160 Pearson, Melina 65 Pearson, Melinda 127 Pearson, Shawn 182 Peck, Father John 30, 154 Peeples, T. 95 Pegram, Tiffany 65 Pelsinger, Stacie 162 Pen, Katrina 124 Pennetta, Kathryn 186 Penny, Janet 27 Perdue, Linda

111 Pereira, Joe 174, 175 Perran, Matt 95 Perricone, Chris 95,201 Perron, Nicole 167 Perry, Diane 65 Perry, Elizabeth 95, 137 Perry, Phillip 65 Pescatello, Heather 176, 188 Pessoa, Ubirahara 187 Phalen, Patrick 95

Pham, Linda 115, 119 Phan, Anthony 65, 119 Phelps, Keisha 95,156,167 Phill, Celeste 65 Phillips, Corey 96 Phillips, Matthew 136 Phillips, Mike 187 Phillips, Shana 96 Phillips, Tanya 154 Phipps, Debbie 160, 161 Pickel, Penny 209 Pickerel, Roger 69 Pickett, Carol 111, 138 Pierce, Dana 137 Pierce, LaCrecia 134 Pierce, Leslie 96 Pietila, Amanda 175, 187 Piladino, Theresa 154 Pile, Carmen 224 Plaksina, Marina 163 Plasencia, Alex 190 Plummer, Bemida 111 Poag, Mark 180, 186 Poblete, Miguel 20,124 Poe, Almika 69 Polonko, Karen 39 Pope, Marcia 96 Pope, Paul 96 Post, Jennifer 213 Post, Lisa 133, 158 Potee, Crystal 134 Potter, Melissa 144

Poulter, Lance 142 Powell, Patrick 41 Powell, Reshida 96 Powers, Jennifer 96, 143 Prachoanronarong, Paweeha 20 Pratt, John 134 Pratt, Sarah 135 Praydis, Kellie 48, 65 Presas, Richard 65 Prescott, Eric 14 Preston, Eugene 96 Price, Mary 142 Price, Rebecca 97, 150 Pritchett, Yvonne 122, 123 Puckett, James 97,171 Puente, Jennifer 167 Pugh, Lamont 97 Puhala, Sara 12, 167 Purdie, Katrice 148 Puri, Puja 137, 143 Putnam, Gloria


9 Quarles, Andrea 41 Quarles, Tisha 167 Quartararo, Pamela 65 Querimit, Melissa 124, 165, 213 Quiazon,Jeff 26

Rabsatt, Elmo 209 Rader, Lisa 14 Rafal, Lauren 187 Rahali, Ghizlame 97 Ramey, Holly 117 Ramirez, Radley 153 Ramos, Richard 155 Ranallo, Anthony 97 Ranallo, Tony 187 Randazzo, Cecilia 190 Randeri, Vikram 162 Randolf, Tranisce 97 Ransom, Mary 113 Rapisardi, Megan 13, 97, 152, 213,

220 Rassaw, Rashard 97 Rath, Erica 11, 117 Ratzlaff, Andrea 154 Rawcliffe, Mandy 40, 41 Reaves, Andre 97 Redden, Misti 137 Reed, Lisa 153 Reed^ Rodney 35 Reed, Tionna 162, 163 Reed, Vincent 167 Reeser, Chris 188 Reeser, Rick 188 Reeves, Jason 170, 171 Reeves, Karsha 97 Reid, Jim 141 Reid, Lois 133

Reilly, Kelly 97 Reish, Richard 80 Rejuneyjoey 155 Renard, Jason 52 Renner, Richard 43 Rennie, Kristen 135 Ressler, Jon 97, 189 Rew, Suzy 1,12, 97, 152, 213, 221 Reyes, Gerry 124 Rhody, Jordan 49 Ribeiro, Sergio 65 Richards, Rogelio 168 Richardson, Cherie 97 Richmond, Rachel 97, 123 Rickett, Bryce 124 Ricks, Consuelo 97 Riddle, Jennifer 115 Ridenhour, Daniel 187 Rider, Diana 153 Riley, Ebonie 7, 97 Riley, Valanda 17,97, 122, 138 Riley, Wendy 153 Rillon, Janice 97 Ritchie, Carla 190 Ritchie, Cecilia 14 Rithamel, Mike 97 Roach, Lorraine 188 Roane, Eric 195 Robelly, Monice 136 Roberts, Erin 132 Robertson, Frances 66 Robertson, Ryan 143 Robeson, Natalie 143, 152 Robillard, Tim 18 Robinson, Andre

98, 143, 152, 156, 213 Robinson, Consuelo 66 Robinson, Cristen ; f 23 Robinson, Hollie 191 Robinson, Kaneisha 111 Robitaille, Naomi 171 Rockhill, Deanna 191 Rodgers, Ardawn 98 Rodriguez, Juana Jj5 0 Rodriquez, Ernest 69 Rodriquez, Nelson 98 Roenker, Matthew 98 Rogers, Brooke 137 Rogers, Keri 171 Rohr, Amy 55, 69 Rombaugh, George, 169 Rosak, Jeffrey 190 Rosario, Layla 98 Roshov, Danielle 114, I lf Roskott, AnneMargot 189 Rosnov, Danielle 117 Ross, Kailynne 190 Rountree, Mike 186 Rousson, Greg 27 Rowe, Andrea 187 Rubin, Bruce 163 Rubio, Gregg 98 Rucker, Kenyotta 66, 134 Rudisill, Murray 189 Rudy, Redonna 98,135

o o o o o o o n o o o o o o o o <> o o o o o o o o o o o o n o o o o o o o o o o o o (I o o o o o o o o o it o o o o o o <> o o o o o o o o o n o o #» o <1 o o

“I f they’re alloxOed to practice, the question is xx>ho should they practice o n,” - Chris D oke

*They should b e allowed to practice, and som ething should b e done to protect the doctors.” - M ichael H osier

“I think that the doctors should b e allowed to perform these operations without bein g condem ned fo r it.” - M egan Hilliard

INDEX - 2 0 3

Ruggaber, Phillip 34,66,116, 220 Ruiter, Emily 137, 188 Rushing, Tanya

Sauls, Jennifer 123 Saunders, Brooke



Russ, Genie 150 Russell, Dale 111 Russell, Delonte 134, 164 Russell, Rhett ll| fl3 6 Ryan, Pat 134

Saunders, Lora 176, 188 Saunders, Mark 127 Sawsienmongkol, Shane 165 Sax, John 188 Scherer, Steve 47 Schirartzlow, Sara 137 Schmidt, Nathan 136 Schneider, Jamie 191 Schneider, Rikke 69 Schubert, Brooke 188 Schulman, Heath 118 Schulz, Melissa 188 Scott, Audrey 98 Scott, Beverly 209 Scott, Christine 123 Scott, Jeffrey 188 Seabrook, Travelle 98, 134, 164 Sears, Adrianne 166 Sechrist, Scott

J Sable, George 98, 190 Sacra, Matthew 26 Salacup, Lawrence 98 Salazar, Stephanie 98 Sallade, Peggy-Jo 142 Sammis, Adam 188 Sample, Tiffany 19 Sanders, Lorenzo 118 Sanford, Jamie 142 Sanford, Rob 171 Sanpere, Katherine 188 Santiago, Adriana 98 Santiago, Pedro 145 Santoro, Brenna 187 Santos, Sergio 213 Sargent, Robin 155 Sassone, Justin 205 Satchell, James 98 Saulog, Carmelita 156

2 0 4 - INDEX

120 Saunders, Chad

112 Seebald, Pam 190 Seguin, Jon 129 Seibles/ Tim 7 Seliboysky, Cammie 66,166 Selmanpakogly, Ozgun 69 Semple, Tiffany 189 Sexton, John 141 Shabuzzi, Zaki 98 Shackleford,

Jamie 117 Shadders, April 69 Shamukuni, Matengu 98 Sharp, Michelle 19 Shaw, Jennifer 190 Shawn, Patti 153 Shedlock, Naomi 191 Shepherd, Jerome 98 Shepherd, Melissa 132 Sheridan, Phil 155 Sherwood, Jennifer 128,129 Sheth, Seemit 32 Shier, Cindy 117 Shively, Sean 45 Shope, Dave 129 Shuck, Holli 121 Shuck, Hollister

120 Shuckleford, Jamie 10 Siegel, Laura 46, 209 Sihibe, Abdul 31 Sikebert, Mildred 19 Silver, Melissa 98, 220 Silverman, Brett

Sines, Tiffany 137 Sison, Irma 15 Sisowath, Ponlev 99 Sitka, Jennifer 117, 220 Sledge, Sally 160 Sledge-Larsen, Kristian 188 Sloggin, Allison 137 Smigiel, Tommy 28, 99, 116, 117, 152, 167, 213, 221 Smith, Amy 99 Smith, Ben 52 Smith, Brian 155 Smith, Chandra 55 Smith, Christy 142 Smith, Eric 30 Smith, Jackie 132, 133 Smith, Janis 209 Smith, Jason 187 Smith, Karl 99 Smith, Keshia 126 Smith, Kevin 22 Smith, Laura 31 Smith, Mimi 185, 189 Smith, Monica 164 Smith, Robin, 189 Smith, Theodore



Silvey, Adam 161 Simmons, Caroline 42, 98 Simmons, Clay 188 Simmons, Edison

Smith, Monique 134 Smith, Staci 189 Smoot, Stephanie 190 Smuzynski, Damon 99 Snyder, Joshua 190 Snyder, Shannon 132 So, Nate 99 So, Vienna 142 Soares, Tatiana 32 Socha, Thomas 166 Socha, Tom 166

112 Simons, Andrew 190 Simons, Brandon

121 Simons, Gray 190 Simons, Nakeylla 98 Simpson, Nefertiti 99 Sims, Jo Ann 130

Sokol, Steve 189 Somvang, Suda 114, 117,149 Sotosa, Robin 99 Southerland, Tim 100, 135 Sparks, Damon


Frederick, Roger 190 Stice, Brad 101 Stickney, Jamye 188 Stinson, Glen 24, 101 Stocks, Nathan

Spear, Rebekah



Stockunas, Ed 187 Stokes, Larry 66 Stokes, Robynn 137, 149 Stollings, Michelle 5, 132 Stone, Becky 187 Storchak, Igor 163 Stoughton, Jack 127 Stover, John 66, 115, 130, 131 Stowe, Kristin 140 Strange, Ruby

Spence, James

100 Spencer, Tonya 3, 126 Spiker, Fred 146 Squyres, Shaun

100 Sri Hari, Dammalapati 59 St. Clair, Stephanie 142 St. George, Judy

112 St. Onge, Heather 137 Stachs, Centrella 160 Stafford, Jessica 23 Stahl, Sue, 190 Stakes, Matthew 52 _ Stanfield, Lillie

100 Stant, Trisha 100, 187 Stanton, Marie 190 Stark, Brian 100 Steadman, Laura 189 Stedman, Amanda 131,171 Steele, Kim 191 Stephans, Summer 100 Stephen, Andrea

112 Stephens, Quiona

66 Stevens, Katrina 166 Stewart, Shed 157 Stewart-

112 Strangways, Raymond 112 Stratford, Erin 171 Stratton, J.R. 101 Strinfeld, Edwin 156 Stringfield, Edwin 92 Strosahl, Johann 146 g f Stuckey, jj Christopher^101 Sturm, Dalana 128 Sturm, Jeremy 145 Subasic, Abigail

101 Sughrue, Eric 128 Suhuski, Joseph 142 Sullivan, Daniel 129 Sullivan, James 183,188 Summers, Ed 112 Supapucdee, Punya 101

Sutliff, Eryn 120 Sutton, Mark 101 Swift, Sandra 36

t Taber, Leslie 191 Tackett, Jennifer 166 Talento, Catherine 101 Talento, Ron 130, 131 Taliaferro, Irene 167 Taliaferro, Tanisha 153 Talley, Kelly 8 Tamondong, Lelani 66, 140 Tan, Maximo 101 Tanner, Jimmy 187 Tasher, Blago 169 Tastet, Julie 224 Tate, Loraine 112 Tautkus, Marjorie

Theodorakis, Kerri 101 Thomas, Ashwin 101, 193 Thomas, Brooke 19, 190 Thomas, Christine 188 Thomas, Chuck

112 Thomas, Donald 101, 116, 220 Thomas, Josh 171 Thomas, Justin 155 Thomas, Mandy 160 Thomas, Sterling

121 Thomas, Tameka


Tedford, Eric 69 Teed, Cameron

Thompson, Doris 135 Thompson, Johannah 187 Thompson, Susan 34 Thompson, Tiffany 186 Thonts, Chris 153 Thome, Troy 177, 189 Thorvaldsen, Ryan 188 Thrasher, Gina 149 Throckmorton, Amber 186 Thurston, Timothy 102 Tian, Yixue 165 Tice, Devon 120, 143 Tierney, Matthew 30, 155 Tiess, Beth 153 Tiglao, Liz 120 Tillson, Meredith



112 Taylor, Courtney 16, 150 Taylor, David 142 Taylor, Frances 67 Taylor, Josh 101, 146 Taylor, Robert 53 Taylor, Tara 153 Taylor, Thomas

101 Taylor, Tremelle

101 Taylor, Trina 101 Teaves, Drew 129 Tedesco, Anthony


Tejada, Vanessa 168 Temes, Shannon 129 Terranova, Justin ' 187

Tinsley, Faye 102 Tiver, Laura 100 Tibias, Ken 119 Tolliver, Ollie 112 Tomlin, Shanelle


Tompanis, Ryan 195 Toner, Angela 114 Topping-Bazin, Nancy 106 Torgerson, John 176 Toya, La Hubbard 85 Trabilcy, Doug 118 Tracy, Ryan 213 Tracys, Spencer

133, 158 Tytell, Brian 102

i) Uiterwyk, Chris

10 Umali, Ray 165 Unger, Adrian 191 Urquhart, Dwayne 114, 187 Uy, Ryan 161

102 Tran, Hung 119 Tran, Khanh 118, 119 Tran, Nguyen 119 Tran, Phi 119 Tremper, Kevin 6, 135 Trent, Theresa

102 Trent, Trina 134 Treto, Lucia 88 Trinh, Quang 119 Trujillo, Jennifer 18, 102 Tu, Duong 67 Tucker, Kiyah 6 Tucker, Paige 67 Tucker, Tonya 2, 16, 102 Tull, Nyeisha 102 Turlington, Lisa 188 Turner, Jessica 116, 220 Turner, Laura 166 Turner, Nancy Minguez 110 Turner, Norma 113 Turner, Wallace 113 Turpak, Kristy 154 Turpin, Consuela

102 Tuttle, Kristen 11 Twiford, Whitney 123 Tyler, Kiyah

V Valencia., Allen 129 Valentine, Lili 144 Valentini, Danny 147 Valentino-Fulani, Angel 102, 116, 128 Valler, Joseph 102 Van, Katherine DenHeuvel 102 Vance, Michelle 102, 132, 133, 143 Varanavage, Peter 155 Vaughn, Sean

102 Velasco, Teonette 102, 140 Ventura, Goose 124, 125 Vest, Erika 161 Viado, Melissa 142 Villarroel, Milivoy 168 Villena, Raymond

102 Vion, Chris 102, 146 Virath, Sanhty 67 Vito-Cruz, Ana 122, 123 Vogel, Angela



o o o o o m o o o o o o 41 4» 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44 44

"May 5 ,2 ,0 0 0 , allignm ent o f the planets is go in g to shift o ur poles, creating mass chaos.” - Ste-Oe Hamilton

T se e som e amazing NevO

d ea r’s parties ringing in the ne\0 millenium. T h e year 2 ,0 0 0 vOill se e amazing advances in m edicine, genetics and space exploration.” » Justin Sassone

“Technology vOill change and man vOill step on M ars. Earth vOill not haOe to depend on electric poxOer anym ore.” - H ung Nguyen

INDEX - 2 0 5

Vu, Khai 115 Vu, Viet-Anh 119

w Wade, Amy 69, 190 Wade, Missy 140 Waite, Mark 187 Waitkus, Pamela 113 Walden, Heather 190 Walentowski, Keith 102, 116, 117, 152, 221 Walker, Aquellah 103 Walker, Christina 103, 116, 220 Walker, Kim 132 Walker, Matt 103 Wallace, Dana 103 Wallace, Elizabeth 113 Wallace, Ta-Tanisha 148, 152, 166, 167, 213 Walpole, James 134, 135 Walsh, Nicole 191 Walsh, Shannon 144 Walter, Sebastien 103 Ward, Carolyn 113 Ward, Felishia 103 Ward, Gina 224 Warman, Christopher 42 Warner, Valerie 103 Warren, Fred 128 Warren, Quiana 186 Washington, Sandra Jo 128

Wasson, Diana 30 Watson, Jennifer 128 Watts, David 113 Webb, Randi 103 Webb, Robyn 67, 123, 166 Webster, Liz 171 Webster-Carter, Reginald 122 Weihraueh-Up, Steffan 163 Weirich, Ryan 146 Wekluk, Bridgit 166 Welpe, Ian 49 Weniger, Sara 6, 131,104 Wentzien, William 67 West, Caryn 104 West, Wendy 104 Wheeler, Kathryn 113 Whelan, Jennifer 67 Whipple, Charles 136 Whitaker, Ingrid 48 Whitaker, Nashea 42 White, Danita 104 White, Charles 104 Whitecar, Richard 39 Whitehead, Brad

121 Whittaker, Yolanda 9 Wierzbowski, John 187 Wiest, Heather 96, 152, 213, 223 Wiggins, Kenya 104 Wilburn, Jessica ,171 Wilcox, Mark 151 Wilder, Chris 162


Winslow, Jennifer 137 Winslow, Karen 137 Winston, Richard 157 Wisiewski, Dana 190 Witcher, Nytasha 105 Witherspoon, Dillon 1, 105 Withus, Carol 188 Wittig, Carrie 117 Wo, Gonzalo 191 Wolf, Dana 153 Wolfe, Brianna 188 Wolfgang, Sue 178, 190 Wolford-Tucker, Jody 113 Womick, George 105 Woodall, Melinda 120 132 Williams, Leah Woodard, Eston 104 188 Williams, Michael Woodell, Debbie 186 113 Williams, Richard Woodham, Will 146 69 Williams, Teneille Woods, Andrea â&#x2013; n, .189 67, 135 Williard, Melissa Woods, Brandon 167 105 Williford, Nikki Woods, Larry 171 123 Woods, Mark 178 Wills, Peter 105 Woods, Shelley Wilson, Ayanna 132, 149 105 Wootton, Rob 113 Wilson, Demetria Wright, Deon 105 105 Wright, Raquel Wilson, Latoshia 144 67 Wright, Tiffany Wilson, Mabricio 67, 166, 167 187 Wilson, Tamara 150 Wrushen, Tiffany 1 Wines, Misty 51 Wunderlidh, Tom Winfree, Dante 209 105 Wyatt, April 144 Winn, Katherine Wyatt, Zack 129 105 Winn, Monique 105 Wildermuth, Heidi 104 Wili, Amanda 105 Wilkie, Jay 43 Williams, Andrea 104 Williams, Anthony 136 Williams, Antwan 104, 168 Williams, Cynthia 113, 209 Williams, Hud 42, 104, 152, 157, 164, 213 Williams, Janice 69 Williams, Jeremy 104 Williams, Jessica 24, 186 Williams, Jody 170 Williams, Kim

Y Yarbrough, Demetria 152, 167,213, 223 Yee, Chien 119 Yehlen, Jarrett 15 Yhayour, Kaweh 55 Yin-Ju, Joanne Chen 105 Yochum, Heidi 117 Yoder, Adrienne 189 Young, Arlana 105 Young, Gray 120 Young, Tierra 140 Young, Finlay 189 Youngblood, Skipper 186 Yu, Larry 105 Yurgel, Cathy -105, 167

gp Zackery, John 105, 191 Zagol, Mark 176, 177, 188 Zahratka, Jill 137 Zavar, Habib 121 Zeisler, Dennis 141 Zeisler, Nate 3, 141 Zhidkov, Vladislav 105 Ziegele, Jackie 113 Ziegler, Angela 50 Zimbro, David 145 Zinni, Marla 105, 114, 167,223 Zsoldos, Jeremy 115 Zuch, Rebecca 117

Congratulations on making

Old Dominion Inn

your goal.

“A S p e c ia l P la ce to S t a y .1"

1998-99 Graduates P.O. Box 56230, Virginia Beach, VA 23456 (757) 430-8873, Fax (757) 430-8803 East Coast Hockey League Champions 90-91, 91-92, 97-98 ue$r<mmm r


“Offering the comforts of a Country Inn in the heart of the Virginia Waterfrontn


W ishing th e Class o f ‘3 9 M uch Success!

hrill r rttl

For Reservations Call: 1-800-653-9030 (757) 440-5100 |CONGRATULATIONSTOTHECLASSOF T999l!l!l!!!!l!l!!!!(l

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i c



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• Ideal body fat % is about 15-19% for m en and 18-22% for women. 9 Steroids m ay cause reduced sperm productipn, shrinking of the testicles, and breast growth in men. 9 A 154-pound persoh uses approxim ately 70 calories per hour just lying still. 9 A person can sw eat more than a quart of w ater an hour while exercising in hot weather. 9 Jogging can help memory, stimulate creativity, raise IQ and ch ase the blues aw ay. ©1998 ETR Associates

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The Health Center provides outpatient services and health education for ODU students. Students also have the option of joining the insurance plan available through the University. The center is accredited through the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, Inc.

Congratulations on bringing out the most staff and faculty for pictures!

D) .

.s ii 9




co 0


Q 0 H

ÜH -i— -i—1 o . CO >-h CO


Front Row: Angie Delboy, Elmo Rabsatt, Deschaun McWhorter, Ryan Lewis, Stefanie Brown. Second Row: Laura Siegel, Shannon O'Neill, Sue Martin (Director), Arlisa Hagan, Fran O'Connell, LaVeme Carr, Penny Pickel, Ladd Flock. Back Row: Janis Smith, Clint Foster, Elaine Dawson, Beverly Scott, Cynthia Williams, Stephanie Beale, Dianne B/yan, Kimberly Hatcher and Tom Wunderlich.

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Congratulations to the C la s s of 1998-19991


Publication: The A rchon Flower: W hite R o se O.D.U.Chapter: R hoN u, 1987

Founded:January 16, 1920 on thè Howard University campus in Washington D. C.

Colors: Zeta PKi Beta*— ZOB

Royal Blue a n d W hite

Congratulations G raduating Comm unity Service Oriented Organization.9’9


We wish the 1 9 9 8 -1 9 9 9

Graduates the best of luck! 2 1 2 - ADVERTISEMENT

Mission Statement We envision the Student Senate as providing official channels through which studentsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; opinions and concerns may be reliably voiced and recognized. Our intention is to ensure the welfare of each studentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s educational experience. We give all our efforts to achieve the best for each student who attends Old Dominion University, and will continue to do so for as long as this University is established.

105 Main Studen Of

bb Center :e: 683-3438 dy President s 683-3437

Classes of 1998-1999! Student Body President Sharifa Charlery


VPAdministrative VP. Anthony Crenshaw

Senators Arend Yarbrc Carter Sergio

ms, Jacqueline Johnson, Andrew Lee, Akhira Mims, Mike >an Mitchell, Tommy Smigiel, Ta-Tanisha Wallace, Demetria , Ryan Foxworthy, Adrienne Cole, Kim Johnson, Jennifer sa Querimit, Suzy Rew, Keta Banks, Shawnte Branch, Rosa is Lizette, Andre Robinson, Heather Wiest, Robert Kendall, tos, Adam Brill, Ryan Tracy


Graduates, From your first moment on campus to this very special day, we have watched in awe as you have grown and you have found your place in the world and discovered your voice. Now, as you embark onto the path o f a challenging career and new lifestyle, remember that we support you and are so very proud o f you. Congratulations Classes o f 1998 and 1999!

‘T F a n m e & t

“T p u c i

a n d

t£ e

O ld

y tt tc u -e n & C ttf’ ‘D iv iA ia a


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Vprid\ n

A feeling of gratification from/an association with something that is good ánÜ


laudable. Vigorous and sptmeHi\$ 1. P r id e

\'prid\ n


A gathering of the Old Dominion University family;


ou are the P r id e of Old Dominion. More than 7.1,000 strong»-the Old Dominion University


Alumni Association is a world of opportunities just waiting to be explored. Whether your interests lie in helping Old Dominion to recruit the best and.brightest students, serving as a career mentor or

internship site for todays students or you simply want to help plan activities in your area, we have got just the program for you. Where we once called our alumni groups chapters, today WeMay

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The O ld D o m in io n U n iversity P rid e o f M e tro N e w York

C iv il E ngin eerin g a n d Technology P rid e

N u rsin g P rid e

C rew A lu m n i P rid e

The O ld D o m in io n U n iversity P rid e o f P h ila d elp h ia

D e lta S ig m a L a m b d a P rid e

Physical Therapy P rid e

F ilip in o A m erican P rid e

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CateteBtecy «. Mte_


y •

î :

m. S


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Sût 0*

mm Ihm m*k


aet UOt

SMmm tosvariaa »










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Sounds th at inspired the m aking of th is hook Adam Sandies:, The Offspring (Pretty Fly /Tor a W hite G uy"), Shania Tw ain (From This M om ent Chi), Sublim e, Everclear, Brittany Spears, JZ (Hard Knock Life), (Hi M y Name Is). W ords of inspiration used to com plete hook W hy you looking at m e like that for, I wish I were a three-legged doggy, I we Todd it. "B ig A, w hittle m anda, Big S , whittle uzy," That's not w hat you said last night, M y Cheesy Poofs, Do you know w hat M onday is?, W e're dropping the bom b, postal, P rid e rhaTs what we are all about! Things consumed during the m aking o f th is hook Lachoy M icrowavable Egg Rolls, Clem entines, Papa John's Pizza, Cheese broccoli things, Papa John's Pizza, Pepsi, Taco Bell, Stolen burned brow nies, Papa John's Pizza, Oreos, Doritos, Chicken vegetarian dumplings, Papa John's Pizza, Milky Way Lites, W ater, Air, Darkroom fum es. Com bos and of course, Papa John's Pizza. S ta ff members Stacey Abbott, Mike Arendall, Jam ie Bum s, Xavier Calderon, N ora Cham pagne, Kehii Fearing, Sonny Glenn, Gerrit G root Bluem ink, Diisha Hicks, M argie Kabigting, Phillip Ruggaber, Melissa Silver, Jennifer Sitka, Donald Thomas, Jessica Turner, and Christina W alker. Special thanks to Student Activities and Leadership Office, Dr. W alter Kimbrough, Theresa M itchell, D ebbie Bousman, Sharoyn Baker Alum ni Relations Office, M ace and Crown, Eileen Carey, W ill Bassett, Scott Harrison, Dr. Dana Burnett, Student Senate, M egan Rapisardi, Chris Lizette, Angie Delboy, the Custodial Staff o f W ebb Center, Athletic Public Relations O ffice, Tina Price, D ebbie Bym e, Dr. Jim Jarrett and anyone else forgotten.

Colophon fm


W m

Volume 12 of the 1999 Laureate, The Power of Pride, the yearbook of Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia, was printed by Herff Jones Printing and Publishing Company, in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania with a press run of 400 copies. The 1999 Laureate has a trim size of 9 x 12 inches and contains 224 pages using 100 pound bordeaux paper. The theme was thought of by the Editor-in-Chief, Tommy Smigiel and selected by majority vote of the Laureate Yearbook Staff. End sheets are Colortext paper, CE-4, Gray. The cover is Lithographed with a Matte finish. The background color is Navy- HJ 0281. The sidebar is 10 percent Navy-HJ 0281. Type and photographs are Black HJ-0950. The cover was designed by a Herff Jones Artist with ideas provided by the Laureate Editorial Board. The photographs on the cover were selected to demonstrate power and pride. Layouts were designed by Tommy Smigiel, Margie Kabigting and KeithWalentowski and Jennifer Sitka. The 1999 Laureate was produced using Apple Macintosh computers and the program Aldus PageMaker 5.0. Layouts were designed using Herff Jones PageMaster Program and WordPerfect 3.5. Body copy was set in 12 pt. Palatino, captions in 9 pt. Palatino Other print types used were: Bookman, Tekton, Hobo, Quetzalcoatl, Chilipepper,


How could one sum up the feelings that are going through my head right now. lo r the past eight years, ever since middle school yearbook , I have dedicated my life to taking pictures, writingheadlines, articles and captions, selling ads and yearbooks, making layouts, cropping photos and well... the list could go on. This time has gone by so slow, but at the same time so fast. The stories that I could tell from staying up yearbook nights, all the interesting people I have met and thefriends I have made. Yearbook has become apart o f my life, and it is so hard to say that "this is it". I f "this is it," then I am proud of what I have accomplished. The 1999 yearbook has meant so much to me. It is probably my last official yearbook publication and probably the best I have ever been apart of. I can truly say that I was "Part of the Pride," at ODU. My goal this year was to produce a book so great, that when people pick it up, all they can say is "Wow." This is a sign of accomplishment and success. I will hopefully be moving on to a greater responsibility next year as Student Body President. Hey, if I don't win, maybe I'll come back fo r another year as editor, or maybe notl Maybe this book is a sign thatitis time to pass my yearbook legacy on. I have to admit, that I am starting to run out of ideas. What ever happens, I'm sure, somehow yearbook will be apart of my life.

Tom m y's Yearbook H all o f Fam e: A m a n d a - T ruly a rem arkable, yet interesting person. Your dedication and motivation is what truly made this yearbook so successful. During stressful times, it was nice to have someone to look too and give me a big cheesy sm ile or say something completely obnoxious. You 're a truefrien d and w ill always be my "c.w .l.b." I'm sure I w ill be calling you Madam Editor one day! Terree - I have always been impressed with your professionalism and leadership style. Filling my shoes isn't as bad as you may think. There's really nothing to it. During stressful times, just close your eyes and moo! I am confident that you will do an outstanding job next year. I'll be around if you need help. Jenn ifer M ., Jenn ifer S., M egan and Suzy- All o f you are valuable staffmembers and represent the future o f the yearbook. Your help second sem ester, truly makes me speechless. Watch out 21st century! Put them with Amanda and Terree, and a "golden" year w ill be created. I hope all o f you continue on as editors. The yearbook can not survive without your services. K eith- Thanksfo r you help in making this yearbook successful. Your dedication and continued support, even through the rough times, is appreciated. To the rest o f the staff, keep up the great work. Thank you fo r contributing to the success this year. It has been a pleasure to serve you and the Old Dominion University community as Editor-in-C hieffor the past two years. My goal in life has always been to make a difference in the lives o f others. I hope I have accomplished this by inspiring others to never give up and keep the memories alive by the recordings o f this book. Thank you!

The Editorial Board Amanda Martin Journalistic Editor

Terree Klaes Business Director

Keith Walentowski M anaging Editor

Jennifer Markatine Advertising! Yearbook Sales Manager

Suzy Rew Copy Manager

Megan Hilliard Photo Manager

and Jewel. Underclassmen, Graduating Seniors, Graduate Students and Faculty/ Staff photos were taken free of charge by Prestige, Life Touch Studios located in Chesapeake, Virginia. Black and white photos were processed by yearbook photographers in the student publications darkroom. Sport group photos were provided by the Athletic Publications Office. Special thanks go to the staff and administration of the Student Activities and Leadership Office, for their patience, tolerance and support. Thank you Amy Peterson for being the best Sales Representative and for having faith in accomplishing a great work. This book is not possible without the support of the students and community. Thank you. Any quoted opinions are not necessarily the opinions of the administration, faculty or Laureate staff. Due to early deadlines, some sports information covers the previous season or as much as could be covered before the deadline. Permission is required from Old Dominion University, or the publication editor-in-chief to reproduce any layouts, artwork, or photos in the book. - TRS


A Pow erful-------------------

ENDING As the graduating seniors

the Virginia Beach Graduate

take that momentous step

Center and to our further

across the scholastic threshold


and into their futures while the






remaining students m o v e

achievement. To our long list

forward through the academic

ofpast achievements, we added

ranks, only one thing is for a Truman Scholar and the certain. This was ayear that the

N C A A National Champion

University community can be

Field Hockey title. It was a year of power.

proud of. It




of From our prestigious athletic

revolution. The pinnacle event

program to our competitive

of the year was the emergence

academics, we have proven that

of the


we house great minds, excellent

building. The University looks

leaders, and a powerful pride of

forward to the completion of

...continued on page 224


The first ever carbashing took place before the Tennessee Volunteers versus the Lady Monarchs basketball game. Spon­ sored by Student Senate, the carbashing gave the opportunity for students to show their school spirit and relieve stress. Chris Lizette warms up his swing before pounding the bumper of the I ‘Tennessee car.

Once again the Lady Monarchs proved to be the dominate team in the Colonial Athletic Associa­ tion. The ladies closed out the season with their 80th consecutive win and ranked 5th nationally, entering the CAA tournament as the number one seed.

2 2 2 - CLOSING

Over 4,000 fans crammed into the Field House to see the Lady Monarchs play Tennessee. Members of the swim team came out to support them in their effort and to show their school spirit, by painting "ODU in Monarch Blue, on their chest.

From top to bottom, left to right: Heather Wiest, Field House Fire, Whitehurst Fier, Gregory Hutchings, Student Activities Council Hypnatist Army ROTC, Morning Physical Training, Demetria Yarbrough, Marla Zinni, and Bobby Kendall, Student Ambassadors.

On a rare 70 degree day in February, students Julie Tastet, Rob McElligott and Gina Ward decided to eat their lunch on the fountain steps. With a crazy twist, the next w eek's weather brought chilly temperatures and flurries.

continuedfrom page 223,..


athletes. It was a year of

pride. We had unprecedented acts of pride and school spirit through events such and

as the Tennessee Carbashing

University Pride Day. This





accomplishment, change, and pride for our University. Was it simply a powerful

ending to the twentieth

century, or the brighter

beginning of an even





millennium? b y:

Signs and chants o f "LET'S G O O.D.U," could be seen and heard throughout the FieldhoUse during a men's basketball game. Alum ni from all across Virginia came out in prides, with pride, to support the outstanding achievements from the athletes.

2 2 4 - CLOSING

From top to bottom, left to right: Monarch Pride, Lion Fountain Kaufman Mall, Greek Pride, Sign Room, Neleh Barearse, Bio Ritmo Concert, Omega Psi Phi, Greek Step Show, Ashlie Braun and Carmen Pile, Student Activities Council MTV Springbreak tryouts.

Terree Klaes and Suzy Rew

1999 Laureate  
1999 Laureate