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January, 2014

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Healthcare institutions were once considered safe havens where workplace violence was non-existent. Unfortunately, workplace violence is an inevitable fact of every environment today. According to the 2012 Crime and Security Trends Survey, healthcare security incidents increased from 15,000 to more than 20,000 from 2010 to 2012. Even more alarming is the fact that 98% of healthcare facilities now routinely experience violence and criminal incidents of some type. As we enter 2014, we recognize that medical institutions are being tasked with controlling costs and cutting budgets while maintaining the highest levels of patient care, safety and privacy. It is critical that our healthcare security solutions provide value-added services and excellence in this constantly evolving arena. ODS Security Solutions has embarked on an aggressive campaign of Journey to Excellence for our own staff and organization, and for our clients. Our mission is to help every client and constituent reach the highest levels of excellence possible at any given point in time. This focus provides us with the impetus to drive our security solutions and the outcomes for our clients to even greater heights of success going forward. One of the critical components of delivering outstanding security solutions and succeeding in our Journey to Excellence lies in our people. A well-planned security strategy without the support of strong leaders will not succeed. Today’s environment depends heavily on strong leaders who focus on quality outcomes and results. Security leaders are tasked with continually improving on their own personal strengths rather than focusing on a task or job. And they recognize that they must also cultivate professionalism and excellence within the entire security services team by setting the example through outstanding performance, commitment, and professional actions and behaviors. Strong leaders also know that giving control rather than taking control is the best way to create leaders. The most effective leaders don’t focus on creating followers – they focus on creating leaders. David Marquet provides us with valuable insights into the world of leadership development and making a difference. In his book, “Turn the Ship Around”, his story demonstrates how focusing on people vs. jobs is how we make a difference in our journey to excellence.

ODS Security Solutions

Where industry leaders turn for security services and resources

A Letter From Our CEO and President As we begin 2014, all of us at ODS Security Solutions want to thank our clients, constituents, and staff for being a part of our successful journey for the past 16 years. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you and we look forward to the coming year with many exciting opportunities ahead of us. ODS Security Solutions recently embarked on an aggressive and awesome campaign, “The Journey to Excellence.” This “Journey to Excellence” Rafe Wilkinson will drive the healthcare security services CEO and President of ODS industry forward in a way that ensures continuous quality service and optimal security solutions. Through this journey we are focused on a common company goal to deliver excellent security solutions in every possible way. We have aggressive goals and objectives in place in support of this journey as we continue to create the roadmap to excellence for the industry.

“We are focused on a common company goal to deliver excellent security solutions in every possible way.” have attracted some of the most experienced and highly qualified security professionals in the industry. ODS has also integrated new tools and technology into our ODS Training Academy, and most recently have enhanced training for the CPR/AED certification as you will learn about in this issue of The Sentinel. You will note many positive notes and responses from our clients in this issue regarding the outstanding security services delivered by our security officers. Many of our officers have been recognized by clients for going above and beyond expectations in the performance of their duties. Mitigating risks has been a common theme throughout officer performance this past year – proactively making facilities safer for our clients and their constituents.

As we take this journey together, we recognize that our security officers, staff, and clients are critical to helping us achieve and maintain this goal of excellence. We will continually solicit feedback and ask, “What do we need to start doing? What do we need to stop doing? What do we need to continue doing? What can we do for you?” as we continually refine and enhance our security solutions. We welcome your insights and input as we move forward.

As we welcome 2014, we wish you all a Healthy, Safe, and Happy New Year. We look forward to all that the coming year has to offer!

In the past year, we have expanded our security solution offerings and increased our number of staff as our business has grown. We

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Core Values 2 | The Sentinel - January, 2014

And remember that The Journey to Excellence begins with ODS – thank you for being a part of our continued growth and success! Rafe Wilkinson, CEO

1. Serve and Inspire 2. Demonstrate excellence in reputation - being a part of something special 3. Embrace diversity 4. Act with integrity and humility 5. Encourage innovation, adapt to change and be willing to take risks 6. Share goals, efforts and a willingness to perform the duties of others 7. Ensure consistency and dependability in our people and our actions 8. Celebrate successes large and small

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Employee Highlights

ODS Company Police Officers Keep ARMC Safer Alamance Regional Medical Center (ARMC) has utilized ODS Security Officers to ensure the safety and security of those they serve for more than two years. But did you know that they have expanded security services to include ODS Company Police onsite, who are sworn officers with arresting authority and jurisdiction throughout the ARMC campus?

CEOs Demonstrate Excellence Thanks for this great feedback from our contact at a Virginia Kroger location: “CEO’s David Coleman and Vernon Linnabary are outstanding and contribute significantly to this store’s achieving the highest Overall Satisfaction scores in this division. Many of the business unit, including the District Manager, also commented on Rodney [Frierson] and how outstanding he is with customers.” Thanks CEOs!

ODS Director of Security and Company Police at ARMC, Chris Cromer explains, “Our Company Police Officers have the duties of North Carolina state police officers but we focus on deterrence of crime and prevention to the greatest extent possible. The last thing we want to do is engage in arrests, although we can do it if necessary. Our goal is to avoid crime, minimize risks, and deescalate situations in the first place.” Crisis intervention and de-escalation principles are deployed to manage situations before they become more serious. The ODS Company Police Officers make it possible to minimize the use of Burlington Police Department resources and provide a high level of safety and security 24/7 on the ARMC campus. “We work closely with the local police force and there’s a great deal of cooperation between our two organizations,” Cromer explains. The ODS Company Police officers undergo rigorous training of 3-12 months on-the-job in addition to many other aspects of training. According to Cromer, his officers handle situations daily that would have previously required a response by local law enforcement and pulling them away from the streets. Now they are able to manage many situations before local police are needed or by working collaboratively. For information on ODS Company Police Services, email lterry@ For more on this story including comments from ARMC administration, please visit website for a story written by Natalie Allison Janicello on December 26, 2013.

“Our goal is to avoid crime, minimize risks, and de-escalate situations in the first place.” Chris Cromer

December Officer of the Month Sergeant Jacob Smith is our DREH/ODS Officer of the Month for December! Sergeant Smith was an Officer who made the transition with ODS at Duke Regional Hospital. Since that time Smith was promoted to 2nd Shift Security Sergeant. He is such a proactive go-getter and really brings out the best in his Officers. Sergeant Smith continues to impress people around Duke Regional Hospital with his excellent customer service and his ability to handle any situation. There is no doubt that Smith will continue to excel in the world of Security and it is an absolute honor to have him on our TEAM!!!

ODS Director of Security and Company Police at ARMC

ODS Security Solutions | 3

ODS Security Solutions

Where industry leaders turn for security services and resources Mr. Baldwin,

Employee Highlights

ODS Security Officers Aid in Arrest On Tuesday, November 5, 2013, night shift officers initiated a Code Grey lockdown, locking down the Emergency Department an ODS secured facility, due to a gunshot wound victim who walked into the ED for treatment. Sgt. Stamps, Officer Hoffman and Officer Quiring quickly sprang into action based on observation of the situation. Upon notification to the local law enforcement agency and upon the agency’s investigation, it was determined that the injured individual was involved in a shooting incident that was currently under investigation. The keen observation skills and immediate response of our security officers provided important detailed information which turned out to be incredibly valuable to the investigation - leading to an arrest by local law enforcement. It is with this type of pride, dedication, teamwork and cooperation between agencies that makes the community and hospitals a safer place. Sgt. Stamps, Officer Hoffman and Officer Quiring did an outstanding job carrying out their duties.

Congratulations, Promotions and Notable Accomplishments ■■Congratulations to Lisa Pryse, CHPA, CPP who was married to Ricky Terry on December 7, 2013. Lisa is now Lisa Terry. Congratulations to Ricky and Lisa and best wishes for a happy future together! ■■David Peery was recently promoted to site supervisor, Klocker Pentapast (KPA) Rural Retreat. ■■Security Officer Christine Lee has been recognized for outstanding performance. Recently a client suffered a sitewide power outage. Officer Lee responded to the situation calmly and reported this to the necessary client contacts. Due to the fact that this power outage also affected the parking lot lighting, she also took it upon herself to escort many of the client’s employees to their personal vehicles for added security. This is a task that is outside of her regular duties. Security Officer Lee is recognized for her proactive response and care for an ODS client facility and their employees.

4 | The Sentinel - January, 2014

During the job fair last night, Officer D. Thomas noticed that a string of Christmas lights at the top of the building was not burning. He brought this to my attention and this was reported to the client. The clien t went to the roof and found the splice on the light string was smoldering and that there was a burnt spot on the roof. The lights were powered down thus preventing a poss ible fire. – Mark (ODS Security Solutions clien t)

What Our Clients Are Saying “Chris, [I] Wanted to let you know how officer Andrew Byrd went above and beyond today while working the metal detector. He noticed a patient in the line who looked like they were having a stroke. He pulled her from the line and took her by wheelchair to the triage nurse. The patient was having a stroke and he expedited her care! Secondly he saw a patient having an allergic reaction and immediately brought her to triage. He went above and beyond today and really made a difference I thanked him personally but wanted to let you know also!” Nurse Manager, Operations Emergency Services

Officer Barrington Promoted Inova Fairfax administrative leadership recognized Security Officer Chicola Barrington before the IFMC community. She was recognized for identifying a serious safety event around flight safety. Officer Barrington found construction debris on the flight deck prior to the arrival of an inbound flight. When the incident was reported up the chain, Senior leaders took quick action to mitigate the issue. Approximately four weeks later Officer Barrington’s name was mentioned again during a safety committee meeting. She was given two gifts by Inova Leadership to show their gratitude for her dedication to public safety. Officer Barrington was promoted to the rank of Senior Officer effective October 28, 2013. Her dedication to ODS and our clients is very infectious to the evening shift officers as she demonstrates leadership in the journey to excellence.

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Employee Highlights

The New ODS Flashlight Teams Flashlight Teams are incredible individuals who create an aligned culture accountable for working together to achieve outcomes. Working side-by-side, they help establish, accelerate, and hardwire the necessary changes to create a culture of excellence. The success of this leads to better transparency, higher accountability, and the ability to target and execute specific, objective results that our organization desires to achieve. ODS is proud of our teams working together to lead the Journey to Excellence.

Car Giveaway Recognizes Excellence ODS is leading the Journey to Excellence and our employees are a critical part of success. We recognize outstanding performance and a commitment to our clients in many ways. We added a new incentive for employees to take this journey with us in 2013. When employees demonstrated and communicated how they carved their own Journey to Excellence, they were eligible to win a car. They simply submitted any form of media explaining what the Journey to Excellence means to them, how they started their journey, where they wanted to go, and how they planned to accomplish their goals. The Review Committee is currently reviewing all 2013 submissions and a winner will be announced soon. Check our YouTube Channel at http://www. where our winner will be announced in late January, 2014. ODS Security Solutions is evaluating new opportunities to recognize and reward employees for outstanding performance and upholding our 8 core values. We encourage them to be a part of our Journey to Excellence every day. We know that employees who feel rewarded and appreciated will do the best possible job for our clients so watch for more information on 2014 employee reward opportunities.

Security Officers Celebrate Police Officer Day Chris Cromer (not pictured), Captain Henderson, Sergeant Hill and Chris Belden visited Saxapahaw Village Kids Pre-School for Police Officer Day. The kids learned all the ways Police Officers help people every day. They each made their own police hats along with their own personal police badge. The children enjoyed a lollipop and plastic handcuffs provided by Director Cromer. Captain Henderson let the kids see the lights and hear the sirens on the ODS Company Police Car. They were amazed at how loud the siren was and had a great time interacting with our security team. Mr. Bateman, Director of the Pre-School was very thankful we were able to come out and help the kids have better understanding of Police. This is just one way our ODS security team is involved in the lives throughout the communities we serve.

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ODS Security Solutions

Where industry leaders turn for security services and resources

Employee Highlights

Officers Leading Journey to Excellence By Dan Schultheis In addition to our healthcare security services, ODS Security Solutions also provides outstanding security services for a number of large and small commercial and governmental facilities and organizations. One of the challenges any organization faces is delivering any type of service throughout smaller, geographically dispersed campuses. The methodical planning and strong commitment of our team makes it possible to continually serve these smaller locations with high quality security services. A driving force behind our success is officer loyalty and commitment to our clients. ODS security officers take personal pride in servicing our customers. In the inevitable event that an officer must take time off unexpectedly, fellow officers and management are ready to step in whenever possible. With strong security officer commitment combined with the outstanding level of oversight and dedication from our commercial management team, we are able to successfully deliver on our promise to deliver outstanding security services for clients – regardless of size or geographic dispersement. As we enter the new year, we want to thank our officers and team for the vital role they play in our success as an organization. They are truly supporting our ODS Journey to Excellence.

Richmond Times Dispatch photo

ODS Officer: Former VUU Coach, NFL Player Teaching Kids Anthony Leonard, an ODS Security Officer, not only protects the safety and security of our clients, but he makes a difference for kids in the community. Thanks to Leonard, lots of kids in Creighton Community Center have a chance to meet him up close and personal and learn a lot. As a fast defensive back for the San Francisco 49ers in 1978, Leonard later moved to a position at Virginia Union University as assistant coach. Leonard spends much of his time teaching kids from the local housing projects about everything from money management to how to play football and the critical need to get an education. We believe Leonard is truly leading the Journey to Excellence! (See and search “Former VUU, NFL player sharing lessons...” for more on this story.)

We love how our ODS Officers and leaders support the community and all types of events! This is just one more example. There were five men from our ODS Team at DREH who decided to grow out their hair and mustaches for a whole month in support of men’s cancer awareness. Way to go guys!

6 | The Sentinel - January, 2014

Sentinel The

Employee Highlights

Health Care Reform: The ACA A key provision of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is the “individual mandate,” which requires most individuals to purchase health insurance coverage or pay a penalty. Beginning in 2014, the ACA requires most individuals to obtain acceptable health insurance coverage for themselves and their family members or pay a penalty. ODS Security Solutions offers our full-time employees a health insurance plan which covers the individual and other qualified family members. This makes it easier for our employees to get the health insurance coverage they need and comply with the requirements of the ACA. We are proud to offer our employees health insurance and other valuable employee benefits that reward them for being a part of our ‘Journey to Excellence’. Watch for more information on the ACA in future newsletters.

The NC Law Enforcement Appreciation Banquet

ODS Rewards Employees for Excellence ODS Security Solutions continues to reward our employees for outstanding performance. Effective January 1, 2014, we are excited to offer even more employee benefits to recognize and reward excellence. We value our employees and know that people who are rewarded and recognized perform at the highest levels. ODS has excellent employee retention rates, partly due to our great benefits. We are also encouraging and motivating our associates to consistently perform at the highest level possible. ODS Security Solutions has embarked on a Journey to Excellence that leads to excellent performance, outcomes, and results. It also leads to great rewards for our employees.

ODS will begin offering an Employer Safe Harbor Matching contribution for those who participate in our 401k Plan. Not only can employees save for their future, but ODS is giving them more money to save.

Left to Right: Scott Buff, Julie Schenck, Chris Cromer. Chris Belden, Lisa Terry, James Hill, David Reese and Kurt Henderson.

Together with our dedicated employees and valued clients, ODS Security Solutions is leading the Journey to Excellence – watch for it in 2014!

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ODS Security Solutions

Where industry leaders turn for security services and resources

ODS 2013: Images from a Successful Year

8 | The Sentinel - January, 2014

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ODS Security Solutions | 9

ODS Security Solutions

Where industry leaders turn for security services and resources

Technology & Training

Tools for an Effective Annual Review of the Security Management Plan By: Matthew Daniel, Security Director, ODS Security Solutions ODS Security Solutions specializes in the delivery of healthcare security services and value added services that drive the industry in the journey to excellence. Our services are augmented by comprehensive facility reviews, security technology assessments, workplace violence assessments, and other value-added services. ODS has developed effective and successful Security Management Plans for healthcare facilities to deliver optimal security services. A critical component of any security plan we create is to conduct an annual review of the Security Management Plan for ongoing evaluation, enhancement, and advancement. Our ‘Journey to Excellence’ mission is underpinned by these valuable assessments that enable us to continually raise the level of performance and drive towards excellence. The Security Management Plan is not only a document required by The Joint Commission (EC 01.01.01, EP 4), but is also the foundation that breathes life into a hospital’s overall security program. As such, an effective annual review of the plan is necessary to demonstrate an ongoing observation of the security program, as well as the need to address and adapt to changes both internal and external to the organization.

Four Criteria Of A Successful Evaluation Process To develop a successful annual review of the Security Management Plan, it’s essential to ensure that the four criteria of the evaluation process are being addressed: 1. Scope 2. Objectives 3. Performance 4. Effectiveness

*(EC 04.01.01, EP15)

Plan Scope In this section of the review, determine if there are any required changes in regulatory requirements or standards that would affect the plan’s scope, as well as any changes to the physical span of the plan. For example, did the organization acquire a new facility in the past year? At a minimum, this should encompass any applicable changes to The Joint Commission Standards for the upcoming year, and any changes to applicable laws and regulations or to the organization and its mission. Remember, if no changes are necessary in the scope for the following year, consider documenting as such.

Plan Objectives The first step to evaluate the plan’s objectives is to consider whether the objectives listed in the Security Management Plan are still valid for the upcoming year, or if changes are needed. If they are still valid, this should be documented in the evaluation. If changes or additions are needed, make sure to provide an adequate rationale as to validate the change or addition. The second step should be to validate whether or not the objectives were considered as being met for the evaluation year, as well as identifying what this is based on (such as “as validated by the following evaluations”). Although the validation can be done in a number of ways, one suggested approach helps to ensure that sufficient performance data is included in the evaluation to accomplish this goal. It is recommended that the starting point be a listing of program elements and outcomes that have been monitored throughout the year with respect to the Standards and the overall plan. This list should reflect the Elements of Performance that are addressed throughout your Security Management Plan that were derived from EC.02.01.01, and any supporting elements as identified in EC.03.01.01, EC.04.01.01,.etc. This will help to provide an outline for the evaluation of the plan’s performance. Some examples include: ■■Identification of safety and security risks associated with the environment of care (EP. 1) and actions taken to minimize or eliminate these risks (EP. 3) [ continued on page 11 ]

10 | The Sentinel - January, 2014

Sentinel The

Technology & Training Tools for an Effective Annual Review of the Security Management Plan [ continued from page 10 ]

■■The hospital identifies individuals entering its facilities (EP. 7). This would reference the hospital’s Identification Policy. ■■The hospital controls access to and from areas it identifies as security sensitive (EP. 8). This, of course, is in reference to the Access Control Policy. ■■The hospital has written procedures to follow in the event of a security incident, including an infant or pediatric abduction (EP. 9). Other examples of elements that should be addressed to support the objectives include the following: ■■Education/Staff Competence (EC.03.01.01); ■■Monitoring, Reporting, & Investigating Activities (EC.04.01.01, EPs 1 & 6); ■■Any Performance Improvement Activities (as applicable). Keep in mind, these are only suggestions, and not all of these elements need to be included in your review. However, there needs to be enough performance data included in the review to validate the overall effectiveness of the plan.

Plan Performance The performance section of the annual review will be the real “meat” of the document. This is where the supporting data for the above listed objectives will be evaluated to determine how the processes “performed” throughout the previous year. This is the section where program outcomes will be discussed, as well as the results of any monitoring processes. Remember, supporting data, charts, graphs, etc. will assist in justifying whether a process should stay the same or be modified. For example, if a process is constantly meeting an accepted compliance rate of 95%, it may be time to set a higher goal. Under “Monitoring, Reporting, & Investigating”, it is important to delineate what you monitored last year, how it turned out, and what you will monitor in the following year. For example: “As in the previous year, monitoring efforts for Security Management in the following year will focus on: ■■Security incidents involving patients, staff, or others within its facilities.”(EC 04.01.01, EP.6) Keep in mind that this is your opportunity to take credit for all the hard work that you did throughout the previous year, as well as provide validation for the overall effectiveness of the Program.

Plan Effectiveness Being the only subjective section in the Security Management Annual Review, the plan effectiveness is based on the perception of the reviewing member(s) in relation to success of the overall program. This is a good time to reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of the program objectives as supported by the performance section of the review. This discussion will simply help confirm the overall effectiveness of the Security Program as it relates to the organization’s goals. If you have incorporated enough performance data in the performance section, then, in theory, you should have already validated the overall effectiveness of your efforts. If this is true, a summary of the information could be presented to lead in to a conclusion of the review.

Recommendations To bring the review to a close, it is important to address any recommended changes to the plan that have been identified in the previous discussions. Recommendations should be accompanied by concrete data or information, along with suggested timelines and resources.

By completing an effective evaluation of the Security Management Plan, the security assessment team ensures that pertinent issues and risks related to security are being addressed, and that the program as a whole has been, and continues to be effective. The annual requirement for the review ensures that we, as security professionals, are being held accountable for continually monitoring and improving the program as necessary, while taking into account the ever changing environment in which we operate. As healthcare security specialists, our ODS assessment team has the experience and knowledge to manage and deliver successful security assessments. For more information, contact Rafe@

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ODS Security Solutions

Where industry leaders turn for security services and resources

Technology & Training

LOOP Enhances CPR/AED Training By James Baldwin ODS Security Solutions is excited to announce the inclusion of new technology in our CPR/AED courses. One of the challenges faced in any CPR/AED class is keeping students engaged in a course after multiple training sessions on the same topic. The skill rarely changes significantly so it’s easy for those who are already certified to become distracted during the course. However, refresher training is vital for all of our officers.

There is now a way to change boredom with successive training on the same topic! At a recent national conference, the American Safety and Health Institute introduced LOOP. LOOP is a sensor that attaches to most CPR/AED practice mannequins. The system works in conjunction with the LOOP software that the user downloads and it provides real-time accurate information on how well the student is performing in the particular the skill.

ODS Releases Culture Video In keeping with the ODS Security Solutions commitment to instill excellence throughout the organization, we have developed a culture video to demonstrate the promise of outstanding performance from our entire team. This culture video depicts the way we do business and how we value people. It’s a video that was developed and created by our own creative employees! For a preview, visit this link:

12 | The Sentinel - January, 2014

One of the major benefits of LOOP is the ability to “gamify” the CPR/ AED experience. LOOP makes skill checks fun by utilizing music and computer display to resemble a game. Beyond that, it gives student’s scores based on how well the skill is performed, thus allowing students to compete with other students to see who achieves the highest score. This technology does not change how students are evaluated or pass the course - but it makes the process of learning and practicing the skill fun, more interactive, and more engaging.

Sentinel The

Industry News & Knowledge Lessons from Johns Hopkins

Don’t Make a Bad Situation Worse: Handle Internal Investigations the Right Way While it’s critical that you take the right steps to prevent employees from violating the rights of patients and staff, it’s equally critical that you handle them correctly once they are discovered. Otherwise, you risk making a bad situation worse, particularly in the eyes of your patients and the public. Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, which is still dealing with the February discovery that one of its OB/GYNs surreptitiously took pictures of his patients, offers a case in point. The physician, Dr. Nikita Levy, used a camera phone that he wore around his neck to photograph his examinations of patients, the 1,000-bed hospital says in a statement. Johns Hopkins suspended the physician from further access to patients on Feb. 5, the day after he was interviewed by security following concerns reported to hospital administration by an employee. His employment was terminated on Feb. 8. On Feb. 18, the hospital learned that Levy committed suicide. Environment of Care Leader shared with you best practices from experts (ECL 4/29) so that your hospital can do everything possible to avoid a similar problem from physicians or anyone else on your staff. In this issue, we look at best practices to put in place after such an incident is discovered.

Assessments of steps taken by Johns Hopkins Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore “did an excellent job of keeping its employees, patients, the public and media informed about the tragic events surrounding the recording of patients and apparent suicide of Dr. Levy,” says Steven Millwee, president and CEO of SecurTest in Athens, Ga. and a past president of ASIS International. “Its communications provided sufficient facts to inform others, while expressing compassion for those impacted by the tragedy,” he says. “It had the difficult task of balancing cooperation with an

“We are grateful to the alert employee who suspected something was amiss and reported her concerns to security.” ongoing police investigation and communicating with patients under strict HIPAA laws. … The hospital acted with dispatch, as the day after an employee reported suspicious activities about Dr. Levy, hospital security had interviewed the physician, found physical evidence of his photographic or recording devices, and immediately contacted the police. They cooperated with law enforcement by turning over the evidence, which led to search warrants uncovering additional evidence.” Lisa Pryse, president of the International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety (IAHSS), and division president for healthcare at [ODS Security Solutions] in Richmond, Va., also says that “it appears that [Johns Hopkins is] responding appropriately,” although she adds that she is making this assessment based on the limited amount of information available. “Our staff members are our best defense,” says a Johns Hopkins spokesperson. “We are grateful to the alert employee who suspected something was amiss and reported her concerns to security... As soon as our security team got involved, Dr. Levy was immediately prohibited from seeing patients. We initiated an investigation and brought in police.” This article from Environment of Care Leader is republished with the authorization of DecisionHealth. All rights reserved. For a sample issue, or for subscription information, please visit www. or call 1-855-CALL-DH-1.

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ODS Security Solutions

Where industry leaders turn for security services and resources

Industry News & Knowledge

Access Control Systems A Growing Issue for Healthcare Facility Managers IAHSS President Speaks On How Industry Will Respond To New Technology Reprinted with permission from IAHSS website ( With gun-related tragedies becoming an ever-increasing issue in the U.S., many healthcare facility managers are expanding their security protocols. Tightening vendor surveillance and visitor access continues to grow as a trend. This effort to ensure the safety of healthcare professionals, patients and their visitors has been met by new technology, specifically the integration of the latest hardware such as advanced security cameras, biometrics and fingerprint readers.

surveillance is difficult to achieve. Pryse put emphasis on areas like loading docks where hazardous materials are most accessible.

Compliance with regulations put forth by the Joint Commission and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention tend to be primary drivers of hospital management angst, especially in the areas of vendor and supply chain management. This is where newer hardware technology specialized for identifying people (cameras, biometrics, fingerprint readers, etc.) will come into play as lower tech methods become insufficient.

According to the 2013 Hospital Vendor & Visitor Access Control Survey, more than 500 organizations have a vendor management system to screen, badge and track every vendor. Although advanced vendor management systems have long become the standard in other industries, such systems have only begun to go online in healthcare facilities over the past few years, explained Pryse. With robust computerized data systems and identification technology at their fingertips, safety managers grow more capable when facing emergencies.

International Association of Healthcare Security and Safety [IAHSS] President Lisa Pryse, CHPA, CPP, agrees, and expressed recently to a leading industry magazine that more video surveillance is good for facility safety, especially where human

The balance between maintaining a safe facility and creating a welcoming environment for patient and their visitors is hard to accomplish but new technology may present the most promising solutions in 2014.

About IAHSS The International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety (IAHSS) is the only organization solely dedicated to professionals involved in managing and directing security and safety programs in healthcare institutions. With over 2,000 members worldwide, IAHSS provides members with a useful network of professional peers who share their commitment to security and safety.

14 | The Sentinel - January, 2014

Sentinel The

Industry News & Knowledge

Managing Healthcare Threats Recognizing threats is a vital part of healthcare security solutions. An individual who is a threat to the facility considers, plans, prepares, and then acts. Both verbal and non-verbal communication give clues to the trained security professional who may be able intervene and mitigate risk by deploying effective strategies. Managing threats effectively involves: ■■De-escalating the situation. ■■Reducing risk of injury or harm. ■■Adhering to regulatory accreditation requirements. ■■Minimizing liability to people and property. ■■Developing trust of the perpetrator. ODS Security Solutions offers expert planning and management of Threat Management Strategies to support healthcare facilities in their efforts to reduce and manage threats. Our team of healthcare security experts deliver comprehensive facility and workplace violence assessments, recommendations for risk management, and strategies for threat management. For more information, contact us at

The four major types of threats to consider: Type I event ( criminal ) – the perpetrator has no legitimate relationship to the healthcare facility (HCF). Type II event ( patient ) – committed by someone who is the recipient of a service provided by the HCF or the victim. Type III event ( employee ) – committed by someone who has an employment-related involvement at the HCF, such as current or former staff members. Type IV event ( domestic ) – relates to interpersonal violence at the HCF and includes spouses, lovers, relatives, and friends or other visitors who have a dispute involving an employee, patient, physician, or contractor.

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2014 Conferences ODS representatives have a full agenda of conferences in 2014, with more being added. We hope to see you at some of these upcoming conferences and events: March 24 – 27. . . . . . . . . . . . . American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) Congress on Healthcare Leadership April 29. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3rd Annual Security 500 Business Conference for Security Executives


Richmond, Virginia

May 5 – 27. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Southeastern Safety and Security Healthcare Council (SSSHCC) Annual Conference

Regional Branches

May 18 – 21. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . IAHSS Annual General Meeting

Fredericksburg, Virginia Alexandria, Virginia Roanoke, Virginia Virginia Beach, Virginia Raleigh, North Carolina

August 3 – 6. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51st ASHE Annual Conference and Technical Exhibition) September 27 – 30 . . . . . . . . American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration (ASHHRA) 50th Annual Conference and Expo September 29 – October 2 . . ASIS International 60th Annual Seminar and Exhibits October 7 – 11 . . . . . . . . . . . . Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) Annual Conference – October 26 – 29. . . . . . . . . . . American Society for Healthcare Risk Management (ASHRM)

Dates To Be Announced

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– Marcusevans National Healthcare CEO/CFO Spring Summit – Virginia Department of Emergency Management – Association of Occupational Health Professionals (AOHP) National Conference Seeking a Keynote Speaker? Lisa Pryse Terry, CHPA, CPP Healthcare Division President and Brent Mast, Vice President of Technology, are available as keynote speakers and presenters for national industry conferences and events. If you would like to learn more about these healthcare security experts and motivational speakers, contact us at

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DCJS # 11-3591 • NCBPN 5026P7

ODS Security Solutions 2140 Tomlynn Street Richmond, VA 23230

16 | The Sentinel - January, 2014 turn for security services and resources Where industry leaders

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