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Flying Check Points For DUI - Dui Check Point _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Tain Jack -

Random checkpoint also known as flying checkpoint is the military or police tactic involving setup of hasty road blocks by police units in order to disrupt unauthorized activities. Such flying checkpoints are many times setup in DUI offenses. Whenever any driver is suspected for DUI, Dui Check Point police sets-up the flying checkpoints on the road to stop the driver. Whenever any driver is suspected for DUI, it is suggested to contact the DUI lawyer immediately after arrest. DUI charges can have lifelong impact on the record of the individual and hence these charges should be obliterated as soon as possible. For this purpose, it is important to hire the experience DUI attorneys to get rid of the charges.

The flying check points are established in the locations where they cannot be seen by the approaching traffic until it is too late to turn around and escape without being observed. Many times in DUI cases, it is observed that as soon as the driver sees the checkpoint at some distance, he immediately turns the vehicle and escapes from the check points. At flying check points, driver doesn't get a chance to avoid the checkpoint. Driving under influence or DUI is a criminal offense in most of the countries. Suspension of driver's license is the common penalty for this offense. The more severe punishments depend on the severity of the crime and considering if any fatalities involved in the offense. The laws of DUI change from state to

state. The DUI lawyer knows all the DUI laws of particular state. Hence, it is good to contact the DUI attorneys immediately after your arrest to avoid the further consequences. If the driver is caught under DUI at the flying checkpoints, he may suffer revocation of driver's license. If some injuries to passing people were caused due to the drunken driver, the punishment would be more severe. The driver is asked to under breath test and BAC test. If driver rejects to undergo the breathalyzer test or blood test, police has the power to directly charge the driver for DUI. The DUI checkpoints or roadblocks involve the law enforcement officials stopping every vehicle on the public roadway and investigating the possibility that the driver may be impaired to drive. Such flying checkpoints are setup during night hours, early morning or on weekends when the probability of impaired drivers tend to be highest.

Police test all the drivers with the portable alcohol breath test and process the cars one by one on the conveyor belt. When the quick test is not available, the more complicated routine is necessary. The driver is stopped and required to step out of the vehicle and take the sobriety test. This sobriety test includes demonstration of mental and balance skills. If the driver fails to perform in the sobriety test, he is required to take the breath test.

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