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OCTOBER 18, 2016


Omega Delta Phi Fraternity, Inc. ALPHA PHI CHAPTER





Letter from the President BY: JAVIER LLERENAS, SIR VOLCÁN

Hello everyone, My name is Javier Llerenas and I will be serving as the President for the Alpha Phi Chapter of Omega Delta Phi Fraternity, Inc. at UNLV. The semester has gone by extremely fast because of all of the different


OCTOBER 18, 2016

activities that the chapter has been up to. My favorite part about the semester so far is just seeing all of the passion and fire that my brothers have for the fraternity. After a long summer break, seeing all of my brothers ready to tackle on rush and other business items only motivated me more to tackle on both my fraternity and academic goals.


What was your favorite part about recruitment?

This semester I am most excited for all of the different opportunities that we have to really serve our communities. This November, we will be hosting our annual Ms. Silver Rose Pageant, which is our chapter’s biggest event raising money for Court Appointed Special Advocates, or more commonly referred to as CASA. More information will be released over the coming weeks, and the brothers and I are very excited to see everyone there!

Letter from the Editor BY: JOHANSEN PICO, SIR PHARAOH

“Getting involved in the community was my favorite part about rush.� -Tony

Hello world, This semester I was fortunate enough to be elected by my brothers to serve the chapter as Corresponding Secretary, and I’m looking forward to taking advantage of different media outlets to share the different faces of Omega Delta Phi to the community. If you ever wondered who was posting on the Instagram and Facebook, chances are it was probably me đ&#x;¤“ Some things to look out for in the coming weeks include this monthly newsletter, the Omega Delta Phi UNLV website, video interviews from some of our brothers, and some promotional material for our annual philanthropy, Ms. Silver Rose. The biggest thing I want to accomplish this semester is not only to highlight all the different great brothers that we have here at the Alpha Phi Chapter, but also to highlight all of the different service and social events that we participate in throughout the semester. I hope you all enjoy the different features in the rest of this newsletter, featuring our active body, a recap of rush, as well as a piece from Tony Garcia about his love for service. Talk to you all soon!

“Hanging out and getting to know the different interests is my favorite part about recruitment.� -Yuuma

“Getting to meet new people at tabling events was a great way for me to share my passion about ODPhi.� -Johansen


OCTOBER 18, 2016


MEET THE ACTIVES Javier Llerenas Sir Volcรกn Omicron | Fall 14 Major: Computer Science Positions Held: President, Athletics Chair

Felipe Silva Sir Magnus Nu | Fall 13 Major: Hotel Administration Positions Held: Prospective Member Educator

Jose Pascual-Madrid Sir Genuine Nu | Fall 13 Major: Nutrition Positions Held: Internal Vice President

Jonathan Valenzuela Sir Heroix Omicron | Fall 14 Major: Psychology/Criminal Justice Positions Held: Treasurer

โ€ฉ Tony Garcia Sir Inspire Lambda | Fall 12 Major: Education Positions Held: President-Elect

Jorge Corral Sir Impeccable Nu | Fall 13 Major: Computer Science Positions Held: Standards, Internal/External Philanthropy, PME Assistant, MGC Rep

Johansen Pico Sir Pharaoh Sigma | Spring 16 Major: Communication Studies Positions Held: Corresponding Secretary, Social Chair

Edgar Salcido Sir Helix Rho | Fall 15 Major: Psychology Positions Held: Recording Secretary


OCTOBER 18, 2016

Yuuma Oshiro Sir Evolution Rho | Fall 15 Major: Hospitality Positions Held: Fundraising Chair

Ricardo Rivera Sir Tenacious Xi | Spring 14 Major: Mechanical Engineering Positions Held: Service Chair


Jacob Lopez Sir Dynamic Omicron | Fall 14 Major: Political Science Positions Held: Brotherhood Chair, Chaplain

Endy Lima Sir Fanatix Pi | Spring 15 Major: Health Care Administration Positions Held: Rush Chair



OCTOBER 18, 2016


Recap Rush: From the Rush Chair BY: ENDY LIMA, SIR FANATIX

My name is Endy “Sir Fanatix” Lima, crossed Spring 15’, and I was the Rush Chair for the Fall 2016 semester. I would like to thank all of the brothers who helped out during these couple of weeks. Your time and effort really showed with the amount of interests that came out to all of the different events. During Rush Week, we had two socials: one with Kappa Delta Chi for our 87 fam BBQ, and the second one with Sigma Theta Psi for Game Knight. For our service event, we took our interests to the Gilcrease Animal Sanctuary. Rush was definitely a stressful time, both physically and mentally, but overall, all of the brothers did a fantastic job and I really saw the passion when brothers were out trying to recruit new members. What I personally saw help out the most is the collaboration of the active house, inactives, and alumni, which untimely resulted in one of the busiest, yet most successful, recruitment. Again thank you to everyone that helped make his rush possible.

Service: What It Means to Me BY: TONY GARCIA, SIR INSPIRE

The service that we did at the sanctuary was very impactful. They are left with a variety of animals that have been abandoned and it was so good to see that they were being very well taken care of. Macaws to ostrich to donkeys were some of the variety that we saw. They seemed very at peace and lively. It makes me so happy to be able to impact our specific community. One of the reasons that we do service, meaningful service is to be be able to greatly impact the surrounding community and make it better for the future. Personally, I always thought that despite how hard I might have it, our youth and the Latino community have it harder, so why not be able to help out the community that helped shape me and that I care so much about? Omega Delta Phi serves as a great outlet and connection to better help the community. We surround ourselves around like minded people to help achieve a higher goal. I'm so proud to be in one of the only fraternities that has an immense love for service.


OCTOBER 18, 2016


FUTURE EVENTS OCTOBER 19th: Presidential Debate Potluck @ Craig Ranch Park 20th: Edgar “Sir Helix” Salcido’s Birthday 21st: Yair “Sir Ardante” Barrera’s Birthday 22nd: Volunteering at Zombie 5K @ Wayne Bunker Family Park Volunteering at HallOVeen @ Opportunity Village 26th: Pumpkin Patch Fundraiser 28th: Volunteering at Trunk or Treat @ La Bonita Supermarket (Las Vegas Blvd & Belmont)

NOVEMBER 2nd: Richard “Sir Phrost” Hendrickson’s Birthday 4th: Social with Epsilon Alpha Sigma Sorority, Inc. 11th: ODPhi Big and Little Olympics 21st: Omega Delta Phi’s Ms. Silver Rose Pageant Jacob “Sir Dynamic” Lopez’s Birthday 30th: Brian “Sir Lyrical” Davis’ Birthday

Omega Delta Phi Fraternity, Inc. Issue 1, Volume 1 October 2016


ODPhi Alpha Phi October Newsletter  

Issue 1 Volume 1

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