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The Central Press newspaper brings you the latest news f rom Ghana's Central Region. Established in 2010, we have the most contemporary views on of f er. (Students, please note that we are currently open to taking on new local and international attachments, or 'interns', f rom September.)

WED N ESD AY, MAY 18, 2011


Cape Coast records high cases of divorce By Lisa Bogler As t he number of marriages per year is approximat ely const ant , t he amount of divorces is increasing.

In 2008, 473 marriages were registered, 423 in 2009 and 493 in 2010. In the month of May 2011 139 marriages have been registered. The number of registrations of marriages is therefore approximately constant. Most people get married at the age of twenty to thirty and it is usually the men who are older than the women rather than the other way around, says Edward Steele- Dadz ie from the registration office in Cape Coast. However, while there is a minimum age of 18, no age limit exists by law. Ghanaians can get married when they are seventy or older and they do, as the records show. For all the light- hearted, festive and glamorous celebrations, a worrying fact to note though is the increase in the number of divorces. It is difficult to determine the exact amount, as divorces are handled at the court, but Mr Steele- Dadz ie’s statement is that in 2010 the cases of 113 judicial separations were handled. As reasons for these cases, the officer names the lack of maturity, preparedness, the understanding of marriage itself, compatibility and respect. It seems that the prospective couples storm into marriage, be it out of love or out of economic reasons, without thinking of the responsibility they are about to take on. Marriage is more than happy marital togetherness, it is full of new challenges and duties. This appears to have been overseen by many who are then getting divorced after a couple of years. Missing maturity and preparedness mean that there is no real understanding of the implications of marriage. After getting married, fresh couples might discover that they are not as compatible as they thought after all. They might realiz e that what they expected is not reality and the charm is broken. Respect is essential, but as expectations are not met, the former respect which stemmed from love, can cease. Of course, usually the traditional rites are performed before the marriage is registered by law. The families meet and get to know each other and the dowry is paid. Even with this consideration before the decision to pledge one’s troth and the families’ support, sometimes the bride and broom to be are not ready for this sensitive step yet. At the registration office, the officers therefore have a conversation with the prospective couple to find out whether this decision has been given good consideration. They cannot forbid anyone to get married though. All they can do is ask the man and woman to get professional council first and come back later. The issue of increasing divorces is worrying. Marriage


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is a matter that should be taken seriously and only with very good consideration. As people get married easily and divorce after some time, children are left with broken families. This can lead to difficulties in the continuing of education or even to an identity crisis whereas guidance is what children need, especially in this rapidly accelerating and growing world. Perhaps it is exactly this speed of today’s society that causes overhasty and unprepared marriages. Parents should guide their children through their own experience and tradition. Marriage is not only a magnificent celebration where all friends and the whole family gathers to enjoy themselves. It involves responsibilities many young men and women appear to be unaware of. Posted by Central Press Newspaper at 6:01 AM

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