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Quality IT Services Impeccable Software Development Web Development in latest frameworks Designing of highest caliber Exploring the web with Internet Marketing

Location: Mohali , Punjab

Total Acreage : 3000 sq Ft

Employees: 100

Key Facility: Adequate storage area with full Security Adequate fire safety systems Ergonomically designed furniture


In-house pantry Fully air-conditioned setup System’s working on latest technologies and software's Separate training rooms to learn and research Skilled and experienced in-house coaches 

Technologies Offered: Mobile Application Web applications Ecommerce Solutions


Web Marketing Web design Email Design-Websites

Proper guidance to the students  Experienced and trained staff support  Established brand reputation in international and domestic markets.  Infusing strong professional work ethics in fresher’s/students  Strong placement channels to recruit deserving candidates in reputed organization. 

Equipments:Over 50 Work Stations at present with a capacity to increase up to 100 Laser Jet, Desk Jet and other printers etc. High Speed Scanners. Hard Disk capacity of more than 25k GB. Communication:Dedicated Leased line for high speed Internet access Cable connection as backup for Internet Modem, Routers and all necessary facilities Systems Environment:Servers: Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Windows NT, Linux Back-up Serve Structured cabling for high speed data access and reliability Capable of supporting batch upload/download Facilities Adequate storage area with full Security Adequate fire safety systems Ergonomically designed furniture In-house recreation facilities

 

Connect To Parents:For connect website to android application Ethnique:For searching anywhere in the world like Hospitals, Schools ,Marketing ,Current location etc. Tuition Center:- For Students Android Option Menu:- For Dialing ,Messaging , Browsing

Delivering highly effective web solution using the latest craft in web designing and development.

We create, imaginative, cost effective, reliable, SEO friendly web solutions to impose our clients web presence.

Designing artistic and creative web solutions as per our clients need to push ahead their brands in competitive web environment.

Working with passionate, qualified, experienced and skilled developers to shape up a unique business identity for our clients worldwide.

Searching business keywords to empower client with high ranking and high revenues.

Our services are strictly targeted towards bringing organic web traffic towards our clients site to increase their web presence and brand value

We create unique contents and marketing ideas, to push our clients brand using effective e-mail marketing, text messaging and web feed

We make proper use of all popular social media networks to promote our clients products and services on all the global platforms

We bring out the best expressions in our students by giving them proper personality development classes

We offer professional job training in latest technologies like PHP , ANDROID , SEO , ASP.NET , JAVA.

We have well organized Placement panel , which administers student towards their professional goals.

we monitor the progress of all our students carefully and try to absorb potential candidates in our organization.

Learning through experts who are well experienced and trained in this field, developing professional skills under professional supervision


Ogs cse  
Ogs cse  

Industrial training plays a vital role in student’s life for their professional growth; it is a part of their Graduate or Post Graduate Degr...