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Impact  Report 2017

Community - Driven Healthcare and Education

We at ODIM Guatemala dare to believe that compassionate, competent and comprehensive medical care and education are possible even in the poorest places on earth. We believe that working together with the people of San Juan and San Pablo la Laguna is better than going it alone. ODIM is an organization that exists because of every single one of its constituents. Every small success is one to be celebrated by our staff, our partners, our patients, our program beneficiaries, our volunteers and our donors.

We hope you enjoy reading our 2017 Impact Report - We couldn't have done it without you.Â

Words from our Executive Director 2017 was a year of success, growth, celebration and challenges for ODIM. This small but mighty organization raised more money in 2017 than ever before; breaking through the quarter of a million dollar mark! Our programs reached new heights; our diabetes program hit our target of 64 club members and the Healthy Mommy & Me program gave regular support and education to a total of 240 women who parent over 600 children. We assembled and trained a passionate and proud team of Adolescent Health promoters who will launch the re-imagined AH curriculum this year, and we saw 2 scholarship students graduate from high school after 9 years in the scholarship program.  It was a year in which some key members of staff decided it was time to move on, and despite the sadness and challenge of change, thanks to ODIM's culture, new employees have been met with open arms (myself included). Fresh faces have brought new perspectives while being able to stand on the shoulders of our predecessors.  With Rebeca's deep local expertise (Nurse Practitioner), Concepción's fearless and determined outlook (Prenatal and Family Planning Nurse), Emma's scientific mind (Community Programs) and Rosario's creativity and energy (Communications and Development), our new team members are already taking ODIM to the next level.  Our Medical Clinics this year provided a total of 9,193 consultations to patients from not only the two local towns but also from neighboring villages and remote communities. They come to us to seek affordable healthcare, trustworthy services and medical attention delivered in a choice of Spanish and Tz'utujil (the local Mayan language).  As we move into a new era for ODIM, we are excited about bringing our trusted  regular volunteers, donors, and supporters with us. We can only continue to break down barriers to healthcare for these communities and the next generation, thanks to your ongoing help.  Amy

Amy Holly Executive Director

4,590 individual patients  served

9,193 total clinical consultations

1,166 de ntal consulta tions

Clinic al Su ccess Visual ized 20 families given

access to external health specialists

325 fami plan ly ning met hods deliv   ered

322 pren cons atal ulta tion s

We did all of this and more

477 mothers and babies benefited 67 Healthy mothers and babies graduated after completing 1000 days in the program

5 hom es built by volun teers

m a r g Pro

y t i n u Comm s e s s e Succ

All led by local staff!

Scholarship Program

All partcipants achieved a 70 point grade average or higher!

80% of participants from San Pablo had controlled sugar levels.

2 High School Graduates

12 students receiving access to full time education

Our diabetes program and support group for 60 patients

with a budget of $260,005

63 participants benefited

60% of participants from San Juan had controlled sugar levels.

Meet Our 2017 Scholarship Program Graduates

n jpa U ela t s . na oE , i u r g a os cayá a La R x L s I lo is i ab Th P n Sa m fro

Rosario entered the program in 2008 when she was 11 and was one of our two 2017 high school graduates. She is now qualified to be a primary school teacher!

"The scholarship helped me and my family a lot. I would not have made it without this support. The program paid for my studies, my school supplies, uniforms, shoes and a lot of other expenses my family wouldn't have been able to afford. Those who sponsored my studies are a blessing from God to me and to my family."

Clodomiro Estuardo Quiacain Xajil joined the program in 2008 when he was 12. He has now graduated as an accountant through his high school diploma.

"Despite my family's wishes of giving me education, I wouldn't have made it because they lack the financial resources to support me. Thanks to those who donated and ODIM, I am now an accountant. I want to start working in order to save money and continue my studies in university, so that I can help my family and my sister graduate."

The inspiring story of Deker Out of the many success stories that inspired us in 2017, Ofelia and Deker's is definitely one of the most heart-warming ones. When Deker was born, he weighed less than 6 pounds. Ofelia, his mom, was hospitalized for two weeks in an emergency after being referred by Doctor Georgina and our Prenatal Nurse Concepción, who noticed Ofelia had worryingly high blood pressure. With the help of our new ultrasound (a 2017 acquisition made possible by Nurse Concepción (right) making a home visit to see Ofelia and Deker.

The General Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church) our medical staff also noticed Ofelia lacked amniotic fluid, which was compromising the baby's safety. Despite the scary experience, Ofelia's blood pressure was controlled and the baby was born without major challenges through a caesarean section. Ofelia has been attending the talks and activities of Healthy Mommy & Me and Deker is now a big, healthy and handsome 5 month old heart-breaker weighing 21 pounds. Witnessing Deker's growth and his healthy development makes us believe in the lifechanging power of our joint work.

Doing tremendous things           with precious little. ODIM's 2017 Expenditure

2017 through our  Business Manager's eyes

Clinical Care Community Health and Education Programs Construction Employee Scholarships Communications and Development Facility Care and Management Administrative

"In general, 2017 was a great year for our clinics. Our laboratories are now more equipped, and our staff is more qualified than it has ever been before to attend the needs of our patients thanks to all the trainings we received from international and national professionals.    In our Business Department, having new financial formats allowed us to be much more transparent and have better control of our income and expenses.  Our greatest financial success was definitely the GBGM grant, which was spent wisely and helped us to effectively plan and deliver our programs." Pedro Méndez Business Manager

2017: A great year for our Community Health and Education Programs "In 2017, our programs kept expanding. We’ve greatly increased the leadership of local staff by hiring and training more coordinators. In 2017 we also excelled in training our staff such that they have the capacity to best serve and connect with our participants. Not only have we increased the number of people reached through our community programs but we’ve also improved the quality of the programs: adding to the depth of education and Emma Wells support that participants receive." Community Health and Education Programs Manager

At ODIM, we care for the development of our employees just as much as we prioritize quality service to our communities. We believe in the capability of our staff members, and we're proud to coach and invest in their professional development In 2017, we had more than 50 staff trainings! 

For the first time since ODIM was established, a local staff member was given the opportunity to give a voice to her community overseas

In her 2017 Fall tour around the United States, despite multiple natural disasters happening at the same time, Yaneth Cholotio raised $14,467 - almost 50% more than the initial goal!

Meet Betty. She worked in our clinics as a dental assistant and was recently promoted to the role of Coordinator of our Adolescent Health Program. 

Why choose us? Let's hear it from Linda!

"I am a Family Nurse Practitioner in a community health center in Boston, who first came to Guatemala in 2000, just after the end of the civil war, to volunteer in a medical program in San Lucas Toliman on Lake Atitlan. I was so moved by the strength and spirit of the Mayan communities, not to mention the beauty of the region, that I have come back every year to work in health projects in the area. In  March 2017 I spent a week in San Juan la Laguna at a language school to improve my Spanish, and was introduced to the clinics at ODIM. 

Their emphasis on maternal child health and development of health promoter programs in the community Is exactly the sort of sustainable work that is most important here, and I became a monthly donor to ODIM. I returned last November to learn more about the health promoter programs and to do some training of the staff and promoters. I am here now with a few colleagues to augment the Healthy Mommy & Me program and educate health promoters about integrating developmental screening and well child education during their nutrition visits. They are all eager to learn and an amazing asset to their community. I look forward to continuing to work with the staff at ODIM and contribute in some way to the ongoing improvement of the lives of women and children in San Juan."

Linda Foxworthy is a Nurse Practitioner, and supports ODIM as a Health Ally (recurrent donor) and as a volunteer.

Special thanks: Special Thanks --

Partners Duke University Hospitalito Atitlán

Gifts of service:

West End UMC Wamego FUMC Harvey and Terry Baxter Paul and Julie Copping Christopher Fortner Father Dyer UMC Barbara and Nick Payne Paula Sader JoAna Dwyer Mary and Bob Harris Jeanine and Richard Jensen Jan Sanders Ron Wilhelm and Kim Batchelor Anna Watts (Phoography) Jackie Benjamin Jeremy Johnson

Northaven UMC Wamego FUMC Emporia FUMC Franklin FUMC Missouri UMC University Park UMC Trinity UMC/Bartley Temple UMC Argyle UMC Harris/Mills Family Topeka FUMC Shawnee Heights UMC Father Dyer UMC Living Water UMC Shawnee/St. Mark's UMC West End UMC

In 2017, we received 375 donations despite challenging political changes and natural disasters in the world. We are grateful for your trust and generosity. Every single donation in 2017 contributed to our success.  From the bottom of our hearts: Thank you for being part of our mighty, hard-working family.

On behalf of all of our 37 staff members and our Board of Directors, thank you for reading our 2017 Impact Report!

Board of Directors Ron Wilhelm, Ph.D., President Rev. Jeannie Jensen, Secretary Jackie Benjamin, Treasurer Jeremy Johnson, D.O. Harvey Baxter, J.D. Mary Harris, Ph.D. Paul Copping

2670 Ivandell Ave. Dallas, Texas, 75211  

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Impact Report 2017  

Our proudest 2017 achievements!

Impact Report 2017  

Our proudest 2017 achievements!