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Inside This Issue Cub events Janette Mcelarney ADC Cubs........................................................................................................1 District Shop Goes Mobile! By Lisa Hobbis, Scout Shop Manager.....................................................................2 Pinewood Derby at 6th Fleet Thursday Scouts By Liam Moore.........................................................................3 Winter camp 6th Fleet Puma Troop By Michael Greenfield...............................................................................5 Adult Help Needed for Admin support of New Explorer Group By Malcolm Pope.............................................6 Tree Houses in Germany By Malcolm Pope ......................................................................................................7 Creative Weekend, 6th Fleet Scout By Arthur Dixon.........................................................................................8 My first weekend with 6th Fleet Scouts By Oliver Lavender...............................................................................9 Weapons Making 6th Fleet Scouts By Ben Cridland..........................................................................................9 Meterorology Bagde 6th Fleet Scout By William Grimshaw.............................................................................10 Librarian badge 6th Fleet Scouts By William Grimshaw ..................................................................................11 Winter Camp 6th Fleet Scouts By Ben Knights................................................................................................11 Ready Steady Cook by 6th Fleet By Tom Tyler................................................................................................13 Dramatic Rescue Operation undertaken By 29th (pontail ) Beavers.................................................................14 District Cub Football By Jannette MCElarney ADC Cubs.................................................................................18 Beaver Christmas crafts and a surprise visit By Mary Hilditch ADC Beavers......................................................19 International Fleet Fundraiser By Doug Millard................................................................................................20 Training Dates................................................................................................................................................21

Cub events Sunday 6th April Saturday 10th May Wednesday 9th July 26-28th September

Janette Mcelarney ADC Cubs County Six a Side Cycle orienteering Athletics Evening Camp

Eastleigh, 9.30am to 3.00pm Robert Mays School Chalfont Heights

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Jan/Feb 2014 District Shop Goes Mobile!

By Lisa Hobbis, Scout Shop Manager

Several groups have taken up the Mobile shop offer and have been greatly welcomed by leaders and parents alike. The shop is visiting 6th fleet on 28th February Ansells farm at 5.30pm; and 26 th Odiham AGM on 22nd March 2.30pm at Calthorpe park. If you'd like the shop to visit your group for an AGM or meeting please leave a message on Odiham scout shop Facebook page or contact your GSL. Why not order via the District Scout Shop and save on postage costs? Beaver and cub fun socks, laces pens, notebooks, caps and beanie hats, water bottles and ponchos. For scouts there are mess tins and fire starting kits, knives and campfire ponchos. D of E recommended kits for Explorers and camping equipment from sporks to tents, roll mats to sleeping bags, hammocks and stoves; and uniforms of course (discounted first uniform for Leaders)! Have a look at what's available on-line: but then order your selection via the District Scout shop and save on postage. Once you've chosen, contact Lisa on 07788 213378 or email orders to Pay on collection (cash or cheque). Items can be collected from the shop on Saturdays (10-12) or first Wednesday of each month at Crondall 7.30 – 8.30pm or can be delivered to your scout group on a meeting night.

Odiham District Scout Shop New Opening Hours – The first Wednesday of each month the shop will be open from 7.30pm - 8 30pm As per usual, on every Saturday 10am – 12pm during term time. Second Hand Uniform - The shop is now providing second hand uniform, if you have any unwanted uniform that you would like to donate to shop it would be greatly received. All profits would go back into scouting. Helpers Needed - Do you have 2 hours on a Saturday morning to spare to help in the shop. We work on a rota basis meaning you would only need to work once every 4th Saturday and we are very flexible. If interested please phone Lisa on 07788 213378. Also don't forget that new leaders can purchase 1st uniform at a discount from Odiham District scout shop.

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Jan/Feb 2014 Pinewood Derby at 6th Fleet Thursday Scouts

By Liam Moore

How many Scouts can say they have designed, built and raced their own cars? We certainly can. Our curiosity sparked when we read off the timetable: Christmas Party: Build and race wooden cars. At first it sounded a bit bonkers. Cars made out of wood! The leaders have gone mad! But then, after we had been shown some videos and pictures, we began to understand. At once, we began to formulate all sorts of plans in our minds. Aerodynamic or stylish? 1980’s wedge or futuristic curves? Being a car aficionado, I sketched out some ideas and plans. Then came design and build day. We drew out our designs onto our blocks of wood and the leaders and our parent helpers had brought along their power tools to assist us with cutting out the basic shapes of our cars. So far, so easy. Then, the Scouts who had done that had to drill the axle holes and insert the wheels. Oh. Difficult. Very Difficult. Wonky axle after wonky axle, we eventually managed to get it right. Sort of. Then we were sent home with the option to customise our cars. So, learning how to use tools, we cut, sanded, painted and pimped our cars to the max, Some of us went for style (Sam’s ‘Nyodja`-car), and some went for aero and weight distribution (My pig-ugly Cobalt!). The weight limit was 142 grams (5 oz.) as, to get down the slope and gather momentum faster than anyone else; your car had to be exactly on the limit. Some people refined their cars as much as possible and got them exactly on the limit to give them that extra bit of speed, like Michael’s Famalamadingdong and Cobalt. Others just wanted them to look good. Then, it was race day. The first cars lined up on the specially built track, ready to prove their speed. Some cars flew down the track, some… didn’t. For those who didn’t, it was back to the pit lane table where they could oil their wheels (within the rules!) and make other mods and enhancements. Wave after wave of cars flew down the track as we cheered on our cars and our friends’ cars too (of course!). A camera car, recording as it whizzed down the track, added to the already electric atmosphere. Fuelled by Coca-Cola and lemonade, we were fizzing with excitement and nerves. As Sam and I took care of the commentary, using our cups as

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Jan/Feb 2014 amplifiers, we all got gradually more nervous and tense. Finally, the results were in. Onto the podium came the winning cars… 1. Liam’s car, Cobalt. 2. Owen’s car, The Need For Cheese. 3. Pete’s (Leader) car, The Snot Rocket. Others won awards for coolest car, best design and the old banger award. All in all it was a brilliant evening !

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Jan/Feb 2014 th

Winter camp 6 Fleet Puma Troop

By Michael Greenfield

On a slightly wet and cold November morning most of the Puma Scout troop turned up at Crondall Scout hut ready with our stuff for winter camp. First we surveyed the field we were staying in to decide where to camp, then having raided the tents out of the store in the hope we could find enough for us and the older cubs. We were to be camping alongside the older cubs from 6th fleet Ancells farm. This was in an effort to show them what it is like to be a Scout. After pitching our own tents and erecting a Skylon Flag we started cooking lunch which was soup and hot sausage rolls from the camp oven (a giant oil can). So that us Scouts could complete our camp cook badge we were to cook for the whole weekend courtesy of our Bosch cookers (washing machine drum fire pit). We spent the afternoon preparing the evening meal, spaghetti bolognaise from scratch again on open fires (something we learned as a troop during our cooking lesson at All Hallows School, Thanks Fiona). As well as setting up the site we spent time building a rope bridge, whittling tent pegs from scratch and practising our knife & axe skills. In the evening we had a camp fire where some of the youngest Scouts (Michael, Sam and Liam) were invested, this was followed by welsh cakes and marshmallows. After finishing the washing up and hot chocolate we all went to bed. Sunday we woke early and prepared breakfast backwards style (no pots or pans, no cooking utensils) despite being cold and wintry we managed to survive the whole weekend without the use of any gas cookers or modern appliances, not bad for a first winter camp. We broke camp returning the field to its former state having all had a very good weekend away.

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Jan/Feb 2014 Adult Help Needed for Admin support of New Explorer Group

By Malcolm Pope

Adults wanted to help with the administration of District's newest Explorer Group. Please see advert below (and no, sorry, there isn’t a salary!).

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Jan/Feb 2014 Tree Houses in Germany

By Malcolm Pope

Here are some photos of Malcolms german scout friends age 14 -18 years building tree houses in the middle of the black forest in southern Germany. They send their scouts in to the woods with chain saws to get he wood. That beats a trip to B and Q any day. One of these in Hannans Copse please explorers......Build the model...

...and then the real thing....

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Jan/Feb 2014 Creative Weekend, 6th Fleet Scout

By Arthur Dixon

On Friday 22nd November a large group of 6th Fleet Scouts along with leaders set off from Fleet in a convoy of vehicles heading for Longwick Scout Hut, looking forward to an activity filled weekend in Buckinghamshire. We arrived on Friday evening and headed straight for the cinema where we watched the newly released film, Thor 2 (The Dark World). Everyone agreed it was a good choice! Filled up with popcorn and sweets we returned to the scout hut, settling down in our sleeping bags for a noisy night. Saturday morning saw us up bright and early anticipating a fun day ahead. On the programme were several interesting options, including Model Painting (Warhammer and Airfix) led by Explorer Jack Tyler, Computer Animation led by Explorer James Vaughan and Scout Harvey Shead-Jones, Computer Programming led by our leader David Tyler, Lego Mind Storm building and programming led by Explorer James Dixon and Scout Tom Tyler and for those of us who were feeling hungry, Toffee and Fudge making! It was difficult to choose where to start! A busy morning was rounded off with a brisk hike to build up an appetite, then back to the activities for the afternoon. We rounded off the evening with a fish and chip supper watching the 50 th Anniversary episode of Dr Who (we couldn’t miss that!) followed by Star Trek; Into Darkness. Next morning, after a delicious breakfast, we packed up and finished off our activities. The fantastic weekend finished off with a fun visit to the Coral Reef swimming pool. We arrived back in Fleet tired and wet, but happy! Thank you leaders for a great weekend.

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Jan/Feb 2014 My first weekend with 6th Fleet Scouts

By Oliver Lavender

What cubs have to look forward too My first session was really fun, we did all sorts of activities and games. I couldn't believe it, as in this first weekend we did all of my favourite things - animation, swimming, lego programming and model building!!! The older Scouts were really welcoming and kind - not mean at all like some of the Cub's had said they might be - traitors!!! Being in Scouts feels a lot more grown up than Cubs, you get to call the leaders by the first names and the whole thing feels more chilled out. I've made a few more new friends and am looking forward to having lots of adventures with the Scouts !! th

Weapons Making 6 Fleet Scouts

By Ben Cridland

This evening was great fun! We were shown an example of a catapult made out of wooden rods, screws, string, a hinge and a plastic cup to put a little wooden cube into to launch. We were told that the catapult could only be made out of 8 the rods but we were allowed almost as many screws and pieces of string as we liked. My patrol thought it looked quite easy until we were told that we had to launch the cube without touching the catapult. After collecting our materials, we went to our table and started to build a catapult. Our basic frame was a pyramid shape with a hinge attached to one of the outer rods with the launching rod connected to it. We screwed the plastic cup on to the launch pole and tried a test run by wedging the final pole between the launch pole and the frame and pulling it out with a piece of string. This made us realise that the elastic wasn’t very tight and we were going to have to build something better if we were going to win the competition at the end of the evening for who could launch their wooden block the furthest. So, my patrol wrapped the elastic around the frame more than once to make it tighter and therefore it would launch the block faster and further (hopefully). After another test run the catapult was still launching the block towards the floor too much so put a screw into where the launch pole would hit the frame so the cup would have more of an upward angle when it launched the block.

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Jan/Feb 2014 It was time for the competition and my patrol was feeling quite confident that we had built the best catapult in the scout troop. The leaders had also built a catapult and they volunteered to launch first. They did but it didn’t go very far. The second patrol went and the block flew about 2 metres which was a lot further than the adults. The third patrol had made a strange design of catapult. It was a rod which they pulled back with string to hit the wooden cube along the floor but unfortunately for them it only went about 3cm. Finally it was our turn and we launched the cube the furthest distance so far, going straight past the second patrol’s cube. The other two groups went and none of them beat us. We thought that we had won until the leaders announced that each patrol would get 3 goes. So everyone had their second turns and none of them beat us until the second till last group on their third go when they launched their cube just past my patrols. They had won the competition. After that we dismantled our catapults and put all the materials back in the box. It had been a really fun evening launching the catapults and I hope we do other things similar to it in the future.


Meterorology Bagde 6 Fleet Scout

By William Grimshaw

Throughout the duration of the festive season the scouts have been working towards their Meteorology badge. They have recorded a large majority of the major weather systems including rainfall, wind direction, air pressure, temperature and total cloud cover for one month. This was a good time to record it as there was lots of wind and rain over Christmas! To help us achieve this, we each brought in a plastic bottle and made rain gauges out of them to read the amount of rain fall in one day. Near the end of term, when we were set our task, we carefully observed a range of experiments to give us an idea on the subject. One of the experiments that really caught my eye was one where we a cloud inside a plastic bottle.

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Jan/Feb 2014 Librarian badge 6th Fleet Scouts

By William Grimshaw

The scouts have also been working towards getting their librarian badge. This badge requires an observant brain to find information from a large piece of text. One of the challenges that needed to be completed was a sheet of questions and you had to find out the answer legitimately using google search. In one of the sessions, we all were assigned to bring in the Yellow Pages. We would get into our troops and have a competition on who could find the answers quickest. Whoever had the most points (depending on how hard the question was the winner.

Winter Camp 6th Fleet Scouts

By Ben Knights On the 11th of January, the 6th Fleet Scout Troop gathered at Crondall Scout Hut for our Winter Camp. On the Saturday we travelled on the train up to London, to compete in a physical game of Monopoly. Then on the Sunday, we went swimming and then completed a treasure hunt (With Prizes!). To help us with our Monopoly game, we got a map with the Monopoly places on (The Jail was the Tower of London), a leader and an A-Z of London. For every Monopoly square we got, we were rewarded 5 points, and we got a bonus point for every statue and blue plaque we saw. My group planned out our main route on the train to London Waterloo, but when we got to the Centre of London, we made our route as we went along. To start, my group decided to walk over to Embankment then take the Tube to the Tower of London. From there, we looked at Fenchurch St. Station and Pentonville Road. We then travelled out of Liverpool St. Station, another Monopoly square, to Kings Cross Station. We then had lunch; I had loved the day up until then, but after that it was even better! We visited another 3 sites there before travelling down into the centre of London. While there, we saw places such as Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square and Trafalgar Square. I loved to see all of the sites. At Trafalgar Square we saw another group, before climbing on to the main monument. We also saw the Royal Court of Justice on the way to Fleet St. Then, once we had completed the challenge, we went to Planet Hollywood for dinner. It was my first time at Planet Hollywood, and it was really fun because our leader kept on putting funny texts on the screens.

Then we went back on the train to the scout hut and watched a couple of movies. On Sunday, we all woke up tired from the last night after going to London. We ate some breakfast and jumped in the car up to the Hart Leisure Centre. We went for a swim for just over an hour. As a group we

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Jan/Feb 2014 played ‘Bulldog’ in the pool before practising doing dives. We then quickly ate our lunch before stating our Treasure Hunt. Once we got to the correct place, we had to look for the box of sweets hidden well in a black bag to blend in with the environment. After finding our 4 clues, we raced to our leader’s house to collect our bags and go home. Overall, I loved the weekend especially the London trip. A HUGE thanks to Alex for setting up this amazing weekend and all of the other leaders for helping us in London.

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Jan/Feb 2014 Ready Steady Cook by 6th Fleet

By Tom Tyler

This week at scouts we all took part in the ready steady cook challenge. This task involved each patrol having to make 3 meals; brownies, pasta Bolognaise and chilli concarne, in the one hour time limit. Before the cooking began, one of the patrols split up because of the lack of members, so overall there were only 4 teams competing. My patrol, bulldog patrol, decided to make the brownies first as they took 20 minutes to cook and 10 minutes to cool down. In my opinion the brownies were the easiest of the three meals as you just had to put all the ingredients into one bowl and mix them together. Whilst the brownies were cooking, the whole patrol began work on the chilli concarne and the pasta bolognaise. However, before we could start chopping onions and peppers, we had to acquire some water to boil for our pasta, and light the gas ring. Some of the patrol started cutting the vegetables, whilst the rest of the patrol checked on the pasta and prepared the bolognaise sauce. Soon our pasta, bolognaise and chilli concarne were ready to eat. At that time the brownies were ready as well so each of us had three fantastic meals to eat and share with our families and friends.

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Jan/Feb 2014 Dramatic Rescue Operation undertaken

By 29th (pontail ) Beavers

The 29th (Pondtail) Beavers arrived for their winter sleepover on 8th February to find a very worried Badger. It seemed that the colony mascot, Bertie Beaver and his friend, Scotty Squirrel, from Brownsea Island, had been taken hostage and held to ransom. After the Beavers had made themselves some catapults, Badger sadly related the facts and showed the ransom note demanding 50 gold bars for their safe return and a grid reference and map showing where the gold was to be left He admitted that he had already left the ransom the previous night and asked the Beavers to accompany him to see if Bertie and Scotty had been returned safely. On navigating to the spot, an empty cage was found; quite understandably, Badger was distraught and unable to read the note left in the cage by the kidnappers, which demanded even more money for the animals safe return. (It was later commented by one of the Beavers that this was because chocolate gold bars had been left and not real gold, but, hey, nobody’s perfect or even got that much money for a sleepover come to that !). A vote was taken and the Beavers agreed to become commandos for the day and to rescue Bertie and Scotty. Due to the anticipated bad weather, the mission was commenced immediately rather than undertaking any training first, but the Beavers were confident that with the help of some army advisers, they would succeed. A quick reconnaissance of the area showed that Bertie had been extremely clever and left a trail to follow – probably from his purple Pondtail necker; this led deep into the woods, which, unfortunately, had become extremely wet due to heavy rain, but our brave commandos persevered relentlessly and it even added to the sense of a real adventure. Notes left by Bertie and Scotty advised as to what should be done and that the gold had been hidden somewhere in the woods. Very soon the Beavers were joined by some real army cadets with their commanding officer, who took charge of the rescue mission. Further notes revealed that Bertie and Scotty had been separated so that there were now two trails to follow and two squads were therefore formed, using radios for communication under chosen call signs. Some of our commandos commented that they were a little scared in case the baddies saw them, but everybody stayed together, adamant that Bertie and Scotty should be saved. It then became clear that the baddies had made two camps; both Bertie and Scotty advised in notes left on trees that a base camp should also be made, a fire lit and preparations made for an assault on the baddies. Luckily, survival kits were available which comprised camouflage netting, matches and dry wood and very

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Jan/Feb 2014 soon the attacks were being planned in earnest. The two bravest commandos in each squad volunteered for the dangerous mission of locating the exact position of the enemy camps, navigating on compass bearings left by the animals. With this vital information preparations were completed by loading catapults with ping pong balls and handing out water bombs.

Both attacks started simultaneously in order to surprise the baddies, counting down from ten whilst in radio contact. With war like yells and screams both camps were soaked by water bombs and bombarded with ping pong balls, but unfortunately, the baddies managed to escape; Badger thinks that this was because they heard the commandos coming‌..somehow!!! Bertie and Scotty were successfully rescued, although both were seriously injured in the attack which necessitated immediate first aid by wrapping them in bandages. Crude stretchers were put together to transport them to the MASH and even more pain was then inflicted on our poor unfortunate friends when they were thrown onto these and lugged across the uneven ground, being dropped several times in the process. Having completed the rescue, a search of the (nearly destroyed) baddies camp tents revealed additional maps and keys, together with a code breaker in one camp and a code in the other. Our two teams therefore agreed by radio to re-group at the wood cross roads in order to discuss what to do next. With help from Badger, the code was broken to reveal an eight figure grid reference which could be located on the map found in the baddies camp. It was still unclear what this reference related to; maybe it was where the baddies were hiding or maybe it was where the gold was hidden. Carefully our crack commandos navigated to the spot and very soon found a security box which, when opened with the two keys, revealed the ransom gold inside.

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Jan/Feb 2014

On returning to the scout hut we cooked our lunch of beefburgers using gas stoves outside and then received some real army training from the visiting cadets. This comprised an assault course and drilling, in addition to sampling genuine army rations. Once our army friends had left we made up some dog tags and pea shooters before continuing our training by having target practise. Once we considered that sufficient training had been completed to make us into ‘real’ soldiers, a field gun competition was held. Each team comprised two groups; the gun was pushed to a ‘river’, dis-assembled and pulled across using ropes. The team group at the other side then had to re-assemble the gun, race to the finish and fire one ‘round’. The procedure was repeated in the opposite direction to decide the ultimate winners. Two runs were performed and the result was considered a draw on both occasions which shows just how good our teamwork and training was.

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Jan/Feb 2014 After dinner and washing up in bowls, the tents were put up and beds prepared. There was then a choice of activities, either R&R by going to the boring old NAAFI or becoming comms commandos by making field telephones out of pots and string, and learning Morse code by tapping out messages to each other. Once in bed we had some short stories about daring army raids, William Tell and Robin Hood. The following morning tents were taken down, all kit was packed up and an inspection held; and so the commandos became Beavers once again. After a breakfast of sausages and rolls a new army song was learnt, there was more drill practice and some parachute games were held before finishing with a closing ceremony. At this point Bertie Beaver asked for the ransom gold to be shared out amongst the Beavers and our newest recruits received their well earned sleepover badge. The leaders as well as the Beavers learnt a lot from this camp; many of the planned activities could not be undertaken outside at the desired time due to the unpredictable weather, so it is hoped that the next camp of this nature will be planned for a warmer time of the year ! Bring it on !!!

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Jan/Feb 2014 District Cub Football

By Jannette MCElarney ADC Cubs

13 teams, representing 11 packs within the district took part in the annual 6-a-side football competition at Court Moor School on Saturday 8th Feb. The teams were arranged in to 3 divisions and played a round robin event to determine the division winner. The three winners and the best runner up then went forward to the semi finals. Division A was very close with 2 teams tied on 7 points each. Goal difference decided the division with honours going to 29th Pondtail A team by virtue of an extra goal scored. 6th Panthers stormed to victory in division B, remaining unbeaten with maximum points. 100th Trident were clear winners of Division C displaying some exciting football. The best runner up spot was very close with 2 teams again with the same number of points. Saxons emerged to take the final semi-final slot by the narrowest of margins. The first semi final between 6th Panthers and Saxons finished in a 2 – 0 victory to Panthers. The second semi final between 100th and Pondtail A was won 1-0 by Trident. So to the final, and the 100th continued their fine form taking an early lead. The 6th Panthers were not to be intimidated however and, spurred on by rowdy vocal support from the sidelines, did their best to equalise but it was not to be and the final whistle blew with the score at 1-0 to Trident. Well done the 100th Trident and good luck in the county finals. Thanks go to Ian Hotham for arranging the event and to Craig, Steve, Gareth and Al for refereeing the matches.

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Jan/Feb 2014 Beaver Christmas crafts and a surprise visit

By Mary Hilditch ADC Beavers

More than 60 Beaver Scouts took part in two Christmas craft sessions on Saturday 30th November. Surrounded by glue, glitter, tinsel and paint they made a variety of Christmas decorations, including Christmas lanterns, novelty cards, candy cane reindeer and advent calendars. All the children worked hard throughout the session and produced some very special items to take home. Thank you to the leaders and parents who helped with the sessions and the clearing up. First visitor was Chip, the County Beaver Mascot. He enjoyed having his photograph taken with the Beavers, but didn’t try the crafts as he did not want to get glue on his fur! Then an even bigger surprise for Jakki our District Commissioner; she was presented with a Good Service Award by County Commissioner, Adam Jolly.

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Jan/Feb 2014 International Fleet Fundraiser

By Doug Millard

In the run up to last Christmas the International and World Scout Jamboree fundraising team organised a series of events and school bazaars to raise both awareness and financial support to assist around a dozen Scouts and Explorers attend Gilwell and County coordinated initiatives in support of Global Scouting. One of the events was a volunteer manned stand at the Fleet Christmas lights switch on and in addition to a number of lucky dip type attractions aimed at the children there was a raffle to win a gigantic ‘white bear’. The winning ticket was drawn by an on-duty WPCs (pictured with Douglas Millard of the 28th) to ensure an unbiased draw and the prize went to Ian Cox of the District team, to the great delight of his son. Representatives from Scouting also helped man the “Meet Santa” grotto and these activities combined with other events during the run-up to Christmas helped raise around £300 – but more importantly awareness of the active Scouting activities being delivered in the Fleet and Hart area - and beyond.

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Jan/Feb 2014

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Jan/Feb 2014 Training Dates Training summary Last year Odiham was 5th out of 27 districts for awards of Wood badges. Considering the top 4 were very much larger groups than us it was a fantastic result. Many congratulations to the 15 new wood badge holders and to our Training advisors who supported them through their efforts. However we were 2nd in the table for module validations with an impressive 88 modules completed! This year has already kicked off to a good start with the following already earning their Wood Beads. Congratulations to: Verena Olnhoff Ruth Scott Collette Chan November/December Louise Braybrook Chris Davidson Kate Sutton Adult Leaders Inductions We continue to attract a very valuable contingent of new leaders. The next induction session will be held on March 22nd at the new 100th Elvetham Heath Scout Group pavilion. Invitations will be sent out shortly Training Courses First aid Module 10. We have just held a First Aid refresher course and the next FULL course will be held on Sunday the 13th April 10.00 am to 4.30 pm. If you need to complete your module 10 First Aid please drop me an email and I will put you on the list. Please note we can accommodate a maximum of 10 on the course so please apply early. For more module training dates please follow the Hants Scout web site at; Fancy Becoming a Training Advisor? The district is desperate to recruit more training advisors. My current crop of excellent TA’s need a little support with so many new adult leaders coming into the district, so if you think you could give up the odd few hours a month to help and support new recruits through their training/validations please drop me an email. You don’t have to have your wood Beads to be a TA (though it may help) Phil Merison Odiham District Training Manager Tel; 01252 622466 Mbl; 07854959678

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