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The Odiham District Scout Council annual report and accounts 2012 - 2013


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ODIHAM DISTRICT SCOUT COUNCIL ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 23 April 2013 Court Moor School - Drama Room, Fleet AGENDA Chairman's welcome & apologies Presentation by 6*^ Fleet Scouts - USA Expedition Spring 2013 Adoption of the District Annual Report booklet Approval of the Statement of Accounts DCs nomination of the District Chairman Election of Executive Officers : District Secretary District Treasurer DCs nomination of members of Executive Committee Election of members of Executive Committee Appointment of District Auditor Date of next Annual General Meeting - 29th April 2014 DCs remarks County Representative's remarks - Russ Parke Closing remarks

Odiham District Scout Council 2012 Ex-Officio IVIembers District Commissioner - Jakki Holland District Chairman - Wyn Roberts District Treasurer - Nick Walton District Secretary - Rachel Banfield

Nominated IVIembers: Ian Cox Malcolm Pope George parker

Elected Members: Duncan Waghorne Laura Hensby Heather Williams

ADC Beavers - Mary H lid itch District Beaver Leader - Jayne Weighill-Smith ADC Cubs - Jannette McElarney District Cub Leader - Tracey Goodrum ADC SCouts - Malcolm Pope

CHAIRMAN'S REPORT 2012 has been a massive year for scouting in Odiham District - an increase of more than 13 per cent in our overall numbers; a big Increase in the number of youngsters staying on at 14 resulting in a growth in the number of Explorer Scouts and in the number of Young Leaders; and finally the creation of a new group at Zebon Copse and one of the largest investiture events I have witnessed. Twelve months ago I reported that we had been accepted by County for a development project to address the issues of new housing developments and a resulting increase in the number of youngsters wanting to join Scouting. Jakki, our District Commissioner, has undoubtedly been the driving force behind the creation of our new group at Zebon Copse but I think she would be the first to agree that our success has been pretty much a team effort with significant contributions by our County Development Officer who drew up the implementation programme, our District Exec who were prepared to undenwrite the group in its early days and the District team and other leaders who were prepared to assist with one off events to attract new leaders and in running the programme during the first term. The District Exec has had an exceptionally busy year in 2012 as a result of all this activity. The workload falls to a relatively small group of people and I am grateful to everyone for his or her contribution. However, I would like to pay a particular tribute to our Treasurer, Nick Walton, who has uncomplainingly taken on the additional work of supporting our new group in its formative months. The last year has seen a couple of changes in the composition of the District Exec. Last summer we were fortunate in recmiting Rachel Banfield, a Beaver parent from the 100* Scout Group, a s our new District Secretary and Rachel was co-opted onto the Exec at our September meeting. More recently we lost Heather Williams, our District Appointments Secretary, from our Exec, on her retirement from Court Moor School and move to Yorkshire. I was disappointed that we were unable to recruit one of the younger members of our scouting family to replace Nathan De Lacey but I hope we will be able to put that right for the coming year. Looking ahead to 2013 I think we face two principal challenges. Firstly, although we have made a significant reduction in the number of youngsters wanting to join scouting, the numbers are in double figures in six of our groups and the total for the District is still over a hundred. We need to s e e what lessons can be learnt from the exercise we conducted last year to recruit more leaders. The District is in a healthy financial position and I hope the Exec will support any viable proposals that come forward. Secondly, you will all have heard and read about Scouting's vision for 2018. There are some areas where we have made progress during 2012 - eg the contributions some of our groups have made towards the improvement of our local environment and the growing involvement of some of our younger members in shaping the future of Scouting. However, I hope that during 2013 we can look as a District at what we need to do to make this vision become a reality. Finally I would like to thank the many volunteers - new and old - who help in so many ways to offer such exciting opportunities to our youngsters across Odiham District.

Wyn Roberts. District Chair

TREASURERS REPORT The year saw a deficit of £4609 vs a budgeted deficit of £3078. The deficit was higher than planned for a number of reasons, including an apparent deficit on the panto (because ail the income for the panto in Jan 13 was received in Jan 13 - later than usual), the scout shop not performing a s well as anticipated (see notes under financials) and £1263 spend on unbudgeted Centenary activities. This was offset by not spending the £1250 anticipated amount on Print/Stationery/Postage along with the £1030 not spend on general donations. For full details of receipts and expenditure, see separate report. Odiham District Scouts continues to be in relatively good financial health with some £24000 in the bank. This has been actively reduced from £31000 a few years ago but now it is intended now that balances flatten out. To this end a more moderate net deficit of £1384 is t>eing budgeted for 2013. Details of cash balances and reserves are shown on the balance sheet.

Nick Walton, District Treasurer Summary Financial situation at 31/12/12

As at 31/12/12 £



Net Assets

Bank Accounts


Short Term Investment Service


Cash in Hand


Government Stocks


Scout shopfloat£30 + Explorersfloat£40 + new explorers £322

Sut>-total Monetary Assets


Total Net Assets



Designated Funds Explorers Set Up


Fixed Assets


Written dow^n to zero

Brovmsea Island Fund


International Scouting


Includes £ 1150 Panto profit 2010. 29th £550, Elliott £200 and 6th Fleet £600 taken out

Centenary Fund


Proposed opening balance £5000 less £90 to **** and £340 to ****

Bruce Coles donation - restricted. £163 used Aug. 07

Total Designated Funds


General reserve


Total Reserves


This is the balancing figure

Annual running expenses in 2010 amounted to £21710. General reserve of £16979 represents c. 9 months of expenses - vj^ithin policy.

Summary Financial situation at 31/12/12 Budget Year



Total Actuals to 31/12 Payments




















Scout Shop






Membership Subs. Fellowship Panto.

International Scouting






District Centenary/Other Activities






Beaver Activities






Cub Activities
















SAS Activities






Networic Scouts set up fund








Scout Activities Explorer Activities

Explorer Other










Trustee Exps.










Sundries/admin. Inv. income/donations

-41 30




















250 1250

PR/Recruitment Print/Stat/Postage

















20435 Notes 1

Includes c. £554 on Jubilee badges, £284 on MBC Jubilee badges, £390 on Winchester coach


Payments includes £430 against Centenary Fund. Also £819 for 101 st rent Sept, Oct + Nov.


£393 of costs relate to 2011 - invoices paid late when credit card not available. Sales are recovering. At June we were at 54% of 2010. For year this is 86%. £300 + owed by 101 st for neckers


6th Fleet Holland trip


Badge books for scouts shown as neg inc


Fewer explorers than budget


Canoes etc insurance included


Lots of deposits from Groups at end of year


No cash reed in 2012 for 2013 panto


APPOINTMENTS ADVISORY COMMITTEE REPORT The Appointments Committee exists to inten/iew applicants for a range of voluntary services in the Scout movement. Gilbert McKinnon stood down last year as our Appointments Committee Chairman and David Cooper became one of our Vice Chairs. We were also joined on the Committee by Nick Somerville, previously Chair of the 28"' Scout Group. As reported earlier we lost our Appointments Secretary, Heather Williams, in March on her move to Yorkshire and I would like to pay tribute here to her enormous achievements in bringing Odiham District into line with the online aspects of the appointments process. Again each member of the Committee attended 3 or 4 meetings over the course of the year. Overall, we held 12 meetings and agreed the appointment of over 40 adults to varying roles. The Committee also reviewed a number of changes of role in the District and advised on a numtier of reviews for existing leaders. We continue to be impressed by the quality of volunteers who want to help in Scouting. As always most volunteer because their children are already enjoying scouting or who wish to join but we also attract a considerable number of volunteers (usually ex-Ventures or ex-Explorers) who simply enjoy working with young people. Committee members likewise have often served the Scouting movement for many years and are able to continue their interest through serving on this committee. We need more members on the committee if we are to keep pace with the increasing demands from an extra group in the district, new appointments requirements under POR for Group Officers, and a more rigorous approach to reviews. If you would like to volunteer, or know of someone you think could help us, please get in contact with me or the District Commissioner. I would like to conclude by thanking all the members of the Appointments Advisory Committee for giving up of their time, experience and wisdom so freely over the past twelve months.

Wyn Roberts, Appointments Advisory Committee Chairman

Beaver Report April 2013 Another good year for Beaver Scouts! Our numbers have gro\Am again and in January 2013 there were 228 Beavers in the District, of which 32 were girls. Three new Colonies were fonned at 1** Crookham, 100* Elvetham Heath and a s part of the new 101^ Scout Group. Congratulations to the new Colonies, their Leaders, Groups and all who have supported them so far. The big strength in Beaver Scouting in Odiham is the exciting and varied programmes of the individual Colonies. The range of activities is astounding - besides hikes, cooking and making things, the Beavers have tried archery, played golf, picked strawberries, learnt about Bee Keeping, met the Police and much more. Many Beavers took part in the District outing with the Cubs to Gilwell Park for a Funday and tried exciting activities including zip-wires and caving. Sleepovers and Group Camps were a major event for most Colonies. There was a wide range of venues and themes, including "Best of British" and a Group Centenary Camp for 1速' Crookham. At some events the older Beavers slept in tents outside, taking advantage of a change in the regulations for Beaver nights away. The Queen's Golden Jubilee and the Olympics featured in programmes too. A number of Colonies took part in the Community Funday in Calthorpe Park on a wet May Bank Holiday weekend. A few individuals stayed up for the Beacon lighting in Odiham and several Colonies took part in a joint Community Event with Brownies or Rainbows and earnt a special badge. They helped tidy up a number of the local parks and play areas, planted seeds and washed signs. The weather was wet for most of the summer and our big District Event - Beaver Olympics was washed out twice. So instead of joining together to celebrate the Olympics and try a range of games and activities, each Colony put on its own Olympic themed event. Some of these happened in the rain too, but there were races of all types, a sailing regatta, Olympic quizzes and medal ceremonies and each Colony managed to earn the Scouting Olympic Commemorative badge. The Beaver ethos of Fun and Friends has applied to the Leaders too. In December we held an event for the adults involved with Beavers with the aim of having fun and making friends. They shared ideas, had a go at some new activities and made contacts which will promote further sharing and communication amongst Colonies. It is fantastic to be able to write a report yet again which emphasises the great programmes and warm welcome which are available to children that join Beavers. Unfortunately there are still waiting lists in some parts of the District and so we will continue to look for new opportunities to extend Beaver Scouting and make it available for all. Thank you to all the Leaders, parents and helpers who have supported Beavers this year and made the fun possible for so many children.

Mary Hilditch, ADC Beavers

Cub Section report 2012 In January the Sleeping Beauty panto had a different pack on stage for every performance and many youngsters earned their entertainer badge. This was followed in February by the 6 a side football competition, a hotly contested event for the football trophy and a place in the county competition. The football final was between 2 9 * A as winners of Division A and 100* Mosquito B as the winner of division D. After extra time 2 9 * A team emerged triumphant. They duly went down to Southampton where they got knocked out of the quarterfinals by New Forest South on comers. 198 swimming badges of all stages were gained by t)eavers, cubs, scouts and explorers at Lord Wandsworth College pool one afternoon in the spring. We had a record number of leaders and helpers that afternoon which was just a s well, given the numbers. 6 * Fleet (Ancells Farm) cub leaders organised a great afternoon of cycling. The weather was very pleasant and 17 teams of 8 cubs, complete with puncture repair kits, cycle tool kits, first aid kits and 2 adults spent a very enjoyable afternoon in the Forest of Eversley, searching for orienteering points where they had to identify a different cub badge. Winners were 6 * Panthers who found and identified all 32 badges correctly, closely followed by 26**' with 28 found and 1** Normans who got 27. In June, five coaches pulled out of Fleet with 255 of our beavers, cubs and leaders on board, bound for the Gilwell Fun day. Everyone seemed to have a fantastic day in spite of the noise, queues and numbers and some lucky leaders even had their photo taken with Charlie Dimmock! July was a more relaxed month for the leaders as we had a mere 190 odd cubs for an evening of athletics at Robert Mays School playing field! A lot of athlete badges and athlete plus were gained and at the same time a Pack sports competition was held which was won by 100* Mosquitoes. The autumn term again heralded the 3 dens challenge where 135 cubs hiked around Fleet and Church Crookham doing activities at and en route to the 3 dens. The activities ranged from rifle shooting, radio orienteering, field guns and firelighting at Crookham den, orienteering in Vetmead Woods, archery and catapults at 2 9 * den, canoeing on the canal, climbing, ballistas, judo and chariot racing at Calthorpe Park dens. Unfortunately the scrapheap challenge district eliminator had to be cancelled due to lack of teams entering but we were represented at the county event by a team from 2 9 * . They listened to a story and then had an hour to build and paint a 3d scene from the story. They had a good afternoon at Romsey at the county competition, where they came a very creditable 3^". During the year cubs camped in Devon, Winchester, Bentley Copse, Walton Firs, Horseshoe Lakes to name but a few. The number of cub packs in the district went up to 15 so we welcomed Chris and Anne from the new 101^, Anna who took over 100* Trident in the autumn and Rosemary from 2 8 * Adventurers, replacing Ian who transfen^ed from 2 8 * to 2"^. On behalf of all the cubs in the district, the D C S L Tracey and myself, I must thank the brilliant team of cub pack leaders that we have, for all the time and energy they give to our wide range of exciting activities at district level, and for the fantastic programmes that they run in their own weekly meetings.

Jannette McElamey, ADC Cub Scouts

District Commissioner's Report It was incredible to see last Sunday at the St Georges Day celebration both the increased numbers from this years census and more importantly all groups and sections being represented. It was a very proud moment to suddenly see coming over the hill our District St George Flag and our newly acquired District Union Flag being carried by two youngsters both of who I recall being cubs. They are now one of our oldest scouts and one of our youngest Explorers. Where does the time go! In our ordinary lives family can often play a vital and influencing role, providing an increased strength. Outside our sections and groups the wider family of scouting starts with the District. A s a parent I always value and support both the Group my children belong to as well a s the District we are part of. This is why the events co-ordinated by the ADC's are invaluable as they are always a great opportunity to offer not just the youngsters but the adults who support them a wider circle of contacts by coming together as a scouting family. It was one such District led event last year that saw the birth of a new group. I still sometimes wonder how it happened. I know it hasn't been without problems but I will never forget the families who turned out in June all because they value what you as volunteers give to a community, because they see a strong and vibrant District with equally solid Groups and Sections and because they want to be a part of it. If success can be measured in terms such as the fun, skills, learning and life experiences we give the youngsters then it can be considered a direct payback for all the hard work, time and effort you all put in. Indeed I thank you sincerely for that. In going fontvard we need to look at building on this further. The District has enviable strengths but needs to use those strengths to continue to address sustainability and growth issues. As part of the wider scouting family we can become even stronger by focusing our collective resources. The last 12 months was indeed an extraordinary year. We saw the launch of a new group, the London Olympics and Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee. We also saw a huge rise in numbers - our overall membership rose this year by 13%, we regenerated our link with the RAF base who Im proud we are now actively supporting And firmly established our place in the community by taking part in various local schemes such as Fleet Action Day and the Jubilee celebrations. Of course it goes without saying that none of the above would of been achieved without the support of the District Executive Committee. I am very lucky that at the helm I have a strong fonward looking Chair and a Treasurer who keeps us on the right track. I would also like to thank a couple of other very special people who not just inspire but motivate me to keep things moving, Adam our C C , Trevor A C C , District Support and Frank 101"* Chair. All three of them are always unfortunately for them an email away at times when I'm pulling my hair out, or I have just come up with my next cunning plan! All I can say to them is Thank You and sorry as you know it's only a matter of time before the next email arrives!

Jal(l(i Holland, DC

Explorers Unfortunately, in September 2012 our D E S C Paul Lethbridge resigned. As no one has yet been appointed it has fallen to myself a s DC to also cover this role. I am very lucky in that Paul built up a very strong team at the Fleet unit so for the most part they are self sufficient. However, with Explorers numbers reaching 40 during the Autumn ternn a second unit was desperately needed. Working with the A C C Explorers and David Tyler one of our scout leaders a solution seemed to fall, and we opened not one but two new units this January. In November we adopted the County Air Explorer Unit. This now runs from Crondall and currently has 14 members from Odiham plus 6 who 'float' from around the County. The 3"^ unit now running from Ancell's Fann seemed to simultaneously happen when Kate Sutton agreed to head it up. Kate has since been joined by Doug & Louise and now has a healthy unit. The next step is now to find and appoint a D E S C - hopefully this time next year this report will be written by them!

Jakki Holland, DC

The District Youth Council has only been going a short while so I look forward to next year's report, hopefully we'll hear how they have been received and their input welcomed. Also, by then it will fingers crossed also represent all Groups and Explorer Units in the District. Huge thank you to each member for putting together the St George Event along with Matt Head who 'kept the faith' and supported you them through this first challenge. It was an incredible achievement. Although they haven't supplied a report they would like to share the following poem, please continue to support the youth council - they are the future leaders.

This is a little story about four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody. There was an important job to be done and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it. Somebody got angry about that because it was Everybody's job. Everybody thought that Anybody could do it, but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn't do it. It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done

Odiham District Scout Council - Summary by Group at Census in January 2012 & 2013 Group

1st Crookham 2nd Odiham 22nd Odiham 2Sth Odiham 28th Odiham 28th Odiham 6th Fleet 100th Elvetham 101st Odiham Explorer Scouts EXP / Unit Leaders SAS District Admin Commissioners & District Leaders TOTAL

Beaver Scouts 2012 2013 32 11 18 0 17 25 36 34 0


Cub Scouts 2012 2013

43 23 18 41 43 38 34 28 0

12 20 41 40 38 44 38 0



Scouts 2012 2013



Leaders 2012 2013 21 6 6 8 10 15 28 20 0







Beaver Age 2012 2013

CubAgle 2012 2013

Scout Age 2012 2013

Touts 2012 2013

Waiting List Group

1st Croolcham 2nd Odiham 22nd Odiham 26th Odiham 28th Odiham 29th Odiham 6th Fleet 100th Elvetham 101st Odiham Explorer Scouts TOTAL

GSL's Other Adutts 2012 2013 2012 2013

24 3 4 7 14 14 23 27 10



Assistants 2012 2013

64 10 4 18 18 15 7 19

13 7 4 22 5 21 10 6

21 8 0 1 3 0 8 13

4 3 0 2 0 1 6 6

6 0 0 11 0 3 0 0

4 1 0 0 0 2 0 0

91 18 4 30 21 18 15 32 0

21 11 4 24 5 24 16 12 0










24 12


Totals 2012 2013


173 55 67 93 114 118 146 124 0 28 5 17 4 3

202 62 68 72 100 115 141 150 63 62 11 17 3 6

121.43% 120.00% 0.00% -25.00% 100.00%





16.76% 12.73% 1.49% -22.58% -12.28% -2.54% -3.42% 20.97%