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FOREWORD Breathtakingly complex, liberatingly unconventional and channelling an achingly refreshing ethnic singularity – to comment on Korean Art is paramount to commenting on the history of a Nation. Witness the immense cultural diversity sewn into the tapestry of its artistic development, the variety of influences running through each laborious creative process and use of mediums. Its Art may be deeply rooted in amalgamation, but Korea’s emergence into the contemporary world has revolutionized artistic depth and cemented its binding roots of cultural exploration. For every outlet of expression, there is a voice; and the voice of Korean Art has ascended into a vibrant crescendo of individuality, taking contemporary expression by storm and leading an entire generation towards a renewed modern artistic exploration. Paying tribute to the cultural density of an astounding artistic movement, Ode to Art is delighted to present Voice of Korean Art: a group exhibition showcasing dynamic and awe-inspiring works of five contemporary artists coveted by collectors around the world. Amongst each distinctive voice and the individuality each artist exudes in their expression, the common threads that weave these works together are the meticulous processes employed, thought-provoking concepts and interplay of both traditional and contemporary aesthetics despite varied mediums of choice and subject matter. With unparalleled originality, craftsmanship and a quest for transcendence, these selected artists have broken new ground with their contemporary views, presenting new definitions of the sublime to a discerning urban art population. Chang Hyun Jae, for example, overlays dotted lines reminiscent of LED emitters atop traditional landscape paintings rendered in Indian ink. The delicate dots veering away from the mountainous forms in the background, serve as both accents and echoes of her wandering soul. Moving from ephemeral ink to tangible craft, Lee Ju Youn fashions images of books through the repetitive motions of a sewing machine. Her work is a combination of mechanical drawing, craft and calculated movements of the hand. The artist ruminates upon her life when immersing herself in creation of the pieces and her drawings can be likened to chaekgado - traditional folk paintings that feature books and other scholarly paraphernalia. Kim Hee Kyung conceived her paper-based ‘Bloom’ series in the year 2009. Serving as a new form of three-dimensional sculpture, her intricate flowers in translucent Korean paper or hanji present bas-relief works in a distinct manner. With a compressed air injector, the unique and dramatic pieces are infused with vibrant, pulsating colour.


While her sculptures incite new ways of seeing traditional dimensions, Lee Kwan Woo focuses on revolutionizing his own take on an archaic form. Titling his pixelations ‘Condensed’, the stamps that embellish his works are collected from a variety of diverse sources, hand-carved or cast in resin using traditional Korean methods. Forming undulating patterns on canvas, some of the seals used to mark identities in correspondence date back to over two millennia or more. Combining rich history and contemporary form, the mass of stamps form a vast, swirling ocean of wconsciousness that serves to represent collective lives and moments in the history of Korea. Stemming from a similar yet divergent tangent, Lee Young Ji submits her own views on expansive consciousness by enacting scenes of oriental paradise through the layering of a single brushstroke at a time to depict trees and everyday objects. With sporadic intrusions of white birds into expanses of green, blue and grey, each of her paintings are a cosmos unto themselves. A single leaf amidst the dense foliage signifies both independence of thought and the concept of harmonious co-existence. Through the ages, artistic traditions of the East have served as tools for self-discipline and subversive tenants of self-expression. Art has served as both meditative process and liberation that requires focus, dedication and relentless refining of technique to achieve perfection. Through the artworks, we see exemplary communication of these principles and an exhilaratingly contemporary take on a modern artistic movement rooted as deeply in distinction as it is in tradition. The Artists you see are fashioned by their dedication, cultural history and, most importantly, individuality and passion that courses through their veins and emanates from their Art. It is these expressions that we now invite you to comprehend: experience the chorus of a nation, be swayed by the medleys of creativity and, naturally, lend your own voice to the triumphant acoustics of expansive perception. Join us as we decipher the Voice of Korean Art. Jazz Chong Director, Ode To Art



Somewhere (2014), Mixed media on canvas, 72 x 116.7 cm


Somewhere (2011), Mixed media on linen, 100 x 100 cm Somewhere (2011), Mixed media on linen, 50 x 50 cm


Somewhere (2014), Mixed media on linen, 97 x 130 cm 8


Bloom No. 190 (2014), Korean paper, 81 x 8 x 81 cm


Page 10: Bloom No. 194 (2010), Korean paper, 69 x 17 x 93 cm Page 11 (top): Bloom No. 41 (2010), Korean paper, 142 x 11.5 x 155 cm Page 11 (bottom): Bloom No. 110 (2014), Korean paper, 100 x 8 x 100 cm





Page 12 (top): One Side (2013), Machine-stitch on urethrane, 117 x 73 cm Page 12 (bottom): Book Drawings - Withstanding (2015), Machine-stitch on urethrane, 60 x 73 cm Page 13: Book Drawings - Nonskid (2015), Machine-stitch on urethrane, 60 x 73 cm



Page 14: Condensed (2013), Mixed media (Korean stamps), 74 x 92 cm Page 15: Condensed (2013), Mixed media (Korean stamps), 74 x 92cm




Page 16: The Time We Were In (2015), Korean ink on mulberry paper, 60 x 110 cm Page 17: Before Confession (2015), Korean ink on mulberry paper, 30 x 91 cm



Return to Your Dream (2015), Korean ink on mulberry paper, 72.7 x 60.6 cm


The Memory of First Love (2014), Korean ink on mulberry paper, 53 x 45.5 cm




Education 1985: B.F.A. Department of Oriental Painting, Ewha Womans University 1988: M.F.A. Department of Oriental Painting, Graduate School, Ewha Womans University

Education B.F.A in Sculpture, Ewha Woman’s University M.F.A in Sculpture, Graduate of Ewha Woman’s University

Solo and Group Exhibitions 2000: 6th Solo Exhibition, Gallery Bhak, Seoul, Korea. 2001: 7th Solo Exhibition, Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul, Korea. 2002: 8th Solo Exhibition, Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea. 2003: 9th Solo Exhibition, Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea. 10th Solo Exhibition, Gallery Think Art, New York, USA. 2004: 11th Solo Exhibition, Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea. 2005: 12th Solo Exhibition, Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea. 2006: 13th Solo Exhibition, Seoul Art Centre, Seoul, Korea. 2007: 14th Solo Exhibition, Gallery Wooduk, Seoul, Korea. 2008: 15th Solo Exhibition, Gallery Jang Eun Sun, Seoul, Korea. 2009: 16th Solo Exhibition, Artgate, New York, USA. 17th Solo Exhibition, AKA Space, Seoul, Korea. 18th Solo Exhibition, Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea. 2010: 19th Solo Exhibition, Shinhan Art Hall, Seoul, Korea. 2011: 20th Solo Exhibition, Gallery Asan, Seoul, Korea. 2012: 21st Solo Exhibition, Gallery Grimson, Seoul, Korea. 22nd Solo Exhibition, COEX, Seoul, Korea. 2013: 23rd Solo Exhibition, Seoul Art Center, Seoul, Korea. 2014: 24th Solo Exhibition, SETEC, Seoul, Korea. 25th Solo Exhibition, Gallery Chosun, Seoul. 2015: ‘Voice of Korean Art,’ Ode to Art Gallery, Singapore.

Solo Exhibitions 20 Exhibitions in Seoul, Paris, Tokyo, Beijing, La Spezia, Karlsluhe and Frankfurt Group Exhibitions 2015: ‘Voice of Korean Art,’ Ode to Art Gallery, Singapore 2014: ‘International Sculpture Fiesta,’ Seoul Art Center. 2013: Galerie Uhn, Koenigstein, Frankfurt. ‘SCOPE New York,’ Scope Pavilion 3, New York. 2012: ‘SCOPE Miami,’ North Miami Avenue, Miami. ‘Selection Basel,’ Kaserne Basel, Basel. 2011: ‘SCOPE Basel,’ Kaserne Basel, Basel ‘Art Chicago,’ The Merchandise Mart, Chicago. ‘Art Karlsluhe,’ Messe Karlsluhe, Karlsluhe. 2010: ‘Art Asia Miami,’ North Miami Avenue, Miami. ‘Art Chicago,’ The Merchandise Mart, Chicago. Public Collections National Museum, Kwachun, Korea Seoul Arts Center, Seoul, Korea The Blue House, Seoul, Korea Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Turkey, Turkey Present Professor at Dept of Sculpture, College of Art in University of Suwon Vice President of Korea Sculptors Association




Education 2006: B.F.A. Department of Fiber Arts, Ewha Womans University, Seoul 2013: M.F.A. Department of Fiber Arts, Ewha Womans University, Seoul

Education Graduated from Department of Painting, Kwandong University

Solo Exhibitions 2015: ‘Sedimentation,’ E-Land Space, Seoul 2014: ‘Stitch Drawing,’ Gana Art Space, Seoul. 2013: ‘The Stitch,’ Gallery DOS, Seoul. ‘The Stitch,’ Gana Art Space, Seoul. Group Exhibitions 2015: ‘Voice of Korean Art,’ Ode to Art Gallery, Singapore ‘2015 Young Artist’ Bank of Korea Gallery, Seoul. ‘Artex Moda’ Kyngpook National University Art Museum, Daegu. 2014: ‘Beautiful Container,’ Gana Art Space, Seoul. ‘Stitch Drawing,’ Gana Art Space, Seoul. ‘Steel Life - Lee Ju-Youn and Kim Taek-Gi,’ Lotte Gallery Jamsil, Seoul. 2013: ‘2013 - Young Artists,’ Pyunghwa Gallery, Seoul. 2006: ‘Ewha Fiber Art Exhibition,’ Seoul.

Solo Exhibitions 2014: 11th Solo Exhibition, Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art, Jeju-do. 10th Solo Exhibition, Gallery Hanok, Seoul. 2012: 9th Solo Exhibition, Able Fine Art Gallery, Seoul. 2011: 8th Solo Exhibition, Able Fine Art Gallery, New York. Able Fine Art Gallery, Seoul. 2010: 7th Solo Exhibition, Insa Art Center, Seoul. 6th Solo Exhibition, Gallery Soo, Seoul. 2008: 5th Solo Exhibition, Insa Art Center, Seoul. 2004: 4th Solo Exhibition, Hyundai Arts Center Invitational, Ulsan. Group Exhibitions 2015: ‘Voice of Korean Art,’ Ode to Art Gallery, Singapore ‘Made&Found,’ Hans Gallery, Seoul. 2014: MMCA Collections ‘Wall,’ National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. ‘Gwacheon Asiat in Seoul,’ Chungmu Art Hall, Seoul. ‘Gongpyeong Gallery Opening Show,’ Seoul Art Center, Gongpyeong Gallery, Seoul. ‘Exhibition of Chinese and Korean Contemporary Art,’ Level Space, Beijing. ‘Korea Japan Latin,’ Gallery La Mer, Seoul. ‘Art Space Ben,’ Permanent Exhibition, Seoul. ‘Women Chosun 29th Anniversary Commemorative Exhibition,’ Seoul. ‘Primavera,’ Amway Art Museum, Seoul. ‘Korea Japan Latin,’ Gallery La Mer, Seoul. 2012: ‘Bangladesh Biennale,’ Bangladesh. “Landscape in My Mind,” LIG Art Space, Seoul. ‘Artists from Gyeonggi-do Province,’ Namsong Art Museum, Gapyeong. ‘The Essentials,’


Able Fine Art Gallery, New York. ‘Journey of Time,’ Able Fine Art Gallery, New York. ‘Asiat in Seoul,’ Seoul Art Center Gongpyeong Gallery, Seoul. ‘Black Stone,’ Icheon. ‘Lee Kwan-woo,’ Beacon Gallery, Seoul. ‘Korea Japan Latin,’ Gallery La Mer, Seoul. 2011: ‘Gallery Yoon Opening Show,’ Gallery Yoon, Seoul. ‘Clio Box,’ Insa Arts Center, Seoul. ‘Art Two Design,’ Insa Arts Center, Seoul. 2010: ‘Korean Art in celebration of G20 Seoul Summit,’ National Assembly Library, Seoul. ‘Happy Receptacles,’ Gallery Gong, Seoul. ‘By Your Side,’ Horim Museum, Seoul. Collections 2010: Daegu District Court, Daegu. 2009: Gwacheon Central Park, Gwacheon. 2008: Art Bank of National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea. Gwacheon/Namsong Art Museum, Gapyeong. 2004: Ulsan Museum of Modern Art, Ulsan.

LEE YOUNG JI Education B.F.A Department of Oriental Painting, Sungshin Women’s University, Korea M.A. Oriental Painting, Sungshin Graduate School Solo and Group Exhibitions 1998 - 2014: Nine Solo Exhibitions 2015: ‘Voice of Korean Art,’ Ode to Art Gallery, Singapore. 2014: ‘Art Southampton,’ USA. ‘Affordable Art Fair,’ Singapore. ‘Asia Contemporary Art Show,’ Hong Kong. ‘Affordable Art Fair,’ Hong Kong. ‘Deagu Art Fair,’ EXCO, Daego. ‘KIAF Korean International Art Fair,’ COEX, Seoul. ‘BAMA,’ BEXCO, Pusan. 2013: ‘MMMart,’ Artist-in-residence, Slovenia. ‘Korean-China Exchange Exhibition,’ Art Space Hyun, Seoul. ‘Tokyo Frontline,’ Arts Chiyoda 3777, Japan. ‘Galleries Association Art Fair,’ BEXCO, Pusan. ‘Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair,’ Hyatt Hotel, Seoul. ‘Art Road 77,’ Gallery Puzz, Heiri. 2012: Zhang Jiajie International Oil Painting Art Workshop, Pullman Hotel, China. ‘German Contemporary Art Ruhr,’ German Essen. ‘From Hangang to Chaophraya,’ The National Gallery, Bangkok. ‘Art Osaka,’ Hotel Granvia, Osaka.


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