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A short guide of how you can ease the efforts to get a job...

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ZOOM IN for your job ,ZOOM OUT for your business " is a youth exchange between 19-29 of June 2018 to be held in Busteni, Romania with 43 participants from 8 countries: Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Greece, Czech Republic, Macedonia and Romania and includes 18 youngsters with fewer opportunities. The actual context is one when the youth unemployment is growing, youngsters don't have enough competences to access the labor market or initiate a private business The aim of exchange is increase employability of European youngsters of 18-25 years old by developing key competences need to access labor market Foreseen activities are for preparation,introduction and getting to know each-other, trust and team building, presentation of participants and organizations, introduction of Erasmus + programme and youthpass certificate, cultural visits in Busteni and Prahova Valley region, inter-cultural evenings and evenings thematic or at youngsters disposal. There will be 4 thematic workshops for presentations of researches and increase key competences and job folder making, 4 business workshop to create 8 business plans, 5 video creation workshops to prepare 16 promotion videos. Besides there will be transversal activities for visibility, management and monitoring. The methodology will be based on non-formal education and will consist in games, presentations, theater, role plays and simulations, video creation, workshops, visits. Impact of the project will be felt at the level of participants by develop of new competences, by a better understanding of cultural diversity and better competences to access labor market. At partners and local communities level the impact will be felt by presence of youngsters better trained and by getting new methodological tools and new practices to create a job folder or a business plan.

First step: knowing each other, team building activities and knowing the environment 1. Knowing each other games The project started, as it’s normal having a big group of various people from different countries and cultures, with ice breaking and knowing each other games. A very important point was establishing and assuming the House Rules and to present the safety measures, in order to have a common ground in the behavior and to be as safe as possible during the exchange. a) Ice breaker - “Joe” b) “The Portrait” - in random way, in many stages, people exchanges and draws other participants “portrait” (first the shape of the face, eyes & eyebrows etc. than the favorite band and so on, facilitating the interaction among participants). In the end, we made an “Art Gallery” with all the portraits.

c) “Human Bingo” - is not with numbers, but with abilities and things that people achieved so far. In each case of the sheet you can put only a name and only for once. Who find people for each case, has a “Bingo!”

d) House Rules & Safety Measures – very important to establish a common ground of what can be done and what not, in order to insure the comfort for each participant. We have to be aware that the participants are from very different cultures and environments, so establishing those rules, and assuming it, ensures an as safe environment as possible for every participant. The rules were displayed on a poster and were signed by each participant, meaning that they assumed the rules fully aware of it. e) Launching the “Secret Friend” game – secretly, each participant draws a name of a participant. This one will be the “Secret Friend” for the entire duration of the exchange and he will have to behave nicely with her/him to do nice things, to give presents and so on. A good game to improve the group dynamics, to make people more aware that other people needs attention. 2. Team building games and getting along with the environment Because in the constructive part of the project the participants will have to work in international mixed groups, a very important task was to build the team spirit, to give space to the participants to discover each other and the environment, to blend as much as possible – in fact, one of the main objectives of the project. a) “City Bound in Busteni” - in mixed international groups, each group having a Romanian “angel” to guide, the participants discovered Busteni and the environment. Each group has some tasks to fulfill. In the end, optional because of the bad weather, who wanted to could reach the “Howling Waterfall” - a splendor of nature that enchanted the participants brave enough to reach it.

b) “The Cars” - a trust game played in the forest nearby the pension: in pairs, one “blind” would-be the car and the other the driver. They have to establish the signs how the driver express his commands to the car. Rule No. 1: avoid accidents!. A good both trust and for taking responsibility game, making people to trust and to interact with each other. c) “Drunken Bottle” - in groups of seven people, one in the middle (the “bottle”, stiff and blind) and the others in circle around, they have to push “the bottle” around, taking care not to harm it.

d) “Land Art” - the same groups from the previous activity had to build a piece of art using only things that they can find in the nature, without harming it. The topic was, obviously, connected with the topic of the exchange: how is the employee profile and the dream job. A good activity to enhance the group spirit and to stimulate the creativity of the participants.

e) “EGGsercise� - In international groups, with scarce resources (the same for each team) they had to build a device in order to protect a real egg from a fall from more than five meters high. Very challenging and dynamic.

3. Workshops connected with the topic: - Workshop 1: About youth unemployment and recognition of the certificates in each country In international teams, based on the researches made in the preparatory phase, the participants discuss and realize a poster about the situation of the unemployment and the recognition of different certificates in each participant country.

- Workshop 2: The European Key Competences This workshop has two phases: 1) Theoretical input about the eight Key Competences agreed at European level Here there is a short description of the eight Key Competences agreed at European level: COMMUNICATION IN THE MOTHER TONGUE Communication is the skill to understand and express ideas, facts and feelings. During our project we were very active with our own language in preparation phase. We talked with the other participants, we wrote things down and prepared some tasks‌and we learned how to express in national team meetings. But communication is more than just words and also has to do with the way you talk to people.


Communication is the skill to understand and express ideas, facts and feelings with people who think, talk and act differently. During our project we were very active in English but also tried to understand basic words in other languages. We talked with each other, we heard people talk and therefore we learned new words and expressions in another language. We played in English in theater and videos and overall we wrote a CV and a business plan is English. It was for many people a wonderful occasion to practice or learn other languages. Communicating in another language often has a lot to do with overcoming the fear of making mistakes. That could be part of our learning process.


During our preparation and the exchange itself, we only touch a little with this skill. There were situations where we needed some calculations or to deal with techniques.


Digital competences have to do with when we learn to handle the computer, for example how to send e-mails, how to make a poster, or how to work with new programs, to prepare presentations and edit a

magazine. Managing the Facebook page or our social media stuff, using graphics programs for photos and presentations were new experiences. Working to create the videos made us get new ways of using cameras, editing programs and specific tools. LEARNING TO LEARN

Everybody learns every moment of the day. One can learn in various ways, like by talking to others, or by listening, by searching for information or by attending a workshop. We learned a lot from our facilitators, from our group leaders, from our colleagues and everything we noted was useful to evaluate WHAT we really learned. But you can learn quite a lot in other situations too, sometimes without noticing. Here we learned from our discussions in coffee breaks or in the evenings. SOCIAL AND CIVIC COMPETENCES How do you behave with others? Can you cooperate? Do you ever do some-thing for someone else or for people in the neighborhood? These are all things that have to do with this competence. If we imagine social competences in an exchange project, then you can think of how you handle people, both in the preparation as well as when you are abroad. Do you follow rules or agreements? Do you respect people or could you improve on that? Can you deal with criticism if people make comments about you? Can you express your opinion or criticism in a good way to others? Do you say nice things to people, sometimes give compliments or thank people enough for what they do for you? Are you the one who decides what happens or are you influenced by the opinion of others? Are you reserved and passive, are you lazy and leave the work to others? Do people have you ask you for help or do you offer help to those who need it even without being asked? What do you do to make this project a fun and unforgettable experience for yourself and for others? What is your contribution to a good environment in the project? SENSE OF INITIATIVE AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP Everyone has ideas and thinks about the things that can be done in an exchange project. But are all these idea being executed? Some people burst with ideas but wait too long, or don't know what to decide.....and in the end, nothing happens. Others have fewer ideas but they take action and start working. They are motivated to reach a result and to succeed. Are YOU able to put ideas into practice? Do you have the perseverance and the creativity to carry them out, even if things seem difficult or impossible or if time is against you? To turn ideas into success, you need to know what you have to do, who you need to do it and how it has to be organized. All this has to do with entrepreneurship and initiative. It is putting ideas into action, realizing your dreams and wishes and not waiting ‘til others do it for you (or not). Many businesses grow because they have people with initiative and entrepreneurship working there. We wrote together business plans and we had a lot of fun, but also all the time we were thinking what if it will become reality. We need to have leadership skills and attitudes and be prepared anytime to

find the best solution to jump in the business world and all sessions about CV’s, interviews and business were steps forward. CULTURAL AWARENESS AND EXPRESSION Do you know what is typical for your culture? Do you appreciate it? Would you like to know more and extend your general knowledge ? Would you like to use your knowledge to share your culture to other people? The competence ‘cultural awareness and expression' has to do with the way we appreciate our own and other cultures, in your town, in your region, your country, Europe, and the whole world. It also has to do with how we can express our emotions, experiences and feelings in a creative way through media or art forms. If you think about it, you will come up with some ways to develop this competence. We learned about stereotypes and their danger and then during “intergalactic evenings” we discovered real values from our countries in terms of gastronomy, traditions, music and dances. And the fact that we had to promote another country was the best way to be introduced in a new culture, but also to discover that others find about you things that you didn’t know.

2) Role play: in eight international teams, they had to illustrate one of the eight Key Competences in a short sketch. 1. Communication in mother tongue v=9W7IjEZLDcQ& 2. Communication in foreign language v=uEBjJL6wGNs& 3. Mathematical competence and basic competences in science and technology 4. Digital competence v=rYGkuQbsAQM& 5. Learning to learn 6. Social and civic competence v=KfAM5X7zO5c& 7. Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship 8. Cultural awareness and expression v=s3sDoTPQ720&

- Workshop 3: How to write a CV and a motivation letter 1) Theoretical input with hints and tips& tricks to have in mind when you write a CV and a motivation letter (in plenary) Here is the model of a motivation letter provided to the participants:

“To Bogdan Chiriacescu-president of ODEN Romania Busteni,str.1 Mai nr.14A

Mr. Bogdan Chiriacescu, I would like to apply for the postion of trainer in your organization which was adveritized in local newspaper Busteni News. I graduated Psychology Education Institute in San Marino, I followed a Erasmus student programme in Helsinki and I had EVS in Greece for 10 months. I worked as English teacher in a primary school for 2 years and then for other 2 years like a educator in a UNICEF branch in Brasov where I was responsible for workshops, camps and activities with disadvantaged youngsters and children. I have pedagogical competences, communication and public speaking skills, leadership and management skills. My native languages are Italian and English and I can speak greek,finnish and spanish I can work easy with computer, i have skills in graphic design,video and social media. I can play guitar and do handcrafts (jewllery,origami,bracelets). All these competences recommend me to be a trainer in your organization in the department that is working with disadvantaged teenagers in order to offer them education that can include them better in community and society and in mobility projects all over Europe. I attach to this letter my youthpasses got during EVS stage and the other 12 youth exchanges and trainings that I attended in Youth in action and Erasmus + programmes in last 4 years You can also find references from my coordinator teachers from Helsinki Erasmus programme and also from my mentor and coordinator from EVS stage. Hoping to get a positive answer I wish you GREAT SUCCESS in your personal and professional life. Yours sincerely, Joe Bucegi�

2) In international groups, they had to create on a flip-chart sheet of paper a CV for an imaginary character and for a job at choice.

- Workshop 4: About a job interview After a short theoretical input with tips & tricks, they picked randomly a position (as applicant or as employer) for several positions and jobs and they simulated a job interview. The accent was on how to put yourself and your competences in light for the interviewer and how to “sell� the best your abilities and knowledge. On the employer side, we insisted on the key question that an employer have to ask in order to find out maximum information about the employee. Communication skills, concreteness, rigor, clarity were stressed during the interviews. Here is the link to most of the interviews realized during this workshop: When you think about having an interview for a job sounds like preparing for a big fight and sometimes this is what it is. Some of us were in this positions trying to find a job, others will be for sure in the future. For most of us and especially for unemployed participants this exercise was a top one. Behind playing the roles of Barbie factory secretary, astronaut, shaorma maker, trainer for a NGO or rock festival bodyguard, we understood what competences we need and we are more prepared now to consider that what we want to show was not all the time what employers wanted from us. Anyway, we developed how to prepare questions and answers in English, how to act in front of 40 people, how to use our body language and how to be in skin of a person that needs a job.

- Workshop 5: Business 1) Theoretical input, about what’s a business and a business plan, what are the elements to take in consideration when you build a business plan. 2) In multinational groups, they had to create a business plan for a business that they agreed in the group to develop. There were both a paper work using a given template and a presentation of the business plan. There were many stages in realizing the Business Plan: a) After discussing the main activity of the business, each team made a “Story” of the Business and tell it in front of the other teams.

b) The second step was to realize an interview about the business in progress c) The actual Business plan took shape on paper d) As any business, it is needed a promotion video. Here there are the results: - Promotion videos for the Businesses: ArtBike : Beyond: Join App: LuggEasy: MyBook: ReCase: Ring Wallet: Wach It:

ARTBike The idea: Our idea is to make the city more attractive for both native and citizens coming from other countries. We want to use one small part of the street, paint it in different patterns and create a bicycle road. Basically this path is supposed to connect the points of the main cities that are worth seeing. OUR company name: ARTBIKE OUR customers: We don’t actually have a target group. We think about people. This initiative addresses everybody regardless of their age, gender etc. We want to see people, children, youngsters, students, everyone riding their bikes. LOGO AND A SLOGAN

People change, pictures move. Artbike macht frei! STORY Once upon a time there was a girl living in a black and white world with a very monotonous everyday life. The only thing getting her out of the monochromatic world were her crayons. That’s how she started drawing pictures all over her room. One day she took her backpack and went for a ride with her bike. In that homogeneous world everybody followed the rules and no one got out of borders. Aggravated by this environment, the girl started cycling so quickly she lost control of her bike and fell down. The backpack cracked and her crayons covered one part of the street. That’s how this girl brought colours into the gray world of rules. To be continued...

Build your commercial strategy : To begin with, this initiative will refine the aesthetics of the city. Nowadays, everybody is talking more and more about how grey the cities have become. By implementing the idea, we support local artists and art students that will be happy to volunteer. Basically we do not have a target group, we nudge everyone to use them and the risks that could appear are minor, let’s say the drivers might find it difficult to use the roads because of the decreased capacity and the other thing is that they might get crowded. Explain your added value This initiative can improve urban society in various ways. Apart from the aesthetics and the good looks the cities will get, we will nudge people of all ages to give up on their cars and ride a bike instead. The benefits of this are not only the healthy lifestyle the citizens will have, but it will also help the environment.

Business plan - Join To save your coin. Marios Aleaxandridis (GR), Sabel Basheva (BG), Jessica (SP), Rares Alexandru (RO), Elena Onica (IT)

Problem When tourists come to an new country or area, they don’t know anything about this place. So, they are searching for shops, super markets or events that happen nearby. Also, they are buying expensive things or they visit low-quality restaurants and finally they get disappointed. In addition, they don’t know about interesting events that are taking place nearby. Finally, there are so many people that they are losing events for them since they didn’t get informed about this Solution An app which suggests to the tourists the correct places to visit and variety of activities that are suitable to visit. In that way, they will save time and money .Also, they will be more satisfied with the tour they have made. Finally, they will feel that they have visited the most part of this area . Local people and tourists will be attended to the most interesting events according to their preferences. The name of the app it will be “Join” because our company wants everyone to join the better places they can. Targeting Group We are targeting to anyone who is interested in the surroundings of the particular city. They can be tourists and local people who wants to know every event that It happens on the area. Story telling There are 2 cases: The first case: In one day, Tolea wants to marry Beer. He decided to take Beer to an beautiful area for making the proposal. Finally, Tolea went to Busteni with her.The first time , they came to Busteni, they didn’t know the surroundings . Tolea was searching for a good restaurants but he didn’t know anything. So, he toke her to the first restaurant, they have seen. They order an sarmale and Tolea waited for the right time to make the proposal. But, he didn’t inspired by the place , so he decided to go to an another place.On the road, they had a stomach poisoning and they are searching for toilets in the middle of the road. At the end, beer and Tolea went immediately to back to their hometown and they never get married. The second case: In one day, Tolea wanted to marry Beer. He decided to take Beer to a beautiful area for making the proposal. A good friend suggested Tolea, a good app that It can help them to find the best restaurants and hotels in Busteni. He downloaded the app and he decided to go to Hotel Silva, which is on the center of the town. They went to a really beautiful restaurant and they make a walk to really good places. Beer got so impressed because Tolea seemed like local people and he was so well organized that Beer made the wedding proposal by theirself . They got married and had 2 children. The 2 children grew up and wanted to make a trip. This app , join, will be already downloaded on the smartphone. Commercial Strategy The strong competitor app is TripAdvisor, it has approximately the same things like we do. Our benefit, it’s that Join app has events near and it’s more easy to use. You can make a search immediately without wasting time and money. In addition, the information is being refreshed per month , therefore the customer receives notifications for the newest events etc.Also, users can share their opinion and make ratings.The app is free for everyone to download at Google Play and App store.

We will promote the app on the internet. Especially, we will use google SEO, facebook and Instagram advertisements. We will brochure to the tourists on the street for making the app more popular. We have the necessary human to start. We will need 1 frond-end and 1 back-end developer to do the app .This approximately it will cost us 2000 euros. We can start working by their own houses as an office and if we go bigger we will buy one new. The database it will cost approximately 100 euros per year.

Aim: To encourage the people visit more places while not getting lost or joining events, not being eaten by bears and to be safe.

Brochure /Logo

Interview: Q:What is your product? A:An app called “Join” Q:How does it works? A: You can easily check the place you are visiting Q:How much does it cost? A:It’s free Q:Why should the people use your product? A:To find the things they are interested in visiting and to help the tourists get to know the place like their own home. Q:Do you think the app would be successful: A:Yes,sure.

Beyond – Business Plan The idea: The Beyond brand has developed from the idea of “change is hard in the beginning, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end”. The change is inevitable. Therefore, we decided that another change in the world will not hurt anyone. Now the idea of change and developing brought us the final results, the multi-usable glasses and sunglasses. Our company is willing to increase customers satisfaction by shopping high quality products. Future customers: Our product will be attractive particularly to teenagers. Our future customers are all people, from kids to old ones and most importantly, the products are realized for both men and women. Also, the field is both style accessories and medicine. The logo and slogan for the company.:

”See more, much more” The story telling presentation: Once upon a time, there were 8 friends. Some of them were wearing glasses already and some others loved wearing sunglasses. One afternoon while they were outside, having a beer together, they though about a new invention, which later one becomes successful. In that day sun was shining like it never did before, meaning that even the sun was in love with their idea. So they have created the glasses which help you to see through objectes, they can be used in exams in order to “inspire” yourself. Here they are with an wonderful and unbelievable creation, but still, there was something missing. A name… . In that night one of them couldn’t sleep. He went outside in order to get some fresh air but a powerful light lighted up the sky. So he looked up to the starry sky and he saw beyond everything. Beyond stars, clouds, planets, and finally got a name for the invention. They finally were ready to saw the world the Beyond brand and show everybody that they can do something difficult to look awesome and even create the imposible. Commercial strategy: Marketing plan: As for any new business, the beyond brand there’s still the risk of not being successful and also the risk of the appearance of the competition. For the beginning, the market study is favorable for this brand products thanks to the high developed technology which offers a grate advantage. A very important detail is the target customers, which includes all the ages from kids to adults and old people and as well the product is liable for both men and women. Our objectives are style and also regeneration for optical medical problems. Market strategies: 1. Promo campaign on the field trades 2. The company has active Instagram account, facebook page and regular web page. 3. Collaboration with influencers


Strenghts 1. The presence of a clear strategic decision 2. Favorable price 3. lauching a new product on the autochtonous market 4. Highly experienced owner 5. Ability to sell products online 6. High barriers to entry 7. Strong market positions 8. Newest technology

Weaknesses 1.Limited start up costs 2. High transportation costs 3. Limited flexibility in pricing

Opportunities 1. The low number of competitors 2. The product it’s unique 3. The product can grow very popular 4. Development of whole sale distribution relationships 5. Brand extension

Threats 1. The appearance of competition 2. Changes of regulations can impact the business 3. Insurance costs are continually increasing.

The added value.. The development of technology along with creating a new style. At the same time our products can be used by the police forces or bodyguards in order to see guns, drugs, bombs and also fingerprints.

Interview simulation: 1. What is the “Beyond” brand? - The “Beyond” brand is, in a word, the unbelievable. No one had this idea in the whole history. This brand is not only about style, but also for regeneration of optical problems. 2. Why “Beyond” ? - The name “Beyond” describes perfectly what our product is all about and everything it is capable of. 3. Was it easy to start this business? - It was quite hard, because of the very developed technology which was really expensive, but except that the products selling went just smoothly 4. What was the products impact on the autochtonous market? - The products impact on the market was a big one, simply because there is no competition and so everybody got interested in the product. For a new product growing popular so quickly is a sign of fast improvement. 5. How do you think the product will evolve? - The product will get even better with the days and in time it will become more and more popular.

Luggeasy – Business plan

The idea … Luggeasy is a company will often carry your luggage in easy way. This is smart suitcases that can follow the passenger and make it’s travel easier. Segregated for a long distance and people who have more than one suitcase or they are not strong enough to carry luggage. Future customers Every traveler and people who are not strong enough to carry their own luggage. Interested group: Women, Men, Children One of most valuable group is Early adopters - looking to adapt and use new technology to achieve revolutionary change to gain competitive advantages. The logo and a slogan for the company/enterprise

Slogan :

The luggage for you will be very fine But the easiest part is our prime.

THE STORY TELLING : Once upon a time, it was a girl. She loved travelling all over the world, but always carrying a heavy luggage. One day, she came from Czech Republic to Busteni in Romania. After an exhausting trip, she was struggling with her suitcase, but nobody seemed to want to help her. Walking through the town, she has seen a store from the company named LUGGEASY, so she entered. Then, the “magic” happened. She found the perfect suitcase, one that can make her trips better, based on smart technology. So, she bought the new suitcase and immediately received the data for a unique profile on the Luggeasy app. There’s no need to carry the suitcase anymore – it can do it by itself, and this thing made the girl very happy. It is said that the girl with her new suitcase from Luggeasy is still travelling around the world and telling everyone about this amazing company which purpose is to make people’s trips more enjoyful. The commercial strategy : Luggeasy travellers bags. Try and buy product. Take the suitcase for testing, verify is this all you need and decide if you want to buy it or not. Marketing strategies:  Big panels on airport, train station, bus station

   

Bring new customer and adapt travel lovers to have a new product Social media (Facebook, Instagram) Video tutorials Online selling products

Risks: • Commodity Price Risk • Rating Risk • Model Risk As we have existing suitcases with this idea we are just adding battery and technology for connecting the suitcase with smart device (via apps) which will control the luggage. For producing luggeasy – travel bags we need factory for bags, battery producer and a application for smart device. So, with this product you are opening working position for 3 different groups of people. The result from the product is expected to have satisfied customer and easier life for travellers. Added value What will our initiative add to tomorrow’s life and society? • Make your life easier • To stay in touch with technology • A more comfortable vacations Interview with the custumer in luggeasy shop Q. Hello i would to know what is the product you have here, is this a a luggage? - Yes, it ‘s a luggage bag but not a Simple one. It is a Modern Technologies supported luggage that can follow you anywhere you go! What is new here is that person isn’t using force, everything you need is to install app on one of your smart devices Q. What?! Can i please see a demonstration? - Yes of course ( shop assistant is presenting the product with short demonstration). It has a Bluetooth speaker as well and a huge capacity charger built already inside. So, I don’t need to buy anything extra to use this product. Q. Awesome! Something else? - There is another useful stuff to have in it for an extra price. Everything is seenable in the brochure. You get extra power bank for you smart devices or for what you need. Q. Can you tell me what is a price for an average luggage bag? - well it’s about 190 euros. It’s all depends on the capacity of the luggage, charger, type of speaker and the stuff you order to have more. Q. Any garuantees? - Yes, you have garuantees for 4 years if there are technical problems. Costumer - oh thanks for the information you gave to me, i will think about geting this. Its an awesome devolopment and the price i think is worth it.

MyBOOK - Business plan The idea:  We create personal/individual books in which every child can be the main character in their own story.  Children’s goods/literature/arts  We take every child’s personal stories, fantasies, dreams and turn them into their own take of adventure  We ask every adult who want’s to surprise their little ones to send us their ideas which our team of writers will turn into a picture book full of enchanting stories. OUR company name: IMAGINARIS OUR customers: Our recomended target demographic are children between the age 3-10. Our potencional customers are adults who want to surprise children with their own customare books LOGO AND A SLOGAN

Let your child’s imagination flourish! STORY Once upon a time there was a boy who loved reading books. He loved his world of fantasies so much he didn’t want to live in the real world. One day his family visited a well, where you can throw a coin and make a wish. He made a wish to live in his own fantasy world. The next day he woke up in a strange place. There was a castle and a forest near it. Suddenly, a group of soldiers appeared. They drew their swords and attacked him. At that moment the boy realised that not only did he also have a sword but he could wield it with proficiency as well. He easily defeated the soldiers. The King who was watching the battle from the castle above was so impressed with the boy’s skills that he sent him on a quest to retrieve the princess’ golden tiara that was stolen by bandits. The brave hero managed to kill all the bandits and return the tiara to the princess. From that day on the boy became the King’s personal champion. He completed the hardest tasks, which brought him immense wealth and glory. But none of this made him happy. He was lonely – he missed his family, his world, his everyday life. He wanted to go back home but he couldn’t. He was stuck in a fantasy world of his own making... One day the King sent him on one of the hardest missions he had ever done. He had to kill the evil witch that was plaguing the Kingdom. It was a hard battle but in the end the witch didn’t stand a chance. With a sword pointed at her throat on the brink of her impending demise, she made a bargain: if the boy spared her life, she would bring him back to his own world. He agreed. Suddenly the boy woke up in his own bed, in his room back home. He was overjoyed. He rushed to hug his parents, who had no idea what he had been through. Whether his adventure was real or a dream, he would never know...

With “MyBook” by Imaginaris you don’t have to choose between a fantasy and the real world. You can live in both.

Commercial strategy: Taking into account your customers and your products, create a management and a marketing plan .Find out which are main risks on the market( competition,target groups etc).Which will be the needed resourses(human,material,financial),expected results? We are a company of 5 people who handle a accountance, logistics, production and commerce. We collaborate with artists and writers. We are in a partnership with a publishing company. Our marketing strategies are advertisement through bookstores and websites. We collaborate with children’s authors and we have active social media accounts (facebook, instagram, twitter etc.) Risks:  Competition in the form of mass-production  Lack of interest and orders Target group: middle class, upper class, internet users Materials: paper, ink Finances: money to print 5 copies to present our products and to pay the people who work for us What will your initiative add to tomorrow’s life and society ? It will encourage children to use their imagination. It will motivate kids to read books more by providing them with stories they would be interested in. We will strengthen the family bond between parents and kids. We might play a part in increasing the literacy on a national and international level. INTERVIEW 1. Why are you in this type of business? • Because we love children and we want to work for them. 2. Can you give me a description of your business? • Of course. It’s a personalised book in which every child can be the main character of their own story. 3. What type of business form do you have? • It’s a partnership called “Imaginaris” created by 5 people. 4. What do you do with your profits? • We donate a part of the profits to orphanages by creating personalised books for them free of charge. 5. Do you have a marketing strategy for your business? • Yes, we have a facebook instagram and other social media accounts. We are also active on, which is an online shop where artists sell their work.

Recase – Business plan >> The idea … Our idea is to produce sell cases for electrical devices (phones, tablets, laptops) made of recycled plastic and tetrapack. >> Future customers Our product is addressed to everyone who uses an electrical device : individuals (men, women, chiledren) companies and public organizations. STORY TELLING Once upon a time in many cities of Europe a lot of people threw their plastic bags and tetrapack packings to the nature. Companies used raw material in order to produce cases for electrical devices. With Recase we take your trash to produce high quality and fancy design cases for your electrical devices. >> Commercial strategy : - For our management we have 6 people, but we’ll hire more people who are qualified to work with us. - About our marketing plan we’ll advertise our products through social media, radio, television and billboards in central areas in different countries. - Main risk is the competition, because universally there are a lot of companies producing cases for electrical devices. - Our target group is really wide… everyone who uses electrical devices. - Material: plastic and tetrapack packings taken from our local recycling center. - Financial: Our work will be financed by the European union because they are supporting start-up companies especially when they do ecological work and are comprised of young people. - Expected results: we expect to satisfy our clients and create a successful business trading cases all over Europe and hopefully even worldwide after some years. Also we expect to positively influence our society, both individuals and companies, by showing them that it is possible to produce high quality and commercial products without harming the nature. >> Added value First of all we will produce case with better properties: resistant against wear and tear providing, providing good protection to the electrical devices, not absorbing microorganisms and easy to be clean. Our products will be made with recycled plastic and tetrapack instead of raw material. This will be a significant way of reducing environmental pollution and building a greener planet. The addition we hope to influence the mentally of our society (individuals and companies) by showing them that it is possible to produce high quality products with respect to the environment. A NEW TYPE OF PROTECTION FOR YOUR DEVICE : CHEAP , STRONG , NON ABSORBING MICROORGANISMS , EASY TO CLAN , INNOVATIVE DESIGNS ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY: All our row material we use is recycled: plastic or tetrapack. Our R&D department

works on finding a way to use recycled plastic and tetrapack. Thus, we help to reduce the environmental pollution. We hope other companies will be influenced and start using recycled or already used material as well.

WHERE TO FIND US You can find and buy our products online on our facebook, instagram page, by checking our magazine and shopping online page. Here you can find our contacts and you can ask us any question. Remember: free shipping around Europe!!!

I NTERVIEW • Hello , welcome to our show. You are here to speak about your new product? Hello, thank you for hosting us. We are producing and selling cases for electrical devices. Our brand called “ Recase ” a combination of the word recycle and case as we use only recycled material to produce them. • How are you cases different from other ones? We produce cases with better proprieties and more innovative designs. Our cases are stronger so they can protect better your devices, they don’t absorb microorganisms and are easier to clean than other brands. At the same time they are cheaper, as we managed to minimize the production cost by using recycled plastic and tetrapack. This is the principal difference between our and other brands. We have found a use for a large amount of plastic and tetrapack, that would end up in the trash, thus polluting and damaging our environment. For this reason it not only protects your device but it is also a creative solution to face environmental pollution. • How can I buy Recase? You can buy Recase from our page ‘Recase shopping online’ by using your card, PayPal or by cash. • Is there warranty for your products? Yes, we offer a life time warranty for our products. Also, if you change your mind within two weeks, we accept the case back and return your money. You see, our return policy is really friendly to our customers. • How much do your products cost? It depends on the type of case you select but in every case our prices are very competitive. A look at our website will convince you.


BUSINESS PLAN The idea is to create a smart wallet, that includes security system and a money counter connected with your personal digital device(s) by Bluetooth. In this way it makes it difficult to lose it, even if you are a forgetful person. Also the security system consists of camera and lock so you can find your thief’s identity in case of emergency. The name of the product RingWallet. ONE WALLET TO RULE THEM ALL, ONE RING TO FIND THEM RingWallet refers to all who can use an electronic device, but are maybe too sloppy and lose it often. COMMERCIAL STRATEGY -Management plan: To start the project we will get the money by crowdfunding and the assembling and design procedure will take place in Europe. Human resources needed for the success of our project are programmers, digital designers and constructors/workers. -Marketing plan: The target group that we define is people at all ages and living standards, because it can be used easily and it has an affordable, reasonable price. The competition of the product is on a low level so it can be effectively advertised online and by social/mass media. The greatest threat of this product is the society’s fear to use a new gadget for keeping their money. RingWallet will be an added value in a world’s digitalization and is a good method to contribute in criminality’s reduction. STORY OF THE PRODUCT. Well no one can deny the fact that everybody has loose a wallet even once. We have to admit that this is a huge problem, cause not only we lose our money, but also we need to print a new identity, license and other important papers. What a mess! We can’t stop being sloppy thought, but there is an opportunity to solve this problem. RingWallet, is a pretty useful gadget that helps us to store our personal money or things and track them wherever they are. Actually it is connected by Bluetooth with any of your digital devices, like your mobile phone or your smart watch. Also keep in mind that, if someone stole it from you, you can easily lock the wallet with your money or find out who is the thief! RingWallet includes a private camera which records the person who is using it. In conclusion, buying RingWallet you can be as much forgetful as you wish, while protecting your money and contributing in criminality’s reduction. INTERVIEW -So, at the beginning, could you tell us something about your product? So basically, it’s a smart wallet. Which means it’s a wallet with multiple functions. It’s a gadget that will help people, and am sure, than in the future it will be a common thing

-Okay, but how does the gadget work? What are the functions? There are many of them. For example a money counter, that counts your cash as well as the money from your bank accounts. It also has the GPS locator, so you can find if you leave it somewhere, or if someone steals it from you -That sounds great, I guess to create and assemble something like this is not a cheap and easy thing. Where will you get the money for the project? We have already started our kickstarter campaign as well as our mass media and social media promoting of the product. So far its going really good, we have collected more than 80 % in just 2 days. -What is the next step after the crowdfunding campaign? We have already done the design and programming part, that was lead by our programmers and designers, who did a great job. We have also contacted a factory that will assemble the final product for us. The factory is in Europe. We chose Europe in order to create some new job positions for Europeans. -You have already said that you will promote your wallet with the use of mass media etc. What will be the final price ? How much will people have to pay for it ? As for now, the price is set at 99,99 € for the cheaper version only with the locker, without the camera. For the version with camera the price will be around 159,99 € -Do you think this price is reasonable? Will people buy something like this, something new on a market, for this amount of money? What could make them not to buy it ? We all think this is a good price. The cheaper version is not much more expensive than luxury wallets on the market, that doesnt protect your money at all. But the biggest threat could be the fear from the unknown. It’s a big step towards the digitalization that could possibly scare people -Thanks for coming and for showing us a new interesting gadget. I wish you a lot of luck in your future business.


OUR TEAM: Sebastian, Aida, Despoina , Emine, Anna


MOTTO: “Where do you see yourself in 5 seconds?” LOGO: PRODUCT

STORY TELLING Have you ever had a feeling you don’t have enough time to do everything you want? Are you bored of hurrying, tired of sleeping too little, eating fast and sad because you cannot enjoy your life to the fullest? The journeys to work or to grocery store take so much time that could be used to spend for other activities you like. Also waiting at the airport and taking a plane to other country is timeconsuming. WATCH.IT is the solution. This innovative watch makes it possible to travel around the world. You only need to choose your selected destination, snap your fingers and - “hasta la vista” – in 5 seconds you can be in Spain or in Peru, if you prefer! However, it may sound like a sci-fi to you, your life is never going to be the same. Not only that you will save time and avoid traffic jams, it also saves our planet and prevents any kind of accidents during traveling by car or plane. The predictions say almost 10 % of the world’s population will use this gadget in 2 years and in 10 years everyone will have it. By that time, it should also reduce the greenhouse gas emission by more than 20 %. Justin Bieber, PewDiePie & J. K. Rowling already use it on daily basis, why don’t you? The investment will pay off, so WATCH.IT!

INTERVIEW 4. One question. Where do you see yourself in 5 seconds? Here of course. I can’t go anywhere in that time. 5. And if I say yes, you can, where would you like to go? To Spain. 6. By plane, you would take 3h to arrive there, but I have a solution. What’s your idea? 7. WATCH.IT. It’s a watch that allows you travel around the world. Teleportation is coming true now! And how does it work? 8. You have to think where you want to go, look for your destination with google maps, snap your fingers - and voilá! Can everyone use it? 9. Almost everyone. There are only three limitations. Children under 15 need a permission from their parents. Mentally ill people need someone that travel with them. And of course, people who are in jail – they must return their watch. Interesting... and how are you going to sell your product? 10.We will have a shop, to show clients how the watch works, but mainly we will sell them by our website and eBay. And how are you going to let people know that your products exist? 11.We will record a video, to promote it. Also, we have website, fb page, Instagram, and influencers who use it. And the most important, this product is great so everyone would love to have it. But, Isn’t it too expensive? 12.No! You only have to buy the watch once, and it costs only 200€, that is what you spend in only one travel. Then, we have different tariffs, it’s depend on your needs, and you pay monthly. You can pay only 50€ if you want to travel just to your job/school, 500€ to travel around the country, and 5000€ to travel around all the world. And how does it help the society? 13.It has a lot of benefits to “tomorrow’s life and society”. Now you will have time to enjoy everything, you will have more money. We found the solution to make your life easy than it was, with this, you will have enough time to do everything you want. Our watch can save TIME and MONEY, because if you want to go somewhere, you can snap your fingers and you are there. And it’s not a joke. These watches are eco-friendly because we can use them instead of a car, bus or plane and be way faster and more ecological. We can avoid the accidents and the traffic-jam, so it can save LIFES. Plus, the government can use the money that they used for transport to contribute to other sectors of economy such as healthcare or education. And there is something important, how are you going to support your idea? 14.Good question. As we said, our product has many benefits for the society, so we are going to get money mainly from the government, and also from people who buy it. It would be faster than travel by bus or plane, so they would like to buy them. So, after what I said, are you buying it or not? That’s great! I feel I need it now. But how can I believe you? 15. Try it! And – watch it!



OUR TEAM: Lola, Ogi, Raquel, Viktoria, Elena (RO)

- Worksop Zoom: Video promotion of a business and a private initiative Working in eight international teams, they realized two videos each: 1) A private initiative 2) A business Video promotion as the priority component in finding employment Why video promotion? • Written paper and CV are usually not sufficient to evaluate the candidate! • How can employer evaluate the quality of the candidate's work and sees his creativity? • How can job seekers present their knowledge and work to employers? • Multimedia presentation is the most convincing, as the western culture is visual culture. A written application and/or CV, even a well written, are usually not sufficient to evaluate (assess) the candidate. It is very difficult for employer to evaluate/assess the quality of the candidate's work and sees his creativity only on the basis of a written paper. Job seekers, on the other hand, are facing with another problem. How to present their knowledge and work to employers. Modern ICT (information communication technology), mainly audio-video equipment, is offering very creative solutions in this area. But knowledge of a modern ICT is usually not enough. It is necessary not only to encourage job seekers to prepare a creative resume, but they need to learn how to make a quality video presentation. The concept of a video promotion • The details, which are used in the video, can convince the viewer by logic, emotion or ethic. • It was realized by companies and is used as far as possible in the promotion of products and services. Video promotion, as a form of multimedia presentation, contains powerful rhetorical potential. The details, which are used in the video (color, image, movement, voice, music, design, tempo... ) can convince the viewer by logic, emotion or ethic, which was realized by companies and used as far as possible in the promotion of products and services. Goals and purposes • Motivate someone to do something, to train someone to do something, or to simply inform them of new information. • Motivate someone = persuading them. • Ideal video has single goal. Videos have goals and purposes. Purposes can be to motivate someone to do something, to train someone to do something, or to simply inform them of new information. When we motivate someone, what we're really doing is persuading them. Goals should be limited to three, ideal video has single one. (Lippert, 2013) Modes of persuasion • Logos => head • Pathos => heart • Ethos => hand A good way to get a grasp on how they all work is logos aims for the head, ethos is all about putting your hand in someone else's, and pathos aims for the heart. • Logos is the logical approach. It uses facts, evidence, and reason to make its argument. • Ethos is the ethical approach. This one relies on trust image, reputation, honesty of this company, on this person because they will do the right thing for you. This one relies on trust image, reputation, honesty. That feeling, that you can rely on this company, on this person because they will do the right thing for you. This also incorporates the use of the celebrity endorsement, assuming that the celebrity is ethical.

Pathos is the emotional approach. This appeals to viewers' passions, feelings, their raw emotions. You may not need it, but you know you want it. Is the mode of persuasion that is used most often in advertising. This appeals to viewers' passions, feelings, their raw emotions. This is also the root of the word pathetic. You may not need it, but you know you want it. We hear this time and again because Pathos is the mode of persuasion that is used most often in advertising. I need a car but I wan't that luxury model. I need shoes but I really want those high dollar sneakers. Another line that you would hear is, follow your heart. You deserve the best. Once you understand these three basic modes of persuasion, you can use them to craft the message in your video script. And feel free to use them in combination. Most informational videos will need a little of each one to achive its goal. Production of a video • Get to know yourself • Analyze the potencial employers • Determine the look and the structure of a video promotion • Write a script • Shoot a video • Add music, voice, graphic to a video and export it • Send / distribute a video Ways of distribution • E-mail • Social media (FB, Twitter, Youtube, Myspace...) • CD, DVD-video or BluRay • E-portfolio What kind of distribution you use depends on an application you writting. If your application is an online, you are sending over the e-mail, then you could use a link to Youtube. Don‘ attache video file in an e-mail (video files are huge in bytes). If you are sending an application with a post, you might put video on a DVD, BR or CD. You can use FB or other social media to spread your promo. E-portfolio is the most significant. E-portfolio, as a modern form of the common portfolio, is collecting personal achievements and allowing alternative ways of personal presentation with the goal of seeking employment in the common European labour market. Dos & Donts – Do a video that is: • only 1-2 minutes long • suitable for creative occupations (professions) • technically correct • substantively correct • targeted (clear objective/goal) The viewers attention drops after 3-4 minutes. Think of a employer, who need to take a look at the hundreds of application! Video CV, promotion is suitable for creative occupations. Your video promotion shows your professional approach. Make it technically correct (proper lightnig, sound, framing, focus, format ...) Substance is you, is your skills, is your knowledge. For whom is video ? What do you want to show? What do you want the viewer to see. What do the future employer needs!!! Don‘t copy an idea, you don't know whay they made it that way, the result can be opposite of what you want Simple graphic, it‘s should show your professional skills, not that you know how to use a software (unless you are applying for that kind of a job) Don‘t use a music tune just because you fancy it! The viewer might not like it. Think about legal issue! Don‘t do a MTV music video style promotion. One or two goals, means just information to reach that goal/s!

Be aware of discrimination and using music, video and photo material without permition. Technicall correctness – Avoid: Bad lightning (under/over exposed, against the light source) Bad sound (use proffessional microphone, acoustic inverement – don‘t record sound in a toillete) Unproper framing and composition (not to cut the head, background – don‘t put the model in front of tree as the tree is growing out of her/his head) Out of focus, shaky footage (use tripod, use manuall adjustments in your camera, if your camera doesn‘t hav eone, don‘t move quickly) Unproper video format (compression, frame format, ratio – ask a professsional) Comedy style video (what is funny for you it might not be funny for someone else, or it can even be offensive to somone else)

The results can be seen visiting those links: Individual promotion Personal Angrier: Pro Sniffer: Spanish Translator: Mr. Google: Professional Party Supporter: Psychologist: Hitch Professional Wingman: Bat Illness(mp4): Business promotion Jeal App: What: Travel Agency: Urban Dealers: Andrei's Angels: Psychosocial: Detective's Agency: Bat Illness:

4. Other activities designed to enhance the cultural awareness. Inter-cultural evenings and Romanian traditional evening – each inter-cultural evening has two parts: first, each country was promoted by another (for example, Greece was promoted by the Romanian team). In the second part, each national team displayed some food, drinks, national costumes, photos from their country, taught other participants dances, showed habits etc. There was also the Traditional Romanian night, with barbecue, traditional food, music, dances and other surprises‌

5. Participants’ testimonials “An ordinary week for most people, but for us it was a new adventure. We've met new people, we've learned about different cultures and also we've also discovered a lot of interesting things about entrepreneurship and the basics of having our own business. The new chapter of our lives took place in the middle of the nature, in Busteni. It was like we were trapped in this unbelievable landscape which helped a lot in the knowledge process. The activities were very interactive and very useful in improving ourselves. Unfortunately like any other great experience it didn't last forever, so the separation day came too quickly for some of us. The rivers of tears that fell at the end of the project were the real proof of how good we've felt during the time that we had.” (Renata -RO) “ I think that thanks to this experience I improve my English and I get more confident of my self , so thanks to Tolea , Bogdan and Fabi (great people) for the work that they did for us , for their availability and above all for making these days unforgettable . Thanks to them I met Sanjica , a Macedonian girl , my roommate’s , a very sweet girl who visited me in Sicily the last month… thanks for all.” (Elena – IT) “Erasmus+ experience in Romania was so exciting. I know someone said something wrong about organization but in my opinion that was the best one not only thanks to the professionalism showed by Faby, Tolea and Bogdan but also for the mindedness of some participants. As an Italian I want to spend some words about the food. I know that we have different tradition and I think is so stupid searching for “carbonara”or “lasagna” in a Country which is not Italy. I loved Tolea’s sentence “I am sorry for the people who can’t see the forest because of the trees”. I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH HIM. In my opinion that’s why some people are not so openminded like others. Hoping in another project in Busteni with Oden NGO. Wishing you well” (Veronica – IT) “We were kept busy every day with different indoor and outdoor activities like poster presentations on different topics, role playing, creating something from nature without harming it, fish market, business strategies, videos etc. We were always divided in different teams with new people for every activity so that everyone can get to work with each other. We talked about Erasmus+ and the youth pass and learned a lot about youth unemployment, business strategies, video making and editing. We had two intercultural evenings in which each country showed off a piece of their culture in the form of traditional food, dances, videos etc. Moreover every national team was given the task to tell something interesting about one of the other countries. Every national team was given the task to be on duty for a day which meant gathering everyone together for an energizer they thought of in advance and keeping the common room clean. This taught all of us to be more responsible and resourceful. On the last day, we were taken on a trip to some of the most famous sites in Romania. We visited the enchanting Peles Castle in Sinaia and the haunting Dracula’s Castle in Bran. We saw the beautiful city of Brasov which was full of history and culture. The organizers were very kind and accommodating. They listened to every complaint and tried to resolve every issue we had. Their witty jokes and pleasant approach endeared them to us and by the end of project we were crying because we had to part ways. All in all, this was very well organized project and my team would gladly be a part of it again.” (Geri – BG) “I think the exchange was successful, very fun and well-organised. And they know how to do it perfectly. So I only can say... all my team wants to take part again in a youth exchange like this one! Thank you :))” (Raquel -SP)

Bulgaria: Sabel Viktoria Kalinova

With the participation of: Basheva, Emine Kardashova, Gergana Tigalonova, Nikol

Czechia: Duc Anh Le, Karolína

Klárová, Markéta

Greece: Sofia Sevastidou, Triantafyllia Despoina Markoulaki Italy: ElenaOnica, Anna Latvia: Aina

Karlíková, Sebastian

Nikolaou, Zafeiroula

Torre, Martina Marraffa, Martina


Holesz, Vít Salajka

Vergopoulou, Marios Alexandridis

Meli, Veronica Gentile

Kravale, Andris Gobiņš, Gunita Logina, Klavs Stalidzans, Kristine Laizane

Macedonia: Sanjica Gjuzelova

Cvetkovska, OgnenAnchevski, Stefani Jovcheska, Ivana

Petrovska, Sofija

Spain: Raquel Llamas Mesa, Aida Muñoz Gámez, Ana María Delgado Chávez, Jessica Villalobos Fuentes, Jose Luis Villa Benomar Romania: Elena Viorela Găboreanu, Rareş-Alexandru Popa, Andreea MihaelaTache, Radu Filip Poştovei, Andrada Mereţ, Andrei Nedelciu, Renata Diana Molnar, Bogdan Chiriacescu, Fabiola Chiriacescu, Tolea Postovei

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