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THE ALIEN RACES From Alien Cicatrix (2005), p. 18-21 by Corrado Malanga Translated by Zen and Stesepu

All of these races dispose of small beings generically named “Grays” or EBE (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity, also according to some CIA documents declassified by FOIA) that we can consider as Cyborgs, real biological robots produced through hybridization. As already mentioned, there are different kinds of Grays, always described in similar ways, that have some different morphological traits, such as height and skin color for example. They are accurately described during the Hypnosis and descriptions change depending on the race they belong to. With the first hypnotic sessions it clearly resulted that the aliens' appearance descriptions did not coincide with the hypothesis of just one race: either under hypnosis subjects invented the same description in the substance but different in the details, or there are many kinds of aliens, similar but not identical. All descriptions have been carefully examined to be quite sure about these information. For example after a careful cross-examination of evidences and after we studied appropriate questions to be asked during abductee's hypnosis, the blue beings that appeared like taller Grays (5 feet instead of 3 feet or a little more) were in reality black. The pale blue light of the operating room where abductees were brought gives this kind of coloring to the beings' skin. "Tall Grays" work only with reptilian aliens (We'll speak about them later) and are absent in all the other contests, their skin is translucent black and reflects environmental lights, assuming its color (Black and pale blue combined give Blue). Five of the twelve alien races we are speaking of appear more frequently than the others (Did we maybe find the four permanent races about which colonel Philip Corso reported in his famous book “The day after Roswell”?). Really we should speak about “power groups” not about races. FIRST POWER GROUP This includes beings that look like mammal creatures (they are mammal-shaped), are much taller than us (2.40 meters), they have white complexion, white (long) hair, are six fingered and fair-eyed (pale blue) with a vertical pupil. These beings usually dress in white, they wear a round neck-medallion with a kind of triangular symbol inside and supposedly they are native of a universe part ruled by different space-time conditions.

They seem to be endowed with one identical body (male) for all of them. The side of universe where they come from doesn’t contemplate a physical body and what we see is only a kind of “dress” built with a machinery, they need it to enter our dimensional system and to interact physically with us, otherwise the physical and geometrical laws wouldn’t allow their interference. SECOND POWER GROUP Also the members of this group are mammal-shaped, fair-haired or at most orange/mahogany (actually in Italy we usually call them “oranges”), they are about 2 meters tall, have vertical pupils and a lengthened head that becomes progressively thinner 2 on the sides beginning from the forehead (like a stem ship), have a suntanned complexion, are five-fingered and dress tight dark-blue overalls. These overalls are marked by a patch with two interlaced triangles on the left pectoral. These aliens come from the Taurus constellation (so we also call them also “Taurian”), they are usually described as “beautiful” and there are both male and female ones. It’s interesting to notice that there was almost no alien interference in which the abductee points out the contemporary presence of two different races: the operation is almost always carried out by one race at the time. The assignments seem different but the final purpose is the result of a single common project. Actually it seems the “Oranges” have the detailed genetic map of humanity, or in some way they are able to distinguish human beings that have to be abducted from the others they exclude because they don’t possess the what they need. So, apparently they are the first ones that operate during abductee's life. THIRD POWER GROUP Higher in an informal hierarchical scale, there are more ancient beings: very tall, they usually wear dark tight dresses. Abductees say that they have never seen them directly, but they perceive them like through a screen (so it’s difficult to estimate their right height, even if we can estimate it as about 3 meters, according to some elements that we won’t explain here). These creatures have round almost white eyes and have an under-chin appendix that make them look like bearded men and is only a male trait; female ones don't have it. Moreover these beings have two very prominent scapular bones that recall great wings folding up behind the back, if seen from in front of them. Sometimes it has been noticed what should be their real, very luminous eye in the centre of their head (for this reason we call them “Monocles”). Their fingers are three plus the thumb, they are thin and arched like bird claws. “Monocles” seem to be endowed with telekinetic powers when they move and they aren't really here but they send their messages to the other aliens from far away with some technological devices. FOURTH POWER GROUP

This group includes creatures of sauroid nature (they are named “Sauroides”, even if they are wrongly called “reptilians” or “reptoids” by contemporary ufology). There are two types of Sauroids. The first one is more aggressive, is 2.80 meters tall, is five-fingered on hands and feet; on its forearm, distant from the hand, it has a rostrum-shaped nail like the one on cats' hind legs but with a very hard chitin structure. The skin seems dampish and translucent, brown-green colored and it’s covered with scales that carefully examined are softer than expected. The skin becomes progressively red in the abdomen zone and on the digital pulps: in these zones it becomes thinner and a red lymph can be seen flow underneath it above all when the alien behaves in a kind of angry way. 3 The presence of two roundish and little protuberant horny surface characterizes the left and the right side of the skull, while in the centre there is a more tender structure under which we see the lymph pulsation; this structure seems a backbone in relief and runs, clearly, all the length of head, neck, back, and of the big tail. They use the big stumpy tail as third support when stand on their two short and stumpy legs. Fingers and toes are abundantly webbed. We have few anatomic data about the tongue, but it seems to be bifid and stumpy. The eyes have a sub-eyelid (nictitating membrane) that runs in a diagonal way, from the lower side to the top and from the nose to the external side. The pupils are vertical and the iris changes its color in relation to the alien's mood, from yellow-green to bright red. They have no external ears and it seems they are able to control the opening and the closing of their internal ears. Saurians look like dragons or maybe like standing crocodiles, even if their face (or muzzle ?) is rounded like snakes' one, with thin lips and nostrils at the end of the nasal septum, but rather lateral than frontal like ours. There are reports about “dragons” of various sizes depending on their age, as they grow without limit. They are amphibian asexual beings; they are always seen together with another species of aliens apparently subdued to them. The second kind of “sauroides” are without tail, 2 meters tall, with translucent skin and ball- shaped eyes that give them a rigid look (for this reason we call them “Frogs”), they have vertical, long and thin teeth, that look like whalebones. On their head they have small horns that look like a crew haircut from the distance; but it isn’t real hair but something like horny excrescences. These beings are all similar to one another and it’s impossible to identify particular differences between two of them, even when we have the contemporary presence of more individuals; they dress a suit similar to a Nazi military uniform of the last world war. They are asexual too.

FIFTH POWER GROUP This includes a sort of insectoid beings, similar to our praying mantises (hence we'll call them also “Mantises”), they are greenish, with a chitinous body. They move by walking on their hind legs. Forelegs are held as if the alien was praying, with the hands almost joined together; these have two fingers, plus another one different from the others (that seems to be opposable like our thumb). Their mouth is quite small and they keep their head, with big dark eyes, bend to one side. It’s not sure if they have another pair of limb between the upper and the lower ones. There is another race of mammal shaped beings which we want to mention here, because they don’t appear to be clones but Sauroids slaves (they are defined this way by abductees under hypnosis). They are small Beings (that we call “Slaves”), with very wrinkled skin, a long neck with muscles that flex and rotate the head (the equivalent of our sternocleidomastoids) much in evidence, their mouth is small with lips different in thickness (the upper lip is noticeably smaller then the lower one) and their eyes are dark and moist. They should be five-fingered. 4 They have an heart-shaped skull, that is developed in a retro-ward way, but presents an hollow in the center of the foreheads that gradually disappears to the back of the skull (for this reason we also call them “Heart-shaped-Heads”). Their ears are small and sharp at the top. These aliens do not wear tight clothes and they are about 1.50 meter tall; they are often confused with the Grays or other hooded beings called “Javas” that in our opinion exist only in science-fiction. Beside the aliens described till now we can find descriptions of other beings. From first wrongly evaluated tests, it seemed abductees had less to do with this kind of aliens. These are the Beings that American ufology calls “Beings of light”. We will see that they are something quite different from the others. After seventeen years of hard work we have finally written out a kind of “cosmic bestiary”, whose members' actions had to be necessarily reconstructed in order to understand why they are here.

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