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a group we create a larger platform and a greater voice, so everyone must hear us at least once in their life!

Merel Wicker and Kim Leemans are the Amsterdambased design duo behind LEW. The two met while at the Rietveld Art Academy and have since embarked on seven arty collections.

odd: Why do you think the same trends emerge from completely separate designers? Do you believe in a collective artistic consciousness?

Drew and Michael Thomas are the Toronto-based design duo from the label THOMAS. The two launched their second classic, yet grungy and modern collection together for A/W 2010.

Veronica: I’ve been working at a trend forecasting and research company for the past few months and the first thing you realize is that fashion is just another part of a culture being influenced by bigger events. Creative people are especially sensitive to shifts like this; to changing moods and the visual images that come with it Merel and Kim: What happens on the catwalk works its way down to the streets and what happens on the streets makes its way to the catwalk. We all live in the same world, with the same needs and patterns and media. In the end we all want to belong to a group, to be able to feel safe and understood so that we can calculate the next step...we are prepared and have the clogs ready when we need them! Nadia and Cami: It’s like a train ride, the train keeps moving forward and more people get on board. The view from the train is the same for everyone; it’s just that each person sees it differently and interprets it their own way. Some might step off and take a different route or catch a different train. In the end though, each ride has a single destination, a final outcome. This is where the trend is born. Of course there is a collective consciousness - we share the same planet and the internet is constantly evolving and influencing the ease with

Nadia Napreychikov and Cami James are the creators of DI$COUNT -not your conventional young fashion label. Graduating from RMIT in Melbourne in 2009, they are currently based across the Asia Pacific region. DI$COUNT is an online brand, a dialogue, a strategy, a transformation, a design, a blog, a motion picture, a label, a personality, a website, an emotion and an evolution. Veronica So is Silicon Valley born and raised, Central Saint Martin educated and now a London based tech-nerd-comeeditor upstart who has also launched her own magazine L_A_N.

puck landewe It’s amazing how designers use the same sources for inspiration

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lars tibben Duh, ever heard of the internet?

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which this consciousness is accessed. Drew & Michael: There is a small insurgence of designers right now who are designing trendlessly and fluidly. When you stop designing with trends in mind, two artists who are very far apart can still come up with something quite similar. odd: What do you think are the main factors which will influence how you get ahead in your career? Nadia and Cami: Being lucky enough to do what you love with absolute conviction and never compromising your beliefs and dreams is the easiest way for you to feel ahead. You have to realize that every day you spend working towards your dream is actually a day that you are living your dream. Drew and Michael: Creative expression with strict focus. We believe in building on previous collections, perfecting patterns, until we are satisfied. Stay true to your vision regardless of the criticism, never abandon it. Otherwise you are pretending and you will never be successful. Veronica: I’m most interested in meeting creative people with their own unique vision. I like doing bespoke research for fashion designers, art directing look books and editorials of their work, collaborating and inspiring them to achieve even more interesting and exciting outcomes. This provides the best and most satisfying rewards for me at this point. Merel and Kim: Keep going, keep focused, stay critical, keep reflecting, don’t forget to be practical and organized and of course, try not to be too serious.


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Completely conceptualized and realized by a group of 30 students of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, Odd magazine explores six connections b...


Completely conceptualized and realized by a group of 30 students of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, Odd magazine explores six connections b...