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Independent Property Valuation Services When you purchase property, the lender will typically carry out a valuation. However, that valuation resembles mostly an ‘inspection’ and it is not a thorough survey comprising all the important details, including any structural problems. This is why it is important to hire the services of an independent property valuation expert, who will carry out a fair and accurate valuation that you can use for guiding purposes, before actually making the payment. Safeguard your property investment, and get professional help from Perth property valuers. The team of highly trained and experienced valuers offers a wide range of services including residential property valuation, commercial property valuations, Unit Entitlements and Insurance assessments. The residential property specialists will ensure to provide you with services at the highest standards of quality, at the most competitive prices. Contact property valuers Perth today and get you detailed an accurate valuation. Types of residential property valuation services include the following: -


Valuations to find out the current market value of a property- especially helpful if you are getting ready to sell property. You will find out the current market value of your home, and this way you will avoid underselling. Also, the report will contain many important suggestions on how you can increase the value of your property through improvements Valuations for Stamp Duty or Capital Gains tax purposes Valuations for Deceased Estate and probate purposes / valuations for Related Party transfers between business partners, family members etc. Valuations for De Facto and marital separations Property valuations for mortgage security purposes

These are only a few of the services available, but if you will contact a valuation expert you will get even more detailed information in the topic. Then, if you are getting ready to sell or buy commercial property, you should take advantage of the industrial valuation services offered by Perth property valuers: -


Team of experts provide valuations for a wide range of commercial structures such as showrooms, medical offices and centers, retail shops, public utilities, factory units and warehouses or specialized properties such as motels or hotels The industrial/commercial valuations are issued for the following purposes: for Superannuation Funds and asset registers, to find out the current market value of the property, for Deceased Estate and probate, for related party transfers, or valuations for Court Litigations.

Talk to property valuers Perth as soon as possible, let them know your needs and requirements and they will come up with custom tailored solutions at the most affordable prices.

Independent property valuation services  
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