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Needlepoint Canvas Designs Have Come Very Far Pursuing a needlepoint hobby normally has a positive impact on physical and mental health due to the soothing repetitive motion. If you'd like to free your mind to relax and reflect, engaging both your hands with the needle, thread and canvas are a great way. Needlepoint canvases are usually somewhat stiffer than most cloth textures, which limit the finished products to such things as wall hangings, pillows, purses, and cases for glasses or scissors. You could worry about what needlepoint project you can do next once you have been doing needlepoint for a time and you run out of places to put cushions on your couch. The good news is that designers have come up with numerous needlepoint ideas that will have you more focused on how to choose than what to do with the finished project. Trends include jewelry, accessories, footwear, toys, and sports themes. Bracelets Bangle and cuff bracelet patterns are typically 1 to 3 inches wide. The painted canvas usually comes with a kit for finishing, or the backing and finishing pieces may be purchased at any craft or needlepoint store or online store. There are virtually any imaginable styles for bracelets including funky, floral, animal prints and southwestern. With metallic thread, you can even capture the sparkle and shine of real jewelry. Make a Belt Belts are a great way to show off your favorite needlepoint design and add the proper touch to an outfit. You can individualize a belt with a friend or family member’s name to make a fun gift, or the pattern could incorporate design elements from your favorite blouse or jeans. You may discover enough projects to keep you in needlepoint heaven for months to come when you browse through belt designs on the internet or at a needlepoint shop. Shoes/Sandals/Slippers So that you can put your own unique spin on your favorite footwear, there are many fun patterns and designs made to fit standard mules, sandals, flip-flops and slippers. Needlepoint canvases can fancy up your footwear regardless of whether you want a pair of flip-flops that match your favorite swimsuit cover-up or you want your robe and slippers to have the same floral edging. 3D A canvas design which can be sewn together after you finish the pattern is the foundation of 3D needlepoint. Many of the popular designs are stuffed animals for instance teddy bears or holiday ornaments. There are also designs for key fobs, houses and stores to make scenes, and favorite television themes such as Dr. Who, for example. Designs are getting more creative as this technique catches on. Sports Themes One of the most popular trends right this moment in virtually every type of yarn or needlepoint craft is creating sports team memorabilia. Putting favorite sports team logos, player numbers, and Po's Needlepoint LLC

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Needlepoint Canvas Designs Have Come Very Far colors on bracelets, belts, and shoes is a fantastic way to show off team loyalty and they make great gifts. You can make 3D mascots to decorate your house of office on game day or show your solidarity by wearing your creation. With its physical and mental rewards and the enjoyment of creativity it provides, needlepoint has been a popular craft for years and years, and it is not about to go out of style now. A lot more creativity is going into the patterns and trends. If you have done needlepoint before but put it away when you finished your tenth cushion, this is a great time to see all the fun, new designs available on needlepoint canvases. Pursuing a needlepoint hobby normally has a positive impact on physical and mental health due to the soothing repetitive...

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Needlepoint Canvas Designs Have Come Very Far