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Diocesan Youth Rally 2011 Planning Meeting #4 Saturday July 2, 2011 St. Mark’s Church, Mandeville  Present were: Mark Jones – St. Andrew, DYC Rudolph Forsythe – Kingston, DYC Gavin Samuels – Westmoreland (representing DYC) Tanya Tomlinson – Manchester (acting DYC) Glenroy Bell – Portland (representing DYC) Antoinette Wright - Dallen – Youth Advisor Marsha Young – St. Mary, DYC Sasha Wright – Youth Director / Chairperson  Participants had already participated in the National Council Devotions, so the meeting began with the Apologies.  Apologies: Anthony Ross, Doreen Webley, Ashley Webley, Andre Riley, Karayan Holt, Rev. Garfield Campbell  Minutes: The minutes were distributed. The only person present from the last meeting was the Chair who had prepared the minutes, and therefore could not move for acceptance of the minutes. 1. Matters Arising: 1. Theme for Youth Rally – “Rich Worship, Real Fellowship, Powerful Witness” – The question was posed about what persons could expect from youth rally this year. In looking at the theme we can see what we are aiming for this year – rich worship: Celebration of the Liturgy in a way that will bring it to life for our youth; real fellowship: possibilities for youth to come together and make new friends while renewing old relationships and really sharing together during the day; powerful witness: witness to those at youth rally and those in the surrounding community, through our worship and fellowship. 2. Suggestion for Activities - The programme committee has met and looked more closely at the activities for the day and what will be required. They considered the March of Witness, and the best way to organise the groups for the fellowship activities, workshops and lunch.


3. Format / Agenda for the day: - this remains the same 8:30 am Eucharist 11:00 Roll Call / March of Witness* 12:30 Lunch 1:30 Fellowship Activities / D.E.A.P. 3:30 Sharing Our Gifts / Closing Charge (10 mins) 4:30 pm Dismissal * The suggestion was made that there be two groups for the March of Witness, one for the Mona residential community, and another for the Liguanea commercial community. 4. Venues – although there are still some venues that have not responded to our request, the decision has been made to have this year’s Youth Rally at Jamaica College in the St. Andrew Deanery. The auditorium that regularly holds the student population of 1,800 will be able to hold our youth for the Opening Eucharist. We are still in negotiation for the most reasonable financial contribution. 5. Committee Coordinators: The following persons are Coordinators on the Planning Committee: a. Prayer Coordinator – Karayan Holt b. Site Coordinator – Mark Jones c. Volunteer Coordinator – Sophia Wilson d. Marketing Coordinator – Kimona Brown / Andre Riley e. Registration Coordinator – Marcel Scott / Ashley Webley / Marsha Young f. Technical Coordinator – Rudolph Forsythe / Daryan Pallas g. Speaker Coordinator – Sasha Wright h. Programme Coordinator – Rev. Garfield / Sasha i. Hospitality Coordinator – Doreen Webley (St. John’s Ambulance will be contacted)

At the next meeting, and all those to follow , each Coordinator is expected to make a report on their planning and preparation for this year’s youth rally. The recommendation was made that each coordinator needs to visit the venue so that they will know exactly what will be required, and they will make the requests for their needs in a timely manner, as this will impact other coordinators’ planning and preparation. 6. Marketing: A poster will be done for the campers to take home.


Banners for Youth Rally: the decision was made that banners will be designed in the Education and Youth Department, and hung at the venue. However, each Area Council / Deanery Council can purchase a banner that can be hung at a central point in the Deanery to advertise this event. Banners are to be prepared by October 19 th, one month before Youth Rally. It was also suggested that we contact TVJ about their event’s board on the Smile Jamaica morning programme. Poster should also be sent out at the National Council’s Bible Quiz and Sports’ Day. 7. Youth Rally Timeline: the time line was viewed and accepted by all; change was made to the time line for the banner :          

Venue Confirmation – June 30 Poster #1 – to go home with Campers – July 22 / 29 Registration forms to go out – September 30 Technical / Site Visit – September 2011 Volunteer Meeting – October 2011 Decision on D.E.A.R. – October 2011 Return Registration forms - @ National Council Retreat / Education and Youth Dept. October 28th “Think on These Things” – October 2011 “Intense” / FAME – November 2011 Banner – October 19th

8. Target Numbers for Youth Rally: The decision was also taken that our target for Youth Rally this year is 2,500 youth / young adults. This means 600/650 persons from each Region. 9. New Business: The point was made that we must be prepared for non-Anglicans to be present at Youth Rally.  The suggestion was made that the AYF groups around Jamaica College could walk through the Mona community and put invitations in the mailboxes – invitations for the Opening Eucharist.  Special mention was made of the ‘Guidelines’ that are sent out by the Department, and that these must outline what is expected of the Chaperones for the day.  It was noted that Mother’s holds the franchise for the canteen at J.C. so we should make contact to see if they would be willing to be there 


on the day. This would relieve us of the responsibility of making preparations for food for the day.  Previously we had been planning on using t-shirts on the day, but the suggestion was made that we should use bandanas – this will be investigated.  In anticipation of the possible fall-out from AYF groups in Kingston and St. Andrew (as a result of the venue being so close to home), the suggestion was made that we include these groups as volunteers during the day, and that these groups have responsibilities that will encourage their full participation. 10.Transition: the Youth Director informed the group that as of the end of Summer she would no longer be in the position of Youth Director. In light of this transition, Ms. Judith Montague has been asked to Chair the Youth Rally Planning Committee. It is felt that she has the requisite experience for this, and as she no longer has the responsibility of a Deanery, she will be able to manage this responsibility. Members of the group agreed. The Youth Director also shared with the group the scheduled meeting dates for the Youth Rally Planning Committee:      

Saturday August 20 (same date and venue as National Council Bible Quiz and Sports’ Day) Saturday September 17 (venue to be decided) Saturday October 1 (same date and venue as Triple S) Saturday October 22 – Jamaica College Saturday November 5 – Jamaica College Saturday November 19 – Youth Rally

Plans for the remaining events for this year (2011) on the Youth Ministry Calendar were also shared. Application forms for Summer Camp, ‘I Believe…’, and Christian Teaching Conference were also distributed. The Director and members of the group shared that it had been good to work together, and recognised that anything that had been achieved during the eight years of working together had been a team effort. 11.Next meeting will be held on Saturday August 20, 2011 @ Maude McLeod High School, Darliston, Westmoreland (same venue as National Council Sports’ Day & Bible Quiz) 12.Meeting adjourned with the Grace said by all.


Youth Rally Planning Meeeting #4  
Youth Rally Planning Meeeting #4  

 Participants had already participated in the National Council Devotions, so the meeting began with the Apologies. Diocesan Youth Rally 201...