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Photo Jean-Pierre Estournet

« Trop de couleur distrait le spectateur. » Jacques Tati

Photo. O.Dalmon

/« L’espace de cette minute que dure l’illumination d’un mensonge, je me fabrique une pensée d’évasion, je me jette sur une fausse piste indiquée par mon sang…/ They grope, cut across and get lost; they come back, insist stubbornly and claim a different love. First in their Alpine home base, as a theatre they choose the street, the village, the square, the Niger road, the remote valley. First as a theatre they choose the gesture, the shadow, the travel, the all public show open to burlesque, comedy, buffoonery, poetry, or music... On that rotating axis, keep dropping off such characters as an unknown person, a bearded woman, a historian bellboy, an amazing magician, a super hero, or a Liliputian — a humanoid bestiary far from the coded pattern, which quietly exhibits its abnormality. / … Je ferme les yeux de mon intelligence en laissant parler en moi l’informulé, je me donne l’illusion d’un système dont les termes m’échapperaient …/. For who can claim having the keys of the human house?

On the roads where my blood takes me... For nearly fifteen years now , The Pile ou Versa have been choosing odd roads. First in a horse-drawn carriage when initially touring the Buëch region; now in a heavy truck, drawing their marquee-rolled up world, dwelling just there, on the edge of the current norms. 4

The Pile ou Versa represents an average of 100 performances a year... 10 000 spectators... 7 different shows available in 2010... fairground theatre... all public and young public theatre... street theatre, bar theatre, strolling show...

Photo. A. VArgoz

Let's go back up to the 'society' floor. Today, the company has become a cooperative society based on common interests, just to live together, to create stage and street shows, to offer an original dynamics favouring access to living show, particularly to rural areas inhabitants, thus promoting culture through awareness workshops and training courses, available to the largest number of people. /…Mais de cette minute d’erreur, il me reste le sentiment d’avoir ravi à l’inconnu quelque chose de réel. Je crois à des conjurations spontanées…/ The Pile ou Versa invite you to travel. You enter their world on the tip of your toes which come out to be crooked You laugh heartily, you are moved and you cry... On the brink of the show, you let yourself be carried away. /…Sur les routes où mon sang m’entraine il ne se peut qu’un jour je ne découvre la vérité. » A.A., Cahiers du Sud, Marseille, 1927./


Photo. S. Toubon

Fairground Theatre


The unknown, the Incredible Fanfare, the Bearded Woman... The Pile ou Versa have recreated Tod Browning's world, the Bearded Woman's café or the Incredible Fanfare cabaret, trying to define and show the very role of each member, their difference and originality...

Another world put together under your own eyes by lights, machines, sounds.... A mere magic screen, a modern advanced technology peddler, the fairground theatre popularized the bicycle or the Lumière bro-

thers' cinema. Today, it has put the human being at the center of its experiments.cinéma des frères Lumière… Il remet aujourd’hui l’humain au centre de ses expérimentations.

Street Theatre The Incredible Fanfare, Strolling shows, Gods' carnival... Street entertainers or comedian-musicians take you on the verge on the unbelievable. The tone is burlesque, the characters are expressionist and caricatural... bellboys of History or gods of Nothing... The Pile ou Versa

organize a 'street decadence' twisted, lengthened, shortened or on parade according to needs, moods or desire... a route dotted with theatre, music and fraught with ambushes.... now surrealist and poetic, now eager and sporting...

From Briançon ramparts to Mons Seleucus Gallo-roman lands: 'Mesdames, mesdemoiselles, messieurs, ladies & gentlemen, tortillas mujeres... welcome to The Pile ou Versa's amazing world!

L’incroyable Fanfare

Young Public The Homo Violonicus, Plic!, Gulliver's Travels...

Les Voyages de Gulliver

Photo. M. Huici

« En entrant dans le théâtre à musique, les yeux et les oreilles des petits et des grands attendent …une comptine sautille sur une main et emplit le silence… les doigts des musiciens se délient, la musique jaillit des instruments …» You will have a taste of the unknown, lost islands and 6

utopic cities... Dreaming of floating worlds, baby violins or thinking horses is ageless... New horizons moving away from preestablished truths. The Pile ou Versa suggest imaginary worlds and fantasy characters through light, music, object manipulation and body work. The Pile ou Versa

build new horizons moving away from preestablished truths and suggest imaginary worlds and fantasy characters through light, music, object manipulation and body work. «...Après le diplodocus, le singe et même l'Homme : l'Homo Violonicus, summum de la création !...»

Travelling-theatre Festival This event created in Laragne-Monteglin, the Company's host town, gathers fairground and travelling-theatre companies together with mobile places of scene arts. The Pile ou Versa give access to an imaginary world beyond representation time, sharing artistic pleasure with the audience while having a meal or a drink, and dancing on a fanfare rhythm.

« Est ou OUest : Procès d'intention » Théâtre Gestuel & D’Agit Prop Cie Escale (37) Photo. Superangie

10 companies were welcome for the first time in October 2009... ... Three days of fun with shows under the marquee, in the open air or in the local schools, gathering more than 1500 spectators. 7

One-week travelling theatre. From Monday to Sunday, from arrival to departure...

Camp and marquee


Street parade

and music workshops, young


public show


For one evening or a whole week, for one show or a whole programme, for one village or a whole country, theatre is within everyone's reach. The Pile ou Versa offer an original way of considering the artistic presence. T hey

create the event with shows, workshops or training courses, installing their marquee for up to 300, for one intense, wonderful, and most unusual week...

General rehearsal,

Theatre costume workshop, evening show

AMachinery workshops, evening show

great parade, cabaret evening

Musical aperitif, marquee dismantling, departure‌

Photo O.Dalmon






Cie Pile ou Versa travelling theatre Place des aires, BP-16, 05 300 Laragne-Montéglin

Tél/Fax : 04 92 58 69 36 - Mobile : 06 49 45 44 27 Daniel Lawless / Responsable artistique, comédien, metteur en scène, musicien (saxophone alto, clarinette)... Florian Labriet / Responsable technique, comédien, machiniste, chauffeur PL, décorateur, musicien (tuba, cornemuse)... Robin Vargoz / Responsable administratif, comédien, musicien (violon, percussions)... Sophie Gauthier / Comédienne, musicienne (trombone à coulisse)... Olivier Richaume / Comédien, musicien (violon, scie musicale, mini accordéon), fabrication d'instruments... Anabelle Galat-Zarow / Comédienne, musicienne (accordéon, tuba, trompette, flute)... Sandrine Toubon / Costumière, plasticienne, graphiste, comédienne... Perrine Bourel / Musicienne-comédienne (violon, piano), cuisinière... Céline Malfatto / Secrétariat, comptabilité... Olivier Dalmon / Chargé de communication, infographiste... David Gautier / Musicien, comédien (accordéon, tuba)... Simon Gillet / Comédien, acrobate... Et autres amis aux savoirs-faire multiples…

La Cie est membre du CITI (Centre International du Théâtre Itinérant). La Cie reçoit le soutien de la Région Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur, du Conseil Général des Hautes-Alpes, de la ville de Laragne-Montéglin & de la Communauté de Communes du Laragnais.

Graphisme S.Toubon • Création S.Toubon / O.Dalmon •


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