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On OCULUS, around the world, consumers pick the next superstars in music. They then share in the artists' profits through free "stock." The free stock exchange has two components: (1) “consumer-powered entertainment”; and (2) “consumer-owned entertainment.”

Consumer-Powered Entertainment The first component of OCULUS is consumer-powered entertainment. Through consumer-powered entertainment, via an Internet connected television, computer or other device, consumers access the OCULUS website or app and vote for one of ten showcased artists. Participants access a list of ten artists, browse the artists and experience the artist's profile, including performances, artistic works, biography, videos, tweets and other information. Participants then select the vote button to vote for a preferred artist. Winning artists are selected based off of participant voting. The winning artist then receives major management support and financial backing.


Contact: Dave Goldfrach Confidential

Consumer-Owned Entertainment The second component of OCULUS is consumer-owned entertainment. Through consumer-owned entertainment, if a participant votes for the winning artist, he or she then receives "stock'' in the winning artist. "Stock" means that the consumer will receive monthly payouts from a percentage (a share) of the winning artist's future profits. Future profits come from the future sales of the songs, live entertainment and other products and services. As described in detail under FAQ, artists agree to share their profits with the people because they make more money with a better contract, have greater control over the artistic process, connect with global fans and change the world. Ultimately, this is a 360 degree deal for the consumer. The stockowner receives free payouts from a full gamut of artist product and service revenue streams. The 360 degree deal now is commonplace in the historical entertainment industry, but, on OCULUS, instead of serving the entertainment business, the deal benefits the consumer and the artist. If a participant does not vote for the winning artist, he or she does not win free stock. All payouts are distributed monthly through PayPal and are accessible through the OCULUS website or app, etc.


Contact: Dave Goldfrach Confidential

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Once launched, OCULUS is 100% free to participants. It costs nothing to vote, and it costs nothing to own free stock and make money. OCULUS is free because it is designed to be completely open to the public, thereby enabling the worldwide population, regardless of income, to participate, win and experience the benefits and services of OCULUS. OCULUS is free because it is made for the people to revolutionize global entertainment. OCULUS is free because it is designed to connect the world in wealth, compassion and culture to help cure cancer and to change the world.


Contact: Dave Goldfrach Confidential

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At its core, OCULUS is a philanthropic engine, transforming the world’s premier entertainment into a vehicle of social advancement. Helping Cure Cancer Beyond free payouts, through stock, "Stockowners" (i.e., participants who vote for the winning artist) participate in a historic global movement to help cure cancer. Each participant on OCULUS automatically gives a portion of his or her payouts to cancer research, treatment and prevention. Each participant's gift is combined with the gifts of others around the world. That collective money is donated to worldwide organizations, such as the American Cancer Society.

Effectively, OCULUS transforms every song or artistic work into a wristband for the cure, uniting us all through each song—each musical expression. In so doing, OCULUS transforms each Stockowner into a globally-connected gift-giver for the cure.


Contact: Dave Goldfrach Confidential

When we find our cures, we will do so together, united through the world's entertainment. Am Engine of Global Philanthropy While, most importantly, all OCULUS participants connect in the global movement to cure cancer, in addition, participants may donate additional portions of their free payouts, at their discretion, to other global causes. Bring clean water to Africa. Help in AIDS relief. Educate the world. Combat global poverty. OCULUS transforms entertainment into the ultimate vehicle of global philanthropy and, together, we all unite to bring about enormous social change.

Administration of Philanthropic Gifts. Tax Implications & Transparency The charitable endowments created through OCULUS will be managed by seasoned executives in science, law and philanthropy. Gifts to the cure are distributed to cancer research and treatment facilities around the world, beginning with the American Cancer Society. Initially, funds will be used to address cancers with the highest incidence rates, such as breast cancer, colon cancer and prostate cancer. Additional funds donated to other global causes, such as clean water in Africa, AIDS relief, education and poverty eradication, will flow directly to the designated organizations and will be carefully administered.


Contact: Dave Goldfrach Confidential

Due to tax considerations, the gifts donated through OCULUS from a consumer's free payouts are distributed by OCULUS in the consumer's name. Therefore, the consumer is not eligible to claim a charitable deduction for tax purposes.


Contact: Dave Goldfrach Confidential


Initial Artists OCULUS talent specialists will select the initial ten artists for consumer voting from an established pool of dozens of artists from a variety of genres. As described below, artists agree to participate on OCULUS because they have the opportunity to make more money with a better contract, have greater control over the artistic process, connect with global fans and impact the world. Future Artists In the future, OCULUS will discover and select premier new artists for consumer voting through an online audition system in which every artist has a shot. In short, artists create free profiles available on OCULUS, which include biographies, music, videos and other content. Consumers then provide recommendations of their preferred artists to help pick which artists rise.

Compelling Incentives for Artists to Participate


Contact: Dave Goldfrach Confidential


More Money. Benefits, Salary


With OCULUS driving revenues, the artist receives cash advances, healthcare benefits and 25% of all product and service earnings. Each OCULUS winning artist can expect a profitable future. Each begins its OCULUS Stockowner experience with a “built-in clientele” of potentially millions of fans with a financial and emotional interest in the commercial success of the artist. This built-in clientele, first, are likely artist customers and, second, are strongly incentivized grassroots marketers. In turn, an artist gains a powerful army of potentially millions of fans who make money with artist, help cure cancer with the artist and finance other global causes with the artist.

Major Management, Including Financial Backing

In addition, the artist receives a full array of management services to maximize experience and earnings. Artists are supported in building their brand, producing and releasing entertainment, scheduling tours and supporting other aspects of the artist’s career.

Build Unprecedented, Enduring Relationships with Global Fans

Winning artists build enduring relationships with Stockowners; they invite fans inside the creative process and share their profits with fans, increasing the cultural influence and reach of the artist.

Worldwide Cultural and Philanthropic Impacts

Through OCULUS, music is a vehicle to finance and inspire consumer support for global causes, including the cure for cancer. Through OCULUS, artists become more important than ever. Through their music, OCULUS winning artists connect the world in its diversity--they become the epicenter of global connection and an iconic figure to global fans.


Contact: Dave Goldfrach Confidential

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The amount of money a Stockowner will collect through his or her stock depends on two factors. First, it depends on how much money his or her artist earns. Second, it depends on which type of stock the consumer ultimately receives.

Factor 1 How Much Money Your Artist Makes

Factor 2 • What Level of Stock You Receive

HOW MUCH MONEY THE ARTIST MAKES FROM SALES Winning artists generate profits for Stockowners from artistic works, such as music, endorsements, merchandise/apparel, live entertainment, PPV events, music publishing and other products and services. Each is well-positioned for success because of the features of the OCULUS system, including testing artist demand before moving forward, forming a built-in clientele of millions of fans with a financial and emotional interest in the artist and forming a global street team of millions of fans spreading the artist’s works to the world.


Contact: Dave Goldfrach Confidential

Artist Demand Testing/Demonstration First, before any new artist distributes stock to global consumers, OCULUS tests and ensures the commercial demand of the artist. Through a simple voting mechanism, the global public votes on which artist(s) it demands. Based on that global voting data, the people—not a group of speculating executives—decide which artists become the next superstars. Thus, through crowdsourcing, OCULUS creates a global focus group of consumers that evaluates each artist and tells OCULUS exactly which artist they want. Only the best—tested, premier artists—move forward.

Primary Customer Market: Built-In Clientele—Stockowners The primary market for any winning artist is a built-in clientele: Stockowners. OCULUS forms meaningful and lasting relationships between Stockowners, who voted for the OCULUS winning artist, and the artist. In short, the relationship begins during the voting process, when Stockowners demonstrate their attraction to the artist with a vote. At the same time, they form a vested emotional interest in powering the artist’s rise to stardom. Like a supporter voting for a candidate or fan cheering for a sports team, Stockowners regard the artist as their own. OCULUS then strengthens that relationship for the long term by providing each consumer who voted for the winning artist an actual financial interest in the future commercial success of the winning artist. Using voting data for personalization, OCULUS then delivers to these consumers the music, live events and other entertainment they demand. Contact: Dave Goldfrach 11 Confidential

Secondary Customer Market: Remaining Global Public The secondary market for any OCULUS listed artist is the remaining global public. First, the remaining global public is influenced by Stockowners. Stockowners are incentivized to promote their publicly-held artist through word-of-mouth and social media due to their vested interest in the artist’s commercial success. Second, through voting data, OCULUS pinpoints the most popular consumer demographic groups who are attracted to a winning artist. OCULUS then targets those markets with a laser, using traditional marketing tactics to influence the target market, but powered by its rich, proprietary data.

Factor 1

Factor 2

How Much Money Your Artist Makes

What Level of Stock You Receive

WHAT “LEVEL” OF STOCK THE PARTICIPANT RECEIVES As an artist sells music, apparel and other products and services, the amount of money a participant will receive each month depends on the type of stock he or she receives. There are five types of stock. The type of stock a consumer owns determines the percentage of the artist's future profits the consumer is entitled to and will receive. Each Stockowner’s type of stock is determined by a computer randomly selecting winners. All participants who voted for the winning artist are entered into one pool. One at a time, like a combination of a global lottery and a raffle, participants are selected to win each type of stock, with the highest paying stock raffled off first (i.e., Level 5, also known as $1,000,000 Stock). Thereafter, the second highest paying stock is raffled off second and so forth Contact: Dave Goldfrach 12 Confidential

If a participant does not win a higher level of stock, the participant wins Level 1 Stock, also known as Gift Stock. While Gift Stock provides the smallest payout, it has the biggest impact on OCULUS. Gift Stock is discussed in detail under the "How Every Participant Can Own 'Stock'" section below. In short, though, Gift Stock enables the Stockowner to put his or her small payout together with millions of fellow Gift Stockowners around the world, forming huge gifts donated to the global causes of the Stockowners’ choice. Each participant's stock level is announced during the global selection event, immediately after the winning artist for the month is announced. The five types of stock a consumer can win are listed below.

Stock Level

Winners per Artist (Odds to Win)

Potential Payout

Level 5

1 (1:1,000,000)


Level 4

10 (1:100,000)


Level 3

1,000 (1:1,000)


Level 2

10,000 (1:100)


Level 1 (Gift Stock)

Remaining Winners (1:1)







*Odds assume 1-Million Participants *Max Payout Occurs at $10-Million in Artist Profit *Gift Stock Payout Dilutes after 1-Million Winners 13

Contact: Dave Goldfrach Confidential


Free payouts are distributed to consumers via PayPal or another electronic transaction service. Consumers receive their payouts electronically. All payouts are secure using leading technologies to ensure consumer protection. Payouts eventually occur monthly.


Contact: Dave Goldfrach Confidential

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As shown under FAQ on how much money stock can pay, the highest level of stock is Level 5 Stock, providing a payout of up to $1,000,000. At the other end of the stock spectrum is Level 1 Stock, also known as Gift Stock. If a Stockowner does not win a higher level of stock, he or she is guaranteed to win Gift Stock. Gift Stock is an unprecedented engine of global philanthropy, and the core of OCULUS. Gift Stockowners receive a small percentage of artist profits, sometimes perhaps a penny or less. Each small payout has a big impact, though. In addition to donating a percentage of their payouts to the cure for cancer, every Gift Stockowner's small payouts are combined together to form large, collective endowments. Each month, in addition to receiving the extensive benefits and services offered by OCULUS, they vote to decide which global causes to finance and support, such as clean water in Africa, AIDS relief, education and poverty eradication.


Contact: Dave Goldfrach Confidential


Stock also provides a range of other benefits and services. Collectively, these benefits and services give the Stockowner the tools to enjoy the OCULUS experience and drive his or her payouts, gifts and achievements. Among other benefits and services, first, Stockowners collaborate with their artists, meeting through an interactive studio on OCULUS where they help determine the name of the artist’s next song, the title of the artist’s next chapter and other creative issues. Second, Stockowners receive a universal discount on their artist’s products and services. Third, Stockowners have the tools to promote their artist through an interactive social media marketing platform; in so doing, they can make more money for their artist, themselves and the cure. Fourth, Stockowners access testimonials of people whose lives they have influenced with their artist’s entertainment and their gift to cure cancer.


Contact: Dave Goldfrach Confidential

Notice____________ While ultimately the Global Selection Event is expected to occur monthly, the first event likely will occur on a different time schedule. In the unfortunate and unlikely event that a winning artist breaks the five-year contract, "stock" and perks involving the artist will have to be sacrificed, but OCULUS will use all possible means to recover and distribute the lost future profits. In the unfortunate and unexpected event that OCULUS does not generate enough cash flow to continue operations, "stock" and perk interests cannot possibly be honored and those interests, despite all best intentions, must be sacrificed. The implementation described above does not necessarily reflect the actual implementation of OCULUS. Changes, however significant, may be made at the discretion of OCULUS, Perks may be collected within five years following the first artist selection.


Contact: Dave Goldfrach Confidential

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