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OCULUS is the global stock exchange of the entertainment industry. Spanning seven global markets, the expanse of worldwide entertainment, OCULUS is the exclusive global stock exchange for the world’s premier artists. Global investment banks list their artists exclusively on OCULUS. For 10¢, win $1,000,000 stock in the world’s premier artists, and experience a lifetime of personal and global enlightenment. The odyssey awaits.

Diamond Sutra is the parent company of OCULUS, comprising four distinct and collaborating companies— •

OCULUS is the global stock exchange of the entertainment industry.

Advanced Beats Entertainment is a syndicate of global investment banks that underwrite, finance and support artists listed on OCULUS.

Advent Personal is a global communications company delivering personal, intelligent entertainment from the world’s public artists across retail, radio, television and web.

Diamond Sutra Trust is a global trust responsible for administering worldwide investor endowments for our Cure for Cancer and for other global triumphs. OCULUS, of course, is the centerpiece of Diamond Sutra.

Advanced Beats Entertainment Global Investment Banks • • • •

• •

First generation web properties—mapped Artists—all exceptional—ready (music) Operations protocol (underwriting, financing, support)—ready Executive team in place or scouted

Diamond Sutra Trust

Advent Personal

Our Cure for Cancer & Other Global Triumphs

Global Personal Entertainment (c.f., iTunes, i.e., retail, radio, television, web)


First generation web property—mapped Executive team in place or scouted

Global Stock Exchange of the Entertainment Industry Technology • •—global information and access hub—ready OCULUS kiosk—meticulously researched and designed, UI styled as WII meets Minority Report—front-end ready Rapid Global Penetration

• • • •

Signature Gift Card program—ready Society of Young Philadelphians program—ready Investor-to-Investor (IIS, RYLS) program—ready Artist-to-Investor (Ecosystem) program—ready Competitive Fortress

• • •

First-mover lock-down program—ready US Patent No. 6,578,008 (Idol on Internet)—issued Patents on exchange embodiment—pending/likely

• •

First generation web properties—mapped Advanced Television Converter (television service)—frontend ready

Confidential ds, key status apr 08  
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