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the editor Hello! My name is Jeanette De Leon, I am an advertising professional, account planner and creative strategist. Ever since I was little I collect fashion magazines. I always thought that I would end up in fashion. But when I stumbled into the world of Advertising, I learned about the beauty that is behind all of the campaigns and brands around the world. It is not something that just happens, it is a team of creators and different other aspects that I would love to be a part of.

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StyleMint (SM) is a new exclusive online fashion concierge and styling agency dedicated to promote local boutiques and designers in Miami. For the launch of StyleMint a brand image will be developed and will include logo design, interactive website and layout, social media, advertising, public relations, etc.




Miami is considered one of the most influential cities when it comes to fashion. There are hundreds of creative local designers and boutiques, but with so many big retail stores it is hard to compete.

StyleMint has developed a concept that is perfect for our target, by unifying the knowledge of styling and fashion with all of the unique things little boutiques have to offer into one.

There is no uniqueness and exclusivity and many women end up frustrated since they don’t have any direction of what fits them well, and many do not think they can afford a fashion stylist because they seem only for celebrities.

It is practical for women who are in need of styling services and inspiring for women who love finding unique pieces. Additionally, it is promoting local designers and helping them grow as well as the community.






shopping buddies having the same dress someone else has at a party

what colors compliment them

their body type



To have a personal stylist is a luxury for most people. To have a wardrobe makeover and style change is something one does once every couple of years Research shows even though shopping can be distressing for some people, most feel overwhelmed by shopping centers

becoming a fashion capital

do not know


?? pear shape? petite? curvy? long torso?

Shopping centers can be OVERWHELMING

Having a shopping buddy or fashion friend is better and rely on their opinion. One of the biggest fears for some people when getting dresses for a big event is that somebody in the party will have the same dress as they do. A lot of women do not know what type of body they have and what styles and colors compliment them, which is critical for a successful wardrobe. According to a study, the average American burns 55 minutes a day – roughly 12 weeks a year looking for things they know they own but can’t find. Women value exclusivity and originality.

julie the fashionista Gender: Female Age: 24 Marital status: single Education: bachelor’s degree Hobbies: reading, blogging, going to the beach

Julie is a hardworker with high expectations for her life. She is striving to land her dream job at a public relations company, this is why she is working hard to get her bachelor’s degree. She is a multitasker, tech savvy and loves sharing all aspects of her live with her friends through social media. Her other passion is fashion. She keeps a blog and is very into the industry. She loves to shop online and is always looking for unique pieces and out of the ordinary boutiques. She likes to stand out and express her personality through her clothes. She seeks for friends approval and loves shopping with them, it is an occasion to get together.

jessica the entrepreneur Gender: Female Age: 35 Marital status: Married Profession: Has her own event planning company Hobbies: travel, hosting parties for friends, going to restaurants

Ana is at the peak of her job career right now and loves it. She also loves her family and friends and likes to entertain them at home or going to dinner with them. She has a lot of events to attend to because of her job so she always needs to look good and presentable. Sometimes it frustrates her since she has little time to spare and she rather spend it with her family.


StyleMint has a very strong concept designed for a niche market who is into fashion and uniqueness. So it is important to position StyleMint towards that market for their launch and create positive awareness by creating a brand personality that resonates with them. StyleMint is our target’s personal stylist, fashion buddy and inspirational tool.


Design and Print


Programming, video and pictures

1,350$ 1,800$

Miami 944 Venue

4,500$ 4,400$ 3,000$ Facebook - Twitter - Youtube - Pinterest

1,200$ 800$ 900$





100$ 100$ 100$ 100$

Decorations, flyers and catering


Personalized book

150$ 19,600$


brand personality The inspiration for the look of Stylemint is very handmade, girly and unique while being fashion forward and modern. Simple type and splashes of bold colors.

Photography plays an important role in the look of StyleMint, being very hippie chic while paying attention to texture. Creative goal To make StyleMint the place to go for fashion inspiration and finding unique pieces hidden in boutiques throughout Miami.

Tone and manner of the communication The website’s tone will be very urban and trendy. Informative and colorful articles will be posted in the website. Pictures will be an important factor in the website. All of SM’s events will be very modern and fashionable.

branding Based on the moodboard, the style the brand is looking for is very fashionable and colorful.


The color green was used because it is a visual representation of the brand’s name. As a result StyleMint created a constrast between handmade and fashion forward modern looking.


191 HYPE


DE LEON JEANETTE 55 6 775 64 Phone: 78 N Bayshore Dr 56 17 : es Addr 1 Miami Fl 33


t n i M N E LEO 5 TTE D 775 645 shore Dr E N A y 6 JE N Ba e: 78 Phon ss: 1756 2 e r 3 d 1 d 3 A i Fl 3 Miam


mi style

website The main vehicle of SM. Most of our target spends more than 10 hours a week online. The website will have a section where they will feature the boutique of the week, where there will be pictures of the favorite items of the store along with a photoshoot. People can like the looks and share with their friends through Facebook and Twitter. Every month there will be a video with a featured stylist or designer showing us their favorite boutique and unique pieces they have in their closet. There is a section for the directory which will grow every month with new features .



Since they are always online, having banners in sites they frequently visit will improve our visibility

Blogs create good word of mouth and their followers believe more in product when is recommended by them. StyleMint will prepare little kits for their favorite blogs so they learn about the company.

add unique finds to your wardrobe

get styled by


This ensemble is one of my favorite outfits of my closet, I bought it at a tiny boutique called Saji which I found out about them through, an awesome webpage promotes local boutiques! check it out.

events The events will be done on different boutiques and many stylists will be invited to help out, give tips and talk about the latest fashions. These events will be done quarterly. Invitations will be mailed out and published through social media as well as on the webpage.

you (AND A FRIEND) Are invited! you (AND A FRIEND) Are invited! To an evening of fashion To an evening of cupcakes fashion and cocktails cupcakes and cocktails RSVP TO RSVP TO




altoids Altoids breath mints have been around since 1780. They have kept their same well-known slogan “The Curiously Strong Mints.� Altoids are distributed worldwide and are known for their quirky advertisements, strong flavor and distinguished tin cans.

curiously strong facts Altoids earned $48.1 million in sales 2010 Mints AND gum experienced a market growth despite the recession

Breath mints and gum are considered an impulse purchase; one doesn’t plan on buying it before going to the store.




Oral hygiene for the intended target is placed of high importance since they are in a time of their life where good impressions are essential and they want to expand their social circles.

Incredibly effective and refreshing They have been around for ever

i love flavored mints!

The tin cans are an icon

Most could only name 1 of the 13 differ ent flavors of altoids. Current target is reduced to an older demographic.

Loss of potential sales

problem Altoids “Curiously Strong” mints have strong brand recognition and offer a reputable product in the minds of consumers. Despite this, most consumers only recognize two of the 13 different flavors of Altoids.


Solution In order to expand awareness of Altoids’ product offerings we will take advantage of seasonal product sales and create an integrated marketing campaign surrounding Valentine’s Day.

Key consumer insight: it has become very popular to buy flavored mints instead of traditional flavors such as mint and cinnamon.

Innovation in packaging and flavors are seen as key reasons for the continued success of breath mints. Packaging is a way to freshen and develop a brand image. Seventy eight percent of 18-24 year olds will celebrate Valentine’s Day this year. Men tend to spend more money than women on this holiday. They usually buy their gifts on discount stores and look for special themed gifts.

meet ben hart

Gender: Male Age: 22 Marital Status: Single Education: business student Hobbies: Basketball, hanging out with friends, going to bars.

Ben is focused on school and has big plans vfor himself. He is enjoying college life making new friends, especially girls. He is active; plays basketball with his friends and goes to the gym regularly so he can look good for the ladies. He goes to the barber every month and keeps his wardrobe classic but trendy. He has a part time job to have extra money so he can go out and treat his dates. He is smart with a good sense of humor and spontaneous personality. His perfect date would be going to a shooting range finished by an indie concert and drinks. He now wants to experience different things, meet new and diverse people and have as much fun as ever.

the game plan We will take advantage of Valentine’s Day to advertise the chocolate flavors of Altoids while introducing it the new target market. We will start off with chocolate flavored mints since it is the most popular flavor for this holiday. Then we will gradually launch the other flavors in other seasons. We know our target market wants to be cool and not cheesy for Valentine’s Day and that is why he identifies with Altoid’s personality so we want to keep the same quirky and witty look Altoids is famous for. The brand is 232 years old, what would he be doing if he were 22 years old, single and with a hot date for Valentine’s Day?

in brief... Why are we advertising?

To increase awareness of Altoids Chocolate flavored mints in Valentine’s Day and for it to reach a younger demographic. To whom are we talking? To males 18 - 25 who are into looking good an meeting new people. They like to impress girls and are funny and witty. What do they currently think? “I have heard about Altoids, they have a great look but their flavor is so strong and it is only peppermint, I wish they had more options of flavors,”. What do we want them to think? “Altoids is so unique and fun with the tin cans and funny advertisements, it makes me look cool”.

What is the single most persuasive idea that can change their minds? What are you going to experience on Valentine’s Day? Why should they believe it? The target is in a time of their lives where they want to experience things and have fun. These guys want to be looked at as cool and funny and want to have fun in Valentine’s Day. Budget: $2.5 million

media flowchart Altoids will focus their campaign on print, out of home, interactive and social media channels. It will be in Q1 2012

Marketing Objective - Increase sales of Altoids Chocolate flavors of mints by 35% by Q1 2012. Advertising Objectives - Increase awareness and loyalty among men 18- 25, college students in Q1 2012 through a Valentine’s Day campaign. Media Objective - Increase viewers and clicks through OOH, PrintPromotions and online banners in Q1 2012





print ads the altoids surprise box Product Quirky and fun surprise box for experiencing new things on Valentine’s Day.


Place Pharmacies, supermarkets and flowershops.


Price The price for the kit will be $19.99. This price is competitive with the rest of the promotional Valentine’s Day kits that are sold on this day. Additionally, heart shaped tin cans and chocolate-flavored Altoids will be sold separately.



Promotion Advertised through direct mail and with pharmacies’ and supermarkets’ newspapers. Also through Facebook there will be a promotion to give away kits for people who join the page.



Magazine sales are high amongst men and women 18-35. They use it as often as internet and rely on them for trends and events in their city. It’s trust worthy media.

out of home

online banners

Has a broad demographic reach. target is highly responsive in regard to noticing these type of advertisements

Target spends most of its time in the Internet in websites like Youtube, Pandora and CNNsports.

what will you experiment with this valentine's day?

what will you experiment with this valentine's day? WWW.ALTOIDS.COM

social media


Welcome to our official fan page. Like us now and get your suprise box

Facebook and Twitter is the best way to create relationships with the customer. Useful tool among the younger demographic since they are active cost effective. A contest wil be done where people can enter the way they are going to celebrate the holiday and the most creative one will receive a free surprise kit from Altoids.


what will you experiment with this valentine's day?


the femme zone The Femme Zone is a stylish fitness and lifestyle concept dedicated specially to women. The studios feature unique design elements in inspirational spaces. The Femme Zone’s classes go from classic ballet barre inspired exercises to kickboxing and Pilates as well as marathons, trips and workshops. There is never a routine day in the Femme Zone.



Miami is an aesthetically driven city. It is one of the top 10 fittest cities in the US. So people strive to care of their physical appeareance and keep an active lifestyle. But women’s gyms have a bad reputation, they are perceived as old school and not innovative. And with all of the new studios and specialized places to work out, they have lost popularity. Regardless, women’s gym is a powerful concept for women who feel overwhelmed by gyms and want to focus on fitness and motivation.

The Femme Zone is crafted to regain value to what a women’s gym is about. We must convince women of the power they can have if they work together. That is the key success of keeping a healhty lifestyle.Women want challenges and try new things, they want to be challenged.

meet rachel Gender: female Age: 25 Occupation: architect Hobbies: painting, rollerskating, time with family

Mercy has a very active lifestyle. She balances her awesome but demanding job, her social life, spending time with her family and her workout routine. She keeps her agenda very busy. Mercy has a positive view of life, she is content with her life the way it is and is very optimistic. Mercy is a risktaker, she likes to pursue challenges and is very spontaneous. She tries to stay away from the routine. It is important for Mercy to stay healthy and look good, it makes her happy. She loves art, learning about different cultures and discovering new places. She is concerned about the environment and recycles as much as possible Her family is very important for her and she keeps a close relationship with them as well as her friends.

WOMEN & FITNESS Women conform the majority of the fit market






Lack of motivation Bored of the routine Doesn’t fit their lifestyles/schedules Don’t have a workout buddy Gyms seem overwhelming to them


One of the main reasons women quit the gym is because lack of motivation, got bored of the routine or because it didn’t fit their lifstyle.

Women conform the majority of this fit market. They are more versatile and like to participate more in activities and classes rather than doing regular gym


strategy Women’s gym perception has been damaged throughout the years. We need to reestablish and make women regain value of this kind of gym. we need for them to realize that with the specialized methods for training in The Femme Zone will give them better results.

Motivation is the main driver for leading a healthy lifestyle and maintaining your healthy goals. When life gets complicated one tends to quit and fall into bad patterns, but with the Femme Zone method, you will feel motivated and comfortable so you will achieve your goals more easily.

in brief.. Why are we advertising? To launch the Femme Zone by Q4 2012 effectively and create awareness of the new company

workouts. It is so versatile and personalized that it fits my lifestyle perfectly” What is the single most persuasive idea that can change their minds?

To whom are we talking?

The zone for motivation

To women, 18 to 45 living in Miami. They are fit and like to break their routine.

Why should they believe it?

What do they currently think? “Sometimes I need some little motivation and change my daily routine and I get bored from the classes at the gym. I would love to run a marathon or go rock climbing and paddle boarding.” What do we want them to think? The Femme Zone is the perfect gym to try new

Motivation is the main driver for leading a healthy lifestyle and maintaining your healthy goals. When life gets complicated one tends to quit and fall into bad patterns, but with the Femme Zone method, you will feel motivated and comfortable so you will achieve your goals more easily. What is the best way to reach them? Banner ads Social media Print Media, In-store promotion

brand personality

Flirty and feminine but strong and motivated

The Femme Zone is the place designed for women; it is a safe and cool environment where girl power and motivation is all over the place


Jeanette De Leon Director


Jeanette De Leon Director

} }

tfemmez tfemmez tfemmez

786.897.8146 tfemmez 2346 NW 41st Street Miami, Florida 33178 2346 NW 41st Street Miami, Florida 33178

Inspired by women, The Femme Zone colors will be girly but powerful.

Andrea Melendez

MEMBER ID: 73-5432

clothing Looking good while working out is essential for motivation. Additionally, these pieces will help promote The Femme Zone among women.

events Miami is the perfect city to go outside, explore and get away from the routine. Our target enjoys taking risks and going on adventures, and The Femme Zone wants to encourage this by hosting events like bicycling, rafting, beach yoga, rock climbing and many others. For their launch, a paddleboard adventure will be hosted in Key Biscayne Beach, There will be various instructors, and a healthy breakfast will be served before the adventure. the events will be advertised through Facebook and Twitter. Flyers will be given in nearby offices and buildings. A banner will be displayed at the entrance of Key Biscayne.

mobile app

Setting goals and tracking your progress is essential to keep yourself on track. You can visualize your journey and motivate you to move forward. The Femme Zone App will let to track your food intake and the exercise you do. It will give you tips and recipes and let you share your success with your friends and social media.

Music is another motivational tool. Having the right music will make you work harder in your workouts. The Femme Zone will have monthly playlists that can be downloade through the app Additionally, you can sign up to any class at The Femme Zone and find any news the studio has.

karla’s closet Karla’s Closet is start up a non-profit organization dedicated to provide prom dresses and accessories to high school teen girls who cannot afford the costly experience of going to prom and formal parties. KC thrives on girls who volunteer and donate their dresses for this cause so in return Karla’s Closet gives them workshops, talks and many other tools for them to succeed in their future careers.

This project is to honor Karla De Leon, a smart beautiful girl who passed away in a tragic car accident weeks before her high school graduation. She was passionate about giving back and helping others. Loved fashion and had all of her outfit picked out and never got the chance to wear it.



High School is an important stepping stone for many people. It builds your character, maturity and sets you up to the future. Since the start of High School, one looks forward to Prom; when you finish school and have your future figured out it is the perfect night where you have fun with your friends looking beautiful in an amazing dress

Karla’s Closet mission is for everybody to enjoy their prom and to inspire and prepare girls for their future by helping them out with college preparations.

For many, it is not like that, this event is very costly for many families and many high school girls do not get to attend just because they cannot afford to go.

$200 $300

$75 $200

A highlight for many high schoolgirls event that calls for a pretty dress. $70 $200


Gender: Female Age: 17 Education: High School senior Hobbies: volleyball, singing, hanging out with her friends

Since High School is when you build character and learn about maturity, Karla’s Closet wants to encourage girls who have gone to Prom to pass on their dresses. This will make them value their things and be thankfull for what they have while helping others have their special day.

PROM& 84%spend

meet sabrina

will rent Limos ask their parents for money to pay for prom

Sabrina is a very outgoing girl. She is involved in many sports and activities at her school. She has many friends and loves being a social butterfly. She has high expectations for herself in the future as she wishes to study theatre and art. Sabrina is very lucky, her family loves her and supports her in everything she does. They are a middle to high income family and her as well as her older sister have attended to various parties, so her closet is filled with beautiful clothing. She loves fashion.


If she could describe how prom was for her she would say it was unforgettable.

Prom is the most special night for every High School girl. They expect for it to be special and perfect. Prom and other special events in High School have a high cost that families have to cover and it is a big struggle and frustration. Girls are embarrassed to say that they cannot afford to go to prom. The generation that is in High School are very aware of the world’s struggle and life to help out as much as they can

meet nicole

Gender: Female Age: 16 Education: High School junior Hobbies: reading, soccer, watching movies

Nicole is a very smart and beautifulgirl. She loves to read and is very goodat school. She dreams of becoming a writer someday and is working hard towards it. She is very active and has her group of friends. Her family has been struggling at home, so she helps around the house and is saving money for this year’s Prom. She is looking forward to it but does not want to ask her parents for money and is embarrassed to tell her friends.


strategy In order to have any effect on teenager’s behaviors, we need to know what is trendy and cool for them. We need to speak their language. We know teenagers today are very into fashion and how they look, so Karla’s Closet will speak to them by being fashionable and looking high end so the brand is reflective of the target’s personality.

Additionally, Karla’s Closet will encourage girls to follow their dreams and pursuit their future careers and help them out and inspire them through giving back and making beautiful memories.

in brief... Deliverables Campaign to promote Karla’s Closet dress party Audience High School girls going through prom and parties who love to look good and share with friends Shared objectives To launch Karla’s Closet in Miami by April 2012 and create awareness of this new brand To make loyal customers and get people involved by collecting 250 dresses to give away. Why? Karla’s Closet was made to honor Karla and give girls the opportunity to continue her vision and dream of helping others by offering them their formal attire to high school students, who otherwise would not be able to attend to their prom or special event. Creative proposition Karla’s Closet makes every girl feel like a princess When and where Karla’s Closet will launch their first party April 2012 in Miami

brand personality Fashionable and flirty

Positioning and usage

Karla wants to stay simple and sweet. They want to be helpful, proactive, trustworthy but still fashionable and fun.

To high school girls, Karla’s Closet is the brand that collects dresses and gives back to the community who cant afford them because girls want to help out others and make them feel beautiful on prom night.

Sincerity: Honest: fix the problem Friendly: wants to help, is warm and happy Down to earth: family oriented, conventional

The brand personality of Karla’s Closet is sincerity, which is shown by their love for clothes and wanting to make beautiful memories for girls.

logo Karla’s Closet branding will look very girly and sophisticated. It has a vintage feel but very royal with the frame.

clothing Karla’s Closet is dependent on volunteers, not only to donate their dresses but to help organizing and fitting the girls that the dresses will be donated to. Instead of being with a plain t-shirt, a button down is a more sophisticated idea that will make them look elegant and professional

at SOHO Wynwood Studios 1236 NW 1st Ave. Miami Florida 33136 banners The banners will be placed throughout the school campus and distributed online through email blasts and social media sites to create awareness of the event. The banner will encourage girls and parents to recollect dresses for the event.


thank you cards


Thank you notes will be mailed out to all of the donators and sponsors that participated encouraging them to visit Karla’s Closet webpage to see the event pictures and the dates of the next dress event.





THANK YOU! Your donations made us reach our goal of makin 250 girls attend beautifully to their prom this year


event mock up This mock up explains what is going on in the event. When the girls enter, there will be a purple carpet where they will walk down and get their pictures taken. Refreshments and lounge area for the parents and girls to be at.

The dress shop and beauty area is where the girls will get ready and pick their dresses with the help of the volunteers and stylists. Then, a Fashion show where the girls will walk down as well as other

designers will showcase their gowns for people to buy as well as donate. A success workshop hosted by a successful women where she will talk about her experience and give girls tips in going to college and their future.

2fab productions 2 Fab Productions is a full service event planning company based in Miami, Florida. Founded in 2011 by Mara Perez and Jeanette De Leon with the vision of creating memorable celebrations and events with fabulous design and taste. 2 Fab services are: full service event design, planning, production and supervision, Venue, Catering, Food presentation, DĂŠcor, Flowers, Illumination and visual, Invitations, Party favors, Entertainment and Graphic design.

problem In today’s world, parents have very busy schedules especially when their children are still kids. They have to balance their jobs, their kids school and homework, driving them around, taking care of the house and their social lives it can sometimes become overwhelming. But they still do it and want to make the best out of their kid’s lives and make beautiful memories. Additionally it is hard to keep up with kids trends so when preparing for an event or party

Event planning is a career that most people think everyone can accomplish, but it is more than that and if they want to stand out and make a unique party for everyone to enjoy. Most do not hire a specialist for fear of it being too expensive or because it does not fill their expectations, but still Miami has a competitive market in the event planning industry so 2Fab needs to position themselves strategically in the market


Family celebrations and events have changed throughout the years. Nowadays, it is all about doing personalized events, paying attention to details and the experience of being in the party. The themes for parties are noncommercial; it is more about the colors or a more basic theme. As the world evolves, people are more concerned about the environment, so they love to recycle and reuse as much as possible.

solution 2fab productions is specialized in family events. They enjoy being involved with kids and creating a fun and creative atmosphere for them and the parents to enjoy. 2fab productions keeps in mind the wants and needs of the kid and the parents too. 2fab needs to create awareness and become a helpful hand to this busy target.

meet mariam Age: 32 Occupation: High School teacher and yoga instructor. Hobbies: painting, foodie, spending time with her family.

Mariam’s schedule is designed meticulously every week in order to have everything in order. She has a beautiful family and two daughters, Emma and Lilly. Emma’s first communion is coming up and her cousins from panama are coming to the party as well as Emma and Lily’s friends. She plans to do something very unique at the grandparent’s house, but she does not know where to start. She read a couple of DIY blogs, they have beautiful things she has used before but for this event she wants something very special. Mariam and her daughters love art and being outdoors. They like to think out of the box but stay classic and tasteful. When looking for an event planner, she needs to love children and be very creative and open to suggestions and pay attention to details. Mariam needs security and reliability.

strategy In order to reach our intended market, we must be easy to reach, accessible and helpful. We need to give our target peace of mind and let them know 2Fab has everything covered and more. Mothers want to be involved in their children’s life as much as possible. They want to be seen as super women and be a good role model to their kids. 2Fab will translate all of their ideas into action. They just have to host it, 2Fab will plan it all.

in brief... Why are we advertising? To increase awareness of 2Fab Productions in Miami and the services they have to offer. Who are we talking to? 2Fab is focusing on families with kids who like hosting events and make unique experiences in their family’s lives What do they currently think? “I love my family getting them together all the time, I have so many creative ideas for our parties but sometimes it is too much to do it by myself.” What do we want them to think? “2Fab Productions have exceeded my expectations. Every detail was carefully thought and they executed everything on time. They understand what children and parents want.” What is the single most persuasive idea that can change their mind? You host it, we plan it. Why should they believe it? 2 Fab will pay attention to every detail and will get to know their client so that they know exactly what makes them happy. It is all about creating beautiful memories

brand personality Fun and colorful. A lot of design elements and attention to detail is what characterizes 2Fab. Very bold colors and quirky elements without losing the clasy look.

Sincerity: Honest: fix the problem Friendly: wants to help, is warm and happy Down to earth: family oriented, conventional

logo sketches

2FAB PRODUCTIONS - You host it, we plan it

final logo Inspired by bold colors and typeface, 2Fab wants to express fun and creativity. This color palette resonates happiness and connects with children as well as adults.


The website will contain most of 2Fab’s information. It will also be a blog where 2Fab will post pictures of their events as well as inspiration and DYI tutorials. People can post questions and follow them through social media too.

2 Fab participate heavily through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr and more to create buzz and link them to the webpage

mail-in piece Specifically targets our market by demographic. Distributed in condominiums throughout Aventura, Brickell and Ball Harbor as well as corporations so they know about 2Fab.

web banners The Internet is an effective tool to create buzz about the brand. They will be displayed in various website that families frequent as well as known family blogs.

Jeanette de Leon  

Official Portfolio