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The sixties saw a revolution in color and cult as the crack that had appeared between the in the 1950s widened into a canyon by the en decade. Highly saturated hues, made possibl chemical dyes and inks, were thrown togeth combinations—in keeping with the pop and trends that were to dominate youth culture, a the rebellious sentiment that ran throughout

In 1963, the Beatles released their first studio and Beatlemania gripped the world—the hys their young, predominantly female fans unpre for any band that had gone before. Intense co to promote their UK tour of the same year, wi such as this designed to grab attention from

Welcome to The Drawing Board. The home of fashion, design, art andthe art world, with arti Pop culture infiltrated such as Andy Warhol incorporating everyday photography titles from and themes of consumerism and the cult of ce their work, rendering them on canvas in cl OctopusinPublishing Group.

polychromatic color. Pop Art influenced inter fashion with designers embracing its bold co motifs such as the flower. We see a stylized fl furnishing fabric in a fashionable green and b colorway in 1964. The flower became a symbo a growing call for peace, as non-violent oppos to the threat of nuclear war and intervention Vietnam gained ground.

Horizons were widened, as the war in ideolog between communism and capitalism instiga Follow us on @Octopus_Books competition Find us on at Octopus Publishing Groupbetween the Soviet Union and U Pin with us at OctopusBooks States to dominate spaceflight. We start the de We can’t wait to connect with you. a poster encouraging Soviets to “Conquer th and while Yuri Gagarin became the first hum to orbit the earth in 1961, it was the U.S. that For exciting news about Octopus titles, competitions and more, why not:

My Life in Design Terence Conran In this book, Terence tells the story of the Conran brand since the founding of the Conran Design Studio sixty years ago and explores the many areas where he and his design team have made an impact. Chapters cover the founding of Habitat, product design, furniture, catalogues and books, housing and hotels, retail and fashion and the creation of the Design Museum. Extensively illustrated with photographs and drawings and with a lively, incisive commentary that reveals the stories behind the designs, My Life in Design will appeal to designers, collectors and all those who have grown up with the work of the multitalented Sir Terence Conran. September 2016 Conran Octopus £30.00 HB 9781840917208 264 pages 253 x 201 mm 35,000 words 250 photographs and illustrations Rights available: World

Plain Simple Useful Terence Conran Make the most of your time, space and funds with this indispensable guide to contemporary living by the world’s leading guru on interior design. Terence Conran has always believed that objects – and surroundings – that are plain, simple and useful are the key to easy living. By being practical and performing well over time, they are as much the antidote to superficial styling as they are to the shoddy and second-rate. Applied to the home as a whole, this discerning approach results in interiors that are effortlessly stylish, confident and timeless, with plenty of room allowed for the expression of personal taste. May 2014 Conran Octopus £25.00 hb 978 1 84091 655 3 224 pages 253 x 201 mm 25,000 words 225 colour photographs Rights available: World

Conran on Colour Terence Conran Colour is one of the single most powerful elements in design and decoration, yet handling colour effectively takes both confidence and a degree of expertise. In Conran on Colour Terence Conran shares a lifetime of experience as one of the world’s leading designers, retailers and restaurateurs to explain how to make the most of this vibrant and dynamic ingredient. With reference to a wide range of sources, from nature and fashion to street markets and works of art, he reveals how to translate these examples into practical strategies for bringing colour into your home. May 2015 Conran Octopus £25.00 hb 978 1 84091 674 4 224 pages 253 x 201 mm 25,000 words 225 colour photographs Rights available: World

Country Jasper Conran In Country, Jasper Conran uses his own experiences and the landscapes and homes that are familiar to him to portray a seductive way of life. Moving from one season to the next, from interior to exterior, from detail to landscape, this is life as it is actually lived in the countryside today. It is one man’s vision that informs by captivating the senses and the imagination.

Country is realistic, full of ideas and completely engrossing - a book to spend time with.Beautifully conceived, beautifully photographed and beautifully written, Country is a new kind of lifestyle book - it allows you to live the dream. September 2012 Conran Octopus £20.00 hb 978 1 840 91608 9 304 pages 253 x 201 mm 25,000 words 300 colour photographs Rights Sold: Ger

Eco House Book Terence Conran Most homes, even those built relatively recently, are not decorated, designed, constructed or serviced with eco-friendliness in mind. But you don’t have to start from scratch to make a huge difference to the way your home impacts on the environment. From relatively small and economic changes to more dramatic overhauls, there has never been a better time to turn your home green. Including tips, advice on material choices and design directions, Eco House Book provides all the information you need to reduce your home’s carbon footprint and in the process directly improve the quality of your life. February 2012 Conran Octopus £20.00 pb 978 1 840 91602 7 272 pages 280 x 250 mm 85,000 words 400 colour photographs Rights Sold: Ger, Fra, Ita

How to Live in Small Spaces Terence Conran This inspirational yet practical book proves that small spaces can be both inclusive and flexible, which is perfectly in tune with the relaxed and informal way we want to live now. Each chapter is full of intelligent, functional and sometimes quirky ways in which to make the most of living space. International case studies demonstrate how good design principles have been applied in real terms.

October 2012 Conran Octopus 978 1 84091 614 0 £19.99 pb with flaps 279 x 240 mm 224 pages 45,000 words 270 colour photographs Rights available: World

From Conran on Colour Photograph: Nick Pope

From Sixties House Photograph: John Wingrove

House & Garden Sixties House Catriona Gray From Pop art to Op art, plastic furniture to bubble-gum paint colours, the Sixties saw a new wave of interior design that was closely linked to popular culture and fashion, becoming increasingly youth-oriented and playful to appeal to the new generation of baby-boomers. In Sixties House, mid-century modern enthusiast Catriona Gray has drawn on the magazine’s peerless archive, curating the best illustrations and photographs to show how the use of colour, pattern, homewares and furniture evolved through the decade. The homes of key tastemakers are featured including Bridget Riley, Mary Quant, David Mlinaric, Barbara Hulanicki of Biba and David Bailey. March 2016 Conran Octopus £30.00 hb 978 1 84091 664 5 224 pages 279 x 240 mm 40,000 words 250 colour photographs and illustrations Rights available: World

House & Garden Fifties House Catriona Gray The post-war consumer boom of the 1950s, coupled with a desire for new, innovative design resulted in one of the most exciting decades in the history of interiors - a visual revolution that was captured on the pages of British House & Garden. In Fifties House, mid-century modern enthusiast Catriona Gray has drawn on the magazine’s peerless archive, curating the best illustrations and photographs to show how the use of colour, pattern, homewares and furniture evolved through the decade. The homes of key tastemakers are featured including Le Corbusier, Giò Ponti, Terence Conran and Hans and Florence Knoll. October 2014 Conran Octopus £30.00 hb 978 1 84091 662 1 224 pages 279 x 240 mm c40,000 words c250 colour photographs and illustrations Rights available: World

Absolutely Beautiful Things Anna Spiro In Absolutely Beautiful Things, successful designer Anna Spiro shows you how to create an interior that’s just right for you. To her, it’s all about the mix, not the match, and, with her expert help, you’ll find beauty in unexpected places. She’ll give you the confidence to put together a layered and very individual home, using elements you love, and make you see your old belongings in a new light. As well as lavish photographs of rooms she has created, Anna shares secrets from her life in decorating, gives practical tips on how to work with pattern and colour, and provides a room-by-room guide to furniture choice. September 2015 Conran Octopus £25.00 hb 978 184091 693 5 224 pages 270 x 200 mm 25,000 words approx. 190 colour photographs Available: English language only

Farrow & Ball How to Decorate Joa Studholme and Charlotte Cosby Set to become the bible of home decoration, Farrow & Ball How to Decorate provides a highly practical and inspirational guide to the successful use of paint and paper in any home. Published on the 70th anniversary of the founding of the worldleading, iconic brand, this book brings together the expertise of Joa Studholme and Farrow & Ball’s creative team to demystify the nitty-gritty of transforming a home – from deciding which colours work best in a north-facing room to creating accents with paint and making the most of a feature wall. May 2016 Mitchell Beazley £30.00 hb 978 1 78472 087 2 256 pages plus 3 x 4-page inserts on craft paper 260 x 230 mm 40,000 words 300 colour photographs Rights available: World

At Home with Plants Ian Drummond & Kara O’Reilly Get inspired to give your home a natural makeover with this stunning book from award-winning interior landscape designer Ian Drummond and interiors editor Kara O’Reilly. In this much-needed book, Ian and Kara show you how to transform your home with plants and tells you which plants will work best where and how to care for them. From strikingly geometric terrariums to pretty hanging baskets, functionable herb pots and colourful window displays, this book is packed full of exciting and gorgeous ideas. Specially commissioned photography by Nick Pope throughout proves that bringing the outdoors in really is the best form of interior design. April 2017 Mitchell Beazley £20.00 HB 9781784721947 176 pages 235 x 190 mm 35,000 words 250 colour photographs Rights available: World

Nordicana 100 icons of Scandi style & Nordic cool From the inimitable Faroe Isles sweater, made famous by TV detective Sarah Lund, to that unusual-tasting delicacy salted liquorice, and from the ubiquitous Swedish Dala horse to the concept of hygge (creating a cosy atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life), Nordicana looks at 100 icons of Scandi style and Nordic cool. Accompanied by beautiful illustrations and photographs, this is a celebration of Nordic objects, aesthetics and traditions.

February 2015 Cassell £12.99 hb 978 1 84403 805 3 192 pages 190 x 190 mm 25,000 words Approx. 100 colour illustrations & photographs Rights available: World

VOGUE 1987 Arthur Elgort

Vogue Portfolio Series The VOGUE Portfolio series draws from the VOGUE archive of over a million pictures, encapsulating the beauty, elegance and high production values of the magazine. Each book provides a wealth of fabulous images accompanied by incisive commentaries from a roster of excellent British VOGUE writers. Destined to become must-have visual sourcebooks for all those who love fashion.

Conran Octopus £75.00 hb 304 pages 330 x 260 mm 30,000 words 300 photographs Rights available: world

VOGUE: The Shoe Harriet Quick Shoes fascinate women of all ages and have the power to crystallize a moment in fashion. In VOGUE The Shoe, Harriet Quick has curated more than 300 fabulous images from a century of British VOGUE, featuring remarkable styles that range from the humble clog to exquisite hand-embroidered haute couture stilettoes via fetishistic cuissardes and outrageous statement heels. ISBN 9781840916591

VOGUE: The Jewellery Carol Woolton In VOGUE The Jewellery Carol Woolton hascurated a collection of ore than 300 fabulous images within five thematic chapters: Showstoppers Rock Chick, Minimalist, Exotic and Classical. From fantasticaldiamond-encrusted tiaras and intricate jet chokers to sculptural silver cuffs and the purity of a simple string of pearls, the book provides an evocative celebration of a century of magical jewellery, while also showcasing the work of British VOGUE’s very best photographers including David Bailey, Cecil Beaton, Corinne Day, Norman Parkinson, Irving Penn, Mario Testino and Bruce Weber. ISBN 9781840916577

VOGUE: The Gown Jo Ellison VOGUE The Gown gives full reign to the beauty and enduring allure of the gown, be they the sublime yet simple classical creations of Madame Grès, the heavenly bodies sculpted by Azzedine Alaïa, the lean seductive lines of a Deco-inspired silhouette or huge tulle pouffs fit for a princess. These are gowns to nurture the imagination and salve the soul. Arranged in five thematic chapters: Classical, Fantasy, Drama, Decorative and Modern, the book provides both an evocative celebration of almost a century of fashion history.

ISBN 9781840916607

VOGUE Goes Pop Colouring Book VOGUE & Iain R. Webb Following the phenomenal success of the Vogue Colouring Book, award-winning writer and fashion editor Iain R. Webb has created beautiful hand-drawn artworks inspired by iconic images from British VOGUE in the Swinging Sixties. Original captions taken from vintage VOGUEs from the 1960s add an entertaining period flavour. From Twiggy and Mary Quant to the Beatles and Peter Blake, the sixties was the moment fashion, music and art collided in a colourful, effervescent youthquake. Now is your chance to join the party.

Conran Octopus £10.00 PB with jacket 9781840917406 96 pages 285 x 220 mm 5,000 words More than 90 illustrations Rights available: World

VOGUE Colouring Book VOGUE & Iain R. Webb Celebrating the centenary of British VOGUE, these handdrawn artworks are inspired by iconic images from the magazine in the 1950s - an era of hats and matching gloves, haughty elegance and hourglass silhouettes (a period that continues to inspire contemporary designers including Miuccia Prada and Dolce & Gabbana).

Conran Octopus £10.00 PB with jacket 9781840917215 96 pages 285 x 220 mm 5,000 words More than 90 illustrations Rights available: World

The accompanying captions offer fashion and style tips (often highly amusing in hindsight) and are taken from the original pages of British VOGUE. The c90 artworks can be coloured in in the spirit of the original images that inspired them or embellished with whatever colours and patterns take the reader’s fancy.

Vintage VOGUE: Detachable postcards to colour in VOGUE & Iain R. Webb Fashion aficionado Iain R. Webb celebrates the glamour of British VOGUE in the 1950s with this adorable book of 24 beautifully elegant postcards to colour in. Each postcard is detachable, so you can enjoy colouring them in yourself or send them to a fashionsavvy friend. These postcards make the perfect present for all those who love vintage fashion.

Illustration by Iain R. Webb

The Fashion of Film Amber Butchart From the silver screen directly to the catwalk – film has influenced fashion for over a century. In The Fashion of Film, historian Amber Butchart takes a journey through the last 100 years of cinema style and its influence on the catwalks. With beautiful imagery and thoroughly-researched text, she looks at how our most iconic movies have transformed the world of high fashion. Karl Lagerfeld was influenced by the dystopian vision of Metropolis, the pictureperfect world of Wes Anderson’s films are echoed in the collections of Miuccia Prada, and Audrey Hepburn was key to Hubert de Givenchy’s work. September 2016 Mitchell Beazley £30.00 HB 9781784721763 224 pages 279 x 240 mm 35,000 words 220 photographs Rights available: World

Vintage Fashion & Couture: From Poiret to McQueen Kerry Taylor In this lavishly illustrated book, Kerry tells the story of a century of fashion through the work of its key design talents and the memorable women who have worn their creations. All the fashion stars are here from Poiret to McQueen via Lanvin, Chanel, Schiaparelli, Madame Grès, Dior, Balenciaga, Mary Quant, Ossie Clark, Vivienne Westwood, Alaïa, and Margiela. For each designer Kerry explores their career through a dazzling range of clothes and accessories, explaining what makes each item so desirable to the collector or wearer of vintage fashion. Mitchell Beazley £25.00 hb 978 1 84533 795 7 224 pages 279 x 240 mm 55,000 words 400 colour photographs and illustrations Rights available: World

Orla Kiely Orla Kiely is the visionary and founder of a brand that is appreciated by an audience across the globe. An expert on print and colour, she has created her own world that is renowned for its individual voice and unique perspective on both fashion and homeware.

Orla Kiely Journals Illustrated throughout with Orla Kiely’s striking and much-loved illustrations and featuring real-cloth uarterbinding, this trio of beautifully produced spiralbound journals provide stylish ways to organize and record key areas of your life. Each one has guided pages for notes, handy storage pockets, checklists and space for photographs and drawings. The perfect gift for gardeners, home owners or new parents.

Conran Octopus £20.00 hb spiralbound in cloth with magnetic closures 96 pages 246 x 189 mm 75 colour illustrations Rights available: World

978 1 84091 684 3

978 1 84091 683 6

978 1 84091 682 9

In this, her first colouring book, Orla includes a feature on her much-loved palette, explains how to add texture to the page and create new colours through layering. Pick up some crayons or felt-tips and create your own fabulous patterns and prints. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who loves colouring, fashion, design and illustration.

Conran Octopus £10.00 PB with jacket 9781840917338 96 pages 285 x 220 mm 500 words More than 90 illustrations Rights available: World

Also from Orla Kiely...

Conran Octopus £30.00 hb 978 1 84091 618 8 224 pages 279 x 240 mm 25,000 words 350 colour photographs and illustrations Rights sold: Kor

Conran Octopus £15.00 hb 978 1 84091 581 5 304 pages 200 x 172 mm 45,000 words 300 colour photographs Rights sold: Kor

Design Museum The Design Museum’s mission is to celebrate, entertain and inform. It is the world’s leading museum devoted to contemporary design in every form, from furniture to fashion, and architecture to graphics. It is working to place design at the centre of contemporary culture and demonstrates both the richness of the creativity to be found in all forms of design, and its importance.

Fifty Shoes that Changed the World

Fifty Bicycles that Changed the World

Shoes hold a special place in the hearts of many people, and their design can range from the humble and practical to the exquisite. Here, the Design Museum studies the top fifty shoe designs that have made an impact in the world of design today – from the 1863 Frye boot to Zaha Hadid’s 2008 Melissa shoe, and many in between.

The bicycle is the world’s most popular form of transport, and its design has evolved over the decades both in terms of style and technology. From highperformance cycles to practical run-arounds, conceptual bikes to commercial models, the Design Museum explores the fifty most innovative and influential bicycles in the world.

Specification February 2017 Conran Octopus £12.99 Jacketed Flexiback 112 pages 210 x 149 mm 10,000 words 60 photographs

Specification February 2017 Conran Octopus £12.99 Jacketed Flexiback 112 pages 210 x 149 mm 10,000 words 60 photographs

Previously from the Design Museum...

In these books, the Design Museum looks at the fifty design icons of major cities around the world – icons that, when viewed together, inherently sum up the character of their city. Covering anything from buildings, monuments and iconic designers to a classic film or a street sign, these books explore a tapestry of infamous designs, all with their own story to tell. One part design history, one part visual guidebook, this fascinating series unlocks the design stories of the biggest, most creative cities in the world.

Berlin in Fifty Design Icons

Paris in Fifty Design Icons

Berlin’s turbulent history has led to a wealth of innovative, evocative design. From the TV Tower and Jewish Museum to the S-Bahn and even Döner kebab kiosks, the Design Museum reveals the fifty design icons that tell the story of the city.

The Design Museum explores the fifty designs that have shaped modern Paris, from I.M. Pei’s glass pyramid at the Louvre to the humble bicycle, the absinthe bottle to the Le Corbusier’s ambitious but doomed Plan Voisin.

Previously from the Design Museum...

Specification March 2017 Conran Octopus £12.99 Jacketed HB 112 pages 210 x 149 mm 10,000 words 60 photographs

Specification March 2017 Conran Octopus £12.99 Jacketed HB 112 pages 210 x 149 mm 10,000 words 60 photographs

Patternity: A New Way of Seeing Anna Murray & Grace Winteringham In this uniquely curated collection of jaw-dropping photography and illuminating text, pattern pioneers PATTERNITY offer an entirely new way of viewing the world around us. Pattern is everywhere we go and in everything we do. We wear patterns, we walk over them, we even eat, drink and think them, but it’s unlikely they demand too much of our attention... Innovative creative and cultural organization PATTERNITY joins the dots. From fashion and design to the natural world, look beyond the mundane forms that we see every day to find the hidden beauty in the underlying patterns that normally pass us by. September 2015 Conran Octopus £30.00 hb 978 184091 694 2 224 pages 279 x 240 mm 20,000 words 250 photographs Rights available: World

Concrete Canvas Global Street Art/Lee Bofkin

While graffiti and street art are gradually moving beyond ‘public nuisance’ status, there is still a resistance to looking at the work of the artists as more than an urban phenomenon. Featuring beautiful photos of work by international artists such as Daim, Grems, Pure Evil, Rensone, Ron English, among many more, Concrete Canvas examines how the curation of public space is affecting our cities and how it is moving art into the future. Mitchell Beazley £25.00 hb 978 1 84533 795 7 224 pages 279 x 240 mm 55,000 words 400 colour photographs and illustrations Rights available: World

Taken from Patternity Photography Top: PATTERNITYxMark Pillai Below: Piers RutterfordxMark Pillai

The Tattoorialist Nicolas Brulez Once the mark of an underground sub-culture, tattoos have stepped right out of the shadows and onto the street. Join Nicolas Brulez, aka The Tattoorialist, as he searches Paris, Berlin and beyond for the most innovative and stylish tattoos. Showcasing over 300 photographs of diverse people and their unique tattoos, ranging from nautical themes to video game-inspired designs, this is an inspirational anthology of contemporary tattoo culture. August 2015 Mitchell Beazley £15.00 jacketed pb 978 178472 092 6 256 pages 217 x 168 mm 20,000 words Over 300 colour photographs Rights available: English language only

The Tattoo Dictionary Trent Aitken-Smith and Ashley Tyson A fascinating look at the hidden meanings behind some of the world’s most popular tattoos – and an essential guide to choosing your own ink. From sailors to prisoners, Maori warriors to Japanese gangsters, discover the secret symbolism behind over 200 tattoo icons, illustrated with over 100 designs. Trent Aitken-Smith is an international tattoo journalist and editor of Tattoo Master magazine. Ashley Tyson is a tattoo artist at the award-winning Xotica studio in London. September 2016 Mitchell Beazley £15.00 HB 9781784721770 256 pages 210 x 149 mm 40,000 words more than 100 illustrations Rights available: World

Polaroid How to Take Instant Photos Instant cameras mean instant fun – and no-one understands this better than Polaroid, global icon and pioneer of instant photography for over 75 years. Rediscover the magic of analogue photography with this friendly and accessible guide, packed with everything you need to know to start taking and sharing your own unique instant photos.

September 2015 Mitchell Beazley £12.99 hb 978 178472 084 1 160 pages 200 x 160 mm 20,000 words 100 colour photographs Rights available: World

Socks: The Rule Book A user’s guide for the wearing and appreciation of men’s hosiery Socks. They’re a serious business, the glue that binds an outfit together. But they are also a minefield of potential fashion disasters and style pitfalls. But fear no more – this book solves your hosiery dilemmas. Laying out the ten fundamental rules of sock wearing with fashion-conscious advice and a knowing sense of humour, this book establishes clear guidelines for every aspect of the sock world.

March 2016 Mitchell Beazley £10.00 hb 978 1 78472 133 6 112 pages 210 x 149 mm 15,000 words 150 colour photographs Rights available: World

The Art of The Jersey Andy Storey A collection of over 200 cycling racing jerseys from the past 45 years, from iconic retro designs worn by Tour de France winners to stunning specialist items and hard-to-find collectors’ pieces. A lifelong cycling enthusiast, Andy Storey has assembled a huge collection of the most important and memorable designs in cycling history. For each jersey he brings together key information, context and captions telling the jersey’s story. The perfect gift for any cycling enthusiast. May 2016 Mitchell Beazley £15.99 hb 978 1 78472 166 4 224 pages 200 x 200 mm 20,000 words 200 photographs Rights available: World

Urban Cycling Laurent Belando Get under the skin of the cycling revolution with this fascinating anthology of modern cycle culture. Featuring analysis of the various styles of urban bikes, from the single speed to the lowrider, and the cultures surrounding them, along with detailed information on how to restore your own vintage urban bike, this book is an essential guide to the kit, culture and style of city cycling. From the fixie to the commuter, the trail bike to the vintage bike, explore the varieties of urban bikes taking over the city streets. September 2016 Mitchell Beazley £12.99 PB with jacket 9781784722272 192 pages 217 x 168 mm 22,000 words 230 photographs Rights available: World English Language

Taken from Urban Cycling Photography by Laurent Belando

Comme des Garรงons from Icons of Style: T-Shirts Photography by Karl Adamson

Icons of Style Guaranteed to appeal to fans of fashion and design, this new series reveals the icons of men’s street style. With photography and detailed analysis throughout, each beautifully designed title in the series provides a comprehensive guide to the seminal designs and key events in the history of popular global fashion.

June 2015 Mitchell Beazley £10.00 hb 128 pages 200 x 160 mm 13,000 words Approx. 60 photographs Rights available: World




978 1 84533 996 8

978 1 84533 997 5

978 1 84533 995 1

Once a functional piece of workwear, denim has long since taken its place as a global style icon - but a small handful stand tall above the rest. This comprehensive collection looks at the most iconic denim ever created, from the original Levi’s 501s, through the birth of Japanese denim and up to the modern brands that have made denim the streetwear staple it is today - Evisu, Nudie, Momotaro, the list goes on...

For over 100 years, the T-shirt has been a blank canvas for men the world over - a billboard for advertising their style. This comprehensive guide collects the greatest designs ever seen, from the original US Navy plain white tee that started it all to the iconic logos of Stussy, Obey, A Bathing Ape and all of the cutting-edge brands that make up the global streetwear scene today.

After years of cult success with sneaker freaks around the world, sneakers have finally arrived on the global scene. This comprehensive guide to the most iconic sneakers ever produced covers famous footwear from the classic Nike Air Jordan I and Adidas Superstar to cult favourites such as the Reebok Pump and Vans Half Cab.

Hollywood Frame By Frame Karina Longworth Your ticket to movie history as you’ve never seen it before, this book uncovers photographers’ contact sheets from the sets of some of cinema’s greatest films – including The African Queen, Some Like It Hot, Taxi Driver, The Silence of the Lambs, and many more. Capturing legends such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Alfred Hitchcock and Frank Sinatra at work and in repose, these images offer unique glimpses into the art of movie making and the science of movie marketing. Captioned with fresh insights from the creative personnel involved, each contact sheet tells its own story about the film, its stars, and the off-screen chemistry that yields on-screen movie magic. June 2014 Ilex £20.00 HB 9781781579800 208 pages 270 x 220 mm approx 20,000 words 250 pictures

The Art of Movie Storyboards Fionnuala Halligan Available for the first time in paperback, The Art of Movie Storyboards showcases a vast collection of storyboards in a range of styles, and includes some of cinema’s greatest moments. The collection includes the work of pioneers such as William Cameron Menzies (Gone with the Wind) and Saul Bass (Psycho, Spartacus), as well as contemporaries such as Raúl Monge (Pan’s Labyrinth) and Jane Clark (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire). All are accompanied by insights into the films featured, their directors, and, of course, the storyboard artists.

October 2015 Ilex £19.99 PB with flaps 9781781572863 240 pages 280 x 255 mm 30,000 words approx 600 illustrations

100 Years of Colour Katie Greenwood This immediately inspirational book features 100 carefully chosen images from the graphic arts, each representing a colour palette for one year of the 20th century. The images include magazines, book covers, adverts, posters, illustrations and postcards, all chosen for their vivid and striking colour schemes. A versatile resource for any visual creative, the palettes taken from the images are displayed in a number of ratios, demonstrating the different effects achieved when altering the dominant colour. Ten palettes per decade gives an authentic overview of the colours and trends of an era, making this an ideal historical reference for anyone working in set or interior design, graphic design, illustration or fashion. Not only a collection of pretty palettes, but a fascinating compendium of 20th-century artistic styles, this book will delight the eye even as it meets your design challenges.

November 2015 Ilex ÂŁ14.99 HB 9781781572849 240 pages 210 x 149 mm 100 illustrations

Taken from Map Stories

Map Stories Francisca Mattéoli Seasoned traveller Francisca Mattéoli tells twenty surprising stories about our world’s geography, and, using beautiful vintage maps, introduces some the most magical places on Earth. Stunning reproductions of the featured maps, combined with informative and fascinating narrative, will spark journeys of the imagination. From the mysterious lost city of Macchu Picchu and the rediscovery of Petra to the construction of Route 66 and Manaus, rubber’s jungle boomtown, armchair travellers will enjoy unlocking the secrets of the world’s most exciting places.

October 2016 Ilex £25.00 HB 9781781573778 176 pages 330 x 240 mm approx 39,000 words 50 pictures

New York Through the Lens Vivienne Gucwa Nearly a decade ago, Vivienne Gucwa began walking the streets of the city with the only camera she could afford – a sub-$100 pointand-shoot – and started taking pictures. Choosing a direction and going as far as her feet would take her, she noticed lines, forms and structures that had previously gone unnoticed but which resonated, embodying a sense of home. New York Through the Lens showcases the stunning results of her ongoing quest. Filled with spectacular photographs and illuminated by Vivienne’s own insightful commentary, this book is a must-read for her many fans and for any lover of street photography. October 2014 Ilex £20.00 HB 9781781579732 192 pages 205 x 205 mm approx 10,000 words 300+ pictures

New York in the Snow Vivienne Gucwa Every once in a while New York City changes completely. At first a few flakes will fall, then more, and more. Hardened New Yorkers rush for warmth and, while they’re absent, an amazing, glistening almost deserted winter wonderland momentarily appears. It is these moments that photo-blogger Vivienne Gucwa lives for. Of all the photos that have made her the celebrated, awardwinning success that she is, it is these that are most loved, so we offer them here in a sumptous volume to be enjoyed by anyone who loves New York, whether from afar, as an occasional visitor, or if you’ve never left the Big Apple. August 2017 Ilex £20.00 HB 9781781574157 192 pages 205 x 205 mm approx 10,000 words 300+ pictures

The Botanical Wall Chart Anna Laurent In the late 19th and early 20th centuries Europe was enjoying a golden age of botanical illustration, naturalists were exploring the globe and there was a clamour for knowledge of the natural world. Intellectual curiosity was no longer limited to the few; education was now considered a right afforded to all in classrooms across the continent. And thus the botanical wall chart – a synthesis of art, science and education – was born. The Botanical Wall Chart documents this convergence of disciplines with a collection of wall charts from all over the globe, each accompanied by expert text explaining its historical and botanical contexts. Put together by botanist Anna Laurent, this is a book that will delight and fascinate all with an interest in the natural world.

August 2016 Ilex £25.00 HB 9781781573327 224 pages 279 x 229 mm approx 50,000 words 200 pictures

DRAW Jake Spicer Using the tried and tested methods honed in his successful drawing classes, Jake guides the reader through a programme of subjects and scenarios, all designed to give the reader confidence and build their skills. The subjects include still life, cityscapes, people and pets, and each lesson is accompanied by exercises and tips for improvement. The last section of the book looks at skills in more detail. Draw is carefully crafted to look and feel accessible to the beginner draughtsman, and the lessons are thoughtfully balanced to complement this. Along with the friendly approach, the author provides a thorough foundation in drawing, giving the reader the perfect base to develop their skills and become confident artists.

October 2015 Ilex ÂŁ17.99 HB 9781781573044 176 pages 276 x 217 mm approx 25,000 words approx 400 illustrations

You will be able to Draw by the end of this book Jake Spicer Discover an engaging new way of learning to draw in this superbly conceived guided sketchbook. This time experienced artist and teacher Jake Spicer brings the drawing lessons to you, using his innovative and easy-to-follow methods. Follow the simple lessons on the page, and practice them straight away in the book. From easy ways to get started to the head-turning techniques you will master by the end, Jake will accompany you on your journey, with straightforward advice and lots of tricks to help you develop your skill. So pick up a pencil and discover the joy of drawing!

March 2017 Ilex ÂŁ14.99 PB 9781781573716 160 pages 249 x 189 mm 11,000 words 120+ pictures

Draw in 15 Minutes Series The best-selling Draw in 15 Minutes series uses step-by-step tutorials to give you the skills you need to create beautiful drawings quickly, successfully and, ultimately, in only 15 minutes.

Ilex ÂŁ9.99 PB 225 x 177 mm approx 20,000 words 200+ pictures

Draw Buildings and Cities in 15 Minutes Matthew Brehm March 2017 128 pages 9781781572870

Draw People in 15 Minutes Jake Spicer October 2014 128 pages 9781781572085

Draw Faces in 15 Minutes Jake Spicer February 2013 128 pages 9781781570357

Draw Cats in 15 Minutes Jake Spicer March 2014 112 pages 9781781571958

Draw Dogs in 15 Minutes Jake Spicer May 2014 112 pages 9781781571965

Draw Horses in 15 Minutes Diana Hand June 2015 112 pages 9781781572498

Life Drawing in 15 Minutes Jake Spicer February 2016 128 pages 9781781572634

The Three-Colour Drawing Book Sarah Skeate You won’t believe how much fun you can have with just three coloured ballpoint pens! This engaging book takes the art of doodling and drawing to new heights, using the most basic tools and only three colours: red, black and blue. The artistic explorer will discover how to make punky patterns, draw the most adorable animals, personalise their belongings and summon up the cutest little characters – all with the pens that they already have lying around at home. Combining step-by-step lessons in drawing with ingenious ways of decorating and doodling, The Three-Colour Drawing Book is brilliant for ballpoint mavericks of all ages.


You can draw buildings behind

Simple windows...

your front row of buildings. It’s best to keep them larger, with simple, light shading so the cityscape doesn’t become too busy and confusing.

Different windows with different reflections... Reflection of

Diagonal lines

buildings opposite

across multiple windows

Diagonal lines

Reflection of

of light

clouds passing by

Adding shading to your block buildings can add form and depth. Below are some examples...

St r aig h t lines :

Cross-hatched lines: Parallel

Stip pling :

Parallel to the outlines

to the outlines of the building

For the very patient!

of the building


Fantastically Furry

There are many ways to create a furry texture in pen. Below are some step-by-step examples, modeled by a little beastie on the opposite page.

Abom ina














Fie rc

eb e


t ie


The direction of the fur curves around with the shape of the body. This can add volume to the character. You could also add additional layers of fur around the edge of the body for extra depth. See also page 36 for more on adding texture.

February 2016 Ilex £9.99 PB 9781781573211 112 pages 260 x 178 mm approx 5,000 words 108 pages of pictures




re We





r ctu



If you’re Bored with Watercolour read this book Veronica Ballart Lilja You know watercolour, don’t you? The perfect medium for tasteful landscapes, light seascapes and delicate still-lifes. Conventional, easy to manage, inoffensive... boring... Right? Wrong! In this book you’ll discover a host of innovative techniques that will open your paint box to a whole new realm of possibility: luminous colour, dynamic composition, distinctive mixed media and more. Professional fashion illustrator Veronica Ballart Lilja shares a wealth of new techniques that will open up watercolour for beginners, and give experts a host of new tricks and techniques.

May 2017 Ilex £12.99 PB 9781781574041 128 pages 246 x 189 mm approx 22,000 words 350+ pictures

Art / Life Bev Speight Art / Life is an invitation to take a creative journey - discovering and producing some fantastic art along the way. There are no constraints, no pressure and no expectations - just calmly guiding you through the journey and building confidence; this is when we create great art and have fun. Whilst the ideas of Continuous Line, Book Recycle and Paper Trail are explored, the element of surprise and satisfaction in creating something unique can be enjoyed, rather than following a rigid plan. Look beyond the obvious, the immediate; and be inspired by the environment in which we live to develop fantastic ideas in this art escape. April 2017 Ilex £14.99 PB 9781781574072 192 pages 210 x 170 mm approx 4,500 words 192 images

From If you’re Bored with Watercolour read this book

Stop Look Breathe Create Wendy Ann Greenhalgh Stop Look Breathe Create is a simple four-step process for exploring mindfulness through creativity, and in turn, developing creativity through mindful practice. The book engages the reader with ten everyday subjects, from ‘The Ground Beneath Our Feet’ to ‘Returning Home’ and for each of these there are three projects: one drawn, one photographic, one written. All are based on the effective mindfulness techniques that Wendy Ann has developed in her successful workshops and courses, and the book is filled with simple techniques and ideas to help the reader enjoy their artistic endeavours while being in the moment. May 2017 Ilex £12.99 PB 9781781573983 208 pages 210 x 149 mm 30,000 words 100+ pictures

The Creative Entrepreneur Isa Maria Seminega The Creative Entrepreneur is the ultimate guide to building a successful creative business on your terms. It takes you step by step through the process, from the seeds of your idea, giving you the encouragement and confidence to take action and steadily grow your business with intention. It’s easier than ever to start your own business, but entrepreneurs - especially creatives - can feel overwhelmed and unsure of the right steps to move their business forward. This book will set you on the right path, taking the stress out of business planning, and offering straightforward advice that you can refer back to again and again. October 2015 Ilex £14.99 PB 9781781572702 176 pages 210 x 170 mm approx 100 illustrations

What They Didn’t Teach You... Series What They Didn’t Teach You in Photo School Demetrius Fordham Learn how to make your photography skills pay (and avoid key mistakes) with this enlightening, engrossing, nononsense guide to professional shooting in the real world.

September 2015 Ilex £14.99 HB 9781781572696 208 pages 180 x 120 mm 250+ illustrations

Passing on hard-earned lessons from a successful career in commercial, editorial and lifestyle photography, Demetrius Fordham shows how to snag the best internships and assistant roles, impress at an interview, develop an amazing portfolio, forge strong relationships with clients, and lay the foundations of your own successful career.

What They Didn’t Teach You in Art School Rosalind Davis and Annabel Tilley What They Didn’t Teach You in Art School is the ultimate survival guide to life as an artist, written by two people who have made a success of their artistic careers and so know all the pitfalls and the routes to success.

November 2016 Ilex £14.99 HB 9781781572962 224 pages 180 x 120 mm approx 30,000 words

This comprehensive advice book covers finance, curating, marketing and publicity in accessible and easy-to-digest chapters, providing expert advice, tips and inspiration to help you build a successful career and allowing you to nurture your true talent.

What They Didn’t Teach You in Design School Phil Cleaver With record numbers of design and advertising students graduating each year, it makes more sense now than ever to be fully armed to succeed. This book helps new designers make the transition from design school to work, giving them the ammunition they need for a successful start. Here the reader will learn how to get that all-important first job, and how to impress their new employer. They will also have at their fingertips plenty of useful, practical information essential to know in the design studio and when working for clients.

April 2014 Ilex £14.99 HB 9781781571460 224 pages 180 x 120 mm approx 50,000 words 50 illustrations

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