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4SS21 8921/4 ‘Life's a Beach’ Linen Cushion Pale blue back and piping. 40x40cm.

4SS12 9911/4 Blue Sea Shell Linen Cushion 40x40cm. 4SS22 8921/4 Sailing Boat Linen Cushion Candy striped piping and back.40x40cm.

4SS30 8921/4 Blue Circus LOVE Cushion Natural linen cushion with a blue back and piping. 33x40cm • RETAIL PRICE £29.99

4SS64 954/8 Love and Dreams Sign 20x20cm • RETAIL PRICE £11.50

4SS70 995/12 Set of 2 shell applique hearts Pale blue linen lavender scented hearts, each is decorated with a natural applique and embroidered shells. Each heart measures 12x12cm • RETAIL PRICE £13.50


phone: - 0870 8033 428

Retreat Home Spring Summer 2011  

Retreat Home Spring Summer 2011 Tel: 0870 8033 428 Our products are perfect for those who wish to surround themselves with beautiful home ac...

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