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5SS61 005/8 HOME Vintage Style Sign Hand carved from mango wood, and individually distressed. The HOME sign measures 26x13x2.5cm • RETAIL PRICE £12.50

“Laughter is brightest in the place where food is” Irish Proverb

5SS02 595/6 Tea Cosy • RETAIL PRICE £14.99

Household Wisdom 1.

A bowl of pasta and a smile is way better than six courses and a scowl.


Cooking and housework burn approximately 200 calories per hour.


Most household items can be cleaned with lemon, vinegar or washing soda, which is both thrifty and eco-friendly.


Women who got rich writing housekeeping books used the cash to, er, hire servants. Don’t beat yourself up.


Unless you want to, never cook anything that takes longer to eat than it does to prepare.

5SS03 996/6 Oven Gloves • RETAIL PRICE £15.99


Retreat Home Spring Summer 2011  

Retreat Home Spring Summer 2011 Tel: 0870 8033 428 Our products are perfect for those who wish to surround themselves with beautiful home ac...

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