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In love with Lavender... o wonder we here at Retreat HQ are such a calm bunch! No, we’re not all on Prozac, but we are surrounded by nature’s equivalent, the wonderful-smelling lavender. Of course we have always known how gorgeous our renowned trademark lavenderscented hearts smell, and how pretty they look, but we’ve only just realised the full extent of this beautiful plant’s healing properties.


It seems that lavender: • Is antibacterial • Is antiviral • Promotes sleep • Promotes a stable mood • Reduces anxiety • Aids concentration • Promotes positivity • Eases headaches • Repels insects We’re just catching up with the Ancient Greeks and Romans here – they knew very well that lavender oil released relaxing fumes. In those days, though, a pound of lavender cost the equivalent of a month’s labour, so it was strictly a luxury product.

5SS59 995/12 Stars & Stripes Scented Heart Large linen patchwork heart presented in an acetate box, Duck egg and natural linen with pink star embroidery. 22x20cm • RETAIL PRICE £15.99

These days you can treat yourself to all the benefits of lavender around the home without having to work the field for a month to pay for it. 4AW60 928/8 Hand carved set of 3 hooks with heart detail. 45x12x10cm • RETAIL PRICE £19.99

Set of 2 natural linen lavender scented hearts. 12x12x3cm • RETAIL PRICE £13.99

3AW23 995/12 heart of faux pearls 2AW04 995/12 Button and stripes 2SS18 995/12 Love and crochet


phone: - 0870 8033 428

5SS53 995/12 Set-2 Butterfly Scented Hearts Piped and decorated with appliqued and embroidered butterflies in a rainbow of colours. 12x12cm • RETAIL PRICE £13.99

Retreat Home Spring Summer 2011  

Retreat Home Spring Summer 2011 Tel: 0870 8033 428 Our products are perfect for those who wish to surround themselves with beautiful home ac...

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