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Our pairs of sweet smelling lavender scented hearts are a true classic, the scent is gorgeous, relaxing and also handy in warding off moths. But mostly they are just totally gorgeous. 12x12x3cm.

The collection is pure linen and waterproof lined. Hand decorated with lilac and lavender buds. Each bud is made of a lovely tiny heart. Natural linen piped in gingham.

4AW13 L – Pair of topiary hearts in pale blue and lilac. • RETAIL PRICE £12.99

4SS44 – New style dolly cosmetic bag with wooden handles. 21x22cm (incl. handles). • RETAIL PRICE £16.95 4SS42 – Lavender field toiletries bag. 26x21x6cm. • RETAIL PRICE £15.95

A reinvention of our old favourite from last season, it is again pure linen, waterproof lined and hand decorated with lilac and pale blue appliqué and embroidered heart shape topiary trees. 4AW19 L – Toiletries bag. 26x21x6cm. • RETAIL PRICE £15.95 4AW20 L – Cosmetic bag. 15x12cm. • RETAIL PRICE £12.50

4SS53 – Large lavender scented heart. • RETAIL PRICE £12.99

The perfect girly gifts of pure natural linen sponge bags, decorated with hand crafted daisies with mother of pearl button centres, each daisy is on a safety pin so removable. 4SS43 – New larger size dolly bag in natural linen and decorated with an appliquéd gingham heart. 15x26x6cm. • RETAIL PRICE £16.99


4SS55 – Wooden handled dolly bag. 21x22cm (including handles). • RETAIL PRICE £16.95 4SS54 – Daisy flower toiletries piped in ivory. 26x21x6cm. • RETAIL PRICE £15.95

phone: - 0870 8033 428

4SS47 – Lilac gingham hearts – natural linen decorated with lilac gingham piping and appliquéd heart. 12x12x3cm. • RETAIL PRICE £12.99

Retreat Home Autumn Winter 2010  

Retreat Home Autumn Winter 2010 Tel: 0870 8033 428 Our products are perfect for those who wish to surround themselves with beautiful home ac...

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