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6AW91 LOVE Rose Toiletries Bag 966/9 Natural linen toiletries bag piped in red and decorated with red embroidery of LOVE with vintage fabric leaves and roses. Measures 21x26x6cm • RETAIL PRICE £16.50



6AW09 Love Heart Dolly Cosmetic Bag 995/8 Natural linen dolly bag, decorated with a cross stitch cupids heart and arrow. Measures 21x17.5x6cm • RETAIL PRICE £12.50

Patchwork Heart Sponge bag collection. Hand finished sponge bags, all decorated with vintage fabric appliqued hearts, ribbons and buttons Choose from : 6AW13 925/8 French Grey zip top cosmetic bag measuring 15x12x6cm • RETAIL PRICE £12.50 6AW14 995/8 Natural linen vintage clip cosmetic bag measuring 21x17.5x6cm • RETAIL PRICE £15.50 6AW94 966/6 Natural linen zip top toiletries bag measuring 21x26x6cm • RETAIL PRICE £16.50 Archie Dog cosmetic and toiletries bag with zip top fastening and natural polka dot gussets. Decorated with printed and stitched Archie dog. 6AW100 994/8 Archie Dog Cosmetic Bag Measuring 19x14x5cm • RETAIL PRICE £12.99 6AW101956/6 Archie Dog Toiletries Bag Measures 26x21x6cm • RETAIL PRICE £16.50

5AW43 LOVE Burlesque Toiletries bag 956/6 Red linen toiletries bag decorated with red gingham applique and embroidery of LOVE in a burlesque style. Measures 26x21x6cm • RETAIL PRICE £15.95

3AW37r Kiss & Make Up Bag 995/6 Red pure linen drawstring toiletries bag, decorated with natural piping and natural embroidery saying KISS & MAKE UP. Measures 21x14cm. • RETAIL PRICE £14.99 6AW15 Grey Vintage Bird Make Up Bag 925/8 French grey zip top cosmetic bag, piped in red and decorated with vintage fabric birds and leaves. Measures 19x14x5cm. • RETAIL PRICE £12.99 6AW93 Patchwork LOVE Toiletries Bag 966/6 French grey toiletries bag with red polka dot gussets, decorated with LOVE edged in blanket stitch and appliqued with vintage fabrics. The toiletries bag measures 21x26x6cm. • RETAIL PRICE £16.50


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