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“These are a few of our


favourite things...” 6AW10 995/8 Red linen vintage clip cosmetic. • RETAIL PRICE £14.50

metal heart “The silver s e v lo . It’s no Sam ered heart m m a h d re est sellers, and the perennial b re a e es th surprise orating seful for dec the tree or they’re so u rgeous on o g k o .” lo , ts ke fab gifts presen se, and ma u o h e th d aroun

Zara lo

ves “The little dolly bag with appliqué buttons and bows. Dolly bags sell really well for us, and the detai l of all the buttons on this is jus t lovely.”

3AW44 903/24 Red enamel heart • RETAIL PRICE £7.50

2AW446 982/24 Dimpled Metal Heart • RETAIL PRICE £6.99


arren loves “The ladies ’ specs cases - becaus e you can cover so many stock ings with these. One for ever yone! Typical boy shoppin g!”

6AW91 966/9 LOVE Rose Toiletries Bag • RETAIL PRICE £16.50 3AW38R 995/8 Red KISS AND MAKE UP dolly bag. • RETAIL PRICE £14.99

Gail loves “Mixing and matching

the cosmetic and toiletries bags! Kiss and make up is probably our most . famous and it’s still as popular as ever And I love the freshness of the new Love cosmetic bag with the vintage rose buds – very romantic!”

s Linda loves “The Christma –I

rts lavender-scented linen hea a pair so er end love the smell of lav ite. I our fav my of hearts is always s and dot ka pol particularly love the s.” rie the little button ber

6AW80 524/12 Vintage style clip closing spec cases /glasses cases. • RETAIL PRICE £9.99

6AW23 995/12 Pair greeting scented hearts • RETAIL PRICE £13.99


Retreat Home Autumn Winter 2011  

Retreat Home Autumn Winter 2011 Tel: 0870 8033 428 Our products are perfect for those who wish to surround themselves with beautiful home ac...

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