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6AW51 LOVE Patch cushions 9911/4 40x40cm cushions decorated with vintage fabric appliqued LOVE. The wholesale pack is made of 2 red cushion and 2 French grey cushions. 40x40cm • RETAIL PRICE £29.99 6AW48 Elf Applique Cushion 8921/4 Ivory linen cushion decorated with an appliqued and embroidered winter scene with Christmas Elf. The cushion is backed in grey gingham. 33x40cm. • RETAIL PRICE £32.99 3AW34 Appliquéd heart cushion 997/6 Red linen cushion piped in natural linen and decorated with an appliquéd linen heart. 30x30cm. • RETAIL PRICE £18.99 6AW47 Sweetie cushion 998/4 Ivory linen cushion backed in red polka dot and decorated with applique and embroidered lollipops, candy canes and sweeties.30x30cm. • RETAIL PRICE £22.99 6AW53 3 Vintage Heart Cushion 9901/4 French grey linen cushion. 33x40cm. • RETAIL PRICE £28.99 Spell out your heart’s desire with our ‘LOVE AND HAPPINESS’ cushions. Each cushion is pure natural linen, lined and piped in ivory. The words are spelt in rope calligraphy. Each is presented with a luxury feather pad. • RETAIL PRICE FOR A SET £79.99. 2SS09 8912/4 ‘LOVE’ cushion. 25x50cm. • RETAIL PRICE £35.00 2SS10 998/4 ‘AND’ cushion. 30x30cm. • RETAIL PRICE £19.99 2SS11 8912/4 ‘HAPPINESS’ cushion. 25x50cm. • RETAIL PRICE £35.00


Retreat Home Autumn Winter 2011  

Retreat Home Autumn Winter 2011 Tel: 0870 8033 428 Our products are perfect for those who wish to surround themselves with beautiful home ac...

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