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Stop wintry draughts from rattling doors with a pretty door-stop – and if it is sweetly scented with relaxing lavender, so much the better. Our doorstops are lavender scented and presented with our unique famine fighting filler. Measures 20x14x14cm. • RETAIL PRICE £29.99 6AW18 Stitched Tree Scent Doorstop 9921/4 French grey linen doorstop piped in red and decorated with an embroidered festive tree. 6AW17 Heart & Star House Doorstop 9921/4 Ivory linen, piped in red and decorated with an embroidered house of stars and hearts.

no interruptions

5 a few christmas cards to write So much more fun to do at a leisurely pace with personalized messages, rather than the usual last minute hastily scribbled note. 6AW36 Post tray 025/6 This tray is so popular we have two up in the office already. Handmade galvanised steel embossed with a laurel heart. The post tray measures 25x24cm. • RETAIL PRICE £13.00


Unplug the phone and hang up the signs, strictly Do Not Disturb. 6AW29 Gone to get my xmas tree sign 994/8 Ivory linen sign decorated with applique and embroidery. A lovely festive version of a do not disturb sign. Embroidered with the saying "Gone to get my Christmas Tree". The sign measures 20x15cm. • RETAIL PRICE £13.99


Retreat Home Autumn Winter 2011  

Retreat Home Autumn Winter 2011 Tel: 0870 8033 428 Our products are perfect for those who wish to surround themselves with beautiful home ac...

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