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Log Cabin Christmas


The Story of Mabel, Edward & Archie

6AW61 Mabel Hammered Metal Dec 982/12 Handmade Westie ‘Mabel’ decoration. The decoration is hand finished in nickel and dimpled by hand. Presented on a red gingham ribbon. Measures 9x11x1cm. • RETAIL PRICE £6.99

Meet little white Westie Mabel, adorable and oh so loving but with a very strong mind of her own. She and her friends Archie the playful pup (loves children) and Edward the haughty tabby cat (terribly spoiled) feature throughout this season’s collection, on spec cases, purses, cosmetic bags and cushions – Mabel even has her own blanket. All three are cute as buttons. For photos of the real animals, visit our website!

“Dogs come when they are called. Cats take a message and get back to you” Mary Bly


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