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making a difference TEACHING DURING COVID-19




We have completely online options available for all of our general education courses.


Our synchronous and hybrid formats have on-campus and online components so you can attend traditionally and/or virtually, depending on your schedule and seat availability in keeping with social distancing guidelines. OCtech uses the Meeting Owl – a smart conference camera that captures 360° real-time video and audio for engaging distance learning – in its synchronous courses, so you’ll feel a part of the class even from home. Additionally, all class lectures are recorded, giving you the added benefit of being able to refer back to lessons as needed.


Options for on-campus classes exist in every subject, and all of our lab classes continue to deliver the experience and training you deserve in smaller, socially distanced settings. OCtech offers many excellent programs that prepare you to enter the workforce with a solid career, while our relationships with colleges and universities statewide make transferring to a four-year institution easy and save you a lot of money.

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Michael Rast with Electronic Instrumentation Technology student Tyrell Boyd (seated)

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See how you can train for jobs in expanding industries, upgrade your skills or jump-start your four-year degree. Whether you’re a junior in high school or have been in the workforce for decades, Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College offers many ways to help you realize your full potential. No matter your career ambitions or comfort level with returning to school, OCtech’s online and flexible face-to-face classes and labs make it easy to fit college around your work, family, childcare and other obligations or health concerns.

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“I’m a hands-on person, so still having labs on campus and getting that experience is great. We use the Owl in psychology. You can either jump online and stream the class or you can go to class on campus. Even though I’m staying online for psychology because that fits best with my schedule this semester, I still feel like I’m a part of the class. My English instructor records the lectures and puts them up along with other supplemental information. I really don’t feel like I’ve missed anything at OCtech since the pandemic began.” MICHAEL RAST Engineering Design Technology

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EXPERIENCE THAT PAYS “With her willingness to help anyway she can, the accounting foundation she was able to build during her time at OCtech, and her drive to gain a deeper understanding of accounting and the operations of the company, I’m both thankful for Danielle’s contributions to CF Evans to date and excited for the ones she’ll make in the future.” CHAZ FRIENDLY CFO of CF Evans Construction

The experience Danielle Cason gained in OCtech’s Accounting program has helped tremendously in her work as an accounts payable clerk at CF Evans Construction. “One semester for Dr. Kat Dooley’s tax class, we prepared taxes for the public, and in one of Ms. Marilyn Amaker’s classes, we volunteered our knowledge and time for a project at a local business,” she said. “This introduced us to public interaction and let us help others.” Danielle said those practical service projects and the extra support she and her classmates received in the classroom were keys to her success. “My instructors were supportive and always so helpful,” she said. “I felt like I could go to them and get help when I needed it. I knew they would give me the information I needed and show me if I was doing something wrong or tell me that I needed to do it a different way. They were willing to work one on one with you, and an accounting tutor was available if you needed extra help. My accounting classmates were a great help, too. We would work together as a team to help each other.” While at OCtech, Danielle was a work-study in the bookstore and volunteered in the college’s SIFE – or Students in Free Enterprise – team store, which sold gently used interview clothing to students. She finished the program in December 2016, got another job in the field shortly thereafter and has been at CF Evans since June 2019. “Some of my responsibilities include paying out subcontractors, reimbursing employees, entering job costs throughout the month and helping with the bank reconciliations,” she said. “I also process our Lowe’s account, and pay out material and supplier vendors. I prioritize my responsibilities each week to make the best use of my time possible.” Danielle said she appreciated the small class sizes at OCtech. She came to the college the fall after she graduated from Calhoun Academy, in 2014. “The smaller classes make your college experience feel more personal,” she said. “You can start here, get your associate degree, and if you want to add on, then transfer. It will help you save money in the long run and gives you time to know for sure what you want to do.”


“OCtech is a great place to earn your degree. It prepared me well.”

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

CONTACT Dr. Kathleen Dooley Accounting Instructor 803.535.1314 | dooleyk@octech.edu

median annual salary for bookkeeping, accounting and auditing clerks in S.C. in 2019


median annual salary for computer network support specialists in S.C. in 2019

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics


“I got what I needed from OCtech.” CURTIS MACK

BUILDING A SECURE FUTURE When Curtis Mack graduated from Bethune-Bowman High School in 1997, he went to South Carolina State University to study digital media. “I had a partial scholarship, and I was drawing and painting and creating a lot of cartoons and stuff,” he said. “I thought that was what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, but it wasn’t. It’s what everybody else wanted me to do. I was good at it, but I didn’t have a passion for it. I really don’t like drawing.” Curtis took a step back to think about his long-term goals. He enjoyed and was good at working with computers. Knowing he needed a career to support his family, Curtis returned to school and graduated from OCtech’s Information Technology program in 2013. For nearly six years, he has worked with Orangeburg Consolidated School District Five, now a part of Orangeburg County School District, in the IT department. “My job is to make sure our

information is safe on the network and all of the policies are in place,” the technology security support specialist said. Curtis attributes much of his success to the confidence instilled in him by his OCtech instructors. “I learned a lot from them, but not only that, they have become my friends,” he said. “I still have a relationship with them. As a student, when I was afraid of certain aspects of technology, like computer programming, they’d tell me, ‘Hey, you can do this. You’ve just got to focus.’ Those little talks really helped. Now, if there’s something I don’t know, I’m like, ‘Hey, I can do this. It’s only a computer. I’m not going to break it.’” One of his former instructors, Eric Ham, is now his boss at OCSD. “Coming from a four-year school to OCtech, I saw the difference in the teaching,” Curtis said. “OCtech was more hands on. I actually got to touch the technology. Those experiences prepared me for questions I had in job

interviews, knowing how the technology worked and having actually done it versus just reading about it in a book.” Curtis said his 10th-grade son has noticed how much OCtech helped his dad succeed. “He wants to go into technology,” Curtis said. “He wants to go to a technical college so he can get hands-on experience. He has seen firsthand what it did for me. I’m not influencing him one way or the other. He’s making his own decision, and I’m proud of him for that.” “If you don’t know what your life plans or your passions are, then go to a technical college,” Curtis said. “It’s only two years. If you figure it out, you can finish there or transfer to a four-year college. If you’re going into a technical career, then I believe you shouldn’t even consider going to a university because you get all of the training and experience you need for the job at a technical college.”

C O N TAC T L a t r i c e S i n g l e t a r y, C o m p u te r Te c h n o l o g y P ro g r a m C o o rd i n a to r | 8 0 3 . 5 3 5 .1 3 91 | s i n g l e t a r y l @ o c te c h . e d u

Early Childhood


shley Bailey already had a bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of South Carolina Aiken when she started OCtech’s Early Childhood Education program. Her goal was to open an all-night daycare for parents working the night shift. “The year before I graduated, Mr. Xennie Weeks and Ms. Babs Hughes told me I needed to think about teaching,” she said. “I never really thought about it because that wasn’t my goal when I started. I’m thinking more about it now.” Soon after graduating in May 2019, Ashley was hired as a 4K lead teacher at Head Start. “I felt very prepared when I left OCtech,” she said. “We had a capstone class at the end of the program, and that really helped. From day one, the first-grade teacher I worked with at Bethune-Bowman Elementary School had me interacting with the kids, doing lessons, breaking the students up into small groups. By the time Mr. Weeks came to observe my lesson, I had a routine. I wasn’t putting on a show for him.” Ashley worked at Head Start until mid-March, when in-person classes stopped because of COVID-19, and finished the school year virtually with her students. When Head Start began virtual classes this fall, she stepped down from her position so that she could make sure her sixth-grade son, Jamari, was successful in his own virtual learning. “I plan on going back,” Ashley said. “I miss the kids.” The 2004 Holly Hill-Roberts High School graduate said the relationships she forged with her instructors at OCtech are still strong.

“They treat you like family,” she said. “When I went to USC Aiken, I never had a one-on-one relationship with any of the instructors. I didn’t know that existed. The classes at OCtech were small, and Mr. Weeks and Ms. Hughes made them fun. They have an open-door policy, and they care about you. They want to see you do well.” Ashley said their interactive, hands-on teaching style made her want to emulate that in her own classroom. “I want my kids to feel how I felt when they came in with something new,” she said. “The way they introduced a lesson, it had you on your toes. You were ready to learn.” From creating bulletin boards and learning how to communicate with parents to working at daycares and in schools, Ashley said all of the skills she gained at OCtech were helpful.

“The classes are like stepping stones that help you get to where you need to be. When you get on the job, you learn even more, but OCtech sets the tone. I got experience.” “I didn’t know the benefits of a two-year college when I was in high school,” she said. “Take the time to look into it. Earn college credits while you’re in high school so when you get to OCtech, you don’t have to be there for two years. Then you can go to a four-year college if you want to. If you don’t know what you want to do, go to a two-year college. You can get out without investing too much time and money.”

Educationmaking a difference T his is Maranda Rigden’s first year as a kindergarten teacher at Westview Primary School in Goose Creek. “At first, it was chaotic, but we’re in the groove of things now and I love it,” she said. “Week one was probably the most stressful because I didn’t know what to expect as a new teacher and then also having blended learning because of COVID-19. Twenty of my kids come to my class every day. I only have two virtual now. It’s kind of difficult, because you have to keep your eyes on your kids in the classroom and make sure they’re focused and learning as well as the students who have so many distractions at home that you can’t control, but you do your best. We make it work.” The 2010 Orangeburg Preparatory Schools graduate first came to OCtech right out of high school. She always wanted to be a teacher, but at the urging of family and friends, she started working toward a nursing degree instead. “I didn’t like it at all,” Maranda said. “I got anxiety every day. I ended up getting my certified nursing assistant license, but I never used it. It just wasn’t for me.” When she came back to OCtech in 2014, she decided to follow her passion. “With teaching, I have definitely found my calling,” she said. “I knew I didn’t want to teach any older than maybe second grade. Little ones are my calling. They just want to please you and are so excited to learn.” After finishing OCtech’s Early Childhood Education program, Maranda took some time off and worked at a daycare and the Orangeburg YMCA. She graduated cum laude with her bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education in May from the University of South Carolina. “I was kind of nervous about going back to school, but it was a great transition,” she said. “I wish I had done it sooner.” Maranda credits her time at OCtech and the encouragement of her instructors there with pushing her to continue her education. “Mr. Xennie Weeks was my inspiration,” she said. “He and Ms. Jo Ellen Ott actually care about their students. They gave me the kind of boost my confidence needed. They respected me as a student.” Maranda said she still uses some of the projects she made during OCtech classes in her own kindergarten classroom, including an interactive weather chart. “OCtech more than prepared me for Carolina,” she said. “Because I took so many education classes there, I didn’t have a heavy education course load at USC.

OCtech gave me the confidence that I could do it. I felt almost more prepared than those who started as freshmen at Carolina because I had my associate degree, and I knew a lot of them were fretting over courses I had already taken.” Not only did OCtech prepare Maranda for the next steps – it also helped her adjust to college life closer to home. “It was the smartest choice for me because I was not ready to go to a four-year college,” she said. “I wasn’t ready to buckle down like I needed to. OCtech gives you that balance. I would go home every day and get my studies out of the way. Going to

a big university, there are so many distractions. It taught me responsibility in a way that prepared me for Carolina. I knew I had to do my work, and I enjoyed learning about what I was learning. It wasn’t a chore for me to go to school.” “OCtech is a smart choice,” Maranda said. “It gave me confidence. I’m making a difference in these kids’ lives. I’m so glad OCtech was a part of my journey.” CONTACT Babs Hughes Early Childhood Development Program Coordinator 803.535.1423 | hughesba@octech.edu

“They showed me what good teachers could be, and they made me realize that was something I wanted to do, too -- to make a difference in someone else’s life.”


median annual salary for welders in S.C. in 2019

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Skills for life



hen Calhoun County High School seniors Myron Fields and Konnor Whitfield graduate in the spring, they will be just a few classes short of a Welding/Industrial Maintenance degree from OCtech. “They already have their Basic Welding certificate, and now they’re working on their Intermediate Welding certificate,” said Waylon Ulmer, program coordinator. “When they get done this year, they won’t have long to finish their associate degree.” Apart from the occasional burn, Konnor said he really enjoys welding. “My sister’s boyfriend is a welder, and he asked me one day if I wanted to try. I gave it a shot and really liked it,” he said. “When I went back to school that year, they had just started

offering the program, so I signed up.” On October 22, Konnor joined three other local high school students who signed contracts with Husqvarna Group and Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation during OCtech’s first Youth Apprenticeship Signing Day. As youth apprentices, they will gain valuable, realworld job experience while earning a paycheck before they graduate from high school. Konnor is a welding youth apprentice at Nephron. “This is definitely something worth doing,” he said. “It’s hard, but it gives you satisfaction, especially when you get it right.” Konnor said the best thing about taking welding through OCtech’s Early College is the fact that he’s earning so many hours toward a degree while he’s still in high school.

“By the time this year is over, I’ll have 40 credit hours,” he said. “I’m getting my degree, basically, for free. The instructors are great. They’re thorough and teach you what you need to know.” Ulmer said high school is the perfect time for young people to explore their career options. “It’s a good way to figure out if this is something they want to do or not,” he said. “The welding field is booming and probably will be for the next 10 years. Those who go into it will make great money and have great travel opportunities.” Myron said his interest in welding was piqued during a family project to build a grill. “My granddad was a welder, and my dad welds things here and there,” he said. “I like working with my hands.”

“This really is perfect, because welding is a trade that won’t go away. It’s a skill you will have for a lifetime, something that you will always be able to find a job in.” MYRON FIELDS Myron is now taking his new skills to another level, building small projects to sell. “I’m trying to build a miniature grill, and I’m also thinking about making trailers,” he said. “The instructors at OCtech take the time to coach you and make sure you’re doing everything right. They try to teach you as best they can. The biggest thing with welding is to be safe and use common sense. If you enjoy creating things, it’s great.” Ulmer said his Early College students are doing a great job. “They’re in the welding booth four hours a day. That’s a lot,” he said. “You’ve got to be pretty motivated, and these students are.” Ulmer said those interested in the field should keep in mind the truth about the trade. “Make sure you understand what it involves,” he said. “Welding is hot, dirty, nasty and sweaty. You’re going to get cold. You may get wet. You may get burned, but it’s all worth it if you stick it out.” “I don’t take shortcuts. Even with these kids, you’re at a higher level of learning. They are treated like adults. This is the real world,” Ulmer said. “I wish they had this program when I was in high school. I would have done it in a heartbeat.” CONTACT Waylon Ulmer Welding Program Coordinator 803.535.1299 | ulmercw1@octech.edu


DUAL CREDIT COURSES count toward your high school requirements


are in addition to your high school requirements Early College courses are offered on campus, online and at area high schools. Credits transfer to all public and most private colleges and universities in South Carolina, and can be used toward a degree, diploma or certificate from OCtech in a number of high-demand career fields. Visit octech.edu/academics/early-college to learn more!

CONTACT Deborah Cooper-Davis Early College Director 803.535.1409 | davisdl@octech.edu


n Accounting n Automotive Technology n Business Administration n Computer Programming/Code n Criminal Justice n Early Childhood and Education n Education/University Transfer n Engineering Design Technology n Engineering

Technology/Instrumentation n Logistics n Machine Tool Technology n Mechatronics/Advanced Manufacturing n Network Security/Cybersecurity n Nursing and Health Science n Professional Truck Driving Preparation n Soils and Sustainable Crops

(Agriculture-Clemson Transfer) n University Transfer: Associate

and Arts/Associate of Science n Welding


EarlyColle e Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College

Certified Nursing Assistant student Taylor Akin

CONTACT Susan Chavis Associate Degree Nursing Program Coordinator 803.535.1294 | chavissa@octech.edu


where I ’m supposed to be “The simulation labs are phenomenal. You’re not working with real patients, but you have real patient scenarios, and it shows you how to critically think.” JESSICA HARDISON


arning an Associate Degree in Nursing was always a goal for Jessica Hardison. “My oldest, Triston, was a baby when I was at OCtech the first time, and I just couldn’t handle it,” she said. “It was a lot of stress, having a one-year-old and then having to study and go to clinicals.” Jessica stayed in the medical field, working in doctor’s offices and at the Regional Medical Center, but she still wanted to fulfill her dream of becoming a registered nurse. Fifteen years after she was last at OCtech, Jessica decided it was time to try again. She had already taken many of the classes she needed to get into the ADN program, so she called the college in

spring 2018 just to see what her next steps would be. “And I got really lucky,” Jessica said. “I applied in May. I got waitlisted in June, and I got a call in July. They said, ‘Oh, by the way, you’re starting school next month.’ It all happened superfast, but I’m glad it did.” While at OCtech, Jessica was president of the college’s Student Nurses’ Association chapter, a member of Phi Theta Kappa, served on the Student Advisory Board, and received OCtech Foundation scholarships as well as RMC’s Virginia B. Johnson Nursing Scholarship. Jessica graduated from the ADN program in May and is now a registered nurse with Edisto Home Care & Hospice. “They needed a nurse, so I got in touch with them,” she said. “I told them I already had a job – I was an emergency room tech while I was in school and wanted to stay in the emergency room – but I said I would be glad to do PRN as needed for them. I went for an interview and got hired two days later. I ended up falling in love with the work I was doing at hospice, and I’ve been there full time since June 22. It’s where I’m supposed to be.” Triston, Jessica’s now 19-year-old son, is in his second year of OCtech’s

“I am in awe of the knowledge Jessica has in the nursing field, especially in the hospice arena. Her self-motivation and problem-solving skills are exemplary. Our patients speak very highly of her bedside skills and knowledge. She meets them where they are and adds the calming factor hospice prides itself upon. I am delighted to have Jessica on our team.” MELINDA JACKSON, owner of Edisto Home Care & Hospice

Welding/Industrial Maintenance program. He will graduate in July. “He loves his classes,” she said. “I have to encourage him some with the online learning part for his general education classes, but as far as getting to school for his welding labs, I’ve never had to worry about it. He loves the hands-on work.” Jessica and her classmates were in the final semester of the ADN program when the COVID-19 pandemic began in the spring. “We basically finished our last couple of months online,” she said. “We did online simulations, online lectures and Zoom meetings for class. The instructors were amazing. They were all helpful and easy to contact. They were there for us every step of the way.” Jessica said she chose OCtech years ago and came back because of the quality of the college’s ADN program. “The simulation labs really help you gain hands-on experience before you go out into the field,” she said. “You get all of your nerves out while you’re still in school, not on the job or by yourself. Although my class didn’t get to do much in the new nursing building, I would say it’s probably one of the best nursing training facilities in the state.”


one semester

CERTIFIED NURSING ASSISTANT Learn personal care and emotional support skills that will enable you to work with elderly and acutely ill patients confined to hospitals, short-term intermediate care facilities and long-term care institutions. Add phlebotomy and electrocardiography credentials to become a patient care technician in a year.


median annual salary for registered nurses in S.C. in 2019 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Jessica is now in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program at Claflin University, where she also received a nursing scholarship. She’ll graduate July 2021. Her goal is to become a nurse practitioner.

“I want to keep working at hospice, just transitioning roles,” Jessica said. “From speaking with nurses from other technical schools in the state, OCtech has way more contacts with clinical sites. OCtech’s program is also a shorter amount of time

for the same credentials that you would get at a four-year college. You get your foot in the door with a nursing job after you graduate, and then you can work and take online classes for your bachelor’s degree. It’s the best way to become a nurse.”


Learn skills necessary to care for critically ill and injured patients, including airway management, patient assessment and trauma care.

three semesters


Learn basic patient care, blood collection and electrocardiography skills that will prepare you to work in hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, laboratories and physicians’ offices. Students who possess a current South Carolina certified nursing assistant license may proceed directly into phlebotomy and ECG courses. Dialysis courses are also available.


HEALTH SCIENCE+NURSING CAREERS PREP prepares you to enter an OCtech Associate of Applied Science program in Associate Degree Nursing, Physical Therapist Assistant or Radiologic Technology or diploma program in Practical Nursing or Medical Assisting. Students also earn a Certified Nursing Assistant certification and have the option to earn additional professional certifications. We have two tracks to get you where you want to be in healthcare. Both are designed to help you earn required general education credits while equipping you for admission into the competitive program of your choice.

HEALTH SCIENCE+NURSING CAREERS UNIVERSITY TRANSFER PREP puts you on track to enter one of our competitive programs, but gives you the added advantage of taking additional courses and transferring to a four-year college following licensure.

When Taylor McCaw graduated from Branchville High School in 2018, she knew just what she wanted to do. “I knew I didn’t want to go to a big college,” she said. “OCtech is perfect for me.” Taylor is in her second semester of the Physical Therapist Assistant program and said she absolutely loves it. “It’s tough, but you learn a lot,” she said. “We do a lot of hands-on practice in the lab, and they offer so much clinical experience. I’ve heard OCtech graduates are way more prepared and advanced than graduates from other technical schools.” Before joining the PTA program, Taylor took all of her prerequisite courses as part of the college’s Health Science and Nursing Careers Prep program. “That was great, because now I only need to focus on my PTA classes,” she said. “I enjoy the PTA program because you can help people and improve their quality of life. The instructors are great. Even with everything going on right now with COVID-19, they do their best to give you extra time in the lab to practice your skills and be ready.” Taylor’s hard work is paying off. She is the recipient of this year’s Fishing for Friends Foundation Scholarship, given annually to a PTA student. “That scholarship has helped me tremendously,” she said. “Because of it, I can afford everything I need to be successful in the program.” Taylor started clinicals in Manning this fall. Although nervous, she said she was more than ready to begin using the skills she has already gained in the PTA program. “I really feel like OCtech is preparing me for the workforce,” she said.


median annual salary for physical therapist assistants in S.C. in 2019

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

CONTACT Lynn Fralix Physical Therapist Assistant Program Coordinator 803.535.1305 | fralixlw@octech.edu Dr. Stefanie Gadson Brown Dean of Healthcare Preparation and Workforce 803.535.1380 | gadsonsc@octech.edu


median annual salary for engineering technicians in S.C. in 2019 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics


As a reliability technician at Shaw Industries Plant 8S in Columbia, Joshua Haggood uses the skills he learned in OCtech’s Electronic Instrumentation Technology program to ensure the instruments and machines that control manufacturing processes work. “OCtech gave me everything that I needed to be successful on the job,” he said. “You always come into a job with a certain amount of nervousness, but then it starts clicking. You’re able to use the knowledge and foundation they gave you. You go back to the fundamentals, and that’s what OCtech provided me with, the fundamentals. As long as you have those

fundamentals, you can pretty much go anywhere with the job.” After graduating from Calhoun County High School, Joshua served in the Army for eight years. When he got out, he wanted to do something that closely related to his role in the military. “I worked in communication, so there was a lot of troubleshooting, and that’s exactly what we do on the job here,” Joshua said. “We identify the problem and try to fix it. It’s a constant challenge, and that’s what I look forward to. You could have the same situation, but it could be a completely different problem causing it. It challenges my mind. I get to stay very active.”

Joshua completed his co-op last spring at Shaw and was officially hired in August after completing the EIT program this summer. “I had a lot of great instructors. They were extremely helpful,” he said. “You get a lot done in two years, versus going through a four-year program where it would take you even longer to get into the hands-on training. Without OCtech, I wouldn’t have been able to land the position I have now at Shaw Industries.” “Going to OCtech also saves you a lot of money,” Joshua said. “I have friends who went to larger universities, and they’re still paying back their student loans.”

“If you’re looking to get into the workforce and be prepared, then I recommend a technical college. You really can’t go wrong.” JOSHUA HAGGOOD











ELIGIBILITY FOR FINANCIAL AID AND SCHOLARSHIPS IS BASED ON COMPLETION OF THE FAFSA. Visit the Cost and Financial Aid webpage at octech.edu for FAFSA workshop dates.


Academic Programs


ADVANCED MANUFACTURING llll llll llll llll llll llll llll llll llll llll llll llll llll llll

AGRICULTURE llll llll llll llll llll

llll Early Care&Education (FLEX Option)

Industrial Electronics Technology Machine Tool Technology Mechatronics Technology Welding/Industrial Maintenance Basic Electrician Industrial Electrician Production Operator Basic Industrial Maintenance Industrial Maintenance-Mechanical&Electrical I, II Mechatronics I, II, III Basic Welding Intermediate Welding Welding Fundamentals Lean Manufacturing (non-credit)

Agriculture/Business Agricultural Education Transfer-Clemson Food Science Transfer-Clemson Soils&Sustainable Crops Transfer-Clemson Sustainable Agriculture


8 llll Administrative Office Technology (FLEX Option) 8 llll Business Administration (FLEX Option) -- Accounting -- Enterprise Management 8 llll Business Administration Transfer-Citadel llll Hospitality&Tourism Transfer-USC Beaufort 8 llll Administrative Support (FLEX Option) 8 llll Basic Accounting (FLEX Option) 8 llll Logistics (FLEX Option)


8 llll Computer Technology

-- Computer Programming -- Network Security&Information Assurance 8 llll Database 8 llll Internetworking CISCO 8 llll Network Engineering MCSE 8 llll Network Specialist


-- Arts&Science Transfer

llll Teacher Education Transfer-Claflin, SCSU&USC -- Early Childhood Education (1 Year Option) -- Elementary Education -- Middle Level Education llll Early Childhood Development (FLEX Option) llll Early Childhood Development (FLEX Option)

ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY llll Electronics Engineering Technology

-- Electronic Instrumentation Technology -- Engineering Technology Programming llll Engineering Design Technology llll Computer Aided Design I, II (FLEX Option)


llll Physical Therapist Assistant llll Radiologic Technology llll Fire Science/Criminal Justice/EMT llll Medical Assisting/Administrative Office Tech llll Patient Care Technician/Biological Science llll Health Science&Nursing Careers Preparatory llll Health Science&Nursing Careers University Transfer Preparatory

llll University Transfer Pathway-MUSC llll Medical Assisting llll Emergency Medical Technician llll Patient Care Technician 8 llll Magnetic Resonance Imaging 8 llll Mammography


llll Associate Degree Nursing (Transition&FLEX Options) llll Health Science&Nursing Careers Preparatory llll Health Science&Nursing Careers University Transfer Preparatory

llll RN to BSN Transfer-USC Upstate llll Practical Nursing (FLEX Option) llll Certified Nursing Assistant


llll Automotive Technology llll Basic Diesel Maintenance llll Logistics (FLEX Option) llll Professional Truck Driving llll Undercar Specialist

8 llll Criminal Justice llll Fire Science/Criminal Justice/EMT UNIVERSITY TRANSFER 8 llll Criminal Justice Transfer-Citadel&USC Upstate 8 llll Associate of Arts llll Forensics 8 llll Associate of Science 8 llll Security 8 llll General Studies

Start here, go anywhere! If you’re planning to earn a bachelor’s degree, let OCtech’s Associate of Arts or Associate of Science programs help you along the way! Our customized agreements with four-year colleges statewide make working toward your bachelor’s degree easier than ever. More than 80 courses transfer to any S.C. public college or university and most private colleges in the state. Complete our specialized transfer programs and enter with guaranteed junior status at Claflin University, Clemson University, South Carolina State University, the University of South Carolina and others. Our academic advisors will assist you in choosing the right classes to meet your academic and transfer goals. We focus on the needs of first- and second-year college students, and our faculty is dedicated to providing instruction on a more individual basis than many larger four-year institutions. Our small classes offer more one-on-one attention to help you succeed. Did we mention the cost savings? You can save tens of thousands of dollars by earning all of your general education courses at OCtech! Choose ASSOCIATE OF ARTS if you’re interested in careers such as communications, visual or performing arts, or social sciences. Choose ASSOCIATE OF SCIENCE if you’re interested in careers such as engineering or medicine. Take any number of our University Transfer courses, from just a few to an entire associate degree. Get started today – call 803.535.1234!

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A DEGREE IN 3 SEMESTERS WITH 12 OR MORE HOURS Early College students and returning students with 12 or more general education credit hours can finish an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree in just three semesters! All courses are available online or in the traditional face-to-face format.




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Earning your degree at Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College can save you tens of thousands of dollars in tuition versus attending a four-year college.


In as little as 18 months, you could have your associate degree and the option to transfer to the S.C. public college of your choice. Online and hybrid classes fit your schedule.


Above-average pass rates on professional licensure exams, high-paying healthcare and industrial careers, and 100% job placement in many of our programs will have you working sooner and earning more than many four-year graduates.

Youth ApprenticeshipSigningDAY

Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College held its first Youth Apprenticeship Signing Day ceremony October 22, 2020.

Pictured are the four local high school students who signed youth apprenticeship contracts with Husqvarna Group and Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation, front row, from left, Konnor Whitfield – Calhoun County High School – Welding, Nephron; Dayzon Void – Orangeburg-Wilkinson High School – Machine Tool Technology, Husqvarna; Darnell Summers – High School for Health Professions – Welding, Husqvarna; and Erika Carter – Calhoun County High School – Mechatronics – Husqvarna. Pictured with the students are representatives from Husqvarna, Nephron, Apprenticeship Carolina and OCtech President Dr. Walt Tobin (back row center). These four students will gain valuable, real-world job experience while earning a paycheck before they graduate from high school. Youth apprenticeship opportunities are expanding at the college. Visit octech.edu/academics/early-college or apprenticeshipcarolina.com to learn more.


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