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Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College is committed to a policy of equal opportunity and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, pregnancy, age, disability or veteran status in employment, educational programs and activities, admissions and financial aid.

get a head aytiana James loves working with children and creating art. She hopes to one day combine those passions into a career as an elementary school art teacher. She’s one step closer to fulfilling that dream, thanks to octech’s early care and education program. aytiana said the flexibility of the program allows her to continue her studies while working full time at wright way child development center in eutawville. with her degree, aytiana will be able to work as a lead teacher at the head Start facility. “when i was in 10th grade, i helped my mom over the summer at a daycare and i really liked it,” she said. “i got my cda (child development associate) credential when i started working at wright way about

Start on your education a year-and-a-half ago. i’ve worked in the infant room, 2k, 3k and early head Start, so i’ve been around. i love seeing the kids’ facial expressions when they learn something new, and they’re always learning something new.” The college’s ece and early childhood development are among the programs that offer a mix of on-campus and online coursework with morning and evening attendance options available for each class. Students can choose the time that best fits their schedule from day to day and complete an associate degree in as little as five semesters. Students across all disciplines can take advantage of the ultimate flexibility offered by octech’s general education courses,

which are available completely online. aytiana attends classes at the college two nights a week. “This is my first year working with our 4k program. it’s just like the 4k programs at any school, so i have to work from 8 to 3, during their school hours,” the 2017 lake Marion high School graduate said. “i’m taking four classes this semester. with octech’s program, i’m able to leave wright way and go straight to the college and do my work after school. The instructors are great, and i’m reviewing and building on what i learned from my cda credential. This is preparing me for the future.” CONTACT Babs Hughes Early Childhood Education Program Coordinator 803.535.1423 |

flex optionS

ASSOCIATE DEGREES l Administrative Office Technology l Business Administration - Accounting - Enterprise Management l Early Care and Education DIPLOMAS l Administrative Support l Early Childhood Development CERTIFICATES l Basic Accounting l Early Childhood Development l Logistics

four-year graates Back to School for Better Jobs our technical college training gave these men new career opportunities alex Boykin knew it was time to go back to school when he lost his economic development job during the recession in 2009. “i needed to reboot,” said alex, who received a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies from the university of South carolina in 2006. “i remembered getting feedback from existing industries on how hard it was for them to find skilled workers. i had done electrical work in the past, some light commercial work, so it was not a difficult decision to go into electronic instrumentation at octech. They basically have 100 percent job placement and the earning potential was good.” alex had a job with Showa denko before he graduated from octech in 2011. he’s been there ever since. “i started out my very first day making more money than i was making as the director of economic development for Bamberg county,” he said. “if you’re willing to get your

hands dirty, it’s a very satisfying, fulfilling and potentially lucrative career.” while his octech degree is the one that got him in the door, alex said his four-year degree hasn’t been worthless. in fact, his bachelor’s degree helped him advance to his current position as maintenance supervisor at Showa denko. “The path that the four-year degree put me down didn’t have near as many options as the path that the octech degree did,” he said. “having the four-year degree in my back pocket has been beneficial, but even that cannot overcome the technical education and skills that you leave octech with or your personal performance in the workplace.” alex has worked with many octech eet graduates over the years and said they all have the same skills in common. “The college really goes into depth with plcs (programmable logic controllers), which are the real gist of the program,” he said.

“graduates have already performed pressure and temperature calibrations in the lab. They are prepared. The day they graduate and hit the road, the octech guys are already dangerous.” “i had never set foot inside of a heavy manufacturing plant that required safety shoes and glasses and a hard hat,” alex said. “when i graduated and went to Showa denko, i was ready to contribute from day one, and i did.” he said by the time young people graduate from high school, they should have a feel for what they’re naturally good at doing. “find a mentor and do some soul searching,” he said. “you need to be very, very honest with yourself. if you’re not going to apply to law school or major in education because you want to become a teacher, if you’re not going to specialize somehow at a university so that you come out of there with a specific skill set and contribute to a company, then you don’t need to go.”

“The days of going to Carolina and getting a generic four-year degree are over. You can go to OCtech and the day you walk across the stage, you can drive to a hospital or a plant and immediately contribute to that company. I can’t say enough good things about OCtech. If you are willing to help yourself, they are willing to help you.” - ALEX BOYKIN ryan Salley – who graduated from The citadel with a degree in health, exercise and sports science in 2013 and was a member of the college’s prestigious Summerall guards – found himself in the electronics engineering technology program after working for a year as a recreational therapist at an adolescent drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation center. “My perspective, coming out of high school, was you had to go to a four-year college to get a good job, but that’s not true,” he said. “in this day and age, it’s so important to be specialized and have skills. welding, instrumentation, mechatronics, nursing are all specialized trades. There are so many opportunities out there once you get that degree, and these jobs pay very well. we’ve got guys in our shop who went straight to octech right out of high school who are 21, 22 years old and making a very good living. Most of them still live with their parents, so they’re just stashing all of this money away and could easily retire in their 50s.” ryan has been an electrical instrumentation technician at international paper for three years. “My four-year degree will help me in the future, but i tell people all of the time how much i enjoy what i’m doing right now, working with my tools and my hands. i can’t imagine doing anything else,” he said. There’s a whole generation of workers not only at international paper, but industries all over the state, that is preparing to retire in the near future, ryan said. “we’re losing a lot of the guys in our shop over the next several years,” he said. “They don’t want to wait for them to retire to hire people to fill those positions. They’re going to start hiring new workers first so they can get some experience under their belt before those guys retire. This is definitely a good time to get into the trades.”


median annual salary for engineering technicians in S.C. in 2018 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics


median annual salary for mechanical drafters in S.C. in 2018 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

CAD drafts success

Dylan Spires, Harley Lawson, Pressley Smith, Walker Whalen, Logan Cooper, Dalton Farman, Davis Williams and Hunter Warren


hen engineering design technology program coordinator david odom was approached about letting eight calhoun academy seniors take his fundamentals of cad class this semester, he didn’t hesitate. “They came in here very prepared,” Mr. odom said. “halfway through the semester, they had completed what we usually do in a semester. They learned the basics of computer-aided design, about sketching and creating four different views of a part and the blueprints for each part. They now have a drawing portfolio that they can share.” Mr. odom said the students come to his lab four afternoons a week to work in the class versus typically one day a week for the rest of his students. “They have the record right now for finishing the class,” he said. with half the semester left to fill, Mr. odom decided to give the group a special project – building a robotic cat. “They’re separated into two teams, and each team has to produce a certain amount

of drawings and 3d models. They’ll put those together and create motion,” he said. “They’re going through the whole manufacturing process, from design to prototype to the finished product. They’re getting to use the 3d printer and maybe the cnc (computer numerical control) machine if we get a chance.” hunter warren and davis williams said their first class at octech has been a great learning experience. “we’re building every single part of the cat, including the motor, the battery tray – everything,” davis said. “i like it. it’s much better than taking a math or english class.” hunter said he likes the size of the college and is considering octech’s Mechatronics technology program next fall. “it’s not too big, and everybody knows everybody,” he said. “The instructors are willing to help you if you need it.” walker whalen was already leaning toward a major in engineering, and taking the cad course affirmed his decision. “That’s why i chose this class, to figure

out if it’s really what i want to go into, and i think it might be,” he said. “i’ve applied to a couple of colleges, but i would be completely happy coming to octech. it’s different than i thought it would be.” while logan cooper isn’t sure he’ll end up at octech after graduation, his experience on campus this semester was helpful. “it showed me what college will be like and what i like to do,” he said. Mr. odom said he’s watched the group grow quite a bit this semester and has even taken the opportunity to show them different program areas at the college. “They were a bit reserved and quiet in the beginning, but then they started getting to know other students in the class and made friends with quite a few of them,” he said. “They’re a great bunch of guys. i’d take eight of them any day.” CONTACT David Odom Engineering Design Technology Program Coordinator 803.268.2547 |

for high School StudentS

Save tiMe & Money

earn college credits before you finish high school early college helps motivated high school students save money, begin a degree, experience a smoother transition into college and be more competitive in the college application process. choose from dual credit courses that count toward your high school requirements or concurrent courses that enhance your transfer opportunities and career interests. early college classes are offered at local high schools and career centers, on campus and online. credits transfer to all public and most private colleges and universities in South carolina, and can be used toward a degree, diploma or certificate from octech in a number of high-demand career fields. all students – public, private and home school – who qualify are eligible for tuition assistance through Sc winS, a new scholarship program designed to address workforce shortages in South carolina. Talk to your high school counselor about Early College today! Visit to learn more.

“I’m taking four Early College classes this semester, so I’m having to learn how to balance my time between my OCtech classes, my classes at the high school and my extracurricular activities. It’s worth it because I’m earning college credits and it won’t take me as long to get my associate and bachelor’s degrees in nursing. I would say take advantage of Early College while you have the time. If you don’t, it’s going to take you longer to reach your goals.” TYLISHA BRUCE High School for Health Professions









A DEGREE IN 3 SEMESTERS CONTACT Deborah Cooper-Davis Early College Director 803.535.1409 |

Early College students Logan Cooper, Walker Whalen and Davis Williams

WITH 12 OR MORE HOURS Early College students and returning students with 12 or more general education credit hours can finish an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree in just three semesters! All courses are available online or in the traditional face-to-face format.

community dylan lee has always wanted to be in law enforcement. he didn’t missed a beat working toward that goal. after graduating from hunter-kinard-tyler high School in 2015, he came straight to octech and earned an associate degree in criminal Justice in May 2017. “i had to wait a year after i graduated to work at the orangeburg county Sheriff ’s office because i had to be 21 years old to apply,” he said. “i put in for a job on my 21st birthday, May 9, 2018, and got hired that September. i worked the road for a few months and went to the South carolina criminal Justice academy in January. i graduated from there on april 12th, and i’ve been patrolling by myself ever since.” Maintaining law and order is in dylan’s blood. his dad was a sheriff ’s deputy before becoming a sergeant with the S.c. department of natural resources. an aunt is a lawyer, and another serves in the criminal justice field, as well. dylan chose octech to begin his college journey because it was close to home and he could enter the workforce quickly. “i wanted to hurry up and get in the field,” he said. “i don’t like being in a classroom, and for me, this is something i’ve always wanted to do. if i had gone to a four-year college, i would just now be getting out of school. i’ve already been working for a year and i love it. it’s something new every day.” The hands-on aspect of octech’s program was another plus. “i enjoyed the criminal investigations class, the labs and learning about criminal law,” dylan said. “every instructor i had was good, and they made going to class fun. i liked that the program was very hands-on. we’d set up a crime scene outside and work it, learn how to take fingerprints or identify shoe prints. The only experience you get at some four-year colleges is a police ride along. at octech, you go straight into the history of criminal justice and get hands-on practice. having that immediate study of criminal justice kept me wanting to come back and learn everything. it had me excited to go to class.” dylan plans to begin columbia college’s online bachelor’s degree program in criminal justice this spring. “Starting at octech, i had a general idea of how things are done. That helped a lot,” he said. “The academy and anybody in law enforcement will tell you that no matter what college you go to, the academy is going to teach you something different, and when you leave the academy and get back to your department, the department is going to teach you different from the academy. There are a million ways to police, but the laws are the same. octech gave me a good foundation.” Since joining ocSo, dylan has made the Swat – Special weapons and tactics – unit and the bloodhound tracking team. “i also love doing traffic,” he said. “i’m a firm believer that proactivity stops a lot of crime. i’m big on community policing. i keep stuff in my car that i can give to little kids who are going through a traumatic event, a little stuffed animal or a toy, something they can remember us by. i’m only 22 years old. i like being in law enforcement so young because maybe i can help kids get on the right path. it’s all about what you put your mind to.”

SPRING STARTS Associate in Arts or Science Business Administration Certified Nursing Assistant Computer Technology Criminal Justice Early Care and Education Electronics Engineering Technology Emergency Medical Technician Engineering Design Technology Industrial Electronics Technology Machine Tool Technology Mammography (advanced certification) Mechatronics Technology Patient Care Technician Welding Technology


median annual salary for police and sheriff’s patrol officers in S.C. in 2018

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

CONTACT Billy Ethridge Criminal Justice Program Coordinator 803.535.1309 |

it’s as eaSyas

1 2 3


Certified Nursing Assistant

Pictured are 2019 Associate Degree Nursing graduates Margo Welch, Myeshia Steward, Sarah Fanning and Morgan Hughey. Now is the time to get your admissions packet ready for our competitive Nursing and Health Science programs. Visit to learn more.

octech reconnect

Did you leave OCtech without finishing a program of study for one of the following reasons? If so, let us help you get back on track by creating a customized re-entry plan just for you!

do you need a fresh start? you’ve realized the value of college and are ready to give it another try. we can help with: • academic forgiveness of previous coursework • Student Success center support • Scholarships • Short-term training through continuing education

do you have a balance that’s preventing you from re-enrolling? debt management and relief options are available. we can help with: • individualized payment plans • tuition reimbursement through your employer • debt forgiveness

do you have some college credits, but nothing to show for them? it’s time to finish what you started! we can help with: • online, flexible and hybrid courses • certificate and diploma programs for quick credentials

enjoy the career you’ve always wanted – call Student Services at 803.535.1224 to learn more.

Learn personal care and emotional support skills that will enable you to work with elderly and acutely ill patients confined to hospitals, short-term intermediate care facilities and long-term care institutions. Add phlebotomy and electrocardiography credentials to become a patient care technician in a year.


Emergency Medical Technician

Learn skills necessary to care for critically ill and injured patients, including airway management, patient assessment and trauma care.


Patient Care Technician

Learn basic patient care, blood collection and electrocardiography skills that will prepare you to work in hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, laboratories and physicians’ offices. Students who possess a current South Carolina certified nursing assistant license may proceed directly into phlebotomy and ECG courses. Dialysis courses are also available. CONTACT Cindy Mooney Nursing and Health Science Coordinator 803.535.1279

DRAW A CAREER IN HEALTHCARE Jaquise dunn started and stopped college twice before coming to octech, first at a four-year school in her hometown of detroit and later at a community college in florida. when Jaquise moved to elloree a few years ago, her uncle convinced her to give college one more try. She said attending octech has been one of the best decisions she’s made. “i was interested in phlebotomy and i saw that octech offered a class, but then i saw that it was under the patient care technician program. i thought, ‘ok, why not just do the whole program?’” Jaquise said. “now, i don’t want to stop here. i want to get my bachelor’s, maybe in health science. i’ve never really considered nursing before, but now that i’m at a hospital and i work around them a lot, i think maybe i can do that, too. i don’t know yet. i’m still just weighing my options.” Jaquise, who works full time as a phlebotomist for Quest diagnostics at the regional Medical center, is just a few classes shy of an associate degree in patient care technician/health Science. She’s taking two online and one face-to-face class this semester. “The instructors here are great,” she said. “They go the extra mile to make sure you understand your work. The instructors and the small, one-on-one classroom sizes are probably the best things about the college. if i could go back and do it all over, i wouldn’t have jumped into a four-year college right out of high school. i thought i was ready, but i wasn’t. young people should definitely consider starting at a two-year school. you’re going to learn everything you need to know here to work or take the next step.” in addition to a phlebotomy certification, Jaquise is also a certified nursing assistant and will be taking her electrocardiography certification exam in the near future. “if everything goes well, i’ll have my associate degree this spring,” she said. “you have to have a lot of discipline to work and go to school, but it’s worth it.” CONTACT Sylvia Glover | Patient Care Technician Program Coordinator | 803.535.1349 |

Want to join the healthcare profession? Applicants of our competitive Health Science and Nursing programs must attend a Health Information Program (HIP) Session in person or online as part of the admissions process.

HIP SESSIONS January 22 at 2:30pm February 20 at 10:00am March 16 at 2:30pm April 16 at 10:00am May 5 at 2:30pm Earn required general education credits now to be ready for admission into the competitive program of your choice!


median annual salary for phlebotomists in S.C. in 2018

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics



median annual salary for robotics technicians in S.C. in 2018

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

CONTACT Richard Murphy | Dean of Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing Technology | 803.535.1300 | Jerry Zissett | Mechatronics Technology Program Coordinator | 803.535.1418 |

it’s not every day you get to help an international company start up in the united States. Michael goodwin and tristan harvey know they’re among the lucky few.


ichael, who served eight years in the u.S. Marine corps, graduated this summer from octech’s electronics engineering technology program, and tristan received a degree in Mechatronics technology in May. Both started working for Swedish automotive supplier gnotec in July as robotics technicians. “i’m a little out of my element, but i’m learning,” Michael said. “it’s the automotive industry, so it’s really heavy in robotics.” tristan, who graduated from edisto high School in 2016, said their varied backgrounds and technical skills come in handy on the job. “i went to college straight out of high school, and Michael had work and life experience before going back to college,” he said. “his experience helps us get stuff done faster, and because of my knowledge of kuKA robots through octech, i’m able to catch on quicker with the fanuc robots we use. So we help each other out and work well together.” tristan didn’t start his higher education at octech. he attended claflin university for a year with the goal of transferring to clemson university to major in electrical engineering. “i took a computer programming class, and it was months before we even touched a computer,” he said. “it wasn’t hands-on. when i came to octech, Jerry Zissett threw us on a robot the first day and said, ‘This is how you do it. Start running it.’ we were actually able to do it rather than read about it. it made me feel like i was actually working toward something.” Michael said he also wanted to be an engineer, and after graduating from Bowman high School and serving four years of active duty, he came to octech while serving in the Marine reserve and earned an associate in Science degree. “i went to the university of South carolina for a little while, but mechanical engineering wasn’t for me,” he said. “and then i thought about octech’s eet program and its 100 percent job placement. They pretty much guarantee you a job. i already had a strong resume, but with the degrees to back me up, i had five or six employers talking to me. i chose gnotec because how often would i have the opportunity to work with a company from the ground up?” The pair went to Sweden for two weeks in august and look forward to more travel opportunities with the manufacturer. “we’ve got Swedish, chinese and american machines we’re working with, so we’re talking to people around the world while we’re learning to use them,” tristan said. “gnotec has plants in china, germany, Slovakia, Sweden and now here, and they all do things a bit different.” he said octech’s small class sizes and hands-on experience made all the difference in learning what he needed to be successful. “The instructors can take the time to actually show you how things are supposed to be done instead of just telling you or you reading about it,” tristan said. “if you’re going to spend your parents’ money or your own money going to college, you want to actually do something with it. everyone i know who graduated with me has a job. There are plenty of places to go.” Michael said older students shouldn’t be afraid to return to school. “it took me a little while to get back in the rhythm, but i stayed focused and put forth the effort,” he said. “There were days i didn’t want to be in the Math lab, but i would rather spend an extra hour or two a day in there and pass the class than fail and waste my time. you’ve got to want to be there.” “if i could go back now knowing what i know, i definitely would have jumped straight into the eet program,” Michael said. “That’s the degree that’s building my career.”



llll Industrial Electronics Technology llll llll llll llll llll llll llll llll llll llll llll llll llll

-- Electrical/Mechanical -- Electronics Machine Tool Technology Mechatronics Technology Welding/Industrial Maintenance Basic Electrician Industrial Electrician Production Operator Basic Industrial Maintenance Industrial Maintenance-Mechanical&Electrical I, II Mechatronics I, II, III Basic Welding Intermediate Welding Welding Fundamentals Lean Manufacturing (non-credit)



Academic Programs






Students may also qualify for federal financial aid.

Eligibility is based on completion of the FAFSA.


AGRICULTURE llll llll llll llll llll

Agriculture/Business Agricultural Education Transfer-Clemson Food Science Transfer-Clemson Soils&Sustainable Crops Transfer-Clemson Sustainable Agriculture


8 llll Administrative Office Technology (FLEX Option) 8 llll Business Administration (FLEX Option) -- Accounting -- Enterprise Management 8 llll Business Administration Transfer-Citadel llll Hospitality&Tourism Transfer-USC Beaufort 8 llll Administrative Support (FLEX Option) 8 llll Basic Accounting (FLEX Option) 8 llll Logistics (FLEX Option)

COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY llll Computer Technology

-- Computer Programming -- Network Security&Information Assurance llll Database llll Internetworking CISCO llll Network Engineering MCSE llll Network Specialist


EARLY CARE+EDUCATION llll Early Care&Education (FLEX Option)

-- Arts&Science Transfer -- Business llll Teacher Education Transfer-Claflin, SCSU&USC -- Early Childhood Education (1 Year Option) -- Elementary Education -- Middle Level Education llll Early Childhood Development (FLEX Option) llll Early Childhood Development (FLEX Option)

ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY llll Electronics Engineering Technology

-- Electronic Instrumentation Technology -- Engineering Technology Programming llll Engineering Design Technology llll Computer Aided Design I, II (FLEX Option)


llll Physical Therapist Assistant llll Radiologic Technology llll Fire Science/Criminal Justice/EMT llll Medical Assisting/Administrative Office Tech llll Patient Care Technology/Biological Science llll Health Science&Nursing Careers Preparatory llll Health Science&Nursing Careers llll University Transfer Pathway-MUSC llll Medical Assisting llll Emergency Medical Technician llll Patient Care Technician llll Magnetic Resonance Imaging llll Mammography University Transfer Preparatory


llll Associate Degree Nursing (Transition&FLEX Options) llll Health Science&Nursing Careers Preparatory llll Health Science&Nursing Careers llll RN to BSN Transfer-USC Upstate llll Practical Nursing (FLEX Option) llll Certified Nursing Assistant University Transfer Preparatory


llll Automotive Technology llll Basic Diesel Maintenance llll Logistics (FLEX Option) llll Professional Truck Driving llll Undercar Specialist

8 llll Criminal Justice llll Paralegal/Legal Assistant UNIVERSITY TRANSFER llll Fire Science/Criminal Justice/EMT 8 llll Criminal Justice Transfer-Citadel&USC Upstate 8 llll Associate in Arts 8 llll Associate in Science llll Forensics 8 llll General Studies llll Security

RULES FOR ART CONTEST All media types are accepted. The contest is open to residents in Orangeburg and Calhoun counties. Artists are welcome to submit as many entries as they like. Submissions are judged based on originality, content and relevance to the theme, “Becoming.” Entries should be dropped off at the OCtech Library, on the second floor of Building B. Email digital artwork to with the subject “OCtech Community Art Contest” or deliver them via flash drive to the library. Obscene or offensive works are prohibited and will be disqualified from the contest. Deadline for entries is July 31, 2020. Select submissions will be displayed in the OCtech library, and shared on the college’s social media pages and in the college magazine. For more information about the art contest or to receive a copy of the complete rules and entry form, email or call 803.535.1255.

The art of

BecoMing high School for health professions junior Sharon rajadhas is a self-taught artist who loves to draw. The early college student used her talent to create the winning entry in octech’s inaugural community art contest. The contest – held last year in honor of the college’s 50th anniversary – garnered more than a dozen entries by artists of all ages ranging from paintings and drawings to earrings under the theme “learning and growing.” “it’s about a girl growing up and learning more and more until she graduates,” Sharon said. “one of my teachers told me about the contest. i worked on it whenever i had time, little by little. it took me maybe an hour or two to complete.” Sharon is in her first semester taking early college classes at octech. She

hopes to one day become a pediatrician. “i want to get my associate degree in nursing first,” said Sharon, who’s taking four college classes this fall. “early college was lot more challenging than i expected. i had to learn to manage my time better because i have to study. i like it because it helps students get a head start on college and save money.” octech head librarian haley hall said last year’s art contest was a great success, and the committee is excited to see what the community comes up with for this year’s theme, “Becoming.” “if you’re coming to octech or attending another higher education institution, you anticipate becoming something more,” Mr. hall said. “This theme is wide open to interpretation. it’s nice to see the different ways people express themselves in a visual format.”


l Books, eBooks and audiobooks l Computer lab l Study rooms l zSpace virtual learning stations l Research guides l Magazines, journals and newspapers l DVDs l Helpdesk l Chat reference and more! Located on the Second Floor of the Gressette Learning Center/Building B 803.535.1262 |

HOURS OF OPERATION Monday-Thursday: 7:30am-7:00pm Friday: 7:30am-1:30pm See the entries from our first Community Art Contest, “Learning and Growing”



Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College 3250 St. Matthews Road l Orangeburg, SC 29118



803.535.1234 or 1.800.813.6519



monday – thursday 8:00am to 6:00pm friday 8:00am to 1:30pm

office of admissions located in Building S

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our program prepares students for a great career in an expanding field. earn certificates or work toward an associate in applied Science degree in general technology in welding technology/ industrial Maintenance. Students earning Basic or intermediate welding certificates or choosing the associate degree option receive national center for construction education and research credentials that provide the basic skills needed for construction pipe welding and welding on nuclear power job sites. all certificates are taught to national welding codes, and prepare students for testing and certification for employment at local metal fabrication shops and in maintenance welding. day and evening classes oer flexibility for individuals looking to join the field. Secure a future in energy production, transportation, construction, manufacturing, engineering, education or the military. octech is an american welding Society accredited test facility. Jakili Mack, Welding/Industrial Maintenance


median annual salary for welders in S.C. in 2018

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

CONTACT Waylon Ulmer Welding Program Coordinator 803.535.1299 |


Profile for Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College

College Magazine Spring 2020  

It's a new year at OCtech!

College Magazine Spring 2020  

It's a new year at OCtech!