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your Future Starts here The Jobs Are Coming -Are you Ready?


rangeburg and Calhoun counties are on the cusp of growth in the advanced manufacturing sector. with Volvo building its first U.S. plant in neighboring Berkeley County, our area is prime real estate for the Swedish car maker’s suppliers. “we’re within 30 miles of original equipment manufacturing,” Orangeburg County development Commission Executive director Gregg Robinson said. “This is a tremendous opportunity. Job opportunities exist not only in manufacturing, but in anything administratively tied to manufacturing, such as sales, administration and marketing. Logistics is also huge. The number one job in the state of South Carolina last year, by volume, was truck driving.” in addition to manufacturing growth, the region will also have to fill a significant number of jobs across all sectors left vacant by retiring baby boomers. “The jobs are coming,” he said. “we’ve just got to be prepared.” By choosing Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College, you are taking the first step in preparing for our region’s future. Many of our programs are designed to fit into your personal, work or family schedule and learning style. Call our Admissions Office at 803.535.1234 to explore your options today! Mechatronics senior Justin Shumpert was among the first to receive his KUKA KORE Certificate from OCtech. The college began offering the robotics certification this summer, and more than a dozen students have completed the semester-long course. The certification is offered as part of the Mechatronics curriculum and to students who have completed coursework in electrical or mechanical fields.

“For every manufacturing job that is generated in this state, typically five related jobs are created. For every manufacturing payroll generated in our community, we have to be able to support it. Retail, restaurants, healthcare, public service – those are the allies that support manufacturing.” Orangeburg County Development Commission Executive Director Gregg Robinson



Blake and his dog, Buddy


ou’ve probably seen it around town – a little white bus emblazoned with the name “Mutt kutz.” Twenty-year-old Blake Bruner of Orangeburg owns the mobile dog-grooming business he started nearly six months ago. After graduating from Orangeburg preparatory Schools in 2015, Blake attended a 12-week course at Groomadog Academy in Blythewood. in January, he began the General Business program at OCtech. “i’m excited to learn more about running a business,” he said. “i go to school during the day and operate my business in the afternoons. My goal is to one day have a Mutt kutz franchise.” On school days, Blake grooms about three dogs per day. when he’s not in school, he can see up to five clients a day. he also stays busy with a pet-sitting business he started in

2010, when he was just 14 years old. At times, he has so many pets to take care of that his parents, Cal and Julie Bruner, chip in to help. “i’ve always liked pets,” Blake said. “i don’t look at this as a job. it’s more like a hobby. i love doing it. And i get to pick my own hours, too.” it took nearly eight months for Blake and his dad to retrofit the former pee dee Academy bus with all of the necessary equipment for the grooming business. The bus was gutted before a pair of 50-gallon water tanks and pumps, a hot water heater, table, bathtub, clipper vacuum, two dryers and a generator were installed. “i only groom dogs, but i take care of dogs, cats, chickens – whatever,” he said. “My parents were happy when i got my driver’s license because they didn’t have to take me everywhere. i also work at healing Species on the weekends, but i really

don’t do it for the money. i enjoy going out there and talking to all of the dogs and playing with them.” Much of his business comes from word-of-mouth and Facebook. Blake said he’s learned a lot about social media marketing, advertising and personal finance in his first two semesters at OCtech. “OCtech is a great school,” he said. “The instructors and everyone have been really helpful. i’m learning a lot and feel like i’m getting a good foundation here.” young people – or anyone, for that matter – shouldn’t be discouraged from pursuing their dreams of starting their own business, Blake said. “if you have an idea, just do it. you only live once. Give it your all,” he said. “The worst that can happen is it doesn’t work out, and then you can come to OCtech and do something else.”



James Frazier has worked in construction with his father since graduating high school in 1979. “i always wanted to go to school, but i just kept putting it off,” he said. “After the housing market meltdown in 2008, i said i didn’t want to get caught in that again. i wanted to prepare myself.” James, who has owned Frazier Construction Co. for nearly 20 years, graduated from OCtech’s General Business program in May. he said while he and his father have always been good at building and remodeling homes, they haven’t done as well at handling the business side of owning a construction company. “i’m gradually putting everything i learned into practice,” he said. This fall, James began the Applied Business program through Columbia College at OCtech. he is currently taking an online business math class. “A lot of people are probably like i was. They’ve been out of school for so long, and they think that’s going to be a problem,” he said. “But i had so much help while i was going to school, especially from the people in the TRiO program. Every time they saw me, they would ask if i needed help. i won’t say going back to school was easy, but you can do it.” Also instrumental in his success were many of his instructors, including Marilyn Amaker and debra Jones, the college’s General Business program coordinator. “Ms. Amaker was tough, but i actually learned a lot from her, especially about research,” James said. “A lot of things i needed to know were right there, but i never really learned how to do research. And the accounting tutor, Ms. Gloria holden – i’d still be at OCtech if it wasn’t for her. She helped me a lot.” James said he is looking to expand the business by incorporating commercial construction in the next few months. “we can do everything residential from the ground up, except heating and air,” he said. “hopefully i can take it to the next level.”

“I’ve learned a lot at OCtech. Just being able to do the manual part of the job wasn’t enough – I wanted to go to the next level. This is helping me get where I want to be.” James Frazier


Our University Transfer

program creates specialized transfer pathways to four-year colleges and universities so that you can start working on a bachelor's degree now. We offer more than 80 courses that will transfer to any South Carolina public college or university and to most private colleges in the state.

Earn your degree at home or away -- the choice is yours.

dAnA BAnkS Radiologic Technology “i wanted to do the radiology program at OCtech after high school, but it was full, so i took Medical Assisting instead. i went to work for dr. George Augustine, and he and his wife kept encouraging me to go back to school. i finally said Ok. i took general education courses at night while i worked during the day and then started OCtech’s Radiologic Technology program. i continued to work part time for dr. Augustine and at the Regional Medical Center. it wasn’t easy, but i’m glad i did it that way because it made me appreciate my education so much more. while working at the hospital, i heard about a teaching job at OCtech. i returned to school at night and earned my bachelor’s degree in health Communication through Columbia College at OCtech. i still work part time at RMC and teach full time at OCtech. i love what i do. i love working with my patients, and i love working with my students. i like the fact that i’m from this community, and i work at this hospital and here at this college. This is home. Both of my RAd instructors – Ms. Fran Andrews and Ms. Tiffany Stokes – are my co-workers now. They are awesome. OCtech’s classes are small, it’s close to home, it’s convenient, it’s cheaper than a four-year college, and nine times out of 10, you’re going to know people in your classes. i wish i would have continued my education sooner, but as far as the path i took, i wouldn’t change it, because i wouldn’t be where i am today.”

kiMBERLy wEARinG Early Care and Education/Teacher Education Transfer “After my job moved to philadelphia, i was in transition and didn’t exactly know what field i wanted to go into. i always wanted to teach, so i came to OCtech, talked with (then-program coordinator) dr. Suzanne Switzer and immediately enrolled. That was in 2004. i chose early childhood at first, but saw that i really liked working with older kids and wanted to have an elementary foundation, as well. i took some time off to have my daughter, Olivia, and when she started school, i decided to finish what i started. it has not been easy, but the support from my husband has been tremendous, and the constant, encouraging phone calls from family members have helped. i walked this past May for both of my degrees – Associate in Arts-Teacher Education Transfer and Associate in Applied Science in Early Care and Education. Both degrees transferred to Columbia College, where i am working toward my bachelor’s degree in education. i love the second grade and fourth grade. i want to be in the classroom at least seven to 10 years, earn my master’s degree, and possibly pursue my phd in education and teach on the collegiate level eventually. My instructors, Ms. Jody Ott and Mr. Xennie weeks, were very nurturing. i would not trade my experience for anything. i got the best foundation from OCtech.”

COdy ROBERTS Soils and Sustainable Crops “OCtech definitely prepared me for Clemson University. it taught me how to study and prepare for classes. it also helped me mature. That was the main thing. i wasn’t ready to go to a four-year institution. OCtech supplied me a place that i could grow as a person. i am currently studying turf grass management at Clemson. i have wanted to take this career path since i was a junior in high school. i want to go into the sod production side of the industry and own or be part owner of a sod farm. i would definitely recommend OCtech’s agriculture programs to other students. i am very proud to say that i was able to be a part of it. Ms. Melissa plummer was – and still is – the best teacher i have ever had. She exudes energy and is extremely passionate about what she does. That rubs off on the students. She actually cares for her students and will go out of her way to make sure they’re successful. if it wasn’t for her, i wouldn’t have made it this far. i am thankful to have had her as an instructor. She sets a bar for professors everywhere and stands out to me the most. OCtech put me on the right track to further reaching my goals.”

Cody Roberts and Melissa Plummer, Dean of Natural Sciences & Math and Agriculture Program Coordinator

CERRiSSA hUGiE Practical Nursing “i had a bachelor’s in psychology and master’s in social work from the University of South Carolina. i worked as a therapist for a little while and then in customer service for about eight years. i was very dissatisfied with my job. A friend of mine graduated from OCtech’s practical nursing program and told me how great it was, so i decided to give it a try. i actually wanted to get in the Associate degree nursing program, but it was full. After i graduated from OCtech in 2014, i applied to the Medical University of South Carolina’s accelerated Bachelor of Science in nursing program. i graduated in May and started Vanderbilt University in nashville, Tenn., in August. That’s also an accelerated program – one year to a Master of Science in nursing degree. i’m taking six classes this semester while working as an adjunct pn instructor at OCtech and at Roper hospital in Charleston. My goal is to become a psychiatric nurse practitioner. There are a lot of mental health needs, a lot of disparities and a lot of misunderstanding about mental illness, and i hope to educate people as well as treat them. i teach at OCtech because i wanted to

give back to the college. The pn program is stellar, and i definitely feel it prepared me for my next steps. Schools like this provide an opportunity for people who may not be able to get an

education otherwise. All of my instructors – Ms. Rhonda Browning, Ms. Rhonda Toole and Ms. Candance Tooley – were instrumental in shaping who i am as a nurse today.”


Growing Our Own Educators B

Rewarding Career Begins in Teacher Education Transfer Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College

Growing Our own Educators

Earn a bachelor’s degree in education without ever leaving home – and use the credits you already have toward your degree. Join us for an information session


(park behind Building R and follow the signs)

This is your opportunity to talk with University Transfer representatives about your journey to becoming a teacher!

eth Carroll always wanted to be a teacher. “i wanted to help children learn,” she said. “it takes passion and compassion to teach children, and i felt that i have that. That compassion for others has been a part of me since i was little.” Beth graduated from OCtech’s Teacher Education Transfer program in Elementary Education in May 2013. She then went to the University of South Carolina, where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education in May 2015. All of the credits she earned from OCtech transferred to USC. Beth is in her second year teaching fourthgrade English language arts and social studies at hunter-kinard-Tyler Elementary School. “The best part of my job is knowing that i made an impact on someone,” she said. “i love seeing the look on a student’s face when they finally realize that they understand what i’m teaching them.” Beth said her experience at OCtech was amazing, and she would recommend that anyone wanting to become a teacher begin their education at the college. “i loved how we had small classes instead of huge lectures. At OCtech, you are more than just a number to your professor,” she said. “Getting to know and work with my instructors in a smaller setting allowed me to get more one-on-one assistance when i needed it. Ms. Jody Ott taught one of my education classes and was such a blessing because she always took extra time to explain anything that wasn’t understood by her class.” “OCtech is a great place to go to college, thanks to their caring faculty and administrators,” Beth continued. “i am glad i chose OCtech as the place to start my journey to becoming a teacher.” OCtech has Elementary Education transfer agreements with USC, South Carolina State University, Claflin University and, most recently, palmetto College, USC’s online bachelor's completion program. Transfer options are also available in Early Childhood Education and Middle Level Education to USC, S.C. State and Claflin. Additionally, OCtech offers an associate degree in Early Care and Education, as well as a diploma and certificate in Early Childhood development. For more information, call the Admissions Office at 803.535.1234.

Career Change

phOTOGRAphER FindS nEw CALLinG in EGT Stephanie Thompson is a third-generation photographer, following in her father’s and grandfather’s footsteps. But after working for 12 years as a professional school photographer, she decided spending long days traveling across the state weren’t good for her family. So she decided to enroll in OCtech’s paralegal program. “Every time i had to write a paper for English class, i’d get my best friend to proofread it for me. i was just so paranoid about my papers,” she said. “My friend said, ‘Stephanie, what do you think you’ll be doing as a paralegal?’ and i thought, ‘Oh yeah.’” “i liked math. with math, an answer is right or it isn’t – there is no interpretation. i play a lot of those tedious little cellphone

games, and my husband said, ‘Maybe you should try Computer Aided design (CAd).’ i’d never seen CAd a day in my life when i walked into the class on the first day. And i just loved it.” Stephanie completed her Associate in Applied Science in General Technology with an emphasis in Engineering Graphics Technology (EGT) in december 2015. A month later, she started teaching Evening College EGT courses. in addition to leading open labs in the evenings, Stephanie also teaches at Cope Area Career Center. “if someone would have told me five years ago that i would be doing anything with engineering or math, i would have laughed at them,” she said. “There are some similarities

between photography and EGT, mainly in the creative aspect of it. you have to be able to visualize what you’re creating. Like when you’re making 3d parts, you have to have an idea of what they’re going to look like in your head before you can make them. i also like order and rules, and this is a degree where someone who likes to do things systematically can get in their own little bubble and soar.” EGT is a great program for students wanting to pursue a career in the engineering field, Stephanie said. “you get to see so many different aspects of engineering,” she said. “you get a little taste of civil engineering and some architectural, mechanical and electrical engineering. This is a good place to start.”

Stephanie Thompson helps students during OCtech’s VEX Robotics Summer Camps in July. The college will offer the camps again in 2017 for rising fifth- through 11thgraders. The camps are supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation Advanced Technological Education (ATE) Program. More information will be available in the spring.

Beginning in fall 2017, students will have the opportunity to earn an Associate in Applied Science in Engineering Design Technology. This degree will take the place of our Engineering Graphics Technology program. Students may start the program in any semester and take advantage of OCtech’s Evening College. Flexible courses and open labs are designed for working students, and general education courses are offered online.

Famil y husband, wife and Brother Fulfill dream of Returning to School Darlene Smith and Jacob Smith, right, started OCtech in the spring after attending an Evening College open house. They enjoyed their experience so much that they convinced Darlene’s brother, Martin Ryant, to return to school, too.

“Everybody here is rooting for you – they want you to succeed. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.” Darlene Smith


hen Jacob and darlene Smith came to OCtech’s Evening College open house in January, they were looking for academic programs that would work with their busy schedules while expanding their horizons. They discovered that and so much more at OCtech. Jacob, who works with the S.C. department of Transportation, has always loved cars and is earning his Undercar Specialist Certificate at night. his stay-at-home wife is working toward her General Business degree during the day while four of their five children – ages 9 to 18 – are in school. She homeschooled the children until two years ago, when they decided to attend public school. The Smiths started OCtech in the spring. “i was really nervous my first semester because i hadn’t been in school in 18 years. doing something i always wanted to do that i thought

was out of my reach kind of blew my mind,” darlene said. “But when i got here, the instructors were so helpful and the people were so nice. Everything just worked out. it’s been a great experience.” Jacob said being an ASE-certified undercar specialist is a skill he can put to use as a side job. “This certificate is just a stepping stone,” he said. “i’m actually thinking about another course of study after this, Engineering Graphics Technology. it’s also offered in the evenings and is something that interests me. i have some goals that i want to reach, and i realize now that i can reach those goals. i’m just taking it one step at a time.” darlene said she, too, isn’t stopping with her General Business degree. “when i finish, i’m going into the Columbia College Applied Business program at OCtech to earn my bachelor’s degree,” she said. “i’m even considering a master’s degree.”

darlene and Jacob are enjoying their experience so much that they convinced darlene’s brother, Martin Ryant, to return to school, as well. he began the Mechatronics program in August. “i never thought in a million years that this is something i would do,” the Orangeburg County Sheriff ’s Office dispatcher said. “when i came here, i didn’t know a whole lot about Mechatronics. i heard a lot of people talking about how great the program was, so i did some research. i love the technology that’s involved in it.” Martin said he’s never been a fan of math and was initially afraid of that component of the program. But the help he’s discovered on campus has made all of the difference. “One thing i genuinely like is the math lab,” he said. “The math instructors are in there, and if they see that you need help – even if you don’t know them – they’ll sit down right beside you and talk you through

whatever problem you’re working on. i love it. i stay in the math lab.” darlene said going back to school was always something she and her brother talked about doing. “i regret putting it off for so long, but i thank God for the opportunity,” she said. “i’m determined and focused. Everything that seemed so far out of reach is now in my reach, and that makes me happy. Jacob and darlene’s children are excited to see all three of them back in school. The couple’s oldest daughter, a certified nursing assistant, plans to apply to the college’s Associate degree nursing program next year. “it’s fun to see the joy in their eyes, knowing we’re going back to school,” Jacob said. “i would recommend this for anyone who’s looking to better themselves in life or reach goals they thought they couldn’t reach. it’s not too late to go back to school. your goals can still be reached.” Going to school as a family has

been a great encouragement, darlene said. “we’re always talking about school and texting each other about tests and homework, and that pushes us forward and makes it fun,” she said. “i thank God for my support system. They’ve been a blessing to me.” Equally as important is the support they receive at the college, Martin said. “i didn’t realize the one-on-one time that a lot of the instructors will take with you. if you need help, they will put everything on pause to help you directly,” he said. “They offer so many programs, tutoring opportunities and labs. if you want to succeed, the instructors and staff will make sure you do that. They give you every advantage possible to make it.” “Everybody here is rooting for you – they want you to succeed,” darlene added. “i wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.”

Darlene, Jacob and Martin talk about their OCtech experience.


The Support to Succeed Carlton Smith and his mom, Candace ilderton, can’t say enough good things about OCtech’s Electronic instrumentation Technology program. “it helped me get where i want to be,” said Carlton, who completed the program in July and now works as an electrical instrumentation technician at Showa denko Carbon inc. in Ridgeville. “The instructors have a lot of experience in the field and the resources to help you find a job.” Candace, a behavior intervention specialist in Branchville high School’s guidance department, said it’s in part because of her son’s wonderful experience at OCtech that she has no qualms about recommending the college to students.

“Carlton would always comment about how helpful his instructors were, especially Mr. George white and Mr. Richard Murphy,” she said. “They were positive and supportive, and eager to give him good recommendations for his Santee Cooper co-op and the job he got at Showa denko.” Carlton took Mechatronics courses through Cope Area Career Center while he was a student at Branchville high and enjoyed them, but he wasn’t sure what to do after graduation. Candace said it was while talking with OCtech Admissions director Graham Elmore at a school career fair that she learned about the EiT program. “i told him Carlton was a hands-on person who was interested in electrical and me-

chanical stuff, and enjoyed taking things apart and putting them back together again,” she said. “Graham said EiT program graduates made some of the highest salaries among OCtech graduates and it sounded like something Carlton might be interested in. i went home that day and showed him the brochure, and he decided that’s what he wanted to do.” The program didn’t disappoint. “EiT is a good mixture. There’s a lot of computer work and hands-on work. it keeps me busy. That’s what i like most about it,” Carlton said. Candace said the program wasn’t always easy for her son and he ended up having to repeat a class. “But that’s Ok,” she said. “As long as you keep going and get through it, that’s what counts. it’s not a race – it’s a marathon. keep going, even if you have a little stumble.” Carlton said he took advantage of the many tutoring opportunities offered on campus. “Circuitry is something i didn’t know a lot about,” he said. “My instructor, Ms. Sherisse Jackson, was tough, but she’s a really good teacher. She helped me a lot. i had the support i needed to succeed.” “it’s a huge transition from high school to college,” Carlton continued. “OCtech is a really good place to start. The tuition’s cheaper, and you come out making just as much – if not more – money as you would with a four-year degree. it’s also close to home and more personal. not too long ago, Mr. white called all of the students to make sure we had jobs and was just checking on us, seeing how our jobs were going. you build a relationship with your instructors. i wouldn’t change my experience.” Candace said her daughter, a sophomore in high school, is already thinking about OCtech’s Associate degree nursing program. “She’s going to take a class at the career center so she’ll have a better idea of whether she likes the medical field or not, but i think she’ll be good at it,” Candace said. “i’m always promoting OCtech.” Carlton and his mom, Candace

Melissa Smith and Mary Johnson graduated together from OCtech and now work together at SI Group.


OCtech’s business programs are flexible and convenient – we want you to succeed! Classes are offered during the day, evening and online. Students gain valuable, real-world experience to use on the job. To apply, stop by our Admissions Office in Building S or call 803.535.1234.

Two women from different industries found themselves in the same position when they began OCtech’s Administrative Office Technology program in spring 2012. “i was laid off from my job in Blackville,” Melissa Smith said. “Our plant was sent to Mexico. Under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the company said they would pay for our schooling and unemployment, so that’s what i did.” Mary Johnson was laid off after 14 years on the job when her position was moved to india. She, too, received assistance to return to school. After completing the AOT program in 2014, both women found themselves employed in contract positions through Adecco staffing agency at Si Group (formerly Albemarle) in Orangeburg. “Melissa and i started OCtech at the same time, graduated at the same time and started working at Si Group at the same time,” said Mary, a human resources assistant. “i really enjoyed going to OCtech. The instructors were very helpful. Ms. dee Coward, Ms. Shonese Lawhorn and Ms. Latrice Singletary in the Computer Technology department helped make my two years

at OCtech a wonderful experience. And Ms. debra Jones actually helped me get my job with Si Group. She encouraged me to apply for it.” “That’s what i like best about going to school at OCtech,” Mary continued. “The instructors are there to encourage you and help you whenever you need it. i really appreciate it because i couldn’t have gotten where i am today if it wasn’t for them and what they taught me.” Melissa, who now works as an assistant training coordinator, said the support from her instructors was amazing. “Ms. Jones, Ms. Marilyn Amaker, dr. Terrance Cusaac – they’re all awesome. They really cared about us,” she said. “if we didn’t understand something, they were there to help us because they wanted us to succeed. They helped us reach our goals. Our fellow students were also supportive.” what seemed like a terrible situation at the time had a silver lining after all, Mary said. “when one door closes, another one opens,” she said. Added Melissa, “Everything happens for a reason, and i think we’re doing what we were meant to do.”

A CUT ABOVE Join Our Elite nursing+health Science programs

want to join the ever-expanding healthcare profession? Get your prerequisite courses out of the way so you can focus on the core curriculum. Our prep programs are designed to help you earn required general education credits while equipping you for admission into OCtech’s competitive nursing+ health Science programs!


• Associate Degree Nursing • Licensed Practical Nursing • Medical Assisting • Physical Therapist Assistant • Radiologic Technology • Respiratory Care

Successfully complete the prerequisite courses, and your credits will roll over into the OCtech nursing+health Science program of your choice or transfer with you to select four-year institutions. For more information, call the Admissions Office at 803.535.1234.

OUR STUdEnTS EXCEL On nATiOnAL LiCEnSURE And CERTiFiCATiOn EXAMS – JUST ChECk OUT ThESE pASS RATES OF OUR 2016 GRAdUATES! 100% 100% 95% 100% 90% 100% 100% 97% 100% 100% 90% 100%

Associate degree nursing Flex Associate degree nursing Traditional Certified nursing Assistant Computed Tomography Electrocardiography Magnetic Resonance imaging Mammography phlebotomy physical Therapist Assistant practical nursing Flex practical nursing Traditional Radiologic Technology

Students from our Medical Assisting and Respiratory Care programs are still testing.

AppLy nOw to be considered for early acceptance into OCtech’s competitive 2017 nursing+health Science programs! Application packets and special admissions requirements may be obtained by attending a health information program (hip) Session. Applicants are required to attend a hip Session on campus or online as part of the admissions process.

Spring hip Sessions Monday, January 16 at 10:00am Tuesday, February 7 at 2:30pm Thursday, March 9 at 10:00am Tuesday, April 4 at 2:30pm Monday, May 8 at 10:00am Visit the nursing+health Science page under Admissions at to learn more.



The U.S. Department of Education requires disclosure of certain information for certificates and diplomas that lead to gainful employment. To learn more, go to

UniVERSiTy TRAnSFER ASSOCIATE IN ARTS University Transfer Business Administration (Citadel) Criminal Justice (Citadel) TEACHER EDUCATION TRANSFER (USC, SCSU & Claflin)

Early Childhood Education Elementary Education Middle Level Education

ASSOCIATE IN SCIENCE University Transfer Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Clemson & USC Upstate) Agriculture Education (Clemson) Soils and Sustainable Crops (Clemson) Food Science and Nutrition (Clemson) Associate Degree Nursing Preparation Licensed Practical Nursing Preparation Physical Therapist Assistant Preparation Medical Assisting Preparation Radiologic Technology Preparation Respiratory Care Preparation



ASSOCIATE IN APPLIED SCIENCE Associate Degree Nursing Physical Therapist Assistant Radiologic Technology Respiratory Care

ASSOCIATE IN APPLIED SCIENCE Criminal Justice Paralegal/Legal Assistant Early Care and Education

DIPLOMA IN APPLIED SCIENCE Practical Nursing Medical Assisting CERTIFICATES 3 Certified Nursing Assistant Computed Tomography Electrocardiography/Cardiac Monitoring 3 Emergency Medical Technician Magnetic Resonance Imaging Mammography Patient Care Technician Phlebotomy

CERTIFICATE Sustainable Agriculture


DIPLOMA IN APPLIED SCIENCE 3 Administrative Support CERTIFICATES 3 Basic Accounting Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship Business Plan Logistics

CERTIFICATES Early Childhood Development Forensics Security


AdVAnCEd MAnUFACTURinG+ indUSTRiAL+ TEChnOLOGy ASSOCIATE IN APPLIED SCIENCE 3 Accounting 3 Administrative Office Technology 3 General Business

DIPLOMA IN APPLIED SCIENCE Early Childhood Development

ASSOCIATE IN APPLIED SCIENCE Automotive Technology Industrial Electronics Technology 3 Machine Tool Technology CERTIFICATES Basic Electrician Basic Diesel Maintenance Industrial Electrician 3 Computer Aided Design I, II, III 3 Undercar Specialist Production Operator Basic Industrial Maintenance Industrial Maintenance, Mechanical and Electrical 3 Mechatronics - Fundamentals 3 Mechatronics - Automated Controls 3 Mechatronics - Advanced Automated Systems 3 Basic Welding 3 Intermediate Welding 3 Welding Fundamentals 3 Professional Truck Driving

ELECTROniCS EnGinEERinG TEChnOLOGy ASSOCIATE IN APPLIED SCIENCE Specialization in Electronic Instrumentation Specialization in Engineering Computer Electronics

ASSOCIATE IN APPLIED SCIENCE Agriculture (Business) 3 Engineering Graphics Technology (Machine Tool Technology) Emergency Services (Emergency Medical Technician, Fire Science and Criminal Justice) Industrial Maintenance (Welding) 3 Mechatronics Technology (Industrial Maintenance) Medical Assisting Patient Care Technology CERTIFICATES General Studies

COMpUTER TEChnOLOGy ASSOCIATE IN APPLIED SCIENCE Programming Information Technology CERTIFICATES 3 Database and Programming 3 Internetworking - CISCO Network Engineering - MCSE Network Specialist Office Productivity - MOS Webmaster


ACC-101 ACC-102 ACC-111 ACC-124 ACC-202 ACC-240 ACC-275 AET-101 AGR-202 AGR-204 AHS-104 AHS-106 AHS-110 AHS-119 AHS-141 AHS-144 AHS-145 AHS-163 AHS-166 AHS-180 AHS-181 AMT-105 AMT-205 ART-101 AUT-102 AUT-115 AUT-131 AUT-159 AUT-211 AUT-222 AUT-262 AUT-268 BAF-101 BIO-101 BIO-102 BIO-110 BIO-112 BIO-210 BIO-211 BIO-225 BUS-101 BUS-110 BUS-120 BUS-140 BUS-268 CHM-105 CHM-110 CHM-111 COL-103 COL-107 CPT-101 CPT-104 CPT-119 CPT-170 CPT-174 CPT-200 CPT-201 CPT-202 CPT-203 CPT-239 CPT-264 CPT-268 CPT-295 CRJ-101 CRJ-120 CRJ-125 CRJ-202

Accounting Principles I Accounting Principles II Accounting Concepts Individual Tax Procedures Intermediate Accounting II Computerized Accounting Selected Topics in Accounting Building Systems I Soils Introduction to Plant Science Medical Vocabulary/Anatomy Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Patient Care Procedures Health Careers Phlebotomy for the Healthcare Provider Phlebotomy Practicum Electrocardiography Long-Term Care ECG in a Clinical Setting Health Careers Preparation Healthcare Document Formatting Robotics & Automated Control I Robotics & Automated Control II Art History & Appreciation Engine Repair Manual Drive Train/Axle Electrical Systems Tools, Equipment & Reference Manuals Advanced Brakes Four Wheel Alignment Advanced Automotive Diagnosis & Repair Special Topics in Automotives Personal Finance Biological Science I Biological Science II General Anatomy & Physiology Basic Anatomy & Physiology Anatomy & Physiology I Anatomy & Physiology II Microbiology Introduction to Business Entrepreneurship Business Plan Business Mathematics Spec Projects in Business General Organic & Biochemistry College Chemistry I College Chemistry II College Skills Computer Literacy Skills for College Success Introduction to Computers Introduction to Information Technology Computing & Online Learning Fundamentals Microcomputer Applications Microcomputer Spreadsheet Database Design I Database Design II SQL Programming I SQL Programming II Active Server Pages Systems & Procedures Computer End-User Support Desktop Publishing Application Introduction to Criminal Justice Constitutional Law Criminology Criminalistics

CRJ-224 CRJ-230 CRJ-238 CRJ-242 CRJ-250 ECD-101 ECD-105 ECD-107 ECD-108 ECD-132 ECD-133 ECD-135 ECD-201 ECD-203 ECD-243 ECO-101 ECO-201 ECO-210 ECO-211 EDU-201 EDU-241 EEM-118 EEM-165 EEM-221 EEM-235 EEM-274 EET-113 EET-141 EET-273 EGR-108 EGR-112 EGR-130 EGT-152 EGT-252 EGT-258 EIT-212 EIT-220 EIT-240 EIT-242 EIT-244 ELT-208 EMS-105 EMS-106 EMS-208 ENG-031 ENG-032 ENG-101 ENG-102 ENG-155 ENG-160 ENG-165 ENG-202 ENG-206 ENG-207 FRE-102 HIS-101 HIS-102 HIS-112 HIS-115 HIS-201 HIS-202 HSS-101 HSS-105 IDS-101 IDS-255 IMT-170 IMT-221

Police Community Relations Criminal Investigation I Industrial & Retail Security Correctional Systems Criminal Justice Internship I Introduction to Early Childhood Guidance-Classroom Management Exceptional Children Family & Community Relations Creative Experiences Science & Math Concepts Health, Safety & Nutrition Principles of Ethics/Leadership in Early Care Ed Growth & Development II Supervised Field Experience I Basic Economics Economics Concepts Macroeconomics Microeconomics Classroom Inquiry With Technology Learners & Diversity AC/DC Circuits II Resident/Commercial Wiring DC/AC Drives Power Systems Technical Systems Troubleshooting Electrical Circuits I Electronic Circuits Electronics Senior Project Engineering Ethics Engineering Programming Engineering Tech Applications & Programming Fundamentals of CAD Advanced CAD Applications of CAD Introduction to Electronic Instrumentation II Control Principles SCWE in Electronic Instrumentation Senior Project in IET Computers & PLC's in Instrumentation Introduction to Robotics Emergency Medical Care I Emergency Medical Care II EMS Field Internship I Developmental English Developmental English English Composition English Composition II Communications I Technical Communications Professional Communications American Literature II English Literature II Literature for Children Elementary French II Western Civilization to 1689 I Western Civilization Post 1689 II Nonwestern Civilizations African-American History American History: Discovery to 1877 American History: 1877 to Present Introduction to Humanities Technology & Culture Human Thought & Learning Honors Colloquium - Interdisciplinary Statistical Process Control Electrical Motor Maintenance

Reliability Centered Maintenance CISCO Internetworking Concepts CISCO Router Configuration Advanced CISCO Router Configuration Internet Communications Handheld Computer Programming Intermediate Website Design Local Area Networks Designing Windows Network Security Internet & Firewall Security Advanced Client/Server Development Special Topics in Information Sciences Fundamentals of Network Security I Torts Business Law I Business Law II Introduction to Law & Ethics Civil Litigation I Family Law Legal Writing Criminal Law Law Office Management Wills, Trusts & Probate Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems Material Handling Technology GPS & GIS Applications in TDL Traffic Management Developmental Math Developmental Math Beginning Algebra Intermediate Algebra College Algebra College Trigonometry Probability & Statistics Elementary Calculus Analytical Geometry & Calculus I Analytical Geometry & Calculus II Contemporary Mathematics Algebra & Trigonometry I Algebra & Trigonometry II Elementary Mathematics I Elementary Mathematics II Medical Business Records Medical Assisting Pharmacology Med Office Laboratory Procedures II Medical Computer Practicum Principles of Management Human Resource Management Management Decision Making SCWE in Management Marketing Customer Service Techniques Advanced MRI Imaging MRI Procedures of the Abdomen & Pelvis MRI Procedures of the Thorax MRI Clinical Practicum II Machine Tool Math Applications Machine Tool Theory & Practice I Machine Tool Theory & Practice II Machine Tool Print Reading Machine Tool Theory II Machine Tool Theory III Tool & Diemaking Practice II Tool & Diemaking II

MTT-241 MTT-249 MTT-250 MTT-252 MUS-105 NUR-111 NUR-161 NUR-201 NUR-211 NUR-214 NUR-215 NUR-216 PHI-101 PHI-110 PHY-201 PHY-221 PNR-130 PNR-140 PNR-182 PSC-201 PSY-103 PSY-201 PSY-203 PSY-212 PTH-242 PTH-244 PTH-270 PTH-275 PTH-276 RAD-110 RAD-125 RAD-136 RAD-156

RAD-157 RAD-165 RAD-201 RAD-220 RAD-268 RDG-031 RDG-032 REL-101 RES-111 RES-131 RES-150 RES-232 RES-236 RES-275 SOC-101 SPA-101 SPA-102 SPC-205 TDR-101 TDR-102 TDR-103 WLD-103 WLD-106 WLD-111 WLD-113 WLD-115 WLD-132 WLD-135 WLD-154 WLD-225



IMT-230 IST-201 IST-202 IST-203 IST-225 IST-235 IST-237 IST-245 IST-263 IST-266 IST-273 IST-290 IST-291 LEG-120 LEG-121 LEG-122 LEG-135 LEG-201 LEG-213 LEG-230 LEG-231 LEG-232 LEG-233 LOG-112 LOG-113 LOG-114 LOG-235 MAT-031 MAT-032 MAT-101 MAT-102 MAT-110 MAT-111 MAT-120 MAT-130 MAT-140 MAT-141 MAT-155 MAT-175 MAT-176 MAT-250 MAT-251 MED-109 MED-112 MED-116 MED-124 MGT-101 MGT-201 MGT-240 MGT-290 MKT-101 MKT-135 MRI-120 MRI-137 MRI-138 MRI-162 MTT-105 MTT-111 MTT-112 MTT-120 MTT-123 MTT-125 MTT-224 MTT-232

Jigs & Fixtures I Introduction to CAM Principles of CNC CNC Setup & Operations Music Appreciation Common Health Problems Basic Concepts of Pharmacology Transition Nursing Care of Childbearing Family Mental Health Nursing Management of Patient Care Nursing Seminar Introduction to Philosophy Ethics Physics I University Physics I Medical/Surgical Nursing II Medical/Surgical Nursing III Special Topics in PN: Pharmacology American Government Human Relations General Psychology Human Growth & Development Abnormal Psychology Orthopedic Management Rehabilitation Special Topics in Physical Therapy Advanced Professional Preparation Physical Therapy Practicum II Radiographic Imaging I Clinical Applications in Mammography Radiographic Procedures II Patient Factors & Imaging Procedures in Mammography Mammographic Instrumentation Applied Radiography II Radiation Biology Selected Imaging Topics Advanced Radiography II Developmental Reading Developmental Reading Introduction to Religion Pathophysiology Respiratory Skills II Clinical Applications I Respiratory Therapy Therapeutics Cardiopulmonary Diagnostics Respiratory Physiology Introduction to Sociology Elementary Spanish I Elementary Spanish II Public Speaking Introduction to Truck Driver Training Fundamentals of Truck Driver Training Preparation for CDL Exam Print Reading I Gas & Arc Welding Arc Welding I Arc Welding II Arc Welding III Inert Gas Welding Ferrous Inert Gas Welding of Aluminum Pipe Fitting & Welding Arc Welding Pipe I

NON-DISCRIMINATION POLICY Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or veteran status in its admissions policies, programs, activities or employment practices. Employee and applicant inquiries concerning the federal laws and their application to the College may be directed to the College’s Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Officer, the Director of Human Resources, Marie Howell, 3250 St. Matthews Road, Orangeburg, SC 29118, 803.535.1207, who serves as the College's Section 504, Title II, and Title IX Coordinator.

wE’RE AddinG TO OUR FLEET Be on the lookout for our new truck in the coming months.

Certified production Technician if you are looking for ways to increase your employability, looking for a career change, or fresh out of school or the military, you should consider skills training with the Certified production Technician program at Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College. you’ll learn essential skills for high-demand jobs in advanced manufacturing. while you’re at it, you’ll also receive industryrecognized national certification from the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC). By the end of the program, you will increase your employability for high-demand, well-paying jobs!

You’ll receive: • 200 hours of training • hands-on skill training • production simulation To apply and learn more, contact OCtech’s Corporate Training and Economic development Office at 803.535.1236, 803.535.1237 or Our office is located in the Anne S. Crook Transportation Building on the OCtech campus. Manufacturing Skill Standards Council


ith as little as eight weeks of training, our professional Truck driving Certificate will prepare you for a great salary and future financial independence. Trucking companies actively recruit our students, offering competitive wages and benefits. Students will test for their CdLClass A after completing the training curriculum. South Carolina residents may be eligible for partial financial assistance.


their spouses and legal dependents, and individuals who are currently serving in the U.S. Armed Forces may be eligible for additional financial assistance. Call Amanda Eisman-Lindsay at 803.535.1386 or the Admissions Office at 803.535.1234 to apply.

We also offer refresher courses for current CdL holders and customized yard truck “jockey” training. Contact Sandra Moore at 803.535.1237 to learn more.




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Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College 3250 St. Matthews Road l Orangeburg, SC 29118



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monday – thursday 8:00am to 7:00pm friday 8:00am to 1:30pm


office of admissions located in Building S


dAMiAn JOnES Associate Degree Nursing The cost to attend college is more than just tuition and books. Students need help with the entire cost of an education, including transportation, food, housing and – in some cases – unexpected emergencies. Change the life of a student and a family by supporting Funding Futures, Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College Foundation’s Annual Giving program directed to scholarships for students. The goal of this campaign is to raise $75,000. To support Funding Futures, call the Foundation office at 803.535.1246.

College Magazine Spring 2017  

Read the latest edition of College Magazine and find out why we put a dog on the cover!

College Magazine Spring 2017  

Read the latest edition of College Magazine and find out why we put a dog on the cover!