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computer+engineering +advanced manufacturing

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OCtech offers you a diverse set of programs to choose from depending on your interests. Graduates of these programs have rewarding and successful careers in cutting edge technological fields. Students will have the knowledge and skills needed to get a job and to succeed in the fast-paced world of technology after graduation. From Information Technology and Computer Programming to Welding and Machine Tool Technology, this division has innovative and flexible programs that use the most up-to-date technology for hands-on learning and on-thejob training. Apply to OCtech today and in only a few semesters, you’ll be on your way to the career you’ve always wanted.

My hands-on classroom experience was the best help when it came time for job interviews. Tripp Rutland

Instrument and Controls Technician Westinghouse Electric Company

Mechatronics involves training on state-of-the art equipment, including control systems, electronic systems, computers, and mechanical systems that integrate product design and automated manufacturing processes.

Meet NAO, the humanoid robot. Robotics is one of the latest technological innovations, and NAO is an ideal learning tool for classes at all levels. Robots allow students to connect theory with practice and discover a wide range of roboticsrelated fields, such as computer science, engineering, and mathematics. NAO is being used in our Instrumentation, Mechatronics and Computer Technology Programs.

Mechatronic Program activities also include internships and outreach activities designed to provide real-world experiences for students. It also features a high school dual credit Mechatronics Pathway, an Associate Degree and Certificates, and Industrial Engineering Technology transfer options to South Carolina State University.

$32,800 ($19,300-$55,900)

$36,600 ($27,300-$47,200)

$42,000 Where are our graduates now? Akebono-USA  Albemarle Corporation  Allied Air  Boeing  BP Amoco  CB&I  C.F. Evans Construction  Continental Tire  DAK America  Orangeburg Department of Public Utilities  Duke Energy  Emerson  Firestone of Orangeburg  General Motors  Gibbes Ford  Gulbrandsen Manufacturing, Inc.  Husqvarna  Innovative Composites Inc.  International Paper  Koyo  Lisega, Inc.  Michelin  Newport News Ship Builders  Nucor  Okonite  Orangeburg Automotive  Owens Steel  Phoenix Specialty  Santee Cooper Electric  SCANA  SCE&G  Shaw Constructors, Inc.  Showa-Denko  Starbucks  Superior Motors  +RMC  Triumph Fabrications  Toyota of Orangeburg  Zeus 


$49,200 ($33,200-$71,500)

$47,200 ($23,100-$73,500)

$52,500 ($38,600-$79,900)

$44,200 ($30,500-$61,600)

$35,700 ($23,200-$56,600)

$49,200 ($33,200-$71,500)

$36,500 ($24,900-$55,900)

$47,000 ($34,500-$62,900)

$35,500 ($26,500-$46,700) Amount represents average annual salary ranges for SC. Earnings will vary depending upon location, position, employer, level of responsibility, experience & demonstrated ability. Source:

career outlook great job=great salary AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE TECHNICIAN AND MECHANIC Diagnose, adjust, repair, or overhaul automotive vehicles.

COMPUTER-CONTROLLED MACHINE TOOL OPERATOR Operate computer-controlled machines or robots to perform one or more machine functions on metal or plastic work pieces.

COMPUTER USER SUPPORT SPECIALIST Provide technical assistance to computer users. Answer questions or resolve computer problems for clients in person, via telephone or electronically.

ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENTATION TECHNICIAN Calibrate, repair, install, and upgrade transmitters, controllers, and other instrumentation equipment used in automatic process measurement and control. Technician will troubleshoot and optimize system performance and maintain associated electrical systems and programming.

ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC REPAIRER, COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT Repair, test, adjust, or install electronic equipment, such as industrial controls, transmitters, and antennas.

ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS DRAFTER Prepare wiring diagrams, circuit board assembly diagrams, and layout drawings used for the manufacture, installation, or repair of electrical equipment.

INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY MECHANIC Repair, install, adjust, or maintain industrial production and processing machinery or refinery and pipeline distribution systems.

MACHINIST Set up and operate a variety of machine tools to produce precision parts and instruments. This includes precision instrument makers who fabricate, modify, or repair mechanical instruments.

MECHANICAL ENGINEERING TECHNICIAN Apply theory and principles of mechanical engineering to modify, develop, test, or calibrate machinery and equipment under direction of engineering staff or physical scientists.

SURVEYING AND MAPPING TECHNICIAN Perform surveying and mapping duties to obtain data used for construction, mapmaking, boundary location, mining, or other purposes.

TOOL AND DIE MAKER Analyze specifications, lay out metal stock, set up and operate machine tools, and fit and assemble parts to make and repair dies, cutting tools, jigs, fixtures, gauges, and machinists' hand tools.

WELDER Set up, operate, or tend welding, soldering, or brazing machines or robots that weld, braze, solder, or heat treat metal products, components, or assemblies.

Programs of Study computer technology ASSOCIATE IN APPLIED SCIENCE Programming Information Technology PC Support Specialist CERTIFICATES Database Internetworking-CISCO Network Engineering-MCSE Network Specialist Office Productivity Code-MCAS Webmaster

electronics engineering technology ASSOCIATE IN APPLIED SCIENCE Specialization in Computer Electronics Specialization in Electronic Instrumentation Specialization in Electronic Instrumentation with a focus in Radiation Protection Technology CERTIFICATES Radiation Fundamentals Radiation Protection Radiation Response & Instrumentation

Electronic Instrumentation Technology (EIT) is the study of using specialized instruments to measure and control critical processes, such as temperature, pressure, flow and level. An EIT technician is essential to the successful operation of all automated facilities including: power production, pulp and paper, chemical manufacturing, environmental control agencies, petroleum refineries, and many others. Since the nineties, this program has had a 100% job placement rate and offers students in their second spring semester the opportunity to apply for a co-op position. Radiation Protection Technology is designed to introduce the necessary skills needed to become a Radiation Protection Technician (RPT). Graduates will be able to measure and record radiation levels and also service and calibrate radiation instruments. RPTs play a vital role in ensuring the safety of employees by meeting all radiation protection requirements. Currently, there is an agreement for graduates to continue their studies at South Carolina State University and apply for an internship.

Computer Technology prepares students in the areas of planning, design and implementation of computer programs in many different languages and microcomputer systems’ hardware, applications and connectivity. Career opportunities in this always growing field may include computer programmer, webmaster, PC Support Specialist, network administrator and Help Desk Technician. Computer Electronics technicians design, develop, test, and manufacture electrical and electronic equipment such as radios, radar, sonar, television, industrial and medical measuring or control devices, navigational equipment, and computers. Employment opportunities are expected to continue to grow due to increasing demand for more sophisticated products.

Automotive Technology offers internships, job shadowing and co-op work experiences at area repair facilities. The importance of professional automobile repair in today's mobile society cannot be overstated. Because vehicles have skyrocketed in cost and are kept in service longer, there is a shortage of trained and knowledgeable technicians to perform preventive maintenance, repairs and adjustments. Students learn on state-of-the-art equipment, along with industry standard training equipment.

Industrial Electronics Technology (IET) provides students with a well-rounded, hands-on educational background that industry relies on today. Technicians in this field install and repair industrial control, medical diagnostic, and communications equipment. They strive to anticipate trouble and to service equipment before production is interrupted.

Machine Tool Technology technicians produce precision parts using tools such as lathes, drill presses, and milling machines. They set up and operate a wide variety of machine tools and have a thorough understanding of the working properties of metals such as steel, cast iron, aluminum, and brass. For those entering this field, a basic knowledge of computers and electronics is very important. Our curriculum provides training in these areas as well as in computer numerical control (CNC) operations.

industrial & technology Engineering Graphics Technology provides the technical knowledge and skills necessary for work as a design draftsman, tool designer, research assistant, engineering assistant, detailer, and mechanical draftsman. Students learn about assembly drawing, process drawing, elementary layout drawing, 3D Modeling, and mechanical assemblies drawing. There is an articulation agreement with South Carolina State University that transfers into the B.S. Degree in Professional Land Surveying.

ASSOCIATE IN APPLIED SCIENCE Automotive Technology Industrial Electronics Technology Machine Tool Technology CERTIFICATES Basic Electrician Basic Diesel Maintenance Industrial Electrician Computer Aided Design I, II, III Principles of CAD, CAM & Solid State Devices Undercar Specialist Automated Manufacturing I, II Production Operator Basic Industrial Maintenance Industrial Maintenance Mechanical & Electrical I, II Mechatronics-Fundamentals Mechatronics-Automated Controls Mechatronics-Advanced Automated Systems Power Plant Technology I, II, III Basic Welding Intermediate Welding Welding Fundamentals Professional Truck Driving

Industrial Maintenance Technology prepares students for employment as Industrial Maintenance Technicians. Job opportunities for students include Process Plant Mechanic, Manufacturing Plant Mechanic, Construction Site Equipment Mechanic, Construction Electrician, Plant Quality Assurance Technician, Preventative Maintenance Technician, and Precision Leveling and Alignment Technician.

Welding Technology careers may lead to financial security, career advancement and important work in areas around the world. With virtually all construction and manufacturing companies requiring some form of welding, from the production of parts to their maintenance and repair, the field continues to be a thriving industry. The welding profession can offer a wide range of opportunities, including careers in defense industries, nuclear industries and the military. Mechatronics involves training on state-of-the art equipment involving control systems, electronic systems, computers and mechanical systems that integrate product design and automated manufacturing processes. Program activities also include internships and outreach activities designed to provide real-world experiences for students. It also features a high school dual credit Mechatronics pathway, an Associate of Applied Science Major in General Technology degree and certificates, and industrial engineering technology transfer options to South Carolina State University. Power Plant Technology prepares students for employment as Power Plant Maintenance Technicians. Job opportunities for students with this certificate include Hydro-Power Plant Maintenance Technician, Auxiliary Operator, Fossil-Fuel Power Plant Maintenance Technician, Nuclear Power Plant Maintenance Technician, and Power Plant Operator. Professional Truck Driver Training is for anyone interested in the freedom of running the open road. The transportation industry has identified a driver shortage which escalates marketability as a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) carrier. The small class size assures more personalized attention. Various trucking companies actively recruit our students offering competitive wages and benefits. Students will test to achieve their CDL- Class A after completing the training curriculum.

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University Transfer If you desire to continue studies at a four-year university, check out our University Transfer Program. We have created specialized transfer pathways to four-year universities for you. Courses offered from the list of 86 transferable courses will transfer to any South Carolina public college or university and to most private colleges. OCtech currently has transfer agreements in place for the Computer, Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing Division with South Carolina State University and Columbia College.

OCtech helped me re-do my entire career. Bonnie Laboon

CNC Operator at Akebono

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Advanced Manufacturing  

Learn more about OCtech's Advanced Manufacturing programs. State of the art degrees, diplomas and certificates that translate it rewarding...

Advanced Manufacturing  

Learn more about OCtech's Advanced Manufacturing programs. State of the art degrees, diplomas and certificates that translate it rewarding...