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Our Focus of Attention is on: ? A Pro-active Planning and Design Strategies process. ? An organized production schedule allowing contractors and

owners to monitor the outcome of the project.

Our Pro-active Panning and Design Strategies Include: 1. Engineer evaluation and problem solving analysis. 2. Architect, Engineer, Contractor and Owner enhancement. 3. Discrepancies and Problem solving. 4. Visual analysis of 3D modeling to assure final product satisfaction. 1. Analysis

Our aim is to put a project t h ro u g h a m e t i c u l o u s process of engineer and architectural evaluation as well as to a problem solving analysis at the planning stage.

4. 3D Modeling Analysis

Pro-active Planning

3. Problem Solving


2. Enhancement

After the satisfaction of the final product using 3D Modeling, an organized schedule takes place to run the project in a given time and cost affective manner.

Benefits ? Architectural and structural evaluation

to identify discrepancies prior to construction. ? Adds clarity to communication between

Owner, Builder and Subcontractors. ?

Avoids costly changes.


Maintains design integrity throughout construction pro cess.


Solves problem in the planning stage instead of in the field.


Helps maintain job momentum and keeps high work spirit by following well organized plan.


Avoids extras from subcontractors.


Greater control of subcontractor’s pricing.


Better understanding of design reduces waste.


Efficient scheduling.


Economical analysis of plan revisions.

Letter of recommendation I am a general contractor and have recently completed several projects with Max and Alfredo. Max and Alfredo have vast experience in framing from large products to high end custom homes. they have been great collaborators, and have a very knowledgeable and experienced team that includes a CAD tech. The CAD tech. builds a compleate to scale 3D model of the project that allows the client to have a visual that minimizes construction changes. They bid lumber and labor securing fixed numbers for my cost break down. They are always careful to value engineer every project and stay on schedule. On our most recent project, the combined lumber and labor savings was over $ 90,000.00. As a general contractor, time is always of the essence. Max and Alfredo recently completed an 8000 square foot home with a detached guest house in six weeks and the quality was outstanding. I am happy to recommend Max Phillips and Alfredo Luevano and their team members. They are experienced, reliable and knowledgeable, and are a great asset to any project. Please feel free to call my office at (760) 945-2217 for any further information. Sincerely, Steve Bedford Please contact us for any questions, to further explain the benefits of our approach or for a live presentation at your convenience. ? ? ? ? ? ?

Max Phillips 1990 Quiet Ranch Rd. Fallbrook CA. 92028 760 672-5903 Fax 760 728-0679 CSL # 554495

? Alfredo Luevano ? 27475 Ynez Rd. 251 Temecula, CA. 92591 ? 951 775-6142 ? Fax 760 728-0679 ? ? CSL #652023


Innovative Building Concepts  

Innovative Building Concepts

Innovative Building Concepts  

Innovative Building Concepts