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Banish The

Winter Blahs!

Do you need a booster shot of style inspiration to see you through the season? Maybe an injection of colour or a dose of new design ideas? Whatever’s ailing your decor, we hope you find the remedy here.

Fashion Statement

The houndstooth pattern originated in the Scottish Lowlands. The design was woven into wool cloth and became a mainstay in men’s apparel for many years. Today, this classic knows no boundaries. Shown here as a striking backdrop to a modern, sleek interior, the Jackie-OH! wallcovering in Slate on Silver Mylar is from the Risky Business II Collection by York Wallcoverings. At $79.99 per single roll, it is also available in five other colour combinations.

February/March 2013 :: 17


Unexpected Dash of Colour

A Real GEM!

Not only is the 3iE thermostat by Warmup available in eight decor-sensitive colours ($199), it’s a marvel of innovation, automatically adjusting to changing conditions in the room, the house and even the seasons. To learn more about 3iE’s Active Energy Management™ functions, visit

Pantone’s Colour of the Year is Emerald #17-5641. It is said to be a colour of elegance and beauty that enhances a sense of well-being, balance and harmony. This lively and lush green could fit easily into your home decor by way of a feature wall in a great room to mirror an adjacent garden. Or, on a smaller scale, a handcrafted throw draped lazily over your favourite reading chair.

for your viewing pleasure You don’t have to be a Trekkie to appreciate the UFO-design of this sleek Curtis DVD player. Whatever film genre takes pride of place in your movie collection this is the perfect complement to your home theatre. Priced under $40; available at Walmart.

Homegrown Goodness Put the zero-mile diet at your fingertips with the eco-friendly Urban Cultivator. This dishwasher-sized appliance lets you grow fresh, organic microgreens and herbs in your own home. Starting at $2,200.

this blushing chaise from EQ3. Yet, no one could accuse the Crush Chaise of being shy. Dressed to impress in Pieni Unikko Marimekko print fabric, this number is sure to raise your temperature…and, a few eyebrows. Exclusive to the brand’s new Liberty Village location at 51 Hanna Avenue, which features a Marimekko shop-inshop, the chaise retails for $899. Also available online at 18 :: February/March 2013

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We’ve got a CRUSH on…


What a Bright Idea Even though this clever use of space is not available to the mass market, we couldn’t resist sharing this with you. The Cocoon gently nestles fresh produce in the berth below while offering you the opportunity to exercise your green thumb by planting fresh herbs on the upper deck. Be sure to visit this website for more ingenious designs,

Sweet SLUMBER Suite Octaspring is not your cookie-cutter sleep system. Neither spring-based nor made strictly of memory foam, it fuses both protocols into memory foam springs for the ultimate sleep experience. Three different mattresses are available exclusively at Sleep Country in Canada. Pricing ranges from $1,899 to $4,599.

Wheel of Fortune

Small Capacity High Efficiency

No more wondering if the dog has squirrelled away a pair of your prized pumps. For men and women, the Shoe Wheel ($60) makes it easy to maintain lefts with rights in plain sight. Colour-coding your footwear, however, is entirely up to you; we won’t tell a soul.

It’s a simple equation: highperformance homes require smaller-capacity furnaces. At a time when standard 50,00060,000 BTU systems stand accused of short cycling and wasted efficiency, resulting in inconsistent temperature control, Wolf Steel has met the demand to support today’s high-performance home with the 9200 Series small-capacity gas furnace, starting at 30,000 BTUs.

Personal Preference

From its striking appearance and stunning feature set to its sensible water efficiency, Numi represents a new standard of excellence in the bathroom. Unmatched design integrity and cutting edge automation offer you the ultimate in personal comfort and cleansing.

20 :: February/March 2013


Octaspring's new memory foam spring mattress technology featured in Canadian Publication Reno & Decor's March issue Home Finds.

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