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Do Web Designers Need to Know Coding? Discussions about whether designers should learn coding are constantly being intensified, and its advocates are on either side. This is a recurring problem; however, the entire designer community is united and strongly opposed to the idea of training in coding. They have their own reasons to deal with this belief, but experts believe that gaining certain coding efficiency can inspire their way and give them work methods. On the other hand, designers believe that the sailing of two sailing boats may be dangerous to the project for their own professional career. No matter who said it, this is a fact of 2018. We have come a long way in terms of web design. Organizations are promoting the role of specialization. The time has passed when designers are accustomed to studying the entire development stack. At present, this work involves advanced tools and effective practices to achieve higher results.

Now, in order to end this debate, let us further explore the answer to this debate: Quality may be affected Keeping up with multiple things can be dangerous, because when designers work hard to achieve everything, they may end up with no results. In order to learn such nuances, designers must invest a great deal of time, which can be used elsewhere, possibly in more effective ways such as solving problems. Instead, designers should be strictly responsible for the site's layout, colors, fonts, and the entire brand. These core tasks related to the designer can define its value, but allowing him to learn additional things can damage the quality. Know that a certain degree of coding is fruitful Knowing how to code will ultimately make you an efficient web designer. Entering the code will give you a clearer picture of the printing process and, after a certain period of time, you will find yourself a better

print designer. In the current situation, you can see experts everywhere. HTML and semantics are the languages spoken by front-end developers and with SaaS and CSS. The interactions with these tools are those who deal with visual design cups of tea.    

Code knowledge gives you a competitive advantage Establish better communication with the network creation pipeline Knowing that the media you work in will help you become the master of this media The more you code, you will get better designers.

What kind of designer must say? Their biggest dream is to build their own website, not the website code. The following are two factors: Provide customers with seamless services This is a very common situation when customers have a limited budget and they cannot afford designers with developers. They are looking for a portfolio transaction. Designers can make a win at the same time, especially for both developers and resources. Strengthen the control of the two departments Usually, when designers create something, a large part of their value is lost in the process of developers. When we have a responsive design around us to make our imagination closer to reality, going to PSD, HTML and CSS will bring us such trouble. Here, the designer has found an opportunity to try out some of the latest tools, continue to experience new things from the technology world, and continue to learn how to better control these two aspects. Learning Coding is not difficult Let me make it clear that when I say learning coding, don't associate it with the core code. Once the core code is excluded from the syllabus, it is certain that you will not spend much time learning the rest. HTML takes a few days to learn, and the rest of the content is still memory. There is another tool called CSS, which may take some time, but once you pick it up from its root, you will easily grab it after a while. In this regard, things that are easy to remember will be preserved. However, both require a lot of time to master, especially CSS. Remember that coding and design are completely different. Therefore, we emphasize that through this learning curve, designers can write their own designs. Not everyone finds it easy to learn how to develop a website. Conclusion After carefully studying the whole thing, we can now clearly state that the designer does not need to know the code at all. However, we do believe that designers should know how to deal with CSS and HTML, because this will give them great ability to make better choices in the medium of web design. In general, you don't have to literally choose the core code, but only basic knowledge to make yourself perform like a designer.

Do web designers need to know coding  
Do web designers need to know coding  

Discussions about whether designers should learn coding are constantly being intensified, and its advocates are on either side.