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What to Do If You Find That Your Idea Already Exist It is rightly said, “No idea is original.� Every idea is an inspiration of the existing one. According to the recent statistics, there are around 2 million apps in the Apple store and around the same number in the Google play store. There are chances that the idea you may come up with is no more a unique one. Today, the competition is cutthroat, and to survive the situations, we should come up with ideas that are unexpectedly extraordinary exclusive. The mobile apps market has gone beyond boundaries and is now stretching further thus, implying tough challenge for those who come up with an idea to stay ahead of the crowd.

The time has become crucial since you end up having a brilliant idea and finally finding that it has been implemented already. The need of thinking different is itself competition. So, what will you do if you have an idea and find out that it has been already implemented? Well, below are some tactics that will help you to find the right path with your new start-ups or applications. Do a research When you are struck with an idea, the catch is to start with a research. Do not overcomplicate it and do your own study. Google is a good place to do your research. Find out whether your idea will work or not. Run an efficient search to find the current players attuned to your idea. By this method, you will not only know that your idea has been in existence but also get to know the advanced tools and techniques that will help you move further. What if your idea is used?

The world is so small and so are the ideas. The idea gains it originality only when it is implemented with some unique marketing techniques. For example, if we talk about e-commerce app, the features of Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, and many others may already have been implemented. However, you can still launch an e-commerce app by scrutinizing the current application and covering out their weaknesses. An intricate study is necessary to create a unique app and stay out in the crowd. If you opine that Facebook and Instagram already exist, then maybe we will never come up an idea related to social networking app development. Here, the idea is to compete with the existing app by refining the current idea and marketing them that will lead to great success. Gather all the product details A unique business strategy succeeds only when we have the potential to research on the minute details of an existing idea. Since no idea is unique, we can take inspiration from the existing ones and create a completely new one. Your business strategy will implore you to stick up with the idea and must resonate with every minor detail associated with the product. Whether you are starting an e-commerce app or a social networking app like hangout, you need to check on the developmental, platforms, attributes, and everything associated. The catch is to gather the details and come out with an exclusive new idea that overcomes all the faults of the previous ones. Renovate the product In order to stay unique, you need to pay attention and add features that give your app a distinctive identity. You need to stay extra careful while evaluating the features and applying them in your applications. You have to make them interesting so that the user comes back to use your application. For instance, if you are making or creating a gaming app, it must have exciting features that create a distinct gaming experience for the users. It should be exclusive enough to compel the users to for using the app over the existing giants and the competitors. You will get an idea of improvisation only when you explore the current trends of games and applications. Check on the rating and review provided by the users so that you come up with some exclusive ideas to innovate your own applications. Say goodbye to traditional search engines To start a practical idea, you must make your exploration practical. The search engine is not that only exploring option. You need to open up from the traditional method of searching and try some advanced research tools and strategies to evaluate your ideas. You can use the tools like AppStatics, AppAnnie to find out the app ranking, monthly reports, and user ratings. Try some SEO keywords to know the traffic and visibility of the application. It is important to research with the advanced tools that will help you carve out original ideas. Sometimes, it may be demotivating when you find that your idea already exists. However, with some competence and understanding, you can carve out a niche for yourself and come out with something

unique. Your idea can become unique and exclusive only when you know how to use the advanced tools and execute them wisely.

What to do if you find that your idea already exist  
What to do if you find that your idea already exist  

What are the new things to do if your Idea already exists. Explore the facts to do make a right choice in inspiration.