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A complete overview of the Blockchain Technology What is Blockchain Technology? The blockchain is a decentralized database used to record data (finance contracts, physical assets, and supply chain information). It has gained a victory recognition and is currently dominated and used by Bitcoin.

The blockchain is divided into two phrases: Block and Chain. Let us understand them accurately. A block is an authentication entity that records a time stamp and is encrypted. It is managed by the owner through a private key. With the introduction of editing, all distributed chains will be updated in real time. It can be said to be the most active part of the blockchain, which records previous transactions. Once completed, the block returns to the blockchain, generating new blocks, forming links to each other. Each new block developed has been connected to the previous block. The blockchain contains a complete history of users and addresses. Data can be distributed but no copy can be generated. The chain is open and distributed, and anyone can access and trade. One thing to note is that this chain is not subject to the control of any other third party or organization. The concept of blockchain can be easily understood with the help of Wikipedia. The user can see the information, but cannot control the database that is managed and tracked by the authorization controller. The blockchain is the same; you can see it, but you can't control it. Considering more, the blockchain is actually incomplete and there is no bitcoin. All transactions are stored in the blockchain and users can view their transaction status. Each transaction is stored in a block and there are currently 8 billion Bitcoin accounts in the blockchain, and the numbers are still increasing. More about blockchain:  

Blockchains can be public or private. In terms of popularity: it is in the Internet 15 years ago.

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Only 0.10% use blockchain and 75% use the Internet It was first introduced by Bitcoin and they can be said to be the engine of the blockchain. Major technology giants like Microsoft and IBM are investing in the blockchain. IBM recently invested 200 million U.S. dollars in blockchain projects. Blockchain's global market share is expected to rise to 20 billion U.S. dollars by 2022. The blockchain has the ability to save about 8 to 12 million U.S. dollars in all banking and financial related transactions. Oracle decided to launch its own blockchain. One major technology giant, Oracle, stated that Blockchain is a great opportunity for digital payment using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Oracle Blockchain Cloud Services connects Oracle customers to their inventory and supply chain, paving the way for migration from Oracle's servers and cloud data centers to more secure and distributed trading systems. According to sources, the software will be available at the end of this year. According to Oracle, the establishment of a blockchain will require distributed computing resources. This can be achieved through public cloud data centers located around the world. Oracle is launching its own cloud (ORCL, 0.95%) in the market, its competitors Amazon (AMZN, 0.24%) and Microsoft (MSFT, 0.49%), and considering all related services and finances that will be used for banks, hospitals department. Why does Azure mention Baas (blockchain as a service)? Azure is currently one of the leading technology giants providing blockchain solutions, such as the Etherium Alliance, Chain Core Developer Edition, Emercoin Blockchain, and more. As an open and flexible platform, it supports the rapid development of distributed ledger technology to combat specific business conditions and technical specifications. Blockchain-as-a-service is a low-cost infrastructure that provides a validated ecosystem of organizations executing business processes. Why choose a blockchain? Safety and certification: It uses digital signature mechanisms to create and execute transactions. It drastically reduced fraud, paved the way for trust, and traced the preemptive process accountability. Sharing: Trading history can be shared. The more organizations participate, the more value increases, which helps to make the process smooth and streamlined. General ledger development: A record cannot be deleted once it is executed, meaning it is immutable. If you make a mistake, perform a transaction that compensates for the previous transaction.

Split: It makes the process very real. The more data is shared, the more powerful the network is. Blockchain is a peer-to-peer trading model that does not require any third party during the transaction. Because of security, it can be widely used in applications, which requires authentication and digital voting purposes. There is still much to be achieved, but until now, the way it completely changed the entire digital payment landscape is undeniably impressive.

a complete overview about the blockchain technology  
a complete overview about the blockchain technology  

Blockchain is a peer-to-peer trading model that does not require any third party during the transaction. Because of security, it can be wide...