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Welcome to your new subsea partner: Telemark Technologies Telemark Technologies is a trusted subsea engineering and development partner for offshore oil and gas producers and subsea equipment manufacturers. Telemark Technologies is a supplier in the offshore-subsea segment of the oil and gas industry. Currently our core products represent half of our earnings with the remaining revenue earned through design and manufacturing services delivered to next-tier suppliers. We are strategically headquartered in Kongsberg Norway, the technology hub for the sector, and are especially recognized for advancing the state of art through innovation and inherently safe products. As a particular example, I am deeply pleased to see that the pioneering work done by my colleagues over the past 25 years has evolved into an important line of hyperbaric testing products. Our Hyperbaric Testing Systems (HTS) rank among the world’s best. These robust workhorses provide rapid, efficient, and cost-effective verification of subsea certification of equipment and components. Most notable for large hyperbaric chambers and modular designs, our HTS units improve daily workflows for subsea manufacturers. Employing an HTS in-house offers these companies an alternative to outsourcing hyperbaric testing, which often leads to production bottlenecks as well as time and resources wasted on logistics. Moreover, Telemark Technologies’ Hyperbaric Testing Systems offer unparalleled advantages over competing commercial products. They are inherently safe and feature ergonomic workspaces. The large hyperbaric vessels and accompanying light-weight lids are made from seamless steel forgings — insuring performance over a long lifetime, free from welding-induced stress and fatigue issues.

Automation also sets our HTS products ahead of competing units. Testing regimes, called profiles, are programmed for each hyperbaric test run, and factors such as hyperbaric pressure are computer controlled. Certification documentation is automatically generated and archived for each subsea object tested. Telemark Technologies’ HTS product line currently offers hyberbaric testing to 800 barg, simulating the hydrostatic conditions found at 8 000-meter-deep marine environments including water temperatures as low as minus 5 °Celsius. That’s so much further down the water column than we were 10 years ago — 3450 meters (345 barg). The HTS products presented in this brochure are designed to reduce your company’s operating expenses and total cost of HTS ownership, as well as spur revenue growth and productivity. Throughout the life-cycle of every delivery we make, Telemark Technologies remains committed to the highest levels of quality, support, and service.

Torgeir Straand, CEO, Telemark Technologies

Telemark Technologies key products

Telemark Technologies Vacuum Pump This innovative vacuum pump from Telemark Technologies is small, lightweight, and mobile ­­— perfect for either workshop or field operations. Key components in the production and maintenance of subsea equipment, vacuum pumps safeguard parts against subsea damage resulting from hydrostatic pressure. Subsea Hyperbaric Test System The safest and largest, most versatile and productive testing system for qualifying equipment designed for subsea use. Certify equipment such as control modules, actuators, ROV, AUV and other equipment down to 8 000 meter depths (800 barg) and up to 1 500 mm diameters. Subsea Hydraulic Power Unit The first of its kind fully electric pump maintains local hydraulic pressure at subsea level. Enables hydraulic equipment to be fully operable on the seabed while eliminating the need for costly hydraulic umbilicals to the surface. 3

Telemark Technologies — High-pressure technology since 1988 Norway is a seafaring nation and, since the 1970s, a major offshore oil and gas producer. To develop the country’s newest energy resources, the strong engineering community in Kongsberg was leveraged into a world-leading center for offshore-industry research, development, and manufacturing. Telemark Technologies has strategically headquartered itself here for this reason. Telemark Technologies is further fortunate to have secured board members having extensive experience from the offshore oil and gas industries since its inception in the early 1970s. Key company personnel also bring decades of industry know-how to Telemark Technologies, including integral contribution to the development of innovations in high-pressure technology. In 2005, Ble Engineering began engineering its own proprietary high-pressure technology, and in 2014 the company consolidated under Telemark Technologies. From the 1970s until today, our key personnel have lead the development of the subsea industry’s paradigm in high-pressure technology, which today is Telemark Technologies’ Hyperbaric Testing Systems.








The manufacturing company Industriteknikk AS was formed by Asmund Buen and Ingar Gvesrud. They are still working in our organization.

First delivery of a hyperbaric testing system to Omnitec (today, Siemens) in Kongsberg. With systems of capacity to 345 barg. Research and development of high-pressure testing took off.

Ble Engineering was established and immediately started engineering and construction of its own high-pressure testing equipment and subsea pumps.

Ble Engineering received its first order to build a Hyperbaric Testing System for use at Kongsberg Maritime’s department in Horten. This initiated a new paradigm in the subsea testing market. The ID 350 mm HTS we delivered is utilized to full capacity.

Ble Engineering completed and delivered its second Hyperbaric Testing System ordered by Kongsberg Maritime’s Horten department. The 800 barg system is utilized to full capacity.

Telemark Technologies becomes a global supplier to FMC Technologies, delivering one HTS to FMC Technologies in Kongsberg and build another inhouse to establish an independent hyperbaric testing center. Telemark Technologies and Ble Engineering now qualify and test their own subsea equipment and products as well as offering testing services to other subsea suppliers.

2014 Founder of Ble Engineering, Torgeir Straand, consolidates Ble Engineering AS under Telemark Technologies AS. The company now offers safe, large-volume Hyperbaric Testing Systems as standard products, changing the paradigm for hyberbaric testing of subsea equipment.

“The subsea testing systems developed by Telemark Technologies are design-wise the best in the world� Kjell Gjestad Vice President - Supply Chain Kongsberg Maritime - Subsea Horten


New paradigm in hyperbaric testing What are Hyperbaric Testing Systems?

Why are they needed?

Who uses them?

How do I acquire an HTS?

Test equipment capable of simulating deep ocean pressures and temperatures.

To qualify and certify mechanical, electrical, or hydraulic equipment for subsea applications. Control modules, ROV/AUV systems, pumps, actuators, connectors, seismic/geophysical sensors, and other subsea equipment.

Offshore oil and gas producers, subsea well maintenance, modification, and service suppliers, mapping and survey providers, R&D organizations, and military contractors.

Telemark Technologies designs and produces the industry’s most advanced hyperbaric testing systems. To get started, assess your needs using the checklist on page 23 — and then contact us.

Hyperbaric Testing Systems (HTS) are used to verify the performance of equipment while subjected to the temperature and pressure conditions found at ocean depths. Once tested, equipment may be certified for delivery and deployment subsea. Unique testing capabilities, inherent safety, and ultra-high-pressures are major competitive advantages of the HTS product line manufactured by Telemark Technologies. Consider our HTS specialists to be your partners throughout the lifecycle of the product, from design through installation, training, and maintenance. Safety First: The design and construction of Telemark Technologies’ Hyperbaric Testing System have eliminated the potential hazards found in competing HTS packages. Our large testing tanks are monolithic forgings, fabricated without welds or penetrations. Vessel lids are lightweight for easy handling, and seal water-tight without using bolts. The command and


control system enhances safety and blocks undesirable procedures. Telemark Technologies offers the only HTS system with a certified safe design. The vessel’s large retaining frame protects personnel in the operating area. Training of operators and service technicians by Telemark Technologies enhances productivity and safety. Faster testing: Interchangeable tank lids enable successive tests to be run with minimal inter-testing downtime. Components to be tested are rigged quickly and efficiently in large “baskets” suspended below a vessel lid. Programmable testing cycles, called test profiles, control HTS operations to recreate slow descents, rapid changes in water column depths, on-off cycling of components, and other simulation scenarios. And all procedures are recorded for automatic generation of quality-control and traceability documentation. FMC Technologies Subsea has reported a 300% production efficiency increase when conducting certain hyperbaric testing through the use of Telemark Technologies’ HTS platform.

“With Telemark Technologies’ Hyperbaric Testing System, our test production time has been significantly reduced. Our production efficiency is up 300%.” Harald Henrichsen Production Support Manager FMC Technologies

Lower cost of ownership: Lower operating costs and a stronger competitive position are achieved as a result of the unique engineering features of Telemark Technologies’ Hyperbaric Testing Systems. Reduced OpEx and time required to execute hyperbaric testing are ongoing benefits. Faster testing cycles, automated generation of QC documentation (“Goodbye, clipboard!” and resultant data recording delays), and minimal system maintenance are key money-savers. Deploying several Telemark Technologies’ Hyperbaric Testing Systems on an enterprisewide basis further reduces the resources spent on testing and related component logistics. Staff at a company’s distributed HTS facilities are able to work at any and all testing sites without retraining in their capacity as operators, set-up technicians, or service personnel.


Inherently safe Hyperbaric Testing System The Telemark Technologies’ Hyperbaric Testing System has been designed for safety and incorporates unique features that make our HTS product line safer than competing systems. At Telemark Technologies, accredited third parties certify both the fabrication of our systems and our designs. Conformance is to either the international standards of the European Union’s Pressure Equipment Directive (PED/97/23/EC), and carry the CE marking, or the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC), bearing ASME stamping. Although our HTS vessels are the largest in the industry, they are also the safest. Made from seamless, precision-forged-steel, the tanks and their lids are fabricated free of structural welds. The absence of welding assures a long and reliable service lifetime with the lowest possible ongoing costs of service, maintenance, and support.

Another unique safety enhancement is the sturdy retaining frame that holds the pressurized vessel during testing and maintains the tight seal of tank lids. Computer-based command and control of HTS operations provides efficiency while sensors and lock-outs preclude personnel from working in high-risk areas adjacent to the HTS. Automation of HTS processes reduces or eliminates the risk exposure of operating personnel. Attention to ergonomics not only makes the workplace safe and effecient, but also prevents workplace injuries. The top of HTS vessels are at a convenient working height and components to be tested are staged in an ergonomically sound manner. Vessel lids are lightweight, whereas competing HTS tanks have heavy lids that can put personnel at risk when handling such heavy loads.


Retaining frame An external retaining frame secures the HTS vessel during testing. Contact with the frame safely locks the lids into place under even the slightest amount of vessel pressurization. Composed of multiple steel plates mounted in a laminated configuration, the fault-tolerant frame flexes slightly as operating pressure increases — up to 800 barg — to maintain safe and leakage-free HTS performance.


Weld-less construction Telemark Technologies’ unique HTS features weld-free vessel walls, lids, and connection points. Welds represent potential failure zones, due to micro-cracks, entrained contaminants, and fatigue induced by HTS pressurization and depressurization cycles. Operating lifetime is extended and maintenance is reduced through the use of vessels and lids which are fabricated from precision forged seamless, pressure-rated steel.

Lightweight lids Vessel top and bottom lids are easy to lift and maneuver. Objects to be tested are suspended in a basket attached to the underside of a vessel’s top lid. Connection to power, control, fiber optic cables and/or hydraulic lines can be facilitated via standard quick-connect fittings mounted to the top lids which are interchangeable. Testing is sped up by deploying multiple vessel top lids enabling equipment to be rigged while another HTS test is in progress.

Certified safe Both the design and production of Telemark Technologies’ Hyperbaric Testing Systems are certified by accredited third parties such as Det Norske Veritas (DNV), for PED deliveries in the EU requiring CE marking. Other international deliveries may be similarly certified according to ASME/BPVC, with like marking. Operational risk is reduced by the system’s computer-based command and control system. Training under the auspices of Telemark Technologies further enhances HTS safety.

“Telemark Technologies has developed a unique concept that takes care of HSE and user efficiency in an optimal way” Kjell Gjestad Vice President - Supply Chain Kongsberg Maritime - Subsea Horten


World-leading capabilities The Telemark Technologies Hyperbaric Testing System is an ideal tool for qualifying subsea equipment. Our HTS units are inherently safe, reliable and easy to use with unrivalled capabilities. Simulate hydrostatic pressures down to 8 000 meters in vessels to 1500 mm internal testing diameters, as standard product! Standard vessel lengths range to 4 000 mm internal testing lengths with temperatures down to minus 5 °Celsius. Even larger systems are currently under development, and customized solutions are always available upon request. A state of the art test management platform features a modern humanmachine interface with both programmable and manual testing and pressure-sequenced profiles with variable rates of pressure change and intermediate dwelling times.


For each object tested in the hyperbaric chamber, all test events are recorded with certification and traceability documents generated following each test. Test data which is essential to subsea certification is archived together with process control information. System control and data resources are available both locally and remotely, by VPN, through role based user access and an interactive piping and instrumentation interface. Our customers achieve lower operating costs and increased revenues through system standardization and near 24/7 productivity. A modular design keeps pace with evolving requirements; optional configurations can be implemented quickly at a fraction of the cost of a system replacement.






Largest vessel capacities enable testing of components of various sized components — and simultaneous testing of several items. Typical test loads are subsea connectors and jumpers, control modules, valves, and ROV and AUV components. Certification documentation is recorded for each object in the test run.

Simulate water depths at which subsea wellheads are placed today, and into the future — or at ocean depths down to 8 000 meters (800 barg). Pressure scenarios are programmed before testing begins, and certification data is logged throughout the test cycle.

The Hyperbaric Testing System adds value to your business in several ways. On-site testing rather than shipping production to a testing subcontractor saves time, trims operating costs, and eliminates production bottlenecks. Product standardization reduces the cost of maintenance, employee training, and technical support across the entire enterprise, while delivering testing logistics otherwise unavailable.

Water temperatures as low as minus 5 °Celsius simulate conditions at the lowest levels of subsea production. Both pressure-proof and functional testing may be performed under low temperature conditions.

A modular design promotes enduring competitiveness and low-cost maintenance. Accommodating new types of components for testing is as easy as interchanging top lids with alternate configurations, or customizing top lids prescriptively. Test scenarios can be repeated or modified via an innovative test management platform.

Standard Hyperbaric Testing Systems Depth in meters

2 000

4 000

6 000

8 000

Today’s offshore technology enables oil companies to develop deepwater fields to roughly 3 000 meter depths. Ever-deeper development requires advanced capabilities in hyperbaric testing ­­— capabilities that Telemark Technologies is able to deliver today through its new paradigm of hyperbaric testing systems.

ID 350 mm

Telemark Technologies current range of standard products serve testing applications requiring up to 1500 mm diameters and 4000 mm lengths. Hydrostatic pressures may be simulated down to 8 000 meters (800 barg) and temperatures down to minus 5 °Celsius. With these capabilities, both today’s oil and gas requirements of 3 500 meter depths, and future requirements are served with standard product from Telemark Technologies.

ID 1 500 mm

ID 1 000 mm

ID 600 mm

Oil and gas suppliers, next-generation field developers, R&D organizations, and marine and geophysical researchers are among those that need to simulate hydrostatic conditions in order to prove their subsea products for delivery.


Lowered OpEx and faster ROI

Reduced operating costs, expanded capability, increased productivity Our Hyperbaric Testing Systems lower the total cost of ownership, starting from Day One. Telemark Technologies’ systems are designed to maximize the value returned over every phase of the product’s life cycle.


REMOTE ACCESS AND CONTROL Check on test progress, verify system status, connect to archives or conduct administrative actions via VPN remote access. A productivity booster for global enterprises and a popular tool for in-house productivity.

MINIMAL SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE Even at maximum 24/7 usage, the precision-forged hyperbaric vessel and robust retaining frame are rated for lifecycles exceeding 25 years.

BRIEF INTER-JOB DOWNTIME Stage the next hyperbaric test while the HTS automatically executes a test in progress. Incorporating a pair of vessel lids on which to load and hook-up test pieces minimizes downtime. It’s the next-best thing to owning and operating two HTS units.

AUTOMATED TESTING The Hyperbaric Testing System automates testing procedures. Server-based control of testing requirements, such as pressure and temperature sequencing, documentation generation and archiving, along with safety monitoring, reduce errors in test verification documents while increasing testing speed and productivity.

PARKING PEDESTAL The parking pedestal parks a vessel lid prior to interconnecting with a basket. A loaded basket is then joined to the aluminium tubes descending from the vessel lid; quick-connects allow joining of basket to lid by hand, with no requirement for specialized tools or complicated operating procedures.

MULTIPLE LIDS AND BASKETS Employing multiple hyperbaric vessel lid and test baskets allows rapid changeover between hyperbaric test runs. Above a loaded basket is being wheeled under a second vessel lid for staging at the parking pedestal.

Utility and Usability Ergonomics, ease of assembly, and brief intervals between Hyperbaric Testing System operations are hallmarks of Telemark Technologies’ innovative engineering. Shown here is a technician connecting a loaded basket to a vessel lid. The basket is secured in place by lifting and locking pins, which join the basket to the aluminum support rods which fasten to the bottom of an interchangeable vessel lid. Convenient access for assembly and inspection makes the HTS workspace more efficient and improves testing cycle times. Vessel lids are easily handled with a light-duty overhead crane. Modularity and Productivity Telemark Technologies’ family of Hyperbaric Testing Systems share core safety and productivity features across all models to modularize for production and installation, and standardize for support, training and spare equipment. Using multiple vessel lids and baskets enable parallel operations and reduce HTS downtime. The ability to rapidly rig testing baskets and test objects via lid penatrators is a key feature common to all our HTS models. A light-duty crane may be employed for all test-object operations, alleviating the need for heavy duty, and costly bridge cranes. All vessel operations, such as movement, filling/draining and cooling, are easily performed through an operator station with touch-screen controls.


Extended capabilities


Telemark Technologies’ Hyperbaric Testing Systems deliver performance that competitors cannot match. A server-based test management platform enables programmable rates of pressure change, a feature unique to our HTS products line. For example, a sequence of pressure states, varying between zero and 500 barg and featuring different dwelling times, may be programmed for change rates that are gradual, breakneck 60-bar/minute, or at any rate in-between.

An interactive Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) enhances control room operations. Project or administrative personnel are able to remotely log on, via a secure VPN, to update testing profiles, check system status, and retrieve quality assurance documentation in real time.

Operating states of instrumentation components, motors and alarms are intuitively available through an interactive P&ID. A test management platform archives certified test records, maintenance records and saved testing profiles. Tools for importing automated test sequencing profiles, assigning serialized test objects to test runs, and obtaining progress states during hyperbaric testing are available through additional management views.

Certification and traceability are key management features. A comprehensive record of all testing events is included with each test certificate, which is automatically generated and archived following each hyperbaric run. Before any hyperbaric testing can be commenced, part number and serial number information for each and every component in the run must be registered into the management system. Optional references to test object qualification procedures may also be registered on test certificates.


Productivity boosters Telemark Technologies offers supplemental equipment and services to optimize system performance, increase productivity, and provide versatility for simultaneously support of multiple test objects/interfaces on a single HTS. This translates into greater system productivity at lowered costs and shorter lead-times.

LID PARKING PEDESTALS Additional parking pedestals boost productivity. Ready your next test object while HTS testing is under way.


TEST BASKETS Workflows become more flexible when a few test objects are on hand or being rigged for the next test run.

MULTIPLE LIDS Top and bottom lids can be purchased to improve productivity. The availability of lids fitted with appropriate penetrator and connector configurations saves time. Multiple lids with the same configuration facilitate productivity; multiple lids featuring varying configurations serve versatility in handling a range of test objects on the same HTS.

RAID STORAGE A redundant array of independent disks with a backup and recovery server ensures that test management records and certification documents are reliably maintained.

REMOTE SUPPORT A Virtual Private Network (VPN) may be set up using the existing network equipment, or may be purchased as part of a VPN hosting plan, to avoid conflict with company IT policies. Support services can be supplied over the VPN, allowing agents to remotely troubleshoot, repair and update the system, or simply assist on-site personnel as required.

TRAINING AND TESTING SERVICES Discover the benefits of our value-added HTS testing program to mitigate testing bottlenecks, for short-run production, or for design investigation/qualification. We also offer educational programs at our facility to provide employee training without compromising your on-site productivity.

MOBILE SURVEILLANCE Put real-time surveillance of the HTS operations at your fingertips on your mobile device. Connect to any HTS across your enterprise.

CUSTOM PENETRATORS & QUICK CONNECTS Multi-purpose penetrator receptacles are standard with all lids. Additionally both top and bottom lids may be custom-ordered to accommodate any arrangement of electrical, optical, or hydraulic penetrator configurations or interfacing connectors. Quick-connect interface panels and cabling reduce test setup errors and cut downtime between hyperbaric test runs.

DEEP OCEAN TEMPERATURES At exploration and production depths, ocean temperatures can be as low as minus 5 째Celsius. An HTS cooling system is available to chill the pressure medium to these levels prior to hyperbaric testing.


Service, Support and Maintenance Telemark Technologies is at the forefront of deepwater hyperbaric testing system. Company support and service includes consultation with design engineers with expert insight on these systems.

TURNKEY INSTALLATION Avoid start-up delays and insure your system is ready for regulatory inspection by relying on Telemark Technologies to install your hyperbaric testing system turnkey, at your facility. We will energize the system, perform all onsite including system commissioning and train your personnel to begin for immediate productivity.


EXPERT EDUCATION Need help getting started with a new HTS or upstream production line? We are available to teach and certify your personnel at your facilities or ours. Benefit from the use of actual test payloads, learn how to create and manage test profiles, and gain greater understanding of how to leverage the interactive Piping & Instrumentation Diagram to leverage for troubleshooting.

HASSLE-FREE MAINTENANCE Would you like to outsource all of your regular HTS service and maintenance routines? Hire the experts from Telemark Technologies. We offer service and maintenance plans, from basic checkups to turnkey responsibility for all your routines.

SYSTEM DOCUMENTATION Tired of trying to read engineering drawings when all you were interested in was a system overview or operating instructions? Our systems are standard product and are accompanied by user and maintenance manuals that you would expect from a commercial product. Stay connected with our coming library of online training materials and tools.

ENGINEERING SERVICES In need of engineering expertise to design fixtures for your test objects during hyperbaric testing? We are an ISO 9001 approved supplier of Engineering, Procurement, Contracting (EPC) and manufacturing services. Our experienced personnel are experts in subsea technology. We offer engineering services, standard HTS consulting, and planning that streamlines your production workflows, testing procedures, and HTS operations.


Right size, right choice Telemark Technologies delivers Hyperbaric Testing Systems to optimize your production cycle. Test criteria such as water depth, temperature, and component dimensions are paramount considerations in selecting a Hyperbaric Testing System. Our proprietary design and manufacturing techniques allow us to quickly customize solution prescriptive to your requirements. All hyperbaric testing systems incorporate our innovative test management platform. Our four standard products are differentiated by maximum pressure rating and size of the hyperbaric chamber as measured by the internal vessel diameter and height.


Standard Models Hyperbaric Testing Systems from Telemark Technologies are built according to a proprietary design. The following models are standardly available, requiring little or no additional engineering.

Maximum pressure (barg)

Vessel internal diameter (mm)

Vessel internal height (mm)

Hyperbaric volume (m3)

Crane hook clearance (mm)*

Installed space dimensions L x W x H (mm)*



2 800


4 900

4 500 x 3 210 x 2 480


1 500

4 000


7 050

7 000 x 5 000 x 4 265


1 000

2 200


4 800

6 000 x 4 000 x 2 250



2 200


4 300

5 350 x 3 900 x 2 010

above dimensions are supplied for reference only and are not to be used directly *The for designing/constructing hyperbaric facilities.


Ready to get started with Telemark Technologies? Tell us about your needs.

Harness the productivity and deepwater testing capabilities of the world’s most advanced Hyperbaric Testing Systems, designed and built by Telemark Technologies. Companies in the following industries can benefit from Hyperbaric Testing Systems from Telemark Technologies: • Offshore oil and gas producers • Subsea production equipment manufacturers • Subsea-well intervention, maintenance, modification, and service suppliers • Mapping and survey providers • Seabed seismic monitoring developers • R&D organizations • Military contractors Our engineers work at the cutting edge of subsea technologies, and are ready to leverage their expertise for companies that are planning to purchase or rent Hyperbaric Testing Systems or services. The benefits of owning and operating a Telemark Technologies Hyperbaric Testing System include: • The industry’s safest and largest hyperbaric chambers • Rapid hyperbaric testing of systems and components • Simulation of up to 8 000 meter (800 barg) water depths and temperatures down to -5° Celsius • Automated control of hyperbaric testing cycles • Comprehensive certification and traceability documentation for each test object • Control room and remote system surveillance • Low cost of ownership • Revenue growth through increased productivity • Parallel test-object staging supporting near 24/7 active hyperbaric operations

Please watch our demonstration video online or visit our hyperbaric test center for a personal tour. 22

To learn more about how our Hyperbaric Testing Systems can improve your company’s operations and profitability, review the following checklist and contact us at Or phone +47 32 28 61 00, and visit CHECKLIST Describe your application or need for hyperbaric testing

Do you have an enterprise-wide need for Hyperbaric Testing Systems that could benefit greatly from standardization and shared expenses?

What is the deepest level for which you need to either test or qualify subsea equipment or designs? For example, 3 500 meters.

How important is remote access to your operations? 1 (lowest) - 10 (highest) Would you like to “try before you buy” using our HTS?

What is the maximum diameter of the equipment you intend to test?

Could you benefit from standby testing services in case of production bottlenecks or one-time testing needs?

What is the maximum height of the equipment which you intend to test? What is the maximum number of pressure transitions you anticipate in a hyperbaric testing sequence?

Do you need to prove equipment at subsea temperatures that are lower than ambient sea-level conditions?

What is the average duration of the hyperbaric sequences you wish to conduct? How many hyperbaric sequences do you intend to conduct daily, weekly, annually?

Does your company have IT policies that prohibit support of virtual private networks? D



What is the equipment lifecycle you expect from the HTS? How important is productivity to your testing needs? 1 (lowest) - 10 (highest).

How important is backup and recovery to your testing operations? 1 (lowest) - 10 (highest).

Would you be interested in turnkey service and support whereby Telemark Technologies takes full responsibility for all system maintenance and logs? Do you currently have a production bottleneck that involves hyperbaric testing and that could benefit from Telemark Technologies’ engineering services?

How many types of test objects do you need to test using the same system? What are your needs for penetrators?

Via computer: Via mobile device:


(qty) Optical


What is your most challenging problem surrounding hyperbaric testing? How did you learn about Telemark Technologies and our expertise in subsea hyperbaric testing? 23

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We design and produce products for the Oil, Gas & Exploration industries and are experts in manufacturing subsea equipment.

FMC Technologies, Aker Solutions, Kongsberg Maritime and Siemens are among the demanding customers that rely on Telemark Technologies for advanced design and engineering.

We mobilize quickly and engage customers in a process of continuous quality improvement. Our solutions are prescriptive and often advance the state of technology.

We are Cost-Effective

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We design for long-term performance. Our products are technically and operationally reliable. They boost productivity and reduce the Total Cost of Ownership for our customers.

• Our line of weld-less Hyperbaric Test Systems (HTS) rank among the largest and safest worldwide • Our Umbilical Termination Head (UTH) designed for FMC Technologies reduces costly ship-support time from days to hours • Our new line of 690 barg subsea hydraulic power units eliminates the high cost and maintenance requirements of subsea-to-surface hydraulic umbilicals

• NS-EN ISO 9001:2008 • NS-EN ISO 14001:2004 • OHSAS 18001:2007 • Engineering, Procurement & Contracting (EPC)

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