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BB-586 (AT, SF, AL, JS, YT) “Breaking Hearts” on Coffee

BB-752 (AT, SF, JS, GT, YT, KT, WT) “Puppy Love” on Pink

CBS-137 (AT, SF, JS, YT) “Mighty Mouse Saved my Day” on Cream

GAR-133 (AT, SF, JS, GT, YT, KT, WT) “Sweetheart” on Pink

GAR-135 (AT, JS) “Huggable” on Lavender

GAR-137 (AT, SF, JS, GT, YT, KT, WT) “Lovable” on Pink

HOB-1087 (AT, SF, JS, YT) “Thorin’s Key” on Purple

LB-189 (AT, JS, WT, GT, YT) “Happy Anniversary” on Hot Pink

NEC-102 (AT, JS, WT, GT, YT) “Sweethearts Logo” on Hot Pink

NEC-108 (AT, AL, JS, YT, KT) “With all my Hearts” on Carolina Blue

NEC-109 (AT, SF, JS, YT) “The Official Candy of Love” on Cream

NEC-118 (AT, SF, HA, JS, WT, GT, YT, KT) “Watercolor Hearts” on Light Blue

NEC-122 (AT, SF, JS, GT, YT, KT, WT) “Sweetheart Roses” on Pink

NEC-123 (AT, SF, AL, JS, WT, GT, YT, KT) “Be Mine Squared” on White

PAG-626 (AT, SF, AL, JS, WT, GT, YT, KT) “Light Hearted” on Black



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BB-483 (AT, SF, JS, GT, YT, KT, WT) “Sweetheart” on Pink

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