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Orientation Packet for Prospects Q & A A suggested step by step way to enter the fitness industry

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Dear Future Fitness Professional! Congratulations on taking this first step towards a rewarding career in fitness. We are pleased that you are considering taking this journey with W.I.T.S. Please take a moment to review the materials included in this orientation packet. It will help you become familiar with our high quality educational programs and the steps we recommend to help you achieve your professional goals. We also encourage you to visit our website at to learn more about our organization and educational offerings. W.I.T.S. is the number #1 choice of colleges and universities for fitness training programs and certifies thousands of fitness professionals each year. But don’t just take our word for it! Hear what some of our graduates have to say about our programs in their personal testimonials found at the end of this document. Please feel free to contact us at 888-330-9487 or visit us online at We look forward to seeing you in class. Sincerely, Jay DelVecchio President, W.I.T.S.

WHY W.I.T.S.? • Classroom and Practical Training and Experience Since its inception in 1993, the World Instructor Training Schools has raised the bar for certification. Rather than just written tests, workforce standards were developed and correlated with LIVE hands on training to mirror established medical and health profession board exams. The 9-week format allows students to learn and practice, which prepares graduates to successfully execute operational essentials to help clients be their best with the lifestyle changes they need. • Approved For College Credit and International Continuing Education Units W.I.T.S. offers programs at hundreds of colleges and universities across the country and is a recognized education provider by the American Council on Education (ACE) and International Association of Continuing Education and Training (IACET.) W.I.T.S. successfully completed rigorous quality assurance processes and received approval and recognition for college credit and continuing education units (CEUs) for most certifications. Personal Trainer Certification - • W.I.T.S. Has Raised The Bar For Comprehensive Program Credibility. W.I.T.S. rejects the fitness industry’s traditional problematic home study and weekend crash certifications. Our curriculum has been developed and updated by education and fitness industry leaders and is taught by experienced instructors with education and fitness backgrounds and credentials. We hire the best professionals who will facilitate learning and communicate their passion for making a living helping others.

• Practical Hands-On Training and Application W.I.T.S. wants our graduates to feel confident in their competence as a successful personal trainer. Knowledge is power, but only if you know how to apply it. W.I.T.S. will walk you through every step under the watchful eye of a LIVE instructor each week. Your student workbook includes a library of resources for you to use and weekly pop quizzes will help make sure you are digesting the material. Certification Comparisons - • Comprehensive, Validated Testing W.I.T.S. graduates possess the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to be a successful fitness professional. Similar to the medical profession, you will have two exams to receive your certification. Written: 100 multiple-choice questions. 70% or better required. Practical skills: Five sections you must demonstrate properly: health assessments, warm-up, stretching, upper body and lower body exercises. The practical exam is “live” using a mock client and role-play. 70% or better required in each section. Locations and dates - • Student Support and Study Resources The live lectures and hands on practical labs include everything you need to excel. However, additional study aides are available for you. W.I.T.S’ students and graduates receive a special discount on educational DVD’s and materials. You can purchase a DVD set for an entire certification course or just an individual class session. All of our DVD courses are taught by our veteran faculty and include drop down menus for easy navigation. Audio CD’s of the lectures are available, so you can pop them in a player and study at any time or place you desire. Practice tests are available for purchase and help when preparing for the exam. Store - • Direct Connection to Employment W.I.T.S has established partnerships with health clubs, recreation centers, wellness studios and gyms across the nation to serve as internship sites for our students. Once you have passed your exams, you will complete a 30-hour internship in the field, which will enable you fine tune your skills for employment, receive a great reference and possibly a job!

Course Syllabus Course Title:

Personal Trainer Certification

Course Description: This certification course prepares students to practice as a professional Personal Fitness Trainer. The course includes 16 hours of classroom learning, 16 hours of practical training, 4 hours of testing and a 30-hour internship taught over 9 weeks for greater retention. Topics include anatomy, biomechanics, exercise physiology, fitness testing and health assessment, nutrition, exercise prescription, equipment usage, special populations, legal and safety issues. Course Textbook: Howley, Edward T. and Thompson, Dixie L. 2012. Fitness Professional’s Handbook. 6th Edition. Champaign, IL, Human Kinetics. Course Description: This course is designed for current and future fitness professionals who are interested in helping individuals, communities, and groups gain the benefits of participating in regular physical activity in a positive and safe environment. This course includes guidelines for laboratory testing used in a health and fitness setting and for exercise programming both in healthy populations and in populations with special needs. Course Objectives: At the conclusion of this course, students will be able to do the following: • Conduct and analyze a heath screening interview. • List risk factors for cardiovascular disease. • Explain the ACSM/AHA Physical Activity and Public Health Guidelines. • Classify bones by shape, and explain ossification and bone mineral density. • Explain how bones and muscles work together to form a biomechanical lever system. • Define torque, and explain how it varies through the joint range of motion. • Describe anaerobic and aerobic energy pathways, and explain which substrates are recruited for exercise of varying intensity and duration. • Define VO2 max, and explain how it is used to determine exercise intensity. • List the six essential nutrients, and explain the role of each in energy production, performance and health. • Explain how nutrition and exercise influence body weight, and provide guidelines for a healthy and effective weight loss program. • Develop and implement exercise programs for cardio respiratory and musculoskeletal fitness. • Name groups that are considered special populations, and explain the precautions and recommendations for safe and effective fitness programming for each. • Describe the phases of behavior change, and explain how they apply to beginning a fitness program. • Discuss strategies for minimizing injury during exercise. • Discuss liability and legal issues pertaining to fitness professionals. Attendance: A minimum of 7 out of 8 classes must be completed in order to sit for the exams. Course Grading: Successful completion of the course requires a passing grade of at least 70% on both the written and practical skills exams. CPR/AED Certification: Students must submit proof of current CPR/AED certification prior to receiving the Personal Trainer Certification. Internship: Students must successfully complete 30 hours of internship, as outlined in your student workbook prior to receiving the Personal Trainer Certification.

Internship Directives: The mission of this program is to make this a final qualifier for a student to receive certification after the W.I.T.S. 9 week course and testing. A student must pass both their written and practical skills exam requirements to qualify for this stage. A student will find a source from their community to participate in a 30hour practical internship. There is no cost to the student or the employer. This one of a kind program allows graduates to obtain valuable field experience before embarking on employment. No other certification offers this as a requirement except the World Instructor Training Schools. The internship is an essential part of professional preparation and training. The internship experience is designed to help students: 1. Observe professional PFT's and benefit from their experience and expertise. 2. Integrate classroom knowledge and theory with field experience. 3. Develop skills and competencies required for employment. (records, etc) 4. Strengthen interpersonal and communication skills. 5. Develop and demonstrate professionalism, confidence and competence. 6. Develop professional networks essential for career success. Once students have met the required list below, they must have the form signed by the supervising trainer / official. The form will be returned to W.I.T.S. for verification. The permanent wall and wallet certification will then be issued. The certification is good for 24 months before renewal qualifiers will be due. Required tasks to be completed by the end of the internship include: 1. Observe at least two client health and fitness assessments. 2. Observe at least three client training sessions. 3. Conduct at least one health and fitness assessment with supervision. 4. Conduct at least two client training sessions with supervision. These tasks represent the minimum requirements. Additional practice and learning is encouraged. Students will benefit from learning about the organization's mission; the facility and equipment; the organization’s leaders, staff, members and clients; administration, finance, budgets and marketing; steps and strategies for career advancement; and other areas of interest. The internship should be customized to some extent based on student’s goals and interests. Ideally, the internship will expose students to a variety of activities, clients and experiences.

World Instructor Training Schools "10" FAQ's 1. What’s the difference between the W.I.T.S. certification courses versus others? First of all, most certifications are either a home study or a weekend style workshop course. The W.I.T.S. certification courses are based on a truer educational format. Our certification program consists of 16 hours of core knowledge lectures and 16 hours “hands on” practical training; and 3 hours knowledge and practical testing over a 9-week period. This format creates a much better learning experience and environment and ensures that the essential information is learned and retained rather than just memorized for a test at the end of class. 2. What if I sign up for the course and cannot attend all of the classes? No problem. A standard policy of the World Instructor Training Schools is that each student who signs up for one of our certification courses is allowed to miss 1 class. If more classes are missed a student has up to 12 months from the time that they signed up to complete any missed classes or sit through the entire class again free of charge by W.I.T.S. This will help you succeed with your original goal of becoming a fitness professional. 3. Can I get a refund? W.I.T.S. does not offer a cash refund. However exceptions may be considered in the case of a medical problem where a physicians order is presented in writing. If you are unable to complete the course, we are happy to grant you a 12 month grace period to enroll into another class. 4. How do I pay for the course? Colleges take registration directly in 99% of our sites. W.I.T.S. will accept check or money order through the email or over the phone with credit card for those sites that register directly through us. 5. Do I have to pay in full or can I make payments? Payment in full must be received before the start of class. You will pay your class fee directly to the college or university. 6. Can I pay at the door on the first day of class? No. Again most registrations are paid directly to the hosting college or university and must be paid in full prior to the start of class. Required pre-registration helps ensure that the instructor is prepared with the correct number of study guides and materials. 7. Is the W.I.T.S. certification recognized nationwide? Yes! W.I.T.S. now has 1100 schools (and growing) across the U.S, Canada and the Carribean. Host sites for our permanent year round schools include; Universities, Community Colleges, Adult Community education centers, public school systems, 24 Hour Fitness, Gold’s Gym, Powerhouse Gym, Y.M.C.A.’s and many more.

8. What materials do I need for the W.I.T.S. certification courses? Your course fee includes your 32 hours of training, student study guide, handouts, internship and the national examination. Your only additional cost is the textbook that you need to purchase. Please call the following for information on the textbooks: 1-888-330-9487 or in Virginia 757-428-4796. 9. What certifications does W.I.T.S. have? World Instructor Training Schools has 6 certifications. They are, Personal Fitness Trainer, Group Aerobic Instructor, Aqua Fitness Instructor and Older Adult Fitness Trainer, Children’s Fitness Specialist and Safe Return Post Rehab. 10. How long is the W.I.T.S. certification good for and how many CEC’s (continuing education credits) do I have to have to re-certify? The W.I.T.S. certification is good for a 2 year period. In that 2 year period you need to obtain at least 10. Continuing Education Credits (CEC’s). Out of those 10 CEC’s 5 must be of lecture or researched based. In each students graduation packet there will be information on how to obtain your CEC’s and how to renew.

W.I.T.S. Graduates Reference Letters

My name is Jo-Ellen (Joey) Morman, and together with my husband, Bob, we are the co-founders of The Fitness Connection, a personal training studio located in Killingworth, CT. The idea for developing a fitness training business came to us after spending most of our adult life making fitness and sports a priority life choice, second only to family and our mutual fondness for eating! At the time our idea was forming, neither of us had a Personal Training Certification, but we both have been actively involved in fitness since our early twenties. We regularly invest time into continuing education courses and seminars as well as self study courses in all areas of health and fitness and we diligently integrate principles of exercise and nutrition into our own lifestyle. I decided to get certified in early 2003 and after extensive research on many,many certifying organizations; I finally decided to take the W.I.T.S. CPT course. I even went so far as to order the home study of another very high profile personal training organization and sent it back within 30 days because I was not impressed with the format or the course content. The W.I.T.S. program appealed to me because I liked the idea of being in a Classroom setting and having the opportunity to get questions answered one-on-one. I was even more excited that the W.I.T.S. format included 15 hours in a gym setting focusing on practical skill development. I found no other organization that offered such a comprehensive format. I must admit that going through the course was not an easy 5 weeks. Anyone who has taken the W.I.T.S. CPT program is well aware of its intensity. At any rate, I completed it, became certified and immediately began taking on clients in my spare time. Last August, we opened The Fitness Connection. The facility is geared specifically to women and has been profitable from the first month. I now train fulltime and Bob has just completed the W.I.T.S. CPT course. Starting February 1st, we will be offering our services to both men as well as women. I truly believe that the W.I.T.S. program is what gave me the confidence to start training my own clients in my own facility without the structure of “working for� a gym or fitness center. One of those weekend crash courses or home study programs just wouldn’t cut it for me. And, now that W.I.T.S. requires each student to complete an internship, in addition to passing the exam, I have an even higher regard for the W.I.T.S. program because of the thorough hands-on experience that each trainer gains. Thank you W.I.T.S. for a job well done. With your help, Bob and I are living our dream. We are sharing our knowledge and passion for fitness with whoever will listen and making a good living at the same time. What more can one ask for but to get up each morning loving what you do? Please visit our website at

A testimony to W.I.T.S Just taking a test for personal training is not enough – You have to apply personal training. I have seen many certifications in the fitness field but never one like W.I.T.S. This certification took personal training to a new level. W.I.T.S Certification/Internship Program compromised of three interrelated variables- Core knowledge, application and experience. This training program guided you through the essentials of biomechanics/Anatomy, Assessment, client responsibility/obligations and most importantly, client care. As an added bonus the program included going to the YMCA to apply and practice what you’ve learned. Our instructor ensured that we learned good techniques/form, variety and safety… all with a sense of humor. Since my graduation/certification I immediately secured my internship and then a full time job at Bally Total Fitness Health Club. I currently have 15 clients that are all making progress. (Can you believe I have a waiting list?) For anyone that has the heart for helping others in the field of health/fitness, I highly recommend W.I.T.S Personal Training Certification Program (Two of my friends I recommended it to- take their exams on Saturday.) My name is Pamela Colvin…. And I am a Personal Trainer. Pamela Personal Trainer Bally Total Fitness

WITS Orientation Handbook