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Baby on Board: Motorcycle Safety Tips for Child Passengers Taking your child on a motorcycle ride is a great way to bond, and it will also let them have a fun experience that they can tell their friends about. However, it is crucial to ensure that you take the appropriate steps to keep them safe at all times. After all, the accident rate is higher on motorcycles than it is in a standard passenger vehicle, and you will need to remain alert at all times to help you avoid getting into an accident. Therefore, you should make sure that your child understands that they need to stay seated and hold on tight at all times. Tips for Keeping Your Child Safe on a Motorcycle 1. Properly Fitted Helmet - Wearing a helmet will greatly reduce your child's risk of incurring a serious injury if in an accident. However, a helmet only works properly if it is in good shape and is the correct size. This means that you will need to have your child try the helmet on in advance, and you will also need to replace their helmet on a regular basis as they continue to grow. 2. Always Place them in the Back - Some parents think it is safer to have their child sitting in front of them on a motorcycle, but this decision could lead

to disastrous consequences. Keep in mind that placing a child in the front will rob them of the safety that is provided by being able to hold onto you, which will make it much easier for them to be thrown off the bike during an accident. 3. Give them Protective Clothing - It is becoming increasingly common for companies to create leather and synthetic leather materials for children, so you should be able to easily locate the proper protective clothing to keep your child safe. The best option is to ensure that they wear both long sleeved pants and shirts, sturdy shoes and gloves. When you combine these clothing choices with a properly fitted helmet, you will dramatically reduce the damage that could be caused by an accident. Dealing with an Accident Unfortunately, no matter how many safety precautions you take, it is still possible for an accident to occur. Keep in mind that anyone who has been in a traffic accident should seek medical attention to make sure that there are no serious injuries such as internal bleeding or whiplash that cannot be observed during a visual inspection. If another driver crashes into you, it is possible that your child could be thrown from the bike, which is grounds for seeking immediate medical attention. Furthermore, if there is an accident where injuries occur, it is important to contact your insurance company and hire legal assistance if needed. Choosing an experienced attorney such as a Tampa motorcycle accidents lawyer will provide you and your family with quality legal representation during a difficult time Dealing with the aftermath of a traffic accident can be difficult, especially if your child is involved. However, it is important to get them the proper care, and you should also carefully consider contacting an injury attorney if another driver was at fault. J.L. Williams is a freelance writer who shares informative articles on legal choices and resources so that people can make informed decisions about how to proceed. A Tampa motorcycle accidents lawyer is available to assist Florida residents seeking helpful resources on DUI and its related issues. Photo Credit:

Can You Get a DUI In The US On Your Own Property? Drinking and driving while intoxicated can be life altering. In addition to risking your own life, and the lives of others, you could also be faced with jail time, fines, increase in insurance costs, and the loss of your driver’s license. However, what happens if you’ve been drinking on your own property? DUI and Private Property The laws for drinking and driving on private property are no longer the same. It was not illegal to imbibe on private property without the risk of getting a DUI in previous years. However, today’s laws are typically dependent on the state, and as a resident of a state with specific types of laws, you can risk being arrested for a DUI on your own property. Therefore, it is important to access reliable resources regarding the laws of your state. For example, it would be beneficial to consult a DUI lawyer in San Bernadino if you are a local resident of that area. A local attorney would be able to let you know if your state allows law enforcement officials to cross private property lines and arrest individuals suspected of drinking and driving even if the incident takes place on their own property. Examples of Places in Question There are thousands of people injured each year in alcohol related crashes and close to 10,000 people die at the hands of drunk drivers every year. As the statistics

continue to increase, law enforcement officials and laws are changing to crack down on alcohol related incidents. Signs of erratic driving can include excessive slowness, swerving, erratic braking, open car windows and incorrect signaling. When other drivers or a police officer witnesses this type of behavior, the individual could be pulled over for suspicion of drinking while intoxicated, even if they are on private property. A woman in San Bernadino, California was recently arrested in her driveway after coming home from a wedding reception. Another individual on the road reported that she was driving erratically and sent the police to investigate. After failing a Breathalyzer test, she was arrested on the spot in front of her children. Other places people thought it was safe to drink on private property included golf courses, stadium parking lots, bar parking lots, dirt roads, your own driveway and convenience store parking lots. Law Enforcement Officials Must Determine Probable Cause Most people assume that because they’re on private property, they may be immune from a DUI related arrest or conviction. However, the laws have changed and there are very few places, if any, where an individual can drive while intoxicated legally. As in other related DUI arrests, law enforcement officials must have probable cause for pulling over, detaining and questioning an individual. This can be more difficult to establish when it happens on private property. Obvious examples where an individual has crashed into mailboxes or another home and witnesses were on hand to view the damage would be enough of a reason for the officer to go after the intoxicated driver. A person behind the wheel of a car and with the keys in the ignition gives an officer reason to believe that they were going to drive while intoxicated. Whether you’re driving down the highway or pulling into your own driveway, you’ll find it well within the right of a police officer to stop and question the individual, especially if there were witnesses involved in the occurrence. Drunk drivers present an immediate danger and enforcing the current laws can keep the highways safer for innocent travelers. J.L. Williams is a freelance writer who shares informative articles on legal choices and resources so that people can make informed decisions about how to proceed. A DUI lawyer in San Bernardino is available to assist California residents seeking helpful resources on DUI and its related issues.

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Disabled and Pregnant: 5 Tips For Maintaining The Care You Need People with physical disabilities enjoy active lives that rarely prevent them from engaging in the same activities as other people. In fact, disabled people today often have full-time careers, busy social lives, and engaging romantic relationships that, just as with able-bodied people, often lead to marriage and having children. When a disabled woman becomes pregnant, she does have to approach her pregnancy and impending motherhood in a unique way, however. She and her husband can get ready for their new addition by taking these suggestions into mind and making sure that she is properly cared for in the months leading up to the baby’s arrival. Financial and Legal Preparations Babies are indeed bundles of joys, but not without significant costs. A mother with a physical disability may need to stop working altogether to care for her child and to allow her body to readjust to its natural state. In such cases, it would be wise to access resources like those found at and locate a qualified disability attorney to help secure long-term disability benefits. Obtaining the security of a monthly income to take care of everyday living expenses and ongoing health costs may help relieve internal stress. While her husband’s income may keep them afloat with the basic expenses, they as a couple must still find a way to afford extras like diapers, formula, and other baby-related costs. Given her disability, she may also worry about her child’s future if something

should happen to her. She and her husband may need to discuss custody and financial arrangements in the event that she or her husband passes away prematurely. They can put these concerns to rest and explore their financial options when they rely on a disability attorney. The attorney can help them pursue disability benefits, rearrange an annuity, and pursue legal action if her disability stemmed from an accident. Preparing the Home Her home may already be handicap accessible and easy for her to navigate. However, as easy as the home is arranged now, it will become more of a challenge once the baby arrives. This mother-to-be, her husband, and her family can make her transition into motherhood easier by purchasing or transforming baby furniture into items that she can access and readily use at a moment’s notice. This transformation might include lowering the legs on a changing table, purchasing a crib with a sliding front railing, or purchasing baby swings that use batteries for their power source rather than having to be hand cranked. These adjustments can make bringing home a baby easier and more enjoyable for a mother who has a physical disability. Dealing with Negativity and Curiosity Society is becoming more inclusive and accepting of people with disabilities. However, it still is not uncommon for women who have physical challenges to face negativity and even curiosity about their pregnancies. Some people show little restraint in asking personal details about the pregnancy, including how she plans to deliver and how the baby was conceived. Alternatively, people could make rude comments about how the mother will be unable to cope with motherhood and how the baby might suffer because of the mother’s disability. This woman has little control over how others react to her; however, she can control the way she reacts and responds to these individuals. Just as she would in any other situation where people show her a lack of respect and manners, she should either ignore these people or simply tell them that her pregnancy is none of their business. If they are sincerely curious and she has the patience to explain, she may gloss over the details of her pregnancy and assure them that she and her husband are eager to become parents. People with disabilities enjoy every aspect of life, including getting married and having children. A woman with a disability can prepare for her impending motherhood by taking these tips into consideration in the weeks and months leading up to her baby’s arrival.

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